Rolling Restart Thu/Fri/Sat July 10-12 — Please Test Server Version 1.23 on the Preview Grid Now!

Update 2008/07/11 11:15PM : The deploy is complete.  (Apologies this wasn’t posted at 11:15PM last night.)

Update 2008/07/11 08:45PM : The backwards roll to revert servers from version 1.23.0 to 1.22.4 has begun.

Update 2008/07/11 04:44PM : We have discovered a somewhat increased crash rate and a likely memory leak affecting some simulators in version 1.23.0. This has not yet had a widespread effect on the grid. However, if we leave it running, problems may compound. We will be reverting all regions on 1.23.0 to 1.22.4 in a rolling restart starting at 8PM tonight.

Update 2008/07/11 1:04PM : We have verified the fix on the Preview Grid. We will re-roll the hosts that were rolled this morning tonight (Friday night) starting at 8:00PM. This half of the roll will take ~3 hours, and will affect all regions on 1.23.0. Tomorrow morning, according to the original schedule, we will deploy 1.23.1 to all hosts currently on 1.22.4.

Update 2008/07/11 12:00PM: A bug (SVC-2633) was identified shortly after the roll completed. A fix has been made and has been deployed to the “Second Life Beta Server” channel of the Preview Grid for testing. The plan is to re-roll the regions with a “1.23.1” update as soon as the fix is verified and when we can be sure that the roll will not affect grid stability. Watch the Grid Status Updates feed for additional info.

Update 2008/07/11 07:48AM : The first-half rolling restart is complete.

Update 2008/07/11 05:16AM : The first-half rolling restart has begun. We are disabling the land store for the duration of this morning’s roll.

Update 2008/07/10 08:50PM : The pilot roll to 310 regions is done.

Update 2008/07/10 08:00PM : The pilot roll to 310 regions is beginning now. (The error with the central servers mentioned below by Joshua was fixed, and the central servers are all now running version 1.23.0.)

Update 2008/07/09 07:47PM : we are postponing the rolling restart again by a day. We may need to postpone it until next week; we will make that call tomorrow (Thursday). At the moment, the plan is to have the pilot roll Thursday evening, followed by half-grid rolls on Friday and Saturday morning. The schedule below has been updated to reflect this.

[FYI – The initial slip (Tue -> Wed) was due to a subtle bug discovered during internal testing that would have affected voice chat for a small fraction of residents – this was not caught during earlier testing or reported by Beta Server testers on the Preview Grid. The next slip (Wed->Thu) follows an initial roll-out of internal web service updates on Wednesday night – errors were detected during the roll-out, so the code was immediately rolled back, we are currently investigating the issues. — Joshua Linden]

Update 2008/07/08 03:56PM : we are slipping the rolling restart times by one day, so that the pilot roll will be Wednesday evening, and the full roll will be Thursday and Friday mornings. The schedule below has been updated to reflect this.

We will be deploying server version 1.23 to Second Life in a rolling restart next week, following the schedule:

  • Tue, 07/08, Thu, 07/10, 7:30PM : a pilot roll to ~300 regions
  • Wed, 07/09, Fri, 07/11, 5:00-9:00AM : a rolling restart of half the grid
  • Thu, 07/10, Sat, 07/12, 5:00-9:00AM : a rolling restart of the rest of the grid

Each region will be down for about 10 minutes; regions will receive warnings starting 5 minutes before they are restarted. If your region stays down for more than 20 or 30 minutes, please contact support. There is no way to delay the restart of any given region. No client upgrades will be needed as a result of this rolling restart.

Please help us ensure this code is as bug-free as possible! Test this code on the Preview Grid.

The code to be deployed to Second Life is currently available on the “Second Life Beta Server” channel of the Preview Grid. If you wish to test the changes, and make sure that your objects or scripts work properly, follow the instructions for logging in to the Preview Grid. The new server version is 1.23, and is on regions in the “Second Life Beta Server” channel; other regions on the Preview Grid If you find any problems, first make sure that you are in fact testing the new version; the above-linked Wiki page on about the Preview Grid instructions for figuring out the channel of the version you are in. Please report any problems or issues you find using our Issue tracker. Report the issue as a Server issue (SVC), and tag it as an issue with version 1.23.

Below is a list of the changes that are introduced with this server version:

  • Changes:
    • New LSL call for count of agents in region: llGetRegionAgentCount() (Note: this will not be usable until the call is also supported in the viewer; it is expected to be included with the 1.21 viewer.)
    • New LSL call to get user’s client language: llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0))) (Note: this will not be usable until the call is also supported in the viewer; it is expected to be included with the 1.21 viewer.)
    • Dynamic sound throttling. This is done differently from how it was done (and then removed) a few weeks ago. Test your content on the Preview Grid if you want to make sure this release doesn’t break it!
  • Fixes:
    • Havok4 fixes:
      • SVC-2485: Phantom Objects Collide with Virtual Prims in 1.22.2
      • SVC-2484: llVolumeDetect() Fails to detect some avatars
      • SVC-2448: llUnSit Attack/Bug
      • MISC-1261: Sim crashes following unlinking of a group of overlapping individually scripted prims rotating with llTargetOmega.
      • Fix to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams
      • Toxic message alert (‘Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region) is now a script error and throttled
      • Fix to XML parser to improve simulator performance
      • Fixed: Sim crash by rezzing complex objects.
    • Other Fixes:
      • SVC-1507: Notices failing for larger groups
      • SVC-216: New autoreturn email message shows incorrect region name & position
      • VWR-4513: SL takes my money but doesn’t give me the service I paid for
      • VWR-3729: Notices still received when “Receive Group Notices” is unchecked
      • Fixed: LSL Changed event on region cross behaves poorly
      • Fixed: Gestures deactivate when moving them between folders
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152 Responses to Rolling Restart Thu/Fri/Sat July 10-12 — Please Test Server Version 1.23 on the Preview Grid Now!

  1. Phil Deakins says:

    This is Mono coming to the main grid – yes?

    I do like the adition of llGetRegionAgentCount().

  2. Argent Stonecutter says:

    No, this is not Mono.

  3. Phil Deakins says:


  4. Joshe Darkstone says:

    Not that I’m ungrateful for the fixes and continuing work to improve performance, but are we really down to weekly server upgrades now? In case you havent noticed, everything suffers during these 3 day upgrades, in particular, the economy.

  5. Einsman Schlegel says:

    @ #4

    So… how else would they beable to upgrade without some downtime? Hmm??

  6. Joshe Darkstone says:

    erm… once every 2 weeks? 🙂

  7. Ryu Darragh says:

    It (AgentCount) will be a big help in throttling the activity of my sensor network to keep track of visitors. (Hear that, SIM RADAR makers? Helps reduce lag :P).

  8. Prospero Linden says:

    A few points —

    First, we aren’t doing weekly upgrades right now. There isn’t one this week, and there wasn’t one two weeks ago. Second, the “three-day upgrades” are in fact two few-hour periods separated by a day, plus another less than one hour period of rolling restarts– and each region is only restarted once during one of these three periods. Finally, it’d be interesting the know the evidence on which the statement that the economy suffers during the period when we’re doing these rolling restarts.

    Re: Mono : the current plan has that in server version 1.24. Next week we’ll roll out 1.23. If all goes well, there will be no rolling restart the week after that. However, if we discover critical problems in 1.23 after it’s been rolled out, we may have to roll out a patch. Help us avoid that by trying things out on the preview grid now! Two weeks after the 1.23 roll (i.e. three weeks from now), if all goes well, we will roll out 1.24, which will be the server release that includes Mono. In order to fully use Mono, you will also need a client that supports it; we expect that a client release that supports mono will come out at about the same time (within a week or so).

  9. Wyald Woolley says:

    The previous RC was terribly unstable for me. I hope thats been addressed although I didn’t see anything on the “fixed” list to indicate that.

  10. Gordon Wendt says:

    If your going to ask us to test this stuff I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that something other than bug tests (which are only testable if your trying a repo) be available to test. I’ll be happy to test this when you have a viewer (beta or better yet an rc that can be set to the preview grid channel) that can actually handle the stuff that you want us to test and I think that most people who want to test the new scripting functions will probably do the same. I’d also like to note that in my opinion it doesn’t make LL look very good to ask us for something when the infrastructure isn’t in place for us to fulfill it.

  11. Joshe Darkstone says:

    Prospero, the evidence is in the number and duration of disruptions to service, the axis of these disruptions with the rollouts, and effect of those disruptions on (for me) sales in 5 stores. During the last upgrade sales were down by 1/3 from the period both before and after. Are you suggesting that this process puts no stress on the grid?

    My point was tongue in cheek (weekly). The real point is that any software platform that is rolled out twice within 2 weeks is not “production ready” – and never was. Or so my 25 years in software development has suggested to me. Unless you are saying that the new rollout schedule is just that agressive, in which case, I would suggest you dig a bit deeper for the effect its having – my customers, my sales, and my commercial tenants, all say the same thing… logins disabled? 300 regions down? transactions failing? oh… another server rollout.

    Wouldnt it make sense to do a relatively small rollout, some extended testing, roll in any new patches, test some more , before rolling out to the entire grid? Perhaps the problem is that there really is no intimate knowledge of ongoing issues anymore, since we have nowhere to comment about grid issues.

  12. Your Conscience says:

    Um, question:

    “Fix to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams”

    Could you tell us what is being fixed?

  13. Kamachi says:

    Are we going to have real buoyancy back anytime soon ?!?
    For both normal hover and llSetBuoyancy, it has been bugged since the release of Havok4 and was never fixed, though assigned!

  14. Jahar Aabye says:

    I believe that the fix to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams() refers to the fact that this function will move avatars sitting on the object (since an avatar is simply treated as a child prim of the linked set), but up until now, there has been no limit to the distance that the avatar can be moved. My guess is that they are fixing this so that there is a reasonable distance that the avatar can be moved (such as the build height), as opposed to a situation in which the avatar could be thrown up to 2 billion meters or thrown off-sim.

  15. Jahar Aabye says:

    Every time that I download the installer and try to run it, I am told that it cannot be run because the file is either corrupted or incomplete. This is the Windows version of the installer.

  16. sirdragon wind says:

    glad you are fixing the bug that means I will no longer keep getting notices even when I check I dont want group information. Will the fact you fix it on the server be enough, or do I have to upgrade my viewer which I have been avoiding since it seems to crash so much on my other computer when ever I use the cam?

  17. TC says:

    If VWR-4513 ends up fixed for real, that will be doing very very good things for the in-world economy. That one has been a serious confidence buster.

  18. @Toxic message alert (’Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region) is now a script error and throttled

    Will the problem still be there? I mean, I don’t really understand how an item, that worked great for a year, suddenly when stepping into a region a) stops to work, b) can’t even be detached and c) after a relog *is* detached and at trying to re-attach can’t be created on the same region. We are talking about stuff like an AO, a tail-and-ear-moving hud or a hugger.

  19. Chalice Yao says:



    *ducks and checks JIRA*

  20. Ghost Menjou says:

    Good job Lindens!
    I like the addition of llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0))) !

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  22. Zena Juran says:

    For all the possible ways sound can be scripted and used, it’s impossible to test to see if our products work correctly and as intended without a clear and precise description of what “sound throttling” is doing and how it is being accomplished. Note: the only time I have ever been griefed by sound was at a recent Linden office-hours meeting… lol.

  23. Tobias Novi says:


    Hello ????? What’s up with that , this is a rather personal and private information about my software settings !!
    What will we see next ?


    Am I forced now to use the client in foreign language settings to protect my personal informations about me ?

    Till now it was my choose to give out informations where I come from , but now the LSL does the first steps to turn into spy ware !

    I wonder about which big company had pay to get that informations enable .
    What will we see next , ad spots every 5 minutes in your native language ?

    Answer that questions LL !

  24. Pantaiputih Korobase says:

    Thanks for informing us upfront and comprehensively.
    Regarding VWR-4513: SL takes my money but doesn’t give me the service I paid for: will LL check the failed transactions and pay L$ back to the residents when L$ were taken from the account and items not delivered?

  25. Catten Carter says:

    #23 – Had a look at your profile, and you your self write what country your from, so what are you bitching about???? Seriously, grow up.

    This tool will be great for people wanting to provide information to others in different languages.

  26. Thomas Shikami says:

    You can test llGetRegionAgentCount() and llGetAgentLanguage(key agent) on Aditi (Beta Grid) at

    The objects are free to copy and the scripts full permissive

  27. #23

    – Right now, companies are not paying LL to get info about residents. There are no reasons to think that this will change because of language detection.

    – Ad spots are already a problem. What are you doing to solve it? Maybe you could help Ordinal Malaprop with her ‘Land Spammers’ project

    – re: spyware – this new feature doesn’t add anything that makes the SL client a spyware. Spyware is software that gets installed surreptitiously on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user’s interaction with the computer, without the user’s informed consent.

    That said, this feature is going to help a lot non-english-speaking people, especially newbies that are learning how to use the Second Life client and how to explore the grid.

  28. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    Would be sweet to see llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0))) applied to group notices…

  29. Daten Thielt says:

    @23, Not just the complaning but think of the implimentations, befor you got 13 notecards from something in different languages so that people could comunicate with everyone, now with one scripting call we can just say if(detected language = “German”) then give a german notecard instead of 13 with german/french/english/chinees, ect

    Quick question prospero. llTextBox not comming out in this release?

  30. Zi Ree says:

    I’d rather have llDetectedGender() than language, but in all cases let the residents decide if they want to publish this information or not.

  31. Prospero Linden says:



    One can hope.

    Re: comments about the RC, bear in mind that this is a post about the *sever* release, not about the client release. The server is the software running up on our hosts; the client, or viewer, is what you download and run on your computer.

    Re: testing on Aditi: yes, you can’t test the new script functions because the viewer doesn’t support it. However, please do test the other bugs. But we’re also just interested in general tests. Drop by, hang out, try out your favorite gadgets. We have in the past had unintended consequences of deploys– bugs that were introduced that we didn’t realize were introduced. Why are these things not caught in QA, you ask? Well, Second Life is so huge and diverse that there are lot of things that residents do that we don’t know about, or that it would simply be impossible to test exhaustively every time we have a new upgrade. This is why we are moving back to doing public betas for every new release, and making sure there are several days of public beta for every release that isn’t a very scoped and small patch (such as the roll last week was).

  32. Day Oh says:

    You guys are wonderful 🙂

  33. Ashira Legien says:

    No we do not get weekly server upgrades .. but the upgrades do not seem to fix the basic problem. When we get too many people in SL (over 50,000 approx) the data servers can not keep up .. logins shut down .. tp doesn’t work .. transactions don’t work .. and THAT is happening weekly .. if not daily. AND that does affect the economy. Ask any merchant in SL if their sales are increasing or decreasing.

  34. Tobias Novi says:

    #25 – bitching .. no , I’m just used where I come from that I have choose to decide which information I give out , that my profile says where I come from has nothing to do with the fact that most people will now be FORCED unasked if they want to give it out or not !!
    And yes there will be the possibility to allow or disallow that in your profile , but how many users do really know the settings in the client !?

    And therefore I will say my option about that ! If the client later is set to give out that information by default , I and many other users will be really disappointed . It has to be mine choose if *I WANT* that information , and not *YOU* to be able to FORCE me to get it !!

    And where can it end when it is set by default ? Ad people with a specific language automatic to a ban list ?

    Also you should work a bit on your social skills dear Mr. Catten Carter , there is no reason to come up with sentences like “bitching and grow up” only because I say my option about something . And exactly such asocial behaviour in communication scares me , and I’m seriously worried about that such people like you are able to gather such information with that function , since it clearly shows *why* you want them ! Not to do costumers a favour , but to gather such personally informations about others to fill your pockets .

  35. Prospero Linden says:

    Guys, please keep it civil. I’m going to be removing any further comments that are abusive, on either side.

  36. Tobias Novi says:

    #27 — there is a simple solution to have done that *way* before ! Just set the up all your notes in the main languages .

    And again , it is SPY to find out in which language I run the client software I use on *MY* computer !
    I do not say it can be a useful option , but I do not want to see it set as a default that you have to give out that information , unasked !

  37. Catten Carter says:

    #34 – Are you for real? As a lot of people state, this is a tool that can be used to help so many people on Second Life. Give me *one* example on how this can be misused in any way?

    The only way people like me (apparently) were to get rich of this information were to provide better costumer service and be more helpfull to persons that doesn’t speak english for instance.

    I can understand the mistrust to handing over your IP adress, drivers license, social secureity number etc. to a 3 party, but not wanting stuff like this makes absolutely no sense to me.

    I’m sorry to have been a bit short with you, but when the lindens incorperate stuff to actually help communication and understanding between language barriers, it annoys me to see people trying to destry that sentiment.

    Btw, would love a llGetNameOfCats(), but I guess that would be a security risc and misuse of personal information as well 😉

  38. Sean Heying says:

    You do a great job communicating Prospero. Well done.

    Is there any schedule for the removal of the unlimited prims (via region bonus) bug? Not that I mind, I sort of like being able to temporarily rez huge objects, but am always scared my house will poof when I do.

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  40. Tobias Novi says:

    “” #34 – Are you for real? As a lot of people state, this is a tool that can be used to help so many people on Second Life. Give me *one* example on how this can be misused in any way? “”

    if (llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0))) == “en-us” )

    How would you like that one ? Nice , isn’t it ?

    I really don’t want to start a flame , and again , it may be a useful option as well , but I exactly such things like llGetNameOfCats() (good one xD ) aren’t that funny as it may look at the first few , it is a personally information , and as such it has to be handled , with care and respect , even when it looks so harmless at the first view .

    best regards , and cheat me up in world if you like to discus that further , no need to fill the blog with it.

  41. DR Dahlgren says:

    This worry about language strikes me as paranoid. I mean, what difference does it make if someone knows the language my client is set to. It does not mean that is country I am in, or that it is My preferred language, it only shows that whoever set up that client used a particular language version. Nothing more.

    Think about this for a moment – when you go to a webiste, any website, they can get your IP, which generally tells where you are geographically. If you run an application on your computer, that communicates to a dedicated server side application like SL, it can retreive your CPU’s serial number (yes you can disable that), a full hardware profile, a list of all the software on your computer, etc.

    Controling whether or not I can see the language the client might be set to is kind of like lockable doors in a world where you can see and go through the walls, it might make you feel a bit secure, but you won’t be.

    On the other hand, it should benefit a lot of new users, business owners, and as stated above, make notes and things easier on everyone. Such as, you buy an AO and it detects your lang and speaks to you in it, rather than in the lang of the creator.

    I think it should be a very helpful tool.


  42. Catten Carter says:

    #40 – This ability has been avalible on the internet for ages, and I have yet to browse to a webpage that has stopped me from viewing content based on the contry I’m from. Infact on many webpages, I now get information in my RL language instead.

    I’ll agree to disagree and avoid filling up the blog further with this debate. I’d suggest instead to start a Jira on it with some suggestions to how it can be implemented otherwise to allow for everyone to be happy about the function, and I’d be more than happy to contribute there.

  43. Winter Ventura says:

    “# Fix to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams ”

    Meaning what sort of change/fix? what was broken, what was repaired?

  44. DR Dahlgren says:

    As to ad farms, Ordinal Malaprop’s project clearly shows the type blight created by them, we already know they need to go. I have opened the following in JIRA.


  45. Hank Roar says:

    The new llscript ‘getagentlanguage’ is no doubt a good idea and will be useful – why no make ALL language definitions two characters – maybe call English en – so as no to offend the Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, or heaven forbid the English – or is there to be a separate command for en-en?? The language is shared why not keep it simple??

  46. Ron Crimson says:

    Tobias@40, you said…

    “if (llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0))) == “en-us” )
    How would you like that one ? Nice , isn’t it ?”

    Yeah, it is. Still isn’t privacy invasion or spying on behalf of the Lindens. That’s just an example of *abuse by a fellow resident*. A perfectly benign tool being misused. So your example doesn’t stand.

    Besides, you couldn’t really keep anyone out that way – if they really wanted to get around the ejection, they’d just change the language in their viewer and boom! 😛

  47. Tristan Hoch says:

    This issue is quite critical, has been going on for weeks, and is well within the top-issues-by-vote as well. Why are screens-capture problems even being looked at while this still remains?

  48. Wyrdwolf Legion says:

    Yes, an explanation of “Fix to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams” for us non-scripters would be very much welcome. We are residents to afterall! 🙂

  49. DR Dahlgren says:

    @46 People discriminate all the time. Some parcels are Verified only, even though no content. Some are group only, some are by list only, some you have to pay to get a pass, some PIOF or the opposite. I look at it this way, if someone does not want me on their land because of my language, or any other reason, why would I want to go there???


  50. Phantom Ninetails says:

    This argument about language is absurd. Web sites are able to retrieve all sorts of information about you and your browser, including your language, IP address, location, operating system, etc.
    And as you can see, there is alot of info that LSL can already get about you, including such things as whether you are online, your avatar age, and whether or not you have submitted payment info.

    At this point, the security implications of seeing what language your Second Life viewer is set to is a rather trivial matter, and can only serve to benefit you. Should you encounter a situation where you get banned or kicked from land for using a certain language, then you just know what land to boycott, right?

  51. Thomas Shikami says:

    You can opt out of llGetAgentLanguage in the next viewer. There will be a check box right under the Language selection in preferences. And if your viewer doesn’t support that check box yet, llGetAgentLanguage will return an empty string. Though, same as with setting the language, to opt out you’ll have to relog to have this setting effective.

  52. Tobias Novi says:

    # 50 – it makes a way different to be able to get informations about my avatar like birthday or if on line , payment info or whatever .

    Till now you have the option to CHOOSE if you want to say something about your first life , may it be in your avatar profile or in a personal communication with someone .

    And yes , you are right of course web sites are able to gather more informations about you , but that shouldn’t be the reason just to implement such things in SL either !

    Also I never said its a security problem , but it is my good right to let someone know or NOT to know what language I prefer or run on MY computer in the first live !

    As for the argument to have someone to hand over a note card in every language , thats just silly , you simply can let them choose which language they would like to get it . BTW those 7 or 8 languages which are supported yet let out the at least other 100 languages and people who than usually use the english version , any way .
    So if you are really that caring about someone’s language , offer a bit more than those 8 .

  53. Tobias Novi says:

    # 51 , and exactly that is the point , it should be opt out by default and not checked by default

  54. DR Dahlgren says:

    The JIRA in my post above has been closed. There are just too many self appointed SL Gods to make it worth while even trying to do anything.


  55. LKG01A Duke says:

    in my opinion you should be concentrating on fixing the current bugs (havok 4 physics, client stability ect…) not adding more pointless features that break things that work. i deal with griefers on a daily basis… i cant even use the official client as it tends to be crash happy and suffer severe memory leaks.

  56. Phantom Ninetails says:

    Hmmmm… The Second Life viewer only supports 7 languages, but the function can return 8 different language codes.. What’s up with that?

    Also, how about en-GB (as an option in the viewer as well as a value for the function to return) for English speakers like me outside of the US?

  57. Ewan Mureaux says:

    @ 56 Yes! and bring back our “U” we want our favourite colours,

    Seriosly though we need llGetParcelMusicURL or maybe some kospiracy nut will say thats way too personal also.

    /me thinks of the benefits for sharing an education.

    touch_start(integer total_number)
    if (llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0))) == “en-us” )
    llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(0),”Instructions – English”);
    else if (llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0))) == “de” )
    llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(0),”Instructions – German”);

  58. Juji Kumsung says:

    I know there a lot of tecchis on SL..but is there a writer for not only newbies but many many of us commoners who are not tecchi’s? and will explain the data above in terms we understand. Is there a glossary for the terms ye guys use? Perhaps we would be more aggressive in testing out the bugs versus lying back here passively waiting for Linden to forge ahead without the input of the many. Well..wait a minute..perhaps ye only want the tecchi’s input because they spreche the tech language….I feel like I’m watching one of the episodes of the X-Files where the super tecchi’s gather around their homemade gizmos that can see through solids like girls’ skirts in Paris while the Tecchs Supremos are holed up 20 metres from NORAD. We need UN Tecchi Language when telling us what in the world… ye guys want us know AND act upon. I read the SLWiki and hit all the highlighted keywords of anything I didn’t know..but when I looked up 16 hours later on Wiki…I was reading something about Debian and that took me to somewhere why EX wives shouldn’t be called super software and Dr. Phil was moderating the discussion. Furthermore!~! I missed out on a good sale for BDSM at Uncle Opa’s Revival of Ye Sex Life at a sim I won’t politely name…while my waxing was unwaxing and life was passing me by. UNTECHHERS UNITE! Give us a Language (llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0))) == “en-untech” ) we can all understand..and opt for …….(oopsie..dangling participle)…;))

  59. Juji Kumsung says:

    ….one more thing….*giggles like I’m in Gor*….why in the world would ye put out a survey that asks if ye Avatar is the same gender as ye are in real life? Are ye expecting blatant honesty? The proper question would be…”How many avatars ye have that are female?”….. *guggles and giggles summore*

  60. torridluna says:

    Oh noes!

    Why not just take the information from the Profile, under Interests / Languages? That does even support ordered lists of languages, separated by comma. And you can change it anytime.

    Sure, it’s a free text entry, but as soon as you get the first few error messages “No support for ‘germin’ and ‘deutsh’, giving you the finnish notecard instead.”, the user is free to rethink her settings. ^^


  61. Tensai Hilra says:

    @42 “…have yet to browse to a webpage that has stopped me from viewing content based on the contry I’m from”

    Obviously you haven’t tried to view Dr Who episodes on the BBC website. you *have* to be in england for that to work, otherwise your reduced to sketchy backwater sites, youtube, or waiting a year for them to release it in the US.

  62. Tensai Hilra says:

    @55 um… yea, had to come up didn’t it…

    Answer. Not everyone is a physics major qualified to work on Havok 4. like any company, there are a few that are better suited for other tasks. For example, I would be pretty upset if the secretary decided to start fiddling with the code. I mean really. A language Patch? it’s not like they went off and replaced the rendering engine….wait they did that… well this isn’t as deep an issue. Frankly if you read the release notes, and the future expectations, they are well on track to bring us a more stable existence. this is not exactly taking the entire company’s resources to impliment

    When I first started SL, you could crash a region with fireworks… now, it’s darn near impossible. It think thats an improvement.

  63. Ron Crimson says:

    Tensai @ 62: I don’t think that’s what Catten @ 42 meant. It makes perfect sense for the BBC to prevent non-UK-based visitors from actually watching Dr. Who online… licensing and worldwide distribution and all that, now tell me what this has got to do with online privacy? Or discrimination?

    Exactly. Nothing. 🙂

  64. Rana Harrop says:

    Ahhhhh…. the holidays…@ least here in teh us
    Most of the riff-raff must be off terrorizing [griefing] folks in the real world.
    Coming changes sound great!
    [expletive laden rant on that troll deleted][please stop feeding the trolls]
    Prospero, tnx for continuing to be responsive, not to mention attentive, here in teh forums.
    Still troubling though are the series of server feature upgrades with no client able to implement them in sight.

  65. Rex Cronon says:

    Hello everybody!
    there seems to be a problem in how llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_ROT, …]) works when the rotation for links is set.
    When this function is used to set the position of a link, it sets the link position relative to the root. But, when is used to rotate links, they are not rotated relative to the root:(
    Also, if u rotate the root with this function, than there are some angles that for which the links don’t rotate.
    Try this:
    -first rotate the root at 90 degrees around z-axis
    -than rotate a linked prim, first at 90, than at 180, 270, and for one of these angle nothing happens
    sadly, it is very likely that the lindens won’t even read this comment, or if they read it, it will be months before the function is “fixed”:(

  66. Prospero Linden says:

    Rex — is this something new and broken in 1.23 that you saw on the Beta Grid? If so, please file an issue with our issue tracker ( as described in the original post. Please include as much information as possible so that we may easily reproduce the issue; without that, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what the problem is that has been found.

    If this is an existing problem, please also file it with our issue tracker, although in this case you don’t need to indicate that it’s 1.23-specific.

    As you can see, somebody *did* read the comment, but the issue tracker is what we use to keep track of bugs– that’s why we asked you to use it to report issues in the post above.

  67. Rex Cronon says:

    Ok. I will try and do that.
    it seems that sometimes “miracles” do happen:)

  68. Rex Cronon says:

    The jira for llSetPrimitiveParams problem is here:

  69. DhouZhang Fhang says:

    @45 …. just shortening a language define to two letters is not helpful. You used the example of English and listed all the countries where English is the main language. Yes, it is shared, but there are distinct variations between them. Essentially, it comes in the spelling – with America being the odd one out – Colour becomes color, Melon becomes Gourd, Banana becomes plantain, corn becomes maize, frankfurt becomes Weiner. Then you have all the different slangs and anacronisms for each country – each of which would confuse everyone else if you really got down to it. Then you also have to consider that there are two distinct languages spoken in China – Mandarin and Canton. Yes Mandarin is the primary language, but it is not spoken throught all of China. So if we must define english, let it be “en-us”, “en-uk” etc.

    As to the argument that it is an invasion of privacy, no offense, but i think it is foolish. how would you like it if, being an english speaker only, someone came up to you in SL and started yacking away in tagalog?

  70. rik singh says:

    Well this is the first time I have posted. But I like many other residents wish that STABILITY would be your first priority. It seems to be ignored in the rush for more features. Most of us would like to enjoy SL on a regular basis, something that has become very difficult. Today I can’t sign into anything but the Hanja welcome area. then I can’t tp out. Simple things like that is what is so very frustrating. Fix that first then dazzle me later. Most of us turn off all the razzle dazzle trying to lower the lag, so while it is “nice” not as nice as being able to move and enjoy the social interaction of SL. Most residents do not use your new stuff to any great effect because your servers cannot handle the load. So then what is the point?

  71. Eata Kitty says:

    Can we have more info on “Fix to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams”?

    Entries without Jira links or particularly detailed text are not too helpful if you are watching for specific bug fixes, like I am with llSetLinkPrimitiveParams.

  72. SJ says:

    Nearly all of the ‘new’ things in this update are bug fixes. What more do you want?

  73. chrissy simons says:

    Would like to say hi to all my sl friends wish there was a way to do that when i cant get on. like have a way on contacting them on the web site under friends online. for people who cant go on cause somethings wrong with the comp. I love sl its like a big family and I miss all of you guys if you see my message im working on comming back love you all. but it would be nice to tell them im ok somehow ..

  74. Naomi Babock says:

    Tobias Novi Says:
    July 4th, 2008 at 2:56 AM


    Hello ????? What’s up with that , this is a rather personal and private information about my software settings !!
    What will we see next ?


    Am I forced now to use the client in foreign language settings to protect my personal informations about me ?

    Till now it was my choose to give out informations where I come from , but now the LSL does the first steps to turn into spy ware !

    I wonder about which big company had pay to get that informations enable .
    What will we see next , ad spots every 5 minutes in your native language ?

    Answer that questions LL !

    The idea isn’t for privacy, it’s for usability. For instance, i put on my Breach .44 pistols, and it tells me it’s up to date in 8 languages. if it could see what language i was using, it could tell me in just that ONE
    also, people will be able to make things pick what to say to you, depending on what your language is for instance “Sorry, no english help available”

  75. les says:

    Wonder if this patch removes the “hitching” sims have been doing for the last few weeks. Every few seconds the sims drop into dilation (no TPs, no rez, no changes to blame) and freezes physics while the viewer sends your vehicle (hardly notice walking) off in a straight line with prediction waiting for the sim to work again.

    It’s just more lag to most of SL, but this junk code is a real deal breaker for the racing community, of which there are many.

  76. kleime Balut says:

    hello, since yesterday, all the time, when I connect to the program tell me that the system is logging me out right now and tells me that my account will not be available until a later time, I hope this time, but still repeating the message

    ¨ what happens?


  77. Curtis Dresler says:

    To be contrary, in all of these updates, could someone hire a really good technical writer and start on providing a true help menu? A true help menu would have saved me a fair amount of money on my first large land build alone – like an explanation of what happens when you choose to have all residents create or move. Instead, you at best end up at that lame wiki or wait to learn at your own expense. Or hope to get good advice instead of bad in a forum.

    For the record, current documentation is considered a sign of a development organization that is doing it right. The occasional tutorials are nice, but they aren’t the same as a good technical writer documenting things as they should be working. Then maybe some of the forums won’t devolve into five different people giving (sort of) the explanation that should be there when you hit F2.

    You know what’s bad? Me giving a garbled explanation of how something works, knowing I didn’t explain it as clearly as it should have been done, and having someone IM me later telling me thanks. That’s bad. MAS90, Solomon IV or Great Plains, maybe Quickbooks, no problem, my areas of expertise, but SL? There should be a better source at hand or a much better wiki (definitely not for the non-technical in its current format).

    Right now, its blunder along, learn from your mistakes, hope it doesn’t cost you too much in the process. That isn’t how it should be done.

  78. Sindy Tsure says:

    llDetectedNamesOfCats??? Sweeet!! Will you be able to sneak that in before MONO, Prospero? Can we also get the cats languages?? 🙂

    /me woots that a bug she reported is getting fixed. That and SVC-2485, which I’ve been drooling for for a while..

  79. Keithbj Writer says:

    I have not been able to log on now for more than 6 days. I keeps telling me I should call some number in the US. I’m overseas.. Does anyone know whats going on or how to speak to customer service via the internet?

  80. Kalel Venkman says:

    Still broken is, llRequestSimulatorData(), which is currently breaking product update servers all over SL. :/

    I would have hoped that this one would have been fixed. Any timeline on this?

  81. Jahar Aabye says:

    I’d like to second the request for JIRA info on what changes are being made to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams, as this function encompasses a lot of behavior, and thus there are probably a lot of tickets out there.

    I was hoping that it would be resolution for:

    But I haven’t had a chance to duck over to the beta grid to test that.

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  84. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Can we get the % done on the main roll out and when ya start the test? Last few times ya only posted after the 300~ were done.

  85. Prospero Linden says:

    Tristin — the 300-host roll only takes 30-40 minutes. As such, I generally just post once when it’s done.

    I’ll try this time to post both a starting and an ending.

  86. Jonathen Snow says:

    “Toxic message alert (’Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region) is now a script error and throttled”

    What on earth does this mean???? This error is reported to me more and more lately.(I am a large estate manager). The way I read Lindens ‘fix comment’, it says that it is not fixed but just handled differently by not sending the error message out anymore? Is this not like when a plane gives a danger warning light, you solve it by disable the redlight instead of solving the problem?
    Maybe I understood wrong. I hope so.

  87. Zena Juran says:

    Now that the rolling restart has been postponed twice this week, I would much prefer that LL postpone it until next week and leave this weekend free from worry (at least from any side effects of a rolling restart). 🙂

  88. Lynn Lockjaw says:

    Late to the party, as usual, but one thing in the above discussion did strike my interest and, if already addressed, I apologize for being redundant . . .

    I am curious how retrieving language information would be finding out where you are? I realize that this might be a reasonable assumption for those of us in the United States, since the old joke is “three languages = trilingual; two languages = bilingual; one language = American” 😉 Still, assuming where you are based on your language seems to be a stretch. I would think it would be as clear as the voice in your mouth and having a way for objects to find out the information that is clear to any avatar as soon as you start typing or talking would be a good thing, since many of us interact with objects on SL more than other avatars 😛

    just my $.02

  89. I agree with Zena. I personally think that only in an emergency should there ever be updates during fridays – sundays. the reasons are 2 fold, 1) these are peak days in sl (so if anything goes wrong, more people get angry, and being mercurial, sales are lost) and 2) most of your work force works during the week, therefore you have support available if there should be a problem.

    So my vote is for rolling updates next week.

  90. Designer Himmel says:

    *sigh* I spent mega Linden importing poses and animations, only to find they didn’t work after 17.0.
    “Dynamic Sound Throttling” I just spent mega hours, and Linden, converting and importing new (royalty Free) sounds into game. Now you tell me they might not work in the new release? 44.1, 16 bit, mono WAV files.
    Please, someone tell me… what is my incentive to create, or do, anything in Second Life other than camp and be a burden, when Linden Lab keeps breaking THINGS THAT ARE WORKING JUST FINE?
    Linden Lab is getting Rich, Rich, Rich off the thousands of Linden I, and everyone else who uploads poses/animations, sounds, photos/textures.
    If you break my sounds… you will find me at campsites all over SL trying to recover the money you are taking from me by breaking my creations.
    I will not create, upload, or buy anything more until my things work as before.

  91. Alvi Halderman says:

    It would be cool that you release a First Look Viewer for Open SIM………..:D

  92. Andrea Faulkner says:

    I love that due to high load, logins are disabled.. HOW ABOUT DISABLING ALL ACCOUNTS WITH NO PAYMENT INFO AND LETTING THE CUSTOMERS WHO MAKE YOU MONEY USE THE SERVICE??? This is complete and total crap. The free no credit card required unlimited bots and alts are KILLING SECOND LIFE!!! OMG WAKE UP!!!

  93. Andrea Faulkner says:

    Summer time… kids are out of school… suddenly the ADULT GRID has too many logons? Coincidence? *rolls eyes*

  94. Mykell Ackland says:

    Andrea – Totally agree, a great idea! If logins are overwhelming the system then block out the ones that aren’t paying a penny to the service!

    An idea I had a while back of having a seperate program where you could build an object offline which could then be uploaded onto the system was never listened to. Just think about how many people are online spending hours upon hours doing nothing but building something. If they were doing that offline think of the bandwidth saved that could be used by another person?

  95. Balpien Hammerer says:

    After reading these commeting I went and perused the changeset wiki page – much activity. llTextBox is a nice addition. Could you give us details on sound throttling? What are the limiting parameters? Else, our black box testing will likely miss finding problems.

    Was anything done to fix SVC-22 (SL-35293), Parcel restrictions inappropriately applied to vehicles on border crossings. It’s just no fun sailing.

    On the topic of update timing, is really important to not disrupt Fridays and weekends with updates as these tend to be the prime event days for many groups.

    FInally, (feel free to edit this piece if it’s off topic) I see there is now a login cap, presumably to limit grid degradation. That’s one way to fix the problem, but as a paying customer (one who needs to get in to fix his store problem), knowing there are myriad of NPI avies cavorting away whilst I can’t get in makes me unhappy.

  96. AWM Mars says:

    I was surprised by the Comment

    ‘Finally, it’d be interesting the know the evidence on which the statement that the economy suffers during the period when we’re doing these rolling restarts.’…

    If no one can get into the platform, how are they 1) Supposed to be able to buy anything? 2) If the business relies on networking contacts, holding meetings, building products for clients, how can that be done? 3) If it is required that information is within the platform, how can it be retreived whist the platform is offline? 4) If meetings are planned for after the ‘downtime’ which then becomes extended which eats into the available time, for all those concerned, given the overlaps of timezones, how is that not effecting the ‘economy’?

    Surely, you at LL can see for yourselves how the exconomy freezes, simply by looking at the trading drops of the L$, let alone all the ancillary business that never requires transactions with L$, of which I estimate to be in the region of 500% greater. Our own group of companies deal with RL companies that pay with real currency, as well as SL based companies/individuals that do use L$.

  97. Teal Freenote says:


  98. Firebird Nightfire says:

    llDetectedNamesOfCats() = “Wendy”

    LOL That was cute! 🙂

    I agree; we really need a good tech writer to document things, and maybe even rewrite the wiki. I nominate Torley for the task. He has a way of making tutorials fascinating as well as informative.

    Tobias, are you from a place where language discrimination is common? If someone were to try it here in SL, they’d get AR’ed – and deserve it!

    Prospero – I can’t use the issue tracker because I have a Basic account (and no, I am *not* one of those NPI “scum” – I contribute to the SL economy by buying 1000L$ – 2000L$ every month or so). Do you suppose you could open that up to us poor folk? I betcha your bug reports would get a lot more accurate when you can hear about problems from everyone, not just the Premium users.

  99. Tegg B says:

    20 fixes in a weekly update and having a couple go wrong is better than doing 20 fixes in 2 weeks and a nightmare to find which change is now causing each of the 4 bugs which between them all make SL toatlly unusable rather than partially.

  100. Dark_Spyro_003 says:

    @94: Adult grid and Teen grid are ran on the same server cluster: agni.
    This means that the ‘number of people’ logged in is BOTH teen & adult.

  101. Andrea Faulkner says:

    Yet… which do YOU think is more populated, the adult grid that gives away free accounts like demented bead throwers at Mardi Gras, or the teen grid which HAS a credit card requirement to keep out adults?


  102. Cappy Frantisek says:

    ok we are ready….hold it…false start……reset…………..
    ok we are ready to install the new server code…………….
    what’s that?
    never mind!

  103. Get ready, Set, RESTART!!!

  104. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Oh, no.

    Oh, NO.

    Not another weekend rollout-and-run?


    Greaaaat. Guess I won’t be logging in this weekend either.

  105. Prospero Linden says:

    Right, so.

    Rolling restarts aren’t downtime. Sure, if the database is locked up, or if people can’t log in, then, yeah, we expect the economy to suffer. But during a rolling restart, people can log in, people can stay in, and Second Life keeps functioning. Each region is restarted once, and is only down for five or ten minutes.

    Re: blocking out people who have unpaid accounts, we did that *once*, and the reaction was so negative that we will not be doing that again. It may sound like a good idea– but the truth is that basic accounts are not all bots. There are a lot of people with basic accounts who are very rich contributors to Second Life– whether they rent land, spend money, or contribute in other ways by performing and participating in events. Additionally, when the database hits the wall, blocking logins for a few minutes (usually it takes less than 10 minutes) allows the database to get back on its feet than many other things we’ve resorted to. Since logging in is chancy and difficult *anyway* when the database as become overloaded, we block logins because it’s the fastest and lowest impact to get things working as well as possible for everybody again.

    Re: access to the PJIRA: everybody with a Second Life account has access to it. It is *not* true that only premium accounts can access it. Firebird Nightfire, if you’re having trouble getting to the issue tracker, it is not because your account is basic. Basic accounts and premium accounts alike are encouraged to use our issue tracker.

  106. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    What is this?? How can one really want to keep it a secret which language (s)he speaks???

    Can we have llGetAgentStateOfMind() ?

  107. uh-oh says:

    @ 59 Juji Kumsung Says:

    July 5th, 2008 at 7:24 AM
    ….one more thing….*giggles like I’m in Gor*….why in the world would ye put out a survey that asks if ye Avatar is the same gender as ye are in real life? Are ye expecting blatant honesty? The proper question would be…”How many avatars ye have that are female?”….. *guggles and giggles summore* ”

    I think it would be interesting to know how many people choose to use a different gender than their RL one in SL. I have read that most of the female avatars are ran by males even more so in the sex industry. With voice changing software people can still be who they want to be on voice.
    I run around as a male because I want to be a male in SL. if a person wants to be a dragon, then I see a dragon and that is what I consider them to be. That is the beauty of SL be who or what you want to be.

  108. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    i guess things have to get worse before they get better..and..having experienced some of the worst kinks in the RC finding on logging that all my attachments..incl AO and mystitool..are missing and/or non-functional..only to receive the message..(’Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region)..i’m grateful that this has been taken care off..ty LL 🙂

    if you could now please take care of the bouncy camera effect and stop my avatar from going into unstoppable spinning cycles when moving around..literally causing nausea..i’d be even happier 🙂

  109. Yukinoroh Kamachi says:

    Prospero : Please have the llGetAgentLanguage() function pick the language from the profile, not the client! I don’t want to find myself having to switch UIs just to access some places!

    Also, what about if my wife spoke Portuguese and I spoke English, but our client is set to English. Would we have to switch settings between each session ?

  110. Selkit Diller says:

    It’s great that we have all the fixes in there, but there is one *major* one unresolved that is crippling physics-driven content all over Secondlife, under Jira meta-issue

    Likewise, I have also documented these issues in a video currently posted on YouTube for anyone who wants to review a few examples:

    *PLEASE* pay these issues some serious heed, they are crippling content and breaking even avatar movement.

  111. Ron Crimson says:

    Wow, Selkit’s video is well worth seeing. *clap, clap* Way to go in reporting the bugs. 🙂 I say listen to him 🙂

  112. Sindy Tsure says:

    Which ones are you doing today, Prospero? Even hosts or odd hosts?

  113. Prospero Linden says:

    Even numbered hosts today.

  114. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Nice video Selkit. I know there are many that use SL™® with vehicles like this. Kinda makes you wonder about the seamless install of any server code, no matter the fix! But we have seen that through the yeras, fixes break other things, Havok 4 just happens to be a big thing!

    Well, good luck skyrangers. A parting haiku for you:

    Summer has arrived
    Nature calls you home partner
    Second Life®™ withers


  115. Thordain Curtis says:

    @65 – Rex
    PRIM_ROTATION duplicates the functionality of llSetRot(), just like PRIM_POSITION works just like llSetPos(). llSetPos happens to always be root-relative when called from the child of a link-set, while llSetRot() always performs a global rotation. It has been this way since llSetPrimitiveParams was made available and changing it would break…..everything?

    If you want to duplicate llSetLocalRot() within llSet[Link]PrimitiveParams, use something like this:

    rotation r = ;
    llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_ROTATION, r / llGetRootRotation()]);

    Things get a bit sticky if you’re using this in an attachement, but even that can be gotten around.

    That being said, as much as modifying the behavior of PRIM_ROTATION is not an option, it would be neat to get PRIM_LOCAL_ROTATION ;-).

  116. Triple Peccable says:

    The floating text above my objects was being shown as all on one line after the restart. Resetting the script that sets the text fixed it.

    Also, if restarts are normally done as odd/even hosts restarted on different days, it would be VERY helpful to me to know ahead of time which one is planned for which day. Think that could be added to the blog posts in the future?

  117. Sindy Tsure says:

    Wow.. Did you really complete this in 2.5 hours instead of the scheduled 4 hours?

    /me claps!!

  118. Prospero Linden says:

    Yes, floating text is broken, sadly 😦


  119. Moll Dean says:

    Way to go LL
    Good lucky!

  120. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Can’t wait to get back in to reset all my floating text items. YAY!

  121. DBDigital Epsilon says:

    I would suggest that further deploy of this update be stoped until the hovertext issue is fixed.

  122. Ryu Darragh says:

    I hope some note to the new llSetText() bug is made. It affects floating text using “\n” to make newlines. It waill all come out on one line. The hest needs to be refreshed or the script that generated the text reset. Not a major bug, but an annoying one. Nothing is wrong with the script. Just the text needs to be refreshed if it gets flattened out.

  123. Prospero Linden says:

    We are working away on the llSetText() bug. Indeed, a fixed server version of 1.23 has already been rolled out to the “Second Life Beta Server” channel of the Preview Grid.

  124. Darien Caldwell says:

    I was reading some report of sound throttling issues over on the SLExchange forums. Has anyone else had any wierd issues with that, or is this just an isolated incident?

  125. Zena Juran says:

    I personally have many, many prims with floating text. Since there is no need for me to change the text and the prims retain the floating text, I did remove all the scripts containing llSetText. I SINCERELY hope the “fix” does not require a script reset. I’d hate to have to spend the whole weekend installing scripts, adding new text, and then deleting the scripts again.

  126. Heaven Finesmith says:

    Can we get some kind of timeframe on the reroll? Will a posting be made ahead of time or just as it starts.

  127. Prospero Linden says:

    Heaven Finesmith Re: reroll, see above.

    Zena Juran, alas, the fix will not restore the newlines. The newlines got eaten. I’m very sorry about that. 😦

  128. Totem says:

    I’ve just had to pick up 11 sound emmiters, because they are locked into a constant scrolling script error ” Too many sound system requests. Throttled until average falls.’ ‘ the constant errors just crashed my sim :S

    Oh and can you fix that bloomin memory leak…I’m watching 4gb drain away every 2 hrs 😦

  129. Soap Clawtooth says:

    There is a place to report problems with the grid – jira – however I find that jira is becoming more and more ludicrous. People simply vote for stupid niggly little things that aren’t important, such as VWR-5059 leaving more important fixes like…oh i dunno….VWR-954 which have been around for months unassigned and unfixed.

  130. Rick says:

    I do wonder that bugs are there for a reason because its bugged itself around another bug therefore there needs to be a few bugs in the platform just leave the minor ones dont want to upset them all weird i know but bugs are a way of stablizing things when stuff conflics. The platform is really stable now veiwer is exellent. 🙂

  131. sloopy cooder says:

    @123: YES, Sound is broken. I have at least 8 scripts in my sim doing the same thing.

    @126: You are doing a rolling restart on a friday night?????????????? OMG! Well, there goes Friday night… May as well shut off logins the whole evening.

    Since sound is still broken, you should STRONGLY consider rolling back to the previous release and not continuing with the new code AT ALL.

  132. Ron Crimson says:

    @130: “May as well shut off logins the whole evening?” Which part of “The grid stays up during rolling restarts” don’t you people understand? o_O

  133. Prospero Linden says:

    If you guys are having problems with sound throttling, PLEASE post an issue in our public issue tracker (http;// with a list of steps with which we can reproduce the problem.

    Without a way to reproduce it, we can’t be sure that something really is broken. I’ve seen the comments here, but unless and until we get something in our issue tracker that we can reproduce, we will be going ahead with the server deploy.

  134. Hi all !
    About the language detection – all the browsers in the world send that info ; maybe set a language order in the profile, in the same way ? Potential use : greeters, games, signs, anything that shows content (including media) can do so in the user’s preferred language and that is GREAT.

    llTextBox: yummy !! tytytyty !!I’m going to upgarde my game right away 😀

    feature suggestion: add a property to prims to activate mouse tracking, to know WHERE the user clicked. would save an enormous amount of prims.

    Thanks for all the great work



  135. Totem says:

    Hampton Court Maze is easier to negotiate than the jira O.o

    Besides I wouldn’t have a clue how to tell you to recreate it, apart from passing you one of my ambient frogs croaking stones and getting you to rezz it on my sim and see for yourself.

    It’s like pulling teeth….

  136. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @prospero This illustrates my point in the last blog rather well, you start a rollout of code, you could stop and test it it for awhile on the 310 regions that already have it to see if there is anything to fix that was missed on the beta grid (when is there not?), but instead you roll it out to half the grid. Now you stop, fix one bug, and roll out a single fix to over half the grid – again. This suggests that you really do belive that there is no effect on the economy of these rampant rollouts. Yet this morning, when I saw that my sales were cut in half from yesterday, 1/3 from the same day last week, I knew without a doubt that there was a rollout in progress. This rollout will cost me personally about $600 USD. Think theres any others out there that might be having a similar experience today?

    ugh, get a clue people, test, test, test – then deploy. wheres the fire?

  137. Travis Jeffries says:

    When will the connexion mouse be included in an update

  138. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @136 thats a question for the team that manages the client code i expect.

  139. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @Sound effects, this freebie script seems to be working on version on Brisa Del Mar w Im using the latest RC. I took it there to rezz it so it was not pre-existing on the sim, still works after a script reset. did you try resetting the scripts?

  140. Totem says:

    All my freebie sound effects work fine, its a set of purchased ones, all no mod so can’t reset them.

    The only thing I can tell you about the script is its a soundplayloop script. The sounds play, but and I’m no techie but the script error seems to be looping… because it doesn’t stop its continuous repeating itself over and over.

    I’ve owned some of these sound effects stones for 6 months plus and never had this issue, they were fine this morning, then my sim went through the restart and they all went cuckoo.

    The script error was so bad it was crashing my sim I had to pick them all up.

  141. Prospero Linden says:

    Totem : we don’t need you to be a techie. However, if you can post what object (asset-id, if possible), what sound, etc., you’re using, and, if possible and even better, the text of a script, in a JIRA, and the bad behavior you see, that should hopefully be enough for us to reproduce the issue.

    Be sure to tag any 1.23 server problems you see with 1.23 in the JIRA.

  142. Joshe Darkstone says:

    I can confirm that the object totem is using will bring an OA sim running the newly deployed code to a screeching halt within seconds, assetid is unavailable in propertys. scripts is no mod.

    creator is Katja Mendes object name is Tiki – eveningforrest – emitter

    I couldnt get it rezzed on a full prim server with the new code because my tenant has no build there – if someone has a full prim sim to test it on gimme a name.

  143. Moll Dean says:

    Glad it is not Friday 13rd

  144. Joeb says:

    When will the guns and the damage be fixed? At leat 60 regions waiting for this fix. Like ther was nothing more important than skins good grief.

  145. Shire Pony says:

    I love this.

    Step1: Roll out the new sim code – region gets restarted
    Step2: Reroll a bug fixed version – region gets restarted again
    Step3: Roll back due to new bug – region gets restarted again
    Step4: Reroll a bug fixed version – region gets restarted again
    Step5: ???

    That’s an awful log of deliberate sim restarts to get out code that’s suppose to reduce the number of sim restarts…

    Perhaps you guys need to create a formalized stress test simulator for these new updates, including memory bounds checking and function/inventory failure checking. Put these updates through some harsh testing before it even goes to the preview grid?

    Keep banging at the machines with those animal bones you crazy Linden code monkeys!

  146. Prospero Linden says:

    Shire : so far about 1/2 of the regions on the grid have been restarted *once* for the roll forward, and they will be restarted a *second time* as we roll backward. That’s it for this week.

    Yes, with all the changing announcements it sounds like we’re redoing things a lot. However, we thought it better to keep you informed with our best estimate of what was happening next, even though there was always the possibility that the plan would change.

  147. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @Prospero Another potential showstopper? saw this while researching a groups bug at While the size of this group could put it in a class by itself I hope this is not going to affect those oof us with medium-large groups in the 500-2000 member range. Or perhaps part of the fix was to mute groups of this size? 🙂

    Dilbert Dilweg – 11/Jul/08 06:18 PM
    Well Now since Server rolling restarts all of our group notices fail. Not 1 person gets them now. It has completely shout it down on us. We have over 7,000 members and it doesn’t work anymore. Before rolling restarts they worked for us. Now it is a failed system

  148. EbonyNightshade Elkhart says:

    To those who have said “What harm could it cause to let SL have access to a little more of our personal information?” I only have one thing to say. Aristotle-Integrity anyone?

  149. Beer&Pizza says:

    Joshe I have updated that and removed my Comment. There are some failed sends yes and i have not gotten 1 Of any notices sent to any of my groups. I am still trying to track if it is on my end or what . Or even try another client. However some members have received notices but not all. I have cleared all caches and restarted several times but have not used the RC viewer
    Seems now i wont have to do much more tracking since they will be restarting us which is an inconvenience of course lol
    Gees. We really need this at this time lol’ But oh well.

  150. Hmmm delay delay delay… Sounds like airlines….

  151. DhouZhang Fhang says:

    “We have discovered a somewhat increased crash rate”…. Oh, now you’ve discovered it after the bulk of your customers have experienced it for the past six months? Gee, wonder if all those posts about constant crashing actually meant …. avatars are crashing constantly. Give me a break.

    Qoth the Raven “Nevermore”

  152. Ron Crimson says:

    “Bulk of your customers” eh? I’m always fascinated by people like you who seemingly have access to an amazing wealth of statistical data from reliable sources. NOT 😛

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