Stories from Second Life: Studio Wikitecture

Hello, this is Katt Linden. I’m here to welcome you to a Linden Lab podcast series, “Stories from Second Life.”  These are stories about individuals working in Second Life and the projects they are working on.

Today we’re talking with Jon Brouchoud (known inworld as Keystone Bouchard) of Studio Wikitecture, to learn about his Second Life story and his work on what some call “Radical Collaboration.”

In fact, Joshua-Michele Ross of the O’Reilly Radar said, about this project:

Wikitecture is first sophisticated tool I have seen in 3D where programmed logic provides a clear structure to facilitate collaboration.”

Brouchoud’s Second Life story is an inspiring one. Working inside the collaborative, three dimensional world that is Second Life, he has taken the ideals of collaboration, crowdsourcing and shared intellectual property, and ultimately shaped a project that won Architecture for Humanity’s Founders Award, over some 500 other entries.

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Looking at the Wiki Tree

Looking at the Wiki Tree

What’s inside:

  • Learn how Brouchoud used Second Life to model a home being built for a client who lived outside the country,
  • How a team with many non-architect members, spread around the globe, was able to collaborate on a design for a clinic in Nepal, and end up winning a prestigious award for their work,
  • How the Wiki Tree works, and how it can be used for collaborative work “anywhere two or more people are working together on something in 3D…whether it’s engineers or product design….it has very powerful use cases… across the board in a lot of different industries….” including Brouchoud ‘s plans to distribute the Wiki Tree as a tool throughout Second Life.

Enjoy the podcast! We expect to post a transcript later this week. And thanks to Melissa Linden for producing this piece, and Torley Linden for recording and editing.

Download the mp3: Stories from Second Life: Studio Wikitecture

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Visit Studio Wikitecture inworld

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