Get started scripting with Autoscript – Video Tip of the Week #42

[UPDATE – 2008-07-20 @ 5:55 PM PDT] Video tutorial downloads, previously broken due to Amazon S3 service issues, are back now.

Second Life scripting goes from elementary to extremely advanced. I know firsthand that many of us are curious, but fear getting started. I’m here to shine a light on the fact that there are tutorials and exceptionally easy-to-use tools to smooth your path into Linden Scripting Language!

Today’s tip focuses on Ann Enigma’s Autoscript, a wonderful tool which has made a difference for many Residents. With a few clicks, you can make a script, then examine and edit it further. Only problem is: it hasn’t been getting enough exposure, so a lot of people who could’ve been helped by it… didn’t know it existed!


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00:15 – What is Autoscript?
00:55 – Make a webpage-loader script
02:05 – Autoscript script usage text instructions
03:41 – Make a notecard-giver
07:36 – Stop a script
08:17 – Modify a script by combining multiple actions
13:17 – Wrap-up and encouragement

This is just the beginning of what I hope will be a beautiful journey into code for you. There are a couple more resources I wish you’ll venture:

  • Particle script generator – This formatted webpage may be easier to use than SL’s own script editor. Change your parameters and try it out inworld.
  • Scratch for Second Life – Eric Rosenbaums’s exciting app (for Mac and Windows) in development which lets you arrange scripts visually as if they were Legos. I haven’t had a chance to even scratch (ha!) its surface yet, but watch Eric’s video to better understand:

FOLLOWUP: on an ultra-fun note, thanx to each and everyone who sent me a shirt after last week’s “Make an awesome shirt with ArtRage” tutorial. I’ve received over 3 dozen of them — a few made in other apps but nonetheless inspired — and here are most (‘cept the very newest that came to my inbox!):

"Sonof's New Shirt" by Sonof Marvin"gold weave shirt" by revverred Ember"red sparx shirt" by revverred Ember"Rawr" by Azuriel Winter"Skull Shirt" by Daemon Hawkeye"Pmore SP Shirt" by Ness Swenson"Jin Amiot Shirt" by Jin Amiot"New sausage and beer-shirt RED!" by Ole Etzel"sausage and beer-shirt" by Ole Etzel"1stRGG" by Demetrius Rasmuson"Starry Shirt For Torley!" by Akeera Runo"TorleyFashionT" by Christos Atlantis"My First Art Rage shirt" by Stretch Bates"heart shirt/template by Chip Midnight" by Annelie Larsson"punkvest/not made in ArtRage thou" by qwerty Atlass"Torley's shirt" by Jacen Merryman"First Shirt/With many thanks to Torley for the Video Turtorials!" by Esence Convair"Space Tea/jzebraa 2008" by Lord Haight"LU - Torleyrific 1b ArtRage Shirt/July 13, 2008 using ArtRage" by Lorimae Undercroft"FIRST SHIRT" by Sicily Heartsdale)" by Ruby Sinclair"Colour Shirt" by Paulie Andel"TorleyTee/First Shirt, have fun" by Jaysen Katscher"SILLY SHIRT" by Tweed Woodget"Be Proud artrage shirt" by Russ Kanno"Shirt inspired by Torley Tips" by Simman Federal"Earth shirt" by Towanda Beerbaum"Abraca's Dance Hall - lousy tee" by Brenda Maculate"ArtRage shirt!!" with "T'BAG !!/(Torley 's Textures)" by marcov Carter"Watermelon Be Happy Shirt" by Skye Galileo"Black and White abstract #1" by Rezago Kokorin"Blue-Yellow patchwork" by Rezago Kokorin"Finger Paint" by Rezago Kokorin"Torleys PJ's Bottoms" + "Torleys PJ's Top" by TJj69 Benelli"First Shirt Ever(Thanks Torley!)" by Xesil Leckrone"laterz shirt" by jashua Alter"radio star tee" by Naima NadezdaFound Destiny - first shirt - Late and Found isle, Sillak (167, 99, 501)Timothy Miklos - Snapshot - Woog Island - Rental 2, Woog Island (47, 172, 69)Skye Galileo - Watermelon Shirt Photo - Taken by Skye Galileo at Skyeland Estate, Corona del Mar (184, 217, 23)Bowiena Daviau - my own t shirt1


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92 Responses to Get started scripting with Autoscript – Video Tip of the Week #42

  1. Thanks Torley! This is a really, really great one!

  2. Nissa says:

    Thanks Torley!! Awesome Tutorial, and thank you also to Ann for creating the program 🙂

  3. Day Oh says:


  4. Kahiro Watanabe says:

    Good. I will post this in Script Academy. Thanks again torley.

  5. P4style Freenote says:

    Yes! Torley, thanks for helping to lessen my LSL phobias. I would love to see the ENTIRE LSL wiki replaced with simpler language for the programming-impaired residents like myself. Kudos & hugs to Torley, Anne, and Tom the Scratch Guy!

  6. Artemis Kangjon says:

    Awesome job, Torley, and to Ann, as well.
    As a decently advanced scripter, I look back and wish that I had these tools when I was starting out in SL. (I remember thinking that making an object rotate – llTargetOmega for you scripters out there XD – was difficult. Heh, my point proven. =P)

  7. AlexanderThe Benelli says:

    Scratch 4 sl looks cool…need to check that out…can you define your own blocks?

    (I dont need to say things like torley is awesome, this is awesome, etc, do I? everybody should know that by now^^)

  8. DR Dahlgren says:

    As always Torley, you rock with these. I can not even begin to imagine how many residents experiences you have enhanced with these tutorials. Sure wish you had been doing them when I was learning several years ago, they would have made the learning curve much faster. Even now, I still find great information in them and sometimes new ways to do something that is quicker, easier or more accurate then what I learned on my own.

    Thank you, and please, keep up the good work.


  9. Paulo Dielli says:

    Wonderful! Just wonderful!

  10. AM Radio says:


  11. Blinders Off says:

    Fantastic stuff Torley. Thanks! That particle generator especially is helpful. (Would like to see even a little more page documentation as to what the settings are for and/or do… but even as is was able to make exactly the particle I wanted in one try). 😀

    Thanks to Torley and whoever put that website up for a really helpful tool! I’ve seen systems sold for $1000+ that didn’t do as well.

  12. Thanks Torley for the info, and MANY thanks to Ann for creating such a wonderful tool. For those lacking scripting knowledge, this is an incredible tool. This will give the newbie resis a chance to create things quickly. KUDOS to you Ann! (Maybe in the future, something to do with llfrand might be helpful also)

    Take care, and to all;
    Have a GREAT Second Life 🙂

  13. Kahni says:

    Three cheers for my favorite Linden!

  14. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    LOL at the moment where the box goes da da DAAAAA, moves forward ominously, and turns green xD

    Good stuff. Thanks Torley!

  15. Talan Hyun says:

    Thank you SOOO much. Scripting is something that I haven’t really been able to get into yet, and this will really help me start playing around with these tools. I LOVE IT! *time to go build*

  16. Not so fast says:

    Last weekend with the RC was very good. This weekend is not so good… hangups and crashes… and yes I am using the latest and best hardware… The word on the street out east this week is that SL is not on their radar screen… I have to say I am disappointed this weekend… believe it or not that is a problem for you.

  17. Aeper Jie says:


    Great Tg is now ruined.

    – a Tg Resident

  18. Damen Hax says:


    The first time was coincidence, the second closely related, the 3rd was near uncanny, the 4th was a laugh, the 5th time.. I’m beginning to think I have someone looking over my shoulder, but I’m sure its just coincidence though right~

  19. Rooke Ayres says:

    That’s some pretty good stuff, Torley. 3G LSL and Particle generator – very cool. They will be handy even for pro builder/scripters – taking care of most of the up front grunt work.

    I like it! 🙂 🙂 ( I figure one of those two smilies will work. 😉 )

  20. Simman Federal says:

    Hey Day @ post 3 lol
    but yeah awesome post, torley.

  21. Ephyu Reino says:

    Doesn’t anyone ever think that if you can’t program you shouldn’t be doing it? Crutches like this just make SL run worse because this is going to lead more and more to that script-in-every-prim, drop-ten-different-scripts-that-all-do-one-thing-each-into-the-same-object mentality that is making every sim I have to deal with run horribly with scripts throttled to a disgustingly slow speed.

    I want more info about Mono coming out so I can at least have some hope that horrible scripting practices won’t have QUITE so much of an effect, and that those of us who know what we’re doing can actually work with a little less restriction.

  22. Firebird Nightfire says:

    Sites have been bookmarked – Thanks Torley!!!

    I’d like to see a tutorial showing how you did those awesome Torley Textures! I’m playing with ArtRage trying to duplicate the look of them, only I’m tweaking them in another program to make them tile seamlessly. Unfortunately, I don’t have the scratch to give them away, so I will sell them to at least recoup the upload fees.

  23. Indigo Mertel says:

    Torley, regarding particles, another tool worth to mention is Encog’s Particle Machine ( ). This web tool lets you set particle settings and view the result inworld in real time.

  24. Demoix Hoch says:

    great tip torley.

  25. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> P4style Freenote Says: Yes! Torley, thanks for helping to lessen my LSL phobias. I would love to see the ENTIRE LSL wiki replaced with simpler language for the programming-impaired residents like myself.

    I have been working with Strife Onizuka to try to make the LSL more accessible. See here for one of the first pages up in that direction: (step by step, how to make a dialog menu in SL.)

  26. Ree Indigo says:

    Blasphemy. It’s just a cheater tool to stump the learning curve even further. Using crutches of any kind only makes you come to rely on those crutches. It’s like putting training wheels on a motorcycle: only helps you as long as you don’t want to go anywhere.

    Alternatively, there are scripting communities littering SL, both in-world and outside the world, and if you really really want to learn to script, most of us teach. Just a matter of being serious enough about wanting to learn to go looking.

  27. Soap Clawtooth says:

    Just an observation – that bottom summary text that pops up now and again would look better (as i see youve done up the ‘chapter’ screen) if you usedthe same clouds background and the same FF Meta Book typeface in a bar at the bottom of the screen?


  28. Soap Clawtooth says:

    BTW love the barbershop quintet! XD

  29. Tom says:

    What about simply upgrading the insanely bad scripting language inside SL? You promised .NET-based bytecode execution. Failing that, what about Lua support? I think you’d find that if you make scripting better, people will start doing a lot of really neat things.

  30. Soap Clawtooth says:

    That’s not torley’s problem though. Not his dept.

  31. Ryu Darragh says:

    There are limitations as to what scripts are allowed to do, Tom. Many of the (sleep for X seconds) built into LSL are deliberate, some to keep the physics engine from collapsing in a nervous heap, but most to keep them from getting out of hand or abused by our favorite (not) community members, the griefers. Any language that is added to SL needs to adhere to this, or you get problems.

    I would hazard a guess that the problem getting “bytecode execution” into SL is one I’m very familiar with where the limitations they require to allow this are “not trivial”. Which is coder speak for “OMG, that’s gonna take *how* long and cost *how* much ?!?”

    There *are* a handful of additions to LSL that would really make the language shine, like limited notecard creation and other enhancements to current instructions, such as “Success/Fail” flags from commands like llGiveInventory to handle failed transactions from vendors.

    Oh, and maybe limited MP3 support (they are smaller, bytewise, than 23 x 10S sound clips to make SL music players).

    Another would be the ability to map any and all keyboard keys.

    There are plenty of easily achieved enhancements to LSL thet we can pursue.

    To the Jira mobile !

  32. Masuyo Aabye says:

    That auto script thing is no better(in fact it’s probably a lot more limited) than what you can copy and paste from SL
    if people are expecting to do serious lsl stuff with it then boy are they going to be disapointed.

  33. Shadoe Landman says:

    Thanks, Torley! I’m not ready to invest the time to make any complicated scripts, but I made 6 simple ones. For example, my snowman now says “*Brrr*COLD” when you click on him.

    Now, does anyone know how to stop a continuous sound script without deleting the object? The free STOP script I got from Robin Sojourner as part of her tutorials won’t stop those. I had to delete a water fountain because I couldn’t get rid of the hideous noise it was playing (not even by putting in a different sound, deactivating the script, etc.) I made it, so it was no loss, but it was a waste of time. Guess I’ll have to wade through the LSL and see if I find anything a novice can use. *sigh* (This sound script was one I already had, not from one of the above tools.)

  34. FireFox Bancroft says:

    How are they crutches when they allow you to view the code and learn from modifying?

    So we should just forgo any learning method and let the elitist few code in LSL only? What an attitude.

  35. naima aya says:

    Really cool, even for those who is already making scripts. This program is many steps alway from the old autoscript.

    Residents, thanks a lot the new tip 😀

    WoW u rock

  36. P4style Freenote says:

    Chaz Longstaff, the link you provided above was so helpful and easy to follow. I look forward to seeing more pages like that one. Thanks for all you do!

    Ree Indigo… I have taken at least 300 classes (& maybe 500) in SL because I love learning. Funny, but I don’t recall ever seeing your name listed as instructor in Events. Let’s play nice…there’s room for everyone in SL.

  37. Krystal Renard says:

    This wont actually help anyone learn to script, all it does is take away my easy work lol.

    Anyone with enough dedication to actually learn how to script can figure out the Wiki, and if you can’t understand the Wiki you really got no chance grasping scripting anyways.

  38. Blot Brickworks says:

    I like this a lot.It works for me, great stuff

  39. Bandito says:

    @37 I would disagree with your comment about understanding the Wiki, Krystal. I have tried some simple scripting and at times looking at the Wiki is like a layman trying to read a contract written in “legalese”. Fortunately, I have access to a person that can translate some of this gobbledygook into something easier to understand and it is that help that has allowed my skills to grow, all but slowly. If I had to depend only on the Wiki, I would have given up long ago. So hats off to the teachers and mentors that help the scripter in development wade through until they can do it on their own. Perhaps simple tools like this will also encourage people that want to learn to go to the wiki to learn more. There is nothing better for a new scripter than seeing a simple creation work to drive them to learn more and if tools like this can help them feel a little more confident about going to the next level, then personally, I think that’s great

  40. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Oh nooooo! I have been telling myself scripting is so hard so I can avoid at least one thing to learn in SL! Great information, I will find this very useful.

  41. @21: Tools like Autoscript are a useful step up the learning curve for people who can’t program — yet. One of the best ways to learn programming is to study well-written and well-documented examples of how it is done, and Autoscript offers exactly that. And then Torley took the next step in the video — showing how to combine elements from the scripts into a new, more capable script.

    Eventually, the budding scripter will need more knowledge of programming fundamentals; program flow, events, data structures, and so forth. Having seen what simple scripts can do, he or she will be more motivated to learn more, and meanwhile will have accomplished some useful tasks.

    Short scripts like notecard givers may be simple, but when used properly they are a useful addition to Second Life. They can be a nuisance when abused, but so can almost anything — shall we outlaw prims because they can be used by griefers?

  42. Sunny Perl says:

    that is soooooo coooollll i wish i had known about this a long time ago thanks sooo much for making videos like this and thanks for the people that make these programs that work in sl

  43. Noisey Lane says:

    Great stuff as usual Torley! I immediately went to both the web sites and can see what a great benefit these will be to residents of SL.
    One thing: The Particle Script Generator site generates a grammatical error in the scripts. (See end of generated scripts)
    key MyTraget_key = NULL_KEY;// Replace by your value;
    MyParticle (MyTraget_key); //Start the Particles
    Obviously should be MyTarget NOT MyTraget. This can be modified manually until the site is adjusted. There is no contact or feedback page at the site (don’t blame him!) so I figured here was the best way to get that message out. Kthxbye.

  44. Shinko says:

    It’s just like Alice.
    Dang, Wish I had known sooner it was possible to do it that way.

  45. Not so fast says:

    Torley… do you understand the metaphor “arranging deck chairs on the titanic?” Forget messing with these details. It all comes down to this… if SL cannot provide consistent usage without hangups you do not have a future. Sorry to pound you on this, but SL management does not seem to get it.

  46. Ener Hax says:

    What a neat tool! This is such a great introduction to scripting! And Ann Enigma is a pretty incredible person to make something like this available. I mean not just a mind boggling interface to create script but also just making this available freely on the web.

    Thank you for the tut and the links Torley! =)

  47. Christos Atlantis says:

    You rock my pixel sock Torley! Thank you so much for all the great tutorials!

  48. Krystal Renard says:

    @39: Learning by example is one thing, however, having the skills to tweak scripts vs having the skill to write one from scratch are two very, very different things.

    Anything over a simple script, or anything you must write yourself from scratch requires the proper mindset and understanding of scripting theory, something which is only really obtained through much practice and dedication, writing your own scripts and learning the thought process of breaking down a problem into steps which you can achieve via learning what is possible within the given API (IE: the Wiki)

    Coders and scripters are a rare breed because *not* everyone has the proper mindset to code, just like not everyone can produce beautiful works of art. The people with the proper mindset and enough desire to learn will always find a way to understand the given documentation, like they have for years. Being able to understand the wiki is very very easy compared to writing advanced scripts with the information it contains so I still say if the wiki is a challenge you have a very steep uphill battle to learn to script.

    You are more than entitled to your opinion, however and I wish you luck in learning scripting by having something else do it for you.

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  50. Wyald Woolley says:

    Since Mono is the desired future language for scripting, is there anything similar to 3greeneggs around? I totally agree that learning from code examples is a good way to begin and the way 3greeneggs is set up is just exactly the way I learn best.
    I would like to learn what is “the next best thing” rather than what is “going out”. My head is too full of old facts as it is.

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  52. Cappy Frantisek says:

    I don’t know about you but when I get spammed by a notecard giver I leave the sim. Just what we don’t need is more scripts, useless ones at that, cluttering up the sims rexources. Mono or not, more scripts means more degradation.

  53. Bau Ur says:

    Tor-lee-RAWKS! Tor-lee-RAWKS!
    Tor-lee-RAWKS! Tor-lee-RAWKS!

  54. Simon Kline says:

    Hi all! I’ve been teaching basic scripting in world for over a year now! If you’re interested in learning to script and need a hand come join us!!

    Look out for ‘Scripting from Scratch’ in the events calendar or look in my profile for the ‘Friends of Second Life’ group and join that to get notification of the weekly classes!

    I can also help with basic scripting issues, I do all this for free as I want people to get the most out of their Second Lives and scripting is so fun and addictive once you’ve been shown the basics you’re unstoppable!!

    See you soon 😀

  55. Cocoanut Koala says:

    The scripting wiki was completely much useless for me or basically anyone who wasn’t already a scripter, last I looked at it (which was a couple of years ago).

    So this video looks like just the ticket, thanks! I will watch it once my Internet starts acting right.


  56. Libbi Timeless says:

    Another excellent video – really a lifesaver for folks that are seriously fussin’ and fighting about “scripts” – very very cool!

  57. Paloma Caudron says:

    Tried to download the “DOWNLOAD HIGH-QUALITY VERSION” of the tutorial but for some reason, I click and don’t go anywhere. Is it broken?

  58. Ryou Yiyuan says:

    WOOW Really interesting and easy way to script object. Thanks Torley and Ann.

  59. Ripley Vlodovic says:

    Hmmm…. I saw this and was all “OMG! WEWT! SUPER SCRIPT MAKER THINGY!!” and then I actually saw it ;P Great for scripting newbies, but if your gonna use it then READ the LSL that goes into it…. Then you can write it yourself 😀 Its true that you need a mindset to write LSL, but if you slow down and read out what the LSL says it’s simple 😛
    like llSetText(“TEXT”,1);…. watcha think that means? read it through… Set Text… like a hovertext… then looks like a bunch of words in quotes… what to use as the text? then a color? and then some number 😛

  60. Ripley Vlodovic says:

    it appears vectors dont show in the blog :0

  61. Bandito says:

    @48 Thanks for your insights. I find it amazing how someone can make a comment in the blog or forum area that is not inflammatory nor disrespectful to the other person’s opinion, and yet the original person feels, i guess, that because they have been addressed, that it gives them the right or obligation to be impolite in a rebuttal response.

    Not everyone has the mindset to code as you said, but for those who wish to learn, the Autoscript can be a jumping off point for the person who wants to learn. Perhaps they may only learn a little bit from this program, or perhaps nothing at all, but if some people learn enough that they are motivated to go beyond the Autoscript to learn more and get into deeper scripting, then the tool serves another purpose. The person using it may in fact be motivated to go into the wiki, to delve deeper, to try new things and learn more, and become an addition to the creative people within Second Life ®.

    Sometimes when one is challenged with a steep climb, they find out they are capable of much more than they ever thought they were.

  62. sirhc DeSantis says:

    did i really hear ‘syntactic readfullness’? Torley even redefines the language too:) makes an old coder proud. superb vtut T chan

  63. Puppet Shepherd says:

    Now that everybody can script, how about giving us peons on the mainland the tools that estate managers have so we can test the scripts on our parcels to see which ones are laggy and which ones aren’t?

    Otherwise, mainland sims will likely become even more of a lagfest than they already are.

    A little help here? Please?

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  65. Jonathan says:

    yo no entiendo mi personaje no se mueve cuando yo le digo y las cosas se tardan muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucho en cargar como ago para que no pase

  66. This is a great thing for people starting to create scripts for their own creations or for comercial purposes. This tool will help the new startes to learn by having sample code to look at. I wish i knew that when I started. By the way really nice tutorial Torley 🙂 . For people who wants to start with huge scripting projects I would also recomend reading a lot of documentation in the LSL wiki page, there are lots of examples and great explanations of the LSL api, and perhaps also using a external software for developing the scripts, and then upload them. I hope we get soon a bunch of more great scripters. 🙂

    Greetings from the SecondSolutions team.

  67. Alyx Sands says:

    Cool! I *like* stuff like that-I can try out things and then check the script output and learn from it. Easier than to do it in world with trial and error.

  68. Argent Stonecutter says:

    The “follow avatar” code doesn’t seem to be finished (at least when I tested it the only llMoveTo was in an initialization routine that never got called). On the other hand finishing it would be a great learning experience.

  69. I always read my comments and THANX AGAIN for the support and additions — they help me keep going and making more video tutorials. 😀

    For da record, I strongly disagree with the view that easy tools like Autoscript are “harmful”, because through them, as I’ve simply shown, someone both (1) immerses into LSL naturally and (2) has the confidence to learn more. And by learning more, we can graduate to experiments from scratch (and using external editors)… getting into more complicated subjects of study like how to optimize code, other languages, etc.

    If someone decides not to do that, it’s their choice. People free and limit themselves. But why artificially, passively, and lamely discourage someone with mental hurdles when my bright-as-day demonstration shows is that it’s easier to get into scripting than it may seem?

    There is nothing wrong, and everything right, with making Second Life more enjoyable. Again, I thank Ann Enigma & other Residents who created these scripting assistants!

    In light of this, I should start/refine a wiki page listing easy-script tools and encourage you to add. Unless someone beats me to it (hint hint), I plan on doing this shortly. =o)


  70. razor says:

    AMAZING tutorial!

  71. Noisey Lane says:

    Agreed Torley! Nothing wrong with learning to script by starting with tools like these.
    SL is a game for the masses and therefore needs to be able to be used by the masses, not an elite few coders to dictate terms to the rest of us.
    The web went WISIWIG and opened up the net to what it is today with content created by everyone, not just the ‘boys in the back office’.
    Of course, we can argue that is either a wonderful thing or an abomination but it is what it is.
    I used to write HTML in simple text when most thought the internet was a large fishing accessory. When editors like Dreamweaver came along, it sped up some of the tedious stuff and gave me time to try new and innovative techniques. Usually this involved close study of the ‘generated’ code to tweak it to my needs.
    Now I have been doing the same with these script generators. Getting close to what I want then studying the code to make it work how I want it to. I have learned a great deal in the past 2 days with these tools. I can see relationships forming and how the syntax goes together.
    There will always be a need for creative and talented coders in SL to bring some of those amazing builds alive but SL is not the Holy Grail for the elite. IMHO It will become easier to use, or fail.

  72. nero Boa says:

    Have Linden Labs considered making their own form script generator?

    This ones kind of limited, there are lots of basic operations that could be generated this way….just takes time to make.
    All you need is a webmonkey, you’ve probalby got a few of them over there, if your short one I’m pretty close to the Boston offices. 🙂

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  74. BETLOG Hax says:

    Eeeeeewww. script ‘helpers’… Shudder.
    Heres another one.

    Seriously though; logic is good for us… mmm tasty. Lap it up.

  75. @50: in the short term at least, Mono is being used to reimplement LSL; the language is not changing, but now it gets compiled into Mono bytecode and run that way (in preview now, on the main grid when server 1.24 comes out). There has been talk about later using the Mono engine to enable other scripting languages, but so far as I know LL has not announced anything concrete.

    It would certainly be nice to have an SL scripting language with real data structures!! And maybe we can wish for classes, too?

  76. KellyM Watkins says:

    As always Torley, great video tutorial. Loving the jumping box xD Keep u the good work… 😀

  77. Pol McLaglen says:

    Thanks for this heads up Torley, as a programming dummy who is limited in his builds coz of a lack of scripting knowledge, such a tool is a godsend to start me learning.

    What I want to see is LSL for Dummies, O’Reilly’s LSL Pocket Guide and O’Reilly’s LSL Bible, then I will be really happy…..

    But a wiki page version of LSL for Dummies would really help non-programmers like me….


  78. very cool! I know alot of oldbies, who aren’t anything near noobs, but would rather design than script, these tools rock!

    Yay Torley!

  79. APB for Leadership says:

    Well, the comments are closed on the server update debacle. It has to be way clear by now that SLers need to get out of the office and get some expertise from people who know how to run reliable systems. Just in case you missed it, the general conditions in the economy are not favorable. Don’t fiddle around with yourselves too much longer.

  80. Ron Crimson says:

    Debacle, what debacle? It’s not like the whole grid came to a screeching halt. Things happen and the Lindens got it under control. Relax and don’t be so negative, it could be MUCH worse. ^_^

  81. Ron Crimson says:

    Ohyeah, and…. you’re off-topic.




    OK, so am I. 😛

  82. Linda Brynner says:

    Ohh Cool !!
    I have seen that scripting tool on the internet, but now I also learn how to combine stuff… Thanks Torley.

    I’m now learning how to make clothes using the templates in Photoshop. It’s a bit of a painful learning curcve, specially to make tha parts seamless.
    Maybe it could be an idea to make a tut on that someday too Torley.
    Really lovely cothes can be made !! And you can sell them or so.
    Cool !!

  83. APB for Leadership says:

    Look I am just trying to give realistic advice. SLers live in a dream world of hope. But the real world of new electronic media is harsh. (that means not real forgiving) Moreover (a big word for you I know) the economy in the US is tanking and will get worse (smiles knowing the SL techie crowd has no idea how most of America lives) and so businesses (or organizations that dont quite realize they are businesses) have little time to goof around.

  84. Gigs says:

    I don’t think the tools are directly harmful, but some of them apparently generate very bloated and inefficient code.

    I’m not sure how valuable they would be for learning to script, just because there’s so much extraneous information it puts in the script.

  85. Стоян Петров says:

    hm, inkscape,



  86. Zee Pixel says:

    Hey Torley, I sent you a note card on this but figured you may have missed it, so a couple of things. I was told to track you down about getting a sticky placed on a post in the forums:

    The post is about the site I sent you the link to a few days back:


  87. Ron Crimson says:

    APB, that’s a typically US-centric view. Remember, SL is much more international than you seem to be aware of. o_O

  88. lookoceanstu says:

    you stay ibm yahoo english girl you home red sun

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  90. Paulie Andel says:

    Thanks Ann. This is a great tool that Torley has given us a guided tour of. Brilliant for newbie and also others who are getting up to speed with LSL, from another language.

  91. dilbertdilweg says:

    Nice tut

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