Win a Space in the Second Life Holiday Marketplace!

[UPDATE] Auctions will go live starting at 10:45am PT on Monday, December 15, with new auctions starting Monday and Tuesday. There are 57 plots total that vary in size from 512m2 to 4000m2.  Visit the Holiday Marketplace to see the parcels! Bid now!

This winter season, Linden Lab is pleased to announce a limited time Holiday Marketplace. Not only is it a holiday snowscape, it’s also a land extravaganza. For a one time charge and no recurring land fees, you can have this land for 60 days!!

To complement the Second Life Winterfaire, we’ve created a small number of parcels available only via the Second Life Land Auctions starting on Monday. Auctions for parcels on Dasher, Prancer, Donner and Blitzen will start at only L$1. In order to participate in auctions, Residents must have a premium account at least 14 days old. Keep in mind, the parcels are not connected or attached to the Second Life Winterfaire event, although it is created with the same holiday spirit in mind.

As a bonus, each auction winner will receive a limited edition holiday gift package from Linden Lab, delivered directly to your real life door.*

If you win a parcel at auction, you may open your shop and hold events and gatherings on your land. Holiday Marketplace merchants are more than welcome to direct shoppers to their larger outlets in other Regions (“If you like what you see here, grab this landmark and visit my larger store!”). There is also an ice skating pond in the center of the four Regions, to allow for larger socializing and other events.

Don’t forget to check out the Second Life Land Auctions Monday for your chance to win! If you have more questions, check out the Second Life Knowledge Base Holiday 2008 Land Auction FAQ.

The Details
Winners are allowed a rental of the parcel they win, but do not own the parcel they are given use of. Land rental is for 60 days from auction closing. After this 60 day period, all land will be returned to Linden Lab and all remaining objects will be returned to the winner. No adult content please. All builds must conform to our Terms of Service and Community Standards.

* Please note: Holiday gift package delivery requires a real life mailing address, which will be verified by Linden Lab employees before shipment.

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