Visit Burning Life, today through Oct. 5

For years, Philip Linden has talked about the annual Burning Man Festival and the ways its open-ended nature, participant-created content and art contributed to his vision of what Second Life could be.

For those who aren’t familiar with the event, Burning Man is an annual week-long art, fire and community celebration in the Black Rock Desert – a 400 square mile expanse of barren landscape in Northern Nevada – focused on community values like immediacy and participation. Attendees are invited to be whoever they are, express themselves however they want without fear of judgment or social criticism. It’s a place controlled only by the limits of the imagination – a place where 50,000 individuals come together to form a peaceful, respectful community where all ideas have merit and everyone is invited to create, share, explore, learn and grow.

Sound vaguely familiar? It should. Many of the same principles that guide Burning Man form the core foundations of the Second Life community.

With the histories of Second Life and Burning Man so closely intertwined, it should come as no surprise that a virtual rendition of the event exists – and will be celebrating its 6th anniversary starting today. Burning Life, as it’s called inworld, has now grown into one of the larger, annual Second Life events. This year’s Burning Life – which runs until October 5 – will feature art and live performances, interactive theme camps, a fashion show and of course, the burning of the Man amid a fireworks display.

To help commemorate Burning Life’s anniversary, Burning Man founder Larry Harvey and Philip will be participating in a panel discussion on Tuesday, Sept. 30. They’ll be chatting about their experiences, inspirations, reflection, future goals and the roles that both Burning Man and Second Life play in enhancing the human condition.

For more information on the discussion or on the event in general, including schedules and to find out how you can contribute and participate visit the official Burning Life Web site.

When: Burning Life opens Saturday at 9 a.m. pacific time and runs to October 5th.

Center Camp stage kicks off at 11 a.m. pacific. See the performance schedule here.

Where: Burning Life

What: Art installations, live events, music, discussions and more.

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33 Responses to Visit Burning Life, today through Oct. 5

  1. Christos Atlantis says:

    I wish great succsess to the event, and would like to thank the people in world who helped it happene this year.

  2. Shadoe Landman says:

    Whew! I just finished my camp at 3am this morning (6am my time). I’ve learned a lot in the process. There are many, many awesome camps to explore. Please don’t forget to check out those of us waaay down at the opposite end of BL from the entrance area. Have fun in Burning Life 2008 🙂

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  4. Mmm, it’s rather special to see one of Philip’s inspirational elements into the devoted continuum of sl 🙂
    Can’t really sense the thrill, however i’m quiet confident that some do 🙂

  5. The ability to “express oneself however one wants without fear of judgment or social criticism” does sound familiar. It sounds like Second Life — as it was two, three, or more years ago.

    This blog post, with its lip service towards the community values of Burning Man, is drowning in irony. Linden Lab’s official actions these days indicate a policy of opposition to them, not support. Passion, creativity, and tolerance exist in Second Life today only because of the tenacity of the Residents who practice them.

    Still, cheers to the Burning Life participants, and to the individual Lindens who still believe in the values Second Life was founded on. Keep the dream burning.

  6. Katt Linden says:

    Check out the Burning Life site at

    I’ve posted a set of SLurls, a self-guided Playa Tour of Burning Life highlights, suggestions for exploring the 22 sim playa.

    Have a blast.

    What’s your vote in Hamlet’s poll of your favorite Burning Life art?

  7. Irene Muni says:

    Congratulations. The Burning Life is my favourite event in Second Life.

  8. Koinup Burt says:

    Koinup community is creating a directory of the Burning Life Sims
    you can have a look here:

    if you are visiting some Burning Life Events, show, sims, etc
    please send a postcard on Koinup
    you can have more info here:

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  10. Yay for Burning Life! (Beautiful artwork) 🙂

  11. Papper Papp says:

    I am going to explore this event but I am previously sure that it is great: I will write about it in my blog! Got a coffee, ready for teleport!

  12. Daniel Voyager says:

    When will Teen Second Life have a Burning Life event? Because that would be really cool for the Teen Grid community. 🙂

    It would be really cool to see more TSL coverage on Official Second Life blog about all things TG. Could this be done?

    Smiles all around! 🙂

  13. Maggie Darwin says:

    Despite the claim that negative comments are permitted, my own comment about the lag levels at Burning Life appears to have been deleted. It was on-topic, not abusive, did not contain a personal attack, was neither flaming nor trolling.

    In future, perhaps such large public gatherings should be implemented without stacking multiple regions on a server.

  14. les says:

    “Attendees are invited to be whoever they are, express themselves however they want without fear of judgment or social criticism.”

    Classic. How many post have been removed regarding this freedom of expression event?

    Cardboard facades of ice sculpturs in an easybake oven.
    /runs around naked expressing himself

  15. Janey Hutchinson says:

    I would so love to visit Burning Life but every time I try I get into so much lag it boots me entirely from SL. Hope you don’t delete this free expression. BTW I have top puter, video card and connection

  16. Nav Nikolaidis says:

    How can you value free expression if posts are deleated?

  17. Nav Nikolaidis says:

    just visited burning life and would have said it looked more like a museum than art. Also it would have been better ( in my opinion ) had there been notecards to explain certain things. ie i saw a large mechanical “thing”….what is it, what does it do and what’s it for or is it just…………….a thing?
    Not negative but just a point for future reference, it would be nice to know what we`re looking at 🙂

  18. Shai Khalifa says:

    My comment on the lag caused by the birthday event and hope that the lessons learned from that would be overcome for BL – also has been deleted.


    Censorship of the blogs is not on – removing off-topic etc might be – but constructive comment – even if it’s somewhat negative should be allowed.

    SHAME ON YOU! And I was under the misapprehension that the US prized Free Speech.

  19. Im explored a while on that islands and talked with some people. I saw many interisting things, many good sculptur, script, texture works. Also i should think over the meaning of some works. 😀 To artists i can say: Fine stuff, nice to taste it.
    But after a while i looked under my desktop for the maschine sign and doesnt find anything with “C64” on it. ^^ The lag was too much for me and wasted the fun. I hope someone with better connections or hardware have more fun then myself.

  20. Eli Schlegal says:

    I made it through about half of the sims yesterday. Very cool. I recommend viewing the whole thing set to midnight as most of the builds emit light and it just looks best in the dark. Also I recomend TPing in to one of the sims on the outer edge and not the middle because there seems to be less people on the outskirts so there is less lag.

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  22. Tycho Beresford says:

    I was at a BL venue Sunday and had a great time enjoying two sets of live musicians despite the horrid lag (24 avatars on the sim). Later that night I learned that the SL Rangers had closed, or hassled the owners so much that they closed the venue. Supposedly it wasn’t “artsy” enough. Live musicians are certainly art, and in any case BL is supposed to be about community as well. What gives?

  23. Katt Linden says:

    Tycho, that sounds like quite a story — no Burning Life art has been taken down for not being “artsy” enough.

  24. Katt Linden says:

    So what are your favorite builds at Burning Life? What’s been fun for you to do out there? Are you dressing up in playa wear and using the bikes and art cars? I have to say the Flaming Wild Cat Choir is a lot of fun….

  25. Sandor Balczo says:

    Having been part of the staff (during preparation) of last year’s BL and this year’s SL5B, I am quite impressed by the quality and atmosphere of this year’s BL event. Perhaps it came out well because I was not there, LOL!

    Jokes apart, I also saw a translators’ stand near the main entrance. Nobody was there but I guess it was too early in PDT. But the greeters were there, very kind, competent and jolly.

    This is the kind of experience I remember from my early days in SL. As for the lag, there was some yesterday, but not so much to make me mad.

    Sandor 🙂

  26. Anonymous says:

    My friend has a BL plot, but he’s going to be away for a while and nobody is watching it or taking care of it, can someone help?

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  28. ““Attendees are invited to be whoever they are, express themselves however they want without fear of judgment or social criticism.””

    That’s something I find quite ironic too. I love SL: the community as a whole (yeah, it’s got some fools who’ll go unnamed, but it generally rocks) and the technology. What I hate is the way LL are going with their management style lately.

    I had a chat with someone the other day about this, said that LL seem to be at the crossover point between casual startup and faceless corporation. Please, as you make this shift remember your userbase and don’t be so quick to sellout. Of course, if you do eventually sellout, then there’s plenty of people who won’t.

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  30. Penny says:

    I wasn’t able to see much of BL this year – for days I couldn’t get in to SL at all. When I finally did I kept getting booted out!

    I did make it to the burning of the palace but it didn’t have the same sense of occasion that last year’s did. There didn’t seem to be anything like as many people there this year and, indeed, several people were saying so in chat.

    It was a lot harder this year to find out what was going on, where and when. The welcome/info pack was not as informative as last year for instance. Maybe the reason that there were not so many people at the burning of the palace was that they didn’t know that it was happening. I couldn’t find the timetable for it anywhere in BL – I just happened to get back from a weekend away with friends and pop in to BL at the right time.

    In view of the fact that many people in the UK were unable to get to onto SL for several days perhaps the BL builds could be left in place for another week.

  31. Louis Desideri says:

    Penny (#31), I was on BL just a few minutes ago, so it is still there!

    Saw the (first) burning of the man, but missed the burning of the temple; as Penny said, no info about the time. But despite that, I had a lot of fun, seen lots of *beautiful* stuff… And going to have another look around. (Haven’t seen everything yet.)

    Kudos for all those creative builders!

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