The Question of Land Cutting

We have set ourselves a goal to create the most enjoyable Mainland experience that we can. As part of this effort, a few months ago we took action to limit Ad Farming (especially adverts that are intended solely to drive an unreasonable price for the parcel it is on; think visual spam) on the Mainland. The effects of that program and the response from the community have been overwhelmingly positive. We’re continuing our mission to improve the Mainland and wanted to present a new issue, discuss some possible next steps and elicit direction from the community about the best way to move forward.

Let’s talk about land cutting and why we feel this is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Land cutting is the deliberate chopping up of parcels into smaller pieces in an attempt to sell those pieces collectively for more than the value of the original parcel. Whenever you see land that has a grid of 16m parcels for sale that are all clumped together, or in a checkerboard pattern, then what you’re seeing is an example of land cutting.

To be clear, we are not talking about creating one or two small parcels for legitimate reasons or as part of your normal land management, we are referring to the commercial cutting up of land, usually for profit and on a larger scale.

This practice has a serious impact on the Mainland. Fragmented land is usually unattractive to look at which can lead to lower land values in the region. Rarely, if ever, do the segmented areas get consolidated back into large parcels, and if they do it typically causes more harm than good to local landowners.

Please remember that this issue only applies to the Linden Mainland, it does not affect the private estates.

In early February we would like to announce a policy that makes the deliberate and extensive cutting of land a violation, similar to how we dealt with ad farming. The owning of cut land would not be a violation (unless you cut it in the first place), rather it is the act of cutting it that would be the violation.

Before we do this, I’d like to canvas opinion from the community.

Here’s a list of questions we’d love to get your opinion on in the forums.

  • Do you agree in principle that land cutting needs to be a violation?
  • Are there any legitimate reasons for land cutting (excluding profit) that we should consider when setting policy?
  • With land that is already cut up, but still mostly owned by the resident that cut it, should we ask that the land be joined back together?

Please join me in the forums to provide your feedback.

Finally, it has also been suggested that parcels of 64m or smaller have their sale value clamped to be no higher than the current average price per meter. This would obviously involve development work so wouldn’t be something we could deliver quickly, but I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

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