Openspaces Transition for January 2009

Following our previous announcement on Openspaces, and many thoughtful conversations with the community, I wanted to thank you, and let those of you who own Openspaces know what will happen in the New Year.

The transition from Openspaces to Homesteads is on course for 5th January, 2009.

Unless you have already filed a support ticket declaring that your Openspace is suitable to remain an Openspace, it will automatically be converted to a Homestead on the 5th. As a reminder, the definition of an Openspace is a low impact region used for scenery, whereas Homesteads are for light residential and commercial use. The new agent limits and prim limits will also take effect from January 5th and you should expect your region to go down briefly as the change is made.

For Openspaces that bill from the 1st to the 4th January, you will be charged as usual at the current level. From the 5th January onwards, Homesteads will bill at the new rate of $95 per month. We will be sending an email explaining the process to all current Openspace owners. Mainland fees are unaffected by these changes.

We’re pushing hard at the moment to complete the conversion request tickets that we have received ahead of January 5th. Please be advised that any conversion requests filed after 22nd December may not be completed ahead of January 5th, though we’ll be doing our best to get as many through as we can. Regardless, the conversion fees will continue to be waived through January.

Finally, you should expect to see some changes to the Land Store as the new Homestead product is added. If you are interested in purchasing a new Homestead, they will be available on the Land Store starting January 5, 2009. Homesteads are only available to owners of full islands.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please contact Support via the Support Portal so that we can help you.

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