Now Available, optional Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC13. Switch between Skins!

Today we are releasing a new Release Candidate, 1.20 RC13. If you have already been using the Release Candidate (RC12), you will be required to update to RC13 with the latest bug fixes. But, the Release Candidate is always an optional series of viewers that you may choose not to use — or use side by side on your computer with the main viewer offered on our Downloads page (or

This RC13 introduces… drum roll… the feature VWR-5059 which enables you to switch the look and feel of the User Interface between 2 options: the classic grey color or a lighter blue/silver theme. Go to Preferences>Skins. (Side note for SL historians keeping track: As you know, the multi-month project was code named “Project Dazzle”– but that’s really the name of the architecture juggernaut work that got us to refresh the UI. In the final presentation in 1.20 Viewer, we opted to call the resulting color option by a simpler name, ‘Silver’.)

EDIT 2008-07-10 11:30PST: To be clear, the feature VWR-5059 allows you to switch between the 2 pre-installed skins only, as requested by many Residents in this 1.20 viewer. This is not the complete Skinning architecture outlined in the Skinning project… which is a long term project and takes more time. Resident-created skins will still need to update their instructions to install them, if they are posted on the SL wiki.

IMPORTANT: Minor Known Issues with RC13:

  • It is a Known Bug that HTML based windows (like Search>All) will still have a scroll bar with the lighter Silver look to them, even if you are using the Classic skin.
  • It is a Known Bug that the art arrows on some dropdown combo boxes may appear clipped.
  • When upgrading from RC12 to RC13, the new XML skins files are installed (under-the-hood) to a folder called skinsdefaultxui. Unfortunately this leaves behind legacy files from the previous Release Candidate in the old skinsxui folder. This is completely harmless and will not affect RC13 at all. We mention this only to avoid confusion by advanced users who are interested in the Skinning architecture. The next iteration of the Release Candidate will resolve this problem.

Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate”. Visit the Test Viewers download page (Note: use the links at bottom of page, under Test Viewers) to get started with the new Release Candidate!

Fixes in 1.20 RC13:

* The viewer installs with a default classic grey color of the User Interface. This can be changed in Preferences > Skins (It requires a restart of the viewer to take effect.)

* Fixed: VWR-7893: create a Classic skin for the viewer
** Thank you to McCabe Maxsted for the Open Source contribution of the Classic art assets!
* Fixed: VWR-5059: add option to switch between a Classic and Silver theme from within Preferences
* Fixed: VWR-3529: WindLight: Saving snapshots to disk crashes viewer
* Fixed: Assign user agent strings with the name of skin in the internal Mozilla browser
* Fixed: The user-agent string in the browser is not HTTP 1.1 compliant
* Fixed: A new debug setting ‘SkinCurrent’ is used to persist the chosen skin, to avoid crashing older builds

About Ramzi Linden

I am a Project Manager at Linden Lab; and also work on localizations in the Second Life viewer.
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150 Responses to Now Available, optional Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC13. Switch between Skins!

  1. Destiny Niles says:

    Seems like this is ready for prime time.

  2. Sierra says:

    Nice to see you slipped in some bug fixes also 🙂

  3. Erinyse Planer says:

    Time to test it, but if this thing is as good as 12 was, ild say pack it and ship it 🙂

  4. Penolope says:

    Id like to see them address the massive memory leak and the crashes older ATI cards have been suffering

  5. Zi Ree says:

    Wheee! Thank you! Downloading right now 🙂

  6. I like the new RC13 with the old colors. Much easier on the eyes and works Great! (^_^) Keep up the effort!
    Needless to say I’m very happy about it!

  7. Marianne McCann says:

    Will this ship with more than two UI options?

  8. Ramzi Linden says:

    We gave this a thorough internal testing, but please help us find any bugs we may have missed around the switching between the built-in skins!

    Note: because the underneath folders have changed for where the XML files exist, the Resident skins which are posted on the SL wiki may not work anymore — until Residents update their instructions about where to put their modified files.

  9. torridluna says:

    Finally it makes sense to modify the skins and make my own folders…
    Cool, ty^^

  10. Erinyse Planer says:

    Ramzi you might want to add that note into the main posting where a few more people might see it 🙂

  11. Datapanic says:

    Hurray for switchable skins!

    Now, if you could just make the Statistics Bar remember where it was before and be persistent, I would have no complaints. There probably already is a JIRA on that, but I can’t find it.

  12. Jester Thunders says:

    Oh my god, I forgot how hugly the old skin was ! Silver should have been the default !

    Can a skin totaly change the look of the U.I. ? I hope not, ’cause then, how will I be able to help someone finding a button or a menu, if I don’t know what their screen looks like ?

    This is a bad idea…

  13. Bad Maladay says:

    Ahhhhh, the old interface, less focus on the bling more on the important stuff 🙂

  14. Downloading now…. I wonder if I will be able to run this without having to reinstall at every login??? (I have to do that with 1.19.1 and had to with every RC since 3)…. sadly puts me off logging in as often as I would like.

  15. linoel says:

    Ok, how do i change the skins? god how i dislike the old look.

  16. Ok, how do i change the skins? god how i love the old look.

  17. Jonathen Snow says:

    FYI fellow residents. Unlike the status pages shows, the problems are not resolved yet. lookup in search almost impossible and tp 70% not working.

  18. Kobe says:

    i was also stuck on how the hell to change it.

    if you go into preferences there is a skins tab, from there just choose the look you want

  19. Uber Stein says:

    I have a bad feeling about this…or maybe it’s just Deja Vu all over again.

  20. Winter Ventura says:

    simply, Thank you.

  21. Erbo says:

    All right! Fewer crashes and the ability to get rid of that eye-searing Dazzle UI, what’s not to like?

  22. Wood Fairey says:

    Hmm… And when will the terrible graphics hangs on new Mac Book Pro (and probably many other platforms) be addressed? How about the silly POV problems, not allowing me to move my camera where I want, locations that cause spinning, or zoom/unzoom jitter (until I move my POV again). I am afraid to even move in 1.20 at times, for fear I will need to reboot to regain graphics (for ANY application). And what about the inability of Second Life to shut down? (The window goes away but it keeps consuming CPU cycles). I constantly need to return to 1.19 when I decide I don’t want to eventually have my graphics subsystem lock up hard. This has been a constant problem with 1.20. Some may think this is ready for prime time, I think it isn’t quite ready to even go into testing. Before Apple or someone else is blamed, this problem IS a 1.20 problem introduced by Linden Labs, as I have fewer issues with 1.19.

  23. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    Very nice, but I still wish 1.20 had come out a while back, letting Dazzle come in a dot update. The ability to switch between skins definitely could have waited for a dot update IMO. But I know people will want to flame me because I’d rather see a stable release and then a pretty one, rather than holding off for a stable pretty release.

    I think I’m gonna start a pool to see how many RC’s 1.20 actually requires before it goes final. I’m taking 20, simply for a nice easy number. Besides, I don’t see any way 1.20’s going to get released to the general public by RC 15. Yes, I expect history will be repeated and something will happen at RC14 to require a whole slew of additional RC’s before LL is satisfied to get 1.20 out as an official release.

    /me looks forward to being proven wrong by LL, ‘tho she really doesn’t think it’s gonna happen..

  24. Raven Primeau says:

    me has been using it for a little while, it’s nice to have my old not glaring in my face viewer back. It seems to me sculpties rezz differetly unless something else has been tweaked, angular and blocky but closer to the true shape than a blob. 🙂 Soooooo I have to say this ones a smiley one for me… far! *tempts fate* LOL

    TPs failing and such are another issue that I know bears no relevence to this update but well one on this now go sort that lag out LOL *joke* well sorta

  25. Sweet, finally just when everyone is starting to think LL is giving up, you release this, and wow. I like it. 😛

  26. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    @14 Jester. Yes, this has been my primary concern about the direction LL is going with the user interface. Their stated long term goal is to make the interface fully configurable. There are indeed many advantages to this. But such options always present a support nightmare, not only for those of us who help a lot of new people but for the LL support staff as well. I have had problems already just with the differences between the 1.19 and 1.20 interfaces. Just yesterday I was struggling to remember what the old no-scripts icon looked like so I could tell someone what to look for. I can only imagine what it would be like if members could build custom icon sets.

  27. Wow, glad I read this, i thought you had bottled it and reverted to the ‘old’ look as this is the default look when loaded. I will be changing to the ‘new’ look as the black is looking dated now.

  28. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Woohoo! That’s my skin that’s the default, right there!

    What? Not even one word of credit? 😛

  29. Paddy Wright says:

    TY! that’s all.

  30. This sounds great!!!

  31. Ann Otoole says:

    Neat. I installed this RC and somehow at the exact same time my firefox bookmarks were wiped out. Wonder how that happened?

  32. McCabe Maxsted says:

    If anyone is interested in skinning, there are plenty of tutorials on the wiki listed under:

    I recommend starting with and moving on from there.

    Recoloring as well as modifying!

    *Goes to update his own skins* More can be found under , and I really hope this latest RC gives rise to even more!

  33. Cyall Akula says:

    WOOOHOOOOO! Excuse me. 🙂

    I’ve actually started already, but I’m confused by colors_base.xml, the colors don’t seem to be in RGB or RGBA or anyhting I recognize.

  34. Abyssin Otoro says:

    Two words: THANK YOU!

  35. Artemis Kangjon says:

    I’m fairly sure that Second Life can’t mess with your bookmarks, but a second opinion is welcome. 😛

  36. TheTree says:

    I have to say, after only using the RC for a few months now – I love dazzle. The old viewer look isn’t really working for me anymore, besides one change, I have black text on white background – easier for the eyes.

  37. Ann Otoole says:

    @37 – a reboot corrected it. Who knows what wonders lurk in Vista 64 bit. I don’t believe the installer could have done that by design either. Just happened at the exact same time as the installer ran.

  38. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Cyal, I’d use the colors.xml file on the wiki: if you find yourself getting lost in what’s what.

    The colors are in the format Red, Green, Blue, Alpha (transparency), each ranging from 0 to 255. So, for example, MenuBarBgColor=”RED, GREEN, BLUE, ALPHA”. If you wanted the menu bar background to be completely red and halfway see through, you’d set it to MenuBarBgColor=”255,0,0,128″.

    The lower the number, the closer towards black. 0,0,0 is black. 255,255,255 is white.

    If you need some more tutorials on this, there plenty floating around the web. Basically, the color is made up of the combination of those three values, plus how opaque it is or isn’t.

  39. Chalice Yao says:



    ranges go from 0 to 255, RGB style :> hope that helps.

  40. Mr. Sans says:

    whoop de do…another tiney update..coudnt this wait for a bigger patch? i JUST downloaded the viewer yesterday ugh its a pain in the butt to keep having to download 20 versions….try adding some real changes ..

  41. Lukas Mensing says:

    thank you guys!
    Do anyone know how to completely disable windlight?
    Would be great to have the same function for windlight.
    silver/no silver
    windlight/no windlight
    I will use windlight to take photos, enjoy special views etc…
    and no windlight to script/build/chat with friends…less network/computer/graphics resources used

  42. Broccoli Furry says:

    you should put in an option menu that lets us switch between hating the goreans and furries

  43. hemmm… yesterday my viewer crashed just when a woman was saying me she loved me. Please fix this bug, Lindens 🙂

  44. les says:

    /mutes Mr.Sans

    Nice! Maybe i can finally retire the old stock viewer and step up… without optic damage!

  45. daleinnis says:

    Woot, yay! Might actually upgrade from 1.19.whatever sometime! 🙂

  46. Alyx Sands says:

    Now just fix the bug that makes the RC run with a significantly lower FPS with the same settings as the normal viewer in the same sim, and it’s fine!

  47. Ramzi Linden says:

    @30- Ack, sorry, oversight! There are also a number of small Open Source patches throughout the 1.20 viewer series, and some big ones from 3DConnexion (back in RC0) and Mm Alder (in RC7)… Cool stuff happening!

  48. Chalice Yao says:


    Weird. For me, the RC12 gave quite an FPS boost over

  49. Silver needs to be the default because I’m having the usual ‘reinstall every time’ problem…. so I can never change the skin because as soon as I restart the viewer crashes before getting to the login screen…. the viewer only runs from the install program when it asks “Do you want to run Second Life now?”.

  50. Graves says:

    Bug fixes are nice, but it’s about time for the old skin to come back. For once in my Second Life, I thank you Lindens. It may have taken you 5 months or so, but thank you.

  51. Kiki Masala says:

    Ik snap er geen reet van .. maar leuk

  52. jaliscomexicosl says:


  53. Oh, my.

    After having used Dazzle now for a few months, going back to the old skin is a jarring experience. It seems a lot of people reading the blog do not like the new skin*, but to me it’s a huge improvement over the old gray monster. I haven’t desired the old skin for a long time.

    With that said, the new skin still has issues. But to me it’s a less visually jarring UI than the old skin, and so therefore has been my preferred choice.

    *At least the vocal ones.

  54. Blinders Off says:

    Hey, now these are the kind of announcements I like to see. Attention to customer wishes. Kudos on this one folks.

    Not to rain on the parade, but in regard to the statement that Dazzle is a months-long architecture project and that you’re still working on a way to allow people to use their own skins, I just gotta point out that more eye candy is not needed right now. What we really need is bugs fixed. I know you have several coding teams working on different projects. With the current state of affairs, I’d be real attempted to assign all teams to a DEBUG NOW project and get far more important issues fixed before proceeding with any further eye-candy projects.

    Cos have to be honest, eye candy is nice… stability, proper asset server performance, and low lag is nicer.

    But on giving us the option for the prior skin, good job. Thanks for listenin’.

  55. shockwave yareach says:

    RC12 was a big improvement, imho. I hope 13 runs as well.

    The next big improvement (I) want to see in the viewer is to split it into at least two threads, with thread a handling all the IO and thread b doing all the graphics work. This would let all us dual and quad core computer owners use their machines properly. And like it or not, the future is multicore.

    Kudos to you on the success with RC12 and here’s hoping to even more FPS and stability with 13 and onward. Excellent work recently.

  56. Tinintri says:


    Now I can use the candidate again without a migraine on-set! \o/

  57. Blinders Off says:

    BTW if I may comment on Dazzle and different opinions. Hey, glad to hear all the opinions, both ways. That’s what helped LL to make the decision they did. That… and they listened. That is major.

    But to say “Dazzle is great!” or “Dazzle sux!” really doesn’t cover it.
    Some folks like Dazzle, some don’t. For me, not only did I not like it, it gave me eye strain and headaches. Seriously. The low contrast and glaring edges really blared on my vision. But that’s MY vision.

    That’s why the need for two skins. It’s not whether the Silver is good or not– it’s how it affects the individual user. That’s what people were screaming about. There were enough folks like me who not only didn’t like Silver but found it harmful that a dual-skin was necessary. IMO, I don’t really know why Silver was brought in the first place. It’s not like I ever heard anyone say “Oh, the gray interface hurts my eyes”. It may be pretty, but that’s just more eye candy.

    But it’s here, and if ya like it, use it. No need for us to say any more that Dazzle sux, ‘cos now we have a choice.

  58. Broccoli Furry says:

    Blinders Off Sucks, Dazzle Rules

  59. Domchi Underwood says:

    One more vote for Dazzle as default skin… old skin was ugly even when it wasn’t old.

  60. Thanks for changing this ugly dark-brownish gray UI. I don’t know if the new UI will look nicier, but anyway to have some choice can only be good.

  61. Ron Crimson says:

    “hemmm… yesterday my viewer crashed just when a woman was saying me she loved me. Please fix this bug, Lindens 🙂 ”

    ROTFL! What happened next, did you relog? Was she still there? ^_^

    Anyway, love the new RC! Runs like a charm, and although I was tempted to use the old skin again just out of nostalgic feelings… I’ma love me the new silver skin now 🙂 and as Blinders says, now we have a choice 🙂 Great job, LL!!!!

  62. Ron Crimson says:

    Broccoli @ 60: Dude, that’s uncalled for. o_O

    And why are people voting on which skin should be the *default* setting now? This is getting a bit silly, isn’t it o_O We finally have a choice and now we’re bickering over the default? OH MY GOD. X-(

  63. Q Linden says:

    @56: Blinders, for the last several months (and for the next several) we’ve been rearchitecting the viewer code. We’re not doing this because we’re frittering away time on making things look pretty — we’re doing it because the current architecture is hard to maintain and limits what we can do and how fast we can do it.

    By redesigning the way the viewer is built, we give ourselves a better designed, more stable platform, and we enable the ability to make changes that are limited in scope and more easily tested. We also enable the open source community to make contributions more easily, and make it easier for us to take patches from them.

    Basically, the existence of the ability to change skins is an indication that the viewer is better designed and better implement. It’s not about the eye candy — that’s a nice side effect (inspired by Resident feedback, by the way) that comes from a redesign focused on quality.

    The rate of changes in the last RC comes from the fact that a lot of projects that have been in the works for months are finally hitting release. We have a significant, measured improvement in crash rate in this release, and the trend is positive. More changes are coming.

  64. Meade Paravane says:

    shockwave, the viewer is already multi-threaded and has been for 18 months or so. The other thread is used to decode textures, though.

    Splitting all the cache stuff off into yet another thread might be nice (if it hasn’t been done already and this is found to actually improve performance).

  65. Darien Caldwell says:

    True, Meade. But Multithreading is off by default, unless you enable it under the Advanced menu. I’m sure most don’t even know the option exists. 🙂 It’s still considered an experimental feature.

  66. Masuyo Aabye says:

    the newer silver UI is great. use it for a week or so and you won’t go back to the old UI. the old UI is fugly.

  67. Christos Atlantis says:

    OMG, I love it, ty so much, feels so smooth, looks like the best viewer ever… good job!

  68. Zane Zimer says:

    I find it humorous that so many are so concerned about the look of the UI (silver vs gray) when SL is more about the in world experience. Make it a stable, enjoyable, easily navigable experience with a UI that doesn’t get in the way, over shadow or hinder. If all that means its easy to make it ‘blingy’ or ‘drab’, so be it.

  69. Sans says:

    I haven’t used the RC in months, so I’m a little surprised to find the “Tools” dropdown missing from the top of the screen. How do I “select only my objects”?

  70. Mazok Nishi says:

    Great Job, the recent release Speed up and RC Stability improvments are very welcome.

  71. Macphisto Angelus says:

    Thanks for your work on the viewer.
    I like the Dazzle look, but it is great you are giving options that are easily applied.

    Bonus for the bug fixes too.

  72. Urantia Jewell says:

    @72 Sans,

    The Tools menu is visible when in Build mode

  73. Vivienne says:

    I wish i could swith MY skin with anti-aliasing enabled, lol.

    Anyay, skinning the client is a nice touch. ow i hope it will get nicer in performance.

  74. lufpleh obstreperous says:

    Good to hear that LL starting to listen, great that there are several LL comments on this post already. Cant wait to try the new / old look, the silver/dazzle look was just a tad bright.

    “It is a Known Bug that HTML based windows (like Search>All) will still have a scroll bar with the lighter Silver look to them, even if you are using the Classic skin.”

    Is it a known bug that the scroll bars don’t function for some on the new Search>All tab?
    The older tab scrolls work fine, on the new web/google tabs functionality changes from release to release!

    Does the fact you cant get skin the scroll bar hint at a possible cause of the scroll function problem?

  75. Autumn Palen says:

    Really loved McCabe’s skin, and am glad to see that option make it into this release.

    My experience, though, mirrors Alyx’s @48 through the entire 1.20 cycle. However I am on a Mac with an older, but still supported, Ati card. I love the fixes put into the last few RC’s, but fps is noticeably lower for me (especially over time) compared to the standard viewer (I do realize everyone’s mileage does vary). When trying out Barny’s mac version of the Coolviewer today, the difference was even more noticeable.

    I do very much hope the Mac side of things will be improved upon a bit more before this viewer becomes the standard one (pretty please? 🙂

  76. lupercaleb walcher says:

    thanks guys! yaaayyyy

  77. Joshe Darkstone says:

    hopefully changing skins wont require a restart in the final, seems like it should be an easy fix to refresh the ui while its running – no?


  78. Moll Dean says:

    Thank you VERY MUCH RC team!

    It is great to see ppl happy and a product designed to fit final users (your real costumers) needings.


    Next step is to release a LIGHT VIEWER
    Pls, listen to me. We do need a LIGHT VIEWER that do not require super hardware. So new users will not leave SL. They will stay.
    No WindLight, no Voice. no builders Toll and no advanced features. Also limited inventory and attachments.
    This sounds crazy, but I believe this is exactly what SL need with TOP URGENCY now.
    One powerfull viewer to advanced users and one LIGHT VIEWER to our new friends.

    I am also looking forward for the OFFLINE SANDBOX. A software that would allow creator to build without be connect to the internet.


  79. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    WTG McCabe, on the UI design!

    WTG LL for listening to us Mac users!

    It’s a Mac Monday!

    (er, Thursday, right? )

  80. Horny Binder says:

    Works great on Linux. The viewer is stable doesnt crash that often and well…. The Skin switching is a nice feature… THANKS!!!

  81. salahzar stenvaag says:

    Thanks for the skin option. 🙂
    Really appreciate being again able to see clearly secondlife and not being distracted by false transparences and ambiguous colors.
    keep listening to your users.

  82. Cat Slade says:

    I’ve been using the RC since it came available – was a bit freaked today when I upgraded – seems like I have to do that every other day – lol – but glad to know I can use the RC client skin I was used to.

    Some things still leave a bit to be desired – I’m getting inconsistencies with some scripting, not sure if RC is to blame or not. I like to run between the two like when I used to go between IE and Netscape when I did html.

  83. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    Can’t get rid of that damned ReleaseKeys button now !

  84. Aquarius Paravane says:

    Ramzi et al – I liked Dazzle fine, what I would like to see someday is a fix that says “Mac viewer no longer crashes and freezes.” Until it passes the Just Works test, it’s not ready for prime time.

    I have a friend who couldn’t use SL for a long time because his computer was too old. He just upgraded and I started explaining about turning off av impostoring, halving installed texture memory and turning off VBO – just so the viewer won’t totally kill your machine but will instead be able to be force quitted when it gets into beachballing every few minutes. I realized this is just far too much for a new user to take on.

    Yes, I do recognize it appears to be a 3-way integration problem between Second Life, nVidia and Apple – but the result is an unreliable viewer on certain platforms, due (in my experience) to something that happened in the 1.18 timeframe.

  85. Suzan says:

    Thanks again… using the Linux client, works absolutely great.

    And the first thing was, to get back to the dazzle-look. 😉 Old interface looks ugly, dark and old-fashioned for me.

    Only thing… I still miss the “Tool” menu as default. But besides this – great viewer!

  86. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    scratch my previous. Deleting the previous install of the RC and installing fresh helps a lot when looking for stuff to de-lindify.

  87. Cat Slade says:

    For those of you using Linux –
    I tried SL on Ubuntu a long time back and it never worked right.
    What are you guys using?

  88. Ener Hax says:

    hey you guys are working hard to keep SL in the front of the pack! Thank you very much for helping insure the future of sl 🙂

    i know some people complain, but i guess i am pretty lucky, i have not had a crash in months, sometimes i hang for up to 15 seconds, but i do max out all the graphics and draw distance to 512. so i would say that is a result of all your fixes (the great performance i experience that is)

    hard to be on the edge of web 2.0 and not have issues from pushing the envelope

    all of you at Linden obviously have a lot of passion and talent! keep up the great work! =)

    now a bigger issue: when will the viewer take care of all my typos, for sure they can’t all be my fault! ^_^

  89. Razor says:

    Switching is cool!

  90. Stephani Honi says:

    Thanks for providing a fix for SVC-972, “Viewer is logged out during failed teleport”
    Oh wait… that was me that provided the fix.
    You’re welcome, Linden Labs. : D
    Hopefully bugs that affect the Linux and Mac community won’t be ignored like this one was.

  91. Marcus Antonelli says:

    Can I switch between Windlight and the regular, working viewer?


  92. Darien Caldwell says:

    After reading your comments on SVC-972. I think what you meant to say is you proved what LL was saying all along. this was no fault of Second Life, but rather an operating system configuration error. But great work nevertheless. Now if you could only find a version of the fix for all the Windows users. 🙂

  93. Doug Falta says:

    The old viewer look is epic fail. I think I actually went blind when I logged in after updating…

    I’ll close on one note: “Classic” skin is UGLY! It’s like the back end of a cow. <.<

  94. Ron Crimson says:

    Marcus @ 93: No need to switch – the beauty of it all is that you can have the regular viewer and the release candidate installed at the same time, and just run whichever you feel like using. They maintain separate settings (but use the same default folders for cache etc.) 🙂

  95. Bryon Ruxton says:

    Nice to hear that you are burying the dazzle name, but “calling the resulting color Silver”? LOL at the color blind guy who came up with that definition. You’re fired!

    The color is “Silver Blue” not silver. Please get it right will you??

  96. Tomithe Aeon says:

    I vote for dazzle being the default skin.

  97. @24 I was one of the harshest critics of the 1.20 RC lockups/beachballs on the Macbook Pro, but from RC10 on, these problems have all gone away. One caveat, I have VBO disabled. I haven’t really scientifically proven yet whether this helps, but my impression is that it does.

    Go into prefs-> graphics, set for custom, click on hardware options button and disable use opengl vertex buffer objects option.

    But the past couple 1.20 RC’s are the most stable viewer I’ve had in a long time, certainly better than

  98. Nimil says:

    i just wanted to say that i am impressed with this new RC i’ve hardly had any trouble with it, and the memory leak seems to be gone for me! this is the first time i’ve used the real browser instead of the nicholaz client in months! good job guys 🙂 thanks for working on things!

  99. BlueWall says:

    Good Show Lindens! Works great here! I hope this is the one you’re prepping for the gridnaouts 🙂 BTW, if anyone would like to test these against OpenSim installations, have a look at OSGrid, a non-profit OpenSim grid by educators, corporations and individuals for testing and developing OpenSim software.


  100. Tom says:

    Like the options now avalible for the veiwers i can see much can be added to customize to personal taste another cool option would to have the option of bolt on apps ect that would show in the veiwer sure there would be a market for that in the future of the veiwer great work LL 🙂

  101. Svoboda Garsztka says:

    This candidate removes many features which I use every day. I can’t find any way to restore these features without returning to the old viewer. I’m sorry, but I can’t endorse this new viewer unless the Advanced menu is added back in.

  102. yuriko says:

    what about a 64 bit multicore version? 😀

  103. Tiny Mind says:

    Simple, #103: CLTRL-ALT-D
    Bing! The Advanced Menu is back! Have fun.

    Tiny Funny.

  104. Elvis Orbit says:

    Wow great work. I see things really moving in a good direction in the past while. Keep it up!

  105. Dytska Vieria says:

    Okay, so I tried to buy some land with the RC (stoopid idea!) and had to buy additional $L’s to make it happen. The bank account was charged but I never received the $L! So, after concierge live chat, it was resolved that I will receive a refund, okay fine. Then, a couple hours later, I try to buy $L and it didn’t go through. So, I update billing info with the same info, and try again in my Nicholaz viewer, and it worked!

    I don’t know if it is a bug or not, but it’s not worth it to me to try to buy more land (I did finally get the parcel I wanted) to find out!

    I don’t feel JIRAishy today after that, so don’t ask me!

  106. Angsty Rossini says:

    Thank you for the latest release and the great work on getting VWR-5059 included. I don’t want to get into a love/hate debate on the Silver-Blue vs Classic skins – for me, the bigger underlying issue is that we now have the ABILITY to switch between these 2 skins – and others in the future. 🙂 🙂 🙂 THAT is what is making me jump with glee!

    THANK-YOU to all involved in listening and making this happen.

    PS – umm, can you now look at: WR-6328 and reinstate the Tools menu – please???

  107. Graves says:

    Well, as far as my normal SL day goes, the main Out-of-Memory crash bug still has not been fixed, which is by far from my experience, the largest and most frequent crash of all (even when there were other rampant crash bugs). I don’t see how this was created, compared to before 1.19 series (or even earlier) where it didn’t exist, but I’m really putting what little hope is left that it will be fixed so my SL will be next-to-flawless. Also, if we’re working on the UI or whatever:

    This would be REALLY nice ->

  108. Stephani Honi says:

    @94 Darien Caldwell said:
    After reading your comments on SVC-972. I think what you meant to say is you proved what LL was saying all along. this was no fault of Second Life, but rather an operating system configuration error. But great work nevertheless. Now if you could only find a version of the fix for all the Windows users. 🙂

    No Darien, what I meant to do was to point out that Linden Labs didn’t spend five minutes researching this bug, otherwise they would have found the configuration problem and alerted users on how to fix it. This is not an operating system configuration error. My system works wonderfully with every other program. Only SL had problems that I had to research on my own and create a work around for. This is a problem within SL, not my system.
    The real problem is that Linden Labs decided that this bug didn’t affect enough people, so they shelved it. And by the way, Windows users should look into how to fix DNS resolution. Google it. I did. Look at the LMHOSTS file and how to fix DNS resolution, and BTW, this is a job for Linden Labs, not me. That’s why I’m making this post public, so that Linden Labs will help users who use alternate operating systems.

  109. Georgie says:

    Even though I now see the old look of the login screen it’s still missing the Preferences button.

    Also, and this is the killer, I still do not see the login graphic and all that prelog information that LL thinks we should see before logging in. Ages back, this stuff used to show on my 2560×1600 flatscreen but for a long time now all I get is black.

    Why did LL take this away?

  110. Shire Pony says:

    My retina’s thank you!

  111. Great work on the UI and the ability to switch skins. Now get me the ability to pull up friends list with one click and I will be as happy as with the pre-voice iterface 😀

  112. Deniz Pop says:

    Will these ‘skins’ have the same ‘ways’ as other stuff in second life? Like will they have permissions like copy/transfer/modify ? and what would ‘modify’ mean on a skin? And will there be a better name than’skins’for them, since that would be kind of confusing

  113. Dash says:

    I’m having ZERO luck getting my RC13 to connect to the grid. This is on Hardy Heron Ubuntu, but the current main viewer works fine.

    This was curious so I booted into Windows XP (*sigh* Not a fave.) and gave it a try– and the RC13 there as well is unable to connect. This is very strange, but seems that between the two OS’s that something should connect. I am not without ability to log in, as I said, but thought you should know. I’d go back to other RC (12, 11, 9, etc etc) but you seem to have changed the code slightly “skipRC1” doesn’t work any longer and I can’t compare to see if it is a coding error? Or it is something else. If I could not connect with past RC’s, most likely not a coding at that level.

    Server coding quirk? t’ain’t my thing dudes and dudette’s! I just reports thems thingys…

    On the other hand, I have every RC since I have been using them. 😉

  114. Deniz Pop says:

    Yes please! give us our simple button back to acces our friendlist. IT is very annoying to have these confusing buttons like ‘communicate’ with this hardly visible white triangle next to it we have to use the whole time. Or how about the even more confusing comic-baloon on the left to it. What’s that? Does it even have a name? How should people have the slightest idea what that thing is gonna do? They are told communications are the other button, so what the heck is that comic-baloon next to it do? Also ther are 3 (yes 3) ways to get to the local chat, but neither of them not accesable with one button. If it’s REALLY that important to get there, then just give us a NICE BIG BLUE BUTTON for it, with a simple name like ‘LOCAL CHAT’ , so it will not confuse all our B**TS off. Take “Redock Windows”. THis is what you see when you click on the confusing triangle next to communicate. What the heck is ‘redock windows’. I know my english is not great, but what the hell is it? When i try to press on it my local chatwindow pops up. AGAIN THE LOCAL CHAT WINDOW. So now there are 3 ways to get to the local chat window, but none of them is easy to understand?


    Maybe linden lab is saying this:

    “WWellll deniz, we don’t have enough roooommm for all those buttons you would like””

    TRUE! soo…How about making them just a little bit less wides, so we can add MORE buttons that MAKE SENSE RIGHT AWAY ? Most words there only take up about 50% of the button, so it would be easy just to add some more buttons, or maybe get rid of those buttons people don’t use that much (I know i don’t use the ‘build’button there, since it’s easier to do that with rightclicking’). Now i’m pretty sure Linden Lab DOES have some great statitistics about this waiting for us in their statistics-department , from which im sure Torley can make some GREAT & FUN video’s!

    But hey, just my 2 cents here

  115. Ann Otoole says:

    I hear a lot of feedback that indicates a more modern day graphical interface might be justified. You know.. Like *all* the modern day 3D environments woth messing with use. No not other so-called metaverses… Stuff like EQII, WoW, Diablo3, etc. With user configured hotbars.

    Some work needs doing….

  116. Maklin Deckard says:

    Bless you, linden labs.

    As someone that wears glasses, I found the Dazzle interface gave me screaming headaches after about an hour, where the old interface did not. Dazzle was too low contrast and had too many similar-color on simiar-color buttons for easy viewing. The old interface is very sharp, defined and READABLE…not to mention I do not have to lean closer to the screen to read values in building boxes like with Dazzle.

    When I first saw dazzle upon release, my first thought was ‘The only thing dazzling is that ANYONE that wasn’t colorblind could find this preferable’. And after all this time, that is still my thoughts on Dazzle. Again, thank you for restoring to us what we had before and many of us missed,

    Now, give us back the OLD communications layout if we don’t use voice (and I will never use it). 🙂

  117. Net Antwerp says:

    Despite a few peoples’ comments of VWR-3529 as being fixed in RC6, it actually isn’t. The viewer still crashes when the “Constrain Proportions” checkbox is ticked.

    Also, taking a high-resolution snapshot underground (with Windlight enabled) and taking a high-res snapshot of object mattes still takes ‘broken’ snapshots.

    (High-res, as in resolutions 2x or higher than the viewer window).

  118. Sigurdur says:

    Cat Slade @89:
    I use SL on KUbuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and it works really well on Nvidia 7950GT. This and last RC almost never crashes, but voice chat has never worked very well for me. The client is a huge improvement from e.g. 1.18.xx.

  119. Georgie says:

    I still have not found any use for the Release Keys button except that it drops my AO etc, if I hit it by accident. Why is this nuisance button still there? If some people need it, why can’t its presence on screen be made optional in a prefs check box?

  120. Tegg B says:

    WOOOOT!, works great, much easier on the eyes, alittle dark now though, maybe something inbetween for the next skin you guys ship 🙂

  121. Pingback: SL news

  122. Kia Kish says:

    I have some major client-side lag with this RC version. Previous RC version was fine. Switching back to the 1.19.1 (4) version works great but everytime i log in with this new RC the lag meter has my client side lag in the red…

  123. DR Dahlgren says:

    Great Job! Very glad to see the switchable UI Skin. @Zane Zimer – it isn’t just about pretty. The “silver” UI dramatically affects how night looks because of the contrast differences between the scene and the UI. I also found the colors and brightness very distracting and hard on my eys.

    @25 Nanci Barthelmess – put me down for 14.


  124. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    @117 Ann – I am surprised to see your comment. In nearly every discussion of the “Dazzle” upgrade, various Lindens have made it exceedingly clear that the primary purpose for this was not the new skin, but to lay a better foundation upon which they could do exactly what you suggest. I made mention of this myself in comment 28 of this thread. That is what this entire “Dazzle” thing is all about – moving toward a more versatile, user configurable interface. From what I am reading, this ability to change skins is just the first of many improvements made possible by the new UI architecture.

  125. Yavapai Villota says:

    @121 Georgie – Maybe Torley Linden will create an enthusiastic video about the famous Release Keys button, explaining all hidden and useful secrets about it?


  126. Norma Desmond Junior says:

    How is the new release for Apple MAC users?

  127. Lyssa Varun says:

    Why are we adding features to an RC? Please fix the bugs before adding new ones. We don’t have popup tooltips in the script editor with the silver skin now. It seems that cursor context changes are borked too. Not sure about the people posting here that it’s ready for primetime… does that mean it can be downloaded to them?

  128. Dixy Dreamscape says:

    I have 2 computers one belongs to my daughter the other is mine and I was able to download the new version on my computer but couldnt download it on my daughters and it didnt give me or her the option of downloading the new version it says that you cant log in unless you download the new version.. I am never given the option of whether I want to download the new version,,, Which i think really sucks because I had to install a graphics card after I had to update the first time because everybodies avitar kept showing up as a box.
    Not fussing just thought it would be herlpfull in your other releases
    TY Dixy

  129. Dytska Vieria says:

    OMG! After reading the comments here, it seems this time, after 12 previous or so RC’s, that people actually like Dazzle better than the Real Coke! That is so confusing! Of course, it is not Dazzle anymore but now Silver. As in, Hi Yo Silver!!!! Whoopee!

    Seriously, this is the best progressive and cautious introduction of the next official viewer I have seen since First Look was First Look. Keep up the excellent work, LL, it is very much appreciated and the improvements have always been progressively better. But, also listen to the Whiners, they too deserve attention!

  130. Jed Gregg says:

    Ok gave it a spin and yes everything looked better but the lag was very very bad. i got in at home took a min or 2 to rez looked like everything was ok 🙂 but as soon as i tested it at home i gave it the real test going to my store and as soon as i got there i could not move and it took all most 8 mins to rez all of the place. so i loged off and went on the main viewer went to my store and it rezed in a min or less flat sorry but PLEASE GET RID OF THE LAG ! besides the lag it worked good but sorry im still keeping my 19.0 what ever it is before all the bad lag hit. Please work on a better way on geting the lag lagless THANK YOU 🙂

  131. it works great…and in the places i went to, i didn’t experience lag. so far so good. crashed 3 times but it was because of my internet connection going crazy. grr.

  132. Balp Allen says:

    Code? Please, I wanna hack in the lasrt five rows of code to make 3:rd party skinns.

  133. LillyBeth Filth says:

    Does Ann Otoole EVER have ANYTHING to say that isnt negative?
    Jesus H Christ what a moaning whining miserable woman
    Go get some fresh air..stand on your “real life” door, open a window..take a deep breath…95% of everything I read from you is griping and negative.. including the delightful notecard you sent me comparing me to a pedophile because of some half baked “news” on some website.. sick woman…you really are.

  134. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    Hmm, nice job on the skinning, although I’m really waiting for the in-viewer skin settings to come out. However, I think this RC still needs a good lookthrough to find the huuuuge memory leaks that cause my computer (with 4gb of mem) to bind every hour or so (Smartheap error) and require a restart of the Viewer…

    And it’s probably a bad sign it crashed before I even logged in…

  135. Suzan says:

    I am using SL with Ubuntu 8.04, Nvidia GeForce Go 7300, Nvidia driver 169.12 (nvidia-glx-new from Ubuntu respositories).

    SL works really great there and this RC 1.20.x are the most stable viewers I had since I use SL. (Use it for a year btw)

    The only thing that never works for me with Ubuntu 8.04 is voice. But that is not really important for me, so I don’t mind a lot.

  136. Zi Ree says:

    @111 Georgie: Try pressing CTRL P to get to the preferences before login. The black login screen is a bug that’s on the JIRA, but I’m not sure if they addressed it yet.

  137. Pepper Haas says:

    Does it fix the broken group IM? No? Then WHY BOTHER.

  138. Masami Kuramoto says:

    Voice chat works fine in Ubuntu 8.04. Suzan, if you need help, IM me in-world.

  139. Ghost Menjou says:

    Good job Lindens!Another Fine client.I’ve been testing this and have found no problems so far.

  140. Zi Ree says:

    @139 Pepper Haas: This is a viewer update, not a server update, so it’s not surprising that Group IMs are not fixed with this update.

    The street has a few potholes that need fixing and your car has a broken windshield. Would it make sense to wait for the potholes to be fixed before you think about replacing the windshield? 🙂

  141. Elvis Orbit says:

    Great Viewer. I like these new changes keep it up! XD

  142. Still have a persistent viewer update window, though now it’s yellow not red, covering the place where the status reports go, even though I am running the official viewer

    If we have a choice, then it should be dismissable and not cover important info. Plus, the links on it do not seem to work on the Mac viewer.

    Really, we had all this out on this blog and elsewhere before. You got rid of the annoying non-dismissable blue window, now we have this one permanently covering the status reports. Another great step backwards from LL.

  143. matcha.novi says:

    “Chat Bubbles” seems not working properly.

    Second Life 1.20.13 (91658) Jul 8 2008 15:46:37 (Second Life Release Candidate)

    Second Life Server

    CPU: Dual i386 (Unknown) (2400 MHz)
    Memory: 4096 MB
    OS Version: Darwin 9.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.4.0: Mon Jun 9 19:30:53 PDT 2008; root:xnu-1228.5.20~1/RELEASE_I386 i386
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO OpenGL Engine
    OpenGL Version: 2.0 ATI-1.5.28
    LLMozLib Version: [LLMediaImplLLMozLib] – 2.01.16526 (Mozilla GRE version
    Packets Lost: 75/3093367 (0.0%)

  144. Yak says:

    Will the final release have a perfectly working 3D mouse? also in Flycam Mode?
    Now that the problems with the skins seem solved , lets hope we finally will be able soon to move all the chat-, IM-, and inventary windows to a second monitor… SL is a VISUAL encironment, and i hate all these unnecesary windows in my view…

  145. Frank says:

    I dont know why but this new version prerelease 1.20.13
    crashes every time I try to change graphics. I did not have this issue when using 1.20.12

  146. Stone Semyorka says:

    Very cool!

  147. Austin Welles says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the work, and add my name to the list of “Dazzle” lovers. I really don’t understand references to retina burn, this really must be a personal preference thing. Ditto Lillybeth’s comment regarding Miss O’Toole. Why are people still asking if the can turn off Windlight…yes you can. Keep up the good work. It is nice to see so many positive comments in here for one.

  148. jade carnot says:

    will i ever get back my 110k inventory?

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