Grid Emergency Maintenance

I blogged earlier this week in response to our grid outages over this past weekend. We have put enormous efforts into fine tuning the data layer, specifically in optimizing queries and cleaning up the data structure.

However, there is a major maintenance step that needs to be completed tomorrow. We are scheduling a 60 minute maintenance window beginning at 5:30am PST. During this window, we will be migrating our central database to an optimized slave database, and making that slave the master. In this way, we expect a significant bump in performance and wanted to take this action as quickly as possible, most especially before our highest load times over the weekend.

During the maintenance window, we will be blocking logins, but those residents who are already in world will not be bumped offline. However, there will be a degradation in performance, as access to the database will be blocked, so transactions, teleporting, asset management and actions requiring a database call will not be available. Movement within a region, chat, and voice will all remain available during the database migration.

While we are sorry about this late notification, and the need to complete this maintenance work, I believed it was important to move quickly and aggressively to address our current data stability challenges, so I advocated completing this work tomorrow. We have made some real progress this week, and this maintenance activity will begin to take full advantage of this work. Thanks for your patience.

I will be in the forums for a short time this evening if you would like to comment.

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