Attention Second Life Animators: Help Kill the Duckwalk!

Tired of seeing new Residents waddle their way through their first hours in-world? Ever been able to spot a newbie simply by their unmistakably waterfowl-esque sauntering? If so, we need you! Linden Lab is seeking bids for contract work to create an improved default male and female walk animation for new Residents. We are well aware of the wealth of talent in Second Life so we turn to you, dear Residents, to put your best avatar foot forward to help us give new Residents the start they deserve.

So if you live, eat, and sleep Poser, Maya, or 3D Max, we may have a job for you. If you would like to be considered, please drop a notecard with your name, preferred method of contact, and any links to your work on Bucket Linden. You must be experienced with animation in Second Life and able to submit files of your work with samples of realistic human walks or dances in Second Life. Linden Lab will work closely with any contractor to make sure all animations work with our system and won’t disrupt existing content. If you meet the submissions criteria, we’ll be in touch! Thanks for your continued support and together we can fight the unsightly gait afflicting so many of our underprivileged Residents every day.

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  1. Emiley Tomsen says:

    I would love to kill the duck walk, can I use a gun instead? But I’ll let my animator friends know about this. Very cool.

  2. Ron Crimson says:

    Hmm. I’m surprised this didn’t come around long ago… and with the wealth of wonderful walks in Wecond, err, Second Life, why create new ones? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Charlotte Bartlett says:

    I have sent this on to Animazoo they use motion capture and have amazing AO stuff in SL – I vote for their walks hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jesse Linden says:

    Ron: You are correct, there are a ton of great walks in Second Life. However, in order to be certain the walks work properly, they need to be fine tuned to our animation system. In general, since the default male and female walks are a key part of the user experience, they need to be of very high quality so in this case we’d prefer to work closely with an animator from scratch.

  5. cc says:

    I’m sure this will actually have a good impact on the first impressions of the platform, much like the new default avatar which were overdue a makeover. Its also good to see this has been put out to tender this time.

    Out of curiosity, with these improvements on the 1st hour experience, what implications are there for the eagerly awaited REGAPI v2? – IE, will there become a need for a consistent OI experience?

  6. Ann Otoole says:

    Why not hire a mocap company. Actually they probably already have what you need in a stock library. Then you know you will have a valid license.

  7. Suggestion: ask CuriousLabs/eFrontier for a license to use Poser 4’s walk anims…. almost all the AOs in SL are using them anyway.

  8. Maelstrom Janus says:

    is there any chance of improving the look of hands and feet at the same time please ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Well theres still so many things you can express by a walking animation that I’m sure whatever comes out of this will have no effect on any of the cotnent currently available.
    Looking forward to the results.

  10. Linden Lab is seeking bids for contract work to create an improved default male and female walk animation for new Residents.

    Does this mean the old residents are stuck with the walk that I have used for over 2 years. Or will the default for everyone be updated?

  11. hugsalot says:

    wow we have been asking for this for almost FIVE years! woohoo!

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  13. Ron Crimson says:

    Jesse, good point! I’ll be quiet now. ^_^

  14. keikoyanai yue says:

    yeah..and if we are already at it…cant we have a way to disable all default animations by some option checkbox ? most peoples use some kind of override anyways, and that annoying blending between default and overrided animation would fall away on laggy sims.. happens to me sometimes with animations of strange priority..

  15. Lina Pussycat says:

    Make sure the priority on the animations is set low enough that they do not override our Animation Overriders!!!!

  16. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Awwwwwwwww – I would sort of miss my duck walk that i’ve had since my rez day. Same as i will miss Ruth. Still anything to keep new residents stick is welcome. Good idea all round

  17. Holly says:

    OMG I LOVE YOU. I finally bought an AO, just to add the walk… and I lost it the next time I changed out of that skin/shape. It’s not so much how silly avatars look when walking — it also takes FOREVER to get anywhere unless you fly.

  18. Kilandra Yeuxdoux says:

    If you want to keep the duckwalk – provide a duck avatar option for new residents. Not all new residents want to be human or fluffy.

  19. Name Dropper says:

    I vote for a Semotion (Marie Sims) walk.

  20. Winter Ventura says:

    I don’t really care about the default walk. Even the cheapest AO can fix that. Can you fix the hands bug already?

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  22. Web Page says:

    What SL really needs is an overhaul of the system that controls animation. Reisdents want individuality and control over how they look.

    Having been an animator in SL for 4 years I can assure you that no single walk will please everyone. Some demand sexy (so many flavors of this), some prefer frumpy, some want to be animals or robots.

    If you’re looking for an animator that can provide a few simple walks to get people started in a new system that will allow people to choose their body language then I’m all for it. If all you want is to make newbies look like swaggering little gingerbread men and women I think you should look around the forest before you waste (y)our money.

  23. Why don’t you just give us the long-awaited ability to add custom animations to the viewer itself instead of forcing residents to use animation override scripts that lag sims to death?

    Then we can add whatever animations we want.

  24. Joshua Philgarlic says:

    Great idea! I hope you’ll find the right one. Or will there be a poll?

  25. Lauren Thibaud says:

    I have no problem with the embarrassing duckwalk- what’s buggin’ me lately is the stiff arm business that seems to be the new default- even if i wear my cute sexywalk I am stuck in this bizarre “waiting to be dressed” look while I’m standing still- fix that and I’ll be real happy…..

  26. Ree Indigo says:

    @23: First, that doesn’t give people control over how they look, it gives people control over how they view others. Some might find it amusing, others may not like it at all, and most just wouldn’t get it to begin with.

    As far as lagging sims to death with AOs goes … after the month or so of abject terror of server restarts, ball-drops and other Linden Lab foolishness once we’re switched to Mono … that won’t be an issue.

    What *I* want to see is people switching to error-checking animation overriders so I can actually leave my hidey hole without getting flooded with script errors thrown out by user-modded AOs.

  27. It is nice that you are thinking about animations. I think it is appropriate to mention these JIRA entries since it’s on your mind:

    Mutable Animation Priority:
    True Overrides:

    In addition to those 2 suggestions it would be nice if LL would increase the number of default skeletons and add a way to switch between them. I for one would love to be able to upload standard quadruped or octoped motions. Remember, this is Second Life not real life – it doesn’t always have to be about humanoids. If that fails, simply being able to re-arrange the skeletal connections in the BVH files would be nice but it only allows us to upload bipedal animations.

  28. Cyall Akula says:

    Ahh, the stottering totter will soon be a thing of the past – good news. ๐Ÿ˜€ You know, I sometimes wonder if the biggest problem with the default walk is that it is matched to the avatars movement – foot placements are correct for the speed but the speed is awfully fast compared to RL.

  29. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Hey, Linden Labs, how about making animations something SL supports directly, so we don’t need AOs?

    llDefaultAnimation(ANIM_STAND1, “My Stand 1”);
    llDefaultAnimation(ANIM_WALK, “My walk”);

    string llDefaultAnimation(integer animation_id, string new_animation);

    Pass the UUID of a standard Linden animation, or the name of an animation in the object’s inventory. If the animation is not found it is silently ignored. To make it easier for short term animations, it returns the name or UUID of the previous animation in that slot. (to protect animations, if the animation is not a standard Linden animation and is not in the object’s inventory, it returns “” as a string).

  30. Argent Stonecutter says:

    OK, VWR-386 would be good too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Adz Childs says:

    Ironically, the default male anim actually works fairly well for child-shapes, especially boys. When you shrink the av size its no longer a duck waddle.. its more like scampering around like a kid. I hope that doesn’t change… i have yet to find a better walk/run anim for my av.

  32. Dael Ra says:

    Yes please to custom animations directly from the viewer. Heck even if it meant a few extra settings in the debug menu.

    Also be nice for the avatar to recognise when it’s under/on the water so that swimming is automatically taken care of by the viewer too.

  33. Moy Loon says:

    :sad face:

    I love the default walk, It will be a sad day, if it was removed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  34. Dael Ra says:

    Oh and one more thing… Lets not forget about the default facial gestures.

    With a couple of exceptions, the current batch are so cheesy.

    Adding a feature to customise those would be great whether it was for AO or built into the viewer.

  35. Allen Kerensky says:

    What I have never understood is why the LL folks don’t stuff as many freebies as possible into the default inventory library, at least as an add-on download pack?

    LL publishes tons of stuff to web that should/could easily be in default inventory folders instead.

    Oh well, yes, the duck walk needs to go… and while we’re at it, why not upgrade the parametric mesh and bone system… anyone remember the ragdoll code?

    Honestly, if you want a new default walk set, I would prefer something motion capture with by-hand tweaks, to something solely hand-animated.

  36. Allen Kerensky says:

    Of course, something this fundamental should be decided by community… rather than biased to the first 150 bored commenters on a blog… why not send out a blue group-proposal style vote to ALL of the Residents asking if they want a replacement for Duck Walk?

    You have the technology, you can simply ask everyone.

  37. Darien Caldwell says:

    Yes, another vote her for the Hands Bug… Please fix this incredibly irritating bug…

  38. Photon Pink says:

    I think having noobs look plain and waddle around encourages them to create their own unique look, choose their own AO… You can make “better” default avatars, but you still have an army of clones anyway. I will miss the boy next door and the waddle walk. The walk is especaily fun on small avs.

  39. #34

    I’m not sure if I like the default walk but IF it is completely replaced then I know a lot of prim clothing and other things relying on the motion of the current walk animation may break or need to be replaced with new versions. I know that if the leg movement changes it will break my Velociraptor’s leg and if either the arm or leg movement is changed my Mallard Duck avatars may break too.

    I think the most reasonable way for LL to handle this is to implement the animation features requested on the JIRA. It would allow the default animations to remain and a user could switch to the new animations easily if they choose to do so.

  40. Phoenixa Sol says:

    it isn’t just residents in their first hours, it’s any and all of us if scripts are disabled or those oh so rare times the grid is having issues.

  41. Butch says:

    I, too, love the default walk. But, as there’s no stopping progress, please let us walk, not glide over the ground, as is the case with a lot of the current purchased amims.

  42. Prankster Loon says:

    I want the Aldo Maccione walk ROFL

  43. Schizm Neutra says:

    I have been here almost 4 years now and NEVER once considered my walk ‘duck-like’! I will CONTINUE to waddle along, thank you–not interested in ‘sexy’ walks touted by the places who sell sex-gen beds or people who frequent the hovels looking for those ‘sexy’ walks!

    Duck-Walkers, UNITE!

    *Waddles off into the sunset, chin, er, beak held high!*

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  45. Kira says:

    Don’t forget the chicken run as well.

  46. Oooh nice initiative! Hooray for proper animations for all beginning residents, and great idea to turn to the resident animators to look for high-quality work, too!

    And for anyone who misses the horrible animations, well, you can download them from here and put them into an AO…

    Oh, and I definitely subscribe to any project that allows a viewer-side AO, eg. like making the default animations part of Gestures or something. But that’s just because I’m still a contact for technical support on Second Life’s most used animation overrider, Francis Chung’s Franimation Overrider, still used in about a hundred thousand different AOs all over the grid (many of which still compatible with the original script, which dates back to September 2004…), and I still get 2-3 requests per day for help… hehe. So, yes, it’s a very selfish request of mine to get rid of the AOs and place the anims inside the SL client ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Lodi McMillan says:

    Jesse, you said this with a straight face?

    “….since the default male and female walks are a key part of the user experience, they need to be of very high quality…..”

    The current default walk is high quality?


    Seriously. This project is a good thing. And I know what you think you said. Just couldn’t resist pointing out this oh so obvious disconnect.

    High quality. High quality? Still ROFLMAO. Please, animators, save us from more of this excellence……

  48. Clarissa says:

    THANK YOU! It is about time! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s to appropriately feminine, masculine, sexy, anything but the lock kneed pigeon step. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Cristina Elvehjem says:

    I hate sexy walks, it’s the main reason I hate AOs, I never wear one and if i have to walk by default like a sexy bitch it will be my end. Even sometimes I use to ask people in my presence to deactivate their AO because they use to make me mad. I don’t think there isn’t anything bad in the “duck”(despective word to something some of us apreciate) walk, it gives some innocence in this perv world. How can I save the “duck” walk for a future ao?

  50. Clarissa says:

    Oh, and while reading a bit of the other comments here – yes, more anims in general and more facial expressions would be great also. Could my av please smile once in a while?

    Being able to look at the sides of the av while editing appearance…another on my wish list. ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. droffset says:

    I’ll apply !

  52. Buck says:

    @42: “please let us walk, not glide over the ground, as is the case with a lot of the current purchased amims”

    I think Butch may be getting at the same point I’d like to–please make sure the foot speed is synchronized to the traveling speed so that the feet don’t move when they’re supposed to be planted on the ground while walking. (There’s probably a more techno-savvy way of putting this… ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  53. Clarissa says:

    Christina don’t assume everyone who likes to swing their hips when they walk is a perv. Sheesh.

    But yes probably having a few walks available would be good, not all avs are human either, or even bio.

  54. Clarissa says:

    Hmm, maybe those who didn’t want to have the “sexy” walk could just use the male walk instead. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with moving sinuously or gracefully. If someone has such a problem with hips moving when a cartoon walks that they control the avs around them, I think that level of distaste is pretty rare. If anyone asked me to change my innocently hip-swinging override I’d leave or ask them to leave me alone.

    I do appreciate the comment that not all women walk the same, though. Some do walk like lock kneed pigeons. ๐Ÿ™‚ In that case they could keep the existing default if they wished and let the rest of us be happy. ๐Ÿ˜›

  55. duck walk is kinda cute however I can see why LL may want a change.

    1- how will this effect animators currently in SL selling AO’s?
    2- how will Prim clothing look with a new default walk?
    3- what about furries? making a walk for them too?
    4- if a resident so chooses may they keep the “duck Walk”?
    5- rather then Replace the duck walk, why not add an AO to the Default Library with the most redaly avaliable FULL PERMS walks and runs?

  56. Clarissa says:

    Prankster Loon: ROFL on the “Aldo walk”. Great idea actually! Some ‘funny walks’ would be wonderful too. Or “silly walks”. haha

    How about Imogene Coca, and Cyd Charisse, and Mikhail Baryshnikov, and the Incredible Hulk for some more inspirations? Charlie Chaplin. (No I’m not that old I just love the old flix.)

    I think the less a newbie feels generic the longer they will stay. As for finding their own stuff, most I offer to help can’t even get around, let alone know what an ‘override’ might be or how to use AO. They can’t even open their inventory. The easier/smoother their debut is the nicer for them, I think. They will still customise later regardless. Most will, anyway.

  57. Sami Tabla says:

    “Duck walk”?

    I and friends have always referred to it as a penguin walk. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. Clarissa says:

    Thinking about all this – would it be – or could it be – possible to change walk prefs in preferences as easily as one now changes other settings? I think even newbies will know to look in preferences to make changes. That is pretty standard on the ‘net, in computers, etc.

    Then you could have 10-20 styles of walks and the person could change their default with their av. If they entered a contest and changed avs, etc., they could easily change it all back again including movement.

    I think this would be better, as Linden intends, than a wearable thingy too, because as someone pointed out already, some places knock out your override, or it gets zapped for other reasons or the person forgets the name it’s under, etc. Definitely would love options built into SL, but I agree with diversity.

    So don’t forget the animals, robots, monsters, tinies, furries, and please make all options regardless of gender or er, species. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now would someone tell me what a hand bug is? ๐Ÿ˜›

  59. Budd Raymaker says:

    i like it but i guess times change ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Roblem Hogarth says:

    @58 no no… its the DUCK walk.

    Wow ya, this does not effect AO’s or other animation designers at all. Most of the default animations are, um, subpar, mostly because Everyone has them. We all want to to be distictive, so, custom AO’s are the way. this is just more or less a contest to make a better than the lame 5 year old default walk.

    If you don’t like AO’s, fine your walk will change, but then, you don’t care, Right?

    “animals, robots, monsters, tinies, furries,”, please, custom AO!

  61. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    My first thought when seeing this post is that this is NOT going to reduce the use of AOs in the slightest. It will only add to those who need an AO to achieve the walk they want. Many of the comments here seem to prove this. For many furries and child avs and even some mechanicals like my springy robot clown, the default walk and animation set is perfect. All this change will do is require me to use an AO for ALL my avatars and outfits instead of just some.

    I won’t be giving up the AO for any of my outfits that currently use it, of course, because they change a lot more than just the walk. So the end result is that this will dramatically increase the need for AOs. If several walks (and perhaps stances) are offered as options, though, this could be a good thing.

  62. Tsu Goodliffe says:

    Make sure you get one for the furrys too ๐Ÿฑ

    like a furry walk ^_^

  63. Logan Bauer says:

    I just came here to reiterate that we should be able to specify default animations in the client without using an AO. As was suggested back in 2005(and before that even)

    AND to encourage residents to go vote for either (or both) of these if they agree:

  64. I gotta agree, kill teh duck walk! It looks awful!! Aside from walks we need better run animations, so I hope to see both walking and running improved.

  65. Vek says:

    Why just supply one? Just pick the ten best walks, and then let people toggle through the various walks that they want. There’s a lot of emotion in someones walk, and there’s no reason why you can’t use a palette of them to have a “sad” walk, a “cheerful walk” , a “jive walk” (har har) and so on.

  66. les says:

    For the love of lag and ease of use please build a animation picker into the UI so residents no longer have to use the CPU sucking AOs. This is about 4 years overdue.

    **coming soon, Retro Walk AO (TM) Quack Ltd.

  67. Stephe Ehrler says:

    Be nice if you could lower the priority on the default “sit” animation as well. I never understood why this was given priority 4, the highest priority, when all other defaults are 2 or lower.. This creates all sorts of silly problems for animators and AO’s..

  68. sirhc DeSantis says:

    OK maybe if i could have chosen something other than the Duck Walk I would have. But one of the important things was FEELING like a N00b and wanting to learn more. Hell i made my first undershirt in 2 weeks (and my first tshirt in a week) and they were awful but they were mine. Don’t take the total experience away or you will look like every other VW to the new user – hey look great, heres sex, heres chat rooms. Please keep it unique. Everyone is dumbing it down. Please don’t

  69. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Maybe from the inventory, if you have an animation selected, have a menu item “Use as …” with a submenu that’s a list of the possible animations to replace… and when you “wear” that animation if it’s got a “use as” entry it gets applied and shown as “(worn on Walk2)” in the inventory.

  70. Hulk Ah says:

    I think we really have to consider the downside big improvements in newbie’s may have on second life. And this time I’m not talking about the commercial negative effect it can happen on our economy, if buying good stuff is not needed that much anymore, but about the effect it can have on the look of the average player.

    It is indeed true newbies used to look very basic (quite bad actually) and this would not give them an optimal experience from the game from the ‘quality’ perspective when they enter our world. However, making *default* avatars better, willl increase the amount of residents with this clonal looks.

    Is this a bad thing?

    Well, i’m pretty sure there are as well good and bad sides to it, but I wonder if an army of clones will actually *increase* the total second life experience.

    With the current newbie look, people can easily make their avatar look *better* than the default, which makes them give the feeling of progress and individuality. If the default avatars aready look good, have good walks and such, it will *decrease* the amount of customation people will do and increase the amount of clones.

    As we have seen with certain stolen skins, which are avaible in alot of freebie as well as commercial places, these ‘good free skins’skins are worn by about 50% of the residents, making them all look like clones. In my personal experience I get this’Oh not that same look again,cliche feeling’. It seems like 80% of the residents in second already look alot the same, so this will only increase the amount of clones, which could lead to giving users a more negative experience I’m sure. Although second life is far from being this small virtual world, it seems you see the same people wherever you go.

    One could say: Yes, but people in second life just want to look good, so they will al look the same. And actually i do partly agree with that, but want to emphasize there are alot of ways of looking good. Take celebrities for instance. Overal they are considered to look good, but at the same time they don’t (well not that much) look like they are all clones.

    Although I know it’s not gonna happen, and is not such a good at all because of the more important downsides, it would be great to see a more diverse range of newbies entering the grid. I remember when i first appeared in second life, I noticed all these clones standing around me , which limited the feeling of being an real individual instead of ‘game player’

  71. ddd says:


  72. ShiftMaster Gears says:

    why not not have “Second Life Free Shops” not only in newbie lands but inland too with avatars and animations Approved so all can enjoy
    :)) yes! so cool

  73. Kymber says:

    Awwwwww. I don’t want to part with the walk. Perhaps LL will offer functionality to allow those of us who wish to retain our duckly gate. I frankly have never liked the alternatives. Those ‘gendered’ versions are a bit ridiculous…

  74. ShiftMaster Gears says:

    an other alternative is to have not a default creation but to create an
    in world box app to create youre own perfect avatar food for thoughts
    :)) and come out approved ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Amity Slade says:

    I understand that it creating a default walk that looked both natural and would be unisex would be tough to do. (Tough yes, impossible now.)

    I’d hate to see gender stereotypes reflected in the default walks though.

    What is going to define a male walk vs. a female walk? A male walk looks “tough” while a female walk looks “sexy?”

    I hope that is not the road it will take.

  76. ShiftMaster Gears says:

    that would certainly reduce newbie harasment and self image in one package

  77. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @78: “Iโ€™d hate to see gender stereotypes reflected in the default walks though.”

    I agree. There’s too much stereotyping in animations and poses in SL. But: there *are* differences in RL, especially in walking, that are due to differences in skeleton build etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing that reflected, but I agree with you that there is too much stereotyping currently.

    It would take a talented creator who knows what’s inherent in the biology of the sexes and what is not to create something useful.

  78. ShiftMaster Gears says:

    the thing is to do is the right thing now not later ๐Ÿ˜‰
    and let choose av and walk that is the right thing to do

  79. Quack Quack Quack!!!

  80. ShiftMaster Gears says:

    and let them see it before they agree on it theill know if it what they whant

  81. yuriko says:

    new avatar meshes next? pleaaase!

  82. ShiftMaster Gears says:

    got anny good ideas Quack Quack Qack!!! anny way linden labs
    thank you!!!

  83. Knowl Paine says:

    I know a developer will send the info.

  84. Lysana McMillan says:

    I have my pet AO, called the Complete Lady, which provides a smooth, graceful walk. I also have one or two others for different attitudes if the outfit I’m wearing is too over-the-top for the Complete Lady to make sense. But oh, yes, for those times I’m in a low-prim av because I’m one of the only users who tries not to overwhelm others with useless facelights and bling and I’m trying to shop somewhere popular, I would so love a walk that didn’t make me look like I have a stick up where the sun don’t shine.

    On the topic of “Mono disables AOs,” has anyone realized how much that will slaughter non-human av functionality? Tinies, dragons, and four-footed critters of less mythological history would be useless unless there’s some means of dealing with the AO situation.

  85. Poser7 has a walk designer, takes about 2 minutes to make a walk and all the tweaks are available, why would you have to pay someone whe its so easy to make?

  86. FireFox Bancroft says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank thank you.

    I have been waiting a very long time for LL to pitch the dorky newb-walk since I started using Second Life back in 2004.

    I only wish I knew enough about animation to contribute.

  87. Chaz Longstaff says:

    Hot! they are tackling all the basics! Duck walk today; shoes up the arse 2morrow :}

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  89. I wonder if the Lindens understand what they are doing at times. Hundreds of people have worked to create great “walks” in second life, and what Linden Labs is about to do is to say ‘Hey, great, work for free, and we’ll just devalue all that you’ve done. You keep doing this, screwing your early adopters. Apple learned this the hard way. It looks like LL will also.

  90. Patchouli Woollahra says:

    @88: Poser7 has a walk designer, takes about 2 minutes to make a walk and all the tweaks are available, why would you have to pay someone whe its so easy to make?

    Here’s a couple of facts you need to bear in mind:

    1) Walk Designer was optimised for the bone structures of figures added by eFrontier and Curious Labs during their stewardship of the Poser software.

    2) The bone structure of the SL Avatar is based heavily on Poser 1/2’s ancient default figures plus additional hacks for facial emotions and hand gestures.

    3) There was never any work done to make Walk Designer compatible with Poser 1/2 default figures as they were laughably lame and not worth supporting once the current Poserverse got cracking.

    4) Poser 7 has improved pose translations, but attempting to hamfist G2 or P5 default figure animations onto the SL Avatar without the nuances and fiddling provided by a competent animator results in less than desirable results.

    5) The default runs and walks for SL avatars actually makes sense when slowed down in playback – the main issue is that the Linden in charge of it back in LL’s cash-strapped days just ran with it and simply sped it up to resemble a applicant for the “Linden Department of Silly Walks”. To appreciate exactly what I’m saying go into the Advanced menu (ctrl-alt-d), and select Character > Slow Motion Animations. Then do a bit of walking and running around without a AO on. (just remember to disable that option again afterwards – it slows all animations down, not just walks)

    There is a reason why good animation in SL still costs a lot even when every other resource the merchant can outsource has plummeted in recent months – that sense of timing takes years to perfect.

    Linden Lab was probably right to invite bids and commission a new walk rather than bumble into a copy of Poser in-house and rub one up in Walk Designer on figures with no resemblance in terms of kinetic structure to what the SL Avatar is.

    Feel free to disagree wif me plz.


  91. Dynamic Animations says:

    Hey guys, remember this? While we’re into animations… why not go the whole way and give full avatar control like that old forgotten feature suggested?

  92. Ron Crimson says:

    I have an idea.

    Let’s forget about walking anims altogether and just equip everyone in-world with a virtual Segway.

    ROTFL ๐Ÿ˜€

  93. Sir Jake says:

    Yay, in doing this can you also remove another bug at the same time please?

    When any one tries to use anything, dance, sit, pose etc it does NOT work until they turn their AO off…. so, make the new default anims lower and give AO the default level priority setting so they allow other anims to work properly.

    I realize this is easy to do and it will make Sl make much more user friendly and smooth but it is something that has to be thought of first,…. there you go, thanks you and you’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. /me will miss seeing all these cool guys duckwalking about with their sculpty pen… thingy attached . Looked so macho while they where chasing their next score… actually .. i find the duckwalk should be preserved and extended with the soundclip from opening tune of the Benny Hill show … would just make it perfect …

  95. Tesla Miles says:

    I really enjoy using the duck walk, it’s cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. Moll Dean says:

    The second step that I told you to take! (after new avs)
    Glad I have been listened


    Love SL

  97. Matttt Li says:

    Make the walk like the walk. Make it so it actually looks like a person walking, not like a stick figure being drug across the land, which is what the “duck walk” seems to be to me. AND don’t forget to the run too. I think people don’t run today because it’s really just a really fast walk. And it looks so bad that it’s not bearable to watch.

    And then get rid of flying without vehicles. And then get rid of red bars. And then create large tracks of open land where people can romp and play… And then you’ve really created some common public experience.

  98. AWM Mars says:

    Can’t we just add some squeaky shoes to go with the Duck walk?

  99. lorna says:

    aww i like the old walk…and the standing poses..they are much better than the cool poses and walks you can buy…i dunno why people try to look cool in SL, cos by default that is an impossible target.

  100. Raven Primeau says:

    I for one will be so glad to see the end of the *bobbleheaded waddle* as my Angel refers to it, it’s long overdue. I cringe every time my AO fails and I’m reduced to lumbering along like that *call me vain but any AO stroll at all is better than that*, but fine if you like waddling about like you just shat your undies then carry on! ๐Ÿ˜›

    I really do not know why LL has persisted with this the most basic easy thing to change I would have thought until now.

    On the subject of female walks, who said it has to be sexy? My AOs cater for several female walks from a hard but still feminine stride, cool stroll and sexy sachay. I get to choose to suit my mood or attire. I just wish my RL hips and legs could move half as well and less like the SL waddle LOL

  101. RoseLinUK London says:

    Yes, maybe the duck walk can be improved, but NOT by general concensus plzz…

    I fear that there are enough sexist men, and women silly enough to buy into that stuff, that the majority could easily inflict their idea of femininity onto all female avatars, with hip-swaying breast-swinging walks, hip-jutting head-tilting stands, finger-sucking sits, floppy-wrist typing, or whatever else they consider to be ‘feminine’ in many AO’s at present.

    PLEASE do NOT allow democracy in this issue, where a misguided majority could inflict their idea of femininity onto a minority, and have all noob females posing like they are in some nauseating beauty pageant!

    Or at the very least, restrict voting and decision making to people whose registered RL gender matches that of the animation being proposed.

  102. RPG Land says:

    And what about running? Walking is somewhere ok, but the basic running is terrible. Please replace that too!

  103. Dakotah Yue says:

    I agree with Cyall Akula. The default walk speed is way to high to create a nice walk. You need a high step frequenzy to make it look half way natural. So it looks like you are always in a hurry.
    Many walks don’t have that frequenzy. That creates a terrible gliding effect. It would be cool to have different walk speeds.

    Oh @ Dynamic: Yaaay for puppeteering !

  104. SkinlessMonkey Magic says:

    Well its a about time this happened.

  105. Aeris says:

    RoseLynUk, I totally agree with you. Not everyone likes the “sexy” walks.
    I recommend the CGBG male and female walk and run replacer by Sean Gorham. It is a simple, straightforward walk, determined but not sexy or testosteron- overloaded, looks good with both sexes. I have used them since I started and still think they are the best walk I bought.

  106. Parvati Luna says:

    I love you for this! But can you please preserve the duckwalk (and the duckrun of course) and offer them as freebie animation? That way, when we’re talking to nubies, we can say “when I was your age, we had to walk like THIS!” and whip out the old duckwalk. This will cause much hilarity. okbye

  107. deseapea says:

    I like the coming change in walking (and hopefully running), but that will not change new-user experience much. You can have a perfect looking walk, and they would all still look like cold robots, due to the fact that facial and hand animations are handled so poorly.

    Everything works together, so people would want to look good in everything they do, especially if they are pleased with one thing, such as walking.
    Currently a simple tooth smile looks evil and superior, a sad look distorts the face beyond recognition, and just about every other facial animation is useless. For casual animators, there is no way to make even a yawn look like a yawn.

    While you have a contract with the professionals, have them improve everything while you can. Better walks alone will not let you keep many newbies in the long run. <– (dont forget running).

  108. Razor says:

    You can upload the duck walk and put it in an AO.

  109. Razor says:

    PS; my vote is for animazoo ot abranimations

  110. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Duck walk or not the major problem I have seen in all walking running actions is the lack of gait control every step skates out to the same distance covered no matter the style of the walk. What is needed is a true control of the measured step. No matter how you accomplish the new animations please give us the ability to disable them when not required. As it stands now the defaults destroy many excellent creations from the users.

  111. As a Poultry (and one of the danged few to still be in-world), I resent the use of the terms “waterfowl-esque” and “duckwalk” with connotation that these are negative things! Have you not seen Swan Lake? I hereby declare intent to file ยฉ for all bird references used in the Second Lifeโ„ข world to protect the reputation of all fowl language.

    Though I applaud the move and plan to crow about it to all my friends.

  112. There goes business again! What’s next, default luxury homes and vehicles? Put up a brothel and I think you got it covered!

    I don’t make animations, but I’ve watched LL’s ruin the land business with recycled servers being auctioned as more mainland than 10 times the present users could buy, then watched them improve it with public works, now its animations.

    Nice try at improving the experience guys, but here’s a BIG tip: Get off the saturated networks! Fix whatever it is that keeps SL from running smoothely -and don’t hand us that content jive, it has nothing to do with teleports, aside from the server that tracks the UUID of attachments, which is always a problem. I pay $300 a month for something that I could get at a host facility for $80 a month if I look, and get a 99.9% uptime gaurantee with that.

    How about a default animation that puts my foot up your asses? Oh wait… we have that, only it lands in our own instead!

    I said lower server costs and you did, I said Philip -bless him for a job well done in starting SL- should step down and he did and now we’re seeing improvements. You guys should be paying me.

  113. Oh yeah, I wear a size 12 btw…

  114. Tabliopa Underwood says:

    Ive started wearing the library boxbot avatar recently and the duckwalk is great because boxbot doesnt have any knees so the walk is quite natural =)

  115. Anji Mars says:

    – remembers fondly her early duckwalking days….

  116. Maelstrom Janus says:

    my tyrannosaurus from grendels stomps around very nicely…..

  117. ac14 hutson says:

    can you do me a favor when you pick the walk and make one that looks like a normal person walking, the default male walk is ok for me, so anything along that lines. i dont want to look like im some overconfident ass.

  118. Cecilia Delacroix says:

    I’m sure the newbies will appreciate your efforts. However, I happen to like my original “walk” that I’ve used for over two years; my friends have referred to it (and to me) as a “flibbertygibbit” walk (look it up), and that is just a part of who I am!
    So I’m hoping the “new walk” is offered as an option to older residents rather than as a required upgrade. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Questar says:

    And then came the new and improved.. PLATYPUS WALK!

  120. I’m an animator and I’m curious. From what I can tell, the default walk animation is the same for male and female. Will this still be the case?
    Because if it is the new improved walk animation is likely to still be less than ideal.

    Second, what we really would love is a way to “attach” animations to avatar actions. Basically an animation override system that works even when scripts are disabled.

    Thirdly, the idea of just commercially licensing walk animations from Poser is a good one. Smith Micro would probably be willing to make you a very good cross promotional deal, considering how much Second Life has improved Poser sales.

  121. Schizm Neutra says:

    (#120-So Iโ€™m hoping the โ€œnew walkโ€ is offered as an option to older residents rather than as a required upgrade.)

    WHAT? REQUIRED? Where did I NOT read that? PLEASE, NOT REQUIRED! Damn! Whatever happened to freedom of expression? I don’t WANT to be REQUIRED!

    Anyway, how IMPORTANT is a WALK compared to LAG–and I have a brand new computer with 400 G’s, NEW drivers, etc., and I use cable so no cracks about my ‘old’ puter…there is STILL a lag issue when I go shopping, even with an empty mall to duck-walk around in.

    I say, let’s ditch the ‘Duck-Walk’ issue, which seems to me a paltry diversion, and go for the LAG issue, plus the foot-up-the-butt issue, along with the hair-in-the-crotchal-region that plague shoppers.

    How EMBARRASING is it to have your hair, your jewelry, your computer wind up in your crotch when you FINALLY reach your Teleport destination…the only saving grace in THAT scenario is–most other avies have experienced the same and while they laugh, it is one of sympathy–not derision!

    Viva La Duck-Walk, down with lag, down with foot up the butt, down with attachements up the butt! Concentrate, LL, concentrate on the IMPORTANT things, walking can be changed as others here have stated by other means!

  122. sirhc DeSantis says:

    well i ran through all my walk aos last night and i still prefer my duck waddle. Platypus might be fun to try. C’mon let us remember our early days LL ๐Ÿ™‚ [i never found a walk ao i liked so i’m biased]

  123. rush gastel says:

    new walks cool idea. but what i’d really love it somemore attachment point on avatar and hud. anychance of this far more important.

  124. Jahar Aabye says:

    I think this is one of those “better experience” ideas that sounds great at first, like Windlight or Dazzle, until you actually try to implement it. New default animations certainly would be nice for those of us who usually don’t wear AOs so as to spare the sim having to process one more laggy, inefficient script (and no, mono will not improve the problem of scripters who don’t care about efficiency), and of course it might make a new resident’s first experience look a bit more impressive, but that’s about all it’s going to do.

    If this were a JIRA ticket, I’d put it at the priority of “Would be nice to have.” However, as was already mentioned, a lot of content was designed to be used with the default animation set. This is especially true of full-prim avatars as well as objects that might trigger an animation on command (which is different from an AO, and likely *would* be affected by this). It is important to try to make any new animations at least somewhat similar in movement so as to retain compatibility with existing content…but if you do that, of course, then we’d just wind up spending a lot of time and resources creating something that wouldn’t be much better, since we’d be operating within similar constraints.

    And even leaving that aside, it’s still not going to be used more than the current default simply because, being the default, it will come to be associated with being a “noob” regardless. The people who will wind up using it will be newbies and people who don’t particularly think it’s worth wasting sim resources just to walk “sexy” or whatever.

    Just like things are now.

    So…thought I’d just throw out there the fact that the end result probably won’t be a whole lot different than things stand (no pun intended) now. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having a nicer walk, but I don’t really notice it that much anyways, and I don’t particularly think it’d be worth breaking existing content to get, either.

    (oh, and for those who were wondering about changing your walk client-side, some of the alternate 3rd-Party viewers such as Henri Beauchamp’s Cool SL Viewer do replace the default walk, but as far as I know, you’re the only one who sees the difference).

  125. Taz Villiers says:

    A sexy female walk that doesn’t get diaabled when I enter a no-scripts area, yes please!

  126. Baoky Chen says:

    nice article , thanks and i enjoy reading your blog.

  127. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    I second Prankster Loon’s Aldo Maccione walk!

    In fact, I live near a beach in RL and will be adopting that walk to impress the chickies! Look out for me girls!

  128. Celina Kamachi says:

    This is really a good idea. There are a lot of proffessional animation designers out there, i would suggest to ask these residents ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Marx Dudek says:

    The walk never bothered me terribly. Although it would be nice to have one that doesn’t require an AO.

  130. Marx Dudek says:

    Also, is there no one on the staff who animates? If we have to remove “SLยฉยฎโ„ข” from our websites, blogs, journals, shops, products, etc … the feeling of being *part* of “SLยฉยฎโ„ข” seems … not quite as happy-making anymore.

  131. Cecilia Delacroix says:

    Prankster (#43)……thank you for that YouTube link for the “Aldo Maccione Walk”. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!! LOL. That’s definitely a walk I’d pay some good Linden dollars for!

  132. incony says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ really good ideas often do not sell themselves, they are discovered,The cats eye for roads, the Biro, the razor blade et al.

    Limiting ones truth is for convenience, i understand why Sl would not limit something it already considers is possible and has examples of,, even if it thinks it has a solution already.

    the truth is in change i think.

    i welcome that.

  133. Marianne Levasseur says:

    Not sure why you guys simply do not incorporate one of the many free Male or Female ‘sexywalks’ that are out there?

  134. Pari Perenti says:

    well, my first thought was, wont this interfere with the ‘economy’ of second life in that it will cause people to buy less animation from the businesses in sl?

  135. Mojo Mathys says:

    Of all the things that need fixing or improving this seems like one of the least important things to be working on especially considering all the AO’s etc.

    Animating in Poser is a joke to any serious animator!

    How about going to the root of the problem and get rid of the existing system all together. License and integrate the awesome Granny animation system and while you’re at it how about implementing the .fbx file format and get rid of the aging .bvh!

    Also, anyone ever heard of normal maps? Hello! Prim building BAD! Mesh building GOOD! Get a good LOD system going and then watch how fast the inworld content improves!

    If you want a professional look and your looking for good professionals to assist you in that goal give the users the ability to use professional tools! Who cares if a few spatially challenged newbies can’t build a house without their colored building blocks! Just because they can build doesn’t mean they should!

    Has anyone really ever looked around at the complete junk in world that is called building?

  136. Ron Crimson says:

    Whoah, 137, that’s downright discriminating. Everyone has to start at the beginning, after all – you never know, some of today’s n00bs might be tomorrow’s experts.

  137. KillerMonkey Spire says:

    @137 +1 for the Mesh building

    It’s time to welcome SL to the 21st century. They need to progress rapidly in the graphics realm before G00G kills them.

  138. Gerald Wylie says:


    This is YOUR responsibility not ours. Disgraceful that you request free help from residents to put right something you could deal with. All the money Linden Labs are making and you want residents to help make things better for your new customers.


    They are YOUR customers!

  139. Name Dropper says:

    Yeah yeah … always the same: Linden offers a new walk, people take heads hands and feet and shout for a new system.
    i don’t want a new system i namedrop again Marie Sims for doing the job and we get something wonderful and perfect same time. Period.

  140. Zander Naumova says:

    I pe5rsoally never had a problem with the default walk, it’s the horrible defalut run that I hate. Additionally I think it would be a good idea to impliment some sort of “built in AO” for the client where you simply input animations you have or have bought to replace the default ones.

  141. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    With the way the game works what does it matter another fiasco of the patch scenario sales are again in the dumper thanks again loser lab why do you insist on bringing up silly topics and not talking about the real problems…

  142. incony says:

    137 + 140, look carefully as to what one agrees to pay for to use sl, then say one does not get that, before one defines requirements and pays for them.. else the consequence and dissatisfaction is ones own making.. ones choice is not sl`s. Or does one relinquish personal choice and pay for it regardless?. who is the fool, who has a disgracefull attitude? who has responsibility for choice..? sl did not make one use sl.. it does not keep one. the consequence and determination of dissatisfaction is ones own making.

    And 140, “free help wanted” is not an advert i have seen in this blog, show me otherwise, or 140 is not quoting truth, and where does that assign guilt?

  143. Jonny Dusk says:

    Got a little lost in all this, are they still looking for someone who can do actual keyframe animation in Poser (being what the original content was created in if not mistaken) as to ensure timing and frame rate accuracy, distinct and customized, etc.??

  144. murat carfagno says:

    i made some walks think over 40. u can visit my shop in sl.look in my profile for lm or searrch mc animations.

  145. Kwakkelde Kwak says:

    To everybody who is concerned about people losing business because the default walk will be as good or better than the “custom made” walk ….here’s some news: THEY ALL STOLE IT OUT OF POSER

    and some even forgot to add a reference frame tilting the avatar on walk, some set the framerate rediculously low so the av skates…some set the priority to 4 so it screws up all other animations…..

    Fix this please by adding a good walk for noobs yes))

    and since the “rip it out of poser” is so popular….upload the normal walk, not the sexy or power one… it looks good on both male and female avs….and please make it the right speed)) the standard poser file has 30 frames, framerate of 1 sequence/sec looks correct.
    so 30 frames per second

  146. Kwakkelde Kwak says:

    whoops forgot to ad that having control over the walking speed either by menu or by script command would be an excellent option

  147. Kwakkelde Kwak says:

    and since i’m taking all the last of the 150 spaces anyway……. changing priority in game…isn’t that a good idea? oh and the “stolen” walks i mentioned….the sexy walk i mean…i’m sure people made their own walks too…but i rarely see any not out of poser…

  148. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    one thing that is concerning me about all these new outfits and walks is that this isn’t really giving new member what they want or need. The fact is that one of the primary attraction of SL is the opportunity and potential for individual creative expression. And that isn’t just for the highly experienced or artistic. I have a folder full of funky first creations people have given me after I helped them learn how. They don’t care if they are funky. They care that it was something they made. The web became the fridge door on the 90s and SL is becoming the fridge door of this decade.

    This is something you really need to consider before you hand every newbie the perfect avatar with the perfect walk. Maybe you need to spend a little time watching the excitement they experience when they learn how to change it themselves. As a matter of fact I have helped several newbies lately who actually complained to me that someone had given them a ready made outfit. They were pleased they looked good but just as quick to abandon it for the chance to learn how to make their own look. just something to think about that no one else here has mentioned

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