Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Linden Lab

M Linden here. Greetings everyone!

For those of our Resident population who celebrate Thanksgiving, I’d like to wish you a happy and joyous holiday!

Sailing to Plymouth

Sailing to Plymouth

It’s a time to count our blessings and offer thanks for all the good that has come our way.

I can speak for all of Linden Lab when I say we are immensely grateful to our wonderfully passionate Residents who have created many fantastic, rich, engaging, thought-provoking, educational and entertaining experiences on the Second Life platform.

At Plymouth

At Plymouth

Look around Second Life and visit some fun locations like Southern Cross!

You can see a great build of the Mayflower and have a bite of turkey…or be a turkey because there are some great turkey avatars in Second Life.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving Day to All

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