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Live from SIGGRAPH

Our booth sounds like it is manned by a bunch of kids going through puberty right now. Today is the third straight day of demoing SL on the expo floor, and our voices are starting to go, as interested attendees … Continue reading

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Off to Boston!

I’m packing my bags for a 6 AM flight to Boston, where I will be attending ACM SIGGRAPH (Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques). It’s a really fun conference where you get to sneak … Continue reading

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Ooooo Shiney

/me waves. Woo, first post! This shiney new blog makes me want to somehow modernize. I mean, written text is sooooo last week. I am thinking of bullying Bub into doing a podcast with me. Would anyone listen? Seriously, Bub … Continue reading

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A Pattern of Ugly

Robyn Miller, who co-designed the game Myst and several of it’s children wrote a couple of posts about Second Life a few months ago.   Those posts penetrated the Linden mindshare, but the topics were nothing we haven’t talked about quite … Continue reading

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Worth Looking at:

75% of SL residents created something form scratch in the last 7 days.Question: Do creative people become SL residents or do SL residents become creative people?    -Henrik Linden

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And A Young Linden Came a Calling, Tra La La La La

So, we have the option of getting buisness cards with our avatars on them at the Lab, which sounded pretty cool to me.  I’m not about to let some designer put his gubby paws all over my beautiful Ben Linden … Continue reading

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Too many metaphors for a good title

Knock Knock. Who’s there?

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