Knowledge Base Article of the Week #34 My Selection is Your Selection

Welcome to another KBAotW!

My selection this week is our handy article How to select everything you own on a parcel of land. There are many uses for this quick and easy click-n-drag selection method.

  • Select an entire unlinked build
  • Make copies of your copyable objects into one coalesce file
  • Moving to a new parcel? Select your objects, take them with you and rez the file at your new location.  Voila, moving is easy.

If you missed a Knowledge Base Article of the Week, you can find our collection here.

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Kate Linden

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77 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #34 My Selection is Your Selection

  1. Curious says:

    If I select everything, take it to my inv and then re-rez it, will thye items that were originally linked still be linked?

    I am worried that it would break a lot of linked items?

  2. Curious says:

    Whilst I am here I would also like to congratulate you all. The SL grid has never been as stable as it has since the last client release and server code. Well done to you, great progress!

  3. Matt says:

    @ Curious, 1

    Yes, they will stay linked.

  4. Ceera Murakami says:

    Note: This method can and will miss any small objects that are not visible due to LOD culling. It also will not work if there are any no-copy items in the selection, except to take the whole batch into inventory, leaving nothing in-world. There are potential problems re-rezzing the collection if you don’t have a huge parcel to rez the collection at for the new location.

    For example, if I zoom out enough to see all of the “Old Queens” three-story school building that I recently built for Rutgers, I can not, at that range, see the two gaslight lamps that flank the entrance, nor can I select them from there. I have to move my camera closer, to where I can see those featured of the build, in order to select them. So you need to start by selecting the small things, and then you can zoom out and add the larger things with the massive drag-select. Or do the drag select and then cam around closer, to make sure you didn’t miss any small things like chairs, paintings, or other furnishings.

    Also, if in the process of doing this you select ANY no-copy items as part of the mass of selected stuff, you can NOT do a “take a copy”. You can take the whole semection into inventory (useful for moving), but you can’t take a copy and leave the original in place. It won’t automaticly exclude your no-copy items when you ask it to “take a copy”. The copy will fail, instead.

    Other issues:

    Selecting an entire parcel’s worth of your stuff in this manner will not select any Linden Plants that were on your parcel. You have to shift-click each one-prim Linden tree or shrub to add them to the selection. A drag-select does not work on Linden one-prim plants.

    Taking an entire build into inventory like this is a fast way to move it all to another parcel. And when you rez it, the original linksets remain as they were, in the same orientation to each other.

    However, when you rez it, the lowest prim in the build, which may have been in a deep basement, will be on the terrain surface level. And if ANY of your linksets are hanging over onto other parcels when you attempt to rez the coallesced group, either the rez will fail (if any of the overlapped parcels don’t allow you to build on their land), or the parts hanging over the other parcels will be encroaching your new neighbors and may get auto-returned. Rezzing will also fail if the new parcel doesn’t have enough prims free to support the full coallesced group’s prim count.

    It is advisable to already have your edit tools open when you attempt to re-rez a large coallesced collection, and to have parcel borders visible when you do so. If the edit tools are already open, the coallesced collection will all still be selected as a uint, and can be repositioned as needed.

  5. Alisha Matova says:

    Well Put Ceera. Your post should be attached to this Knowledge Base article.

  6. Darien Caldwell says:

    Ceera is quite right about the culling, it’s definitely a gotcha.

    It would probably be a good time to mention about Linden Plants again. Picking up Linden Plants/Trees with your coalesced group can give you trouble rezzing the group later, if you try on land you don’t own or land you don’t have permission to plant on. I would advise removing them before picking up your items.

    If you should find you have a coalesced group you can’t rez due to this Linden Plant inclusion, you should watch this video on how to solv e the issue:

    [video src="" /]

  7. DanOfWA Flanagan says:

    When I try to select all items from both my parcels (adjacent) it will only select some of the items – out of 1300 objects it says it is only selecting 193 of them from both parcels.

    It is not because they are locked (some selected items are locked) nor because of permissions. Some selected items are no copy or no trans or no mod.

    If I try selecting all items with only my items unchecked then items that were not previously selected are now selectable. I believe that it also has to do with the access settings and permissions on the parcels as well as which parcel you are on when you attempt seleting everything that is causing the limitations. Is it possible also that there is a limitation on the # of objects?

    So I think there are more limitations to this than are mentioned

  8. DanOfWA Flanagan says:

    NOTE ADDED below
    When I try to select all items from both my parcels (adjacent) it will only select some of the items – out of 1300 objects it says it is only selecting 193 of them from both parcels.

    It is not because they are locked (some selected items are locked) nor because of permissions. Some selected items are no copy or no trans or no mod.

    If I try selecting all items with only my items unchecked then items that were not previously selected are now selectable. I believe that it also has to do with the access settings and permissions on the parcels as well as which parcel you are on when you attempt seleting everything that is causing the limitations. Is it possible also that there is a limitation on the # of objects?

    So I think there are more limitations to this than are mentioned

    EDITed- NOTE for this KBoTW to work you MUST have “select by surrounding’ UNCHECKED

  9. Shibari Twine says:

    With all those caveats it sounds like a mighty risky thing to do.

  10. Ceera Murakami says:

    The technique itself IS useful, don’t get me wrong. I use it all the time to make ‘work in progress’ archive copies of large builds as I create them. For example, last night I archived a 1350 prim building that has something like 35 linksets in it at this point. (It’s a 4-story college dorm from the early 1800’s). In other past projects, I have selected and archived builds that were well over 4000 prims, ysing essentially this method.

    For most people though, I would recommend taking the prims up in sections. Like, “just the house”, “swimming pool and deck”, “Dock and swim float”. And I would take up all the no-copy items and furniture as seperate items. This makes it far easier to set things up again on a different parcel, where you may want them arranged differently.

  11. allota1 paine says:

    I have to say that your tut on wood rocks i learned things about textureing i never thought possible in sl like changing the color of only one side of a prim thank you so much. Also i was wondering if you could tell us how to put in multiple alts in sl.

  12. Knowl Paine says:

    I wish that we could use the about land feature to link items. Wouldn’t that be nice. Go to about land, select objects on land, select objects owned by land owner.

    Am I the only one who cant stand those white stretch boxes?? Who uses these things? And the yellow lines…grrr

  13. Curious says:

    Thanks to all for the great answers

  14. Curious says:

    Special thanks to Matt and Darien…great advice

  15. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Ah yes, plants are a problem. It would be nice if Linden Plants could be upgraded to “full citizenship” as full prims. I created a JIRA some time back suggesting that trees should be handled like particles, as a list of characteristics of a prim. A prim with a “tree system” might not be able to simultaneously have a particle system, and it would act like a phantom transparent prim the size and shape of the tree’s “grab handles”, but would otherwise act like a prim… including being linkable.

  16. Frank Northmead says:

    This is useful, but can also lead to a mess when you try to move a set of 2000+ objects. Be sure to move very slowly and wait until it is completely stable – SL can take a long time and if you move it several times before everything has been positioned, you will end up with lot of manual work putting it all back together again.

  17. eggylippmann says:

    That, my dear, is a workaround, not a solution… 😦

    An adequate solution, I think, would be refactoring a very old system that was hurriedly put in place by a tiny startup over 5 years ago into a properly decoupled, flexible, professional system, befitting a large corporation with over 200 employees, that caters to an entirely different audience nowadays.

    This architecture forces script communication groups to be the same as physics groups, and the same as the logical/visual grouping designers use. At our company, there are always problems when the design and scripting team have to work together and the system depends on the design of the object. Builders do not understand the needs of scripters. They shouldn’t have to.

    You’re accumulating three concepts the same “linked set” entity. In my admittedly limited understanding, that does not seem to make perfect sense. It has, however, never been acknowledged as a problem or scheduled for improvement.

    Any system that encompasses arbitrary default behaviors that people have to learn and work around is a bad system. It is a finicky, limited, inflexible system. Example: Why should the DIV tag automatically insert a new line? Everyone hates that. I didn’t ask for a new line… and while it’s easy to add one myself, I cannot simply opt-out of the auto-generated one 🙂

    Look at HTML – everyone hates it. We moved towards XML, XSLT, CSS, etc. Design decoupled from structure.
    Nothing should be forced on us, everything should be defined by us, under our control, so that we may always be aware of the consequences of our actions and so that no project is impossible to do here, no dream is a delusion of grandeur.

    Second Life, at this stage, is the metaverse equivalent of the FONT tag… 🙂

  18. Andromeda Quonset says:

    This is a very dangerous practice. I got bit by trying this once, when I was needing to move several objects from one spot on my island to another. I had approximately 900 prims of objects all saved. When I attempted to rez them, the rezzing constantly failed. It failed in the new spot. It failed in the old spot. I had the assistance of Concierege support on-site for over 30 minutes, before they said it was a lost cause and for me to file for an emergency roll-back, which DID succeed.

    My best advice: Don’t even attempt! If you want to move everything, go out and buy a rezzer, or just use the freely-available Builder’s Buddy instead.

  19. Jay Townsend says:

    Be very careful with this, is it not as applicable as it may sound for many situations. It WILL miss items, some that you may not even consider small. If it is alot of items to be selected you will need to select, and wait, and wait for everything to get selected. Depending on the items and amount of them being selected this method can also bring a sim to it’s knees in lag. I havent ever seen this crash a sim, but I think it has the potential just from the lag I have seen when this is done on huge masses of items. This is a good tactic to use, but be careful of when and how you use it because it is risky for small to mid size items, and with the current memory leak that is in the viewer or server code, this can push you to using all of the 1.3g of memory avail to SL very quickly causing a memory full crashout. Crashing out in the middle of a ‘take’ on a large chunk of your items can be a very bad thing indeed. These things really need to be included in the KB for this, it is misleading and completely uncool to lead people to belive that the system can do things it cannot. Especially when it may cause them to loose and misplace items they own.

  20. Gil Druart says:

    …. and it’s worth mentioning that recently (four weeks back) I attempted to rez a largish (200 prims or so) coalesced object and the rez failed and everything went ‘poof’. Gone for ever. Bye bye. So there are still some inventory eating demons lurking in the dark corners of the code.

  21. Sherrie Summers says:

    The ‘tip’ in the KnowledgeBase entry…

    Tip: Make sure you uncheck Tools > Select Only My Objects after you’re done. If you leave it checked, __you won’t be able to select any objects you don’t own!__

    is untrue. You can select other people objects with select only mine enabled. You just have to rclick edit 2x on them to select them.

  22. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Long time no see, Eggy! Hope you’re still creating incredible cool (and even goofy) stuff!

    Eggy has a very good point (obvious joke: if he puts his hat in his lap, maybe no one will notice). Much needs to be done. I hope LL is up for the challenge such changes would necessitate. Don’t rest on your laurels, or you’ll be buried with them.

    Good tip Kate. Like I always say, until things change, we have to work with what we’ve got.

  23. Shai Khalifa says:

    @ Eggylippmann – Second Life, at this stage, is the metaverse equivalent of the FONT tag…

    lmao mate – I’m going to grab that line and add it as a quote in my profile – I love it. It should be writ large on the walls of Linden Lab…

    Excellent points made.

    Kate – before you go touting something as a fantastic tip – I think, given the codicils added here – maybe you should ask a few highly experienced people about their experiences first. Then write a properly researched blog entry based on the true inworld experience.
    🙂 Shai

  24. lightwave says:


  25. TheTree Magic says:

    “# Go into Edit Mode by choosing Tools > Select Tool > Edit or by pressing Ctrl+3 ”

    This is not possible with the current client, tools menue only shows up when in edit mode XD

  26. People will probably have all sorts of issues with doing these things, but after some experiences: you learn the pitfalls, what works, and what doesnt and the best way to go about things.

    I think it’s best to, first, locate those “unique” no-copy items and take them individually.

    Also helpful is to use a rezzer like builders buddy or rezfaux which will result in everything you want packaged into one prim or object, then you can take that object to another location, click on it and it automatically rezzes everything in place.

  27. JayR Cela says:

    I hate to say this / But!!!! this is a lousy tip / I have seen some lu-lu’s in this blog over the past few years but this one takes the cake 😦 Don’t Try This or Do It !!!!!

    JayR Cela

  28. Shibari Twine says:

    Is SL down at the moment? I can no longer tell from the login screen as there is a “You Must Upgrade” box over the place the status should be.

    I run the nicholaz viewer

  29. Norma Desmond Junior says:

    can’t log in-says active-OnRez says grid down–then get in and all IMs gone (know from email I had them) -then a crash in less than 20 minutes. PLEASE stability over everything

  30. Renee Faulds says:

    …as always SL is totally borked but NO inworld announcement !

    IM’s are down too !!!!

  31. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Ya would be REALLY nice to have inworld notices saying to NOT rez or do transaction when its messed up.. would be REALLYYYYYYYYYYY nice.

  32. Rooke Ayres says:

    The link hasn’t worked since it was posted.

    Somebody fix it!

  33. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @25 Thetree, highly experienced users know the caveats and use these methods as a matter of course. If you know what you are doing they work, and work well. ITs the inexperienced user who will learn by mistakes that tips like this will bite. my advice is, practice… and practice on full perm/mod copy items. After a few trys, a few mistakes, it becomes something you hardly have to think about.

    A couple extra hints:

    Increase your draw distance if you have a large build, can see and select further.

    Disable camera constraints, can zoom and pan further.

    If you want to drag a large build from parcel to parcel, or even from sim to sim…

    – rezz a box in the dead center of the build and sit on it.
    – seelct your build wiht drag select
    – zoom in and reselect from several angles to be sure you didnt miss the salt shaker on the counter.
    – pan/zoom through and see that you have the smallest furthest items selected.
    -make sure the box you are sitting on is also selected, i select it last by unselecting/reselecting it after everythign else.
    -zoom out and drag, in medium sized increments, say 50-60 meters at a time.
    -between moves check on that salt shaker from time to time.

    the nice thing about this method is your avatar stays with the build, it never gets too far away from you. things tend to stay selected better.

    @Kat – OT: the idea of the 3 day conversation was great, Im confused why you would select a 6 month old topic which is all but irrelevent anymore when there are relevent important topics that people need to discuss, that are affecting us now…

    – like the inability to rent land at near cost due to the recent devaluing of the entire grid.

    – like the idea that ll is now in the business of steering business to selected stores… which obviously means away from others.

  34. Joshe Darkstone says:

    sorry, – couple corrections, comment on top should be @23, not @25. my apologies.

    one addl tip id add… when selecting a build to move it with take copy, drop a prim in the dead center and select it last, at the new location make sure you are in edit mode and drag the select out to the center of the parcel, this way you are less likely to cross boundaries, lose items. and one more… if you need to move around quickly on a sim, flying is the slow way, if you can rezz a prim, edit it, and type in the coordinates you need to move to, do yor work there, type in the new coordinates. better and faster then any tp or other method of getting around and is not limited to 300 meters. to try this just drop a box on the ground, sit on it, rclick eidt it, type 700 into the z location. you will be 700 meters high, instantaniously.

  35. Joshe Darkstone says:

    oh, and one tip i left out, once you THINK you have everything selected, drag everything straight up so that you can see if anything is left behind, do a walk through or cam through to be sure, if you missed a prim or three you can just hit ctrl-z to drop the selected items right back down where they came from and go after the misbehaving bits, then do the same thing again – happy building 🙂

  36. Matthew Dowd says:

    I must confess this is a poor choice of article – and very poor timing given the recent release of 1.20.

    As @25 indicates, the Tools menu now hides in 1.20 which means the article will actually confuse people when they can’t find the menu options mentioned! Of course, those who use the Tools menu frequently will know the workarounds to get it to display but these aren’t the people this KB is aimed to address. It is probably not worth updating the KB just yet, since this new feature of the Tools menu is to be reviewed for 1.21.

    Some of the other caveats mentioned are also due to the article not reflecting client changes. The LOD culling is much more agressive in clients than it used to be, so missing small objects due to this is much more of an issue than it perhaps was when the article was first written etc.

    This all begs the question whether anyone from LL actually tries the KB Article of the Week to check its accuracy before blogging it? Adding checking and if necessary correcting KB articles before blogging them as KB of the week might be a useful step to add to the process.

  37. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I’ll just add that I agree with everything Joshe says. One thing about tip in post 35, hitting ctrl-z and all the items moving back into place works 99.99999% of the time.

  38. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I’ll just add that I agree with everything Joshe says. One thing about tip in post 35, hitting ctrl-z and all the items moving back into place works 99.99999% of the time. If it doesn’t appear to work, take what you have and then fly around and pick the bits up individually, don’t try to add the loose bits you see and don’t try and move the build back into place manually.

  39. Razor says:

    is there a way to only select copyable items.. ?

  40. Meghan Dench says:

    Heh. I am Moving in Real Life, in the next couple of hours an oh my I wish it was that easy! : ) It would be sooo much easier if I could just Select Everything and Move it here too!

    Damn First Life… when are they gonna fix that function… *grumbles*

  41. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @39 Razor, you can LOCK noncopiable items if you have mod rights, but no, there is no way to specifically filter out noncopy items from a drag select. what you can do, if you know what they are, is deselect them, that is, shift click them after they have been selected to remove them from the selection. that bit can be tedious if you dont know what it is 🙂

    @Dekka, yea, i guess theres been a time or 2 when it failed me. its usually operator error tho, a misclick or other issue. I have not seen ctrl-z not work if you have the same exact items selected as when they were moved. maybe im just still waiting for the .00001 to happen 🙂

  42. Oh yes that method is far from safe and I would not recommend it.
    A safe way is to use a rezzer.

  43. Btw, my compliments for 1.20 LL.
    I have never experienced stability like this.

  44. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    This is a functional tip for a small plot not island size unless you want a large conglomeration of unusable prims. Experience has taught that anything over a 250 prim level will result in chaos. We have some builds in the 500 to 600 level and those must always be placed in a rez box or you will either lose everything or it will re-assemble in a broken format.

    Also moving anything over 250 prims is a difficult function as the prims have a tendency to jump in groups from position one to position two and often do not position properly.

    And I would not suggest even trying smaller numbers today as the game is having difficulty’s while the new server looked great up front something has again come to haunt us.

  45. Ceera Murakami says:

    @44 “Experience has taught that anything over a 250 prim level will result in chaos.”

    Not necessarily. I moved a 1350 prim building yesterday, and had no problems. The trick is to make sure you have everything selected, and to move things slowly, giving the parts a chance to “catch up” with each other.

  46. Balpien Hammerer says:

    🙂 how perilous is this? Quite if the prim count goes too high, and “too high” depends on how much the SIM is lagged. It is a rougher situation if the objects are in an openspace SIM. There, the act of that massive selection can lag out the openspace SIM to nearly the stopping point, and all of the other openspace SIM on the server are lagged out too. Now, it ought not be thay way, and someday a decent thread scheduler will be deployed, but for now, it is not a great idea to use this manual approach for more than around 100 prims. There are great group rezzer/saver tools out there that accomplish the same thing. As mentined by several people, move slowly since the group selected objects take much time to rezz and be placed. Also, if any of the objects are no-copy, you run the real risk of losing it forever. The asset servers are still not capable of handling burst transactions and hand-offs reliably.

  47. I’m not sure what the solution is to the overall “KB” problem because I don’t have the whole picture (I dont have access to the same info you, the Lindens do). But, personally, I try to avoid the KB. Too often in the past I could not find answers to important every-day technical questions, meanwhile there were loads of information that were outdated or too vague and incomplete. I think the fundamental approach is flawed. What technical users (builders/designers/scripters) need is more technical answers that explains everything in concise format that isn’t necessarily “newbie friendly” The KB seems to be designed for clueless newbies.

  48. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    @45 Yes Ceera I did not say it was impossible On my main Island I can move any size but I run a 1.3ms top scripts time and a frame rate of less than 6 Try it on a mainland plot that is maxed out and you will have problems. Also moving across sim borders will definitely be a problem as they cant even hand av’s very well.

  49. Wyald Woolley says:

    It’s great to see this blog moving along and no one blasting Kate for, well, just being Kate.

    I’ve used this method for moving some large builds and didn’t have a problem. I was pretty ignorant at the time, so the SL gods were sure looking out for drunks, fools and noobs that day. 🙂

  50. Ron Crimson says:

    So you were a drunken n00b fool? Just kidding…. 😉

  51. Also note that rezzing a whole complex building and trying to rotate it will lead to unpredictable results, since each linkset might just rotate on its own, but not the whole group…

    Although this is a cheap workaround, you’re safer off with an auto-rezzer, there are plenty to choose from at SL Exchange.

  52. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Meghan@40: I REALLY want them to implement “llTeleportPlayer()”.

    Though when it’s hurricane season I’d love to be able to rez plywood, instead of having to cart 4x8s home and cut them to size. 🙂

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  54. Razor says:

    It’s months later now and we still *NOTHING* is beeing done about content theft. Just a bunch of empty promises from linden labs. Will you ever ever, maybe in 100 years do something about it? Probably not. So far, years later you still have not done a thing. All you can give is empty promises.

    Improving the battle about content theft in ‘baby steps’? Dont make me laugh. We have not even seen a baby step in over 3 years time.

    In all that time you have made lots of money on all the stolen content sold, a great way to fill your pocket, uh?

  55. Its always something says:

    Can this website be any slower? Geez..takes 10 minutes to connect to a page,,rediculous. Maybe someday LL will get there act together. I doubt it though. Never ending crap.

  56. Cathy says:

    Is there a problem with SL,,,cant log in and of course there is no notice on the status page.

    @55 Its pretty slow for me today also….i usually dont have any problems with it,,so im thinking something is wrong with SL

  57. olly toll says:

    so why are login’s down…. please sort it out

  58. Heh I tried this once. Selected everything . Went to move it and found a few objects didn’t make it in the selection. I hit UNDO and it all snapped back, but it was all jumbled up. looked like a bomb went off and nuked everything. Needless to say i never did it again without linking everything first. Wasted a lot of time on this process and greif. Use extreme caution on this lol”’

  59. Ener Hax says:

    holy smokes! this is such a great tip, sure beats shift selecting everything! 🙂

    i can’t wait to try it, thank you so much for posting this. it will save sooo much time! i often do pretty big builds and this will help me so much

    thank you Kate!!!

  60. Hmm, my compliments about 1.20 have been too early I think.
    After tp… music gone.
    Logging in again… music button won’t function.
    Logging back in… music button back.
    During tp… black screen of Death.
    Drifting avi…
    Ermmm was this not the sams as in all 2007.
    Well… fingers crossed that verion 10.x will be the solution.

  61. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    The latest server version has as many new problems as the ones it claims to have solved for the most obvious animations require multiple sitting to function. As always Linden Lab makes changes with out considering the consequences totally altering the game with each patch. If I am not mistaken was the 4th attempt to make this upgrade work.

    Oh and I hope you like stick walk because thats what you will be doing most of the time.

  62. Ron Crimson says:



    If you’re having troubles with SL/logins not working/etc. – don’t sit there wondering what’s happening, don’t come here posting “why?” … just go to and find out for yourself!!!

    Why is that so hard to do!!??? o_O


    OK… OK… I’m calm now… Moving on…. *coughs*….

  63. Curtis Dresler says:

    Ron, there are obvious reasons why, not that I would have cared enough to post myself, except for your post. Example: The login issues are supposedly fixed, yet three of us this morning had the same problem as the last few days, where we get the message that our home region is unavailable (and maybe we should change our home – maybe LL should get around to changing THAT little chestnut), and then, after a long pause deposits us in our region – just not at our home login spot. What’s with that? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, it was three for three for unrelated avatars this morning, yet LL tells us it was all fixed…

    Oh, and all the regions worked before, there is no restriction on landing spots and we are talking about three different regions – Bondomia, Pawnee County and Sittler’s Ranch.

    So maybe that page doesn’t work so well after all. Not that it is a big deal, but it at best tends to be after the fact and often hugely inaccurate. For some, that is a definition of wasting one’s time.

  64. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Well as the inspection of the new server continues I might make the suggestion that you roll back 4 or 5 versions and start over since you have now totally screwed up animations to the point they work with the speed of the new inventory window and a texture search. I really do not need all the eye candy you have introduced into the game making it run all the slower. Since I/we build toys with complex animations it would be nice to see them perform as designed along with that if one wears a walk modifier the chance of terminal in place walking is now the rule not the exception. Take it back again boys and girls and wait until it is ready for prime time.

  65. Linda Brynner says:

    Sorry huns, we are still not further than January 2007.
    The only difference is that sometime we see clouds of an avi rather than invisible avies.
    Still same old problems when over 55000 online.
    Congratulations after 1 year work

  66. Jonathan Snow says:

    Thankyou Kate and the other Lindens for totally succeeding in killing the main reason why I visited the Blogs: “Seeing if, and what, is wrong with the grid on THAT moment that I experience difficulties myself”.
    Of course the gridstatus page is still not a good representation of the actual situation as they are always behind the facts, not detailed enough on what the effects are of the error, and way too soon in declaring things solved always. The only fast information was the number of other residents posting (airing frustration) in the Blogs as a reaction of things going wrong.

    If I would build a non-commercial website where people can click “Things are not ok NOW”. would you link to it permanent showing? It is not too hard to create a bit of calculation so the website can show always an accurate avarage of “not OK” clicks coming in per hour or per half-hour. I would add comments possibilty so people CAN write what they experience is going wrong at that moment. Then other residents can comment ( give hints) in return.

    Please don’t answer this with “Jira”. Everybody knows these pages are way to complex for the avarage residents and are not meant for live situation status lookup. Please don’t answer this with “Status page” as that page is just a one-way street from the “gods” to us and well…. the “gods” are simply too far away from the residents to describe how the situation is down to earth (residents experience in the grid). And without a comment possibility, it is impossible for the “gods”, and other residents, to learn if the communication was close enough to the truth. 🙂

  67. Ron Crimson says:

    All very valid points, and well taken… I dunno though, I was having problems with logging in the other day and headed for the status blog and the info I was looking for was right there… So I said “OK” and waited it out. It just… *gets* to me when someone jumps on the latest blog entry here and goes completely off-topic by blurting “STUFF’S NOT WORKING, WHAT’S GOING ON” when the answer is already on the status page (which I see almost ALL the time). Of *course* they can’t post new info the moment something goes wrong, they have to find out about it themselves first…
    One thing’s true, though, the fact that status blogs aren’t open to comments kinda sucks sometimes. I just start *twitching* when I see a random rant here posted *after* a new entry is already on the status blog… it just tells me that someone was more willing to waste their time typing an off-topic comment here than they were to open the status page (and if there was no info on the status page then, that would be a different story).
    I guess I’m nitpicking. ^_^

  68. Linda Brynner says:

    As it is not very well possible to communicate this elsewhere Kate,
    you as communicator.
    You may have noticed that LL has a serious image problem, besides
    the technical majorities lately which have set us back 1,5 years ago…
    At that time.., same problems as we have lately again where we have
    to relog and pray.
    The other issus is something I can’t quiet understand,
    LL claims to be the leader of virtual worlds, but… why has World of Warcraft have some million ACTIVE members online and… have launched a world wide media campaign ? True WOW is a single theme Virtual World, but when I say I play WOW no one looks odd.
    When I say I’m active in SL they are putting their finger to their forehead. SL has a major image problem believe me!
    I would start to work on that… M…
    And, make sure you can handle over 55000 online… you can’t since January 2007.

  69. This was some really great info all land owners can use.. I love you Kate!!!!! XOXOXOXOX

  70. Mon says:

    It’s nice information for us..It will help me.Thank you….

  71. Argent Stonecutter says:

    The biggest problem with this technique is packetloss.

    When you;re moving objects around like this the viewer is actually sending the server updates, one by one, and the server is sending updates back to the viewer, and you finally see the move when the updates get back to the viewer. If you have packet loss then the server can miss seeing updates, so prims don’t move, and the viewer can miss seeing updates, so you see prims left behind that were really moved.

    So turn off streaming media, get your kid to stop watching YouTube, and reduce your bandwidth settings, so you’re less likely to lose packets during the move.

  72. Ron Crimson says:

    Turn off streaming media: Check.

    Put a stop to Youtube: Check.

    Reduce bandwidth: Are you crazy!? If anything, you want to INCREASE it. o_O

    Otherwise…very good advice ^_^

  73. Cyber Monday says:

    very helpful article. I appreciate you posting this for our help.



  74. Razor says:

    Why are the comments about the mainland post closed? that was a very good and thoughfull post. Linden Labs makes a great post and we cannot respond?

    Wish you’d make a similar post about the ever increasing problem of content theft if this mainland post was an idea of M Linden he sure will make a big difference!

  75. Mmm, this is a very useful tip for those with smaller builds. However, as someone has already pointed out LOD culling prevents smaller objects from being selected. This seems to be a problem regardless of draw distance.

    I do hope LL is planning a select-all solution for those with larger builds. Being unable to do so currently makes the smallest tasks into daunting chores.

  76. Edward Sontse says:

    Help! my computer dont charge SL neither the web site!!
    how i can for restore it?
    Any help will be much aprecciate.

  77. Wyeth Slade says:

    Hey, I just set out some milk and cookies for you, so try not to cry about what I have to say, we can eve all hold hands and sing happy songs, but when you have so many free users logged inot a system that your paying customers cannot get on….well so much for customer support. Perhaps your login system could use a tweaking, I don’t know…maybe clipping loggins for FREE ACCOUNTS when server loads run to high instead of locking out people who pump hundereds of dollars a month into this game….now if I have hurt any of you lindes feeling, come on take my hand, we will sway in the wind, sing kumbia and then…”points to the table” we can have some milk and cookies

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