LDPW Progress Report

The Department of Public Works is busy building highway Route 2, and will begin Route 7 very soon.

Route 7 preliminary map

Route 7 preliminary map

The route will include some sections above the water, and some coastal waterway sections.

Also we have taken some sneaky snaps of whole-island-size builds we’ve constructed to add around the Mainland. One is a Space Base:

Space Base recon image

and the other is a lofty Castle:

A mole flies past the castle.

Once placed, these locations will be available to rent for events, similarly to existing areas such as Platinum.

If you haven’t visited the Ichelus volcano, the playground in Da Boom, or the Juice Bar in Brownlee, give then a peek, too!

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92 Responses to LDPW Progress Report

  1. Sindy Tsure says:

    Go Moles!

  2. Chilko says:

    Are there any plans for TSL development?

  3. DangerDave Writer says:

    Teen Second Life? I had completely forgotten about that.

  4. Looking for roads says:

    Will this construction of raods continue to all the continents and if so any time frame?

  5. Chilko says:

    …Thanks DangerDave

  6. Topaz Grosso says:

    Great stuff, I am curious however, how a road is determined, I have one that changes from tarmac to cobbles and back to tarmac again all as it crosses one sim…. it simply doesnt look right… check it out the sim is Dechene…

  7. Jane says:

    Prims cause lag, have you thinked to make raw files to add roads? I guess no because thinking does not seems lindens staff first choice. First fix the problems, then waste energy for unimpossible things!

  8. Autumn Heyse says:

    @7 the people building the roads and things are not the same people who would normally be squashing software bugs. If you removed the moles we would just have an uglier SL that is as buggy as ever.

  9. Tammy Nowotny says:

    Will these roads end up being lined with adfarms just like the old roads? I suppose these new roads may be less attratctive to adfarmers than the old ones, thanks to the fact that people may actually use the new roads 🙂

  10. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Why aren’t you continuing the roads underwater in the north? If that’s where I think it is, I was up there where the road goes into the north and I was thinking that the underwater part would make a great drowned post-apocalyptic highway sort of scene.

  11. uh-oh says:

    @ Tammy
    I am sure they will be if route one in Miata is an example of how the rest will be.
    The Moles did cover the ad farms with a tree line but the ad farms only raised their ads even higher to increase the blight they produce. I would suggest not buying from any store or service that buys ad space on these ad farms since they to are part of the problem making ad farms even more useless than they already are. that way there is no reason to put them up if the ad farmers are not making any money from them.
    My only complaint about those roads are the guard rails that block a person from merging a driveway or on ramp onto these roads.
    I am sure it is to late to do anything about the ones in Miata, but if any of the Moles are reading this, keep this in mind for the future roads. other than that, great job, they look nice. 🙂

  12. Jonny B good says:

    *Faded memories of good times*
    What happened to the awesome free points of interest like the ski slopes and tram? Last time I went there it was a disgrace. It used to be so fun to visit before it as half torn apart, broken and filled with ad farms. Hopefully they will be restored and these new ones won’t go to hell in a hand basket too!

  13. Rahul says:

    So, I’m going with:
    Adult: “wtf is Teen Second Life”
    LL: “we don’t plan anything that’s moderately large to happen on teen second life”

    Btw, cool stuff LL. I like the castle.

  14. Gracie Foden says:

    Awesome! SL is the best vacation world in the whole world !!

  15. Ghosty Kips says:

    I’m so excited about this – but one improvement I’d like to ask for. Staying ON the roads is difficult in an SL vehicle, even a well-scripted one. I’d like to see something along the lines of a guidance system built into the highway eventually … or perhaps a good set of guard rails. 🙂

  16. Ciaran Laval says:

    Space base is a wonderful idea, keep it up bringing us different builds.

  17. Marianne McCann says:

    /me perks up, “Playground?”

    Surprised you did’t mention the infohub under construction in the sim next to Squall. Very very beautiful build.

  18. Balpien Hammerer says:

    I do hope the road prims are labelled “Road”. It permits smart scripted vehicles then follow those roads selfguided.

  19. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    Agreed on the road issue… Crossing a sim border on the usual prim roads and falling through the first few meters of the road in the other sim before your vehicle’s registered as having crossed the boundary, and then being forced via physics to the underside of the road since you appeared halfway through it is rather worse than a flat tire as far as road trips are concerned.

    Of course, I also understand that encoding roads in a RAW image would be more of a technical challenge than simply having a channel for ‘road’ texture… Perhaps some future implementation involving a vector-graphics-style road, with a few key points and some bezier-style curves interpolated between them?

    Anyway, yay for the Mainland looking better in any case 🙂 Thanks to Lindens and Moles both!

  20. Marianne McCann says:

    (Sorry for taking a second spot, but I like th’ LDPW stuff)

    @12: The chairlift in Voll is working fine, and much of Voll and Wengen remain pristine. There are some issues with the Wengen chairlift and with Chalet Linden – search for “Wengen” on the JIRA for details.

    @7: I wish ground textures were stable enough to do something like that with ’em. Unfortunately, they can change from login to login, and don’t always stick well to elevation. It’s something I have on the JIRA as well.

    LDPW: any chance of restoring the saloon in Oak Grove, or other fixes of damaged pre-LDPW content?

  21. MaCelia Morane says:

    Great news on additional roads. I was strolling along one recently, very nice. Maybe I’ll even attempt to drive a vehicle on a road someday (not very skilled at this yet!)

    I do hope the new roads won’t be ruined by ad farms. Sure wish LL would do something about the ad farm issue – they’re really diminishing my enjoyment of the otherwise fun & creative SL environment.

    Thanks for letting me add my 2 cents to the conversation 😉

  22. Dusty says:

    @3 Everyone forgots about us..

  23. richard says:

    oh wow now i can put up gaming and ads near the roads

  24. mikey hak says:

    So no plans for Teen secondlife?

  25. loosey says:

    More roads….can only mean more ad farms for us all.

    My view is that LL should tackle the ad farming problem that spoils so much of the mainland in SL.
    We pay alot of money to buy and in tiers to maintain the land in SL, yet LL does nothing to prevent regions becoming littered with adfarms or blighted by land cutting dealers who swoop down and buy up the good quality sized parcels, sub divide them into tiny little 512m or less sized parcels and immediately put them back up for sale with an inflated price tag, Leaving the region spoilt.

    Check the map and see just how many regions have rows and rows of ~512m or less parcels up for sale, usually by the same land cutting dealers. Likewise most of the roads have ~16m parcels up for sale beside them.

    There is a small amount of people in SL, that spoil it for everybody else and LL does absolutely nothing about it……except supply more roadsides for the ad farmers.

    Boycott the people who cut up the land for resale or advertise their goods/services on ad farms.

    Sorry, but hat’s my view.

  26. Roblem Hogarth says:

    LOL SL has a mainland? OK sorry 😉 Realy its GREAT to see non for profit work done on the main grid to make it more atractive, useable, etc. I spent the first half of my SL on the main grid before I managed to get into buying my own sims. Good Stuff!

    @ Teen Grid People…

    Ya, no clue what things are like on the other side, but what happens on the “adult” grid does trickle over, and keeps the whole whole thing going. And the grass is allways greener on the other side of the street, trust me.

    @ Roads?!?! What about the asset servers, lag, my hip, etc. People…

    Sorry, but get a grip. I’m not going to get into the choices Linden made when they put together SL, but please. This is a rich and complex system, so ya, growing pains. If enhancments were stopped to make a Perfect system for Everyone, growth of the system would never happen, NEVER!..Ever. The people building the roads Obvioulsy have nothing to do with any SL bug fixing, but are just super cool people that are out there making things better the way they can. And whats wrong about that???

  27. Lyssa Varun says:

    Sorry MaCelia, but don’t hold your breath to start using vehicles. Not only notoriously bad sim crossings but a lack of public rez areas, new full parcel affects on vehicles and someone at Linden labs responsible for configuring Governor Linden parcels turning on no-script everywhere for no good reason is pretty much killing vehicle use within mainland regions in a widespread fashion. You may have to wait until you can buy your own sim and bounce around inside those walls.

  28. votslav hax says:

    …oh awesome… ijust bought my ‘vw’ microbus, sounds like its ‘road trip’!!!.. see ya on the street!!!

  29. Knowl Paine says:

    There is a water ferry in Bay City that’s real nice. More public rez areas like Lyssa mentioned are needed.

    The height of the finished road deck relative to the surround land will have an effect on the overall quality.
    I am not sure if the people who have constructed roads in the past were just being lazy or what.

    Take the time to edit the terrian. Are we building sim’s around roads or a road in a sim?

  30. Bubba B says:

    LDPW destroyed my region.

    I have waited almost 3 years for a road.. I placed side streets around the diagonal swath that runs through the middle of the region. They were all based on normal Library asphalt road textures. Now route 2 is coming through and guess what? Its a pink goat path.

    The road is not suited for cars and so out of theme for the region. Not to mention just plain ugly. Route 1 was a normal road, Yet route 2 is this undriveable goat path crap. Not very suitable for a coastal highway.

    All my support tickets and IMs have gone unanswered. I offered to help build, donate textures, donate land. LDPW has taken a showcase region and put a 300 m strip of ugly down the middle. Months of work down the drain. Another example of LL totally ignoring the residents. I feel like tiering down and selling the entire region to ad farmers.

  31. Which region is this in, Bubba B [31]?

  32. Tegg B says:

    Cool work, moles 🙂
    More roads is good, maybe then the adfarmers will have to base their adfarms only some locations rather than being able to line every existing road in SL for near nix. Roadside advertising will still happen, but if it’s legit it will only happen where it actually makes a return. With a mass of roads in SL then if you don’t give in to their extortion they won’t be able to afford to keep idle plots everywhere. And someone once suggested we get rid of roads to kill adfarming, they would just do the waterways then instead, then we get rid of waterways………
    And as far as vehicle rezzing places goes? I have 3 pay to use rezzing locations on 2 continents, 2 roadside and 1 waterside, $5L for 24hours access pass in Desire or Andraca. I can’t see why other residents with roadside land don’t do the same 🙂

  33. Bubba B says:

    Ranunculus. The very top center of Route 2.

  34. Sundbuns Camel says:

    Ad farms? My custom chopper goes so fast the ad farms don’t have time to rez. But with speed comes wicked sim crossings and flights way out of world (100,000 and higher!) and the need for rezzing locations. If the road itself were a rezzing location I could ride all day but some days a fourth of my inworld time is spent searching for a place to rez my $4000L MLCC chopper.

    Sundbuns Camel

  35. Mel Melville says:

    Speaking of roads, how about one small spot in each sim next to the roads were you can actually rez a vehicle? I also have a chopper and once I do find a place near a road to rez it, then comes the editing to move it to the road….

    And after a bad sim crossing? Go back to where you started or spend 5 minutes looking for another place to rez the vehicle and begin the process all over again. The whole process takes a lot of the fun away from the ride. Please, a place to rez the vehicles adjacent to the roads or just one small part of the road in each sim that is available to rez a vehicle, even if it has a timed return so griefers can’t clutter it up with junk. The roads might actually get some use.

  36. Skygirl Kline says:

    Yes I just read 35 above. Why can’t we have rezz objects on and a 2min auto return? Then we could rezz our cars and drive along the roads. As long as we are in our cars they won’t get get returned. At the moment I have to find a resident nearby who has left their rezz rights on. Unless these roads are for pedestian access only??

  37. Cecilia Delacroix says:

    Why on earth all the angst about roads?! Yes, they “prettify” the landscape – and that’s all well and good – but anyone who’s ever tried to actually navigate a SL road knows darned well it’s about impossible to do so without sinking into the “intraSim muck” (worse than trying to get into RL California with homegrown fruit). After over 2 years, I’ve long given up. Better just to fly (or even “wear” a bicycle).

  38. Since I have a place in main land, I have a concern: and if a road project (or other public project) comes on my plot? I shall be expelled, sure, but in which conditions? I don’t want my place to be cut in two, or finding another place with a difficult neighbourhood.

    (as a remembering, what makes the interest of a plot of land in SL is mostly neighbourhood. Ugly buildings, noisy people, adds and add farms, meeting places, lower the value of our land. Nice places, peaceful neighbours, like-minded neighbours, make a plot more interesting. For instance when buying my plot I had to choose between two. I took the most costy, because the other was just besides a sim where unpleasant car race noises were to be heard permanently, spreading other the surrounding properties. A thing which, it must be said, could be avoided)

  39. Indego Hax says:

    @7 LDPW is 1 department of Linden Lab that mostly consists of residents with select skills in building therese things.

    these are not full linden projects.

    thought i would put that out there.

  40. blabla says:

    I would like to look at a road made by LL. What is the name of a sim that has this? I’m not so informed about this subject

  41. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 39 Richard land for roads are predetermined. they are there as Governor Linden land well before any are sold, no one ever get expelled from their bought land to make room for a road.

  42. Ryu Darragh says:

    #19, I would womder if the moles know of the trick of andchoring overlapping prims on both sides, identical in every way, but offset by 0,01M or 0,02M on each side on the Z axis (to prevent texture banding). The center of the linkset must be *in* each region and overlap as they transition both ways. That way, you are on a prim that remains solid for quite a ways as you cross into the other region.

  43. rosehessel says:

    HELP somting is wrong i cant use my password eny more ??

  44. rosehessel says:

    i hawe reported it but no help to get from SL ?

  45. Encog Dod says:

    Why are we not allowed to create landmarks in these areas? I tried to landmark the volcano, but it said that the “owner” of the land does not allow it. Wouldn’t you want people to bookmark these areas?

  46. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Bubba B I don’t see a goat track but I get your point. I’m all in favour od the road project but now i worry that they may drive a road through the protected land that my neighbour has managed to make into a river. Course its old mainland so unlikely but if they do I will have to move my gardens

  47. Mot Mann says:

    Route 7? There were only 6 routes in the survey for the atoll continent. Are we giving up on the rest of those roads and starting on different continents now? I’m just curious, not complaining. Is there a web page about the LDPW showing the projects lined up and other info about the people in LDPW?

  48. @43 Ryu exactly right and if they were using “gasp” megaprims” of about 40m length so that they have 19m of solid old, in the new sim(center of mass in the old), then they would have solid prims far enough on each side of the border to allow the cars to be “caught” by the new sim computer before falling through the ground on the new sim…. which is another valid GREAT reason to allow megaprims to be constructed as a normal course of events instead of when a server update fails to maintain the prim size restrictions accidentally and we get to use an Open Source viewer to create whole new sets of mega prims before they close the server hole(slides down of soap box)

  49. Argent Stonecutter says:

    There’s a well known technique for preventing prim constructs from swallowing vehicles and avatars on sim borders. You simply have duplicate linksets to cover the gap, one rooted in each sim, usually using a transparent prim on one side and the regular prim on the other. You don’t need megaprims to do this, though it is more efficient… megaprims for the roadways would be more efficient too.

  50. Tracey Humphreys says:

    Hi nice road builders… I have just purchased some land in Choi. It is alongside a rough unmade road (protected land)

    I would be VERY grateful if you could come along and make the road up. When you do PLEASE leave a gap in the guard rail at the entrance to my plot…

    Any idea of the when you plan to do the road in Choi??

    Thank you

  51. Calubious Panacek says:

    Don’t quote me, but I heard that the old mainland continents wouldn’t get all the roads built, even though theres big gaps through them where they should go. I only mention this because i have a build in the Pug sim, it is a city, and it has borders on two roads and I have been hoping for over a year now that I would be able to integrate my build with those roads. Roads can’t be that difficult to build. Anyone know whats up with that?

  52. les says:

    I wish i could convince suckers to go nameless and devote hours to my commercial projects.

    Great leadership skillz LL!

  53. Black Russion says:

    they dont build rest of roadsbecause they are lazy

  54. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 54 yeah i saw a mole stood by the roadside the other day and all he did was lean on a shovel and smoke a cigarette, mumbling something about getting paid funny money!

  55. I’ve been going red in the face, yelling at those darn moles! I blame the union — the moles get 27 breaks every day, and they take every one of ’em!

  56. Indego Hax says:

    /me whispers strike and waits for the “You have been logged off by an administrator” message

  57. Aeper Jie says:

    Teen Second life needs more roads. The city sims and the Rest of the road network need to be connected!

  58. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You know, there have been a number of great resident builds that I’ve seen, that vanished when the builders couldn’t keep up their tier. Linden Labs needs to have some kind of “Second Life National Park” to preserve and showcase these kinds of things, instead of building castles to compete with resident’s own builds for events.

  59. Balder Miles says:

    It must be nice to be able to use the official Blog for advertising; “these locations will be available to rent for events”.

  60. Distilled1Rush says:

    What happened to finishing the roads rout1,2,3,4,5,6??? now your off in the new mainlands?

  61. Joshe Darkstone says:

    not a word on the blogs about adding this showcase thing where the least interesitng/most laggy places in second life are chosen by “editors” and not a word about breaking the entire search engine and getting rid of all (old) so the rest of us can do business. and showcase doesnt even work, cant this crap be tested anywhere before you chase all our customers away with it?

  62. Chakku451 Rieko says:

    Nice to see that the LDPW is making progress with the road system. GO MOLES!

    Vehicle Hint: Bring up your Mini-Map and place it in the lower right corner of your screen. Sim crossings are visible as a slightly darker band. When you see yourself approaching a sim crossing, let up on your “accelerator” and coast across. IF you start to sink, you’ll usually bounce back just across the border. [I spent most of the July 4th weekend driving my little ‘Feet 500’ on the road system, starting in the Scafell region.]

    Don’t get me started about AdFarms…

  63. Tracey Humphreys says:

    So no date set for doing the road next to my plot in Choi?
    I can do roads!
    Why not let residents who have a property next to protected land have a couple of weeks permission to build the road, then if you don’t like what they come up with, just delete it?
    We live here, so we have a good idea of what’s good for our region.

    At least try my idea out… in Choi please…

  64. Sling Trebuchet says:

    I went for a drive in a truck at the weekend. I did nearly 60 sim crossings without problems and without having to be aware of where the crossings were at the time. There was the odd dip into the road, but with a steady nerve and hands off the keyboard, the rig resurfaced of its own accord.
    The greater part of it was free of ad-farms.

    However, the journey was kinda disrupted because the road running NS in Wakely and Gogebic has gone missing. I’m certain that it used to exist.
    To replace, it’s just a dead-straight level viaduct, running dead North-SOuth. A mole and a magic wand could build it in minutes.

    It’s a strategic link. It’s gone-missing-ness cuts off a fantastic circle of road around the seas in the South and further links to the SE.

    I was reduced to using edit to move the truck across the stretch.
    BAD MOLES !!!!!!!


    Wakely and Gogebic – straight level NS viaduct – Pretty Please??
    Any mole want a quickie?

  65. Grady Vuckovic says:


    .. people actually drive cars in SL to get places?..

    *rolls on the floor laughing* X’D

    ((Nah serious, for real?.. DUDE! YOU CAN FLY AND TELEPORT!))

  66. Darth Juniper says:

    Yay, I am planning to travel the entire length of the SL roads in a Scout Walker. Let’s hope there are no lpw bridges in this area to scupper me (I had to detour through a canal before).

  67. Confused... says:

    OK….just what am I missing here? I went and checked out all the baycity sims over the weekend and I do have to say they look very nice BUT everywhere I went I hardly saw any people at all visting any of the stores around there. As a matter of fact most of it looked like I ghost town and all the land I saw that was for sale was WAY over priced. The only people I ran into was in the welcome area and they were all new accounts trying to figure out how to walk and talk….so I dont get it..what is all the hype about? I am guessing it wont be long before this all starts looking like the mainland from what I saw.

  68. Michael Linden says:

    Route 1 and 2 were about a tie in the original poll ( http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/04/29/new-highway-routes-ldpw-poll/ ). People on other continents have been asking for roads, so we decided to skip Routes 3 to 6 for a bit. We’ll get back to them!

  69. Ric Mollor says:

    I have to seriously ask just what is the point of building roads in Second Life. Are the customers of SL so unfamiliar with simulated driving experiences that they consider them acceptable?

    Vehicles in SL simply do not work. It may be possible to claim they do if one is able to accept sub Atari 2600 quality physics and then restrict the driving to within one sim only.

    But full speed hauling across the landscape like in There.com or an actual driving simulator? With a sim crossing after sim crossing to negotiate? Not working now and probably never will. Why in the world would LL wish to bring attention to one the biggest failures (and yes, there are many) of the product?

    Think differently? Click on my name or the link to this video (both are different) watch and then compare to Second Life ‘driving’.

    See a difference? :^)

  70. Marianne McCann says:

    @66: I fly and teleport all the time. But sometimes I enjoy driving, or boating, or using a plane. Why limit oneself?

    @70: didn’t you post that before on a LDPW thread?

    Meanwhile… wanna say more on these sim size builds, Michael? What are the next plans for the moles? New works, or some much needed maintenance here and there?

    Also — what is the best way to get LDPW-style requestes to the moles to eyeball? The maze on Imaginario is busted, there’s a wall and floor missing in the castle in Dore, and I can think of a few other things that could use a mole’s steady hand (paw?). Support ticket? JIRA? Particle smoke signals?

  71. Thank you for doing something for the rest of the grid. It’s a start. Looking forward to more value added to the rest of the mainland.

  72. Sling Trebuchet says:

    The point (for me anyway, and for others I know) is that it’s an interesting way to explore SL. It’s a different way of experiencing SL.
    People who rely on Search and TP miss out on a wealth of content.

    Driving is best done with one or more passengers. The driver concentrates on staying on the road and the passenger(s) look out for interesting stuff.

    It is true that in times past that sim crossings were a nightmare. In my experience, things have improved immensely.
    See my post#65 above. Over 60 sim crossings on the trot with no sign of a crash-out, just the occasional momentary dip under the road.
    That trip took me along past a wide variety of builds, over high bridges, through snow sims, along waterside, up and down hills, ….

    The point is not a smooth simulation of RL driving. The point is the fun of moving around, preferably in company, and preferably in a wacky vehicle.
    Vehicle scripts vary. Some are unmanageable. Some are smooth.

  73. Esther Merryman says:

    It is nice to see new roads and builds appearing, whether they are used for driving on or not is immaterial to me. They break up some of the messy mainland and provide a protected area, which has to be a good thing:-)
    But please LL put a stop to this Adfarming nonsense once and for all, while it continues all of the moles hard work is being destroyed by greedy scumbags.
    They are not interested in advertising, they build to most ugly boxes deleiberately to make an eyesore, so they can force sale of their land at high prices.
    You know what they are upto, just as much as we do. So please put a stop to it and save us from these griefers.
    Ask your self Michael what is the point in beautifying something and yet still allow others to sully it, just in the name of greed.
    I am not alone in this request as can be seen from responses throughout this and other blog postings.
    Perhaps LL could put up their own well built Advertising bill boards along the roads and get in revenue for their usage, while outlawing the small plot extortion practices.
    I dont know, but please do something before Primlands takes over all of the road sides and destroys all of the hard work you have put in.

  74. Bertram Merlin says:

    Great. Then I just miss some better connections of
    all the options :)… The canals are often to narrow
    if there are any 🙂 Try sail tru the lakes and narrow
    canals wiht stupidt banlines and Privacy orbs.
    More water pleace 🙂

    Keep up the speed and good work 🙂

    Bertram Merlin

  75. Curtis Dresler says:

    To Ric Moller:

    OMG, you figured out that SL isn’t F1 Grand Prix! 100 points to the man in the hat.

    Of course it isn’t. There could be a purpose to the roads if LL built the highways and maintained them free of walls and obstructions – which, by and large, they don’t. The roads cut through the regions and sims and provide a path that you can follow (in theory) unhindered by security bots, red lines and walls. If you own a sim or visit one, it isn’t a bad way to stroll around to see the area or drive, if that is what gets you around faster. Until you run into some intruding prim or the roadway turns uglier than the surrounding countryside.

    I also agree that it would be nice if they did a few more canals and maintained the ones they have barrier free – sort of the same free passage that you have in many navigable waters in RL. And I know it isn’t going to happen.

  76. Bertram Merlin says:

    I dont understand why on earth the options on some
    of the great places not are maked to use.. I was on
    that vulcano sim.. Great.. A dive board.. Upps.. no
    spring anim in it. ok.. Down to the beach.. ahhh a nice
    hamock!!… yes.. No lay down or sit anims.. The same
    wiht benches around SL… Why even set them up when
    they are to no good use ????

    Bertram Merlin

  77. Nish says:

    I was driving a bus on a sort of guided tour for a few months and found the best times I had, were when the bus crashed due to sim crossing. It just made the trip more fun . It became more of an adventure getting everyone back on board, logging back in before everyone decided to go off and do something else , replacing my hair and trying to find a place where i could re rez the bus oh happy days. I must admit it drove me mad a few times but I think if Sl ever became perfectly stable I would miss its quirks…. hmmm maybe not. If you are fed something all the time you tend to get used to it, or at least make the most of it.

  78. ac14 Hutson says:

    NO 4 WAY SIM CROSSINGS PLEASE, I dont know who thought it would be a good idea to mkae a road that goes through 4 sims at once but its impossible to drive a car though one of those.

  79. Marianne McCann says:

    @77 – Yes!! This is my *biggest* frustration with some of the otherwise wonderful Bay City stuff. You can’t get any foodstuffs in the deco cafe and — which makes no sense to me — the spring animals and swings in the playground in Imaginario do not work. They are not scripted at all.

  80. some sl user says:

    KUDOS, to LL are trains working yet?

  81. Enderby Burgess says:

    Still . . I miss the point,,,Roads where you cant rez a car . . Or very limited…Water and you cant rez a boat …Very,very Limited…I have because of my work traveled on a lot of small roads, and no matter how small they always go to and from somewhere of interest to a certain group of size…The SL roads do not do this, are for the most part useless, and do nothing to enhance the SL experience..I would have thought, that in a place like this, something other than a poor representation of RL blight was reproduced. I am very surprised at the lack of imagination, these roads represent.

  82. Calubious says:

    Enderby, it isn’t their fault, or anyone’s for that matter, how about you enlighten them as to what their imagination should be like eh?

  83. Curtis Dresler says:

    Well. Calubious, I’m with Enderby, at least to the extent of the ‘can’t rez’ stuff. My first visit to Bay City was partly a disappointment due to the inability to actually use the roads. I never found a place to rez a car. Same elsewhere. I have my last plot of land as a rez place for exactly that reason – I don’t really care and it is right beside a LL road. So why can’t LL create 512m lots, 20 or so prims of scenery (I’m proposing a LL Service Station that is a common marker of a rez place for vehicles), with tarmac and an opening to enter the road. If they wanted to be really creative, mock up a service station AND the LL equivalent of an old A&W rootbeer stand and have a place for people to mingle in their cars – maybe all of 50 prims on a 1K lot. Is that so difficult? Not if you are actually using these roads as something other than pure scenery.

    The same could be done on navigable water ways. (None of this is unique to SL – in RL Annapolis there are regular complaints with all the money going into improving the waterways, there are fewer and fewer places to actually put your canoe or kayak into water.)

  84. Bubba B says:

    This is an update to my previous post (31). It is now one week later, my problem is solved and I could not be happier. Thank you Michael, for listening to the needs of residents and thank you moles, for doing such a nice job on Route 2 so far.

    I would also like to publicly apologize for my use of the term “pink goat path” to describe Route 2. A more accurate description of the textures would be “rustic cobblestone”.

    Route 2 is actually quite beautiful, with many extra features such as bridges, rest areas and gardens along the way. As of this post it has been completed from Buff to Snout along the northeast coast of the Atoll continent. I highly recommend taking a drive or stroll along the route to enjoy some of the eye candy LDPW has provided for residents.

  85. Rodger Rammidge says:

    It is good to see that @31 Bubba B’s complaint was listened to and acted upon @85 wtg LL and the moles:-)
    The roads are a great addition to the landscape, yes truckstops and garages to rez vehicles would be great editions for the future if possible, but the main problem i see with the roads is the level of ad farming around them in some areas this has gotten completely out of hand with both sides just being walled with huge adverts.
    Prevention of this destruction needs to be the main priority if these roads are to be travelled and enjoyed!
    Adfarming is still such a blight to the whole Mainland even though it is supposed to be banned.
    Take a look at this link http://www.slnn.com/article/big-paw-paw/
    why in were these people still forced to pay upto 5000L$ for small plots in July when Adfarming was banned in February?
    Adfarming is still a huge problem and destroying the attractiveness of the mainland.

  86. Marianne McCann says:

    @84 – there is a rezzing areas right near the entrance to town, on route 66. Look for the street sign designating it a rezzing zone.

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  88. Michael Linden says:

    An amusing though pertinent note about “community input to road building”: an early proposal by some Residents was “why not let the landowners adjacent to the roads have a vote/more say/the choice/etc. on the road type/presence/etc.?”.

    Of course, pretty quickly folks noticed that when advertisements are present, they’re likely to be adjacent to the roads!

  89. Tommy Devin says:

    Route 7 is looking good!

    Any idea when it will get to Warbunton?

  90. I’ve seized land for the mole contractors within a kilometer or so, to the north (roughly). Soon, maybe this week!

  91. Tommy Devin says:


    Just wondering if there’s an update on Route 7. Still no sign of it in Warbunton. Any further guesses as to when it will get here?



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