What’s new in Second Life 1.20! – Video Tip of the Week #43

HATE reading? LOVE reading yet want to watch me excite you about what’s new in Second Life 1.20?

To commemorate the debut of Second Life 1.20 as the main viewer (following its graduation from an enduring Release Candidate), guess what I’ve got? Awwww yeah, it’s a video! Both a tutorial and a tour to show off the highlights — what’s important for you to know about.

It takes less than 8 minutes, so push play and enjoy the ride:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1117699&dest=-1]

For additional info, BE SURE to check out the fab, illustrated “1.20 WELCOME PAGE OMG!!1” page that Ramzi Linden’s lovingly prepared.

Update: also see my comments in response to your feedback.

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150 Responses to What’s new in Second Life 1.20! – Video Tip of the Week #43

  1. R. H. says:

    Too bad the wiki STILL doesn’t load or I’d read Ramzi’s page.
    wiki.secondlife.com doesn’t load since Mar ’08, why do folks refer to it?
    Won’t load in Firefox, won’t load in IE, is fairly illegible in lynx or other text based browsers.

  2. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    R.H. it’s working fine for me. Never had any problems with it. I use firefox 3.01, but I’m sure it also works for firefox 2.
    Any firewall or web-blocker at your site? I know some anti-virus software (e.g. avast) can also block specific websites.
    Check the proxy-settings in your network set-up (seperated for firefox and IE)
    Try “ping wiki.secondlife.com” or (on windows) “tracert wiki.secondlife.com”.

    On topic:
    1.20 is for me the best official viewer. Shouldn’t always the newest be the best?
    It still has some drawbacks… from time to time it freezes my system for about 1 minute, while former viewers had crashed after that, this one continues as if nothing happened. I wish I could track down the cause for freezing.

  3. Lesheran says:

    I tried 1.20, but after my system hard locking 9 times in a few hours i went back to 1.19

  4. Firebird Nightfire says:

    1.20 ROCKS! B) 🙂 😀

    I can now stay online for hours before I need to relog! I actually got through an advanced build class without crashing!

    Only one problem: I now have to actually go afk to potty and get food and drink. 😛

  5. Esch Snoats says:

    Ever since this patch I’ve had graphic problems left and right with lines showing up and random textures appearing in the sky. Never had an issue till now. Fun.

  6. R.H.:
    http://wiki.secondlife.com works well on Firefox, Epiphany and Links2 here. You may want to check your personal settings and/or change the Mediawiki skin in your wiki settings. It also could be an issue with HTTPS (maybe you’re firewalled?) – try the cached version by nyud.net (note the different domain):

  7. Ron Crimson says:

    Torley, my man… you really need to cut down on the Prozac, it’s not good for you in the long term ;-))) Just kidding 🙂

    Awesome video as usual, you rawk! Keep up the great work and give my hugs to the team responsible for the 1.23 rollout ^_^

  8. linnie says:

    @4 Firebird
    a few hours lol, i can stay online as long as 15 hours without a relog… and yes i use 1.19.1 (4) and will not upgrade unless i’m forced to do so

  9. Hooray! Clicking names for profiles is awesomeness. You wouldn’t believe how much time this saves me. I used to copy those names, search, open profile, start IM. This takes a lot of steps out of it.

  10. While agree that 1.20 is a nice release indeed, but its amazing to watch Torley spin some clear UI blunders as a good thing. For example hiding tools menu is universally hated and the request for its reversal PJIRA is on the fast track to becoming the one with most votes.

    Removing Fly button from the movement controls, disabling fly button when sitting, disabling one click sit when sitting on another prim are some more examples of dumbing down the viewer (no matter how hard Torely tries to spin these as “improvements”).

    I just hope that this is not a beginging of the trend that will greatly improve 1st hour experience in SL, but make the rest of it much less productive and dumbed down.

  11. Ann Otoole says:

    getting weirdness in edit linked. like moving one linked prim drags a bunch, phantoms, been destroying assemblies all night, buggged. Oh and when someone start typing in an IM and the “so and so is typing” message goes active it tries to steal focus and causes loss of edit linked mode. And the “typing” message focus has also finally correlated to the awful problem with big groups ignoring the do not receive notices flag.

    Guess i’ll be entering pjira text.

    And it is crashing constantly now. The RC is not crashing like this. How do you get a bugged version into production from a stable RC unless you touched the code? naughty naughty. The exact same code base from the RC was supposed to go live. Not some last second jacked up code.

  12. Argent Stonecutter says:

    If you’ve been using the fly button to restore the camera while sitting, you can use shift-left or shift-right to get the same effect (as I noted in the JIRA).

  13. Fernando Dagostino says:

    Most things sound like a good improvement, especially it seems like are not appearing disformed (ruthed) anymore. The way the video is made and especially spoken kind of reminds me of american tell sell tv. lol. It does keep the focus there though.

    HOWEVER, I really think SPOTLIGH Tis not the direction Linden Lab should go to. It means A GROUP OF ELITES, the ones managing spotlight, are the ones in control of OUR ECONOMY. They benefit the ones showed in spotlight and disadvantage the others that are not. To me this seems VERY unfair. Linden Lab should NOT interfere with OUR economy. At least not INSIDE the world of second life.

    It’s kind of like Obama or Bush saying:”Buy a Sony Tv. Sony is good, here is a good location to buy SONY TV’s, while not mentioning other brands.

    A very bad idea…

  14. Indeterminate Schism says:

    1.20 hasn’t crashed or frozen once for me since I installed it an hour after it was announced on the blog. The 1.20 Welcome Page is wonderful and an absolutely fantastic idea.

    ‘Silver’ was pretty but was killing my eyes so I’ve gone back to ‘default’. @10 I thought I’d hate all that (especially Tools) but it is there when I need it. Still getting used to all the other changes, but I love it so far.

  15. Silky Bulloch says:

    Well – I have a couple issues with this new viewer – that TAP TAP is a bothersome troublemaker – shear crazyness adding to the problems – also are there a bunch of left handed Lindens or what – why move the fly button way over to the left side of the screen – very unhandy over there for something thats in constant use………

  16. Fernando Dagostino says:

    as follow up on my previous post, i would like to add that I would not mind only to have places in SPOTLIGHT which are NON COMMERCIAL.

    Also I know locations in spotlight will rotate to an extend, but I’m pretty sure it will show those same old brands we already get shoved down our throat everywhere (in classifieds and such). Just check out spotlight, and you will see what i mean.

  17. Soap Clawtooth says:

    Yeah. This blog is probably not the best blog to complain about the ‘unfixed’ stuff guys. Torley is Resident Education; he’s not anything to do with bug fixing, The Wednesday office hours Andrew Linden on Tuesdays @ 11:00-12:00 and Thursdays @ 17:00-18:00 (Region: Content to Hover) or
    Bridie Linden’s Office Hours on Wednesdays @ 3:00-4:00 PM SLT at BridieLinden’s house in LindenVillage.

    oh and btw: The showcase thing was originally MY IDEA! \o/

  18. Soap Clawtooth says:

    @17 – you numpty – you forget to mention that Wednesdays office hours are for Release Canidate discussion and critical issues effecting the second life experience of Residents and that the Tuesday and Thursday office hours are to discuss technical issues.

    *whacks you with rolled up newspaper*

  19. Honcho HullaBaloo says:

    New stuff is fine. But what is best needed is to FIX PRESENT STUFF.

    Suggestion: the trasparency over transparance effect. There has to be a way to fix this so that trasparencies stack on each other instead of turning them invisible.

    Making SL more user friendly: scripting, texturing, building… I’m not saying dumb it down to grade level educations, but I swear, some of the support material needs support material to decipher.

    You know… stuff like this?

  20. Rooke Ayres says:

    I’ve been using 1.20 from the beginning. I think this viewer is even better than the Nicholaz viewer. It uses way less memory, way less CPU and crashes way less

    Way to go LL! 😀

  21. Takafumi Farina says:

    It is in Linden Lab’s best interest to improve the retention rate of new registered users. This means making the interface easier and more simple. I don’t think it’s going to kill you guys to unhide the Tools menu.

  22. Solace says:

    I love the fact that SL is taking steps towards a better input style – here’s my take on what is missing

    running…. hmmm…. we have wsad as movement so why not hold shift to run… maybe even space to jump? this would be very easy to use 🙂 i know it is because almost all 3d simulations that use wsad have these features.

    key binding anyone? my joystick has 10 buttons that do nothing and the default assignments make it so i have to put the joystick down to do any thing meaningful (like touch an object)

    here’s a neat idea… when clicking and holding on your avatar you get this really awesome 3rd person mouse look… maybe the right mouse could be walk forward during that mode? one handed navigation yes:)

  23. Denver Hax says:

    Well I had a look, but i reverted to the earlier viewer, because I hate the search on it, it is not a good layout. The old search you got a list you could scroll through and find what you needed – this one you have to click through pages and endure adverts you neither asked for nor want.
    please tell me this isn’t going in any future mandatory viewers.

    At least give us the option to use classic search format in any further releases.

  24. Great introductory video Torley 🙂 This new viewer is a great update, I’ve been following 1.20 since the RC, well actually since I’ve been in SL… hehe. Well there are lots of more cool features implemented in this viewer, like the full windlight support, and the new skin is a great enhancement. I’m now looking towards to the Mono support in the client in 1.21?… I think I read that somewhere 🙂

    Anyway it’s awesome release with lots of fixes and enhancements, and I think all Second Life users will enjoy it. Good work LindenLab!

    Greetings the SecondSolutions team

  25. Phantom Ninetails says:

    So you released it without fixing the problem that cripples beacons, eh?

  26. DR Dahlgren says:

    Well, I took your advice Torley and downloaded this viewer. I am quite dissappointed in truth. The TOOLS button is now missing even though many have expressed a desire to leave it on the toolbar. It enabled stop / run / reset scripts without going into edit, etc. Now I have extra steps for those functions. Beacons seem to be borked up, which as a land owner I use. Guess I will have to either revert to 1.19 or see if I can edit code to put the tool button back.

    And I thought LL was finally listening… oh well.


  27. Lesheran says:

    Takafumi: You are right hiding the tools menu won’t kill me. It’s kind of neat… at least the idea of it is. It was throwing me off when I’d go to the advanced or help menus. So adding a toggle to leave it there for the large installed base that do mind would be a good idea.

    A number of the “improvements” in 1.20 I found annoying as well, such as the stats bar being a floating window wit ha scroll bar that shows up in it now. So I’ll be sticking with 1.19 and checking out the alt viewers.

  28. DaBull Hansup says:

    Why is that everytime I download a new version of SL lately, the camera controls…when you cam over and look down on yourself, or a project….then u try and go east, west, north or south, and it goes haywire, spinning, instead of the nice steady straight line? I am a builder, and this drives me nuts.

  29. Geneko’s Default joystick setting for dual-analog game controllers:
    X:2 Y:5 Z:1 P:-1 Y:0 R:-1 Zoom:-1
    or Left walks/turns, Right strafes/flies

    (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Geneko_Nemeth for more elaboration)

  30. Tulip Farella says:

    I like this 1.20. The only thing that needs to be changed is the colour of the IM tab, as its white, its hard to see whats a new Im, and i have to scroll through all of them seeing which have new additions.
    It did use to be a differant colour, and that changed a few versions ago, just needs to be changed back.
    Making the tab blue for new,would be nice,and fit with the colour scheme.
    Other than that, perfect.

  31. cutekid2 twine says:

    Second Life Installer download no longer works i run Test Viewers Release Candidate Viewers i run 1.20v no server for me log on to
    so i run Release Candidate Viewers or not run sl it need b fix

  32. cutekid2 twine says:

    add good tip run Release Candidate Viewers new viewer no point run old 1.24v cooler
    add yes port on my bug 60days a go

  33. Star Beebe says:

    RE:1.19 VERSION
    NOT 1.20

  34. isaque says:

    oiof dfdshfyshhhhj

  35. Yanik Lytton says:

    Thanks for the video Torley. Really appreciated!

    Sad thing, I never crashed this much since the last update.

  36. Qiana Tuqiri says:

    Installed 1.20 and my graphics quality went right out the window! Everything is blurred and detail is gone. It’s crappy now, quite frankly. I’m not a happy camper. Their solution to me, after I told them I tried adjusting adjusting my graphics settings was….adjust my graphics settings. Gee, wish I’d thought of that….thanks for nothing, guys! Even with putting every setting at its highest quality, nothing changes. Oddly, no matter what changes I make, the graphics all stay just the same, no better, no worse….that’s not right. I’ve also found much more lag everywhere I go that wasn’t there in just the 15 minutes before I “upgraded” (some upgrade). So, that must be related to it, too. Another person said the same thing….just before he crashed…and then, I crashed!

  37. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    I found a reproducible bug;

    1. Launch SL
    2. Crash

    SL is the only program that has ever taken down my entire OS, and does it on an annoyingly consistent basis – no reason at all. I’ve never had to force-reboot my machine 20 times a day.

    Sometimes on launch, sometimes during the progress bar, sometimes when I move or turn, sometimes when I’m not doing anything but staring out at the sea horizon. How can you diagnose something like that?

  38. Honcho HullaBaloo says:

    Great… Now the camera controls respond like a drunk wh… escort. That just makes being a photographer on SL even harder. How the hell can you pan in for the proper show when camera view flops all over the place.


  39. Honcho HullaBaloo says:

    Wait… turning off camera smoothing fixes it (sure… lets set the defalt to something usless and let them figure out how to fix it. It’s a learning experience!)

  40. jz paine says:

    Wonders why so many folks have such a dislike for LL. God, b*t*ch, bi*c*, get a life, or better buy a computer that works, get a better video card, find a better ISP. I have been in SL since 2004 and have never seen boards like this do nothing but complain. Get a life.. better yet go back to 1st life and let the rest of us enjoy Second Life.

    By the way, nice video, as usual Tory. You Rock!

  41. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I see the Showcase has been rammed into the viewer, and includes for-profit shops, despite a number of us arguing at meetings that it should not.

    The Showcase is a special tab where the Lindens funnel people to places of interest, which unfortunately include their own picks of who should get the (mostly hair and fashion) business. This is grossly unfair to other hair and fashion businesses, and also undermines the Classifieds. The few and weak reasons given for why these stores “have to” be included in the Showcase simply don’t hold water.

    How anyone can take SL seriously as a reasonably place of commerce when the game gods insist on pimping their own choices of stores is entirely beyond me. (And calling the process “editorial” doesn’t sanitize it at all; sorry.(

    I’d also like to note that I am still unable to scroll through either the new (and benighted) Search All tab, OR the Showcase tab, despite running SL in windowed mode as was suggested to me when I submitted a support ticket about it. I can see only the first few entries. LL is aware that this is an issue for a number of people.

    Why does LL insist on putting new systems in, and keeping them in, which clearly DO NOT WORK for a number of people? (Or even harm people directly and unfairly, like the automated banning system.) Don’t you expect your things to work? Why don’t you make sure things at least work before you force them on us?

    And when I say “force them on us,” I mean precisely that.


  42. aldina roux says:

    I have one irritating problem since the latest update. I see multicolour vertical pole at avatars 30-50m from me. The poles seems they are somehow like colours derived from the avatars. the pole moves when the avatar moves. it disappears when I get near them. I have friends who have this problem too. I hope this can be fixed.

  43. Arella Springvale says:

    I want my fly button back! (the one on the movement controls)

  44. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Who is the captain of the failboat that decided that hiding the TOOLS menu counts as “uncluttering” the UI?

    If you REALLY want to unclutter things – look to the bar of buttons at the bottom. Why can’t we pick and choose what buttons appear down there?

    Look at “Apple User Interface Guidelines” for tips on how to make your UI more user-friendly and uncomplicated. If your UI developers aren’t aware of AUIG they’re not doing the basic research essential to their work.

    You know who uses incidental hiding of menus? BLENDER, that’s who – one of the very worst examples of UI torture ever devised (no matter how often they say “once you get used to it you’ll wish all programs worked like this” BS – once I got used to it I wished their developers would be frog-marched to Guantanamo for torturing innocent civilians).

  45. matika Wombat says:

    I seen some nice features in the new viewer. The only thing that I find anoying, is the springiness the camera controls have. Does not help my vertigo issues and limits the work I can do because of it.
    I am sure it has been reported in the issue tracker, which by the way, I can never figure out how to use, there should be just an easier way to navitage through it for us rookies, or an explanation on how to use it. Perhaps it is and I just need to climb from under the rock I been hidding under.

  46. Rita Munro says:

    What shall I say:
    My first crash was before I even saw the log-in bar.
    *pouf* SL dissappeard from my screen.

    Stop creating “new features” please!
    Use the time better to do away with the ShowStopper bugs reported to Jira for so many months.


  47. Tegg B says:

    Cool Vid Torley, I like the couble tap run feature.
    Hopefully we will get run to work somehow with SN so we can ramp up speed.
    Also The lipsynch is creat I hope it can be set to work with local chat soon too for those of us who only use voice sometimes.

  48. Freddy Ferrentino says:

    Why am I crashing all the time in 1.20.15? It seems as soon as another Avitar comes into the screen i get a display driver error that immediatley corrects itself but it’s too late. I have crashed.

    Help!!! HP Pavillion with geforce 8500 graphic card.

  49. Sephy McCaw says:

    man, you people need to quit complaining…. and you also need to find out what “optional download” means… if you DONT like it rever back to b 1.19.4….. quit complaing and do something else to fix it… sheesh…. great work on the vids btw torely…. watch them everytime you bbring a new one out

  50. domineaux prospero says:

    I may be daft but why hide the tools menu but leave that annoying release keys button there above the toolbar floating by itself? The tools menu is not and was not in the way of anything. That release keys button sure is. Maybe I missed something and there is a simple way to get rid of the release keys button. I’m pretty sure the release keys button isn’t used much. That begs the question, why is it still there? Can it not be placed in the toolbar or perhaps put into the tool menu? Why is it such an important function that it requires its own little area? By the way 3 cheers for this from the grid status page

    Do you think you may have missing inventory?
    Posted by admin on July 24th, 2008 at 10:36 am PDT

    We have just completed a project that recovered a large set of missing inventory items.

    You can check your Inventory “Lost & Found” folder for possible returned items.

    The best way to see whether any of your things have been recovered is to clear your Second Life Viewer cache, restart your Second Life Viewer, log back inworld and then check your Inventory. Any recovered items will be located in their owner’s “Lost & Found” folder.

    These particular recovered items were not showing up in Residents’ inventories because they did not have a parent folder. Please note that items lost for other reasons would not be affected by this project.

    Generally, if you suspect an inventory loss problem, the first thing to do is clear your cache and relog. For more information see the Wiki Inventory page.

    We are working on a patch that will put any items that become lost in future because of a missing parent folder problem into the “Lost & Found” folder automatically upon relogging.
    [Resolved] LindeX Website Problems with IE

    I finally got my huddles back that was loaded with no copy dances and animations that was lost for months due to ……..wait for it……..
    clicking release keys by accident!

  51. Liliannah Triellis says:

    I was sitting here thinking eh…dont want to update…then i watched this and *click* im updating

    im so excited!!! 😀

  52. Firebird Nightfire says:

    I really love that being Ruthed no longer leaves you looking like my Aunt Ruth (no matter how much I love her, I just don’t want her face on my avatar!), but instead a mystical will-o-whisp.

    When is customizable skinning coming out? I’m looking forward to putting my own personal touch on the viewer.

  53. Jago Constantine says:

    #49 “i get a display driver error that immediatley corrects itself but it’s too late. I have crashed. Help!!! HP Pavillion with geforce 8500 graphic card”

    I’ve had this twice as well. Running an 8800.

  54. Bellini Cazalet says:

    Awesome tutorial, Torley! Thank you for all that you do to make our (newbie & seasoned citizens alike) SL more enjoyable. *smile*

  55. Me says:

    While the new viewer seems to use a lot less memory which is great I must say that I will go back to 1.19 – mainly because I still hate the New All search even though I really tried to like it, it takes so much longer to find whatever one is looking for – could we please have the old search back so everyone can decide which one they want to use?

    And I agree with what has been said a lot of times before – showcase entries should be all non-commercial by all means.

    Having had a look at showcase I think I will cancel all but one cheap 50ls classified, I think picking a coulple of stores out of the thousands of stores is nothing but unfair to the rest of all content creators.

    Nothing wrong at all with no-commercial listings, but this goes too far for my own liking…

  56. IshtarAngel Micheline says:

    When will linden lab finally fix the C++ runtime error in windows. I have been struck with this in the release canadate. I run Nvdia which had no problem until this batch of RC. I have run the new version of the Primary client and am being struck with this error once again. Can anyone help

  57. SL Player™ says:

    Another good one

  58. R. H. says:

    @OpenSource Obscure

    Thank You!
    Takes a while to load that mirror BUT IT LOADS (really big *shiny effervescent* grin)
    2 other responders, first thing I checked into was false positives in the router, firewall mistakes, etc etc network issues….btw also can’t reach microsoft.com
    should probably get off my lazy arse and look to ISP support, this is getting out of hand not being able to reach large presence sites
    tnx for the feedback
    PS: any similar mirror for jira? can’t reach either,, obviously can’t log in from a mirror but @ least I could follow some issues on a mirror

  59. Madds Choche says:

    I like alot of the features implemented but I still have ONE HUGE GRIPE about the new viewer….


    now it flies all over the screen and is barely in my control anymore. This is not a hardware issue of mine so please don’t tell me that it’s not the viewer. The camera is more of a cinematic kind than actually functional. In a laggy area I have to wait 1 minute or longer sometimes before the camera settles down.

    I want to revert, but i can not find where to get 1.19 again. alas I shall be stuck forevermore.

  60. DhouZhang Fhang says:

    I had two crashes within half an hour of running the new client, so i logged in with the Release Candidate and guess what? was able to stay on for nearly two hours. Guess those servers still haven’t been upgraded to match the client upgrade.

  61. Urantia Jewell says:

    @60 Madds Choche,

    The camera controls are adjustable in Preferences. Adjust camera smoothing lower or off completely to resolve your issue.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  62. DR Dahlgren says:

    OMG Torley – They may have fixed something, but they sure seemed to have borked up a lot else. On top of the tool bar issue and beacons, my camera vibrates all over the place when ever I move it using controls, sit doesn’t work unless you are right nex to the object and nothing is inbetween you and the target, I seem to tp to the ground all the time, even if that happens to be under something like a road.

    Sorry, this viewer is not even ready for prime time. Back to 1.19.4 for me.

    And I am afraid it may a be a bit before I take your advice again Torley. Your video is fine, but the recommendation to use this viewer was bad.


  63. DR Dahlgren says:

    Recommendation folks, when you download a viewer, select SAVE after you click the link, and save it to your hard drive, then install. That way you always have a copy in case the next release sucks like this one does. You can uninstall and revert back to the prev release since you still have the files.


  64. cutekid2 twine says:

    Second Life Release Candidate Viewer 1.23.3 works for me
    Second Life 1.19 and 1.20 do not work for me
    i do not crash Second Life Release Candidate Viewer 1.23.3
    i run game ultra+ draw distance 512m

  65. cutekid2 twine says:

    and my leg super low in i load 8sims

  66. Alvi Halderman says:



  67. Phantom Ninetails says:

    You can get the old here:

    And here:

    (You know, I said this before, but people are still saying they can’t find it, so..)

  68. Ron Crimson says:

    cutekid2: There is no 1.23.3 viewer. And if you’re not running 1.20 OR 1.19, then what ARE you running? o_O

    BTW, it amazes me how people can watch this wideo and STILL completely miss the new camera settings… I can’t believe how many complaints there have been about them – sorry, guys, but are you really that clueless that you can’t figure out a simple new feature like that even after it’s been shown to you? I don’t get it. o_O

  69. Ryou Yiyuan says:

    I like that version. At beginning can be disturbing. Funny sword Torley.

  70. Torley,

    Thanks for the interesting video, but after 2 days of using 1.20 I am returning to 1.19.


    I cannot abide the loss of the Tools menu from my viewer. As a builder, this change is unwelcome, unwanted and frankly, causes more problems that it solves. I don’t understand WHY building had to be made more complicated that it needs to be for SL content creators.

    I don’t want to deal with workarounds and added complexity when building!

    As a teacher of building classes for beginners, let me reassure you that the presence of the Tools menu has NEVER been a cause of problems or confusion for new builders in any of my classes.

    Not ONCE!!

    In fact, it was the most obvious place to explore to find the tool they wanted. Now, they are going to be lost and confused again.

    I’d rather suffer freezes and the odd crash with Viewer 1.19 if it means I get my Tools menu back!


  71. Charlene Siemens says:

    I like the lip-sync feature.

    It makes you look like you’re in a badly dubbed movie 😉

  72. Masuyo Aabye says:

    the lip sync is funny when people are stupid enough to still think they’re cool to play music through voice. it makes them look a lot more stupid than before (if thats possible)

  73. Jonathan Snow says:

    And again Linden goes on with adding voice features while I never see any people using voice.
    Changable user-interface? How can I get my friendsbutton back, how can I make the too large windows smaller? But the biggest thing: WHO ON EARTH ASKED LINDEN TO TAKE ‘TOOLS’ OUT OF THE MENU ???????

    It is clear with everything Linden does, that, although they say they are listening to the residents, they just go their own way and we just have to accept and pay or leave.
    I stick to the Nicholaz viewers as that guy at least listened to what we,the residents, wanted.

  74. Nad Gough says:

    I’d like to offer some verbagé for the team’s big news.

    “Thank you all for providing feedback for the RC leading up to a release where suddenly we just go ahead and do what we think would be neat because we know better than you what you need. We knew that this viewer was ready to go live, because your expressions that it needs more work are simply the opinions of ‘users’! We hope you enjoy the new surprises, we even fixed stuff that wasn’t in need of fixins! And as always, we appreciate your patience.”

  75. Lisa Lowe says:

    And another awesome educational video. Keep them coming Torley. You rock! 🙂

  76. Soap Clawtooth says:

    I use voice all the time. As do my friends.

  77. Tegg B says:

    Jonathan Snow Says: “And again Linden goes on with adding voice features while I never see any people using voice. Changable user-interface? How can I get my friendsbutton back, how can I make the too large windows smaller? But the biggest thing: WHO ON EARTH ASKED LINDEN TO TAKE ‘TOOLS’ OUT OF THE MENU ???????”

    Well if you don’t have voice turned on, you won’t know people are using voice around you.
    I can agree with the craziness of tools tab dissapearing, so here’s my fix, adding Link/Unlink to the pie menu whilst editing.


  78. ticious trottier says:

    About the showcase, I’ve been running completely non-profit (no mall) music venues and presenting upwards of 20 hours of live music for 19 months. The Hummingbird Cafe is the home of the longest continuously running open mic in Second Life (over 2 years, maybe pushing 3 years) but anyone looking at the showcase is gonna think there’s less than a dozen venues in Second Life and they’re going to tp to them to find a mall or an empty parcel. Yet, Rocky Shores, the Hummingbird Cafe and most of the other long running, well established, not for profit venues are NOT included in the Showcase and I for one never saw a call to submit my venue.

    I did submit my venue for the Venue List that was called for several months ago, I do see Lindens on my venue and at the Hummingbird (there are a couple semi-reg Lindens at the Hummingbird).

    What is the criteria for inclusion?

  79. Easily one of the best releases yet and one of the most exciting VidTut’s from you Torley. Thanks for amplifying our awesome. You continue to rock and I know I’m not alone when I say I’m really glad we’ve got you around.^^

    Thank you thank you thank you Linden Lab for making world and viewer stability a priority!


  80. Gabrielle Petronius says:

    I’ve had nothing but poor performance since going to 1.20. I want a link to get the old 1.19 back! I’m lucky if I get over 10fps on a good day since upgrading to 1.20. Nice to see LL -STILL- can’t get their act together.

  81. Gabrielle Petronius says:

    If ANYONE can provide me with a link to the 1.19 viewer, I would be MUCH abliged. I’ve used 1.20 and it sucks. I was quite content with 1.19. Next time I will wait a while before I upgrade.

  82. Ener Hax says:

    seems to work very well for me. thank you LL for continuing to improve it all. and Torley! what a long video, lol, packed with good info, I always learn new stuff from all of your videos.

    i can’t imagine where i would be in sl if i did not have all the tips, tricks, and general knowledge from your videos.

    thank you 🙂

  83. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Willo-the-wisp in SL?! Cool! I love Kenneth Williams. 😀
    BTW lip synch is hilarious in my viewer due to my noisy pc. Looks like I’m talking when I’m not so gives an interesting ‘goldfish’ look. Ahahaha.

  84. Thanks for the video Torley!

    I really didn’t know you could run by hitting W twice now. 🙂

  85. Holocluck Henley says:

    It wasn’t mentioned how to stop running via arrow keys. Is it double down-arrow? Or control-R like before the release?

    How about all this hype about shadows and enhanced lighting effects? Can you do a tutorial about that? Thanks!

  86. Kahiro Watanabe says:

    @78… lot off ppl uses voice. And it’s something useful for conferences, business meetings, etc.

    I miss the Friend button.

    The tools menu disappearing, don’t like that neither… I suppose they’re trying to make things simpler…who knows.

  87. Alexia says:

    it’s not as bad as I feared – and they’ve *almost* fixed the problem with paid classifieds not displaying.. ok, they actually haven’t but I’m trying to be nice.

    my main question is, how do you join a group now? in group search it doesn’t display the join button anymore.. the only way i can find to do it is to call up the group owner’s profile and click on the group in the profile.. sigh.. i shake my head at you lot, haven’t you ever heard of end to end process testing?? it’s not as if you haven’t had enough time..

  88. Rex says:

    Great job on the video Torley! You need to get out more!

  89. Fernando Dagostino says:

    Another thing i just noticed about showcase: The location pictures displayed look like they are random screenshots made randomly somewhere within or close to the location, most often displaying the entrance of a building that could be anything.

    They do in no way represent any of the positive lines next to them like ‘beautiful location’. How should someone see if this place is really interesting or not if the display picture does not display anything that even looks attractive to visit.

    Also I visited quite some of the locations that are displayed and I seem to end up in random malls I can find in any random sim selected on the map. Just as it is unfair, it does not even succeed in displaying locations that seem to be better than the average.

  90. DR Dahlgren says:

    78 Tegg B – The issue with the TOOLS button is not during edit and certainly not Link / UnLink when the edit panel is displayed, Cntl L and Cntl Shift L work great. The issue is having to open the edit panel to get to the script options, the selection options and the save options. I have never seen a request to remove this button, though LL decided it had to go, but have seen numerous requests to remove the Releasse Keys button, but there it sits.

    Go figure


  91. Erinyse Planer says:

    @ rquiana upgrade (and if nvidea also backstep) your drivers. In almsot all cases that is a symptom that your drivers are wrong.

    @rita Thats what happens when you run UNSUPPORTED hardware that fails to meet the minimum requirements.
    20% lower crashrate by those that do use the correct settings shows that LL is doing something right. I’m able on a system that is jsut slightly above minimum specs to run sl for over 24 hours without a crash. most of my crashes are actually disconnects brought on by my antiviral

    Bringing bac k the tools menu IS on the agenda everyone. it jsut didnt make it for this release. But it is being discussed ALLOT!

  92. DR Dahlgren says:

    @93 Erinyse Planer – ie Bringing back the tools menu IS on the agenda everyone. it jsut didnt make it for this release. But it is being discussed ALLOT!

    Funny – I don’t see Linden at the end of your name. I would be very careful in how you say things. Promising something like the TOOLS button being placed back on the viewer certainly seems a bit outside your domain. And that is clearly what you have implied.


  93. uh-oh says:

    @Phantom Ninetails
    Thank you for posting the link to the old viewer. As soon as I tried to use the new one, the driver not responding error for my video card came back. I have not had this error since december when I upgraded to Windows Vista.
    I have a high end computer so I know it is not on my end. What has changed? the new viewer.

  94. uh-oh says:

    How do you find the tool bar? I mean you need it to reset scripts, link or unlink objects and many other things. Is removing this some kind of parting shot from a fired employee at LL to piss people off?

  95. Kenny Devoix says:

    Its easy to find the toolbar either edit something or hit the build button on the bottom and it appears. That said I hope they put it back how it was I feel it was a lot more convient there myself.

  96. Firebird Nightfire says:

    LL probably figured it was kinda pointless to show the Tools button when you have nothing selected, since most of the items in the Tools window are only usable on selected items anyway. I’ve done seversl builds since I downloaded 1.20 – in classes where time is tight, no less – and the Tools button was there when I needed it: when I had to do something with a selected item.

  97. Phantom Ninetails says:

    I used to often just select things by right clicking them, and use the tools menu to modify them without opening the editor. Now I cannot do this because the tools menu does not appear unless the whole editor is opened.

    I also used to toggle “select only my objects” often in sandboxes, and now I cannot do this until I open the editor.

    When Mono comes around it is going to be even harder to “recompile scripts in selection” if we have to open the editor first instead of just being able to right click the objects and do it.

  98. Daten Thielt says:

    why is everyone complaining, does the term Recompile scripts in SELECTION or reset scripts in SELECTION not give you a clue that you cant reset them untill they are selected? gawd its so simple yet people dont get it. most if not all of them things in that menu cannot be used unless ur editing something

  99. Ron Crimson says:

    Regarding the Tools menu… here’s what I don’t understand.

    If you’re building, you’re very likely to be editing some object at just about any time. And if you’re editing, the Tools menu is open. Likewise, you can’t be linking/unlinking prims or resetting scripts if you aren’t rightclicking the object in question and selecting ‘Edit’ from the pie menu (because that’s how you highlight it so you can link/unlink/reset in the first place).

    So what’s the problem?

    It’s not that I don’t agree with bringing the Tools menu back permanently. I just don’t see why BUILDERS are complaining about not having the Tools menu, when by their very nature they should have it staring in their faces almost all the time. I must be missing something very obvious… o_O

  100. Phantom Ninetails says:

    On and earlier, right clicking (JUST THAT, not opening the editor too) was enough to select the object for using the tools menu’s options. The editor is not required to select an object. Not in ANY version. The editor is only now requred to access the tools menu. This is a bad thing, this is what we are complaining about, although there are tools menu options that we want to use without even having something selected, such as “select only my objects”.


  101. Ron Crimson says:

    I see. Thanks for explaining it, Phantom. ^_^

  102. Jonathan Snow says:

    As so many replied to the tools button.
    I only need the toolbutton when there NOT something to rightclick and edit. I use the toolbutton when I am hovering above and want to zone select by dragging. Without that button I first have to rightclick something and then I can zone select. But my point is that NOBODY asked for the removal of the button and I have not seen any survey on it. Just like another poster said: almost everybody wants the irritating “detach” button OUT of the screen but this is totally ignored.

  103. Alex Alas says:

    However start/stop movie still crashes on Mac OS X

    Please sort that out!

  104. Taff Nouvelle says:

    There are a few problems with tis viewer, crashes with a memory leak, the tools button, white text on a white background fo IMs, just to name a few.

    on another poi8nt can someone tell me why LL wants all europeans out of SL??
    Why do we have to pay more than non europeans so that we cannot earn enough to own the sims that we paid a lot of real money for, BEFORE LL changed the rules. IsLLO anto european, I believe that comes under racial discrimination.

  105. Balpien Hammerer says:

    [oops, I posted this in the server rollout instead of here]

    THe latest released 1.20 viewer is broken

    So sad to report that the viewer memory leak is back. See: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7376 (which, BTW, has not been assigned to anyone since it was opened two months ago). The latest main viewer, 1.20.15… has a memory leak that causes it to crash after about an hour. You can speed up this process by visiting different SIMs. The texture cache builds up and up then after a ver short while the viewer crashes. Crash dumps sent.

  106. Taff Nouvelle says:

    sorry for the typos, I should read before I press the submit button.
    There are a few problems with this viewer, crashes with a memory leak, the tools button, white text on a white background for IMs, just to name a few. and yes the memory leak is texture related, go to a concert where there are a lot of particles being used and the crash arrives very early.

    on another point can someone tell me why LL wants all europeans out of SL??
    Why do we have to pay more than non europeans so that we cannot earn enough to own the sims that we paid a lot of real money for, BEFORE LL changed the rules. Is LL anti european, I believe that comes under the racial discrimination act in the UK.

  107. Muzicole says:

    All of you complaining about crashes… If those of us with bang up to date quad core PCs with GeForce 9 series graphics are to continue to enjoy the developing world of SecondLife, then some of you lot with 5 year old creaky PCs with weak graphics and tiny RAM are gonna have to go. There are a few things in SL I don’t like, inconveniences and so on, but I have no regular problems with SL crashing. Maybe it’s because I have really good hardware… The march of progress. Bring it on 🙂

  108. Taff Nouvelle says:

    you are so wrong , the memory leak is there, the fact that you have a lot of memory hides that fact, ok we can all add 8 gigs of memory and that will hide the problem, it will STILL be there, there is a memory leak in the texture cache. plain and simple,

  109. Taff Nouvelle says:

    Also, I should mention that not everyone in SL can afford an up to date computer, the vision of SL was to bring the whole world in, A person in a third world country has as much right as you to use SL. must be nice to be rich and uncaring 🙂

  110. Muzicole says:

    And yet I have only 4Gb of RAM and can stay logged on seemingly indefinitely…

    I’m not rich and uncaring. I struggled hard to afford my new PC, knowing that if I didn’t, I’d lose out on the SL experience. I considered it worth spending the money, since the alternative was not to be in SL any more. You can’t ‘bring the whole world in’ because if you make SL something that will run on a $100 laptop then it can’t embrace the cutting edge of virtual worlds, which is what SL has always done. I remember designing web pages years ago and being careful that none of the images was too large, because otherwise the page would take too long to load over a dial-up connection. You can’t develop software without expecting the pace of hardware to keep up. There may be casualties. In a few years, if I can’t upgrade my computer again, I may be one of them. It’s a fact of life. But people who complain that SL doesn’t run well on their their 1.3GHz Celeron are simply in cloud cuckoo land. Personally I hope that everyone is forced to upgrade to the latest viewer soon, so that limitations of needing to make SL compatible with earlier versions can be discarded.

  111. Daten Thielt says:

    i have a gig pc and run sl on high, never crash and dont get bogged down. AND im using ATI i built my pc for under 300 GBP so it shows u aint gota be rich, just do research befor buying any old peice of rubbish

  112. Alisha Matova says:


    Lots of add issues that were not in the RC. Why such a big change from RC to release? There should be NO code changes at that stage… I am now having issues with Ctrl Z or “undo”. Seems to only work when it wants to. Other issues with editing linked objects…. It may be me, but textures even load a bit slower than the last RC.

    I do not understand the added complexity of the tools menu, was it really confusing that many people? Especially with the silly and never used “release key” floating by its self…

    If you want to simplify the viewer for new users,I understand but, I have a better idea.

    Make a “newbie” viewer and a separate Dev viewer. The Newbie viewer can be very simple and can even change a lot. The Dev viewer can be a continuation of what we are using, BUT the UI buttons and menus would remain consistent.

    This would help with the frustration older users have due to constant change in the UI, and free the Newbie viewer up for UI experimentation.

    just a though


  113. Angsty Rossini says:


    So, the developers spent work effort to REMOVE Tools from the Menu bar – without any user requests or consultation for this change…

    And now they are going to spend further work effort to return the Tool menu in a possible future release.

    *sigh* A clasic IT sign of not getting the User Requirements correctly documented and prioritised 😦

    And I have yet to see any evidence of the Users requesting this change. You can’t just make this stuff up in the shower one morning… right?

  114. Further proof (This release 1.20) to continue to use the custom viewers who listen to the player base – but I can’t help but wonder why the company that makes the money off this game doesn’t give two cats and a bottle of beer about what the majority of their paying base wants.

    Links to Viewers that arn’t bad *(aka not official ^~)*
    Do yourself a favor and use something that works well ^^

    FYI – Torley makes great vids for instruction – but I respect a no spin zone when it comes to failing ‘features’.

  115. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    This has been my experience today…. Got on with the latest release candidate, modified my sim fractionally, put on some clothes, tp’d to Freebie dungeon at Deva Loka. Froze up after a total of 12 minutes 47 seconds. So i cleared my cache and logged off before the lack of activity crashed me off. I then log back on using this regular client. Crashed – as detailed above – after 45 seconds. So much for the highly vaulted “new” regular client.

  116. Norma Desmond Junior says:

    in the last month I have had so many hard crashes on my iMAC, and inventory loading after a cache clear still blows my dsl line off. Only with 1.19.0(5) do I get few minutes on steady -but I rarely get to log myself off. How can Linden go after education market-which is Apple heavy without a steady and stable client–that works on some pretty basic Apples? Thank you Torley–another great video!!

  117. Shadoe Landman says:

    @ 112 Muzicole
    It’s really not like me to put in this type of comment, so let me apologize ahead of time. “only 4Gb of RAM” ?? That’s probably much more than most people have. I have 502 MB (after upgrading from what came on my computer when I bought it several years ago.) I wish I had the skills to build my own, but buying a new computer now is not possible. I don’t meet the minimum requirements, but SL still runs (with a lot of lag). Sorry, I just had to put my 2 cents in. 🙂

  118. Shadoe Landman says:

    Sorry, meant 512 MB of Ram. Wish we could edit our comments, hint hint.

  119. Sandor Balczo says:

    I know I should probably post or vote for a Jira report or contact support, but just for info, do any other Mac users experience the following?

    1. From the web options in the Preferences menu, choose to see pages in the built-in browser.

    2. When you try to load a web page, you only get a black screen.

    That would not be a problem with regular web pages because you can always elect to use your own browser, but this glitch affects all search pages within SL, which are managed by the built-in browser.

    This problem was already in the RCs and official viewers since 1.19 and Mac users reported it frequently.

    Thanks in advance for some feedback from other Mac users.

    Sandor 🙂

  120. Esteban Feld says:

    Hello, the new viewer runs really well for me so far. I haven’t crashed with it yet, used to crash every few hours with 1.19. I like how it handles, feels slightly less laggy as well. Guess I’ve been one of the lucky ones in that respect, ….. BUT I have a problem with web browsing (and I do not have a Mac). Even when I change my preference to in-world browser, hit apply and ok, whenever I open a link it’s Internet Explorer that comes up! Is there any fix for this please?

    Also, I told a friend of mine (who is using the new viewer) about the disable camera constraints option, which I had seen Torley demonstrate in one of his clips. And she says that after selecting it, and trying it out, she is now seeing like a blue mist over her avatar’s head, and red or green mist when clicking objects. She enabled camera constraints again but that has not helped. Does anyone have an inkling of what has happened? She is a builder and is now very unhappy at her viewing being messed up like this. Torley, or someone else, please help!

  121. Anaxa says:

    Nice new update again, specialy the new features..
    I have one question., DID YOU lindens, REALLY TEST?

    5 MIN with the new viewer i found the first crash:
    search->groups->view my groups CLICK->CRASH

  122. Bubba B says:

    I have used 1.20.15 for the weekend on my Mac with 10.4.11 OS and found it to be relatively problem free. I started really liking the RC at 1.20.14 and this release is pretty good IMO.

    I did notice one glitch. Floating text that used to have multiple lines stretches out to one long line. After investigating a bit, I found this occurs if there is a space after the line break command (\n). Take out the spaces in the script and the floating text goes back to multiple lines. I wish I could fix some of the no modify items I have with floating text. The information above my bubble gum machine stretches from one side of my restaurant to the other.

  123. Ron Crimson says:

    @122 Esteban: one of my SL sisters had the exact same problem a long time ago. What had happened was that she accidentally enabled “Show Updates” in the Advanced menu. Turn it off and there you go. 🙂

  124. Pingback: [UPDATED] SecondLife finally rolls out 1.20 viewer « I’m Just an Avatar

  125. Erinyse Planer says:

    @ 94 Well maybe if you would go to soem of the office hours you’ld know why i am confident in saying that. So how about dropping the implied threats?

  126. Erinyse Planer says:

    @118 the education market is Mac-heavy? Um where? Outside of purely art oriented schools, most universities I have seen (university of Michigan, Ohio University, Ohio State University, USC, NCU, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Miami University, rtc, etc, etc,) have have one maybe two mac labs with maybe 100 macs between them. And at least 10 times as many pcs.
    Macs simply cost to much, cannot be as easily repaired, and cant run all the programs a pc can. I know schools that refuse to even support macs because of this.

    @116 I’ve tired those. they crashed me FAR more then anything SL has. Actually, with the last few rcs and the currant mainline version of .20I’ve rarely crashed at all, and when I have its been on my laptop which doesn’t really meet minimum specs but still does a decent job of running sl anyways….

  127. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @118: education market-which is Apple heavy

    You’re a decade or more out of date. Schools stopped using Macs a long time ago. They now use cheap Windows PCs in their mission to teach children to be good drones.

  128. Aw thanks! I’m glad my video could make a positive difference. 😀


    Your comments are a diverse buffet — what I mean is, they are a plethora of so many directions with different flavors and opinions. From that, I can identify certain areas of focus to followup on which’ll hopefully help make things easier for *you*…

    So, as always, please make sure reproducible bugs are reported in our Issue Tracker. See “I still have bugs…” at the bottom of https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/1.20

    You beloved longtime watchers know I have my share of UI gripes (dig up my extensive and multilayered history). So as I stumble across other stuff I don’t find very, uh, useful, you can bet I’ll bring it to our Resident Experience Team.

    SPEAKING OF… *IMPORTANT UPDATE* re: TOOLS MENU… there’s some additional context we need to consider, and if you care about this, check out Periapse Linden’s recent update on 2008-07-25: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6328?focusedCommentId=70137#action_70137 In the meantime, there’s a workaround.

    And now I need to apologize for not mentioning that in the video. We’ll keep exploring other ways to make the UI simpler — we have inhouse testing facilities for discoverability, and check out Dusan Writer’s initiative: http://dusanwriter.com/?p=662

    Why is my camera move like I drunk? WHAT DO THE CAMERA SLIDERS DO!???

    Fantastic question.

    Watch this and set them as you like:

    » http://youtube.com/watch?v=Xcc-A4KTdio

    If there’s a lot of problems with the 1.20 defaults, I’ll advocate for improving them.

    More recent video QUICKTIPS as requested, showing stuff that’s hard to explain in words:

    » http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/07/23/20-video-quicktips-to-ultracharge-your-second-life/

    Yes, the Showcase is indeed open to Resident suggestions and submissions for consideration! See this:

    » http://secondlife.com/showcase/faq.php

    (The link was a bit unobvious for me to find, I’ll ask that it be more visible. It’s the “What is Showcase?” one.) Please go ahead and do that.

    This was the first time I’ve done a video specifically for a new version’s features, and from the responses, it sounds like a fine notion to do more. So stay tuned, and there’s more awesome video tutorials coming up! In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Second Life through my video tutorials, see:

    » http://secondlife.com/video

  129. Saiki Spirt says:

    torley, you lied! lol well, hey,not expected to know everything, right? I can confirm that color changes can go on the fly, as I often change it myself, however, I’m using an xml exploit to lessen my UI size, so I have to restart SL when I make any change to the viewer, but it does go on the fly, I know this for a fact.

  130. @Saiki: Awesome, thanks for the correction. Here’s what happened: I filmed in a slightly older version before the “final” 1.20 came out. In the somewhat-aged RC, most Chat Colors, but not URLs, changed on-the-fly. Now, I find URLs do too, as soon as I paste the next line.

    Things move so fast here — I appreciate you pointing that out! YOU ROCK!

  131. Frank Northmead says:

    “A person in a third world country has as much right as you to use SL”

    Hmm, interesting. I thought SL was a commercial enterprise by a private for profit company. As such the company can/should/will decide who they want for their target customer base. I see no RIGHT to use SL. That said, it is a decision LL should consider carefully – how many to exclude from the target customer base. At some point an alternative will arrive.

  132. Electro Burnstein says:

    A small but very good feature that you did not describe which is new in 1.20: You can flip to the next page of results in the People search. Some people which were impossible to find before (Try “M Linden”) can be found that way now 🙂

  133. Saiki Spirt says:


    I have noticed in since 13 actually, but yea.. lol for some it didn’t work, for some it does, I must be one of the lucky ones.

    and me? rock? says who?

  134. Balpien Hammerer says:

    🙂 @109, Muzicole, don’t assume the crashes are all because of “creaky old computer with tiny RAM”. I test the SL viewer on different platforms, from an 8 month old Vostro laptop dual-core, 3GB RAM, 8600M to a Bensely server 8-processor, 64GB RAM SuperMicro, 10KRPM drives.

    The memory leak shows up there. All you need do is move around the world where there are many new textures and it will crash fairly quickly.

    The memory looks to be a usermode subpool exhaustion problem and the myriad of crash dumps I’ve sent (and no dounbt others have sent) Linden-ward will point out where the problem lies. Speaking of, what happened between the last RC that was working really well and the released viewer? Was the release build based off of a branch, say, three releases previous in which the memory leak problem existed?

    Why write this up here? Because the bug report http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7376 has not been assigned to anyone since it was opened two months ago. That’s two months for a reproducuble crashing bug.

  135. Neyvn Kenzo says:

    this newest release seem ok so far. But my only complaint about it is that with the camera controls. Every time turn my cam in any direction it continues to drift in what ever direction I move it. Which is a pain in the but if your trying to build or take pictures. Any suggestions on how to deal with it????

  136. Saiki Spirt says:


    0/0.0/0.0 check the 2 boxes = 1.19 camera

  137. DR Dahlgren says:

    Regarding the TOOL Button – below is an excerpt from the jira –
    ——— edited for inclusion here ———-
    Periapse Linden – 28/Jul/08 09:18 AM

    Meanwhile, it’s been decided to revert the change completely. Qarl Linden has already done so, but it won’t be until the maintenance branch is checked into release that this change will go out. I imagine the Tools menu will return to being always up in one of the early release candidate builds of 1.21.


    I would like to toss out my two cents here. While it is great to make the Newbie experience as easy as you can, doing so at the expense of your content creators is just plain dumb. Making any major change in the UI without doing actual in-world research and polling is even dumber.

    I have a suggestion- QUIT MESSING WITH THE UI – VOICE – WINDLIGHT – SKINS – ETC ETC – and FIX THE MEM LEAK – FIX THE CAMERA – FIX SIT – FIX VIDEO COMPATABILITY and ALL THE OTHER BUGS IN VIEWER!!!!!!! Then, AFTER everything in the current viewer works as it is supposed to – AND ONLY THEN – play with adding new things.


  138. Saiki Spirt says:

    I say skins and memory leaks,tools above looks, but those are what should be focused on

  139. Linda Brynner says:

    Hmm, 1.20 for works as fine as 1.19 for for me.
    Small changes I would say from the viewer side, but nice work.
    Good that many bugs seem to be solved.
    However, memory leak… every 2 hours I need to relog… still.
    For some reason SL slows down after a while.
    That part is still to be tackled it seems.

    Love your tuts Torley as always.

  140. Anji Mars says:

    Had a nice fresh install of XP with all updated drivers etc, installed the new viewer…..crash crash crash…with lots of unwanted reboots! Getting very grumpy now, been trying to build all weekend. Installed old viewers again but still crashing?? So yes the video looks good Torley but seems like a big bunch of us won’t be able to play out…

  141. hurly Burleigh says:

    All these nice little tweaks are fine but isnt it about time we were able to change permissions on a group of items like an outfit we make. also the auto opening of folders when the cursor is over them is a constant source of irritation. I have lost count o9f the hours i spend looking for things that drop into the wrong folder!!

    Finally why do textures upload with transfer only when most want them as full permissions. I am sure these would be simple fixes but they never seem to be addressed as opposed to major changes that most dont need like lip synch for voice chat.


  142. I keep hearing about the drunken-ness of the camera behavior. Since I already made a video tutorial exactly about that (see above) and there’s some other useful misc. tools that’ve been shared with me this week, I’ll be posting about them with greater prominence either tomorrow or Wed. (Mondays are so hectic.)

    A number of the comments here are about feature requests/bugs already reported and discussed in http://jira.secondlife.com ; they sound *important* but aren’t necessarily easy to do (significantly changing the permissions system is a good example), so please have a look.


  143. DR Dahlgren says:

    Torely – I understand you have made a tutorial about the camera and I do want you to know that it is appreciated.

    The problem ilies in the fact that LL makes a major change to the behavior and options on a critical tool or feature and changes the defaults along with it. This is just bad process.

    Adding options to the camera is fine, but when you do this, maybe a note on the viewer login screen that new options for the camera are available, and setting the defaults so that they accurately reflect the previous behavior would make more sense?

    Often LL just does not seem to think things through. Who makes these deicisions? LL says they remove a button like TOOLS to make the viewer easier to understand for the new user, then change the behavior of the camera in a way that affects every user of that viewer, (negatively IMHO – I have not found one person who likes the new default movement) with no explanation up front as to the change. You load the new viewer, login, and your camera swings around like a drunken sailor. This simply makes no sense from a user perspective.


  144. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Torley: here is no solution to the “bouncing camera” problem. I’ve tried all kinds of camera settings, with and without my Tinycam, and it doesn’t make a difference… there are always situations where the camera will “move forward” to avoid a prim behind you, decide it didn’t need to, move back again, and repeat the cycle. The prim behind you that it’s avoiding doesn’t actually obscure your view, it’s apparently just “too close”… possibly there might be a bug in the way the client and the server respectively model the camera and the shape of prims?

  145. Sir Jake says:

    So far so Great!

    But WHY WHY WHY do we now have to get up then one click sit again???????

    I did go through the trouble of making my things one click sit…. I WAS able to travel the whole stone henge and outer space part of my sim with . . .

    Can you fix it? please? You just cut the interactivity of my sim in half : (

    For people speaking of the fly button… I always hit esc so I’m ready to move, then if I want to fly I hit the ‘F” key and fly, ‘W’ forward, ‘E’ up, ‘C’ down, a,s,d yeah.

  146. Firebird Nightfire says:

    All you peeps whining about *Didn’t you Lindens TEST the viewer before releasing it!?* have only yourselves to blame! LL BEGGED people to get on the beta grid and test-drive the RC before it was released to general use! If you did not do so, you should not whine about 1.20 not working on your system. Next time, try participating in the process before critisizing it!

  147. HuH !? … Download of newest RC 1.20.15 http://secondlife.com/support/downloads.php still gives SecondLife_i686_1_20_14_92115_RELEASECANDIDATE.

    Do i have to file that in an issue at JIRA too ? 😐

  148. MikeTom Carter says:

    I haven’t had a problem with the new viewer so far. It runs fine on my 5 year old XP machine. I just have to keep Atmospheric Shaders turned off in the graphics settings or else I get really lagged.

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