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I am a Senior Software Engineer at Linden Lab. Mostly I work on improvements to the graphics engine used in Second Life, but I also have my hand in many other aspects of the Second Life code including user interface and internationalization.

Rolling Restart – Complete

In order to improve the voice experience available in the First Look: Voice client, we will be issuing a rolling restart today starting at 9:30 AM PST. The restart should finish by 12:00 PM. During the rolling restart and for … Continue reading

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1.14.0 Known Issues: Drivers, VBO, ATI X300/X600 notebooks, and other woes

Some people have been having difficulty with the 1.14.0 update. A very small percentage of people it turns out, however they are very understandably concerned and upset. We are doing our best to address these concerns. Below are some suggestions … Continue reading

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Windows Vista ATI drivers that run Second Life now available!

ATI has just released their 7.3 drivers. We have installed them and verified that they work with Second Life under Windows Vista! You can download them here:

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1.14.0 Viewer Update postponed until Tuesday Morning. Preview available.

We have postponed the 1.14.0 viewer update until Tuesday morning in order to address a bug affecting terrain textures on lower end hardware that was identified over the weekend. A First Look update is available with these changes: First Look … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] 1.14.0 Viewer Update Monday. Preview available for download.

See 1.14.0 Viewer Update postponed until Tuesday Morning. Preview¬†available for an update on this. I am happy to announce that at long last we will be releasing the Second Life 1.14.0 Viewer on Monday. For a preview of this update, … Continue reading

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Windows Vista / ATI Update

As some residents have discovered, Second Life will not run on Windows Vista with ATI video cards. We tracked this down to a bug in the ATI OpenGL drivers, and have just confirmed that this issue is fixed in ATI’s … Continue reading

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First Look Update: 59558

First off, thanks to everyone who updated to the previous First Look patch, we were able to confirm that the texture bandwidth issue has been addressed. However, we also introduced a bug that causes some textures to never load after … Continue reading

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