Gateways into Second Life by Glenn Linden

About a year ago, we began to experiment with alternatives to the usual Second Life registration pathway, which we call the Community Gateway program.  The program is designed to provide a customized initial entry experience for new Residents based on their choice of preferred language or particular interests.

An important objective of the Community Gateway program is to give Residents a choice of registration options and initial locations, with the goal of enabling program members to attract new Residents and grow their communities.  Members are committed to supporting and engaging new Residents, and their efforts are evaluated based on their success in attracting new registrations and the length of time those registrants engage in Second Life.

Today, we have 22 members of the Community Gateway program–14  non-English language specific Community Gateways including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. The remaining members simply offer a unique experience, some created by businesses as a portal for a web community  and others created by passionate individuals or groups bringing in like-minded people who share their interests.

Overall, we are pleased with how well this program is working. On average, Residents arriving inworld through a Community Gateway become actively engaged in Second Life.  So, as we redesign the Second Life registration and initial user experience, we’re planning to add additional program members to expand the range of initial community experiences for new users.  If starting a Community Gateway is of interest to you, watch for an upcoming blog post with more information on how to get involved.

If you’re a Second Life Resident, you may have already discovered some of these locations for the chance to practice a language, visit a foreign city, or just engage with a friendly community and participate in interesting events.

Here is the current list of Community Gateway members and where to find them (sorted by language then alphabetically):

Anshe’s Dreamland –  Welcome Passage/63/63/27
Avatar Island –  Avatar Island/92/130/23
Azure IslandsAzure Islands Welcome/118/182/59
Big Pond –  Pondessa/125/164/31
Dublin in SL –  Dublin/234/146/25
Orientation Station –  Scholar/112/87/26

Portuguese (Brazil):
Mainland BrasilMLBR Copacabana /227/104/39

Frankfurt –  FFH LAND/127/4/25
New Berlin –  New Berlin/193/184/31
Vienna Freebies –  Wien/90/130/28

France Pittoresque –  Seychelles/48/89/21
Gaia –  Gaia/141/82/27

ISN Virtual Worlds –  Italy Orientation/46/140/26

MundoSLSecondMind /101/138/241
Spanish Orientation Island –  Spanish Orientation/61/137/35

NL 0031 –  DNBmedia/142/232/24/

MagSL Net –  Nozomi/128/128/22
VirtualWorld Walker (Meltingdots) – Walker Orientation/119/102/44
Mobile FactoryMobileFactory/128/86/2

Sera KoreaSera%20Korea%2015/35/232/32

3ImmersionsLenovo 133/129/28
Ansche’s Dreamland –  Welcome Passage/63/63/27

We encourage Residents new and experienced to visit these Community Gateways.  We hope you enjoy exploring these interesting communities.

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Manage the Developer Program and other marketing programs for Linden Lab. Previously at Tellme, Openwave and Apple.
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