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The Linden Prize goes to … Studio Wikitecture and Virtual Ability

Studio Wikitecture and Virtual Ability are the winners of the 1st Linden Prize!  Both projects will receive $10,000 USD–the largest award in the virtual world industry–in honor of their achievements.  After 230 applications and two rounds of deliberations, the judges … Continue reading

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Linden Prize Applications Due Jan. 15, 2009

Happy New Year!  I hope that one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to finish and submit your Linden Prize applications, because time is running out to be one of the top ten finalists we’ll announce, able to show the … Continue reading

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Burning Life: A call for volunteers

BURNING LIFE 2008 September 27 – October 5 In 1999, an innovative man made the long trek from San Francisco to the sun-baked playa of an enormous, flat, dry lakebed in the Nevada high desert.  He went to attend the … Continue reading

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SL5B Closing Keynote by Mitch Kapor: Monday 9am PST

July 3, 2008 Capping off SL5B, Linden Lab board member Mitch Kapor will deliver a keynote address about Second Life as a disruptive technology platform. In addition to SL as a creative, social space, he will discuss the emergence of … Continue reading

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SL5B Roundtables: Teens and Community Enlightenment

Something for everyone today! M will make his appearance on the Teen Grid at 11am. Author Tom Boellstorff will be discussing his new book on SL5B Linked at 12pm SLT and there will be a Community Enlightenment roundtable at 3pm … Continue reading

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SL5B: Recording of the Urbanism, Architecture & Planning Panel now available

Thanks to moderator Rissa Maidstone, the recording of the Roundtable: Urbanism, Architecture & Planning: How Second Life can Help Build the Urban Landscape of the Physical World and Vice-Versa is now available. It is also available on the SL5B wiki

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SL5B: Roundtables Education in Germany, Health Care, Data Visualization

The first panel, Picking up on Second Life – Educational Projects in Germany will begin at 9am SLT. The second panel, The Future of Healthcare in Virtual Worlds will begin at 11am SLT. The third panel, Visualizing Real Data in … Continue reading

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