SL5B Panel Discussions 7/7

Today is the last day of SL5B! But we’ve got an exciting line up. This afternoon, SL5B Linked will be the stage for 3 final panel groups. Gavin Dudeney will host Language Learning and Teaching in SL at 12pm PT, Jean Linden will moderate Public Diplomacy and Virtual Worlds at 1pm PT.   At 5pm PT, Junichi Ushiba will be presenting his research for his presentation Connecting our brains to virtual worlds: An introduction of an assistive technology for the physically challenged. Don’t forget to check out ISTE Island at 6pm PT for a panel on Education in their new auditorium.

Our first panel will be hosted by Gavin Dudeney on the SL5B Linked Stage. In this roundtable he’ll be discussing the advancements made in language teaching, training over the past two years and the core skills needed to get started, as well as approaches, tools and content that work well in SL. Our mixed panel includes teachers, teacher trainers and materials designers and we look forward to a lively debate followed by even livelier audience discussion.

With a global 3D platform that enables the sharing of information and culture, crossing national boundaries, is Second Life the next frontier for public diplomacy? What kind of projects enable the sharing of experience and discussion of international issues? What kind of innovation and solutions could this foster? Find out at 1pm SLT as Jean Linden and her panel examine this issue and how their work is changing the world.

The last presentation on SL5B Linked will be at 5pm PT and will feature Junichi Ushiba. This presentation will be introducing a brain-machine interface technology which allows one to control their avatar movements in the virtual world of Second Life. This technology was developed for people suffering with motor dysfunction and has now been successfully tested on actual patients in collaboration with domestic hospitals. During this presentation we will be showing a sample movie demonstrating a person with myopathy controlling his Second Life avatar using his brainwaves.

ISTE’s brand-new four-sim auditorium will play host to an Education Spotlight roundtable with a lively discussion of teaching and learning, the impacts of technology in general, and Second Life in particular. This will be a voice presentation

As always, the full schedule is available on wiki

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16 Responses to SL5B Panel Discussions 7/7

  1. suzy Mornington says:

    Is it me, or are there less and less comments on the blog pages ?
    I wonder…

  2. BlueWall says:

    It is exciting to see new applications springing from the SecondLife platform. It is, truly, an idea whose time has come, much like the World Wide Web in the 90’s. Much work is underway to interconnect cooperating grids into a web-like framework to help realize the power of this platform and to enable diverse groups of people to interact in this imerseve environment.

    As SecondLife celebrates five years, rapid development has continued to create a compatible network to create a foundation of interoperability. July marks the first year of operation for this offspring of the idea that has become SecondLife. All adventurers please help us celebrate by visiting the non-profit OSGrid to see how the idea is growing.

  3. Wyald Woolley says:


    It’s just me and you and a handful of people left. All the others are robots.

    If I forget, please turn out the lights when you leave.

  4. Taff Nouvelle says:

    I see my post has been removed, obviously it is not allowed to criticise LL(tm)

  5. Taff Nouvelle says:

    for yjose that did not see the post, it was on the use of the word “debate” instead of “lecture”.

  6. Monk Zymurgy says:

    I really like the idea of brain->machine devices helping disabled folk gain access to great facilities..but linking brains to SL..this is the first steps into ‘VR consumerism’ or as some may say ‘the Matrix’. Company run systems like SL provide a great model for a possible future of Digital Consumerism, for an alternative view on VWorlds grids like are well worth a visit.

  7. Junichi Ushiba presentation was so cool 🙂 Sorry for those who missed it.

  8. shibaritwine says:

    Nipples not allowed
    Penises are

  9. Paula Langset says:

    Maybe we see so little comments now as LL is cutting out everything even remotely critical right to the point. They leave stupid rants instead in a way that residents are showing their worst side.

    I’m not paranoid, I never was, Lindens are making me such lately though. There are visible signs of what I say among all the comments, they aren’t even good at that. And when they deleted my last comment about SL5B along with roughly 10 more, allegedly by error, they didn’t even care to say sorry. Torley only, not the blog entry’s author, cared to comment about that and say sorry in a way, not explicitly though.

    Lindens are saying sorry less and less for their blatantly below danger level service and PR. Let’s see where bombastic speeches and ridiculous communication will bring us.

    I hope this entry is stupid and ranting enough for them not to delete it.

  10. Vivienne says:

    Who cares? This new “fantastic worldwide communication platform” worldwide convinced about 80,000 people to pay for the service, according to their stats. Not bad, but nothing compared to the total of PC users and ppl with web access.

    If they really wanna grow they must make this run fluently on an average P4 with an average graphic card and any 2 years old laptop. It´s that easy. Maybe it will become more than a hyped niche then, a real metaverse.

    The idea is fantastic, the dedicated residents are fantastic, but the implementation simply sucks.

  11. Well i can guess the future related with Second Life. If you will succeed on it, probably people who is close to die will be freezed in tubes and connected to second life with lot of cables on their butt. So they can start to new experience without know what is their pyshical form.

    Or maybe scientist will be able to put our brains to the jar and connect us to the Second Life after our body is die, so humanity will be immortal at last. But as a suggestion, please erase our first life memory before doing that for succesfull adaptation 🙂

    In that case, Second Life, will be too real for some people, maybe 20 year later, who knows…

    Funy isnt it? But there is a possibility, just like computers, planes and internet in time…

  12. Curtis Dresler says:

    To jachanu: it won’t be Second Life particularly, although there is no reason they can’t be around. By then I would guess that companies will primarily provide two services, hosting and portals (or both). The hosting will provide either computer space – like many web hosts do now – and simple tools to manage a person’s grid, or connections and updates for people that want to connect their own server to the open grid and maintain their personal grid on their own computer – same as maintaining your web site internally.

    The portals would provide access for customers/residents to enter the open grid and move world to world. They would make their money either on advertising at the portal, secondary services or monthly charges. People could maintain accounts at more than one, so if one is down, they can still get on the grid. I’m guessing there will be free portals as well, run by people of companies for the public.

    Competition will move it to standardization and economies of scale. The trickiest parts won’t be technological, but will be the issues of avatar names (I have the same name right now on several grids), currency exchange, intercountry RL issues, and the social infrastructure to support behavior as avatars move grid to grid, just as we move sim to sim in SL. Just my opinion.

  13. Well you are talking about virtual universe which will be possible in near future, we all know that. My subject is mostly related with science fiction, weird one…

    So, ofcourse there will be more than one grid around, Some of them already exist even today. But they are not licenced and their server code is reverse engineered. From my point of view, they are not “original” and they need to progress more to have same functions with Second Life. Till that day, i am not interested with them.

    So what i am expecting in this process? I like to create my own grid more than anyone (i am founder of turkish community insl) But certainly i prefer to use licenced server code to create my local grid and i like to have an option to get some support when i need it.

    I hope our Linden friends will be convinced someday to release their server code, so we can start to create virtual federation or universe whatever you call it…

  14. Sounds very interesting…

  15. Curtis Dresler says:

    Isn’t licensed? The grids most like SL are using s/w from the OpenSim project, which doesn’t require a license in the primary roots, only an agreement on how you procede if you develop it further. The sim grid I am putting on my server at home is completely legal and somewhat supported. SL is fully aware that their client is being used (it encourages other grids to converge toward SL, rather than in other directions).

    There are problems in opensim for sure. OSGrid is often barely functional, but any movement in SL in that direction will be seen there as well. The code shouldn’t be the issue, though. It is non-proprietary and available in the same form from several sources and can be recreated if the world goes to hell in a hand basket.

    I will still be in SL, as a renter. The land I own will be on my server at home.

  16. Ali says:

    This game seems pretty amazing, shame that every name is pretty much taken

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