New Policy on Land Cutting

As you’ll have seen me discuss before, we’re in the midst of a long term plan to improve the Mainland as a place to live, work and visit. To make this happen, we plan to act as a more proactive Estate Manager than we have historically. Part of that means addressing issues that have a significant and negative impact on the Mainland experience, like we did when we banned ad farms.

More recently, we began a conversation with you about how we should deal with the practice of commercial subdividing of parcels (land cutting) which is causing the Mainland to become increasingly fragmented.

You can read that original post here and look at the forum feedback that resulted from it here.

We asked for your feedback on the issue of cutting and had hundreds of excellent responses. This has really helped us shape our policy into something that we believe is workable and fair.

After carefully taking your considered feedback into account, we have decided that we will no longer allow widespread subdivision of land on a commercial scale on the Mainland.

The aim here is not to stop you using your land in different and creative ways. We agree with your comments that there are plenty of good reasons to own small parcels, and we have no desire to interfere with that. We are also not looking to take action against people who have bought small parcels in an attempt to gain prim allowance or to simply expand their holdings or use their free tier.

We are specifically talking about the small number of Residents who are cutting land into many tiny pieces for profit, and often doing so across hundreds or in some cases thousands of micro parcels.

We expect this change to affect only a very small number of Residents. In fact, although many of you own micro parcels, and usually for perfectly good reasons, the top ten micro parcel owners hold well over 50% of all the 16m parcels on the Mainland between them.

Your feedback was that this should be a simple ruling, enforced fairly and consistently. So we will be talking to those involved and working with them to end this practice. Thankfully, because we can clearly see who is involved using the data we have, we will not need to use Abuse Reports.

In addition to the above, we will be looking further into whether we need some cap or limit on the way that micro parcels are sold. The very high prices at which these parcels are listed is something that many of you have complained about. But we won’t action such a control without more discussion with you first.

So to recap:

  • Large scale subdividing of land for the purpose of selling will be considered a violation. This is effective immediately.
  • This policy is not intended to prevent you from using your land creatively or to penalize everyone who owns small parcels.
  • This will only affect a very small number of Residents, for everyone else the only impact will be an improved Mainland experience.
  • Our governance staff will be contacting those landowners that already own large amounts of fragmented land (micro parcels) to discuss next steps.
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