SL5B: Mitch Kapor’s keynote MP3, video, text transcript up!

[UPDATED on 2008-07-08 @ 10 AM PDT]

Our beloved Residents of Second Life! ❤

Recordings of Mitch Kapor’s keynote are available:

» Download MP3

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» Download video (MP4 format, plays inworld)

Special thanks to CeeLo Linden for the better-quality audio recording!

Opening introduction and closing notes are by our own Robin Harper (aka Robin Linden), Vice President of Marketing & Community Development at Linden Lab.

These recordings are available on our Podcast too.

We’ve also got a text transcript, and if that’s too much to read, Dusan Writer (thank-you!) did a text summary with pictures.

Download the 2 clips featured in the video:

Thanx to Phaylen Fairchild for originally hosting them!

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60 Responses to SL5B: Mitch Kapor’s keynote MP3, video, text transcript up!

  1. taff nouvelle says:

    I am sorry Torley, you call us “Our beloved Residents of Second Life! <3” Then why please do you not actually LISTEN to us.
    Before I am told why dont I leave, I stayed up all last night making sure that the speech could go ahead today, I have worked 14 hour days on the birthday sims making it as good an experience for paople as I could, along with all the other organisers and exhibitors.
    I LOVE SL ™, I want to stay here and enjoy my time with friends, but they are leaving because SL is changing, and not for the better.
    PLEASE PLEASE, listen to what your paying customers want, not what the gods think is good for us.
    Yes we want innovation, we love new things, but more than that we want a platform that works, and most of all, we want to be able to talk to someone, or at least be told what is happening when things go wrong.
    Whatever happened to Kat, she was supposed to be the one person who talked to the customers ( residents) , and we ARE customers.
    Last night, at the 11th hour, the whole setup for the speech was changed, LL wanted a new stage, there were videos and a powerpoint presentation, A few residents were told it had to be done, where were the people from LL, the ones that would have to be paid to do this, they went home, and left customers to do the work, unpaid.
    I worked because I love SL, not for LL.

  2. silke gausman says:

    The Chieftain left us alone.
    What future are going to hope for?
    Will SL become leader of virtual worlds or will the organisation ruin it all?
    Welcome to the (real) world of company making business. Customers? Ah… those, paying for getting not what they want – i know about this species. 😉

  3. Huugs, Taff! Your help at SL5B was invaluable. In fact, every volunteer I worked with has been top notch. But I could tell even at the time that The Powers That Be were not making life easy for the coordinators. Still, I saw everyone behave with grace and good humor. I appreciate that and all you have done to help the exhibitors.

  4. silke gausman says:

    No doubt about that – which system will work without volunteerment and enthusiasm, but…. don’t we all pay a lot for all of this?
    <> This will help SL a lot more than other things.

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  6. BlueWall says:

    Thanks to the innovators/investors/enablers of the SecondLife platform! Many recognize the new technology as the next step in our Internet journey and see the benefits of exploring new frontiers of social interaction in virtual worlds.

    And, as SecondLife celebrates five years of innovation, a true testimony to the power of the idea is expressed as one of the offspring of the platform celebrates it’s first birthday this month. I would invite all explorers and pioneers to visit OSGrid to see how our world is truly expanding and help us celebrate our first year in the metaverse.

  7. Tiny Mind says:

    God. Please… Torley… ANYbody, please tell me someone there knew how to record a Voice stream without of the event with it coming out a pure sonic-distortion as this YouTube copy is plagued with. :p

  8. Wyald Woolley says:

    @ taff–

    I know what you are experiencing…it’s volunteer abuse. It happens also in poorly run churches and institutions. When those in power abuse their most ardent supporters it bodes ill for those who are part of the faceless milling mob.

    A child in a deeply dysfunctional family cannot be “good enough” to earn the parent’s respect. The same applies to terribly dysfunctional businesses.

    LL feels many of their “residents” show them disrespect. What is happening is those of us who refuse to enter into the dysfunctional co-dependency contract “appear” to be complaining because we see that the emperor has no clothes and won’t go along with the crowd and “ohh and ahh” at the charade parade.

    It’s too difficult to ignore the platform when in SL® because it’s too buggy and intrudes into the illusion. We’ve moved from playing “pretend” to pretending to play. All the fun has run out, and soon too will LL’s time to wake up.

  9. Jonathen Snow says:

    I hope I am not the only one who recognized that this whole speech was telling us, the residents, that we are just the frontier soldiers paving the path for the company. In expensive words this guy told us that we have to coop with whatever they put upon us, becuase we are not the target group. If we don’t like it then it is just bad luck for us. We are the frontiers and the next world in secondlife wil be the pragmatics. The only big difference is that we are the dieing race that PAYS the company for our own extinction. Nothing about making second life better for its current residents. Nothing about what we in general want. Voice adapter widely? How coincidental that I see it no where used. Oh my god I hope the these self proclamed winners wil have to cut back on the arrogance because others create a world where the real people are the ones who are allowed to live their lives.
    I hope Opensim helps us on that road faster then now.
    Of course this is all just my personal opinion purely based on listening to what was said, how it was said and what not was said.
    “We are taking no questions” as the last sentence. Need I say more 🙂 The soap goes on.

  10. Ric Mollor says:

    Wow! The production standards of this video falls beneath the already low example set in the video of the opening speech by Philip and Mark.

    Horrible audio, obviously completely unplanned camera angles and painfully noticable *low* single digit framerates.

    And the best? When Robin speaks through Mitch’s avatar rather than having one of her own on the stage!

    Whoever approved release of this as the offical keynote video should be looking for another job tomorrow. There is simply NO excuse for something this unprofessional.

  11. itiscatcott says:

    @1 Taff; Wow, I admire your drive and determination to get the job done; BUT Linden Lab; NOT AT ALL. That isn’t just bad planning on their part that is just pathetic.

    Personally I would of logged off and gotten some sleep, it’s time they woke up to the cold reality of their non actions.

    This is a perfect reminder that Linden Lab is NOT SL; it is the residents that create the substance of their platform.

    *Files this under “Good God they are incompetent”

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  13. Balpien Hammerer says:

    I tried all versions of this recording offered on this page and they are all overmodulated. Is there a clean recording anywhere?

  14. Felix Oxide says:

    Why is it when i hear “…to improve ease of learning and ease of use so all can enjoy it…” do i suddenly see ‘Ages 10 and up’ suddenly plastered on the website in the future?

  15. Inferno Nightfire says:

    I want to see SL get better, who doesn’t?? BUT I don’t want to be losing inventory when they make changes to the library and then have the ticket “CLOSED” after being told to clear cache.

    First of all I want SL to have a database system that is STABLE. I want to see support tickets closed only after a “SOLUTION” is provided. The definition of “SOLUTION” being something that actually solves the problem! If the problem cannot be resolved then I want to see “UNRESOLVED”.

    I really would love to see LL show some info on their support statistics after a month of using a system that had “UNRESOLVED” as the only way to close tickets where the customer/resident was not given a solution that worked.

    I would like to see statistics on inventory loss. How many lost things during the last month?? Perhaps if those statistics were made public we would see a move to a more robust, stable inventory database or at the very least a way to “roll back” a residents inventory to perhaps six, twelve, 18 or 24 hours before? Sim rollbacks happen, why not individual inventory rollbacks when the amount is significant.

    New viewer, prettier skies, nicer water are all nice but we NEED stability. And while corporations are the LL target market, they certainly would not be impressed with the “UNRESOLVED” support tickets. They would not be impressed with “Inventory Loss” and they certainly would not be impressed with thier support ticket being closed after they had followed every single one of the “clear cache etc etc.” to the point of uninstalling and reinstalling WITHOUT the support person ASKING if they did it!

    Linden Labs, SL is a great place, but it is starting to feel like we are living in a very active volcano area and getting constant earth shakes.

    If the average small customer/resident says they “love SL despite the problems” how do you think the corporate clients will be? I rather doubt it will be a case of “We love SL because of the friends we made here, the toys we bought and the great virtual whatever!”

  16. itiscatcotton says:

    The future of SL is all voice and movement by camera? I guess the future of SL does not include the handicap population that are hearing impaired or unable to “jump” those that already use SL. Does LL not understand that a lot of ppl who are handicap feel free in SL? Realistic RL based Avatars, And your going to reward ppl “elevating the human condition” Rewarding ppl to not to include those who are not your idea of perfect. That’s just !@#$

    Government = Corruption.

  17. Leal Choche says:

    Pioneers – aye it seems that way…well if anything this closing address should be kept as a milestone on the road to Second Life. Certainly sets the bar pretty low. Let’s see, camera, sound, slide modulation…not a criticism, just an observation…perhaps something as supposedly important as the closing speech could be rehearsed ahead of time? Well, if it was, then perhaps needed a longer rehearsal. I guess what is most disheartening is to think that as a closing speech, all the good energies of LL would have been behind this presentation to be sure it was well done…but then…perhaps it is inevitable that this is just an indicator of where SL at 5 yr…..I would proffer by this performance it’s not ready for prime time…not yet…or as they sometimes say…don’t give up your day job yet. I bet next year’s closing is a lot better. Has to be! Did enjoy the story of the concert – and that seemed to be a revelation without facial expressions. *Hope next time the cake is a bit less sweet.

  18. MarkByron Falta says:

    I think Mitch is well behind the bell curve as most of us are not first adapters; we are the utmost in pragmatic as it pertains to practical considerations. As Mitch pursues his fantasy of transforming SL into a photo realistic virtual VTC for businesses & academia, adding body movement & facial recognition software components, reducing the carbon footprint, and all around improving the human condition using SL, the pragmatic customer base is left footing the bill. Hate to burst the bubble here, but if you’re expecting the Fortune 500’s to play in SL, the presentation of the keynote as technically delivered by the SL platform was embarrassingly underwhelming to say the least, and you better start focusing on the practicalities of delivering a functional platform and achieving a state of stability that individual customers expect and that businesses will demand. Even if gas hits $20 a gallon and the CEO gets his ugly photoshop 3d mug on a fat cat avatar, the corporate suits aren’t going to have the time or patience to play around with squirrely software or listen to lame excuses. To top off it off, when Mitch finally gave us the exciting announcement of an annual prize, my head hit the keyboard.

  19. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Well Mitch has to pawn off the camra he invented to someone heh
    I’ll keep the keyboard though 😉

  20. Nymph Goodliffe says:

    Here’s a idea how long do you think LL would survive if all non corporate residents just upped and deleted their accounts payed what remained went back to what we were doing before SL how long do you think LL would survive having to deal with just corporate customers? Since every thing I’ve seen so far has been because of a single person venturing into SL LL wouldn’t last long. Because corporate follows the people. Even if we all went into World of Warcraft Leaving LL and SL to deal with Corporate eventually Corporate would see how bad LL actually is with SL. Hmm kinda funny. They would eventually leave SL Leaving SL nothing more than open world that LL would then have to sell. So in fact since we are here corporate and government has moved in so LL you might want to be listening to your customers because I know Corporate likes to know what is going on and we can tell the truth about SL no matter how good the eye candy is. Sometimes your customer base is what keeps Corporate in world.

  21. Look, I’m sure they weren’t impressed by the turnout of this video, either but they had to churn this out ASAP. Torley usually makes great videos and does not usually show gray people in his tutorials. This being a live event, not everything would be perfect. But then again, I’ve seen SL fashion shows run better.

    LL needs to realize next time that in order to have a successful live event is to get everything ready early. AS IN EARLY. Things need to rezz, so they should allow residents to come early so that their internet connections can rezz the items in the sim and by the time the event is ready to start everything would look great and rezzed.

    They should also remember that Murphy’s Law happens all the time in SL. An event like this shouldn’t be setup the last minute, and if there were changes, there ought to be communication circulating to those concerned. I feel for those who volunteered who felt slighted by LL, and I really hope that their effort would be recognized slightly better than a pat on the back.

    Given that feedback, I thought that Mitch gave a good speech on how SL turned out. If most of the people who post here are not on the same page as he is, I am. Second Life has turned out to be more than what everyone has expected it to be, and I do agree that SL has the potential to replace the internet we know now, and will continue to evolve. That’s what people like Mitch and Philip like to do. EVOLVE. They are idealistic people and they like to do these things, but there are also some things that they fall rather short on. So they thought of hiring M Linden.

    Given that, with SL’s position comes great responsibility to improve their PR and communications. When Michael Kingdon came and took the job as CEO, it was a step in the right direction. Hiring a CEO with a grasp in marketing and according to the merits of his previous work, has the capacity to listen and improve on LL’s current lapse in important areas. I really look forward on how his term would change LL, and since LL chose to go to this direction now (it ought to be earlier), things would be harder to implement, and things will probably take longer.

    That also said, how many of us will be patient? I for one am patient enough to see this technology evolve and be embraced by the common people, physically able or not, for all of us to be equal. SL has the incredible potential to unite MINDS, HEARTS, and SPIRITS together, without the barrier of physical appearances or ability.

    I hope not all of us would be too bitter or too cynical to see this happen in SL. I also look forward to LL becoming better and better.

  22. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Or maybe in order to have a success live talk.. they dont undermine the customer base lol
    I bet the people there were just linden alts lol

  23. shibaritwine says:

    For something that represents the companies bold vision, is a keynote that was touted by the failure of a communications manager (Katt the lying Linden) this is amazingly shoddy work and not just the camera work, the actual content too.

    We are BEING disenfranchised from our created world by it’s disneyfication.

    There is zero excuse on this one Isadora. Two people recording, backup.

  24. shibaritwine says:

    Actually I am wondering is Iasadora is Katt’s alt, she always seems to be in step

  25. isitcatcotton says:

    This speech was made by an early investor in SL. He obviously doesn’t agree with Philip Linden’s early vision of SL. Someday 3d worlds may just be the next web; however it will not be Linden Lab creating them; they lack the ability to hear what the average consumer desires. We like our purple dragons, our foxes, rabbits, bears, old ladies, trailer trash, techno, neko, farm, house on the beach… Don’t tell me we all belong and that this is our world then give a speech on how you want anything but what we have created. Without us; you don’t exist Linden Lab.

    Again I ask; “When you have alienated everyone because you tried to make us all into your mold of what SL should be; Who the hell are you going to sell your corporate products to.”

    The one thing I adore about SL is the creativity of the individual. I am liking Linden Lab less and less. This speech was just another nail in the coffin of the Lab. Anyone who thinks LL is on the cutting edge is delusional at best; I believe however that the 3d web will happen at some point but it will take a company like Sony, IBM, or Acme Mega Media Corp to make it happen. Someone willing to put in the time and effort to avoid lag, bugs, and consistent inconsistency.

    This company can’t even get two employee’s to agree on policy.

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  27. TrixsterMister says:

    I think many of you are missing the point. The advent of the pragmatic age in SL does not mean the dissolution of the individual. The transformation of the Internet and how it has matured is evidence of it. Yes, corporations came to the web – but it is still a bastion of creative, individual expression and desires.

    While the brand of Second Life, created by Linden Lab, might become a playground for a more mainstream audience but, like the web, there will always be a place for the seedy underbelly of humanity. You cannot expect, assume, or enforce good behavior and I believe Mitch simply wanted to remind us all to be the best we can be as human beings. I do not think this is doublespeak for “cleaning up SL” – with open source, this will be an impossibility….just like it is impossible to clean up the web.

    Like most of you, I wish they would focus on stability. I don’t understand why I keep downloading the same assets in places that I’ve visited a hundred times. Why do I have a cache if everything always seems to be downloading anew? There needs to be a better way for the client to detect whether or not assets have been updated and adjust accordingly. It should work like a typical online game. Assets are loaded automatically from the hard drive for places that I frequently visit. This is my biggest complaint with SL. Too slow! Take care of this and database stability issues is what I would rather see LL focus on. Voice is great, love the all the new ideas but you all need to focus on stability.

  28. James Benedek says:

    Thanks for this torley, i missed half of the discussion because had to go ban griefers on sl5b, then the region became full 😦

    THANKS! 🙂

    keep up the good work torley!
    And linden labs!

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  30. Very Keynes says:

    Any chance of posting just the video clips that Mitch showed inworld?
    I have the mp3 file and don’t want to download 300MB just to see two short clips. Thanks


    I had to composite this video from several “takes” due to crashing from the dreaded SmartHeap crashes. UGH, I hate those. So yeah, whenever I logged back in, gray avatars. 😦 But thankfully, I had backup AND CeeLo Linden had a much clearer, direct audio recording which I’ve uploaded new versions of — check out the downloadables and see how they compare.

    I really wish inworld voice had a non-intensive-yet-effective soft limiter so we didn’t have to worry about clipping distortion.

    @Very: Yes, your wish is my command. Check out the updated post.

    Text transcript UP too.

    And thanxies for the thoughtful comments!

  32. Very Keynes says:

    Thanks Torley 🙂

  33. Linda Brynner says:

    Very interesting Keynote.

    Mostly the quest of SL’s future is one of my thoughts.
    Rationally, I do question why the complexity of an unefficient virtual world should be needed to facilitate interaction and sharing on a global scale. I mean, a video conference does the same, or a very good camera and Skype. Sharing work can be done very easy these days too thanks to Google Docs.
    I do see however SL being an escape for disabled people, or experimentations, simulations, business networking, or for anyone who wants to escape RL, or want to play in a parallel world where they can be who they want.
    In respect of the latter I can’t see the need to make an avie look like the person in RL. That would probably ruin the imagination.
    In the sequence of the latter, having voice in SL without seeing another pesion is the worst ever form of communication.
    Both voice and typing lack non verbal expresion. The latter is 90% of our communication.

    Most worrying are the stats.
    In 2007 40000 residents online at the same time, growing to 60000 at the end of dec. The system couldn’t handle that load.
    Then it plunched to 50 – 55K and now we are back at 65K.
    Half a year later, the system still can’t handle 65K.
    The scalability still isn’t solved despite all efforts it seems.
    The development of Newbies is still slowing down.
    Premium memberships have decreased.
    Active residents ist’n growing, it’s stationary over al long time line already. The stats don’t say anything about how many Alt accounts are registered. Surely 1 Mill people are not active.
    Land is spewed out and halted exactly at the wrong moments in the year because of late reaction and poor outlook control.
    Prices of Islands all of the sudden goes 40% down.

    SL is a fun thing and addictieve, it really is, but I really do question if all the effort will bring what the Key note has suggested.

  34. Zaphod Kotibide says:

    With everything that must have been going on that morning, I’m not so concerned about the quality or “professionalism” of the audio or videography.. I was a bit annoyed by the distortion but whatever.. it was what Mitch was saying that I was mostly interested in, and at least it was recorded for those of us who were not able to be there.

    Thanks Torley for doing that, and for taking the rather harsh criticism in stride, even offering an improved version.

  35. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Mitch says, “It was gratifying in the extreme and now it is not really possible to imagine the experience without voice.”

    I still can’t imagine using voice on SL. The last time I tried to find my mike, I couldn’t, because I never used that part of the headset. When people use voice exclusively, I leave. When some are using voice and others are typing, the people using voice dominate the conversation, and the conversation slows down to “talking pace”. There’s a reason people had to invent things like “robert’s rules of order” to manage conversations with more than a few people present. Without voice you can easily have active collaborative discussions with a dozen or more people all contributing concurrently and nobody gets “shouted down”.

    Text simply provides more usable bandwidth than voice.

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  37. @Zaphos: You’re really welcome. I love that kind of criticism, because I’m painfully acute about making audio sound better.

  38. Felony Fabre says:

    Perhaps the secret is to grow the community of “pioneers.” A shared collective sense of creativity is being replaced by a feeling that the corporate types are herding us like cattle on a ‘frontier’ that belongs to them. You really want to talk evolution, then try building a new business model …

  39. Gary Kohime says:

    I’ve painfully read through all the responses. I am appalled at the type and focus of the negativity. Personally, I think Mitch’s speech was worth the listen and watching. Whether or not I agree with all the points, really doesn’t matter. BUT, for all of you that seem to dwell in negativity, you must have an unhappy life or something? Why not try and look more optimistically and provide feedback that really has value, rather then ranting about stuff that’s not important. You just might be listened to, more respectfully.

    For those that want virtual reality to be a success, I’m with you! From an evolutionary standpoint. You can’t actually say THIS is the way it will be. You can say, this is the way I would like it to be. The best way to do this is to stand (imaginatively) in this future. Then all you have to do is figure out how you got there.

    If you saw today’s announcement about IBM and SL, that’s HUGE, this will bust virtual reality wide open. This will escalate, many times over, how quickly this form of ‘being related’ will be adopted.

    I can’t help, after being in SL for a 1.5 yrs., to be in total awe of what ALL those before me have created. You have my utmost respect and honor.

    There are many cases in technology, or whichever social subject you might choose, where the early adopters have paved a road. This road will have the same basis/foundation and you can say, with your head up, that you were a part of something bigger than life itself. Virtual Reality, and to give SL credit in this case, is an experience unlike humanity has ever had. It’s also an experience that can not be replicated in any other ‘venue’. I hear all this talk about “voice”, no voice, chat typing), etc. The bottom line is communication, if you are being respectful in your conversations, no matter which method you use. YOU will be heard and appreciated in most cases. But, to say one is better than another, is really an opinion, and obviously we all have one. Don’t make yours so fanatical that you get stuck in some time warp, and the rest pass you by. That would be pretty lonely if you ask me.

    Do, I get frustrated at times with some of the problems, some of the decisions? Yes, but I certainly don’t think the ‘ranting’ is going to change it. I believe in ‘killing with kindness”. But, ya know, it really doesn’t matter what I do either. What matters is what WE do together. Divided we fall, United, we stand tall.

    Torely, thank you, Mitch thank you for being who you are. Phil?, keep the dream alive!

  40. Look forward SL6B..

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  42. Jack Mosel says:

    Great job… Great analogy from frontier times… I don’t fear going forward with pragmatic and necessary infrastructure changes. These changes will only give credo and acceptability to use SL in RL scenarios.

    I am greatly looking forward to teaching in SL soon.

    Jack Buxbaum (SL)

  43. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Just one comment in recognition of the gray non resolved avatars at the speech. This has become the latest of the performance issue and we obviously all suffer this. Item rez has become worse over the last 30 days. I counted 30 some odd avatars at the speech spread over at least to sim boundary’s. The game has improved since the last server patch but until something is done about poor resolve times the game will still give the impression of not ready for prime time thus creating a problem for the corporate world to take it seriously. The game has certainly improved in many ways since my first celebration in 05 lets hope future improvements include many of the small irritating problems that plague the system. This is not directed as being critical but as a long time observer of the curve of creation.

  44. Alf Lednev says:

    I’m disappointed Torley, you have posted twice now (thankyou) but you have avoided addressing Post #1 Taff’s concerns.

    #1 “Last night, at the 11th hour, the whole setup for the speech was changed, LL wanted a new stage, there were videos and a powerpoint presentation, A few residents were told it had to be done, where were the people from LL, the ones that would have to be paid to do this, they went home, and left customers to do the work, unpaid.”

    Why should anyone volunteer? It’s obvious you are used and treated with contempt by Lindens. Goodwill needs reinforcement and recognition, a simple acknowledgement of Taff’s points would be a small positive step. A thankyou for all volunteers here would also show both respect and common courtsey.

  45. I think the tone set in the comment by Jonathen Snow above captures it. The talk does carry something of an ominous tone and plateauing graph about “you – the pioneers not necessarily liking what’s coming”. We are left to guess what that might be.

    That’s ok, but the reality is that while the “closed” virtual worlds with corporate content have already multiplied exponentially. Their users have not.

    Let’s acknowledge here that Second Life ™ has become the dominant VW platform on this basis -> resident created content that is protected by a digital rights management system.

    And in fact let’s bring the issue up to date -> “enterprise” adoption nowadays depends on consumer adoption to lead the way. You lead – they follow.

    The corporations are not afraid of SL because it is wild. They are afraid of it because they know they know that the end of their monopoly of your attention has come – and that from now on, they serve no purpose and have no plan.

    So, I’ll have to differ in opinion with the speech that the pioneers will have to adjust and be domesticated. As I stated in the Metaverse Manifesto, “Although the technologists have created the infrastructure for this market – the Reality-creators have given its vitality and meaning.”

    So without you – the protected creator – there would have not been this 5 year SL success story nor the interest by IBM or the many competitors here in the attention economy. To date, Linden Lab has been the only company even remotely interested in protecting your rights this way, and I trust that this basis for the raging success is sufficiently obvious.

  46. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Thanks for posting this. Interesting speech, and agreed about the tensions between the pioneers and those who come after.

  47. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    for an intelligent guy that speech was the most blinkered and worrying thing I’ve heard yet from the lab. Wild west …think you need to take a better look SL is evolving into an international community despite you not because of you if anything I’d say you were forcing it to stagnation through indifference. I agree with other posters LL lost the plot the people make this ..pioneers? thanks for the simplistic stereotyping

  48. Carl Blue says:

    Im a late comer to the Sl party (a few months in world)
    It feels like the partys winding down, the parents have come home and all the bad kids are being pushed out the back door.
    Would I become a premium member and put my Rl cash in to virtual land, I dont think so.
    This place has the feel of a bank thats in trouble with all the customers getting worried about their invesment.
    Wheres LL’s version of Jimmy Stewart to calm down the customers before they all leave?

  49. Curtis Dresler says:

    Don’t buy the concept. I don’t know how many of you have been on the RL side of a SL presentation. I have now been to two. Frankly, the process even with the audio from the audience in SL being suppressed reduced professional speakers into confused presenters. I think the organization I am associated with might do it on rare occasions again, but you don’t sacrifice the 150 or more in the live audience in a vain, stuttering attempt to talk to 10 avatars, half of which are confused.

    How many of you do presentations in RL on a regular basis? Talking to a camera while doing a presentation is bad enough – coordinating through an avatar in SL – sorry, I can’t see it. For one thing, both presentations required two additional staff at all times – one to monitor what was happening in SL to relay to the speakers (you can’t have the speakers staring at a PC) and one to provide tech support switching avs and all. Right, every organization wants a two RL staff to ten sort of attending SL avs. Will it improve soon? Look around on your next traipse through SL.

    And, no, just because the technology COULD replace the web does not means it will. It would require the ability to search and move across all corporate installed metaverse servers. When and if that ever happens, it still won’t be appreciably better than web casting and the web. Where are all these techs coming from to maintain this metaverse? Oh, yeah, I’m going to search on the metaverse for the 5% (if that ) content there just for the whizbang and then go to the real web to get 100% of what I need.

    Vision is nice, but vision can blind people to the real world. And it not only is blinding, but binding when you use that vision to sell to the big customers.

    Yes, there will be great sites beyond our imagination someday – when IBM plugs in their server into an open grid that may include SL. Or Sun. Or someone. But they will not be working through the SL customer service to do it, not then. They’ll want their techs one keyboard from the server, one second day or night from maintaining their world. And they most likely would prefer ubiquitous entry, from OSGrid to SL to whoever, so there is no one point of failure.

    Mitch is hoping, but he better have better cards to play later in the game. His vision won’t be in control. Oh the positive side, that world will have someone supporting our little pieces and small visions, killing dragons or stabbing your neighbors in a bit of friendly role play. Or whatever.

  50. Alyx Sands says:

    How quaint. So I am someone who’s got nothing better to do with her life and who’s a kind of eccentric loser….or did I get that wrong? I better go and throw my degree in the bin then I guess….and my job.

  51. Curtis Dresler says:

    A couple more thoughts. So I am IBM and I have produced a technical tour de force metaverse presentation/world. If all of the current metaverse attendees on all the grids were to muliply by a factor of ten, they would come close to what a popular You Tube video gets as an audience (for much cheaper). By 100 and you may approach how many hits the IBM primary web server gets daily.

    So IBM will have a bunch of ‘owned’ avatars that will let people log on and walk around the IBM site. And that’s all. IBM does not want its resources used by deadheads to wander the rest of the Metaverse free. I’m guessing you will see a lot of limited hybrid experiences – search the web for the company and/or product and then hit a portal to pick up a company pooch and wander their site. And only their site.

    It will also permit a lot of additional sites for us ‘pioneers’, since IBM will have little reason to keep us out.

    But that means that there will be more open grid opportunities for those that want a personal experience – with all the corporate stuff thrown in for free. I’m guessing that there will eventually be someone that says ‘on our grid, no sale signs, all medieval and we blow up anything looking past 1800’, catering to a small audience and grow it. Why not? All you need is a decent server, a really wideband connection and an interest in a particular world no longer or never available. $ 2,000 up front and $ 100 a month for your piece of the metaverse, shared with everyone.

    When Mitch’s vision comes to pass, if ever, the ‘pioneers’ may have moved on already.

    So this vision of a mature metaverse? I see it a dangerous basket to put all your eggs – the big bucks will go into the corporations’ own servers. The corporate money left will be like hosted sites on the web, with all the attendant service and support requirements and host-shopping. I’m guessing if they pursue this against all other targets, they will remember fondly when the low service wanderers were their prime customers and when the complaining wasn’t done by lawyers.

  52. Nany Kayo says:

    Ironic to me that Mitch Kapor points out he doesn’t like text, and that voice conveys information that text does not. That is true of course. But as any literate person can tell you, text also conveys information that voice does not and cannot convey. Mitch seems to be the kind of person you can’t get a word in edgewise with. People who don’t like to yield the microphone don’t like textual discussions. People who have difficulty speaking in full sentences, let alone full, coherent paragraphs, don’t like text, either. But there should be a place for literate written discussion and debate in Second Life, where people take time to think out what they are staying and wait their turn to say it. SL doesn’t need to get rid of text based communication. They need to make it usable.

  53. Nany Kayo says:

    Also like to comment, you aren’t exactly a customer if you don’t buy anything.

  54. sk8rat Snook says:

    Frak me, can someone in LL please get the basics right & keep the amateurs in their corner? like, undistorted audio, smooth camera pans, UI turned off, & slides in order?

  55. Welcome to Second Life!!!

  56. Baoky Chen says:

    nice article , thanks and i enjoy reading your blog.

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  59. Amy Faddoul says:

    Bleh. More drivel from the simpleminded. Lindenlag. What company in it’s right mind would put up with you for more then a week? You’re “Pioneers” are suckers willing to put up with you only for the sake of those who are not you. A big Corporate platform is not going to save you. Philip, in my most humble opinion had about as much business savy as a pork rind but he had one thing Mr Kapore does not. He knew us. He might not have understood us but he knew us. He was one of us. That said, fine. whatever. I’m not even an afterthought. I am just a cog in the machine that is growing into something else. Fine. I’m not going to spin for you this week Mr Kapore. And I’m going to advise my friends to get a little rusty as well. Hope we don’t hurt your bottom line.

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