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Coming Soon…The Good Ol’ Days!

[2009-02-25 @ 11:10 AM PST] The new blogs are UP NOW! (note the extra “s”, the singular will also redirect to the new blogs soon). [11 AM PST] WE’RE SO CLOSE! [8 AM PST] Pardon the mess, it’s temporary. … Continue reading

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Working in the Virtual World

Ok, I admit it. When I first joined Linden Lab to head up Enterprise Marketing three months ago, I wasn’t 100% convinced that working in virtual worlds really works. I mean, intellectually, immersive environments make perfect sense. We’ve all heard … Continue reading

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Second Life Going Global… a review of 2008 and a peep into the future!

Clare Linden here, with an interesting challenge, to write a few words about Second Life in 2008 from the point of view of International, at Linden Lab.  Not wishing to disappoint, I begin at Wikipedia, and note this intriguing definition … Continue reading

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Solution Providers Update from Glenn Linden

Hi, this is Glenn Linden. I work on business programs at Linden Lab, and I’d like to talk with you about an aspect of Second Life that I work with, our Solution Providers. We define Solution Providers as professional businesses … Continue reading

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