Progress Update regarding the recent Advertising Policy

As you may know, on October 1st our new policy for Mainland advertising took effect.

Before the new policy, between 15%-18% of parcels were being used primarily to advertise, mostly on micro parcels. As of this post, that figure has dropped to 2% and is still dropping.

I’ve written before about our drive to significantly improve the Mainland, and one of the first areas you told us we needed to tackle was Advertising, in particular the practice of Ad Farming. After some great feedback from the community, I wanted to publish a short post to let you know how this is going so far. Remember, this policy was just concerned with Mainland, and does not relate to private estates.

The last few weeks have seen a huge clearance exercise take place as we have worked hard to remove advertising that violates the new policy. As a means to understand the impact of policy changes like this one, we have been running surveys of the most affected areas across the different Mainland continents. We hope that you have seen, as we have, a substantial improvement in a short space of time.

Clearly this is just a start, but it’s been a very positive one so far.

The Mainland is looking significantly better already and we’re committed to continuing this push to create the best experience we can for residents living on or visiting the Linden Mainland.

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