How to report abuse and handle griefing – Video Tip of the Week #47

Getting griefed isn’t fun, but this enlightening video tutorial sure is. I collaborated with our peacekeeping Governance Team to teach you how to file effective abuse reports so you can have a happier Second Life.

Action-packed griefing and conflict resolution tips are shown, and so are effective ways to use tools we provide — like how to mute annoying noises. Press play and be on your way!


In less than 10 minutes, you’ll learn:

01:07 – How is discipline determined?
01:52 – Top 5 tips for Self-governance
04:37 – How to file an abuse report
07:32 – Want to meet the Governance Team in Second Life?

07:43 – What do I do if my items are being illegally copied?
08:07 – What if someone’s name doesn’t appear when I file an abuse report?
08:38 – Share this video with your friends!

If you’ve ever had buddies ask you for help filing an abuse report, share this video with them! They’ll appreciate the knowledge, and you and your friends will be prepared to do the right thing when you come across trouble. Empower yourself and keep enjoying your Second Life.

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150 Responses to How to report abuse and handle griefing – Video Tip of the Week #47

  1. Rooke Ayres says:

    Thanks Torley! 😀

    We could have used this video a *very* long time ago, but, it’s better late than never. 😉

  2. So what...? says:

    The general word is that the abusereports are useless…

    Does this finally mean that LL&co finally will start looking into them?

    And will abusereports be treated equally? Like if it’s a big company that are filed or just a single avie?

  3. Allvaldr says:

    Agreed with #2

    Does this tutorial mean abuse reports will finally be read? Or will they still go straight to the trash bin on some Linden Lab employee’s desktop?

  4. Shibari Twine says:

    Is there a word on when the ability for estate owners to get abuse reports in email will be fixed? Right now it’s not really working.

  5. Rysz Sloane says:

    My biggest problem with the whole process is you never find out the results of what (if anything) was done about the problem. And yes I know there is a listing on the website but it doesn’t seem to show everything and who wants to waste their time searching since you don’t know when the person was actually contacted by LL so what day are you supposed to look?

  6. Garn Conover says:

    haha you read my mind Torley! I was just thinking last week that you should do this topic and I was gonna email ya ! Good on ya!

  7. Question
    The Community Standards sets out six behaviors, the “Big Six”, that will result in suspension or, with repeated violations, expulsion from the Second Life Community.
    the 6 Violations are
    1 Intolerance
    2 Harassment
    3 Assault
    4 Disclosure
    5 Indecency
    6 Disturbing the Peace
    As shown on Community Standards Page

    Why is it that there is no category for number 6 in the Report abuse Page? All the others 1-5 are there but Number 6 seems to be gone
    Just curious or has it been reduced to small 6?

  8. Charlene Siemens says:

    Somebody buy Plexus a new microphone. 🙂

  9. I second #4, when will the promised abuse handling by the estate owner be active? (It does work for a few, for others not.)

    And another problem: when will the Governance Team start to ask questions first (or check data that already IS on file, like age verification) instead of shooting first and leaving the falsely AR’d residents with lots of problems for weeks?

  10. Torley and Team,

    That was such a fantastic video! So much great information, wonderful production value, and loved the music. I know that took a boatload of time to create, but the message was impactful. Thanks for raising the standard on quality communication in Second Life.

    I’d like to see epic productions like these supported with more frequent basic communication by various Lindens on the blog itself. You have so many voices that could be sharing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but we infrequently hear from anyone but Torley. I’m not in any way complaining about too much Torley (cuz there’s no such thing), but where are the rest of you fine Lindens hiding?

  11. KMeist Hax says:

    Getting griefed isn’t fun? Madness! Getting griefed is the most fun I’ve had in this game.

  12. Justa Koba says:

    Would someone be so kind as to explain.
    In this tutorial it was said to be sure and delete the residents calling card from your inventory to keep them from tracking you.

    That is simple enough, but how are the calling cards used to track you?

    What would be the effect of deleting every calling card I have, even those of friends?

  13. Freya Yoshikawa says:


    I think what they mean by tracking is that the person in question is able to find out your online status through the notecards even if you have removed them from your contact list.
    If you have removed them from your list, but haven’t deleted the notecard the next time you’re online, it will say ‘online’ next to the notecard.

  14. Kathy Morellet says:

    I’m confused by the calling card thing as well. I can delete their calling card from my inventory but they still have mine in their’s. How does this really work?

  15. MaCelia Morane says:

    I agree with #5 – I’ve filed 5 AR’s on the same object and have no way of knowing whether anything’s been done (short of the object being removed or changed, which it has not). Do I keep filing AR’s? Am I misinterpreting the AR rules and shouldn’t file? The process itself is almost as frustrating as the problem I’m reporting. Just don’t know what to do anymore, except wait and hope Jack Linden’s promised new policies will change things. (By the way, the object is glowing in green neon, but this was done before Torley’s vidtut on neon signs!)

    But, hey, gread vidtut, as usual Torley, and it IS nice to see some other Lindens, too – glad to meet some of the “G Team.” Maybe I’ll drop by for office hours sometime 😉

  16. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Oooh I met Kaylee Linden a while back, she’s cool and Scottish! Great tut Torley. You can also read an excellent article on the wiki here;

  17. Outstanding tutorial! Really knocked my socks off. You guys are really stepping_it_up over there.

    But please… now answer the questions above. Here. Today. Or real soon now.

    As a Second Life Hobo, I can tell you that LL has not done much – historically – about abuse reports. Hmm. Almost ZERO. How can I say this with such confidence?

    For months on end, I personally witnessed (or was the victim of) many dozens of situations at a prime newbie area Calleta, of EXTREME gross, mean-spirited and highly destructive griefing. We would – many of us – file abuse reports on these individuals, and they would just come back and grief us some more. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you actually do much over there, dear G Team, and sadly I can say this from way too much personal experience. I hope that this is undergoing a sea change. If this video is any indication, then GOOOOO G Team!

  18. Day Oh says:

    I want to echo the concerns of some of those above who think GTeam has gone too overboard. I am worried because I’ve read too many times about people unexpectedly losing their accounts and having no idea why.

  19. Darien Caldwell says:

    It’s interesting to see the reports of accounts of not doing enough side by side with the reports of doing too much.

    I can say I have seen both. And really I think it’s just an indication of what a difficult job it is. I am one of the fortunate Estate Owners that does get ARs sent to me, and honestly I’m floored by what people consider AR worthy at times. And I can also say, this video is much needed by what I’ve seen. 🙂

    It can often come down to a judgement call, especially if the AR is filled out incorrectly or doesn’t present a clear case. You have to remember, the team mostly has the contents of this AR to go by. They weren’t there to see what happened. A clear, well outlined AR is more likely to get action than an unclear, confusing, and incomplete one.

    I’m sure the Governance Team is doing the best they can. I send them my best wishes.

  20. Beezle Warburton says:

    An appeals process would be nice.

  21. Winter Ventura says:

    An appeals process would be nice.

  22. Ron Crimson says:

    Very interesting… but my question is… what do you do if you live on the mainland and the plots near yours are littered with junk because the owner of those plots is rarely ever online and even when she is, she can’t be bothered to return the crap others leave behind on her land? 😦 I can see a plane stuck in the air near my house, a NUCLEAR ROCKET stuck in someone else’s home (why don’t they get rid of it!?) which is spewing smoke particles and sounds 24/7, day and night… and the oh-so-much-hated full-brightness FORSALE signs spinning on an empty parcel right in front of my SL sister’s lil’ house… (the land she’s on belongs to me and we’re sharing the tier)….
    So what do you do when you want to get rid of OBJECTS but neither the people owning the objects nor the person owning the land that the objects are on are ever there to reach?

  23. Ron Crimson says:

    To make my question more clear… how do you deal with an ongoing annoyance that doesn’t actually warrant filing an abuse report? ^_^

  24. Smokey Newman says:

    Its OK knowing how to report abuse but there is never anything done about them. I think the system needs updating maybe using a star system to flag up the most urgent report to the least urgent.

  25. Ciaran Laval says:

    #20 There is an appeals process.

    #21 There is an appeals process.

  26. Lone Buck says:

    It was wonderful seeing other lindens in the video, i hope the tutorials will show more of you just like this one

  27. Josie Ambrose says:

    Thank you Torley for this, very helpful and clear, but one thing I would like to see added to the information is how the abuse reports are processed. For example what right does a reported individual have to put his side of the story? What care is taken to ensure that rebuse reports are not malicious and unfounded? i agree wholeheartedly that abuse must be stamped out of sl, but justice must be seen to be fair and objectively applied.

  28. Coon Surya says:

    Good Job, Torley. Great video.

    I’ve heard lots of residents claim that the abuse reporter doesn’t work; IE, that Lindons ignore it. I haven’t had occasion to use it very often, but when I have, the follow-through was prompt. I’ve also heard of some cases where residents have been unnecessarily booted from Second Life, thanks to trumped up abuse reports.

    Hopefully with the foundation of the G-team and a dedicated group of Lindons whos job it is to look into abuse reports, we won’t see any of the problems we’ve had in the past.

  29. This would be good if...... says:

    There were transparent procedures for following them up and more G-team oh and g-team who actually live in-world and understand the life of a resident because sometimes they seem completely out of whack with how things really are.

  30. Ciaran Laval says:

    I think that the G-Team need to understand the frustrations of residents who have land next to 16M plots with banlines set for sale for something like L$9999, it’s clearly griefing in the eyes of residents but apparently not so in the eyes of the G-Team.

    If the G-team really want to help clear up mainland and improve the resident experience, they would deal with the extortion plot griefers.

  31. Alf Lednev says:

    A very good video Torly, I always enjoy them but I am pondering should I file an abuse report over that tie and hat.

    Some good points above, perhaps there does need to be a video on the “appeal process”. It does seem that someone can lodge an AR and the avie accused has no comeback or opportunity to explain. It may be a case of clear cut griefer attack and thats reasonable. It may also be individual bias or misperception. How can they be judged equitably? So a video on the “appeal” process may be of great use.

  32. scarlit pink says:


    there was a board with a big red button…. which said

    hey presto – no more reports filed
    a snapshot of the area would show the grieffer at work and the name of the person who pressed the button would also be shown….
    giving the lindens the option of muteing that avi for overuse of hot button pushing if necessary.

    With a board just a click away…. by many annoyed avatars… surely this will cut short the life of a would be serial griefer…
    just an idea

  33. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Two comments:

    1. For cases where there’s trash around your area, submit a support ticket on the support portal. That really works.

    2. For a case of the GTeam being too strict AND too slack at the same time, there was a report on the Forums recently about someone who was ARed by an adfarmer for putting up a phantom prim in front of the adfarmer’s pillar of ads… and the Linden who responded upheld the adfarmer!

  34. Shibari Twine says:

    @25 Claran “There is an appeals process.”

    The appeals process is to file a support ticket. I was falsely ARed a month ago and filed one immediately putting forward my side of the story, it is still sitting in the support queue unopened.

    The appeal process does NOT work when they are not even looked at,

  35. I think the GTeam does a really important work keeping or at least trying to keep our SL experience nice and good. And punishing those who enjoy making your time here being bad. Maybe as any “legal” system are not perfect but it’s the best we have for now, so it’s not fair to criticize them for their acctions as sometimes it may be difficult to see which person is the good.

    Maybe this tutorial should be shown to the newbies so they know what to do, because I know many people that got griefed when they first joined SL and in those days they had no idea of what to do, so maybe it will be a good idea to put a screen with this tutorial in welcome area or something. 🙂

    Well that’s all just wanted to say thanks to the GTeam for trying to make SL a safer place for all of us.

    Greetings the SecondSolutions Team

  36. “there was a report on the Forums recently about someone who was ARed by an adfarmer for putting up a phantom prim in front of the adfarmer’s pillar of ads… and the Linden who responded upheld the adfarmer!”

    i saw that too and frankly i find it outrageous. but to be honest, these days im even afraid to post in this blog because someone might ban you in game for it, i guess we can only wait for these cases to pile up before we can expect a fair and proper handling.

  37. Doris Haller says:

    When I filed my first AR I was so young that I really believed I would get any feedback. I asked Lindens a few times about that and then got the feedback that they don’t give any feedback.

    That is exactly the problem about ARs -ah..about whole SL! It’s like talking to a wall.

    The AR process should always include a feedback to the avatar who filed the AR and the one who is accused. If the accused does not reply within a ceratain period, punish. If (s)he replies and has some good points, take him/her to court together with the filer.
    I know it costs something, but this is a standard in every community, even in non-democratic worlds, it should be a standard in second world too.

  38. Maelstrom Janus says:

    Sometime ago I had a character following me and relaying extracts of my profile into main chat as if I was supposed to be ashamed of the entries. The stuff he was pasting was from old profiles for some reason best known to himself he’d kept copies. This was a guy who had been reported for ages by many of his neighbours for a variety of forms of abuse.

    I removed my details from my profile and relayed the reason naming this guy.

    The result I got warned. A ticket complaining about the warning and my appeal against it has recieved no response.

  39. Maelstrom Janus says:

    The abuse report system fails because the ‘accused’ doesnt know what he/she has supposedly done or who accused him/her. Similarly the person who makes the report recieves no response other than a standard reply and does not know the outcome.

    It also frequently occurs that abuse is ongoing and nothing is being done to curtail it despite instances where reports made by groups of people all having the same problems.

    The report process is also too slow for more immediate forms of griefing..

  40. Shibari Twine says:

    @39 Maelstrom “The report process is also too slow for more immediate forms of griefing”

    I disagree, there are some “crimes” which carry immediate punishement, I have ARed a person for Ageplay and seen them poof before my eyes with an entry in the police blotter.

    I have also heard of people who submit an underage AR to have it immediately acted upon.

    However, the more disruptive forms of griefing, like lolcubes and sound spam can have multiple people AR them and will never be acted on.

    There is a DEFINATE bias in the ARs that the G-Team looks at, ad farms I imagine are at the bootom of the list as “they don’t really annoy anyone and no children will be harmed”

  41. At0m0 Beerbaum says:

    should be noted that the easiest way to not get griefed:

    Ignore the griefers. reacting and banning them only hardens their resolve to make a repeat performance.

    when that fails, then file one.

    Abuse reports should be considered a last line of defense. If people did this the lindens would actually care to deal with each report. The problem is, you have several thousand residents and only a handful of staff who can deal with their problems. If you own land, ban people from your land. same with an estate. It’s simple, and saves time. While you wait for “justice” to be served, you could be doing something about it.

  42. Finn Perfferle says:

    Thanks Torley, useful info. One thing caught my attention: the mention of removing calling cards. The inference seemed to be that someone could “track” you if you had their card in inventory. That’s a bit freaky! Any more info on that would be great…

  43. Winter Ventura says:

    the AR’ed is never contacted by the GTeam. The side of the accused is NEVER asked for. The first thing they know, is the ban…

    And then good luck getting anyone to read your emails and support inquiries.

    Reaction != Justice

    An appeals process would be nice.

  44. mcp Moriarty says:

    I have reported RL porn and seen it removed in a matter of a few days. Also seen lindens in world deal with griefers directly. They do read them, but I think like others they are understaffed to handle the volume of silliness that goes on, so they are forced to prioritized them. Things that might lead to legal action go to the top of the stack, other things like reports of annoying sounds or the like prolly end up at the bottom of the stack. Unfortunately.

  45. Gil Druart says:

    You can’t say whether there is any sort of ‘process’ when the entire procedure is conducted in secret. There certainly can’t be justice.

    AR’s should be published, as should the results of investigation and the outcome.

  46. Jo Earp says:

    Great tutorial Torley – as always. But you’ll gather from the responses that most peeps sadly see little benefit in it, due to LL’s inaction, disinterest and inconsistency.

    Its clearly hugely difficult to sit in judgement and to do so properly would no doubt be a tough drain on resource. But either LL does something effective to address this issue, or stands by & watches as peeps level of commitment to *doing creative stuff* in SL evaporates.

    First hurdle is, we dont even have an adequate descriptor for what constitutes griefing – the current stuff is so generic it is open to both liberal and conservative interpretation. Makes it all the harder to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    But, you know what really bites me in the bum?

    Whenever prompt action *is* taken, its usually not for mean spirited and sly griefing or harassment which ruins an average Resident’s SL experience.

    No, it tends to be the stuff that LL is most sensitive towards from a corporate perspective – age play, porn etc…all the stuff that has caused bad press for you in the past. So, whatever resource you DO have for dealing with breaches of the Big 6 is focused on protecting LL, not its Residents….. who go ignored

    (I speak as one of several victims of the same very sly perpetrator. Our repeated ARs went totally un-noticed. EXCEPT where the bad guy encroached onto Gov Linden land when creating griefing builds. THEN you suspended his account, but have left him to continue his harassment ever since).

  47. Q says:

    Hello, sorry for off-topic message, but I was wondering why there’s absolutely nothing on the status blog, while apparently many in-world systems are failing or are extremely slow for two days now. Thanks.

  48. Vincent Nacon says:

    @47: They post those on The-Grid site’s blog.

  49. Q says:

    @48: I don’t see any problems listed there other than voice chat issues. Or am I the only one with uploads failing, and resident/group profiles taking ages to load (if they load at all)?

  50. Vincent Nacon says:

    @49: Sorry, I guess you are. Check your pings between LL and your own IPS.

  51. Q says:

    Thanks, Vincent. It actually appears to be region-related. If I move to another region, the problems are gone O.o. Once again, sorry for posting in this unrelated blog post.

  52. Soap Clawtooth says:

    I find the governance & support team to be hideously understaffed and this often means that they cannot make a thorough investigation into each and every case, merely a summary one. This, in the past, has led to various misconceptions and, speaking from experience, bans that could have been avoided if a few extra minutes had been taken to pull up the log from the server archive. 😀

  53. Ron Crimson says:

    To those who are worried about being tracked by means of calling cards left in inventory: Don’t. I can assure you that it doesn’t work that way. 🙂 I’ve had people remove me from their friends lists and although their calling cards stayed in my inventory for a very long time in some cases, they (the cards) never reflected their online/offline status – they simply become useless. So, even if you remove someone from your friends list and they still have your calling card, it won’t do them any good. They won’t see whether or not you’re online…

    …unless *UNLESS* they have one of those online avatar tracking HUDs. But that’s another story entirely. ^_^

  54. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “I have also heard of people who submit an underage AR to have it immediately acted upon.”

    I have also heard of people submitting underage ARs as a form of griefing.

  55. Bandito says:

    There should be an overhaul of the actual reporting process in my opinion. As has been mentioned, there is a lot of variance on what is considered griefing and what isn’t. Is group spam griefing? Is the unending stream of landmarks being passed to residents griefing and if it is, at what point? If you go into a store or club, and are passed 6 landmarks, is that abuse, or just an annoyance? I can understand why the G-Team may be overwhelmed. Perhaps a complete guide on what constitutes griefing and abuse would be in order…

  56. Machine ban the griefers says:

    What I do not understand is why do they not just machine ban the griefers, why not make it hard for them to come back, Linden’s we are not short of new people coming to the game, when new people come you do not want to lose them to griefers, and yet, you allow griefers to make alts come back in 30 seconds, these are the people that are trying to hurt YOUR business, we are but a sideline or YOUR business. PLEASE start harsher measures against these thugs, attention seekers, under age, immature individuals.
    There is one thing for sure, these people contribute nothing to SL or to the experience we all want and deserve.

  57. yanka says:


  58. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Again, having this as a text would be more helpful, especially when you try to help someone while they are being griefed.

    Way more helpful than the video is this:

    That’s a text with very specific instructions you can have open in your browser (external or in-world) as a reference while helping a victim (or when you are the victim).

  59. sirhc DeSantis says:

    To Torley Chan and the G Team (love that name) – never going to be perfect but thanks for the vid. A little more open comms on the whole process would be welcome. Like for eg who gets a suspension around my parcel and for what reason. I deal with them mostly on my own but it would be nice to know who is bothering my neighbours – or if I am for some reason. More great work Torley

  60. robertltux mccallen says:

    a few suggestions

    1 have a “Candyland” sim that folks being accused of AgePlay/CP can be TP’d into to figure out whats going on (maybe have a “Wonka Linden” proceed with the porceedings if anything hinky is going on?)
    Child Avatars are not illegal

    2 have as an option “Mute Objects owned By %Avatar%” so if say Joker McCallen is raining down blocks and you mute him you can also mute any objects he is rezzing (and script block him also)

    3 go ahead and have a note giving status of an AR somewhere it can be seen (maybe ping back with a tracking url??)

    4 Credit card/ IP ban folks for AR|Griefing (and other Big Six problems)

    5 Run a “Prison Sim” for folks that insist they are just “goofing around” (the server would automatically punt them into the PS on log in)

  61. Max Kleiber says:

    A nicely executed tutorial, despite the random arm-waving and jaw movements of the avatars.

    Oh.. you might talk to Plexus Linden about getting a better microphone…

  62. Angsty Rossini says:

    @61 LOL!

    Prison Sim. Brilliant idea!!

    No Inventory, no ability to chat or IM other people, Ruthed avatar… and they get constantly bombarded with sound and prim spam and ban lines every time they move.

    Bring it on!!

  63. Samson says:

    Muting the noise was a helpful tip. I wish I would have had that earlier.

  64. Daniel Voyager from TSL says:

    Awsome griefing video tutorial, Torley. 🙂

    Glad to see other Lindens taking part. I hope you can film video tutorials in TSL sometime, that would be great stuff. 😀

  65. Allen Kerensky says:

    Good Vidtut… missed one obvious and important point:
    Who do you go to when a Linden *is* the abuser?
    What is the process there?
    I know of instance where a small cliquish group of Lindens and their helpers violated the ToS *and* Community standards in regards to how they treated an estate owner.
    The Lindens in question clearly misrepresented, miscommunicated, then publicly harrassed, humiliated, and were generally racist to this person… and will continue to get away with it because there is no report abuse process that applies to Lindens themselves. Please advise in knowledge base, wiki, and future tutorials.

  66. Hiroaki says:

    I’ve had a few threatens and discriminations against me by a Linden, does that count as abuse? Will that be processed like any other abuse report?
    I have no intention to file it right away because I don’t believe that the government of Linden Lab itself will respond to abuse reports to themselves, but if that’s clear that Linden are also vulnerable to TOS like any other players, then I would consider filing a detailed report with all the logs.
    Question is “IS LINDEN GOD”.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Torley. 🙂

  67. Ghostdog Kohime says:

    1/ a good step is that they blocked the mainland supply !
    ->M really has actioned on previous blogs (which i encourage)

    2/ there should be a CLEANGRID-TEAM now activated who can
    operate sim by sim to clean the stuff that disturbs the community
    and views ….. (think this can be done by good selected avatars
    who wants to volunteer for this progam)

    3/ LL needs ofcourse to set up rules for maximum building heights,
    add farms, overusage of scripts on certain sims and others …..

    that should be a good step in the right direction


  68. Ghostdog Kohime says:

    sorry for this 2th post ;

    1/ allow new people only to explore the grid for maximum 10 days,
    then they are obliged to take a premium account

    2/ remove all accounts that are longer than 6 months inactive !

    3/ stop bots and camping usage in general !

    thx again

  69. Wyald Woolley says:

    Hmmm…I had to scroll all the way back to July 26th to find a thread that got the whole 150 posts. Could the “give a sh*t” factor with Linden Lab’s® attitude hit the predicted bottom? For over a year people were saying that the poor attitute toward its customers was driving out all the people that really cared and felt an emotional investment in SL. Could this finally have come true? The proof may be in the postings…or lack thereof.

  70. Sandor Balczo says:

    This was an excellent tutorial and a great guideline for people who don’t know what to do when griefed. I hope some good samaritan will dub the audio in other languages or subtitle it for non-English speaking residents.

    A suggestion for a future video tutorial: how to avoid griefing in your own land. Some people are simply too much into security orbiters and banlines for everybody (causing a nice walk around a neighborhood or a swim near a beach to become a nightmare, as for sailing I stopped it long ago) and then do not care about setting autoreturn for other residents’ objects or banning specific avatars. I think these paranoids should be informed.

    Sandor 🙂

  71. Viajero Pugilist says:

    That was an inspired, succinct and informative video — the way it has to be to hold people’s attention. Noobs can pause or go back over stuff they miss.

    #22 on AR-able junk on a mainland sim: I think this G Team ought to split into small groups, pick 10 mainland sims a day, and sweep each sim for 5 to 30 minutes to at least return leftover prims on unoccupied or Guv Linden land, address egregious ad farm violations, and generally clean up.

    Please consider this proactive approach.

  72. Pobie says:

    If this so-called age-play is illegal why isn’t beastiality a huge concern? I’ve seen dogs and horses that were sex-enabled but that’s okay. But if someone dares to be a part of the Gor system (or whatever it is) then all hell breaks loose. ADULTS shouldn’t have to be babysat. if you don’t like porn, DON’T LOOK AT IT! I’m gay, so watching a woman strip isn’t something I enjoy. Do I go whining to LL to have all strip clubs banned? No, I just DON’T go!

    Honestly, it’s time for people to be adults and just don’t go to places there there are things you don’t want to see.

    I rarely check this blog anymore. Why bother? Either you get some announcement that no one comment on or another tutorial. Neither do anything to address the concerns of the people that are PAYING them to use this service.

  73. Neptune Shelman says:

    A simple return note to show someone at least read the AR, would be nice, this note could also say any action will be taken, within a certain timeframe.

    This would let users get enough feedback to see for themselves if anything was done about the problem.

    Really a minimum requirement of any company dealing with complaints issues.

    Also is Adfarming a reportable offence?
    People tell me it is but yet a new one has appeared appeared near me, by Adfarm I am refering to a series of 16sqm parcels set at unrealistic prices, making a 1024sqm plot unuseable.
    Please can someone tell me if this is an offence.

  74. Sandor Balczo says:

    @74, Neptune:

    By the way you describe it, it could be an offense and reportable as an abuse. Before you do, please read the following FAQ article to see if your own problem complies with the abuse report requirements relating to ad farming:

    I would also suggest youy enclose a snapshot of the offending ads in your abuse report.

    If you are correct, the Governance team will not hesitate to act. They did when I had the same problem.

    Sandor 🙂

  75. Neptune Shelman says:

    There is nothing on the plots they have just been cut out and put for sale at 4999L.

    Don’t think it is covered by the TOS with out an advert on it, it is just making land around of no use to anyone, and all the plots are owned by the same person.

    It doesn’t make any sense, why do that?

    No one will pay that for the plots, its more for each one than the plot I purchased near them, very strange.

  76. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Thank you very much Torley and G team members. This was very informative and useful.

    At times, the falling objects aren’t editable, and it’s difficult to find the source. I found the ability to turn off certain objects, highlighting transparancies and toggling other menu items useful in finding the editable object spewing such in order to report it.

  77. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @55: I have also heard of people submitting underage ARs as a form of griefing.

    Seen it happen myself. I lost two renters that way: the person who got insta-banned before my eyes, and the person who got her banned (I had to evict him for griefing — but I didn’t sink to his level and AR him as underage, tempting as it was).

    @73: it’s time for people to be adults and just don’t go to places there there are things you don’t want to see.

    Amen. People who run to Mommy and Daddy Linden every time they see something they don’t like don’t deserve to call themselves adults, and by extension should not be on SL.

  78. Noisey Lane says:

    @57 It is difficult to IP ban a determined griefer on a free account.
    There are modified versions of the SL Client available that spoof MAC and IP addresses (and include a version of copybot) that can easily login alt after alt with no ‘backtrack’ so each new login appears to come from a different IP and computer.
    In my experience, anyone who has invested in SL and has credit card details on file is unlikely to be my first suspect when it comes to unprovoked grief attacks.
    @LL – I agree more transparency is required with the AR process.
    Bring back the cornfield to ‘time-out’ griefers and name & shame ToS violators on the Police Blotter!

  79. Indigo Mertel says:

    Folks, it should be noted that there are devices for sale out there to track an avatar online status either by name or uuid. So, no matter what, a griefer *can* track your online status, regardless of calling cards or friends lists.

  80. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @79: What do you mean by them spoofing IP addresses? If they send packets with a different IP address, they won’t get any packets back from LL. Makes it hard to login, let alone do anything. 🙂 They could use a proxy, yes, but that will just lead to the proxy IP address being blocked.

  81. Sandor Balczo says:

    @76, Neptune:

    Thank you for your clarification and I apologize for any misunderstanding at my end.

    I am afraid that the high selling price of the 16 sq m plots is justified by the landowner’s own perception of land value.

    Perhaps he or she is trying to avoid neighbors in the area as long as it is “hot” for further gain through adfarming (direct or indirect) or find some naive newbie with money who will buy one or more parcels at a higher cost than admissible by logic. After 14 months of intesive residence in SL, I believe logic is not a feature one easily finds in a LOT of SL residents, however.

    Perceived value also depends on the location where the plots are — old residents and landflippers are aware of the perceived value of some regions compared to others and thus put small parcels on sale at prices I would define outrageous; pay a visit to any region prefixed by “Bay City – ” and you will see what I mean.

    However, when I protested about these unfair prices on the SL blog, I was criticized by a few residents who said that the perceived value of a land, even virtual, can be unlimited. I am still dumbfounded by this concept, because I always think LL might decide to shut down for good tomorrow and leave us all with no virtual land and a lot of real dollars in someone else’s pockets, but then again I have come to terms with the fact that almost all SL residents take themselves very seriously. So, curse on my for even SUGGESTING SL is not real!

    Having said this, I am sorry, dear Neptune, but you will have to wait and see what transpires in the future, unless LL decides to do something about minumum parcel size, as suggested in a recent forum discussion. Always taking into account that, as the saying goes in Italy, where I live in RL, “pass a law and someone will dodge it”.

    Sandor 🙂

  82. Sedary Raymaker says:

    I have seen one place that had lots of empty 16sq.m. parcel for sale at outrageous prices that was just using them to spell out words on the Map in yellow “ink”. I thought it was clever.

  83. Ciaran Laval says:

    #82 Sando Balczo”I am afraid that the high selling price of the 16 sq m plots is justified by the landowner’s own perception of land value.”

    This is true, however the accompanying banlines are griefing, plain and simple and everyone seems to understand this except for the G-team.

  84. Sandor Balczo says:

    @84, Ciaran:

    I agree with you, but the subject matter is different. Please refer to my earlier response (#71) in this same blog entry.

    Sandor 🙂

  85. Friendly greetings! So as I often do, wanted to comment here on some of many things I can explain more about, and thank each of you for watching and caring to share:

    * Re: voice quality, it was choppier than I hoped for. I had to polish it up some too and remove rumble. And aye, I wish we all had top-end Sennheisers to record with. But my own mic (not filtered via SL’s inworld voice) was US$30 and works a treat.

    * I’d definitely be up for doing more collaborations with teams at Linden Lab. Main challenge is getting everyone together and clearing stuff: like with abuse, there are legal sensitivities we needed to OK. That takes time, and we’ve been wanting to do this vidtut for MONTHS, so if you’re wondering, “Why didn’t this happen sooner?” This is exactly why.

    * That bug with estate email addy not persisting is annoying! Now an estate owner, I understand firsthand. Looks like it has been fixed *internally* and I hope it gets resolved publicly soon:

    * Calling cards are kind of confusing, and have limited uses. NO, they can’t be used to track you alone. They can only display online status if Friends permissions is set to allow it, BUT… the main point here is to sever contact with someone who’s bothering you, and since a calling card is still a shortcut to open profile/IM, it’s part of the problem. I hope calling cards will eventually be deprecated by an organizable Friends list (that’s just my wish).

    * I certainly can’t comment on individual abuse reports but I will (as general as this sounds) say that some people I’ve seen claim to be “innocent” are not telling the truth. The old “two sides to every story”. I’ve personally witnessed people grief, well, me, and then come up and deny it (even when I recorded it on video). EACH situation and context is different.

    * Re: abuse appeals, we do have a process. See Knowledge Base Article of the Week #33!

    * Re: “transparent abuse process”, see previous forum threads — suffice to say, I would be interested in seeing, large-scale, alternative systems used on OpenSim et al.

    * Always a tough thing to not know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes, I agree. Setting expected response times as we’ve done as part of a broader Support effort has helped, and we can continue to communicate expectations.

    * Some Resis have been falsely accused of being underage, yes, and the GTeam verifies those. We don’t act on allegations alone, as mentioned in the video. Substantiate details, give the fact as best as you know them to be true. This can be difficult, but far more effective than leaving it at “I heard that so-and-so…” which isn’t helpful.

    * looks super and I wish I had seen it before! Should link to that more.

    * I encourage multimedia applied as-needed. We have many visual learners who find it useful to reference text supplementarily, but an “over-the-shoulder” video is big help! Re: “What makes juicy ingredients for a video tutorial?”, BE SURE to see my own artistic thoughts on it: I blogged that because the question comes up a fair bit.

    * Re: Lindens doing confirmed inappropriate things, this is tragic and sounds like a matter to bring to their supervisor/manager. (I hope for a better “Who does what” public list…) As rare as it happens, make sure you have proof (I can’t emphasize this enough, with the glut of hearsay I’ve waded through over the years).

    * We’ve varied approaches in the past… re: prison sim, some of you may remember The Corn Field (look it up!). I once had a feature request for The Great Escape mixed with Stanford Prison Experiment on a lark. 😉

    Thanx again from me & GTeam!

  86. Wow Torley I like how you did this video. Very cool!

  87. Noisey Lane says:

    @81 The IP and MAC addresses would be persistent for the logged in session.

    Quit and relog a new alt with an auto generated MAC address and disconnect/reconnect to your ISP with a dynamic IP (or configurable local proxy) and you’re effectively untraceable to your last session.

    On another note, now that JIRA Issue SVC-125 has been ‘fixed’ (many would say broken) there is no way to shield yourself from follow objects or other sensor based attacks. It renders ‘phased vehicles’ obsolete making a griefers job so much easier and nothing can be done to stop the attack other than leave the area.

    This is relevant as it was ‘fixed’ to stop Avatars NOT appearing where they actually are (max offset 300m) and lobbied by security orb scripters who claim this ‘bug’ circumvents their sensors however phased objects/avatars can be sensed with updated scripts.

    Bottom line of this fix: anyone with a cloaking or phased defense system is now open to attack by the greenest of noobs and your defenses are useless.

  88. Hi Torley,

    thanks for the response. Thing is that the G-Team should NOT suspend people on underage AR’s that already HAVE age verification on file with LL. This happened more than once. Like 10 days ago an already age verified concierge level customer who owns a dozen regions or so and sends a 4 digit number of $ to LL each month was logged out by an admin within 2 minutes after an AR that was done using chat someone overheard from a roleplay situation. This MUST NOT happen, it makes the whole age verification process look absurd. I myself even did manual age verification by sending in scans of documents after the automatical process didn’t work for me – to avoid exactly such situations where a griefer abuses the AR procedure.

  89. Doris Haller says:

    MUTE. This is one thing you can do with griefers. I think currently you can mute them in total: you can’t their their sounds, their voice, can’t read their chat messages, can’t receive their IMs and they are grey (on purpose.. the unmuted people are grey for different reasons).

    I would like to be able to mute only certain functions, for instance if someone making good jokes but than plays a nauseating laugh gesture. So, I wish I could mute an avatar’s
    – sounds,
    – voice,
    – text chat,
    – IM, and
    – render

    What do you think?

  90. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You can’t mute their objects. 😦

  91. Judge Dredd says:

    I’d like to know how come LL has not sued the owner and perpetrator of the PN .org site and taken it down yet.

    How much time, energy and staff resources will LL spend before it finally considers the following to be liable for computer crime charges and investigation by the proper authorities?

    Script theft, perpetration of script causing disruption and damage to LL’s servers, intolerant and racist propaganda, clear intend to damage and disrupt the Second Life service. If this isn’t enough to have RL enforcement to take action. I don’t what is…

    The PN leadership is in violation of the California Penal Code As it pertains to hacking and other computer crime! 502. (a)

    Please get a lawsuit in process and have the main perpetrator jailed or fined.
    Nothing less should be expected.

  92. shockwave yareach says:

    If the Gteam would put out some “plain clothes” officers to wander the most common grief targets without their linden tags making the griefers move elsewhere, they’d learn just how bad the situation really is.

  93. Marianne McCann says:

    @86 – Torley
    I know some who had to go through being accused of being underage, simply based on hearsay. Some have had to go through it more than once. Has the process on this recently changed? If not, I can assure you that people can be bounced into a lengthy age verification process based on very flimsy evidence.

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  95. Cappy Frantisek says:

    “There are modified versions of the SL Client available that spoof MAC and IP addresses (and include a version of copybot) that can easily login alt after alt with no ‘backtrack’ so each new login appears to come from a different IP and computer.”

    Kinda makes you wonder about the intelligence used in making the source code open. Open source is not always a good thing!

  96. Shibari Twine says:

    I also know of a person who had completed the sanctioned age verification procedure, who was ARed as underage, provided scans of his documents, then was ARed as underage again.

    This is not an isolated incident, and sorry Torley, the G-Team shoot first and force a 4 week verification process, very hard for overseas residents.

  97. Felix Oxide says:

    When will LL finally stop the neverending flood of griefer alts? If you abuse report them, they just come back to do it again. I would love to see a “get tough” attitude from LL about those that abuse the ability to make unlimited alt accounts for the sole purpose of griefing others.

  98. Imago Aeon says:

    So how do we handle abuse when Linden is the one abusing us? Like content creators who’s stuff is on the beta grid when we never asked for it to be there?

  99. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You haven’t “lost” anything from people using stuff on the beta grid. The beta grid isn’t real, everything on it (including ALL INVENTORY) is periodically destroyed. I occasionally hand out copy/transfer versions of my stuff on the beta grid to get beta testers for my own stuff, because I know they won’t get to keep it. A couple years back Anshe Chung got on the beta grid and started handing out millions of lindens to people at random. Nothing bad happened, and a few weeks later it was all gone.

  100. Do you think it will make any effect in the eyes of spammers and abuse content creator in reducing abuse on internet? I dont think so…

  101. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Here’s one for you LL. I am being GRIEFED by YOU!! RT, REFUSES my posts… ADD to that your sudden (and yet AGAIN UNANNOUNCED) problems with the asset servers that COST ME MY ENTIRE 1.5 year’s worth of WARDROBE!!! I WANT REPARATIONS to the order of OVER $700 Canadian!!! (or the problem FIXED)

    If you guys were located in a more trustable country, I swear you’d be CONSTANTLY in LEGAL court for CONSISTENTLY MISLEADING the Public, Misrepresentation, and promoting DELIQUENCY of MINORS (for letting the brats into the grid in the 1st place!!)

  102. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    After not posting for 30 days I see everything is still the same griefers
    can be an irritant but since linden lab can not correct the simple things there should be no hope that this problem will ever be addressed. When
    I load my av I just go get a drink since the textures will take a month of Sunday’s to load clean cache file or not. Default priority 1 hand animations , which has had an open fix it file since 2004, continue to over write priority 4 hand poses plus many many other things that have been mentioned jira’d and ignored. As long as they continue to remove age verified multi thousand dollar user I see little hope or change.

    well back to my cave I will come back out to see if I see my shadow in another 30 days

  103. Ezian Ecksol says:

    @ #2:

    Abuse reports are not useless. I report sometimes region crashers in sandboxes. Sometimes after a few minutes a GTeam member comes to resolve the situation.
    But, okay, sometimes for hours nobody comes. I think it depends on the number of employees at this moment in charge and maybe on their mood?

    But still in my experience abuse reports often are processed very well.

  104. Thank you Torley! Great vidtut subject.

  105. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    I have dealt with this issue, online community problems, trolls, griefers, whatever you want to call them, in both official and non official capacities in large and small online communities for nearly two decades. It always has been, and still is, nearly impossible to block an individual from an online service like this without direct, real-world police contact. Even for a company as large as LL, that process is usually prohibitive.

    I also want to second what torley has said that claims of innocence are not always true. It is nearly impossible at times to sort out what is really going on and make a decision on how to best deal with it. From the overall perspective it is always best to move slowly and with deliberation and caution and this is what I have seen as standard practice from the G-team.

    When you are in the middle of a situation you are usually screaming for blood – “BAN THAT SUCKER FOR LIFE!” but it is usually better to send warnings first then progressive bans if that is not effective. I see several people daily who have griefed me multiple times in the past. They know better now and we get along just fine. I have watched as the situation developed over days and weeks and I was quite satisfied, and even impressed with the G-team’s cautious, professional responses. Someone recently tried to tell me they were banned permanently because they accidentally bumped into someone. I have seen too much of how the G-team responds to believe that.

    There have been days when I have filed upwards of 60 abuse reports. I have seen the response times lag as the SL population meter climbed. But overall responses are prompt when appropriate. There have only been two times when I have been griefed at my own place in Tikka since I have been there. Both times it was handled cleanly by the G-team within seconds of my reporting it. There are other times when I have reported things and seen later that my assessment of the situation was incorrect. I am thankful that the G-team looks at these reports with cool heads. Overall the responses by this group have been prompt and highly professional.

    I’m no Linden apologist. Many Lindens will tell you that. If I disagree with a Linden I will take them on. If I ever have reason to file an abuse report on a Linden I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. I have filed several abuse reports on mentors. If I saw a real problem with the G-team they would hear from me about it. Everyone needs to realize this is a tough job and often a thankless one. Griefers are often really quick to wage hate campaigns against those doing the job…especially if they are doing a good job. I’m kinda opening myself up to get flamed for a post like this but I think I owe it to the G-team to speak up for them.

    The one thing I will add to what torley has said…don’t be a vigilante. File the report with as much calm, clear information as you can and walk away. Trust the G-team t handle it. Don’t shoot back. Don’t try to cover up offending objects. Just do your part and trust the G-team to do theirs. If it becomes an ongoing problem then calmly document that in follow-up abuse reports. In working with the G-Team I have dealt quietly with several abuses that had gone on constantly for over a year. It took multiple, well documented reports over several weeks to fix the problems. Remain calm, clear and persistent when necessary.

    and on the subject of not being a vigilante…If you see me being overwhelmed by giant spinning cubes…don’t offer me help or advice. I’m ignoring them while I file the abuse report. When I am done I will extract myself from the situation with no problem. Want to help? file an abuse report.

  106. Ryu Darragh says:

    @7 Dilbert Dilweg, #6 was folded into #3. Both are cases of “Assault”, since making loud noises and bumping into things, particle spamming and so forth while all *alone* is just a wierd form of OCD 😛

  107. Delicious Bimbogami says:

    I dont understand why RL pics of beastiality is allowed in SL.It isnt any different than kiddie porn. Furry pics are one thing , but a group called Bitch Pack has a RL pic of a woman and dog in a very sickening position. This is WRONG! I have filed an abuse report but havent heard anything back. I have considered leaving SL due to this. But then why should I leave when something should be done. Doesnt this fall under indecency?It makes me sick.

  108. Elyzabel Whitfield says:

    Yes, yes, yes, I know this is off topic – but once again logins are blocked while the status page happily proclaims the grid is up and running normally. I know it’s not just me as I can see the number of residents dropping by about 1000 every couple of minutes as people log out and nobody can get in.
    I know sometimes we can’t get in for whatever reason but for goodness sake – put a notice up saying it’s closed! It’s the annoyance of LL claiming normal function that is more annoying than that absence of normal function.
    I post this here because I have no other threads to post it on.

  109. Ron Crimson says:

    Dunno what you’re on about, Ely… there’s a big fat post on the blog site detailing that there are database problems and logins have been temporarily disabled. Where do you see it “happily proclaiming the grid is running normally?”

  110. Razor says:

    Abuse reports are not read. I have contacted the live chat several times when nothing was done about an abuse. They said it might have been overlooked. Seem like this is common business. Some kid avis I reported are still around. People get suspended for spamming but if yousteal skins and hairs and make 1000s of real life dollars on them you get no punishment. Just look at our famous brazilian ripper. NO PUNISHMENT AT ALL. There are lots of stolen haircuts around all called “cabelo” (some other languages word for hair) and still nothing is done. Linden labs is a crap company when it comes to copyrights. A joke.

  111. Razor says:

    Oh and Torley is very good at ignoring the issue as well. Theft? NOT IMPORTANT. Lets never dedicate any word to it and just stick our heads in the ground.

  112. Ryu Darragh says:

    @96 Cappy Frantisek. The client had been well and truly “hacked” before the source code had been released. It’s just easier now.

  113. Foxxe Wilder says:

    # 108 Delicious Bimbogami

    I agree 100 percent in regards to the beastiality thing. I believe that blatant Sexual practices on the grid should BEST be done out of the public eye, this includes copulation, all genders, and all acts related to sex. (yes, INCLUDING BDSM acts in public). MOST people with ANY sort of MORALITY would consider acts of this nature in public as Griefing!!

    To many of us, SL is a BUSINESS GRID, NOT a mere GAME as the naive still refer to it, and having a few perverts parade through your shops with their boyfriend/girlfriend on a leash out in public is nothing short of sex acts in public. Don’t confuse this with actual CLUBS where these things are ADVERTISED. A responsible club owner/manager WILL designate the club as a BDSM club – if you don’t and clients come in not expecting such acts then you lose business.

  114. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Nice am i on the do not post list since I shove it into you people figures

    more control from looser lab

  115. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Fix the basics
    you know the problems
    no one has to tell you
    then the whines will stop
    old players like myself find the lack of attention to detail appaling

    yes it is a complicated platform
    not an excuse any longer

    kill the pri 1 default hand animations that take priority
    over user created p3 and p4 anis

    we no longer require default hand anis they look dumb any way

    just what i need my hands on my hips well not really inside my hips

  116. pantaiputih korobase says:

    sorry to post OT: I am a little dissapointed that the blog falls asleep at the moment. LL seems to reduce communication or are there no atopics for the blog anymore? Additionally, it is quite frustrating to see that most of the recent blog topics are off for commenting. this is really poor communication or did I miss a change in LL to residents communication pathways?

  117. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    @117 pantaiputih

    It kinda looks like LL is trying to guide the conversation back into the forums. Not sure yet if this is a good thing or not. I’m gonna just wait and see. But I think this up front blog has been very useful in getting issues to the forefront that wouldn’t get as much attention in the forums. I hope they don’t cut this off completely. This may look like a big whining session at times but some of that whining has been very useful here.

  118. Elyzabel Whitfield says:

    #110 Ron:

    I could not see any such notice. The grid status page, when I looked at it, said everything was fine and dandy. Presumably by the “blog site” you mean the page that comes up when you click the link marked Blog on the main homepage, of which this is a part? At the time of posting, the only blog entry above this one was the one about Burning Life. I cannot account for the discrepancy betwwen what was visible to each of us. Probably because I’m European I get a cheap nasty version of the blog which is 8 hours behind USA time.

  119. Ron Crimson says:

    Hmm, no, I was talking about the *status* blog which is at … not here. (There IS a link from this blog site on the left side, but for some dumb reason it links to the secondlifegrid RSS feed instead of the main page…)

  120. Ron Crimson says:

    *sigh* I don’t know why it always shows that stupid ” 😉 ” smiley when all I do is type in some periods and a closing bracket. o_O

  121. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Lag Lag Lag

    Need I say more

  122. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    We are currently experiencing a problem with the database that may result in difficulties logging in, teleporting, rezzing objects, We’re aware of this issue and our ops team are working to resolve it as swiftly as possible. Meantime, please avoid making important transactions or rezzing no-copy objects.

    This will never change will it


  123. Ron Crimson says:

    Coventina…. quit wasting comments if you’re going to say the same thing over and over. Geez. o_O

  124. Jayden B says:

    Pity the Mono blog entry is closed for comments… that is one that really should have some sort of feedback.

  125. Ron Crimson says:

    It does. Read the forum. 🙂

  126. Esther Merryman says:

    The Abuse Report System requires some small degree of feedback, this could be an automatic received and being looked into response, for reportable issues and a sorry this item is not a reportable offence response, when someone has reported something LL don’t consider an offence.

    This would give residents feedback, let them know not to carry on reporting offences, LL have no intention of punishing etc.

    It would probably reduce the number of frivilous reports being placed with LL aswell, freeing up members of the support team to actually concentrate on providing a decent service for a change, instead of just ignoring the majority of reports being filed.

  127. Ryu Darragh says:

    Esther, imagine for a moment that the tiny community I am G-Team (equivalent) for is representative of SL as a whole. We have 3000+ members and 12 G-Team members. That’s 1 G-Team member per 250 residents. We get upwards of 6 complaints a day. Now, Linden Labs has 14000000+ members (of which, for arguments sake, half are active) and the G-Team is far less than the number of total employees (300+). Even if *all* of them were G-Team and they had the same percentage of complaints a day (14,000), that’s a ratio of 23,000 residents per G-Team member *if* there were 300 of them.

    Now, with everything we do where I am Admin, we barely have the time to answer every complaint by providing feedback to the complainer as well as deal with the complaint and do all the other things we volunteered to do.

    And the Linden G-Team is small. If it were 12 people, that’s 2000 times the load my fellow Admin get. Even if you compute this using the average online numbers and figure 12 in the G-Team, that’s 60,000 / 12 and if 1% filed a complaint a day, that’s 50 complaints a day to handle per G-Team member.

    I only hope my numbers are way, way off. The G-Team has my sympathy.

  128. Not so fast says:

    Ron… please you and your ilk should let people have their say… just cut it out and read so you can have an original thought for once.

    The Lindens have made it difficult for people to communicate with them precisely because they don’t want to hear the everyday priorities of residents.

    If they don’t get it, then they won’t have a business, and you will have to go somewhere else to carp.

  129. Alisha Matova says:

    Interesting changes happening.

    Just thought I would post here, since it is probably the last chance to post on this blog.

    I am unsure if moving the comments to a stealthier location is the right direction to go in. The only advantage the rezzies get is a real inworld name. Other than that it just looks like a another way to remove our input, or hide it..

    Since the comments here in the blog are usually more up to date than the status page, I have a suggestion:

    How about a special forum for Us to comment on grid status. You(Lindens) could even keep an eye on it for failures.

    Just an idea since I use the blog posts as a status report at times.(when things are borked but the Grid Status page hasn’t been updated in days)

    It has been wonderful reading everyone’s ideas here, I for one will miss the blog comments.

    Alisha Matova

  130. richard says:

    i see second life is on they kick again about gaming but this time i am told they ok the games

  131. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    oh ron like you dont say the same thing over and over and the 1.4 million accounts are lucky to have 100,000 actives well to top it off the game is running as expected on the weekend with asset failures. If there was a place to whine these blogs would not receive the off topic posts seems that linden lab does not want to hear when the game is non functional big surprise

  132. Ramp it up in SF! says:

    The performance today is poor… too many crashes and hang-ups when using the best computer and connectivity. Come on, have you Lindens no pride at all?

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  134. Razor says:

    @114 thats why there are PG areas. If you don’t want to see that kind of things, go to a PG place. That is what PG is for. People who own land can decide for themselves what they want their visitors to see. Apparently most don’t find it offensive *shrugs*. Its a computer game, not real life.

  135. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    @114 Yes it is a business or no it is a game or it is a a game where
    you can run a business and actually increase the wealth of the owners
    of the game but at the basic level it is a game and one of imagination
    they have allowed a greater level or tolerance than any game to date but also have given you PG places to hide out if you so desire. But to think any organized large business will ever consider this a viable platform for commerce they will have to go a long way to make it stable
    with more than 60,000 on line today we have 67,000 and it is failing again so while yes YOU can run a business many will not because of the inherent problems associated to be successful.

  136. Vivienne says:

    What about getting griefed by Linden Lab? Shutting down grid access for paying premium customers because of “higher load than usual” while zillions of bots are allowed to produce this load?

    Will you EVER learn a thing, dear Lindens?

  137. Elyzabel Whitfield says:

    [UPDATE 2:47 pm PDT] We’re re-opening logins.

    [UPDATE 2:56 pm PDT] Logins are closed again.

    Nine minutes. Way to go, guys.

  138. Vivienne says:

    @ Alisha

    “It has been wonderful reading everyone’s ideas here, I for one will miss the blog comments.”

    LL cannot afford the critics anymore, now that even IMVU outnumbered them Sony started its own VR and others to follow. As a matter of fact, critics or not, no otther VR on this planet is so hardware demanding for the mediocre graphics, buggy and laggy as SL is. It makes no sense for LL to get this confirmed each other day on their own blog. And honestly, it is better this way.

  139. Mustardseed Juliesse says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THE BASICS! We all so want to help make SL great… but not if we can’t have basic transactions like logging in and moving without crashing. For those of us who have applied all the tips to reduce lag, etc. this is very frustrating.

  140. Mr. Rahja says:

    * I certainly can’t comment on individual abuse reports but I will (as general as this sounds) say that some people I’ve seen claim to be “innocent” are not telling the truth.*

    So rather just assume that the “griefed” part is telling the truth? hmm..

  141. The great sandwich debate says:

    I am sorry for posting in Torely’s blog about this because i have a lot of respect for what Torely does but i feel i must speak in blog.

    What has happened to grid status it is not completely removed from blog.focus has been shifted back to forums when we were 18 months ago told we should be adopting the blog over forums.

    Now i am all for more ways to reach out but this is now becoming a game of Katt and mouse.Grid status is always to far behind to be relivent.least blogs people were letting others know things are borked.

    Well we were told it would take a while for improvments to come but its just getting worse,make your minds up LL….where are we supposed to praise,bash,inform or whatever?If you can’t get this part right how can you ever claim to know what your customers want?.

  142. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Let me impart some of the comments that I listened to while hanging on a toy in my store looking like another normal store model these are from noobs and by no means my comments oh and for some reason my store is for some reason is a drop in point for many noobs who we attempt to give a quick education to in hope of maintaining them as users.

    First group I cant move does it alway work like this lets try to make something to wear )) weird stuff the noobs make then they tried some of the toys and got stuck on them unable to stand all 3 groups
    that I observed did 2 things tried to create and looked for another island to visit well they all said lets pick the next one over which happen to be mine both run extremely well and have little lag but with todays fiasco of asset server weekend crap the noobs are very dis hearten in how the game responds and I listen to more than one comment well I might be back but I doubt it this game is just to difficult and does not seem to work Guys my islands have a top scripts of less than 1.5 and a conover of 5000 also frame times of less than 7 so when you creators allow the game to go into total failure on the week ends you are just shooting yourselves in the feet maybe it is time to limit your concurrence to less than 60,000 we know you can live there you kill the noobs before they have the enjoyment of what this game is you had a concurrence of over 67k and fell flat on your asses then fell on your face in the mud again I point out these are not my observations I am a die hard these are from people who took the time to go through the noob island and try and play


    next time I will intervene and try and explain that the game is only like this ON THE EFFN WEEK ENDS when the staff seems to be limited and do not have the ability for a quick fix I noticed that once all the noobs quit the game returned to normal well kiss off todays crop of new potential excellent plays Linden Lab you really impressed many today

  143. Jonathan Snow says:

    Yes. LL is succeeding is hushing the crowds by scattering(creating many different places like status page, forum and wiki redirects), limiting(close Blog comments and require login at forums) and confusing(announcements are not consequent made on Blog, status or forum how LL said themselves they would do) communications.
    Also by threatening(Read forum rules with state that bad usage, in LL eyes, can lead to SL suspentions) and deleting SL residents(I know at least one person myself who’s account was terminated without any baddoing inworld and many who are banned for life from the Blog.)

    I don’t mind LL setting very sctrict rules on what is allowed and what not. I mind the fact they say one thing and do another like all the time, and try to act as if they are doing what we (the residents) want.
    Like another mentioned: “You cannot say to friends that you are active in SL” because of the reactions you would get. LL has a huge huge image problem and it looks like they just do not want to see it or still think the avarage SL resident is dumm enough to be manipulated bij “Just talks”.
    Of course this is just my personal (heavy frustrated) opinion.

  144. Drusilla Galicia says:

    A nice database page with the abuse report number first and who is handleing it, appropriateness, timing, and resolution would give us the feedback we need to use AR and I’m sure this page already exists somewhere. Like JIHR(is that right) status page. This AR into the void is unsettling, promotes feelings that LL is unfair, and leads to multiple AR on the same thing which leads to LL ignoring many. Open justice is the key to real justice.

  145. loan1wolf tubo says:

    so ok for Residents rob out cash and L buy stuff in sl
    so i pay a Resident for land on sl and so can go run my cash thz g Team you and plz good Residents help out Vote for

  146. Vivienne says:

    Wow. Now i know why the disabled comments on the Mono Launch. One more good idea trashed by an obviously lousy and premature implementation. If it comes to overall lag, I never EVER experienced such a big, devastating mess. Wasn´t this supposed to REDUCE lag?

    Good job, LL, hope you keep at least a quarter of the audience suffering.

  147. Pepper Haas says:

    Since there is no room elsewhere, let me post off topic here (lindens you ASK for that, closing the blogs down like this) — Lag is HORRIBLE the past week (posting this aug.27) and there have also been SERIOUS INVENTORY LOSSES leaving many f. avatars without the shoes that go with our attached shoes, so we’re flatfooted wearing heels.
    Keep closing the blogs and shutting up your customers, LL, way to go.

  148. Concerned says:

    Where has Torley gone?

  149. pantaiputih korobase says:

    where is LL to residents communication gone (I am not talking about Katt Linden, lol)?

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