Default textures and neon signs – Video Tips of the Week #45 & #46

I’ve got a double treat for you today — 2 (two) tips of the week! They’re both followups re: questions I got about Here island o’ Enlightenment, which you should, like, totally visit if you haven’t already. 😉

Have you ever wanted to use a custom texture when clicking the Default button in the texture picker (instead of ol’ plywood?) Save time, builder! Here’s how:


And now, I show you how to make a glowing neon sign which will surely stand out. This features some principles I’ve covered in past vidtuts, but can be watched standalone if you’re new to my video tutorials, so enjoy:


If you’re on the free ArtRage version, you can download the transparent canvases to use. And remember, this is just one example of infinite possibilities you can do — I get you started and greatness is yours to claim.

Send your creations to me, Torley Linden, and I look forward to them soon!

Torley Linden
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59 Responses to Default textures and neon signs – Video Tips of the Week #45 & #46

  1. Excellent video tips as usual! Thank you for the information. (Expecially the default texture video..extremely helpful!)

    (Hey..your joker kinda reminded me of the Pringles man. 😀 )

  2. Vivienne says:

    Now only the glow should work correctly on my Mac. It does not.

    /me sighs

  3. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Text, please!

  4. Worried bout Torley says:

    Working at the weekend again??? Take some time off;)

  5. Thank you for the Default textures video. I never knew you can do that until now 🙂

  6. Cybin Monde says:

    You know.. i think i’m going to make use of this for my Erga Obinex building in Miramare 🙂

    Great vid, Torley.. LOL! (instructional and hilarious)

    I’m also thinking i really must get ArtRage and play with it aa bit (i have an older Wacom tablet).. looks like gobs of fun.

    Until after now..

  7. Kyder Ling says:

    Whooo! Thanks Torley! 😀

  8. Winter Ventura says:


    It’s time to accept that they’re really called “TUTORIOS” =)

  9. Ciaran Laval says:

    Cheers again Torley but please can you get a Torley’s tips section put on the website, you post so much useful information.

  10. Tegg B says:

    Cool trick Torley, I make most my buildings conccrete so this is great 🙂
    Glad I’m not a phsycologist having to analyse your Jokey drawing 🙂

  11. Ghosty Kips says:

    Post Process Quality may not have anything to do with glow. I have a GeForce 7300 GT which defaults to PPQ at “low”, yet when I’m working with textures in builds I do see glow should I happen to make the adjustment. Very cool tip though Torley … love your island too. 🙂

  12. Alexandra Rucker says:

    There used to be a bug where the change in default texture would not persist across different login sessions – did that ever get fixed?

    Or was that intended behavior? 🙂

  13. Sierra says:

    I wonder what percentage of Torley’s tutorials involve textures, making textures, using textures, texture texture texture texture?
    Texture, texture texture. Texture texture texture! Texture…. texture texture, texture texture.
    Does get a little old, no offence.

  14. TheCoolLeader Boyer says:

    Where can I get those textures on the Teen Grid?

  15. Get Better at Monitoring says:

    Chat has been stick for several hours. Wake up and fix it.

  16. Get Better at Monitoring says:

    See what I mean? That’s “sticky!”

  17. Theodore Thespian says:

    Fabulous post.

    It brings into play an important point that depending on the viewers machiene they may not be seeing what the builder meant them to see.

    I would love a texture tutorial on lag Torley. Does linking actually reduce lag. Do large textures cause it?

    Thanks for you wonderful work.

  18. Joshe Darkstone says:

    Hate to be off-topic here but since jack has deemed it necessary to disable comments on his post I have no choice.

    When are you people going to address the ongoing concerns of many estate landholders? Where is the discussion on the effect of the recent changes to island pricing and the ravenous push to populate the grid with empty islands?

    My islands are all rented but one, thankfully, but to do so Ive had to drop my tier rates to near cost. the one remaining OS island for sale hasnt had more then 1 visitor a week, I know i’m not the only landholder affected here, the forums are full of people taking huge losses because of your greed-driven push to increase revenues from tiers at the cost of landholders real investments here.

    Do we not deserve a conversation?

  19. Your video’s are the best Torley. Keep making great video’s!!!

  20. eyeflow says:

    Nice videos. Nice tips. Neons really attracts the eyes of the people.

    Why is it so?

    Love neons very muchNeon Sign Company

  21. Ron Crimson says:

    “Hate to be off-topic here but since jack has deemed it necessary to disable comments on his post I have no choice.”

    Hate to tell you but Jack has deemed it necessary to disable comments because the discussion is taking place on the forum. Or didn’t you read his entire post? o_O

  22. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Short version of this tutorial:

    Advanced -> Debug Setting -> defaultObjectTexture.


  23. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Nice Argent but…..


  24. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @22 The topic of Island estates is being ignored both here AND on that forum thread, as its title aptly reflects it is a discussion concerning the future of Mainland.

  25. Ron Crimson says:

    @25: Then why bring up island estates here? It’s STILL the wrong place. 😛

  26. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @26 I brought it up here, there, and everywhere I am able to – the why is easy; Its a conversation that needs to be had and they are ignoring.

  27. DEforest Beck says:

    oo joy ,, now the new add farmers ,, can make even more disgusting signs

  28. @ChatNoir: I always welcome text transcript help. I haven’t been able to transcribe myself, due to sheer lack of time. But I’ve gotten help from several Residents, including Jeremy Kabumpo’s recent contributions:

    @Cybin: ArtRage is one of those rare delights that brings out the fingerpaintin’ inner spirit! 😀

    @Winter: My Canadian-Thai accent strikes again.

    @Ciaran: More promotion will be up ahead, including a revised video tutorial area. Thanks, I’m glad you think so!

    @Tegg: Glad I’m not a psychologist either for that reason. MYAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    @Ghosty: “Low” just means you’ll have lower-quality glow. If you don’t have glow at all, you won’t see it.

    @Sierra: True that you’ve heard it and got the message (I’m glad!), but 1000s haven’t. I’ll still reaching out, since textures are a fundamental part of the Second Life experience.


    @TheCoolLeader: Hm, some teen Resis have been distributing them — I don’t want to put the onus on any of them to be carriers, so I’ll send you a pack.

    @Theodore: I agree about viewing a build at different settings (and keeping in mind even on different high-end systems, things will look subtlely different… not to mention each person’s vision is different, and there’s color-blindness). Large (up to 1024×1024) textures contribute to viewer-side lag due to how much increased data must be downloaded, and the memory bandwidth needed to store them.

    Please see Jack’s followup re: mainland, as well as the forums. Pardon I can’t be of more help here.

    Anyone who needs to contact me personally, go to the Web tab of my Second Life profile. 🙂

  29. Argent Stonecutter says:

    How about a link to the appropriate page here, Torley? Web tabs are not something I’m going to ever be in the habit of using… third party web content inside the SL client is a time bomb waiting to explode.

  30. .......... says:

    I can’t login 😦

  31. jonsanche says:

    new page that you want to twitter about or shorten the url for some reason. You want a bookmarklet that opens the url in a new window or tab instead of replacing the current page. Combining the two bookmarkets, you’d get

  32. speedovation says:

    I just love your 600+ Torley Textures thank you Torley Linden

  33. Innula Zenovka says:

    Thanks so much for these — indeed, for all — the tutorials and for the pointer to ArtRage..I’ve had a bit of a play with it, and it’s great fun.

    I thought perhaps people might be interested in a tutorial I discovered recently, and which I’ve found invaluable, on how to make neon signs with Gimp — it’s really easy to do, but it’s not the sort of thing most people (well, not me, certainly) would ever figure out for themselves.

  34. Argent Stonecutter says:

    When you make text like this, you probably want to use a narrower brush for the connections, and also make cut-throughs in the text to any islands (like the hole in the “e”)… you want to end up with a single continuous outline.

    You might also want to try making an animated texture out of multiple variations of the background glow and text brightness to get a bit of a “flicker”.

  35. somone who cares says:

    Hey how about letting the world know that the grid is messing up. That’s the kind of “right now” customer service we need. You have closed off all forms of communication between LL and the residents; so how about someone step up to the plate and preform the duties they are being paid for.

    I am so sick of this slacker company. Do your job!

  36. Sue Saintlouis says:

    Excellent videos, again :).
    Question: I was taught to use a tga format for transparencies. I see Torley, you use a png one. Could you explain if png is better and why?
    Thank you :)!

    To the Mac use, it must be on your end, I use an iMac and I see glow. Maybe you can get help in the SL forum, there is a Mac area.

  37. Argent Stonecutter says:

    PNG is easier to create: it’s supported by more programs, and there’s less flexibility in what a PNG can contain so you’re less likely to end up with a file that won’t work in SL. If you’re happy using TGA there’s no problem for you to continue using it.

  38. Cathy says:

    Why isnt there anywhere to make comments about whats going on in SL right now or whenever? SL is running like SH*T right now and there is nothing on the status page except…”RESOLVED”. Its not resolved. Its horrible. Oh btw… all this so called great communication that LL is doing now..LOL..why hasnt there been a blog entry since last sunday? Today is thursday. Fix this crap and put something on the blog and status page for christ sake.

  39. Jo says:

    Grrrrr…. the advertisers seem to be applying this dayglo so our efforts/prims to block them, don’t. Me thinks it is wrong that advertisers can put put porn advertising up anywhere and blight artwork as the do now.

  40. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Use invisiprims, Jo. You need to set up a big enough panel of invisiprims so occlusion cuts in.

  41. Sue Saintlouis says:

    Thank you Argent, I didn’t want to miss out on something good LOL!

  42. Jillian says:

    Great tutorial. I don’t even have Second Life but am thinking of getting it. It seems really cool.

  43. Its looking nice… Is it in 3D??

  44. Demeter Slade says:

    Wohoo Unable to resolve DNS.
    You got a Rooter Error on your Hands. Enjoyable downtimes lately.
    Especially with all this Rolling Restarts rendering my home USELESS.

  45. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Hate to use this blog for off topic comments but it seems there is absolutely no other place to make comments on the condition of the game. I have been working on animations today and until 15 minutes ago no problems but now when loading a smooth transition in and out ani set at 68% in and 68% out the ani plays right through the stops.

    This is just totally unacceptable Linden Lab the time has come to quit with all of your crap updates and fix the game if not there is just no sense in wasting any more time here yes mono will be great but you are a long way from making it work from what I have seen. You are trying to make a silk purse from a sows ear it will never happen. Correct the problems in the base system then give us the additions.

  46. Jonathan Snow says:

    Unfortunattely LL has not listened to the user-base again and now has finally killed all simply communication places by scattering and making it unclear and difficult for everyone who wants to say something. Thankyou all, critical fellow residents, for all your comments in the Blog. I did not agree to all, but at least opinions were vented here and this was the best place to really find out the actual status of the grid. Our dictators have won this one but history teaches us that the power of people is greater in the long run. It is also common that succesfull rulers cannot see their own mistakes untill it is too late. It is all human nature and you do not have to know much about history to know that too much power always leads to blind views and surpression of the people.
    I see you all back for sure at the compettion.

  47. whiteredme says:

    land you stone mail boy green ocean stone america google mail

  48. cacho says:

    sorry to use this post, but i cannot enter to the grid, and i am not the only one… i hate when on grid status says normal when it is so hard to enter

  49. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    I do not know if any one who cares will see this post but another inconsistency has raised its head in the basic linden viewer I normal use the Nicholaz because he has solved problems you enjoy ignoring except for the illumination on the animation screen, I have to use the standard viewer for that. BUT we use a lot of particles in body outfits short point to point connections on the Nicholaz viewer he solved the trailing particles and you seem to have now corrected the problem but a new one has developed when one fly’s the particle emitters now generate the base particle pattern I know this is not a big item but it does look very like some amateur designed the interface we are very picky on how things look you appear not to care as long as the noobs can wander around then leave the game because of the learning curve. Just another case of lack of attention to detail but then I see scene irregularity’s in movies all the time maybe it is time to include an individual to check your viewers for problems like this it would make the experience much more enjoyable oh and again please shut down the priority 1 default hand animations that over ride priority 4 animations or give us a switch in the debug menu…

  50. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Another point that I have now been forced into the new viewer DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THE WORD CONSISTENT means obviously not why in the hell do you change the basic operations , i.e. a double click used to wear an item now it goes to property’s maybe I missed something on the path to enlightenment but this is just crappy programming or you have primary school kids working on the code it is about time you grew up and paid attention Just growing tired of your juvenile approach to the structure of the game perhaps it has something to do with no structure of the management from the top down. Yes Phil that means you and the old Apple concept of management which was a proven failure… If you are going to continue you need a structure not just people working on what they want when they want some form of consistency not this helter skelter form of application

    I make these comments because I enjoy the game and expect you in turn to show responsibility as for now every update is a disaster and your children insist on making stupid changes to the viewer

  51. Ty Torley,
    I’d rather have the normal sl back.
    Since the mono launch the rezzing in sl is a dramatic melodrama.
    pfwwwwaaaa… this is not funny anymore !!!
    hmmm fix it !!1 geeeezzz

  52. ulla says:

    is it so hard to send an inworld notice when you disable logins?

  53. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    HEY TORLEY talk to your buddy’s at the LAB hmmm ,misnomer tell them to open an unlimited blog so we can just yell at them instead of stealing your space which by the way is quality space they deserve to have all the pileable components of poop dumped on them for this last supposed upgrade now called Lindy folly’s because in the last year there has not been a single one that worked. I especially liked the comment little problems are expected. Do they know when to keep their mouths shut the mono update is a total failure if you are brave enough to venture forth into the conversion of scripts 50% fail on a comment line oh let me repeat that COMMENT LINE almost makes me fall out of my chair laughing

    Tor you do everything so well can you perhaps hint to your comrad’s that they pull it out of the head from arrogant AH long enough to know they do not comprehend

    BTW we do enjoy the humor of the error patrol in fact makes F troop look serious )) yeah I am old but they seriously need a reality check or they will totally wreck everything we have built

    again thanks NO MO NO team again another quality update from Phils crew

    Uh Hey PHIL duh

    Oh and again thanks to you Torley for all of the quality and informative posts ))

  54. chat says:

    thanks a lot very good Yes Thats is a good idea

  55. Peaches says:

    Thanks for the tips Torley and the rest of you guys

  56. Tonimonastroniboni Oh says:

    Thank you and this is great information. I use glow or full bright a lot and I’m looking to find a full perm script to use along with glowing to go from dim to bright. I need a full perm one if anyone knows how to do this or has a script for sale that has full perm I’ll pay for it. Contact me in world unless Torley has information to help with this. I appreciate your help. Looked and all I can find is either a copy version or a transfer version. Thanks Toni

  57. zirve says:

    thanks a lot very good Yes Thats is a good hit

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