Knowledge Base Article of the Week #32: You can get there from here

Hey everyone!  Have you ever tried to send someone a link to an article in the Knowledge Base, only to find that it didn’t quite work the way you expected?  Have you ever wondered how we post Knowledge Base links on the blog?  Today I will teach you the art of Knowledge Base link construction, so you can start creating and distributing your very own links to the Knowledge Base!

To get started, you’ll need the proper link template and your article’s topic number.  When you’re done, your link should closely resemble this week’s article link:

Just click that link and read this week’s article to learn the rest!

As always, if you’d like to comment on this article, or if you’d just like to chat with the Documentation team, we’d love to see you at our office hours today, Friday, at 2pm in Beaumont.

See you there!

Jeremy Linden

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18 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #32: You can get there from here

  1. Fizz Okame says:

    Hey Jeremy,
    I have used SL for about three years now and love it! This interoperability is sooo important to expanding SL to the web, and maybe there are ways you could work with a Vivaty to do that? Looked at Lively and Vivaty, and Vivaty is much better looking overall.
    Wasn’t sure how best to reach you guys, so thought I would just fire off an email via comments.
    Cheers and thanks…

  2. Bucky Barkley says:

    Are you joking?

    Just have a permalink in the article itself. You already have the topic number on the page. Turn that into a link people can copy.

    If the goal is to get people to share articles in the knowledgebase, go beyond the 10% of the folks that will patience to edit urls by hand, and aim for the greater % that can handle copying a link.

  3. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Hello Astroturfer! I’m not going to join AIM or Facebook just so I can look at Vivaty, and like Lively and IMVU and the rest of the chat rooms it’s Windows-only. Three thumbs down from this polymorph!

  4. Ron Crimson says:

    *wonders who Argent is talking to and what about* o_O

  5. Silky Bulloch says:

    And then again I could just copy and paste the URL thats conviently located at the top of my screen right now to eliminate all that fancy foot work……..

  6. Boroondas Gupte says:

    Oh, nice. A workaround for

    Jeremy, are you aware of ?

  7. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Ron@4: Message #1 looks like astroturf to me.

  8. Alf Lednev says:

    #2 excellent points. Jeremey, Lindens as a whole needs to break out of the mindset of catering only for the klingon wearing 40 year old virgins in their parents basements and grasp the fact, the vast majority of users simply want to point and click and have things work. So start making things simple to use and navigate, pitch to the lowest common demominater. So please go back rethink this wonderful idea and develop it as point and click.

    The KISS forumla needs to be tattooed on Lindens foreheards, I know its on their butts cos of all the kiss a*s comments that appear in here.

  9. Jeremy Linden says:

    @2, 5, and 8

    You’re absolutely right. We recognize that this is a pretty clunky way of getting a direct link, and we’ve been actively working to make the address bar work the way you think it should. Simplicity certainly is key.

    In the meantime, a complex workaround is better than no workaround… We’ll keep you posted as soon as we implement a simpler solution!

  10. I can’t get here from there…

  11. Gellan Glenelg says:

    Hi Jeremy, gets me to the same article (I got this URL format from a Linden’s answer to a jira issue, some time ago) seems a lot less clunky than
    Is there any reason not to use the shorter format?

  12. pradelles jessica says:

    i will play second life

  13. Jeremy Linden says:

    @9 Gellan Glenelg

    Using that shorter format only works if you are already logged into the Second Life website. If you are not already logged in, you will be forced to enter your login information before you continue.

    With the link format provided in this week’s article, you can view the linked article regardless of login status. The link itself is not as pretty, but it’s more foolproof for the recipient of the link 🙂

  14. Ener Hax says:

    this is a nice indicator of your work to make sl better and better. i sometimes run into folks with a similar issue as I have seen in the knowledgebase, but only to hassle to get the link to them

    this seems like a good move (lol, i have to see if i am techie enough to figure this out) but it sounds realy good! 🙂

    thanks for all the work into making sl better and better, it shows, at least i see a diff

  15. Tweed Woodget says:

    “To get started, you’ll need the proper link template and your article’s topic number”. What’s a “PROPER LINK TEMPLATE? I agree with Alf Lednev, I see this all of the time in Linden communications: the assumption that we are all IT managers with A+++ backgrounds who intuitively know what a “link template” is! To me it’s just authentic geek gibberish, I can’t even begin to “get started” until I find a glossary that defines what exactly that is! Pleas become more user friendly for :the rest of us” Talk to Torley, he’ll know what to do!

  16. Aquarius Paravane says:

    Tweed, if you actually click the link and read the article it will explain that. The “link template” means the sequence of parts you have to put into the URL to make it work.

  17. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Jeremy, how about setting up a little server inside LL that just does a redirect from an easy-to-use format to the right one? I suspect that you could set up a virtual host and rewrite in apache to convert from$id to the right thing in about half an hour, using your existing server. Give me a login and I’ll do it for you gratis.

  18. wed-gan says:

    Hello Astroturfer! I’m not going to join AIM or Facebook just so I can look at Vivaty

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