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More phish bait found in Second Life

This isn’t a password phishing attempt as far as we can tell, but it does appear to be a pyramid scheme or email spam scheme — neither of which are fun. Please do not visit the following site or give … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT: Free money hack — Don’t fall for it!

Never give your Second Life account password to anyone, any site, any telemarketer or any other being (living, dead, undead or “other”) ever. Like, never ever. Never ever ever ever ever. Have I made myself clear? Good. It’s come to … Continue reading

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Bugwatch: Enabling Flash in Quickime 7.1.3

Here’s a bug that isn’t our fault! Apple recently disabled Flash by default in Quicktime 7.1.3 on both Mac and PC. This will result in a black display on any media display inworld that uses Flash files. Here’s how to … Continue reading

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Exploit Bounty Revision

Wow, ya’ll sure can find exploits! The problem is, a number of them are issues we are already aware of. The problem we face is that many of these exploits were entered internally by developers with little or no reproduction … Continue reading

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Second Life Grid is down for 1.12 update

… so go play in the Preview grid instead! You must have had an account created August 22, 2006 before 3 pm SLT to join in the pre-release madness that is the Preview grid.

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Update: Exploit bounty rules and stuff

I’ve updated both my original post and my follow up post with new information, bounty collection rule clarifications and some more patented Brent humor. Enjoy, and please comment those posts, not this one 🙂

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When an exploit isn’t an exploit

Since introducing the new Exploit hotline to Brent Linden, we’ve gotten 55 bugs marked ‘Exploit’ and only 6 have actually been issues considered exploits. In the interest of getting more sleep (remember, these things wake me up!) I am going … Continue reading

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