Now Available, optional Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC14

Today we are releasing a new Release Candidate, 1.20 RC14. If you have already been using the Release Candidate (RC13), you will be required to update to RC14 with the latest bug fixes. But, the Release Candidate is always an optional series of viewers that you may choose not to use — or use side by side on your computer with the main viewer offered on our Downloads page (and at

This RC14 includes a few last polishes to the Classic and Silver skins, as reported broken in the previous iteration. We have also resolved a few outstanding behavior issues to Snapshots, and to Unmuting a muted Resident (VWR-1735)…. These were small features that were introduced along the way in RC7, but needed more complete thinking and revision based on your feedback in the Issue Tracker. In RC14, these now behave logically/as expected for those features.

We expect this to be the final Release Candidate in the 1.20 viewer series, barring any Showstoppers that you may find. Please of course continue to report any new issues (large or small) in the Issue Tracker, and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate”.

  • When this version 1.20 becomes an official version of the Second Life viewer, it will NOT be a mandatory upgrade; you will still be able to log in with the current viewer or the earlier version. (Those versions will simply let you know that a new 1.20 version is available, if you wish to download.)

To get started with this RC14 viewer, visit the Test Viewers download page (NOTE: use the links at bottom of page, under Test Viewers).

Fixes in 1.20 RC14:

* Moved the Preferences > Skins tab to the bottom of the list of preferences tabs.

* Fixed: VWR-7353: Auto-snapshot should not be tied to Freeze Frame (full screen preview) when taking a picture in Snapshots
* Fixed: VWR-7344: “Shutter sound” should not play every time Snapshot Preview window opens or when a setting is modified
* Fixed: VWR-7389: String is missing when opening an IM window to a muted resident (string that the resident is currently muted)
* Fixed: VWR-7510: Muted resident is unmuted if he/she initiates a Group chat
* Fixed: The upgrade from RC12 to the new RC leaves the old /skins/html and /skins/xui files on the hard drive
* Fixed: Grid selection on the login screen is not set, unless you hit return
* Fixed: A new debug setting “TutorialURL” to change the URL used by the Tutorial window
* Fixed: The list on Preferences>Popups is right justified on the Mac PowerPC
* Fixed: Enlarge the browser tutorial window slightly
* Fixed: Some dropdown selection boxes are clipped
* Fixed: All HTML floaters have Dazzle scrollbar art

Localization Fixes:
* Fixed: some text overlaps in Buy Land floater in Portuguese
* Fixed: add final translations for Preferences>Skins options in German, Japanese, Korean
* Fixed: Update the viewer credits in About>Second Life…

IMPORTANT: Known Issues with RC14:

  • It is a Known Issue that this Release Candidate will not run successfully on a Mac PowerPC that has the operating system OS X 10.3.9. It will only run on PPC hardware if you have Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher.
  • The current viewer, version 1.19.1, still supports the Mac PowerPC that is running Mac OS X 10.3.9. Katt Linden has been gathering feedback about continuing our support for this Mac operating system in future releases of Second Life.

* * *

A final, HUGE thanks to all of you who participated in this extended-length RC cycle — those who downloaded & tested, posted reproducible steps and system environments, responded to questions, and clarified and linked. Your help to improve the new Second Life viewer is greatly, greatly appreciated! I hope the improved stability of this viewer, and major bug fixes that we accomplished with your help, make this the best viewer so far to experience Second Life.

About Ramzi Linden

I am a Project Manager at Linden Lab; and also work on localizations in the Second Life viewer.
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150 Responses to Now Available, optional Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC14

  1. Meade Paravane says:


    MONO is lurking right around the corner. If this is the final RC, what’s the plan to get the “MONO compile” (or whatver) checkbox on script windows?

  2. Darien Caldwell says:

    What about the UI additions for Mono? Are they included in this release, or will they be in a subsequent release? Thanks. 🙂

  3. Darien Caldwell says:

    /me smacks Meade :p

  4. Meade Paravane says:

    Too slow, Darien!! 😛

  5. Kriste Beck says:

    Glad to hear that a lot of bug fixes have come with this release and that it will soon be the new viewer!

    I have been using this round of RC viewers since 1.20 RC10, and have been impressed with the improvements.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Kyder Ling says:

    Thanks for the update. ❤

  7. Fnordian Link says:

    Last thing I read, their plan was to incorporate the viewer side of Mono in the next RC release cycle (1.21) and the server side would be implemented in the next server update *after* the current server update that keeps rolling forward and back and forwards and back… Assuming the current server update is put out on the grid by the end of the week, without introducing new bugs, I believe they planned to have a week with no server update following and then the server update with Mono would come the week after that. Of course, all these plans may have changed since they last wrote about them. 😉

  8. Destiny Niles says:

    Stop being teases and release already. If you guys where M$ you would have.

  9. Colin Kiernan says:

    This isn’t really a showstopper, but it would nice if we could have the Classic theme, but using the improved icons from the Silver theme. Maybe have an advanced area in the skins section where we can choose a different theme for various aspects of the UI.

  10. Ramzi Linden says:

    @1 Meade, @2 Darien- rather than squeeze the UI additions for Mono server into this 1.20 viewer at a late stage, we have opted to bring them into the next viewer, properly tested. Those Mono options should appear in the next Release Candidate cycle.

  11. Broccoli Furry says:

    i love new updates

  12. Periapse Linden says:

    Meade, Darien,

    The Mono UI changes are now slated for the 1.21 viewer, which should have a release candidate out in about two weeks. Initially that UI will be greyed out, since there are no Mono regions on the main grid. However you will be able to use the 1.21 rc’s to go to the preview grid and its Mono regions.

    The Mono server changes are awaiting merge to release. The plan is for server 1.24 to contain Mono. The rollout of 1.24 should also happen in a couple of weeks.

    Once the Mono server changes roll, Mono will be enabled across all of Second Life. Everyone will be able to *use* Mono scripts. However to actually compile to Mono you’ll need to use the 1.21 rc viewer.

  13. Elliott Eldrich says:

    I’m hoping this new release will address the #1 problem that I’m experiencing, which is periodic freezing that happens in any client newer than (anything with Windlight). I’ve been trying the 1.20 RC series, and the problem never goes away. I’m running a generation 1 Mac Pro with 10 GB of ram(!) and a new Nvidia 8800GT video card. Have the very latest version of OS X (10.5.4) yet keep experiencing this lockup issue.

    Sometimes when I run the previous RC (1.20.13) it will run just fine for hours, with no lockups at all, or sometimes just a couple of lockups early in the session, and then it clears up. Other times I’ll be running it for a while, and then it starts locking up, and gets worse and worse, until I have no choice but to log out because it’s locking up continually (freezes for about ten seconds or so, then unfreezes for maybe a couple of seconds, then locks up again, then unfreezes for a couple of seconds, and just continues like that until I log out.) I’ve tried going away from the computer for a while and then coming back to see if it clears up, but once it gets into that mode it never recovers, and I’m forced to log out.

    It is my fond hope that this issue will be fixed soon. I’d really like to be able to run a Windlight based viewer. As it is, I’ve been trying out each RC when it comes out, and then having to go back to which is rather disappointing.

  14. Hevenz Vansant says:

    finally these viewers are starting to show the power inside SL and I’m glad tyou stuck to your guns and kept releasing these in an effort to provide us with something stable besides 1.19.

    While i give you kudos for the effort, I would like to suggest that any known issues that are still open and any known stability issues with the viewer be addressed and finalized to make the public release a powerhouse to build off of, so maybe one more RC would be in order with lots of quality testing before a final release, then you all cn breath easier:)

    Better to be safe than sorry:)

  15. Thanks for the update Ramzi!

  16. Dario Darrow says:

    Can I add to what Elliott Eldrich Said, I have almost the same set up and am having the same freezing issues, It has been getting worse for me since RC10. One jira said the pausing was fix…but i think that was on mac book pro’s.
    Im hoping that LL are aware there are still pauses to be fixed.

  17. Overall, my journey along the 1.20 path has been quite pleasant. Many outstanding, longstanding, and downright unpalatable issues have been addressed and fixed, and they seem to have been accomplished in a very logical and methodical order. As a longtime resident (I can say that now), I’ve appreciated the judicious rollout of 1.20 (reminds me of the steadily plodding tortoise in that story with the hare…).

    Periodic and erratic freezing as mentioned above (#13) is still a persistent issue, but in general this is the best, most stable viewer ever. Slow and steady wins the race…

  18. Xen Akula says:

    WOWZI WOWZI WOWZA!!! RC14!!!! 14 RC’s and counting before a new “offical” 1.20 viewer. You guys have been working lots ‘o’ hours, huh?!

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  20. McCabe Maxsted says:

    I gotta say I’m liking this extended release cycle. In looking over the release notes, you can really appreciate all the thought and effort that went into correcting and finalizing the RC (particularly the snapshot issues, and the late addition skin switching). I think you guys ended up with a better viewer than if you’d released these as two separate official versions.

    1.20 is going to be my favorite release viewer when it goes gold: a good mix of new features, bug fixes, and community patches (thank you to Zi Ree for clickable names!)

    *now eagerly awaits skinning phase 4 and dynamic reloading* 😀

  21. Ann Otoole says:

    Great. Did you fix the invisible avatars defect that came with the previous rc?

  22. APB for Leadership says:

    RC13 seemed to be working quite well, but RC14 keeps crashing.

    Whoever was responsible for the abrupt, rude (no notice to those of us using it), and premature release of RC14 should simply be fired by the close of business today. There should be consequences for willful stupidity.

  23. This is exciting! 🙂 Keep up the excellent work, I’m eager to see Mono on the Agni Grid and hope it gives the much awaited performance boost that Preview Grid users have been enjoying the past few months…

  24. Ceera Murakami says:

    Looking good so far. Unless something strange appears, it does look like this one is *finally* ready for prime time! Good work to the developers, and again a hearty THANK YOU for finally realizing that a large part of your user base did NOT like or want to use the Dazzle color scheme!

    Mot supporting Mac OS 10.3.9 any more will certainly hurt some Mac users. Before I upgraded my hardware last December, I was still on 10.3.9, and it was stable and did all I needed. I had no reason to upgrade to Tiger (10.4.x) or Leopard (10.5.x) until I got newer hardware that required Leopard. But although being required to upgrade your OS or being required to get newer hardware is certainly a pain, you can’t support aging hardware and OS versions forever. Allowing the earlier clients to still work will help ease the transition for the Mac users who will need to upgrade.

  25. Kilo Vega says:

    Well, one issue still exists: The Mac viewer only sees 64mb of video RAM on a MacBook with a GMA X3100, instead of the 144MB that it actually has. I am just hoping this might be a fix down the road when this viewer goes out of RC.

  26. Lisa Lowe says:

    The snapshopt (512×512) preview still shows on the whole screen instead of in a frame. So it looks stretched. Maybe I am lost here, but is this intentional now? VWR-7353.

    Luckely the snapshot sound is fixed now and is only heard on uploading. 🙂

  27. Soap Clawtooth says:

    I still say there’s things that might be a good idea for inclusion in future releases.

    1) Color overlay for the UI: enabling the user to adjust hue, saturation and contrast.

    2) ‘groups’ for the friends list, enabling people to split contacts into ‘friends’, ‘colleagues’ etc ect

    3) The ability to turn IM’s off (without the burden of em piling up when set busy) or a ‘restrict IM’s to friends list’ option.


  28. Ramzi Linden says:

    @13, @16-

    Take a look at and see if your Mac freezing symptoms match that issue (Perhaps not). Some workarounds have been debated on that issue.

  29. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Dropping 10.3.9 will keep me from doing “low end testing” for my scripts and products unless I go out and build a new Windows box that’s deliberately “down rev”.

  30. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    What a huge improvement this will be over the 1.19 viewer. There are still glitches and bugs, of course, but I can live with it. I look forward to bugging the heck out of you again on the 1.21 RC 😀

  31. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Kilo@25: the GMA3100 doesn’t actually have *any* VRAM, it uses main memory. Moving textures “into” video memory, it just copies them around in main memory.

  32. Argent Stonecutter says:

    APB@22: change the “–channel” parameter in the shortcut (on windows) or arguments.txt (on Mac) file in your previous RC and you can keep using it.

  33. Kilo Vega says:

    I am aware of its RAM being shared but still, SL only wants to use 64mb of the 144mb of the allocated RAM on a MacBook with a X3100 (I have a early 2008 MacBook, as well as a desktop PC with a 8800GT).

  34. WannaDome Sideways says:

    How do i get off this constant down loading thing i find one that works well for me then you make me download a new one that does not work ! it would be nice to go back to being able to update if i want or not if i don’t

  35. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    I sincerely hope that this will not be the final release candidate!!! ..finding that things were generally improving since RC 10..i have the impression that RC 13 seemed to be going backwards somehow.. camera control has not improved one avatar still regularly goes into out of control spinning when in confined areas or moving quick..
    the viewer also freezes up a lot.. something that i thought was getting better with RC 11 ..the allegedly cured bug of inoperational and dislogded attachments still occures regularly including the message that an item that has caused problems in the region can’t be attached.. yes, i have filed a JIRA on this problem!
    Overall game enjoyment has deteriorated and whereas i believe i have quite a powerful system.. people with older systems will tear out their hair in frustration.. i have relogged and rebooted on average 20 times a day on RC 13 ..please LL look at the JIRA logs and solve some of the problems before making this the main viewer

  36. Domchi Underwood says:

    Ramzi, there are two terribly annoying SpaceNavigator JIRA issues which render SN useless for machinima – VWR-6350 (Flycam text, and VWR-5791 (flickering local lights,

    Can you pretty please fix them before releasing final version which will introduce SN support? Of all the SpaceNavigator issues (see VWR-6363 meta-issue), those two really suck.

  37. I’m still getting smartheap out of memory errors with this version. It’s been a running theme for my annoyances list for a long time now. When is this going to be fixed? Jira has been showing “fix pending” for a while now. Any ETA? I should hope you resolve this before making this RC (or it’s next incarnation) mainstream. I consider this one a “show stopper” because it hits when you are most active and usually right in the middle of a project or event.

  38. GOLAN Eilde says:

    The lateast version the RC version 14 is not working on my computer
    the RC 13 worked just fine this 1 does not even when i open it i get a mesege that say : NSIS ERROR
    the installer you are tring to use is courrpt

    so i cant use it so i had to go back to the first viewer

  39. curious says:

    Any chance We will ever get Wildlight controls at the region/estate level? It would be even better if We had LSL triggers coming off the time increments.

    Just curious =)

  40. June Oh says:

    The vertical line I got on the upto RC 12 at left of screen went with RC13, now back with RC14.
    Nvidia 7000 series graphic card.

  41. This isn’t directly related to the RC client, but… would there be any chance that the client that implements “real” shadows could be put out as a First Look client?

  42. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Kilo@33: On a Mac, because the UI uses OpenGL as well, I have found that setting the video RAM to more than about half the real video RAM can cause problems. Half of 144 is 72, and rounded down to a power of two that’s 64. It may simply be trying to protect you. 🙂

    WannaDome@34: Look at my message, two messages above yours. 🙂

  43. Anna Gulaev says:

    Thank you, Ramzi and Periapse, for keeping us up to date on Mono’s progress. I’m looking forward to its release!

  44. Phantom Ninetails says:

    I like how the classic skin has returned, and as default (in the last RC; I couldn’t say that on the last blog post, silly 150 comment limit). That was quite pleasing to me.

    Unfortunately it seems some issues that are important to me such as beacons and the statistics floater aren’t going to be resolved before leaving RC, at this rate..

  45. Kraelen Redgrave says:

    @42 Argent Stonecutter

    Woah there! I’m all for the shadows but we don’t want to upset the people with 5 year old computers now do we?

    On another note… Why is the ui now called silver? It’s blue! Not silver!
    Shouldn’t it be called “shiny blue” or “blue that hardly anyone likes”?

    Not that I’m complaining. I like it hell of a lot more than the old ui.

  46. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Overall I like it a lot, but… load-time seems to have doubled?

    And could we get rid of that annoying progress-bar on the login screen? I try to get a nice view of where ever I log out, and this plank across my screen totally spoils that. Something discrete attached to the menu bar, maybe?

  47. foe says:

    Maybe it was the logged in session or this RC update?
    but I noticed the lack! of invisible avi, the only some prims and nickames, in view.

  48. Moll Dean says:

    oh! Can’t wait to see main viewer ver 1.24 (w/ mono) 😀

    Thank you RC team

  49. uh-oh says:

    I ran this viewer and it seems to run fine. Two things I noticed is that that Vista keeps telling me that the program did not install correctly so I uninstalled the old RC and reinstalled the new one and keep getting this. The last error I recieved was Vista telling me the color scheme is not compatable with Vista.
    Is anyone else seeing this?

  50. uh-oh says:

    @Soap Clawtooth ” 3) The ability to turn IM’s off (without the burden of em piling up when set busy) or a ‘restrict IM’s to friends list’ option. ”

    Great idea on that one. I have left many groups over spam that comes in when I am busy and trying to do things only to get spammed by clubs or other group notices, even when I have group notices turned off.
    They wouldn’t be bad if it was just a notice and not 20 people chiming in trying to be funny everytime someone makes an announcment.

  51. Amira says:

    Unable to log in since the updates, always stuck at Handshaking region, then disconnects, any suggestions?

  52. Suzan says:

    Runs fine for me, as the whole last RCs.. good work! 🙂

    (Ubuntu Linux 8.04, Nvidia GeForce Go 7300)

  53. Georgie says:

    Does not fix my MacPro’s repeated pausing issue, but may suggest some UI changes for those with pause problems. I found that re-enabling camera constraints in the Advanced menu has reduced my pauses considerably. I love the freedom of removed constraints, however, my Mac becomes unstable, locking up, with big camera moves.

  54. Farallon Greyskin says:

    The pausing…

    FYI it is not just a Mac bug, it happens to me and two other people I know on Windows. I believe both Vista and XP. The only real common denominator seems to be an nvidia card. The freezing on Windows is 2-5 seconds per pause.

    I can repo it somewhat easily by zooming in on something so that a prim takes up 50% or more of the screen. Then zooming back out during the micro short un-pauses makes it stop. Though it re-triggers more easily after that till you relog.

    This problem is also not limited to the RC client either. It’s almost like the release client is not being fixed because of the impending RC release (makes sense) but then the RC client is not being fixed because it’s not an RC specific bug.

  55. Since when did required updates become optional? Hehe 🙂

  56. Ron Crimson says:

    Weeks and weeks of testing and new iterations of the RC, and then it’s not going to be a required update to I’m actually surprised. o_O On the other hand, Mac users will no doubt be very happy about having a “grace period” and for that I give my kudos to LL, even though I’m a Windows bloke. ^_^

    Regarding IMs coming in when in busy mode: Why worry? Let ’em pile up and don’t worry about answering or even reading them – you’re in BUSY MODE, remember? It even replies automatically on your behalf. 😉
    I agree with the group notices, though, those can be a pain… and another thing I sometimes really hate is that inventory offers are auto-declined when I’m in busy mode and I don’t even get a chance to decide whether or not I actually *wanted* that notecard with the latest updates from my favorite place. I’d love to see an option to automatically accept, rather than decline, inventory offers (for ALL items, not just LMs and such) – and while we’re at it, be able to specify some sort of incoming folder within the Inventory because that’s the other thing I hate – items coming in in my Notecards folder, Landmarks folder, Objects folder, Clothing folder, etc….. 😛

  57. Kathy Morellet says:

    So far, I am crashing more on this one than I have since RC7. Crash logs sent.

  58. 50 Winx says:

    Does this fix the crashing problem with the Nvidia 8600M GS graphics card? I crash when I log on.

  59. Chance says:

    Crashes Like Crazy, Mac has the graphics problem with triangles back, and this really impacts our cybersex. If this is the one that is “almost done”, roll back!!

  60. Amira says:

    Really would like to log in, can log in but always stuck at Handshaking region then disconnects, please help, already uninstalled/reinstalled

  61. Erwyn Enzo says:

    @53/Farallon Greyskin:

    > The only real common denominator seems to be an nvidia card.

    Maybe not.

    I’m also getting the freezes on my very new iMac (using 1.19.1, however) and the video card is ATI RadeonHD2600.

    I do notice it while alt-zooming. It’s very disruptive.

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  63. The smart heap library/memory leak problems need to be rectified before you consider making any new RC the official Second Life viewer.

  64. Erwyn Enzo says:

    Just had a go at RC14. Seems very smooth so far–on my Mac! Here’s hoping I can just stay with this without going back to 1.19.1.

  65. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Thanks expecially for putting back the old skin, while the silver theme is also nice and some may prefer it. But you may notice, the more bright a screen is, such as this blog, the harder it is on your eyes which is a part of your brain. o.O

  66. Dytska Vieria says:

    I think that before you release this as an official viewer…


    Please, it can’t be as hard to fix as it was to mess up!? I don’t like to…

    1. Re-enable the View Statistics Bar and….
    2. Re-position the Statistics Bar

    Every time I login!

    Fix It!

    Please! It is a “your reputation” issue…

  67. Paulo Dielli says:

    I don’t understand, really. I have way more problems with the RC (even the new one) than with the regular viewer. With the regular viewer, everything runs smoothly. With the RC, I get much more lag and viewer interruptions, even crashes. My sys specs: Vista Home 32 bits, 2Gb Ram, Intel Core 2 CPU 4300 @ 1.8 Ghz, GeForce 8600 GT.

  68. Tegg B says:

    WannaDome Sideways Says:”How do i get off this constant down loading thing i find one that works well for me then you make me download a new one that does not work ! it would be nice to go back to being able to update if i want or not if i don’t”
    Download the non RC official viewer

  69. Cummere MAyo says:

    very good rc but i agree not quite ready for final. a couple more bugs really need adressed first. like the landmarks not always working in the map and a few of the oens mentioned here. but i do not see why soem are having so much trouble with it. its very smooth on both my sytems. one old and one new…

  70. Kulalyle Antine says:

    Does anyone see what i see when i download a texture with a alpha
    layer or see it in the preview window when texturing the alpha is white
    and invisa prim script does not work well anymore either have been
    seeing this sence RC 10 have not heard much about this in the pjira

  71. Actingill Igaly says:

    Good work with this RC cycle guys, I’m on SL 10+ hours a day and cant remember the last time i crashed 🙂

  72. Shibari Twine says:

    Between 1.20.11 and 1.20.14 the long freezes or complete freezes on my Mac Book pro came back.

    I can run a channelled version of 1.20.11 and never see a freeze, as soon as I go in world with 1.20.14 and use the camera, swing it around to see my face, SL freezes and requires a forced quit.

    BTW Katt in all her stupidity with the web page change didnt account for the channel messages, the “you must update” wanring overwrites the status blog, meaning I have sweet nuff all idea of what faults are in world.

  73. As fewer yellow or sale of land is in better map ….. advertise ise, vstex, ace slcapex is very very good and very very good sl …….
    better less land and more people on ground, most people possible by ground and more agility in the game …. ideal would all servers in the world have the agenda of second life, so readily able to do all 3d world, with … and the regulation of persons ,…, good job controlling the amount of land ect, so easy daria is the big step everyone in 3d world ……. XD
    it is true that the program we do better, XD

  74. Moll Dean says:

    I use the View >> Camera Control and it it not working smothly… Is that only me?


  75. Aurélio Meredith says:

    Hi, please, make new viewer with compatibility with notebook’s VGA card, i purshased one, but, 5 minutes conected, and go…
    My VGA in notebook is a SIS672, please, i ask u study better ways to the no expensive VGA can run SL. thanks.

  76. Elborath Gelfand says:

    Well I loved the previous release candidate – the look, the feel – everything – but the later version is not nearly as good. Everything takes like forever to rez – camera controls are sooo jerky! I’ve gone back to the main viewer and sincerely hope that the next main viewer update is NOT RC14 – bring back RC13 is what I say

  77. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Kraelen@45: I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I didn’t mention shadows, and the GMA3100 is a very recent Intel GPU.

  78. jade carnot says:

    i just hope that eventually i’ll get my 110k inventory back 🙂

  79. Vaalith Jinn says:

    The new RC has new a random crash feature!
    But seriously, the new RC was released prematurely,
    it crashes much more often than the old one, revert please?

  80. beeen a looong time, ill still wait till its out

  81. Alyx Sands says:

    #57: I have a GeForce 8600M GS and don’t crash at all? Are you sure it’s your card and not something else?

  82. Vaalith Jinn says:

    Double crashes now too, with nothing overheating.

  83. shockwave yareach says:

    Updated to RC14 from RC13, only a week old. But I’ll not tease you about that.

    Only one night of running thus far. I have had no crashing problems. But the viewer does occassionally freeze for a couple of seconds, as if the IO section was busy moving large blocks of data in and out of the drive for cache. Seems good thus far with that annoyance the only big thing I can spot.

    Thank you for these improvements. They have been SORELY needed. The next big improvement you need to think about is splitting the viewer into IO and Graphics so multicore processors can run better – this will instantly improve how SL looks and feels to the user.

    Keep this up, and I may just go back to premium again 🙂

  84. KellyM Watkins says:

    Great to see the snapshot sound bug been sorted. 🙂 Looking forward to using this \o/ keep up the good work and lets hope we are almost there for the final release for mandatory browser 😀

  85. Infrared Wind says:

    Good Job, guys!

    Now if you would just get rid of the FLYCAM text on the screen when in Flycam mode.

    It’s quite annoying to remove that from machinima work.

    Thank you!

  86. Matthew Dowd says:

    The Tool menu still autohides, despite now nearly 98 votes to revert this illogical and confusing change –

  87. rhandom says:

    I would love to try this out, but am one of the small fraction that use 10.3.9 Panther on a PowerPC Mac.

    I may try it later on a Windows machine, but I love my Power Book very much – it has a much bigger and nicer screen for me to navigate within SL.

  88. Darien Caldwell says:

    To comment about the viewer freezing issue. I have this sometimes too, However, I am on Windows XP, not a Mac. I have noticed it seems to occur when I am in the presence of other avatars, but not when I’m alone. It literally freezes the whole PC for 5-10 seconds every 30 seconds. But it’s never consistent. Very unpredictable, and very annoying.

  89. JL Prudhomme says:

    I’m not knowledgeable enough to know what may be the problem with the RC. I do enjoy it in general. I’m on an ATI Radeon vid card and have plenty of speed and RAM.

    I notice that it’s much harder to build in the RC than in the general viewer. I build jewelry in microprims, and I notice a funny little lag when I want to rotate my camera close up or when I want to copy a prim using Shift, drag. It’s quite annoying for things to halt, like the server is trying to catch up.

    The RC also seems to affect linking prims, again a funny lag thing. It’s also stodgy in trying to link using a box around the jewelry piece, the easiest way in the regular view to link a high-prim item.

    I would appreciate a response — is it me or the RC?


  90. Medhue Simoni says:

    Its crazy to keep releasing RC viewers 1 after another. I just downloaded the last 1 on friday. Running a business in sl, means i’m online everyday for hours. Not many people come to sl just to test your viewers. How can u get a accurate account of the viewers when they are only out there for a week? I have atleast 3 issues in the issue tracker that have not been fix yet in this viewer. Understanding the need to keep advancing the system, but releasing software that hurts the system is not good. I’m left wondering if LL has learned anything from the past year. 1 week to test a RC is not enough, and there are still bugs. Why are bugs ever left to the next viewer?

  91. Medhue Simoni says:

    Oh and if the viewers were done right, all of us still using the would not have to. Its sad when the official viewer doesnt work right for alot of us and we have to seek out alternatives. Think of all the new people that just leave cause their computer isnt compatible for whatever reason. But no, u just keep cranking out new veiwers that only a few of us will ever use.

  92. RaZ PC says:

    Ok, many new Releases… with many Error-Corrections! Great!

    But when will be re-activated again the really nice feature to see friends in different color on the Minimap!

    Why was this feature removed, will it return?
    It’s along time ago…


  93. This is a good start… on running the download I get this message:

    NSIS Error

    The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete.
    This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus.

    You may want to contact the auther of this installer to obtain a new copy.

    It may be possible to skip this check using the /NCRC command line switch (NOT RECOMMENDED).


    I wonder if this is classed as a showstopper?

  94. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ummm unfortnately, teh new viewer seems not good for my equipment
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (1795 MHz)
    Memory: 2046 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (Build 6001)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8400M GT/PCI/SSE2
    I crash more often than on .13, people remain grey
    do i need a new equipment LL for that RC? if so, please tell which I should buy with the exact specifications of processor, graphic card etc etc, thanks.

  95. Mech Gears says:

    Missing my Dynamic reflections…..
    when will this feature be back? it made metals and glas look so pretty

  96. The freeze is back on my MacBook Pro on nVidia 8600 GT 512MB with this client.

    The problem is apparently well known. DEVs have been able to pinpoint this, or believe they have, to getCurrentRSS() in llviewerstats.cpp line #696.

    Now I notice this is extremely severe on this release with VBO off. As some have claimed the problem is softened by ridding of VBO but IT IS NOT. The Quartz Composer on OSX 10.5.4. gets shut dead during these freezes, system-wide.

    Now, I appreciate your efforts and very little problems I was able to notice with this release but this. Are you feeding client’s VM usage stats back to servers via getCurrentRSS()? Then give up, your cache system is bad enough that feeding the servers back with all this data renders the client useless.

    In my opinion getCurrentRSS() makes little sense until you revise prioritization on the cache as you say you will in the near future.

    So give us 1.20 RC 15 tomorrow.

  97. Bob Chandler says:

    As an SL user with a dinosaur computer that has minimal requirements to enjoy the many inworld experiences, I have found the graphics to be greatly improved with RC20! Thank the SL gawdz for this enhancement! However, the BIG issue that invariably prompts me to return to version 19 and reduced graphics is the fact that my camera spins out of control making it impossible to build nor indulge in my incessant shopaholic indulgences :).

  98. Kraelen Redgrave says:

    @75 Argent Stonecutter

    Ah, oops my bad. It was the post above yours by Melissa Yeuxdoux I was reading. Somehow I took the name from your post below it by mistake.

  99. Sumiko Yokosuka says:

    Thanks for changing the search and inventory box looks back to white on black. It is so much easier to read now.

  100. Janine Kiergarten says:

    Re response 91 – I got the same response on attempted downloads and cannot download the new RCV. The earlier RCV won’t now work and the standard viwer is not at all good. Help!

  101. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    Logged in and within 20 minutes was ‘logged out of the region you’re in’ 3 times in a row on attempting to tp somewhere else 😦

    definitately do not want to see RC 14 as it is to become the main viewer

  102. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    on my fourth attempt to log in..i find myself without various attachments, including AO, mystitool and various prims…which can’t be reattached, nor the remaining ones detached..message ‘item that has caused problems in the region can’t be attached’ ..have logged JIRA on this issue during RC13..though i doubt anyone ever bothers

    i’m logging in at my own plot in a private region without heavy traffic

    i clear cache every single time i log

    having to relog for a fifth time and doubt that i will get much joy out of SL today or any other day while this is going on

  103. Ron Crimson says:

    “i clear cache every single time i log”

    Why? If you keep clearing the cache you’ll never give SL a chance to reload all of the textures, inventory and other transient data and it’ll never “settle down.” Your problems sound like the result of a bad network connection… being logged out during teleports is a server issue, not an RC one.

  104. Vivienne says:

    Sighs. Apart from this RC being the most stable I ever used : These fabuöous Atmo Shaders kill performance totally and render even the top ten of the Getty Library ugly – and still no fix for this:

    But…finally sculpts seem to render much faster and some more nice bells and whistles I really appreciate.

    Anyway, fix this bug, please…

  105. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Mech Gears@93: You mean like this?

    I don’t think decent dynamic reflections will be back, ever.

  106. Erwyn Enzo says:

    There are a few RC14 oddities, at least on my Mac:

    – The statistics window (ctrl-shift-1) goes away in mouselook mode. I like being able to watch the fps rates in and out of mouselook mode. Every time I go into mouselook mode, I have to ctrl-shift-1 again. If the idea is to have no windows in mouselook mode, then why not poof the minimap window too? That window doesn’t go away during mouselook mode, so this is very inconsistent.

    – In mouselook mode, when the menubar goes away, the Search field stays. This makes no sense, since the mouse is in…well, mouselook mode. 🙂 I’m guessing this is probably some kind of a glitch or design oversight.

    – I agree with others that the Tools menu should not disappear for any reason. It is counterintuitive to have to go into edit mode just to save something back to my inventory, for example. Mind you, that would have been grayed out anyway. But the thing is, if I hadn’t read about this change, I might have thought the Tools menu was literally gone. THAT is very confusing.

    That’s about all I can think of, in the way of stuff that I hope will be fixed before 1.20 is official.

  107. Karrie Decosta says:

    This new version wont work for me, when i try to log on it goes straight to crash logger then shuts down every time, have had to uninstall and use old 1.19 version

  108. Truthseeker Young says:

    I continue to get the truly-disturbing entire-machine lockup (can’t flee to finder, no cmd-opt-esc., must hold down the power-button down to do a hard restart) I’ve gotten with the entire run of RC20 (the versions I could run at all that is lol) 😦

    Granted, mine is now a pretty old machine, but it’s still going strong, and NO OTHER APPLICATION, or combination of apps running simultaneously even, has EVER done this to this machine. Nor has any previous version of SL!! 19xx(Including Windlight) crashes occasionally, but it either dumps me back out onto the desktop, or allows me to force SL to quit.


    My machine…

    PowerMac G5 (June 2004) dual 2ghz
    ATI X800xt Mac Edition (256mb)
    7gb RAM
    OS 10.4.11 (Tiger)

  109. @ 98 Janine (& LL Super-bods!!)

    I gave up after the 4th try to download. I realised that what is happening is the installer is stopping at random points in the download and reporting that the download is complete, I managed 6.5MB, 6.8MB, 8.08MB & 9.6MB… at the time of the ‘so called’ completion of the download it is still reporting 12 minutes or so still to go, then it flashes and says DONE….

    I’ve never had a problem like this one before, am currently using 1.19.1 (4), but this (same as most RCs in this round) requires a reinstall everytime I want to log in. Without a complete reinstall it crashes just before the viewer login screen would normally flash up.

  110. Missy Malaprop says:

    does anyone have problems with rebake in RC14?

    I rebake and everything goes to heck… buncha all my textures turning black on me… mainly… skirt turning invis… skins clothes everything…

    i hit rebake and it clears up for a second… then poof losing all textures

  111. Missy Malaprop says:

    well all my textures turning black on rebake seemed to have cleared up.. never saw it before, thought it might have been the RC.. rebaking now seems to be working… I wasn’t the only one seeing the black textures on me either, other people were too

  112. Hiding the Tools Menu doesn’t cut it – bring it back as soon as possible.

  113. Urantia Jewell says:

    My Mac PB G4 PPC 1.67GHz immediately crashes to desktop anytime I click on a slurl link, either in IM or Chat History, with the 1.20.14 iteration of the RC.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    If so, please vote for pjira:

    1.5 GB Ram, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 w/ 128 MB VRAM, OS X 10.4.11

    It seems to take longer to launch and load than 1.20.13, and textures and prims are taking longer to rez in this version.

  114. foe says:

    Noways! ‘ran out of memory error’
    I got that msg twice the last RC and just now w/ this RC :l

  115. honeychicken wingtips says:

    all this 1.20 stuff sounds good… but despite wasting heaps of my download allocation trying to get a version that actually allows me to log in……… i appear to be stuck with rc 19.4.
    The 1.20 versions just get me to the handshake part.. then I just get that stupid message that something has gone wrong… blah blah blah and i cannot log in to sl.

    If 1.20 becopmes compulsory and i still cannot log in… then i am afraid you will lose one resident.
    Yes….my firewall has be set to allow connection… this is happening with ALL versions of 1.20….

  116. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Is there some explanation to why the grid is so lagy for the last 3 or 4 days and no it is not my connection or equipment it is happening to people from all over the world

  117. Wyald Woolley says:

    It’s a bit soon to be celebrating but the freeze problem I’ve had with this RC earlier was not evident tonight with this version 14. I hope it’s been stomped out fer good because it was sure a showstopper for me earlier. 🙂

  118. Pingback: » Actualité Beta Produits tutoriel » Linden Lab intégre Lip Sync dans la dernière version RC du viewer Second Life.

  119. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    You know you can quit with all of this BS until you fix the damn game tonight I pulled from inventory a box of items that I have made over the years and it failed to drop then it gave me the message returning to inventory well guess what all I got was the hour glass and no box of items. UNTIL YOU FIX THE GAME all of this is just a waste of time and makes one like me who has a very good business and many items in inventory from years of creation really not care to waste the time to add anything else. This also happened 3 years ago one would think you people have had enough time to make a stable platform for us to use. I am very irritated as you might ascertain WAKE UP LINDEN LAB your time is running out. Look at the land fiasco the server update fiasco the increase in induced lag in the game. It has been said many times before by many on these blogs but you seem not to care, even though I suspect thats not true. It is things like this that make old premium players wonder why we are here.

  120. Seito says:

    I liked that I could build up to 4000 meters. But I do have one big issue. I don’t use the avatar imposters feature. So I am very surprised to see that if there are a few avatars close by, I see a white particle ghost instead. I just can’t get rid of it, even though every setting is the same as the official release. I don’t want to se white particles, I want to see avatars!!

  121. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Seito@118: that white ghost is the new “Ruth”. If you see a ghost, then you’re still waiting for that avatar to download.

  122. Moll Dean says:

    Please, check out the View >> Camera Control. It is not moving smothly for me…

  123. DISGUSTED IN LINDEN LABS™® *!@$!! says:

    would be awfully nice if lindens would post what ever the heck they did to the damn inventories again the things will not load and not one damn word about it …… usual very POOR customer service again you think we have screamed long enough to you all about this already that we want to know what is going on and when it will be fixed……… don’t just leave us sitting not knowing like mushrooms in the damn dark again!! sheeeeeesh

  124. Seito says:

    The new ‘ruth’ is shown in the new viewer, but in the old viewer I see the avatars, not the old ‘ruth’ – so my connection cannot be the problem. Yet with the new viewer, white blob! And I checked, all user settings are identical.

  125. Netsuko Yoshikawa says:

    Mh, it seems like RC14 is running just fine, except that I get a LOT of disconnects when I TP somewhere else. About every 3rd TP causes a log out.

  126. Ramzi Linden says:

    @121 Seito – the cloud ruth is something of a “placeholder” while the viewer waits for enough appearance info from the simulator to draw the proper avatar. You’re right that this is not your connection at fault at all. It is possible that when you logged into the old viewer, the simulator (coincidentally) was performing better at that time & got the information to your computer faster than when you were running the 1.20 viewer.

    @122 Netsuko- would you mind writing up a bug report in the Issue Tracker about what you are experiencing?

  127. Saiki Spirt says:

    Camera is FINALLY FIXED!! I can go back to RCs again!

  128. Netsuko Yoshikawa says:

    @123 Ramzi:

    I was just about to submit a report and so I decided to log back in to make sure and reproduce the problem, however to my suprise I find teleports to be working perfectly fine this morning as opposed to the last two days since the release of RC14 where I got forceully logged out after 20 seconds while the viewer was “contacting new region”.

    Maybe it was a server-side glitch that has been resolved, so I’ll refrain from submitting this to the issue tracker for now.

  129. Netsuko Yoshikawa says:

    Sorry for the double post.

    Ok problem reappeared after a few minutes 😦

  130. Soap Clawtooth says:

    Dear Ramzi.

    Please fix VWR-954, which is now in danger of becoming the oldest jira submission on record.

    Many Thanks.

  131. Karrie Decosta says:

    Re my earlier post, new version still dont work. I have uninstalled/reinstalled about 5 times, when it unpacks data it lets me log on. but if I logoff or crash as soon as I try to log back on it goes straight to crash logger then closes down. I then have to use 1.19 version where I cant use navigator joystick.

  132. ZenCho Balhaus says:

    Having major issues with this RC I fly randomly, sometimes cannot access my inventory. Crash loads. had none of these issues on the previous RC.

    I am running a Del PC

  133. Good day:

    I currently am here on a trial account. I down loaded and am using the RC viewers for the simple reason it seemed only fair to contribute something. I tried to access the alternate grid, with the previous RC, for the same reasons, and it crashes or worse yet just locks up; never could get there. Therefore, this seems the only way I can contribute feedback. If this is the wrong venue please accept my apologies.

    The latest RC seems to have messed up the search function, i.e. a page full of formatting instructions. FYI: My crash logger / reporting feature also crashes; it just keeps running and after a half hour this AM I stopped it and turned off that feature.

    The short form of my system specs are:
    OS = XP Pro SP2
    CPU = Intel P4
    Clock = 3.19 GHz
    Video drivers = current
    RAM = 2 gig
    Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0

    One of the annoying crashes is when I walk or fly away without any control until I get logged out. But in fairness that is not unique to this RC or even RCs. Inventory access is very slow. Loading, which takes longer than previously experienced. There are transparent red cone shaped images originating at the AV’s head that move upward. (Maybe my system and not SL though it is new since I loaded this RC.)

    The folks at NCI have recommended many tweaks and my preferred settings are the least resource intensive they recommend. Process priority settings work better when Secondlife is set for high and that does not seem to alter the frequency of crashes when any new RC is used.

    I learned of Second life in a recent article in Science news. Aside from indulging my curiosity I am here to investigate the potential for dual modality academic instruction and RL business applications.

    Hope this helps.



  134. @128 Karrie : I have the same problem, not just with RC20 but also with 1.19…. it is very annoying

    @ Ramzi: any idea why I can only run SL from the installer program? is there a special switch in the installer that could be added to the normal run command??

    I still haven’t been able to download this new RC though, it just won’t complete the download 😦

  135. This RC seems to run fine apart from the “save password” option, the box is ticked but it doesnt save my pass. Minor thing, but very annoying 🙂

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  137. Hewee Zetkin says:

    The download page seems to be broken. All the links at the bottom (“WINDOWS | MAC | LINUX”) have empty ‘href’ attributes, which results in their pointing to the download page itself ( Working link please?

  138. Ramzi Linden says:

    @134 Hewee- Throughout the day today there was a partial outage of our hosting of the viewer downloads. Apologies! The problem should have resolved itself, shortly after your comment. See the status report update as well:

  139. Hewee Zetkin says:

    Ah. Okay. Thank you Ramzi and sorry for the missing that status.

  140. Vaalith Jinn says:

    Eight crashes in the last forty minutes.
    Seriously guys, roll back the RC, this one is not fit for an alpha.

  141. Ron Crimson says:

    You’re right, Vaal. It’s fit for a release. 😛 😉

  142. Saiki Spirt says:

    @140 they fixed my issue lol no crashes here for me.

  143. Ron Crimson says:

    This is *sorta* off-topic as it’s about the rollback from 1.23.2 to 1.22 that took place today (the blog comments are full, ugh)… Just wanted to send my karma, love and peace to Sidewinder, Prospero, Ramzi, (heck, Torley while I’m at it…actually, why not Kate and M, too)… I feel your pain, guys, take it easy and know that this resident, for one, believes in your ability to bring 1.23 back to life and pull it off once and for all 😀
    *cheesy guy hugs* LOL 🙂

  144. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Between the Release Candidate reaching RC14, 14!?!, and the constant roll-out/revert cycles of late it is beginning to appear as if LL®™ has lost control of its code. Either that or is having a serious issue with its internal processes. Perhaps it would be best to put a hold on all new developement and do an indeapth and total review of all procedures. Ther is something very very wrong here and it will take a major effort to fix it, to continue on this path is a certain recipe for doom. I send some good karma in the techs direction but unless there are some real changes in how things are done it will have little effect.

  145. Ramzi Linden says:

    @144 Ravanne- Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the frustration felt & patience shown over the past few days. However on topic with this post, I would offer that 14 iterations has been a positive phenomenon for this viewer. Our developers branched twice from the code trunk (at RC0 and RC7), making this a longer cycle. But this resulted in bringing more bugfixes that are highly anticipated; as well as the fruits of a major stability effort. This has meant that the viewer enjoyed 15 weeks of testing and observation in a controlled/beta fashion before release. That’s a good thing, no?

  146. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Ramzi, I appreciate that the time taken may have resulted in a better viewer but someone at some point should have said, “This is not a Release Candidate anymore” and taken it back to beta and then released it as an RC in a more mature and stable form. Words have meaning and use of Release Candidate, [RESOLVED] and such when they are not appropriate just undermines your credibility. I think you will find that your customers can be very patient and understanding but you need to be completely clear and honest with them and that means using the appropriate words to describe what is happening.

    Good communication is vital for any business in today’s world. LL®™ has made several good starts at that but they have all been short lived. While some improvement in that regard has occured it tends to quickly fade. Something like a daily announcement on the status of things, even if it amounts to no more than “Nothing has changed since our last announcement” would go a long way to keeping people happy that you are paying attention to what is important to us. But that said, if you start that and then let the ball drop after a short while it will do more harm then good.

  147. Leila Larkham says:

    Much smoother but yes I have the camera spins also. Makes me feel like I’ve been drinking and have the bed spins! I also noticed that when I attempt to move the camera angle it goes nutty on me.
    Why is this? My graphics card or what?

  148. Symen Kayo says:

    anyone noticed that a HUD can`t glow no more, higher than 1.19.1(4)?

  149. Ro Winkler says:

    Gosh !!!! Yes i did , i got RCO and now i dont stop to crash anymore , i dont know what to do !!!!! Im two days crashing like a hell , and having more lag than before :/ Ohh and i need to work , good huh ??

  150. Ro Winkler says:

    Someone can tell me plz how to get the old RC again ?? i did desintall but RCO still here . tyvm

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