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[RESOLVED] Database struggles, interruption of several inworld services

Resolved 09:06 a.m. PDT – Lotte Our database has recovered, and all services are working again. We apologize for the interruption. Update 8:42 a.m. PDT -Kate Per our in world message, we will be experiencing downtime of logins, transactions and … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Intermittent inventory and login issues

[RESOLVED 04:21 AM PST] The faulty server is back in line, and you should see no more problems. ***** We have seen reports that a number of our residents see inventory related problems, such as slow or no loading, problems … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Disruption in inworld services

 [RESOLVED 10:08 AM PST] The database godess is happy again, and all systems are prodding along happily now. ***** We see a disruption in several inworld services at the moment, such as transactions timing out, teleports and registrations failing. Our … Continue reading

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The simple(r) life

We have often heard that our webpages, such as login and support, are overly complicated. In an effort to simplify things, we have made some changes to our login page. There is no change in functionality, you can still log … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Intermittent problems to log into our support portal

[RESOLVED 03/03/2008 15:06PM PST] All webservers are back to full working order, and you should see no further problems when accessing our support portal. ***** Residents trying to log into our support portal might see intermittent failures to do so … Continue reading

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[Resolved] Region Data Corruption / Loss Problem

[Resolved 5:20 PM PST] We’ve fixed this issue. If you’re still having difficulty within a region, we recommend teleporting out and then back in or relogging to fix it. Thank you for your patience with this issue.- Elle [UPDATE 3:16 … Continue reading

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[RESOLVED] Inworld Services slowdown

[RESOLVED 15:52 PM PST] Actually, the database has been happy again for a few hours now, but we wanted to keep an eye on things to make sure it’s not recurring. ***** Our Ops Team is currently investigating a problem … Continue reading

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