Wiki info-pages oh my!

THE SPHERE WILL BRING YOU KNOWLEDGEAlas, I don’t have a video tip this week, and promise to have more usefun (useful + fun) knowhow in motion by next Saturday.

I did want to bring greater attention to some useful wiki info-pages which may have answers to some of your questions, and bring together scattered resources at a single glance.

If you don’t know what a “wiki” is, learn more. Wikis are awesome because in addition to browsing, anyone can contribute. These pages are pretty new and stand to be improved upon — so if you have something great to add, go ahead and edit!

  • Accessibility – Second Life keeps evolving to be more humane and usable for those who are disabled and have special needs. From brainwave experiments to UI tweaks to make the experience smoother, those benefits belong on this page.
  • Discover – Ways to find cool/kewl stuff inworld. Whether it’s Resident-created sites focused on hotspots and finding land or social networking abroad, it should be on here so future Residents can find stuff easier.
  • Limits – An easy list of Second Life limitations, e.g., the max. # of prims that can be linked, how high we can fly unassisted, and those darned tricky aspect ratios of profile pictures.

Also introducing… the Basic Resource Toolbox! Our V-Team (check their blog out, y0) assembled this in part to ease info-sharing for our Mentors, but anyone who wants a convenient list of support articles, vidtuts, Linden locations inworld, etc. should bookmark this.

Learn something? Share it with a friend.

Torley Linden
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36 Responses to Wiki info-pages oh my!

  1. Tepic Harlequin says:

    Good grief! Torley has done it again, and shown how a post should be! Jargon free, useful, good links, links for items that people may not have come across before. This is how communication should be – please note and learn, other posters!

    And thank you Torley 🙂

  2. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    More thumbs up than there is on the avatar 🙂

    Thanks for some REALLY useful info Torley!
    That wiki contains a lot of info, but finding it is another matter… *sighs*

    Love the page about the SL limits that finally explains a lot that is good to know 🙂

    Keep it up and don’t be shy making more wiki references!

  3. SugarNspice Dreamscape says:

    First off, I would like to commend Torley for all the work he does to make the SL, easy to folllow vidio clips and information. I am a big fan of the clips and have I learned more from them than I thought possible.Thank You Torley.:)
    I must argree with with Jessica Hultcrantz about the issue of hard to find websites. It would be nice to see an easy way to map out where the wiki site is along with other helpful learning sites that help with the learning prosess.
    And one last thing,I would also like to see password recovery made just a little more simple.I have forgotten my original password and now there are a few sites I can not log into (sighs)…Other than that all is well In SL. Keep up the good work Torley 🙂

  4. Cherry Czervik says:

    Thanks Torley hon 🙂

  5. Brainwaves!? Fine! All well and GOOD! B- b- b- but it doesn’t say anything in the Wiki about when we’ll be able to PLUG our brains into our laptops and veg-out in SL? When will THAT happen, huh? Huh? HUH? :o) Seriously, outstanding post, Torley. Even someone who’s not an SL-user would understand what you’re talking about AND might even scope it out BECAUSE of what you speak! You GO boy!

  6. Argent Stonecutter says:

    They’ll have to improve the reliability of computers a lot before I’m plugging my brain into them.

  7. Ron Crimson says:

    Hmm… the leap from SL to The Matrix might not be as big as previously assumed… Gotta agree with you though, Argent, I’d hate to have my brain crash on me LOL 😀

  8. dekka raymaker says:

    @ 6 & 7, I’d be more worried about the damage your brains could do to the CPU

  9. Firebird Nightfire says:

    Linda – You don’t HAVE to own land to have a viable experience on SL. I have yet to buy my first land. Your avatar doesn’t need to eat or sleep, so a home in the traditional sense isn’t required.

    SL provides a good picture of what I imagine the economy of the Star Trek universe to be like. Instead of creating and selling goods, people create and sell data patterns, which can then be turned into goods as desired.

    Sounds nice to me. Now I just wish someone would hurry up and invent replicators! 🙂

  10. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    “…Now I just wish someone would hurry up and invent replicators! :)” Already there, known as CopyBot.

  11. Alvi Halderman says:

    For Some People This is SO USEFULL 🙂 thanks torley For Making the noobs Pro Second Life Ressidents!

  12. Chaz Longstaff says:

    Torley, for once I have to be the griper.

    The LSL portal on the SL wiki, on good days, seems like it’s run by gerbils who are dying, and on regular days, that it’s run by the cockroaches drafted to take their places. Thus, 4 different LSL wikis have sprung up. Thus, scripting knowledge is in 4 +++ different places. Thus, learning scripting takes 100 times longer than it should

    Please, please, make them make the server(s) behind the LSL portal on the SL wiki faster. Maybe gerbils even? Trained cats? Winged budgies? Anything would be better than the current pensioned-off gerbils behind it all.

  13. Jonathen Snow says:

    In Torleys video “what is wiki” he states: “It is a bit slow”. Now that IS one of the understatements of the year. He also says that the LSL portal is the most popular. That is why I like to add here that there are several other places, that load fast, that hold the LSL wiki pages.
    Let me try to give the link here to what I use. (Have to do it a bit carefull as posts with links normally don’t stick)
    http // rpgstats com / wiki / index.php?title=Main_Page
    Has most of the lsl info but not all. There are other good places too

  14. Getting better, now stuff just needs to be in one place, and faster lol.

    OK got a suggestion for a vid tut: which bits of the interface are in local time or SL Time. Seems saved messages are in local, but notices are not.

  15. mojo manamiko says:

    my RL and I have two computers, and have great trouble staying on together for more than 10 min. We have tryed all the simple attempts to rectify this, need some more in depth answers.

  16. You know a few wiki pages on how to code properly might go down well for the Lindens, or maybe Bug Fix 101.

  17. moodiesburn ames says:

    I am sure there a lot of us who would appreciate access to advice about keping our computers clean and fast. I know I am constantly looking for ways to make my computer safe from outside influences. Perhaps for us non experts a community based forum in second life, where we could seek help about non second life computer issues would be possible.

  18. Shadoe Landman says:

    Thank you, Torley, for making ban line heights easy to find!

  19. Haruki Watanabe says:

    I do agree with Jonathan Snow on the speed of the wiki. It is awful. I have to admit – I NEVER use it.
    My recommendation for Scripters:

    It is searchable and IMHO the most complete wiki out there. Lots of useful explanations and code examples.

  20. Evil says:

    Once again Torley, you’re the Master!! ALL HAIL ALL HAIL!!! lol

    Agrees the Wiki pages load slow, not sure why, and it’s even worse if you’re on the SL client at the same time. But, I would like to make a Support/Wiki suggestion..

    Listing Clear Definitions for ALL debug settings in order as they appear in the client debug settings menu!! Just a simple page for easy lookup!

    I’m occasionally stuck bad by the simplest things having to search and search for what the Exact name and function of what a debug setting was. I’m sure diehard coders don’t have this problem, but not All of us code all freakin day lol

  21. Chaz Longstaff says:

    rpgstats was in many places more informative than . It is no longer being maintained, however, so the information in there is getting to be erroneous just because facts have changed.

    It is a real problem that there are 3 different wikis for LSL. It has come to mean that people like myself don’t bother to make contributions, as we have no idea what’s what. There needs to be one agreed-upon wiki where all the energy is focussed.

  22. Zai Lynch says:

    @20 (Evil): Please have a look at
    and feel free to add any content you’re missing so far =)
    You can also have a look at for a selection made by Torley.

    To all others who suggest pages: Please feel free to contribute! =)

  23. Shinobi Hayashida says:

    Yeah i agree with the above, well made, well displayed, and tons of useful stuff, and even often posting.

    As i said before, Torley’s an endless spawner of useful stuff, good job and cheers!

  24. Haruki Watanabe says:

    @22 Zai

    As long as the original wiki is as slow as it is now, I just plain refuse to use it. Sorry for that… 🙂

    And as a sidenote – yes, Torley, great Job! :)))

  25. Jonathen Snow says:

    @ 22 Zai
    Yes like 24 Haruki said, no way I am gonna use a website that loads this slow.

    And thankyou Haruki, for you 19 post. does look like the best alternative.

  26. J. Stress says:

    I’ve been visiting Discovery wiki for some time now. I didn’t realize that there are more valuable informational resources for SL.

    And your basic resource toolbox is absolutely amazing, keep up the good work and make us SL residents happy.

  27. Ener Hax says:

    Thank you Torley! (and all of Linden Labs)

    This is a great resource and one that I will pass on to a great many residents. 🙂

  28. Dark Otsuzum says:


    ls a fast mirror of the official SL Wiki? Is it kept up-to-date in parallel, or does it a seperat source of info (at first glance it looks like the ‘official’ Wiki)

  29. Dark Otsuzum says:


    no doubt you know 3 things are essential for keeping a PC running reasonably safely and bug-free:-

    For Windows :- Enable Windows updates and keep up-to-date with Microsoft security patches
    Use a Firewall – Zonealarm offer an excellent basic one free at
    Use Antivirus software – AVG offer a free version for non-commercial use at
    Use a Spyware Blocker – again, a good free one, Ad-aware is at
    Keep your registry clean with a registry cleaner

    Nothing is foolproof, and there are other good alternatives to the above, but with free resources like these, one can avoid a lot of the problems that slow down PCs and threaten security.

    I also reload Windows every few months from scratch onto a newlt-formatted hard disk (not for the faint-heated).

    And finally, keep the above security software up-to-date.

  30. Checked the Wiki pages, and tested some word-search, here’s what I found;
    Looked up the word “Lag”
    Result: See Second Life
    Looked up the word “Malfunction”
    Result: See Second Life
    Looked up the phrase “Content theft”
    Result: See Second Life
    Looked up the phrase “login failures”
    Result: See Second Life
    Looked up the phrase “rolling restart”
    Result: See Second Life
    Looked up the word “bug”
    Result: See Second Life
    Looked up the word “Mangement”
    Result: See anything but Second Life

  31. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    There seems to be an error on the whisper distance of scripted objects in the Limits page (unless theres been a change recently). Typical whisper range has historically been 35 meters approximately. If thise was changed at some point please document when that happened.

  32. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Dark@28: Actually, it might be better to describe the official wiki as a fork of lslwiki is more complete than the official wiki.

    Intlibber@31: o_O I have always assumed that whisper was shorter range than say. 35 meters is a good deal longer than that!

  33. Louise Later says:

    Friendly Thank Yous to Torley. I love having an acessibility link to help gather up people’s awesome ideas, insights, suggestions and info.
    May your watermelons always be sweet and juicy all summer long!

  34. Would it be possible to add information to the Limits page about the limits on the standard male and female avatar dimensions? (min/max height, etc.)

  35. Keep up the good work Torley!!!

    Here’s a watermelon for you…

  36. wed-gan says:

    Good grief! Torley has done it again, and shown how a post should be! Jargon free, useful, good links

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