August Mainland supply update

A short post to let you know that after reviewing the current market, we are remaining unchanged on Mainland supply. There will be no new whole regions offered at auction. We will review the situation again at the end of the month.

The mainland price is remaining consistent, the Mean average being L$7.10 per meter over the last 7 days for individual buyers compared with a little over L$6 for Group buys. This is the number we usually talk about in these posts, and is an average of completed Mainland sales only (not parcels set for sale) and excludes estate sales, zero value sales and auction parcels.

For extra context, the Median figure is L$5 for individual buyers compared with L$4.4 per meter for sales to Groups. This has also remained quite consistent over the last few weeks. We’ll talk more about the numbers and how we view them in an upcoming blog post.

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