Residents Support Relief for Australian Bush Fires

Coming from Australia and working for Linden Lab in our San Francisco office, I am always keeping an eye out for the activities that are happening in my home country. My focus at Linden Lab is in the enterprise space, so I generally see the great work that has come out of several Australian corporations. This week, however, my attention has been focused on the amazing Second Life community that has rallied in support of the devastating bush fires that have hit Australia.

As many of you are aware, these fires are one of the worst natural disasters to hit Australia in over 100 years. In response, Residents have created several inworld campaigns to raise funds to donate to relief efforts, from donation boxes to concerts to vendors selling clothing to support the cause. There’s already been some great coverage of these efforts from outlets including Massively, the Metaverse Journal, and New World Notes.

Seeing Residents come together like this is another powerful reminder of the breadth and strength of our global community and another great example of how Second Life is being used in ways that can really make a difference in the real world.

I’d like to thank those who have initiated fundraising efforts or given their support to this cause.  Please describe/link to your inworld relief efforts in the forums.

Chris Collins (AKA Logan Linden)

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2 Responses to Residents Support Relief for Australian Bush Fires

  1. iota Ultsch says:

    I would like to taker this opportunity to tell you that Tres Jolie clients have come together to raise 180,000L in less than 24 hours!

    I would also like to request that Linden Labs waives the 3.5% transaction fee and ensures that the people organising this Charity sell their Lindens at a competitive rate. I believe 261L for 1 USD is pretty good at the moment.

    I would also like to challenge the Lindens to donate 1 million Lindens to the cause in light of the huge Australian presence in Second Life.

    I am very well connected with RL media and will ensure that the right paerties will become aware of your generosity.

    Thank you to all who have helped and the organisers. I am deeply + profoundly moved.

  2. Pete Linden says:

    We’re going to shift this conversation over to this forum thread: Please post about your inworld relief efforts there. Thanks!

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