3 cool tools which solve common Second Life problems

^ Pardon that subject line isn’t more specific, so here’s the story: every week, I hear from Residents about “cool tools” that help smooth Second Life situations. Not necessarily bugs per se, these are utilities that add value and make existing things easier.

we could be advanced dungeons and dragons players for all you know
(Photo taken at Rustica)

And since I’m Resident Enlightenment Manager, guess who’s job it is to spread the word, so that you’re Enlightened and aware of this awesomeness?

This episode features a Viewer Cheatsheet, Avatar Databank, and YouTube-in-Second Life aid… more details after the jump!

Second Life Viewer Cheatsheet

Second Life Viewer Cheatsheet

What if… you could have a neatly-formatted page showing Second Life’s shortcuts so you could easily refer to and memorize them? Even print it out so you have a hard copy? I’ve heard many requests for this over time, and “if” just became “when” becomes “NOW”!

Kippie Friedkin’s Cheatsheet is up! Get it and as it says on the sheet itself, give her feedback to make it better. (I’ve already sent in a first round, and watch her blog for the next version.)

Avatar Databank with UV mapping info

Avatar Databank with UV mapping info

Having trouble painting avatar clothing and skins accurately? Zee Pixel pointed me to this collection of avatar dataset/morph targets, which’ll hopefully fill some holes in content creation knowledge. As remarked on the forums, even includes hair and eyebrow meshes.

Available in several formats and deserving of more exposure, this should be added to the Clothing Tutorials resource page… which I’ll do if someone doesn’t beat me to it first. 😉

YouTubeMP4 to play YouTube in Second Life

YouTubeMP4 to play YouTube in Second Life

We’ve been through this before. We’ve also been chafed by YouTube’s unreliability — those of you who wrote to me after my earlier tutorial and let me know your fetched YouTube links didn’t work after several hours, I feel your pain. Really. And not only that, I kept searching for better ways.

The followup: in addition to inworld link-converters that some clever Residents have crafted, YouTubeMP4.com lets you simply enter an URL, then copy a resulting link. For example, the original YT link:

» http://youtube.com/watch?v=QVIR1pNcow8

becomes this QuickTime-compatible (and hence, playable in SL) MP4 one:

» http://youtubemp4.com/video/QVIR1pNcow8.mp4

I’ve also prepared a page on how to play movies & media in Second Life, should you need the help!

Disclaimer: I can’t vouch for the reliability/legality of YouTubeMP4 and tools like this tend to disappear, but I’ve been trying it for several weeks and my links have persistently worked. YMMV!

If you find the above useful + fun, let me know in the comments — I’m hoping to blog regularly about cool tools in addition to video tutorials!

And remember, there are a number of topic-related pages on the Second Life wiki like Texture Tools and Recording Movies where you can add your fave tools. Share what you’ve found useful and your fellow Resis will benefit, amplifying the awesome of our Second Lives. THE POWAH IS YOURS!

FINALLY, wanna hang out with me in Second Life? Let’s do it — Thursday (2008-07-31) @ 12 PM PDT (noon) on Here.

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95 Responses to 3 cool tools which solve common Second Life problems

  1. These are definitely Good Things to Have, and I’d encourage publishing more as you get a chance to go over them. Thanks much!

  2. Tulip Farella says:

    Hello. I just wondered if its possible to control Second Life through an external gaming controller/joypad?
    I find driving vehicles with w,a,s,d and mouse very inprecisie and frustating, and i’m dying to buy something to drive.

  3. Azadine Umarov says:

    In the case of YouTube mp4s, this seems to be very much YouTube’s intended behavior as most mp4 links seem to die after a few hours. Worse, it seems that some mp4 renders there are now failing completely for some random-seeming subset of videos that make the grade for this secondary rendering action on YouTube’s side.

  4. Zag McMillan says:

    another great one, Torley! Would be nice if you could share more of such information about tools, whether resident-created or third-party, as some of them really do make life easier…
    If I could give points for this article, I’d give 10 out of 10… or maybe you’d prefer watermelons?
    Have a GREAT day, and keep up your good work!

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  6. Samantha Poindexter says:

    While spiffy, the avatar databank isn’t really a tutorial. Zee added it to the Texture Tools page the other day, though, which seems a better fit.

  7. Sweet. The UV Mapping is nice. SL is SO different from every other 3D modeling software I’ve ever used… STILL figuring it out!


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  9. Cool beans, Torley! Thanks so much!

    I just wanted to add that Zora Spoonhammer deserves a lot of credit for coming up with the avatar dataset/morph targets.

  10. Friendly greetings. 🙂

    Thanks so far for the comments! Looks encouraging!

    @Azadine: YouTubeMP4 is fairly unique in that its links appear to persist by seamlessly redirecting.

    @Samantha: Oh, I agree. You know, that Clothing Tutorials page really should be “Clothing Tools & Tutorials”; I’ll dig deeper into doing some wiki reorg later.

    @Bettina: Credit where credit due! Everyone responsible should have their name on the Avatar Databank page so they can be thanked and celebrated!

  11. Azadine Umarov says:

    @ 11 — I always love your ability to put a positive spin on things, and I agree pretty much with your synopsis of my post! But “seamless” where YouTube is concerned seems to be a sometimes thing, and, judging by user forum posts, is having a serious impact on YouPotatoes generally, as links have a tendency to seemingly break when, for instance, a YouTube page remains open for more than a few hours.

    I guess trying a unique approach to supporting things like the option to impede external embedding of videos almost always comes with some costs too. 😉

  12. Azadine Umarov says:

    @ 12, not to speak for Torley, but any inability to view YouTube vids in world may very well be coming from some emerging instabilities that may stem from recent changes on YouTube itself.

    These include the new “high quality” rendering and a big revision of edit menus and other parts of YouTube that may only be apparent if you’re actively uploading and testing your own videos there at the moment?

  13. @nomoresecrets

    Stop spamming blog, please. You are using up the allotted feedback slots with useless comments. Of course, I could make you the example in my next rant about posters who post useless junk on the SL blog. 😀

    Now – to *try* to stay on topic: the thing about video in world is that you need two two things: An address of a hosted video somewhere out on the internet that Second Life can see, and the video must be in a format that QuickTime can understand. it’s all really that simple.

    I won’t comment on the ethical nature of ‘scraping’ video from YouTube, though if they are videos you create yourself, there are a number of places you can host them and scrape from there.

    As for the youtube page being open an hour – breaking the ‘high-resolution’ link… hmmm… I’ll look into that myself. Not good if Google have created some kind of self regenerating URL. Though it could be just a latency issue.

  14. Azadine Umarov says:

    @16 I don’t know what a rox screen is, but the YouTube viewers I have used in world all seem to depend on an external service that could be interrupted or disabled at any time, independent of LL/SL support, YouTube stability or the many other factors that make the internets such an exciting place.

    You may be correct and then again, the cause may be entirely unrelated to actions taken by (or not taken by) LL. That said, I guess I should log in to determine whether my viewers are likewise borked 😉

  15. Charlotte Bartlett says:

    Cool on the meshes 😀 Thanks Torley….! x

  16. Linda Brynner says:


  17. Moose Maine says:

    M! M! are you listening? Your not paying Torley enough! With more tools at your fingertips, they better you can assist your customers. Another Kick *** Post by Torley – Keep it up

  18. Really good things to have, I think LL should do a easier way to implement support for YouTube videos, but at least we have it for now. 🙂 Maybe we would get it in further releases.

    And I think that the ability to implement rich content such as YouTube videos is really a great feature, and it may help in many ways such as training adding video tutorials in-wold such as Torley’s :)) great stuff btw.

    I think we should have a page that has all of this great materials such as the cheat-sheet, etc. collected in one place so that the user can find them easily now we face a very messed information in many places and you really need to spend a lot of time looking for an easy thing so, someone should collect all of this information, besides in blog posts :-p well so I will leave this thought. 🙂

    Greetings from the SecondSolutions team.

  19. DR Dahlgren says:

    Dear moderator – Please remove the above unrelated posts – they are just attempts to start flames

    10 nomoresecrets
    12 nomoresecrets
    14 nomoresecrets
    20 nomoresecrets

  20. Aloysius Loon says:

    The meshes look great, but the dowlload speed is _very_ slow, ~8kB/sec. Sounds like ADSL upload. Any chance of SL hosting these files on a server with a bigger pipe?

  21. Vylixan Fallon says:

    thw PDF is great and the meshes too, but,

    Don’t know where to post it , But didn’t people notice that when building the linking distance has changed ? The whole possibility of linking more in a distance from eachother is gone with the update to PLease ,.. Please fix that .

  22. Azadine Umarov says:

    @24 SecondSolutions

    What would you recommend on easing support, considering that YouTube seems to be the primary culprit in ensuring that external views of Yube content are consistently inferior to views taken directly on their site?

    I just now managed to crash my SL viewer rather hard by simply attempting to view video there that in recent days was perfectly accessible. I feel confident that this was not truly a bug in the viewer, but a conflict between viewer code and changes very recently made to the Yube site itself (and probably to the intermediate service that is parsing and constructing what was a day or so ago, a perfectly useable URL for web content on my parcel.

    At this point, much as I’m rarely a starry-eyed missionary for SL, I have to say that LL’s openess to users is so far superior to Yube’s there is scarcely a way to compare the two.

    For weeks now Yubers have been complaining on the forums there (forums almost impossible to locate, and access) about various problems where videos appear to have been removed or deleted or lord knows what, as Yube is never very forthcoming on site problems. When those who appear to represent Yube deign to reply at all it is usually with the implied message that the user is incompetent or not spending enough time and money maintaining the health of the web and computer industries.

    And today I discover that (typical of Yube) the SL inworld YubeTube device I’ve been using for several weeks is no longer functional except that it does echo the title of the requested video. Beyond that it has become a brickprim. At least for the moment. I’m sure another workaround will appear within days, or at the most, weeks.

    @17 please use the term “spam” in the sense that it’s generally understood. nomoresecrets may not be as erudite or eloquent as you, but his/her 3 replies used no more bandwidth than yours, and ze’s not pimping a blog here, unlike yourself, which I suppose in a very loose definition of “spam” would make each of your notes every bit as spamtastic as hers/his. The concerns expressed were legit, and if they could be reasonably traced to viewer code, would be cause for opening a JIRA issue, at the very least.

  23. Dekka Raymaker says:

    *wonders why nomoresecrets’ uses a secret name, coward?

  24. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Tulip@2: a JIRA entry I created some time back may be relevant. Look up SVC-2134 on jira.secondlife.com (no link, apparently comments with links don’t get posted).

  25. Azadine Umarov says:

    Please folks, let’s try to leave personalities out of this. My reading is that nomoresecrets is not a native English speaker and thus comes across a bit harsh and confused sounding through no personal fault but perhaps imperfect mastery of English.

    The points raised though are valid… I just finished another test to see if the service Torley mentions if functional and (at least for me) it is not at the moment. All settings seem to be correct on my land and the prim that should show the movie parsed by YouTubeMP4.com, but all I get is a bit of sparklies to indicate the prim has been updated by script and a black screen. Same as with the other YouTube viewers available to me. I’d appreciate knowing is other ARE successfully using this service at present.

  26. Tulip Farella says:

    Thanks to everyone who helped me, i didn’t notice edit/preferances/input device…so i know now.
    For whats its worth, my usb controller won’t work.
    But i have also been told about switchblade.com that allows xbox 360 controllers.

  27. Azadine Umarov says:

    So many typos, so little time 😉

    Suffice it to say, the service isn’t working for me at the moment; is it working for you?

  28. Azadine Umarov says:

    Update: clearing cache seems to have made my usual YouTube viewer functional again, even for a video I can’t view in mp4 form on YouTube itself. Go figure.

  29. Deltango Vale says:

    The cheat sheet is a great idea, BUT please make two separate versions, one for PC and another for Mac. It defeats the purpose to cram double information onto a single page. (I would have posted on kippiefriedkin.com, but the site has a bug that does not recognize my email address).

  30. IvyFellice says:

    I would suggest you stop pointing people to the wiki. Far too much of it is written by people who breathe in scripting language and dream sculpty prims. For the vast majority of us, we search “watch youtube” into search and see “parceling media” the hackles go up. “F- this, I’d need a phD to do this stuff.”

  31. Noisey Lane says:

    @2 Tulip:
    After some time, I managed to get a Logitech Attack 3 Joystick to work with SL.
    Using the provided Logitech Gaming Software, I was able to map each joystick button to a keystroke (or combination of keystrokes).
    After a little bit of practice, I now find it very easy to use for walking/flying/swimming. (Can be used with or without Mouse Look)
    You still need a mouse and keyboard but as an additional navigation tool, the joystick is my inout device of choice 😉
    I can post the Logitech Attack 3 Profile if anyone wants it however, it is easy enough to set up yourself with the accompanying software.

  32. Samantha Poindexter says:

    The cheat sheet is a great idea, BUT please make two separate versions, one for PC and another for Mac. It defeats the purpose to cram double information onto a single page.

    Actually, I prefer having them both together. It makes it easier for me, as a PC user, to give advice to Mac users; I have the equivalent keys right there.

  33. May I ask why Linden Lab continues to advocate the violation of point 4(c) of YouTube’s terms of use?

    C. You agree not to access User Submissions (defined below) or YouTube Content through any technology or means other than the video playback pages of the Website itself, the YouTube Embeddable Player, or other explicitly authorized means YouTube may designate.

    Last time I asked this I was greeted with silence. Unless YouTube has explicitly authorised parcel media in SL, I can’t see this being permitted. Should we be ignoring Linden Lab’s TOS, given they encourage us to ignore that of other sites?

  34. Ginevra says:

    wow Torley! Useful and ispiring as usual!

  35. peppie oh says:

    AWESOME. Great stuff!

  36. JIRA NoLoad says:

    This is great stuff Torley and on a sidenote, jira.secondlife.com is offline and it’s not reflected on the Status page.

  37. Ric Mollor says:

    @30 RE:YouTube’s TOS.

    It’s my understanding that the only synthetic world that has reached an agreement with YouTube regarding playback of media ‘in world’ is Kaneva.

    Without a doubt Lively will support similar functionality but seeing how Youtube, Google, and Lively are one it won’t be a surprise.

  38. votslav hax says:

    Thanks for the help.. these are most helpful.. If i can suggest your next project, lol , pls consider doing something with the ‘Group notice’ infrastructure.. its antiquated and needs a vital ‘redo’.. Everything from Im’s cppin out because some peeps want to chat away.. to not having a ‘clear’ button ton remopve all notices that hve collected on the screen.. Ever tried clearing them one at a time in a area where there is lag.. well enough complaining.. Thois is the most enlightening, educational,inspirational program I have ever sen and I’m happy to be a part of.. thanks Linden thanks everyone..

  39. Cool Tech Not Answer says:

    Hmmm… was going to give you the perspective you need… but then thought gosh how many times do i need to repeat myself… But wait… Just look at Yahoo!… the power structure thinks technology (and buying things) is the answer… But they never quite got it… Sustainability is about everyday people and business and what they need to do on a reliable basis right now… SL performance the past week (and like right now) says you are not going to make it. Give us reliable performance every moment (as in every) or forget it.

  40. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Lively already supports YouTube directly.

    Pity it sucks so bad.

  41. Zee Pixel says:

    Hey! Thanks guys you’re melting my server =D –grin– I’m at 19GB downloaded by you guys today already (ack!)

    Bettina, thanks for the complement for Zora but all she did was extrapolate the data form the client source code and export it into a standalone form. Thanks should certainly go to the SL artists who originally designed these models.


  42. 46 Argent Stonecutter:

    Youtube is owned by Google.
    Lively is owned by Google.

    That’s why Lively supports embedded YouTube videos. 😉

    Getting YouTube videos to work in SL is a hack at best, and chances are YouTube/Google isn’t happy about it. I have to wonder how long until Google (YouTube) sends Linden Lab a Cease and Desist letter telling them not to instruct residents in circumventing their systems.

  43. Seraphine says:

    awesome. i *needed* a way to watch
    YouTube videos since i don’t have flash.

  44. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Darius@48: Yes, I know that. That’s the easy bit.

    But how do you explain Google producing something that sucks so badly?

  45. Tonks Akina says:

    This is terrific!! Love the cheat sheet and hmmmm, maybe I’ll learn clothing.

  46. Deanna Trollop says:

    “…even includes hair and eyebrow meshes.”

    Minor nit… but that’s eyeLASH meshes. 😉

  47. Aloysius Loon says:

    Dang, Zee, your server must now be a pool of steaming slag. :-). I wanted to get the sl_avatar_all.obj but too late, I guess. No response from the URL, *sigh*

  48. Selenia says:

    Wow since 1.20 has come out i crash every 20 minutes. Besides what Lindens think this “half a bug” issue isnt closed. We pay a quarterly fee besides buying lindens. Why would you guys release a “Half A bug” candidate? That tells me you knew it was screwed up before you released it. I have worked in IT since 86 and know this is not just an oops. BTW little 15 y/o kiddies, i Have 3 degrees in this area, so dont try and pop your pimples on my true statement. There is no reason for this, it’s slop,and no reputable company would release an update before checking for bugs.

    System Specs, a two week old brand new Imac… 1.9 worked fine, so whats up?

    -Tired of getting abused

  49. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    Selenia, me too. A really nasty, everything frozen crash that forces me to unplug the mains and remove the battery on my 2-month old memory-maxed MacBook Pro.
    The only solution is to use the Nicolaz Edition viewer (currently Eye-Candy EC-f). I get the Spinning Beachball of Death instead of the crash, and it clears after 15 seconds or so. That’s the equivalent to going back to official viewer 1.19 (see http://nicholaz-beresford.blogspot.com/) but it works.

  50. Samantha Poindexter says:

    But how do you explain Google producing something that sucks so badly?

    Oh, that’s easy. It happens more often than people seem to think. It’s a 20% project. Google has a long history of encouraging its employees to experiment whatever ideas strike their fancy. A whole lot of projects never make it out of Google Labs, and they seem to be okay with that. It’s worth it for the few which do take off.

  51. yami says:

    is there an alternate link somewhere for the meshes? The site isn’t responding.

  52. Tegg B says:

    Cool Info Torley 🙂

  53. Anonymous says:

    So far I only have 1 problem with SL, there are particles emitting from every object in SL, I cannot disable this and it is driving me insane, any respose from a linden or someone who has dealt with this before will be useful.(I have a picture in-world if you need it)

  54. Zee Pixel says:

    Sigh… update on the mesh site.

    Ok, the Smart Array 5302 raid controller that was in the server and which was the only part I didn’t have a duplicate for just tanked. I just bought one tonight that I’m going to see if I can over nighted to have in my hands by Friday so I can recover everything since the last backup that was run… But, in the meantime I setup a filekicker account to server the files from but I need to get my site back up in order for them to mirror them from the alternate server which I’m bringing on-line tonight to get everything back up and running.

    Argh! Not really how I was planning to spend my evening… could be worse I suppose. Everyone just hang in and we’ll be back in business. I’ll post updates in the forum under the “Content Creation/Texturing Tips” area.


  55. Michaela Kuhn says:

    Haha the link to avatardatabase was too much for their host. Side is down now. Warning meltdown of math coprocessor detected.^^

  56. Zi Ree says:

    @62 Anonymous: This sounds like you have the debugging option “Advanced / Show Updates” enabled. Try disabling the option by unchecking the menu item (if you don’t see the Advanced menu, press CTRL-ALT-D to make it appear next to “Help”) or press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-U and see if it goes away.

  57. Rado says:

    As for this link, the page does not exist.


    As for the contents download of youtube, the one which you used as function of the browser is simple.


    There is a similar function to also Realplayer. In this case it is not necessary to convert Flash video specially.


    If mouse cursor is carried to the contents, it reaches the point where it can download that way and, it cannot convert FLV and can peruse with Realplayer.

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  59. Ron Crimson says:


    Did anyone even realize that LL just sneaked an entire grid restart to 1.23.4 through the backdoor?

    *snickers and guffaws*

    I mean, imagine that! They did it! We’re all on the new server version! And no problems! Woohoo! 😀

    Oh, right, I’m supposed to be on-topic so this isn’t spamming 😉 well, add my signature to the anti-nomoresecrets petition – I don’t think “kiss ya ass” really demonstrates a poor mastery of English. 😛 😀

    Still off-topic? How about this – MARRY ME, TORLEY LINDEN! I WANT YOUR BABIES!

    Will that work? LOL 😀

  60. Ron Crimson says:

    Dangit, there WAS one more thing (I always remember something after I hit the submit button)… The cheatsheet is awesome, and I’m rather proud to be able to say I already know about half of the shortcuts by heart ^_^ but, I digress…My question is, does anyone know what the options “Reload personal setting overrides” and “Network -> Drop a Packet” do? I’m not even sure why one would *want* to drop a packet, to me that usually spells “bad connection.” Anyone know? 🙂

  61. AWM Mars says:

    I can possibly understand ppls enthusiasim potentially gaining a way to either be able to see their favourite YouCrude clips, or even their own posted submissions, all for free.

    That’s the problem, YouTubes business model is based upon being supported by advertising, even with embedded links the YouTube logo is presented, bringing people to YouTube to watch other submissions and subsequently the advertising. Find ways to bypass this and you will eventually errode their revenues.


    If you want a better form of free streaming service that doesn’t crush the quality, why not try blip.tv

  62. Flew Voom says:

    Great Thanks Torley.

    btw…me is happy with the new 1.20 viewer! less crashing!

  63. Villain Baroque says:

    LOL – You killed the avatar-databank with your post. Didn’t you warn them in advance that a massive surge of visitors is to be expected when you write about them on this blog?

    I love the cheatsheet – it is very helpful – thank you for that tip.

    And, Torley, can’t you give us a few cheat-codes for Second Life? Like entering a certain code and getting 1,000,000 L$. My personal favorite would be a cheat-code that enables me to move without lag. 🙂

  64. Danielravennest Noe says:

    Offtopic, but hopefully helpful:

    Apparently LL removed all the old default avatars from the Library section of inventory. This causes a drop of about 200 items in inventory count, which nearly caused me a heart attack, and a clear cache for no reason. Don’t worry if thats about how many items that appear to have vanished, its not *your* stuff.

    But, Torley, you should have warned us, or someone should have, Im sure I am not the only person in SL who keeps close track of my inventory size.


  65. Johan Durant says:

    Torley, the “Texture Tools” link is wrong, you might want to fix that.

  66. Azadine Umarov says:

    @74 I’m guessing the bandwidth cap was reached sometime yesterday for the Texture Tools link. It’s not dead, just too popular.

    @68 I know how popular and fun it is to be judgemental, but I’ve talked to nomoresecrets in world. She’s native German and understandably frustrated that her in world club stopped working in one critical sense due to failure of her vid screens. We can’t all be saints or technical geniuses.

    Then again, you were just trying to deflect attention from your own veering off into offtopictopia, right? Sometimes I get too literal-minded and miss the jokes. Cheers! 😉

    Everyone, the pool party is moving to the JIRA. Punch, pie and microchips for everybody!

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  68. Argent Stonecutter says:

    > Apparently LL removed all the old default avatars from the Library section of inventory.


    OK, time for an “old default avatar archive” project? Everyone who’s got copies of them in their inventory, get them together, and release them as freebies?

  69. Torley, we can’t say it enough, but you have been so helpful time and time again.

    and on another note:

    one shortcut in the sheet is not working anymore with my laptop that is on Vista. i could always use the keyboard combination for taking snapshots, but ever since my laptop did an update, the keystroke ctrl-shift-s will bring up HP System Information, not take snaps anymore…:(

    please lead me to the tutorial to be able to create my own keystrokes for snapshots, or to reassign it back to what it was before..thanks. 🙂

  70. blog says:

    good content

  71. DR Dahlgren says:

    First, I am truly grateful for the information passed on by so many in SL. Anything such as the autoscript application, the avatar templates, and so many other user created tools that help people get the most of SL goes a long way to making SL a more colorful and creative place.

    @ 52 nomoresecrets – I try hard not to get drug into flames, but I simply can not let this comment pass.

    The U.S. is a sovereign nation and the laws its citizens and corporations must abide by are those of the U.S., not the WTO. As long as LL is a U.S. corporation, it will be governed by U.S. law. Simple. You want a European MMO, governed by the EU’s laws? I suggest then you start one, or support Twinity, or get LL to open a Europe based version of SL.

    You talk about the Euro… what is that called again, oh yeah, the European DOLLAR. Europe has formed an alliance of separate states (the EU) for the purpose of trade, unification of laws, and economics, and the Euro is the result. Gee, great idea. FYI, the U.S. did it 240 years ago.

    I am not trying to say that the U.S. is better or worse. I don’t think the rest of the world should do it our way. But I am tired of a certain elitist group across the ocean of saying how things should be done here. I am really tired of people outside the U.S. crying about how LL does not take them into consideration when making rules, how they have to pay VAT, how gambling should be legal, etc. etc. For better or worse, SL is based in the U.S. and while it is open to all, U.S. culture and laws will most likely remain the rule of the day. You knew this when you joined.

    And nomoresecrets, the day the WTO or Europe starts making laws for U.S. citizens, that’s the day I start making IED’s.


  72. Constance Zapedzki says:

    Awesome info Torley . . . as usual.

    I like having both sets of commands on the sheet as well, since I’m a dual-system user – only one sheet! Woo-hoo! USUALLY commands that are CTRL-whatever on a PC are CMD (formerly Apple Key)-whatever on the Mac . . . but not QUITE . . . keeps you on your toes.

    BTW, since we’ve got this 1.20 side conversation, I have to say I’m loving it, BUT I’ve been using the candidate since 20.8 (THAT was crashy!) so I’ve really jiggered the preferences to cooperate with each computer – which is what the program really wants. The 2G RAM PC is going fine, but the Mac with 512MB has shown tons of improvement – will maybe crash after 5 or 6 hours, but that’s still better than Photoshop’s performance on the same computer! ;^) (Yes, I DO need a new Mac, thanks for asking.)

  73. Proud to be an American says:

    Yoy tell them DR Dahlgren, 3 cheers for DR.

  74. fd spark says:

    The tutorial site for the UV isn’t working or down.

  75. Ron Crimson says:

    @73, you wrote:

    “Offtopic, but hopefully helpful:
    Apparently LL removed all the old default avatars from the Library section of inventory. This causes a drop of about 200 items in inventory count, which nearly caused me a heart attack, and a clear cache for no reason. Don’t worry if thats about how many items that appear to have vanished, its not *your* stuff.”

    Oh my god, THANK YOU. That’s exactly what happened to me two nights ago and I was absolutely freaked out by the “phantom loss” as I could actually see anything missing. I had a *feeling* it was the Library, even submitted a ticket but it hasn’t been answered yet. Where did you get this information? But seriously, thanks for sharing it…. I’m feeling immensely relieved that it wasn’t just me.

    @75 Azadine: On second thought, you’re right, it isn’t nice to join a bashing party just like that o_O I can understand nomoresecret’s frustration (although it seems to be that maybe simply disabling streaming media in Prefs will take care of it)…. Still, she did say “kiss ya ass” and that, plus a few other things she said, definitely borders on personal. Ahwell! Love and peace and all that. 🙂

    @80 DRD: Right on… Europeans need to chill out (I can say that since I am one lol). 🙂

  76. Ron Crimson says:

    …. as I *couldn’t* actually see anything missing…. damn typos.

  77. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Argent – I have the entire library clothing folder saved. Unfortunately I just tried to hand some of the items to a fresh newbie and they accepted them, then the items wouldn’t show in their inventory. Need to test some more on this to see if it was just them messing up or if newbies are actually blocked from using this stuff. If it can be given to new people it is far more likely that people will start setting the stuff for sale in sandboxes than giving it as freebs. 😛

    For those of us who spend a lot of time actually helping new people learn how to use their inventory and the clothing in it, the items in the library are an important resource. I’m not sure what LL felt they would accomplish by taking away options…and leaving ruth?? the one avatar that no one has ever chosen from the first day there was a choice. and it isn’t even the same avatar that has come to be called “ruth”.

  78. If managed to grab a copy of the UV maps from Avatar Databank, I’d be very interested. If the creator happens to read this, I can help host the files again! Just contact me in world!

    Great post Torley, some great info here. Can’t wait to get my hands on those UV maps.

  79. Edit to the above comment – If *ANYONE* managed to grab a copy of the UV maps from Avatar Databank, I’d be very interested. If the creator happens to read this, I can help host the files again! Just contact me in world!

  80. Jane says:

    Second Life Keyboard Shortcuts by Ruben R. Puentedura is also worth a look – http://hippasus.com/resources/secondlife/SL_Keyboard_Shortcuts.pdf

  81. Zee Pixel says:

    Regarding the Avatar Databank, sorry for the downtime. We have site back up and recommend that people simply download the Quick Downloads listed on each page rather than individual templates. It will be faster for you and less painful for us =D



  82. Aloysius Loon says:

    WooHoo! Got ’em, Zee. Thanks for your efforts!

  83. Pingback: 3 Utilidades que nos ayudarán en Second Life Tecnolives

  84. Monk Zymurgy says:

    I am very pleased to see that Torley is passing on tips for very hackky and potentially TOS breaking systems. So when http://www.liberatemyinventory.com (allowing users to make hard copies of their purchases/creations to their HDD) is working, I will also see him hand out the information. Oh yeah http://www.getmycashoutofsecondlife.com will be pretty cool too, circumventing the dodgy 100US$ limit on withdrawl.
    Oh and now off-topic..the US dollar does look a bit ‘in the doo doo’ now that Russia has switched to Euro’s for oil of its fossil fuel transactions..signalling the coming end of the Petro-Dollar. All good for europeans as the euro->usdollar rate is very favourable right now.

  85. Lissa Maertens says:

    I’m getting a 404 on the avatar mesh pages.

  86. sk8rat Snook says:

    legalities aside, my guess is that youtubemp4.com is simply translating the normal youtube.com URLs so as to access the MP4 version, as done by the AppleTV for example.

  87. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Just my 1L$ thoughts.

    Torley … thx for all the info … you are the best !!

    to Mr/Mrs/Ms Dahlgren …

    Indeed there is a fundamental difference between Europeans and Americans. WE Europeans don t swallow all the crap that companies tell us, WE expect that a product for wich you pay will run approx flawless. And most European Companies can establish a dialogue towards their clients.. Thing that most US companies don t even care about… We still have “Freedom of Speech” a fundamental right wich in the US is eagerly raped since 9/11.
    On your comment that the european community is indeed an alliance of different states (done in peace) … wich can not be said from the US History (remember the 1860’s your own Civil War).
    So if anyone has a comment on my english, not being perfect.. well that person can try to do it in french-dutch and german (3 languages we master in Belgium)

    For the rest back ‘on topic’ … Great Job Torley … and NO I don’t want to marry you and have kids …. LooooooL

    Kisses to all the real SL residents

  88. Curtis Dresler says:

    My, such a comment from Belgium, the European country closest to becoming two. Evidently many that master all three only want to talk and read in one. I guess that’s the cause for all the defensiveness.

    By the way, is that a vote that the Confederate States should have been allowed to secede and continue slavery? Just wondering. I do seem to recall a few wars in Europe since our Civil War – do they not count if they were already kind of pissy with each other? Lets see, since the 1861-1865 period, we have a minor set of disruptions in the 1870s, another small altercation in the early to mid 1910s, then that other thing in the early to mid 1940s and that’s hitting the highlights and ignoring the whole Colonial scuffling in Africa thing with Germany, Great Britain, and, oh yeah, Belgium (and some very unsavory allegations about killings in their colonies sanctioned by the king). Hmmm.

    Actually, I’m kind of with you on the whole freedom of speech thing since 9/11 and all, but one shouldn’t float too many hot air balloons. Or Walloons. We all have had our low points. Customer service? I haven’t found the country that has a really good claim in that area. I can name you maybe ten that don’t and more than one is located in Europe.

    Can’t help you with the language thing – I speak English, Guoyu and used to be fluent in the Mexican version of Spanish.

  89. WhyWhyWhy says:

    Last I read, the word was “Come on in! We’ve found so many inventory items!” Well, as of this last week, I’m missing MORE items than I EVER have lost before. What on earth are these problems?? Is something wrong with the code or the back up system or something that keeps stealing away things we’ve Made and Bought?
    I would like my stuff back, please!

  90. Masiko Preis says:

    All of these are useful, and I had been looking for something to allow me to play YouTube videos for a while.

    Something else I am looking for that would be very useful is a tool that would allow me to pay the rents on my shops through the website/my account at times like this where I am not able to get to a computer that has the capacity to get in-world two or three days in a row. Something that works like “online bill pay” for SL.

  91. jimmy says:

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  92. Alvin Smith says:

    I read this post…..its very interesting…………These are definitely cool things ……you can published these kind of things …thanks ….

  93. Zya says:

    It would be great to have a tool which would allow us to go back and forth to our last location etc. If there is such a thing then I’ve missed it. Otherwise I would like the ability to move to my last location with the click of a button. Thank you.

  94. wow Torley! Useful and ispiring as usual!

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