Tour Torley’s island! – Video Tip of the Week #44

You are Here
You are standing in a field filled with watermelons, next to a giant Torley head which bids you “Friendly greetings!” Attached to one of the melons is a leaflet which practically begs you to, well, leaf through it.

> read leaflet

I’ve an island named Here which you’re most welcome to visit! (Yes, you read that right.) Here is my inspiration brought to life in Second Life: you can watch video tutorials inworld, try some of the lovely stuff I rave about in-context, and get excited about creative possibilities. After all, the best way to understand Second Life is to experience it.

Ever wonder what motivates me on the job to amplify your awesome? Check out this video tour, learn more about what I do for you, and listen to stories of my experiences:


Whether it’s giving terraforming a go in my "landbox", knowing why click actions are so useful for interacting with objects, and picking up a copy of my FREE Torley Textures (there’s almost 600 of ’em!), I’m sure you’ll find something and more to enjoy, Here in Second Life.

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49 Responses to Tour Torley’s island! – Video Tip of the Week #44

  1. Sunshine says:

    Its the weekend!! Get outdoors Torley!

  2. That’s great Torley! I’ll make sure to drop in today. Oh, and thanks for reminding us to “Get Outdoors!” Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you on HERE soon!

    Ysabel Isabella

  3. Third try is the charm … first two attempts to add a comment failed.

    Thanks, Torley! HERE is a wonderful place to watch your tutorials and to just explore. I wrote about it on the Lucky Kitty Crew blog (click my name above to see it) for the nice freebies you have and for the really cool places to explore. Ravenelle did a great job on everything 🙂

  4. AlexanderThe Benelli says:

    I’ve been there quite a lot now…It’s awesome and watermelon-ish *g*
    A really wonderful place…Are you going to add something on building and scripting?


  5. Hal says:

    /me wonders if Torley can only see in primary colors?

  6. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    um…Torley…who says it’s not right to eat dinosaurs?? and are those, like, kitten peeps being roasted around that bonfire? Now that is just wrong! 😀

    Kewl place but I am sure glad it isn’t my neighbor on the mainland 😛

  7. Alyx Sands says:

    OMG! I just had serious flashbacks to when I was 12 and was playing each and every one of the Infocom text adventures…all the Zork ones…still fondly remember the first grue that ate me…all that just by seeing your intro, Torley!
    (I actually learnt a lot of strange English words by playing these adventures-I had only had a year’s worth of English at school when I started Zork I. Talk of the educational value of computer games!

    *looks forward to finally visiting Here-after having been invited to the Flickr group already…*

  8. DR Dahlgren says:

    Torely – great work as always. I like the new login screens and the fact that they change. However, it seems that the KB and Blog windows are no longer on it. I don’t remember seeing anything on them being removed. I thought having those links on the login were a good idea. It encouraged people to check out the blog and gave them links to status announcments etc. Now all I see it the SL Grid Status window in the upper left, and sign on at the bottom. Am I missing something here?


  9. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Lovely energetic video and island too 🙂

  10. D: inviting people to visit an area like this really doeesn’t work. Does anyone remember the disaster of the linden snowball fight last year ? Every sim nearby was stacked full of hundreds of avatars trying in vain to enter the battle sim.

  11. Hulk Ah says:

    For some reason I feel so at home with all the green colors on his sim. lol

  12. Nadine Neddings says:

    hahaha, Torley! You are indeed a nut, not a watermelon. 😀

  13. Alvi Halderman says:

    WOW!…nice island….:D

    i will go there soon…….i just loved the tour

  14. Deira Llanfair says:

    That’s super Torley 🙂 but I think you should add a There as well.

  15. Kyder Ling says:

    Nice Island. 😀

    Congrats Torley! ❤

  16. Imogen says:

    Whatever they are paying you Torley, its not enough. You do more for my morale than I can put into words.

    I love the energy, cant wait to get inworld to visit Here…

    M… give the man a payrise…


  17. Great name for a region, Torley! 😀

    I will come and take snaps of the place! It’s beautiful!

  18. eku says:

    Hate to be off topic..
    but support is down… transactions are borked…

  19. Gene Replacement says:

    The megaprim you have on ‘here’ should be deleted as they can be used for terrorism.

  20. Sindy Tsure says:

    Another great vid, Torley! ‘Grats on the new digs!

    RE office hours: noon PST makes it hard to anybody in the US that works during the day to come by. Maybe you could have have the 1st one of the month (or every other week or whatever) be towards the start or end of your day to make it easier for US & Asia/Oz to attend?

  21. Artemis Kangjon says:

    @14 – There’s a game called “There” xP
    We dont want Torley getting sued! <=O

  22. “Wish you were HERE”

  23. Bryon says:

    Why not name is There? 😛

  24. Bryon says:

    errr… it*. Well, Artemis, it would be safe really. It would just be bad marketing.

    LL wants you to:
    get Here
    play Here
    live Here
    and create Here

    Not There 🙂

  25. Hello. My name is Dennis Mancini AKA dennis@ciscosystems
    I am a Senior Art Director in Brand Strategy & Identity, Cisco
    I am one of the offical bloggers from Cisco writing about Second Life.
    I have been invited to write about SL in a Cisco Press Book. Actually about 30 pgs. I have been in SL for about a year but it is really hard to keep up with the direction things are headed without preventing stuff from getting outdated quickly. If you have something you would like me feature that is relevant to SL ie. Open Sim, Education, Culture, Roadmaps, 2D to 3D interop. Augmented Reality using SL or other Open Sim or Mixed Reality events of note I welcome all links or messages. thx…

    Great work Torley…I have watched and learned from your tutorials.

  26. Here is where you can be but I can’t see the pink grass yet!

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  28. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    @7 Yes, Zork! Suuuch good times at the old Elementary school computers playing that. I was like 6 though… I can remember the thought going through my head – “What is a leaflet? Some sort of paper made out of a leaf? Why would someone do something silly like that?”

    Good times. Thank you Torley for bringing that up!

  29. Jane says:

    The “torley” cant be always more giant 😉 You are great, my melon

  30. Locke Traveler says:

    You are a gigantic melon.

    Take that as you will.

  31. Inara Pey says:

    Gene Replacement Says:
    August 2nd, 2008 at 3:32 PM

    The megaprim you have on ‘here’ should be deleted as they can be used for terrorism.

    I trust this was posted with a sense of ironic humour, Gene, given the number of megaprims you’ve created and distributed! 😉

  32. Kimo Junot says:

    Hi Torley… I love what you did with your Island but I have to add that I was really disapointed when I TP’d there to go see it.. as soon as I landed and rezzed there were prims all over the place put there from some Griefer…. they were eventually sent back after about 10 min but not all of them… I think you need to either set a group there to build or just turn build off there..Grifers will attack anywhere givin the chance like what I saw on your Island.

  33. Jane says:

    Mmmm, can anyone post the slurl here because my browser wants open it. Thanks 😀

  34. Shai Khalifa says:

    is the Concierge Support portal down for some reason – just sitting on Connecting to Server… Finding an Operator… Initiating Chat…

    I need help – I’M INVISIBLE……

  35. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Ha… “Here” isn’t a little dig at “There” is it? 😀

  36. Sachin says:

    awesome island…I simply love that video with island.

  37. Georgette Whitfield says:

    I love this island, Torley! I had fun riding the boat around the sim, watching some vidtuts and getting eaten by the venus flytrap. 🙂 Terraforming is more difficult than I thought too, although I did get a high score in Phrase Invaders. I also left my pic on the tree: nice idea! Thanks for always cheering up our second lives™.

  38. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Dennis@25: Cisco could do a lot in SL. I’ve run into a few companies that have provided 3d models of their products, but Cisco doesn’t seem to be one, yet… and having 1:1 scaled models of network gear, racks, and so on would actually be useful for planning and layout. Built-in documentation would be even better!

  39. THANXARAMA for visiting and for the awesome commentage! There are now over 750 pictures in the group pool @ , including many my wife took of some of you who visited. Delightful! There is hardly anything I love more than invigorating your creative spirit Here (ha ha) in Second Life.

    SO, questions & answers!

    @AlexanderThe Benelli: YES, I will be adding more on building. I have this massive series I plan to do (likely get started when 1.21 RC comes out) called The Joy of Building. I should point to more scripting resources too, like Autoscript and others which I previously covered @

    @Hal: But hot pink isn’t primary! ;D

    @Cotytto: Yeah, they looks like peeps… XD The dinosaur epiphany came to me on a random lark, and I made a sign in like, a few min. Video tutorial coming up on that. And yes, this is one of the chief benefits of having your own private island — DO THINGS YOUR WAY, SHARE THE EXPERIENCE!

    @Alyx: I 😐 In the meantime, if you see it again, please send an abuse report via Help menu and our GTeam and me will have a look.

    Soooooooo in closing (for now), thanks again for *your* enthusiastic support. I wouldn’t know how you felt unless you told me… so I’m glad you did. It’s really valuable because then I can share it, encourage fellow Lindens to amplify their awesome to benefit you and enlighten more about the work we’re doing. Historical note: I was one of the first Linden Lab employees, along with Pathfinder and a few others, to promote the Office Hours ( ) and get more involved.

    We have such a unique and special connection with our communities and I always want us to have this, to spend time inworld like you, to ROCK ON!!!!

    Torley, who uses megaprims for love and awesomeness and hopes to see ya… HERE ❤

  40. Lionel Oliva says:

    600 free textures… wow. 😀 They look pretty high-quality too. I’ll see what I can do to send some texture-starved peeps (me being one of them) over (t)Here sometime. Cheers!

  41. Linda Brynner says:

    Hahah Torley, that’s fun !
    Cool work. I certainly will drop by, but not in the weekend lol.

  42. Btw, I wanted to say it here too.
    My utmost possible compliments for 1.20 🙂
    I have never experienced such stability.
    A thingy I don’t quiet understand Torley is how you can look with dazzle without sun glasses hahah. Good that it isn’t the default setting of 1.20… pffoei.

  43. Phoenixa Sol says:

    I loved it! So clever that you adjectivefied your name even, I’ll borrow that 😎 Nice job on your island and expanding on your fun style here in your vidtuts and bringing them to the next level, thanks Torley for all you do!

  44. Hey Torley and folks. Love your videos. And I’m super excited to see my Mikon digital camera make it into this video. How exciting, I’m glad you like it.

    ~Michael Bigwig
    Glowbox Designs

  45. jamie says:

    Hi, Torley bud. One thing that caught my eye about your post here – looking at your green-screen, ASCIIish presentation of the narrative text — was that “you are Here” (a sim named Here) and “read the Leaflet” (an object named Leaflet), etc. make me think of a kind of transparent, friendly object naming and design that would make SL physical navigation quite easily for a sight-impaired user, or, say, someone braille-ing around SL with the Sleek client. Some interesting thoughts spurred about accessible navigability there. Cheers

  46. Love Here! The colors are straight out of the Starry Night Van Gogh sim if you are familiar with that. Will be posting on my meat persona’s flickr stream some of my shots.

    I love the trick of using little parcels to have separate video streams. The thing I really liked was the panorama cube. You show nicely how to get great effects simply. Oh and the textures are cool.

    P.S. there is an English Professor in Kansas who used to have a public radio show about a fictional “Here Kansas”…I wonder what his characters would think if they were transported to Here Second Life. At least they would appreciate the watermelon patch for sure.

  47. Linda Brynner says:

    Lovely, however hmmm my conclusions about 1.20 have to be altered. Sorry, lovely Torley, but from the viewer point of view we are still not much further than January 2007, pffff.
    Love your work very much, but I can’t do much in SL at the moment.
    Music suddenly is gone; replay the button doesn’t work… only a relog.
    Weird messages that my sim isn’t available, but it is there after a quick relog. Messages saying that my computer clock is set wrong… nop, relly not… elog… music buttin gone… relog… ahh music again for a few minutes… relog… srtrange messages… relog… music gone… relog… ahh music again… tp….. black screen of death…. relog… no music button… relog… my home says the wrong name…. relog…. pfffff.

    I wait till version 10.x LOL

  48. Geaven Gall says:

    thanks for the mention in the awesome video torley 🙂 i’m very truly, deeply honoured. hope you’re having fun with the video players!

  49. Geaven Gall says:

    oh forgot to say that i went to your island a few days ago and it’s very cool, it’s like a psychedelic experience on its own. i went there during peak hours so there was a big of a lag but i’m happy to say i didn’t crash :). and i love the bunnies!

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