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Connecting Second Life to Real Life

Today, we’re happy to formally announce SLim, a lightweight, voice-enabled instant messaging client that will allow you to communicate with your Second Life friends without logging in to the full viewer. While the viewer will still serve as the primary … Continue reading

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Quicktime Security Update

As I indicated in a prior posting, we became aware of a serious flaw in Apple’s QuickTime software that could cause maliciously crafted movies to either crash your Second Life viewer or, more seriously, to execute arbitrary code contained within … Continue reading

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Bringing Voice to Second Life

For me, Second Life has always been more about human communication, collaboration, and spirit than about technology. When I talk to Residents about their experiences, one of the recurring themes is improving our communication methods. For so many, Second Life … Continue reading

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Releases: past, present, and future

New releases. You love them or you hate them… Sorry, Robin, I couldn’t help myself. I’d like to take a moment here to clarify our release process, provide some visibility into the planned system downtime for the next couple of … Continue reading

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