SL5B Closing Keynote by Mitch Kapor: Monday 9am PST

July 3, 2008

Capping off SL5B, Linden Lab board member Mitch Kapor will deliver a keynote address about Second Life as a disruptive technology platform. In addition to SL as a creative, social space, he will discuss the emergence of SL for broader uses such as education, philanthropy, art, fashion, medical research, architecture and design, science, and entertainment. The speech will be held at the Main Stage

We know there is a lot of speculation about Mitch’s announcement…some of it is good tongue-in-cheek, some of it raising expectations.

To put to rest to some of that speculation—Mitch’s announcement will not be about strategic nor business issues regarding Linden Lab.

Mitch’s announcement will be about a new program that recognizes the achievements of Residents in making Second Life a disruptive technology platform.

We will have video and audio feeds that we will post prior to the event, and like the opening event, we will provide transcripts, audio and video archives for download.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the birthday events. All are listed on the SL5B wiki

July 7, 2008 SL5B regions will be closed between 7:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. PDT for maintenance prior to the Closing Keynote today.

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144 Responses to SL5B Closing Keynote by Mitch Kapor: Monday 9am PST

  1. Marianne McCann says:

    A new program of… lower tier fees? 😉

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  3. Mr. Little says:

    “… making Second Life a disruptive technology platform”

    Holy Tech Buzzwords Batman!

    WTH does that mean?

  4. Roman McCullough says:

    “disruptive technology platform. ”

    Please spare us these asinine buzzwords. Usually people who employ them are devoid of real insight. So write like regular people or just publically admit you have nothing to bring to the table to improve SL, okay?

  5. Bryon says:

    Disruptive or disrupted? lol

  6. Desmond Shang says:

    “Mitch’s announcement will be about a new program that recognizes the achievements of Residents in making Second Life a disruptive technology platform.”

    The Golden Griefer awards!

    Mitch, I always figured you had a bit of rebel in you…

    …I am understanding the meaning of the word ‘distruptive’ in context, right?

  7. Ryu Darragh says:

    Looking forward to it. Especially about the recognition of interesting places. I’ll be sending out my minions to study the ways of these interesting places. Soon, we will take over the WORLD! Mwuhahaha.. *coucgh*.. err, ‘scuse me.. 😛

  8. pulseburst flow says:

    “…a new program that recognizes the achievements of Residents..”

    Could this mean official recognition of the F.I.C.? ;-D

  9. nina says:

    well, that ‘great announcement’ was better than what i feared.

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  11. nina says:

    omg you must be kidding!

    In his 1997 best-selling book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” Christensen separates new technology into two categories: sustaining and disruptive. Sustaining technology relies on incremental improvements to an already established technology. Disruptive technology lacks refinement, often has performance problems because it is new, appeals to a limited audience, and may not yet have a proven practical application.”,,sid9_gci945822,00.html

  12. Alf Lednev says:

    Wikipedia has a good definiton of “disruptive technology”

    “A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation is a term describing a technological innovation, product, or service that uses a “disruptive” strategy, rather than a “revolutionary” or “sustaining” strategy, to overturn the existing dominant technologies or status quo products in a market. Disruptive innovations can be broadly classified into low-end and new-market disruptive innovations. A new-market disruptive innovation is often aimed at non-consumption, whereas a lower-end disruptive innovation is aimed at mainstream customers who were ignored by established companies. It has been systematically shown to the research community that most disruptive innovations are in a minority compared to revolutionary innovations which introduce an innovation of higher performance to the market. Examples of true disruptive innovations, ie. innovations that are lower in performance and lower cost, succeeding are rare. Occasionally, a disruptive technology comes to dominate an existing market by either filling a role in a new market that the older technology could not fill (as cheaper, lower capacity but smaller-sized flash memory is doing for personal data storage in the 2000s) or by successively moving up-market through performance improvements until finally displacing the market incumbents (as digital photography has begun to replace film photography).”

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  14. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Oh. My. God.

    You have got to be kidding me.

    “Disruptive technology?” We are supposed to not only know what that means (or we obviously aren’t cool), but LIKE what it supposedly means?

    And the “important announcement” is how you are going to yet again reward yet another a chosen few?

    I am simply giddy with underwhelm.

    You guys apparently have no idea – ZERO idea – what residents are concerned about and need. None. None at all. Total disconnect, apparently.

    I will wait to see if somehow this might yet be good news in some way, and I have just somehow misunderstood. Doesn’t sound like it, though.


  15. Darien Caldwell says:


    I think that definition sums up Second Life perfectly. And yet, Second Life is rather successful, and Linden Lab is profitable. Go figure. 🙂

  16. If Mitch is going to take us on the path of disruptive technology, we’re all going to be on a pretty bumpy road. Also, it is gambling. Disruptive technolgy only works when it is overwhelmingly greater than the existing technology. This path could lead to utter failure and the death of SL. This is top-down thinking, not what made SL sucessful, it’s residence, bottom up…

    I hope this is not what he’s thinking…he’s too smart a man for that.

  17. Alf Lednev says:

    Off topic, but Happy 232nd Birthday to the US.

  18. Butch says:

    Or, as said in pcmag:
    “The concept of disruptive technology goes to the top of my list as the biggest crock of the new millennium…
    The concept of disruptive technology is not the only daft idea floating around to be lapped up obediently by the business community. There are others. But the way these dingbat bromides go unchallenged makes you wonder whether anyone can think independently anymore.”

    I tend to think this will be a rather keynote, after it’s deciphered.

  19. Butch says:

    *oops, try “rather interesting keynote”

  20. Winter Ventura says:

    Everett.. Mitch.. and most of all Mark Kingdon. Take a look at all “the buzz”. This is the pulse of Second Life. Look at the comments all around the web. Your customers are MORE THAN HAPPY to tell you what they’re excited about, and which policy decisions will make them leave your platform.

    You are in the enviable position of having a VERY VOCAL customer base. You don’t have to guess what we want. You don’t have to guess what we won’t tolerate. We tell you, every day.

    Please.. Pay Attention.

    If you sat down with a pad of paper, and wrote down a list of the things we’ve excitedly discussed, and the things we’ve screamed and yelled about.. and wrote “do” and “don’t” over each set.. you’d see an amazing product before you.

    I’m sure your competitors are taking notes.. are you?

  21. Raymond Figtree says:

    You guys really need to hire a professional as your public voice. Once again, you don’t communicate in way that makes us put any faith in you. You say one thing and do another. You build up expectations only to deflate them. You come off as rank amateurs.

    None of the things he will talk about matter because the platform isn’t stable. There will be no emergence of SL until it can actually be used with any reliability.

    I’m embarrassed to be associated with Linden Lab as a paying customer.

  22. Luciftias says:

    “I’m embarrassed to be associated with Linden Lab as a paying customer.”

    Why? Because they debunked a rumor?


  23. Raul Crimson says:

    Aww, well, i’m sure this program will be great, but i was hopping the announcement of a new hair for Philip. 😉

  24. Raymond Figtree says:

    @ #24: They started the rumors themselves by saying “There will be a big announcement”. Please is right, as in please don’t cause a month of speculation when you ain’t holding any cards.

  25. fd spark says:

    “Mitch’s announcement will be about a new program that recognizes the achievements of Residents in making Second Life a disruptive technology platform”
    Huh? That sentence doesn’t look right. Why is achievements of the Residents in make Second life disruptive technology platform?

  26. Luciftias says:

    @ #24: They started the rumors themselves by saying “There will be a big announcement”. Please is right, as in please don’t cause a month of speculation when you ain’t holding any cards.

    Nonsense. It was the clown show that is the Second Life bitchosphere that took standard boilerplate corporate speak like that and turned it into the 9 headed monstrosity it became. I suppose LL could have deflated the crazy rumor earlier, but that would have deprived me of hours of enjoyment from watching people screw themselves up into a tizzy with their various and sundry fantasy SL outcomes.

  27. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    “Disruptive Technology”?

    I guess its official. LL®™ is run by a bunch of jargon spouting imbeciles. I really didn’t think you guys could make yourselves look any worse but once again I am proven wrong. At least we now know why noting is getting done to fix SL®™, all of LL®™’s employees are in Rah-Rah meetings spouting nonesense jargon like it really means something.

  28. brenda connolly says:

    WTF IS disruptive technology???? I don’t even know what that means. Can’t you people ever say something in plain, non silicon based English? Speaking as a plain old recreational, non compute r oriented user, I have no faith that SL will EVER be wildly embraced by the average person, You guys just don’t get it. Come out of the basement once in awhile, and listen to your customers.

  29. Malachi Petunia says:

    If you can’t dazzle ’em with technology, baffle ’em with disruption.

  30. Talarus Luan says:

    I predict lots of “disruptive technology” being employed during the speech.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like a person’s intelligence and common sense quotient is inversely proportional to his wealth?

    Either that, or that money must buy some DAMN GOOD drugs. :-/

  31. Macphisto Angelus says:

    The big announcement is something that should be more of a minor blog post.

    Explanation of the buzz words would have been cool too. So far the ideal of what it means does not look well for LL.

  32. Yamanot Magic says:

    It’s not the businesses nor the educators of universities creating things on SL, it’s the plain ordinary residents? see all those shops full of amazing things? again, all resident made.
    why turn SL into a business platform and totally ignore your LOYAL user base?
    Ok so all these businesses can come to SL but if all the residents have left, what will they use?
    I’d like to see any sort of “professional” come up with things half as good as some of the most skilled content creators on SL.
    If anyone at LL has any form of brain floating around then they will realise that SL should be ran as an MMO and not a technobabble jargon busting business platform.
    remember, keep ignoring your LOYAL users and they will leave, leaving you with nothing to show off to people on what makes SL so great.

  33. richard says:

    ok can you use that in a sentance please?(disruptive)

  34. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    these buzzwords were business in the 90’s trying to make the mundane and basically naff ideas sound cool and dynamic its to say the least “dated” I agree I’m far more impressed with basic english. Nothing strategic or business ……..then why bother?

  35. Tepic Harlequin says:

    Interesting post… when I first read it, my thought was “Disruptive Technology? Is that a good thing?”, as I had always understood the word disruptive to be a negative and not very productive thing. Thankfully, due to the efforts of my very helpful fellow residents, definitions arrived, and the world became clear….. except….. the definitions seemed to centre around a technology that replaces an established one. Ummm….. isn’t reaching your fifthed birthday in computer software terms indicating that you are the established technology?

    Ah well, as a user base, I guess we residents are disruptive enough anyhow, so maybe WE are the disruptive technology? hehhe

    Anyway, whatever, I have had great fun over the past month being involved in making stuff and meeting people, all down to the Celebrations, and have really enjoyed looking round all the sims doing celebrations (both official and unofficial!). So congratulations all the people who worked hard, yelled and kicked when needed, and just got on with stuff when that was needed!

  36. richard says:

    i was hoping they were going to let casino’s back in second life

  37. It seems like the only thing anyone talks about is potential. Even though we are 5 years in. No one does anything. There is no creativity or innovation, no stimulus, no addressing of issues affecting the residents. What has happened here? Why are you wasting EVERYONE’S time with this including any POTENTIAL clients or residents by hosting a series of events and announcements that do absolutely nothing but repeat what is on the main page of the web site anyway? The main page states very clearly that SL is a new and interesting world with amazing possibilities because you can create and collaborate..a click or two and you get more detailed information right from the main page even before you register an account? This is OLD NEWS. 5 years in and we are holding events on SL5B to teach people how to make and use a Group? We are simply telling residents that their ideas are exciting instead of helping them to realize and protect those ideas so that we might benefit and expound upon them further? There is nothing innovative, nothing positive, nothing forthright about patronizing residents just to keep them hanging in there.

    There have always been a lot of Willy Wonka quotes associated with SL to indicate the sense of wonder and imagination we all share and aspire to.. Perhaps a closing quote from Grandpa Joe is appropriate here.

    You’re a crook! You’re a cheat and a swindler! That’s what you are! How can you do a thing like this, build up a little boy’s hopes and then smash all his dreams to pieces?! You’re an inhuman monster!

    It is a painful thing to say because I love Second Life immensely and I have worked tirelessly teaching countless new residents how to find their way. How about recognizing the fact that there is an ENTIRE community here instead of telling us that some animals are apparently more equal than others?

  38. Walker Moore says:

    Let me get this right. You are suggesting SL was developed as a mediocre, under-performing platform *deliberately*, in order to outlive and overtake far superior software?

    Delude yourselves, much?

    The millions didn’t adopt because of the low system requirements. They came because of the no payment info requirements on 6/6/06.

    You continue to exist simply because no other virtual world platform allows users to create such complex content, and sell it. You have a monopoly… for now.

    Good luck turning your economic statistics around. Some of us had at least hoped the big announcement would be about stimulating premium account and island sales back into the black…, and giving us, the users, more of an incentive to invest and hang around.

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  40. Ann Otoole says:

    Sl will be disruptive when it supports 1 million active users that does not include parcel traffic fraud falsification sleekbots.

  41. Resolved (TM) says:

    The announcement itself is a bit *disruptive* in any case, and as well is a bunch of contradictions.

    — (quote) “Mitch’s announcement will not be about strategic nor business issues regarding Linden Lab”.

    — (quote) “he will discuss the emergence of SL for broader uses such as education, philanthropy, (…), medical research, architecture and design, science, (…).”

    That is typically a strategic plan in my view, which should impact deeply LL business for the short-to-mid term, even though all the pompeous wording is very vague.

    Now, I frankly do not believe SL can become a true *professional* platform as it is designed right now (can you imagine the Launcet producing something of value here, or the MIT, or the ESA and so many others ???). Why would they do so ? they already have mutliple channels of information and communication. What benefit and added-value would they draw from SL ?

    Or does it mean the strategy of LL is to focus exclusively on the *Second Life Grid* ( ), and remodel the entire system so that it allows a value-chain for enterprises, institutions and NGOs ?

    If that is the case, I bet you close your shop within the next coming months, guys, coz you won’t be playing any longer in the small-business area performed by residents here ; your hosted big customers will be far more demanding than we are, and above all… you will enter a domain where competition is already there.

    So please, come back on solid ground, forget megalomaniac fantasies, keep the good job for improving reliability, *disruptive* technology or not, and we’ll all be happy.

  42. A non-disruptive resident says:

    Don’t be surprised to hear shouts of BINGO! during this address

    Perhaps you should encourage all LL staff to play during meetings and then we could understand more of your blog posts.

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  44. Alyx Sands says:

    And there I thought it was a typo….thank you, no buzzword disruptive anything for me please. And I LIKE computers ‘n stuff.

    And I love Buzzword Bingo, too-even IBM uses it in their ads now….

  45. Mitch Thespian says:

    Can you be a bit more descriptive? heh

  46. memory says:

    Hahahhahhaha 🙂 I guess they mean SL is disruptive to RL ? well all is good then. Lets meet at the disruptive platform !! hahhahha

  47. linda brynner says:

    “In addition to SL as a creative, social space, he will discuss the emergence of SL for broader uses such as education, philanthropy, art, fashion, medical research, architecture and design, science, and entertainment”.

    Ehmmm you mean, the parties that bring significant cashflow into SL lol, and hardly cash out of high significant means.

    To make a real (commercial) living from SL is also a challenge, but that would mean spending enormous amounts of hours in SL for very low margins where spending the same time in RL produces more profit actually. Of course there are some exceptions in SL, but many have decided to leave. I’ve tried it too for 1,5 years. My margins where super, but LL has disrupted the economy severly.
    I have paused investments. Why? Because, SL crashes their inworld economy hard either systematically or they are being ignorant.
    It more and more comes out like a pyramide economy with LL on top of course. It’s better to spend commercial time in RL, really !

  48. linda brynner says:

    It’s better to spend all time in RL really.

  49. tinypwince says:

    I am amazed about the inability or unwillingness to even search for the term “disruptive technology” on the net and/or to be able to read and/or understand.

    @40 Maybe this helps you understand =>”Disruptive innovations can be broadly classified into low-end and new-market disruptive innovations. A new-market disruptive innovation is often aimed at non-consumption, whereas a lower-end disruptive innovation is aimed at mainstream customers who were ignored by established companies”.
    Read and try to comprehend.

    @ LL®™ By now you guys should have realized that even trying to announce anything when not using bred & (peanut)butter phraseage is doomed from the start. Maybe using 5 word sentences employing words not bigger than 5 letters would help those stirrers 😉

  50. River Ely says:

    great buzzwords. Ah, distractingly obvious.

  51. Ric Mollor says:

    Disruptive technology platform? He can’t possibly be serious. There is nothing about Second Life that isn’t evolutionary.

    Multiuser 3D spaces? Mazewar in 1973.

    Avatar based world and chat? Habitat, on the Commodore 64 in 1985.

    User generated content? MUDs, which matured in the late 80s.

    3D spaces over the internet? VRML demoed in 1994 and was standardized in 1995.

    3D multiuser chat with user generated content? Active Worlds in 1995 on Windows 3.1

    Additionally, there have been a long line of multiplayer 3D games that have been extensively modified by players and often revised into something completly different the the original. Doom, Quake, Unreal, Duke Nukem, and many many, more starting from the early 90s.

    On top off all this the *concept* of an synthetic, computer generated, 3D world has been explored in Science Fiction literature many times since the dawn of the genre.

    So where is the disruptive technology of SL? Disruptive defines something new that produces huge changes. Likes peer-to-peer file sharing that changed the music business forever.

    The widespread adoptance of the internet changed publishing and has severly impacted the print media.

    But SL? With perhaps 340,000 frequent users? And a much smaller group that could be considered serious contributors? And declining interest from the general press and public?

    Either he is disconnected from reality or pimping SL to investors.

    Second Life is dying.

  52. Anna Gulaev says:

    I for one welcome our new FIC 3.0 overlords 😀

  53. Anna Gulaev says:

    Those of you who fancy yourself “businesspeople” need to occasionally act like the term fits. Expecting every communication to be easily understood by the low-barrier-to-entry crowd is unreasonable. “Disruptive technology” isn’t exactly an obscure term in LL’s line of business, and in 2008 isn’t exactly difficult to look up.

  54. Anna Gulaev says:

    That said, calling SL “disruptive technology” is premature.

  55. richard says:

    disruptive,contradictions,megalomaniac where did all these big words come from? oh and dont forget bingo!

  56. Maggie Mcardle says:

    disruptive:”characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination; “effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive”; “riotous times”; “these troubled areas”; “the tumultuous years of his administration”; “a turbulent and unruly childhood”

    is that like ….resolved? o.o

  57. hannes Breda says:

    Irony seems to be the main weapon of the commenters. This being my first comment, i chose a more serious approach, if you allow me. I agree with Mitch Kapor and Everett Linden in their assessment that SL is becoming a venue for very challenging new uses and want to add research into the effects of SL on our everyday life. I am more interested in the future users of SL: the 140 million who are now using facebook and My Space. Find out now, what this will mean for their life. That is how i see the term disruptive. Face the challenge of new technology now, because of the future users still to come.

  58. Larkum Woodget says:

    OOh I’m part of a big disruptive machine! 🙂 This gets my naughty juices flowing!!! Now where did I put that mildly delinquent crypto-griefer alt? XD

  59. richard says:

    holy crap insubordination,the words just keep getting bigger !

  60. Raymond Figtree says:

    Medical research? Is that to show doctors what approach to take when a patient has a shoe up his ass?

  61. Maggie Mcardle says:


    while i cannot speak for those who, like me, do not like double speak, i can say that LL has a bad habit of using words that only mean somethign to them and those who speak it. i for one would appreciate just plain english.

    WE know SecondLife is innovative. thats why we continue to log in. to quote another poster: ” there is NO OTHER venue out there that allows the freedom to create the way SL does”

    many here thought that LL would be announcing something good for the grid. not for thier bottom line, or to benefit the “chosen few”

    if you sense irony in that, it’s on the part of LL, not us.

  62. Porky Gorky says:

    Have you people never heard of google. If there is a tem you dont understand then google it, Don’t post on here moaning about your own ignorance. For those that understand disruptive technology, this is quite an interesting announcment, For those who dont understand disruptive technology, go and read about it before taking the effort to moan!


  63. Kathy Morellet says:

    @64 I did google it and read several articles. Just another throw away buzz-word-of-the-day to make something sound important. I would much prefer people to toss the obfuscation and just say what they mean in clear language.

    As for this as the “big announcement”… *yawns*

  64. Kyllie Wylie says:

    if you read the OP again it dosnt say SL is Disruptive Technology, it says “the achievements of Residents in making Second Life a disruptive technology platform”

    Residents… not Linden Labs…so obviously they are blaming us for all the instability… they are saying “Hey we didnt disrupt the Game …its all your guys fault! (and yes im joking here, who knows what they Really ment)

  65. Liana says:

    It makes me LOL at the extent of bitching anyone does on the LL blogs.
    Guess what? If you don’t like it, DON’T PLAY THE GAME. It’s simple really. You press the X button at the top right, and then uninstall the program.
    They’re not forcing you to pay for it. They don’t, it’s an open source platform.
    Makes me lol especially at the amount of whining I see over the word ‘dispruptive’- if you’d really like to look it up, we have this awesome thing called google. you can look up stuff and it will give you a bunch of links to similar articles, and you can read up on it! Cool huh? Technology sure is dandy.

  66. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    @64 and others.
    I think you will find that most posters here knew the meaning of the buzz-word “Disruptive Technology”. Whay you are missing is that LL®™ deserves all the dirision they are receiving for their use of it. It is self aggrandizing tripe and is a sign that LL®™ is more intererested in appearance than in any actual substance. Use of terms like “Disruptive Technology” comes out of cheerleading meetings in companies that have lost their vision and are trying to reinvent themselves. They fall prey to the image makers that come in and make them feel as if they are acomplishing something yet all they are doing is patting themselves on the back while the building burns down around them.

  67. Ron Crimson says:

    “I would much prefer people to toss the obfuscation and just say what they mean in clear language.”

    Obfus-what? 😛 You were saying….? 😛 😛 😛

  68. Disruptive technology? I’ve always associated disruption with regard to technology as anyone trying to bring down a server. If they mean breakthrough instead of breaking, it would be nice of they just said that lol.

    Anyway I wish the so-called announcement was: “hey we only put towers up for a political campaign in the first place, so now the system will purge those little squares on mainland,” but I can dream can’t I?

    What else would I see as significant news? Linked prims allowing phantom and nonphantom to keep their attributes.

    LOWER TIER PRICES. I’m an artist with much to offer AND medical bills.

    It would be funny if they just announced the name of that continent to the north as though it were brand new, even though most of it’s been auctioned off and sold and is already crawling with slummy adfarms and homes with uglifying ban tapes around them.

  69. Cherry Czervik says:


    If you want to improve performance away from needing to use a buzz word, get rid of the dead weight on concurrency – code out the armies of bots that bog down regions, not just for their scripts but often for their avatar rendering cost (rather than putting that side onto your actual users).

    Are you acknowledging that people who have been long term have stuck with you thick and thin (and recently, at times, threadbare) over the last few years? That would be nice. I for one know I am but a face in an awfully big crowd but I’ve worked in my RL job to make my own little contribution (let’s say half Concierge, and at times indirectly more than Concierge) in financing what I always saw as an experiment in the evolution of how we will all relate in the future.

    This, I have to say, appears to be not much more than spin.

  70. Moll Dean says:

    /me awaits for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

    Btw. my friend also plays A high quality online 3D game. But SL viewer does not run on the same machine. Wondering how many new users we have lost since version 1.19. I am hoping for an announcement to revert it.

    hugs all

  71. Lap Liberty says:

    Knowledge…The ability to learn from our mistakes. ( Sl’s disruptive technologies) Wisdom…The ability to learn from others mistakes. ( New & Innovative platforms being founded on SL’s Knowledge.

  72. Ok, having digested the term’s definition over and over, and reading the post again, its seems that some posts here are out of whack and their understanding of the post is inaccurate. Read again, folks.

    For me, my hope that they are now coining SL as a disruptive technology means that they will be doing more to project their position as the replacement to 2D internet. My understanding that SL will be defined as THE technology to replace 2D internet, and this is based on analyzing the table in the wiki entry that lists examples of items considered to be “disruptive”, which are mostly the items we commonly use today.

    So does this mean they will be centering their tasks to the purpose of being able to replace the current internet with SL in the next years? Does that mean more efforts to stabilize the grid? Simplify the UI some more? Introduce more features akin to social networking sites?

    Looks like the speculation hasn’t quelled for me at least, and more questions remain, and I am yet excited and hopeful on one hand, nervous and wary on the next.

  73. Moll Dean says:

    #59 Hannes Breda says:

    “irony seems to be the main weapon of the commenters… i chose a more serious approach. if you allow me.”

  74. isadorafiddlesticks says:

    oh well, buzzwords don’t matter as long as LL ACTS like they are the buzzword they are aiming to BE.

  75. Resolved (TM) says:

    Back and 73 comments, most of them pinpointing, detailing, arguing endlessly blahblah-ing (with more or less intelligence) over the *disruptive* wording.

    That is not the important part of the OP. The very message is that LL is gonna change their strategy and business model despite the denial expressed by Everett Linden.

    So please before commenting read cautiously the OP.

    Or not — as you wish — and continue blahblah-ing over *disruptive*

  76. Resolved (TM) says:


  77. Incony says:

    I klnow, lets put some obscure definition into the prerelease… then no one will really be able to determine what is going to be released, prior to the release. The furore will obscure and generate indirect supposition.. what may be the truth will remain hidden..

    It will create interest and free advertising…

    good move, as long as the sun shines. i hope you have its timetable..

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  79. jacquelinetrudeau says:

    My SL experience too often disrupted with SL outages for me to get a good disruptive platform mojo going. Does that mean I’m out the running in resident achievement recognition?

  80. pantaiputih korobase says:

    could it be that we have some Xtra lag in world ATM?

  81. Lap Liberty says:

    ô¿ô As a average user addicted to sl

    ô¿ô Comming into SL was like finding that you can play an insturment with whatever you hear in your head…-)-(-

    ô¿ô Trouble is, I can no longer hear myself for the loud Corporate Insturments blaring.

  82. Chronic Skronski says:

    “… making Second Life a disruptive technology platform”

    Ooo! Will there also be a paradigm shift? Will there be synergy? LL does have the mindshare, after all. Make sure to matrix revolutionary methodologies while you’re at it, and also enhance extensible infomediaries. Envisioneer impactful action-items! Incentivize mission-critical web-readiness! Transform front-end convergence!

  83. les says:

    /satire (Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity. )

    Everett Linden : Mitch’s announcement will be about a new program that recognizes the achievements of Residents in making Second Life a disruptive technology platform.

    – good stuff Everett, we need more anointed ones! I vote for the copy-bot guy. Now there is a true disruptive technology in SL! Why pay when you can zig! He’s like, the napster guy for SL!

    Ric Mollor : There is nothing about Second Life that isn’t evolutionary.

    – now now…Philip invented the enterwebz. He’s a great visionary. In his spare time he invented havok, mono, c+, mySQL and wanking with the left hand.

    Ravanne Sullivan : LL®™ is more interested in appearance than in any actual substance. Use of terms like “Disruptive Technology” comes out of cheerleading meetings in companies that have lost their vision and are trying to reinvent themselves.

    -OMG! how can you say that? Read their mission statement again. At first I thought they were trite and pompous, until I re-read it a few times.

    On a final note I shout BINGO! @ Chronic Skronski. You sir, are the kind of outside the box, forward thinking, grass roots visionary we need here!

  84. Disappointed says:


    I was ready to kneel down to our new IBM overlords…

  85. Alyx Sands says:

    I’m a lingist. I can tell you that a stupid meaningless buzzword is still a stupid meaningless buzzword even if thousands of business people use it and you can google it. Quantity does not equal quality. And neologisms that semantically reinterpret “old words” with an established negative meaning are the worst.

  86. Masuyo Aabye says:

    SL will NEVER replace the 2D internet.
    Why over complicate things?
    Not everyone wants an avatar or to navigate some companies web space in 3D. not to mention that it’s far easier to navigate a website than it is an open 3D space.
    LL need to knock this one on the head, the 3D internet is not the next big thing.
    People are not interested in it.
    heck, if the internet did go 3D i’d get rid of my computer. it would make something as simple as logging on to play or amazon become tedious.

  87. Taff Nouvelle says:

    Isadora Fiddlesticks got there before me,
    I believe that is what LL(tm) means by disruptive, however, this is not something that will happen overnight and is not something that can be made to happen, it will be an evolutionary process.
    LL have the basis of a platform where the possibility exists for the 3D web to evolve, and it will, in time.
    As businesses find uses for a 3D presence on the web, so the 3D version will spread, but this will not happen while businesses are still thinking of the web as an extention of the old paper marketing tools they have always used.
    It will take innovative thinking and this is where residents can and will help, by showing what can be done in 3d.
    I believe that it will mean that SL(tm) as we know it will soon cease to exist, it will become a place where buiders are, as they are already, 3D web content designers. Clothes makers and texture artists will make the textures for the items, and the clothes as copies of real world items, that will be sold through the 3D web.
    By that time there will be not place for the people who live in SL, and there are a lot who call this place home, as r4eal as a RL home.
    Then we will need a new world to live in .

  88. Crunch Underwood says:



  89. Aww, you mean Blizzard’s not acquiring LL and turning SL into the next hit MMORPG, World of Furcraft? There goes my L$5 bet.

    Still, it’s always nice to hear from Mitch! And I’m interested to hear about this new program for recognizing particularly disruptive Residents. (Did I read that right?) 😉

  90. itscatcotton says:

    “To put to rest to some of that speculation—Mitch’s announcement will not be about strategic nor business issues regarding Linden Lab.

    Mitch’s announcement will be about a new program that recognizes the achievements of Residents in making Second Life a disruptive technology platform. ”

    Oh joy another speech about how you need us to do your job for you yet you have made it abundantly clear you no longer need your user base. Nice; well that and a whole load of bs.

    I was hoping they HAD sold out to the highest bidder; I long for stability.

  91. Vint Falken says:

    Well, all that speculation must have given Lindens a nice idea about what exactly we do want to hear! 😉

  92. Ron Crimson says:

    LOL @ Vint 🙂 Good one!

  93. I read a little deep and found some interesting ideas proposed by Mitch Kapor that I REALLY LIKED!

    He and his buddies are working on a mouse-less no-keyboard means of navigating SL.

    Now this would be a GREAT announcement!

    It works with a 3d camera that records the location of areas of your body.

    What interests me is that the user becomes physically active (read less fat) and will be able to build more intuitively.

    Could this be discribed as disruptive technology…I don’t think so, but from my pespective it would be a welcome feature.

  94. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    To sum up the various definitions, “disruptive technology” seams to mean “something that is crap but might be successful someday because it’s also cheap”. A few years ago, people simply called that “cheap crap”.

    Well, this is the age of buzzwords and politically correct neologisms. Today, ugly people merely have appearance deficits, stupid people have become minimally exceptional, and technologies seem to get the same treatment. If they aren’t revolutionary new or better than the competition or at least a reliable alternative, “disruptive” is the only polish that may let them shine a little.

  95. sp says:

    So apparently we had an announcement so major, of such import and such gravity that 12 hours later there is not so much as a single mention of it visible on the main SL site, the SL5B wiki, or the blog. Must have been less important than the KB article of the week or the rolling restart, then.

    I presume Professor Kapor stood at the virtual mic, blew on the windscreen to see if it was working, then said “Ops is addressing a disruption within the inventory server cluster,” at which point he turned and walked slowly back to his seat.

    At least they didn’t set expectations really, really high or anything.

  96. LeVey Palou says:

    LL’s favorite stars wars relationship was “HAN-JABBA”

    Apparently coz they are so good at it when they all get together.

    “A world created by it’s residents” -think they ever read that?

  97. dekka raymaker says:

    So what’s this BIG announcement then?

  98. Gryff Richard says:

    Read this …. the MBAs are running the asylum … sad 😦

    gryff 🙂

  99. River Ely says:

    For those of you who think SL is a game, consider this, Some users are paying the Lindens more than 40,000USD a year to own islands to rent to people like yourself, game players. Get real. SL management needs to communicate effectively to the income generators, so that you, the game player, has a world to come to. You don’t imagine for one second, that free accounts keeps SL alive???

  100. Jonathen Snow says:

    At 101 River Ely and seeing this vague “Disruptive” using within the announcement:
    I work for a RL company that pays Linden a little under 20.000 US$ PER MONTH and also I am shaking my head in despair each time they come up with some announcement. Also I am always worried when a server- or viewer-change is loaded into the live grid. Oh how I wish some good competitor will rise. The only “positive” thing I can say is that they do not discriminate. Customer service, we receive from Linden, is exactly the same as a 9 Dollar paying member. They even had the nerve to offer a higher level of service for a huge extra monthly payment. With this they basically said that they know their service is bad but if you pay extra you get a little more. Oh how I hope this company grows up to a real company. But I know how these things work: The company will only start listening to its customers, and taken actions & communicating as it suppose to go, when they start loosing their customers to the competition. The ever ongoing thing when a company has no real challenging competitors.
    A heavily frustrated professional SL user.

  101. Ewan Mureaux says:

    I read the post and thought “well thats a complete non-event, nice to respect our inteligence and make true there promise of a “big announcement””.

    Then I read the comments here and again the inability to maybe look up a wiktionary and find the phrase that flummoxed you. Maybe as a collective user base there is inteligence to respect?

    Either way yes primarily as a day to day “live-in” user I would like to have been thrown a bone like “heres mono and the 1.2 viewer gone live, and a free LL pen for premium users”. But yeah if you look back at the post…….

    “SL for broader uses such as education, philanthropy, art, fashion, medical research, architecture and design, science, and entertainment.”

    If you haven’t learned anything, done a bit to make someones life better, created something, worn something different, (granted this is a toughy but….) medicaly researched someone (I dunno caught an xcite! STI?) made or bought a building, designed something, watched something fall and bounce in-world (that’s physics folks) or been entertained, then I ask what the hell do you actually do in-world??? The announcement (if it covers the areas they said it will) covers everything that there is. You don’t get much more inclusive than that.

    That said, 2L shouldnt a made out like there was gonna be some big announcement.

    Feel free to ignore this and continue your negative pointless nonsense.

  102. Cherry Czervik says:

    @74 “For me, my hope that they are now coining SL as a disruptive technology means that they will be doing more to project their position as the replacement to 2D internet. My understanding that SL will be defined as THE technology to replace 2D internet, and this is based on analyzing the table in the wiki entry that lists examples of items considered to be “disruptive”, which are mostly the items we commonly use today.”

    This isn’t really news though, surely. Isn’t this what a lot of people expected of SL? It makes commercial and viable sense to head that route and to have made the Dazzle viewer compatible in appearance with the newest generation of Microsoft products. In the long run then – who cares if the basis of it and the people in it are having fun or not.

    It is, as I have always said, a business first and foremost. Therefore, logically speaking, “Your World, Your Imagination” is ever more appropriate and ever more ironic. I draw short of quoting other, famous, slogans written above which can only be seen as cynical.

    Ex Mentor – no one has ever asked why. I don’t expect to be asked on the personal interest in me ticket but then everything is now faceless and bland so I am not too surprised.

    To those individuals out there fighting the good fight (paricularly Torley) thank you.

  103. ofcourseitscatcotton says:

    @53 Ric Mollor You know Ric I was thinking along those same lines recently. Funny how the young ones think that SL has never been done before in any form. They also forget and the failure of that user created content world.

    I also agree with who ever said that if the web was 3d it would fail. Short term yes of course it would because ppl no longer wait more than a few seconds for a web page to load before simply going to another web site. Ppl will not wait 5 min much less put up with hours of excuses as to why they cannot view the content they desire.

    I have been in SL 5 years and the basic stability and reliability is just not there; nor has it improved any significant amount. In a lot of ways when the world was much smaller it ran better than it does today.

    I really was hoping for a real announcement but instead we received more lip service. Not good enough. One of my biggest complaints about LL was that they consistently put themselves above their target audience and instead of speaking to that audience; they spoke in their own private language which is often a meaningless corporate speak. The draw of SL is over for me; as SL never evolved past it’s original “pipe dream”.

    At this point these grand announcements are just an added insult to their loyal customer base. Mainly because there was no great announcement only more lip service.

    Failed to deliver again LL. Shame on you for not knowing your customers.

    Catherine Cotton

  104. Cherry Czervik says:

    @105 Well put.

    Also indicative, I think, is that this post has been up for days. In the past it was almost impossible to make a blog comment because of the sheer number of people wanting to get their point across and it filled so fast. These days the blog posts don’t fill. This should be listened to and understood.

    A .com is only as good as the hits it gets which turn into cash, after all.

  105. Rebecca Proudhon says:

    I can’t think of any online aplication that is as disruptive as SL. But let’s not use fancy words–lets just say Borken.

    The real disconnect is between the idea of SL and the reality of SL.

    Truth is the whole thing is built on sand and will need to be scraped and started over.

    “Disruptive Technology ” would be real holograms jumping out of my monitor.

    The sheer brilliance in how LL announced they would have a big announcement and now announcing they have no big announcment is entirely monumental–very forward thinking.

  106. Imagination GoneWild says:

    Imagine if everyone took up their content… for 3 days…
    miles and miles of nothing…
    now thats disruptive.

  107. TyrisFlare nielsen says:


  108. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Responses to these blogs now are noticeable by the absence of those long-term residents who used to believe constructive criticism would be effective. Since the new CEO came there have been no effective fixes to long standing issues and no plans announced as to how they will be corrected. Lets face it, they cant fix it without a major investment in new hardwre and software. And….have you seen the massive amount of Islands up for sale at prices as low as $500? Lots of people bailing out. Guess that still leaves new unsuspecting people who are going to join, go through months of hell and then leave too. It will just continue like this until a better alternative is available and then……POOF SL.

  109. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Oh….guess I forgot why I made my comments above…..bit like LL I lost my way. The point is, I dont want a CEO who talks techno BS to promote his career, I want a working service in return for my money. 5 years is long enough to make this non-leading edge technology. How about re-investing some money Mitch instead of telling us stuff we do not want to hear? You are so noticeble by your absence in responding to your paying customers. Typical bad CEO.

  110. Ron Crimson says:

    108: omg, don’t give them any ideas. We might have a totally lag-free grid and 200,000 online users. 😀

  111. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    This is pretty funny.

    Hey, ask them what the definition of [Resolved] is too!

  112. Ron Crimson says:

    Easy 🙂

    Resolved = “re” (again, repeatedly) + “solved” (completed, concluded, fixed)

    Therefore: “resolved” = “we fixed it AGAIN (but it’ll break again, too)”


  113. Rana Harrop says:

    So..ummmm..we should be disruptive at this keynote to demonstrate the possibilities of the technology of SL®™

  114. Rex Cronon says:

    I would like to nominate the following, for playing an important role in making SL an “disruptive technology platform”:
    -the maker of the copybot(#85 beat me to this:))(i heard that 2.0 exists)
    -the maker of the first bot client
    -the creator of the “LOL cube”
    -the creator of the “banana phone”
    -the creator of the “eye-stalk”(and its child the the flexi “ahhh” thing)
    -the creator of the “pathogen”
    -the creator of the “crosby” particle spammer
    -the creator of the “deform” animations
    -and many others(add your own list of favorites)

  115. Anonymous says:

    I@ 116 I’d like to nominate the creator of Grey Goo 😀

  116. Larkum Woodget says:

    Well you know… guys… there is that big invisible elephant in the room. The recession that no one mentions… Assholes driving SUVs…guzzling the future of everything. It’s not surprising at all that SL has been a little slow to start.

    Most people are too tired from work and worry to sit down and learn it.

  117. itiscatcotton says:

    @118 I drive an SUV and I am from the US. 80% of LL customer base is not from the US. Guess that shoots your theory straight to hell.

  118. mcp Moriarty says:

    Out of curiosity I visited the official IBM sim. Boy was I impressed at the number of people there… a whopping 1, just me! I’m sorry but CEO stuff, keynotes and how SL is a technology, I just don’t see it. If I want to buy a car or a stereo or TV I visit a proper web page, with proper content, text and images, PDF brochures, a real on-line store. Not some cheesy 3d mock up that ultimately points me to a web site in the end, because SL can’t replace the web. I just don’t see the business angle, it’s a game and the business angle regarding big business is lame. I can see it being used for meetings, that’s about it, quite frankly. And even that’s pushing it, if you consider the learning curve and how bad some people are with computers in general. lol

    Selling t-shirts and in-world object, that’s a different market all together.

    I’ve tried to get several of my on-line friends (from ICQ, Yahoo etc.) to try SL with little if any luck. Firstly, they never heard of it, then they look at the site and some refuse to even bother. The ones that did try it didn’t stay. They got bored with it, the sluggishness and bugs, etc.

    That’s my take on SL after over a year. I’m to the point where I go weeks on end without using it. It’s become like ICQ, but with cuter avatars. 🙂

  119. Meg says:

    @ 120.
    Argh it’s wacking you straight in the face and you don’t see it? lol
    Second Life IS the business. And it has to be, or there’d be no Second Life, it costs so much to run, Linden Lab is a business too.

  120. Joshe Darkstone says:

    wow, for once im on the other side of this, SL is indeed a disruptive technology, the first ever to merge many preexisting technologies into a single cohesive, massively multiuser environment, not for the purpose of a game, but for the purpose of actually re-inventing life itself, not only is it disruptive, in the sense that it cuts across the surface of many existing platforms used for everything from chat to gaming and could, as it matures, “disrupt” everything from real life to the web.

    It may be a buzzword, and certainly the use of it here orignated in a meeting somewhere and has a program designed around it to showcase and validate the definition, but that doesnt make it not true.

    Geez, folks, a bit quick with the vinegar – relax, let the announcement drive your reactions to the announcement, not the anouncement of the pending announcement 😛

  121. I believe that SL is NOT a disruptive technology platform. I think someone got the buzz word wrong. It is a DISTRIBUTED technology platform. And this is news?

  122. mcp Moriarty says:

    I get it. The in-world sales etc. makes profit etc. Basically people are renting server space in 3D. The land sales/fees equates to paying your ISP a monthly fee. It keeps the servers going. What I think is silly is the 3rd party businesses coming into SL like IBM, that’s that part I find silly. It seems to me that aspect is all hyp and so on, the only real thing keeping it going is the residents.

    As I said if I want a product, I don’t dink around in some sim looking at mock ups and content that is actually less informative than the actual website. Not to mention SL is grossly inefficient at text (ironically) since everything is textures. I just don’t see a notecard replacing a slick brochure in PDF fromat if you follow me.

    Unless SL goes through some radical change it won’t ever replace the web or the web buying experience. But so far all we see is even the slightest change breaks half a dozen other things. lol

    I also think if google or sony or some other recognizable entity makes a similar social network/game available for the pc/mac, you can kiss SL goodbye. It will end up like napster… no one cares about napster anymore.

  123. Resolved (TM) says:


    Agreed, SL will not replace anything you mention.

    It’s a game where small-business actors sell virtual stuff to other small-business actors. As an example, on an average a virtual shopping center should be in the range of 10KL$ a day, which is not what can be called *real business*

    The point in all this is that SL is a *closed-game* just as any on-line game. You pay in-world for some clothes, hair or others just to be smart in-world, you pay in-world a piece of virtual land (some disk space on a server in fact) just for the fun of building your own lego-toon home in-world, and so on and so forth.

    On the counterpart, i do not believe that — at least so far — LL has ever said they are the future of the web or that they compete with well-known selling web sites.

    The only domain where SL can be of professional interest provided a more sophisticated tooling-set is available is architectural mock-up/sketches, still even this facet of SL as an experimental platform may be questionned.

  124. Joshe Darkstone says:

    I think the potential of the platform is the point. SL is one 3d environment based on that platform. There are others, too small to make a big difference yet, but they also will mature. The technology is open-source-ing. Google IS creating its own version of a 3d environemt. Microsoft will be. Whether in the end SL ends up the major or the minor player, it has spear-headed a disruptive technology. No, at 350k active users per month it isnt, by itself, disruptive by any great measure. and theres a problem that will limit its growth beyond that, The problem being the centralized services required to support a growing audience, 40, 50, 60k concurrent users and the platform falis more then it works. BUT thats what happened to IRC as well, and so you take it out and start a new network, and you have 2 SL’s or 10. and in some of those innovations will decentralize the services so that more concurrent users can be supported, and then gateways will appear between them.

    Innovation from a community of programmers will see things like drawtext on a prim, flash on a prim, pdf on a prim, true whiteboards, backend management,

    It doesnt have to replace the web to be a disruptive platform, and SL doesnt have to be disruptive in and of itself – just the place it started. My guess is that in another 5 years SL will still be here, changed by the pressures of competition, larger then it is but still pushing the boundaries of what it can support. And the platform itself will be out there in many forms, some of then unhampered by the need to pad the bottomline, re-inventing… disrupting, the web as we know it today.

  125. Larkum Woodget says:

    hey 119 – If you’re driving an SUV and you don’t run a safari park – you’re still an asshole.

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  127. Tegg B says:

    Larkum Woodget Says: “Well you know… guys… there is that big invisible elephant in the room. The recession that no one mentions… Assholes driving SUVs…guzzling the future of everything.”
    “hey 119 – If you’re driving an SUV and you don’t run a safari park – you’re still an asshole”

    Well from my experience arseholes in cars outweigh arseholes in 4×4’s by 10 to 1. So when you’ve fixed that get back to us.
    And labelling large/rural families, farmers, tradesmen, mining surveyors, forest workers, fishing/camping enthusiasts arseholes just because they don’t own safari parks shows what an arrogant closed mind you have. Not everyone in the world has a 2 door sports car and shiny pristine suburban driveway.

  128. Vint Falken says:

    I believe that SL is NOT a disruptive technology platform. I think someone got the buzz word wrong. It is a DISTRIBUTED technology platform. And this is news? Shoshana Epsilon

    LMPAO. (sourly, but still laughing)

  129. Wordfromthe Wise says:

    so am i right there was no big Announcement from that mysterious Outside whatever ?

    .. And all of a sudden my sense of what was real expanded a million-fold. A fundamental shift of my awareness happened ..
    .. Where this is going is in the full interpenetration of the terrestrial reality made up out of atoms, and virtual realities made up out of bits. It’s not a seperate thing, it’s not a cartoon, it’s not a game, it’s a much, much, much, much unimaginably larger reality, and that is powerful.

    .. Was he using the latest RC or did his Avi had some virtual leaves of that Robbie Digo Plant ^^

  130. Ann Otoole says:

    I wanted to go listen to this speech and wanted to go early to get a spot. And I find out I am banned from all SL5B sims. Real nice way to top *your* party off. Obviously this is not a party for the commoners that made Secondlife a success. This is the exact sort of behavior that justifies SL fading into history as an utter failure due to utter mismanagement. Your support staff doesn’t even know who runs those sims. It is all so funny. Hah Hah i am so amused. It really is a serious expression of what Secondlife is becoming.

    A quote from the Help|About display: “Thank you to the following residents for helping to ensure that this is the best version yet: aaron23 decuir, Abelv Vollmar, Abyssin Otoro, ActingIll Igaly, Adamas Carter, Addy Broome, Adelia Menges, Alexandra Rucker, Alexandrea Fride, Alissa Sabre, Alyx Jonson, Ann Otoole, …”

    So nice of you to thank me in this manner. Great job.

  131. Ann Otoole says:

    Stick a time stamp on that addendum about how you closed the regions without any advance warning resulting in many people being upset and your support staff not knowing anything about it so they laugh at upset people and tell them to go contact the estate managers but support doesn’t know who the estate managers are.

    You got up from GTA4 and posted that info only after someone complained. Another typical example of LL’s management style.

    Your CEO needs to do some house cleaning and bringing in serious business acumen in management roles to tell people what their requirements and limits are in respect to how much leeway they have with the so-called tao.

    Someone needs to take control of the steering wheel.

  132. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 132 maybe this is the reason?

    “July 7, 2008 SL5B regions will be closed between 7:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. PDT for maintenance prior to the Closing Keynote today.”

  133. Ann Otoole says:

    Why don’t you just say it like it is. Your only going to allow certain people to attend. Well tell Mitch he can cram it since his company treats customers this way.

    Lies Lies Lies. Is that what your match book cover degrees are in?

  134. Deanna says:

    Well, you made sure that only a certain number of people could come. With ALL those regions, something could have been done to make it more accessible. I’m not surprised though *mad*

  135. Just a thought says:

    Audio stream at (see main blog) – that could have been set on all the Linden owned walkways over 20 sims – but this stream only has 300 max listeners

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  137. shockwave yareach says:

    Boiled down…

    No major announcement. M mentioned that SL is going to change, becoming more acceptable to average users and less for the elites. Also that SL would be modified to allow your First Life appearance be recreated in your SL avatar. Much MBA speak and buzzwords.

    General gist; we want more growth, and we can’t count on you strange, imaginative outsiders to give anymore of it to us. So we’re gonna make SL mirror RL to make money from all the people who don’t come in to SL.

    My response; people come here to escape RL, its limitations, and its boredom. That is your one and only advantage over WOW or other escapes. Never forget that.

  138. Ann Otoole says:

    @137 – I don’t think LL ever really got a handle on the fact that this is entertainment and what that means revenue wise when the rl economy gets bad. You stand outside selling umbrellas when it is raining. Not tissue paper.

    Entertainment is the business to be in. It is nice there are possible side uses for Secondlife but without entertainment value there really isn’t much of a need or desire for SL at all.

    One thing is certain… changes are coming at the rate IP addresses are running out so LL best have some contingency plans for changing whatever relies on the existing numbering system. Only a couple years left at the current rate of consumption. Unless of course the idea is to limit connectivity to the internet in which case SL and all online entertainment activities are history.

  139. Ron Crimson says:

    The Internet is not going to run out of IP addresses…. by that time, IPv6 will have replaced IPv4. 🙂

  140. taff nouvelle says:

    Just a quick thought.
    There is a $10,000 prize up for the person or group that comes up with the biggest and best innovation that will make SL ™ the best thing on the market, and make them billions of dollars in profit.

  141. Curtis Dresler says:

    Here’s a suggestion (actually two). One – LL should find an ombudsman to listen and respond with the residents – and communicate with LL as well. This person should be a non-LL person that has earned respect in SL. And they should talk routinely to someone higher than the often (and increasingly) morose CS reps. (When the CS reps get more morose and sharper with customers over time, it usually means they are being hit with a lot of items they can’t resolve.)

    Second, they should look to one of the universities in SL and see if an ethicist would volunteer their services and perspectives to some of the more ‘playing god’ activities of LL. I would love to hear their comments on some of the issues that have hit the blogs in the last few months.

    Yeah, and one more voice asking to have the bots killed off. I really don’t care about their occasional honest value anymore – you can probably replace that with a real av instead, with a little work. Better that some bot uses be inconvenienced than SL take hit after hit. I can justify murder and assassination in RL in some cases – that doesn’t mean that the local governments should use that as an excuse to do nothing about the murder rate.

  142. Curtis Dresler says:

    SL is not a disruptive technology in my opinion. It will be an extension of the 2D web – enriching the commercial and personal offerings of some web sites and not be necessary for the other 98% at all. That is not disruptive.

    I think LL has it all wrong. SL is about to be disrupted by the open grid. They can’t stay out of it because the technology, the technicians, the users and the thinkers will move freely between the grids once the other grids achieve a degree of maturity. In my opinion, they will all rise very near to an established water level, and people will locate based on price and flexibility.

    So you will be able at some point to move into an entire grid – albeit a small one – set to a medieval theme. Perhaps someone will get a licensed grid for Lord of the Rings. While LL is focused on how they are going to shape the customers within their grid based on their vision, the open grid will smash through that paradigm with a customer-experience focused approach, based on the realization that they have no control on the customer and can only focus on the providing the tools for other people’s visions (and maybe their own on some hosted grids).

    People are fleeing the mainland because a place like Avilion or Bondomia or Vodou offers a consistent experience that you are free to act within. You don’t need 16 K, because 12K of what you were going to do is already in place. What happens when you can choose grunge or medieval or Gor or the Australian Outback in the 1870s for an entire grid? Would you live on SL’s mainland?

    SL thinks that ad farms and such are a nothing issue; that bots can be ignored. They ignore that the biggest gatherings now are in places that control the parameters of the experience and keep out bots by controlling exits from landing spots. The same thing will be happening next year in a much larger vista (small v, people, don’t start that discussion…) when people like me will be buying a server and attaching a theme server to an open grid. I hope that SL provides this capability, but, if not, others do. (BTW, you can rent a hosted server and set up your grid with 24/7 support and reboots provided, for less than mid-level tier and less up front costs – check around).

    I appreciate the investment some have in islands and what not, but people, with the open grid, you need to realize you could have a single grid server for the old price of an island, that you control completely. Find your partners, plan your sims and realize that the future is more than one service provider. I applaud waht SL has done, but I’ve sold my land, lost my money and my loyalty is month to month now.

    While LL s dreaming of disrupting the 2D web, they (IMO) are about to be disrupted right up the backside with open grid. And if they think IBM is going to sign a long term sole provider agreement with SL, they are dreaming. I look forward to leaving my own medieval grid, hosted at the end of my 20G connection, and zipping over to the IBM commercial grid site about this time next year. Just need to line up some partners, in for the fun.

    Mitch was wrong, too. The Wild, Wild West is just about to start. The land rush will head into the indefinite future, available as fast as they lay fiber optics and high speed cable to residences. The Metaverse is about to happen. Thanks SL for your immeasurable contribution, but please don’t make the misake of standing directly in the path of the horses and wagons.

  143. wed-gan says:

    I think that definition sums up Second Life perfectly. And yet, Second Life is rather successful, and Linden Lab is profitable. Go figure

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