Audio URL for Mitch Kapor’s Keynote

Here is the audio url for Mitch Kapor’s Keynote:

Feel free to listen in the comfort of your own region!

[UPDATE @ 10 AM PDT] Torley adds: If you missed this, don’t worry! We’ll be posting the audio AND video recordings soon today, on this blog. And a text transcript will be available too! 🙂

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34 Responses to Audio URL for Mitch Kapor’s Keynote

  1. taff nouvelle says:

    so where is the promised video URL.

  2. Listener says:

    Is is just me or does this sound like a History class?

  3. Sling Trebuchet says:

    The video stream URL would have been neat alright!

  4. Interesting, he is telling us we are from the fringes of society, we are the disenfrahchised looking for new frontiers. That is honestly what I heard. It is a good thing we have the money to participate.

  5. Sling Trebuchet says:

    @5 – Elwood, we are from the fringes. There’s only 30,000 to 60,000 us online in this unique world at any one time out of the entire grillions of Net users.
    I certainly came here looking for new frontiers. I wouldn’t have stayed if I hadn’t found challenges.
    Don’t be so sensitive!
    Just because I’m a disenfranchised oddball does not mean I’m poor.
    I’m a moderately-non-poor hobo. 🙂

  6. Ewan Mureaux says:

    It wasn’t earth-shattering but it was encouraging. And yes it was probably healthy somone pointed out that we’re not the slap bang in the middle of the mainstream, i’m more than happy not to be there but if the world grows exponentialy most of us will either find more challenging things in-world or move on to the next thing again.

    Posting my poorly rezzed video as soon as i get it produced/ uploaded if anyone cares.

    Heres to the next 5 years!

  7. Tickled Pink says:

    I couldn’t tune in to listen to Mitch’s Keynote earlier, because I was working. Nevermind that I’m still supposed to be working instead of writing this post!!!
    Anyway, I would love to have a link to the video or audio presentation so I can watch it later. …at my leisure.

    Thank you much!

  8. K3n Oh says:

    Disenfranchised sounds so much more edgy that socially inept.

  9. Razrcut Brooks says:

    THE LINDEN PRIZE: 10,000 US Dollars..paid in Lindens. As someone at the announcement said “A tax accountant somewhere is going to have fun trying to figure out that income.”

  10. shockwave yareach says:

    I would love either a transcript or MP3 to click on.

    and the crazies are the ones who created the modern world. Oh, the corporations and governments would love you to believe it was all their doing. But it was loner geniuses like Tesla (inventer of the AC generator), Edison, Armstrong (who would be sued to destruction by the RIAA today), and other “disenfranchised” outside the system folks who invented it. SL has a LONG way to go before it’s anything but a playground for anyone. But you know, the loner crazies need to have fun too.

  11. Marx Dudek says:

    “So it’s sorta social. Demented and sad, but social. Right?” – John Bender

  12. Yeah I agree Sling, I did hear that as a slap in the face to the users, but after thinking about it, there is a lot of truth in it, and I am far from mainstream in my attitudes and beliefs, for whatever reason. I do not think, though, that this is the reason for the high attrition rate. If that is the thinking of linden lab they are off target by far.

  13. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “I am not a franchise, I am a free avatar!”

  14. taff nouvelle says:

    The line about voice is what made the most sense, Philip doesnt like to type, so he had to have voice, so it was forced on us.
    SL are losing customers for one reason and one reason only, they do NOT listen to what the customers want.
    Any business without a good customer service record will fail.
    I asked Blondin 4 times if there would be a video stream as promised. I was completely ignored,
    That was not a suprise, it is what LL do, if they dont like the question, it is ignored.
    no customer service will eventually mean no customers.

  15. dusanwriter says:

    I posted a synopsis for those who prefer text to voice. 🙂

  16. Paddy Wright says:

    thank you dusanwriter….very well written and very useful

  17. dusanwriter says:

    Pleasure. 🙂

  18. taff nouvelle says:

    Sorry to take up two slots.

    The 3D internet will not arrive because LL ™ tell us it is time, it will eveolve when there are stable, easy to use platforms to run it, and that has not happened yet.
    Do you get annoyed or impatient when a web page takes 30 seconds to open? I know I do, i am so used to clicking on a page and having the information there.
    Until the 3D web is at least close to that point, it will not be attractive to customers or businesses, I want information, and I want it now, not to have to log in, search with a useless search engine that only gives the things I dont want, and then to crash when I try to go to the one entry I finally found.
    LL have to realise that we, the customers are the ones that have funded, and continue to fund SL, to the tune of thousands of US dollars a day, built all of the content, made it an attractive place, for the most part, and wish to carry on doing what we came to SL for.
    People are leaving, LL are wrong to try to fill the gap left with new ideas that will not work, they should be attracting the people who have left back by making SL the place we want and they need it to be.
    The world economy is in slowdown, a virtual word is somewhere that people can live virtually in a way they wish they could in reality, it can be shown to be a place where you can, or could, live your dreams.
    No money to go out to a club, that costs maybe $50 a night of real money, here you can do that every night for far less that that a month.
    Now is the time that LL should be pushing SL as “your world, your imagination”. NOT ” our world, your money”.

  19. Ron Crimson says:

    taff – not sure if I understand you right – are you saying you want SL residents to just keep on partying and going to strip clubs? Is that your definition of “living the dream in SL?” o_O
    In any case, most of us will agree that SL, in the sense of being a 3D world wide web, has a long way to go. I, for one, am going to stick around and see where it’s going… there are still promises and it sure is an exciting ride, even at the current pace (which is probably too slow for some people). 🙂

  20. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    Very dissappointed with this keynote. SL users have been screaming for months that above all else they want a fast, reliable system. Instead all I hear is what Mitch would like to see in the future but not one mention that currently SL is unable to stay stable with more than 60k users online, nevermind 100k or 200k which is what SL needs to be at to be taken seriously.

    I think it is about time that Mitch and co realise that once you start charging for a service it no longer becomes a personal toy to play with and try new technologies out with but instead your focus should be all about what the paying customer is stating what is wrong with your product.

    Where was the statement regarding stability and what is being done to fix it?

    Where was the statement about Lost Transactions and what is being done to solve it?

    Where was the statement regarding extortionate tier fees and what is being done to get more land owners to invest?

    I frankly fear what is coming and personally believe Linden Labs will try to push us into a total PG world…I hope I’m wrong and 2008 will be just a glitch in SL’s evolution.

  21. taff nouvelle says:

    Ron, no that is not what I meant, but they will not attract business customers to an unstable platform, and the customers they do have now will carry on drifting away.
    At the present time, the world needs cheap entertainment, so that would be a good marketing ploy,
    A team of customers ( I prefer that to residents) myself included have been working on the birthday sims, building the whole thing up for weeks, I have not had one Linden, apart from Dusty, say thank you for anything, it is just expected that we will get on with our unpaid work, even when things are thrown at us last minute.
    To LL we are residents, not customers. not people who actually pay their wages every month.
    By telling us basically that we are no longer needed, and we should adjust to their new ways and stop whining, they are telling their customers that they do not care about what we want.
    Well without us, there would not have been an SL, and without us there will not be an SL.

  22. taff nouvelle says:

    As I typed in my post, this appeared.

    Login/In-World Services Unavailable for some Residents
    One of our inventory databases is experiencing overload. This can produce issues with rezzing objects and inventory issues. If you are experiencing inventory issues, please hold off conducting transactions until we give an all-clear.

    Says it all I think.

  23. Marianne McCann says:

    @16 – great synopsis. Did he actually say that “harm and character are yesteryear concepts?” Second Life owes a lot to the “social networking” constructs, which seem to be all about ones’ charm and character. You succeed in business thanks in large part to charm and character. These are irrelevances?

    @15 – spot on. Now we know why voice was so important. Because Mitch wanted to talk. Not because the userbase demanded it.

  24. Robert Dalek says:

    Is there an Executive Summary anywhere? Anything we need to know about?

  25. Vic says:

    Did they forget to make the ‘exciting big announcement’? or did I just miss it?

  26. Aquarius Paravane says:

    Without voice, SL was limited to people who can type fast enough to text chat. The people who couldn’t text chat had no voice in SL and were unable to participate or express their opinion – and they probably still can’t or wont in these blogs.

    I thought the reference to “emotional bandwidth” in voice was compelling. It’s precisely the reason why many of us don’t want to use voice with people we don’t know in RL, and yet also the reason why voice is essential for non-recreational use of the platform.

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  28. shibaritwine says:

    And yet the disenfranchised their their edgy world as slowly being turned into frikken disneyland, that the Linden’s are hell bent on turning it into a PG playground for fundamentalist christians.

    Let me state on the record that this disenfranchised weirdo is NOT going to stay if the Linden’s keep ruling with the stupidity of not allowing nipple but allowing penises at SL5B.

    Madness. Mitch is painting a golden picture that does NOT reflect the truth.

  29. Valiant Westland says:

    It’s unfortunate that standard 1st Life (Windows Media Player/Real/QuickTime) media streams for audio and video as well as Mitch’s slides are not yet available from LL. A big thank you to the folks over at for posting a link to the MP3 audio ( )

    The “Disneyland” that some refer to is the business engine that drives our economy and provides jobs for the majority. Businesses, other than organized crime, do not want to do business in the same neighborhood as pimps, strippers or what most consumers consider to be a deviant minority.

  30. Taff Nouvelle says:


    They made the big announcememnt. it was that they are giving a $10,000 prize to anyone who comes up with something that LL can use to make billions of $US with.
    If you come up with something good enough, sell it to IBM or Microsoft, they may even pay real money for it.

  31. Curtis Dresler says:

    First of all, I kept feeling that MK has more complaints with SL than most of us complainers do. The other is that he seems to have a vision of people that get involved in SL in a totally immersive way as the future. Talk? My wife is reading a book and the Scotties keep walking up to see what is wrong with me. I don’t want to be wearing a headphone and mic or sitting up in my office away from the family. I don’t want total immersion. I want something I can enjoy as an adjunct to RL. Text chat works just fine, thank you very much.

    I finally decided that MK was describing MK when he made his comments about early adopters. If you have a RL, you don’t spend an extraordinary amount of time transferring it to SL. Sorry, not what I want to do. Evidently MK does. That seems to be a limited target audience. At work? I don’t use speech recognition because I get odd looks – I’m not about to do business in SL on a stereo headphone (admittedly, cellphone/headphone combos aren’t much different).

    And kind of funny for a place that mostly provides odd last names to talk about realism and reality. Yep, the most realistic Youngblood Yark on the planet. I always wanted my most realistic photo avatar to be over the name Twilight Magic or something (I apologize – I realize there probably is a Twilight Magic, with a far more appropriae avatar than something that looks just like RL me).

    As for the tax issues, pretty simple in the U.S. and probably most places. Interestingly, you WILL have to provide the W-4/W-2 information to LL to get the money.

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