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Second Life Residents logged nearly 400 million hours in 2008, growing 61% over 2007

Linden Lab posts 61% growth in Second Life over 2007. Continue reading

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Solution Providers Update from Glenn Linden

Hi, this is Glenn Linden. I work on business programs at Linden Lab, and I’d like to talk with you about an aspect of Second Life that I work with, our Solution Providers. We define Solution Providers as professional businesses … Continue reading

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Q3 closed on a high note with an unusually strong September

Linden Lab is pleased to announce results for the 3rd quarter of 2008.  The charts and details below indicate that Q3 was a very strong quarter in Second Life with significant growth in land, user hours and the inworld economy.   … Continue reading

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A Letter to Second Life Residents

M Linden here. Many thanks to everyone who responded constructively with their concerns and suggestions about our Openspaces announcement. We’ve listened carefully and your feedback has led to some amendments to our original plan. Before I jump to the policy … Continue reading

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Second Life Virtual World Expands 44% in Q2

Linden Lab is pleased to announce results for Second Life the second Quarter. Land mass grew over 44%.  The total number of regions owned by residents increased 44.2% over Q1 to just over 1.5 billion square meters.  Our growth was … Continue reading

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Second Life Economy Grows 15% from Q4 to Q1

The Second Life economy does not appear to be affected by the slowing economy of the United States. User to User Transactions.  Total user to user transactions, a measure of the gross domestic product in Second Life, grew from an … Continue reading

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[All Clear] Inworld Issue Affecting Transactions

[ALL CLEAR 18:08 PST] We thank you for cooperating while we worked on our database.  We have put the tools away and the database is humming again. [REOPENED 17:32 PST] We have reports of transactions not completing. One of our … Continue reading

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