Knowledge Base Article of the Week #31 World Navigation

How do I use the World Map? is our featured article this week. Learn about Map Legends, Navigation Beacons, Tracking Friends, Creating SLURLs and more!

We’re on a roll this week and have an added special surprise! New and veteran map users alike, a bounty of bear goodness awaits you. Support teams have created Special Team Bears which are placed on I-World Island from now until Monday at 1 p.m. PDT. Here is a little help. I’ll give you various coordinates to land in and then the hunt is on! New to using coordinates? Check out our Article of the Week!

Central Area: I-World Island (107,129,24) or (147, 130,24) or (130,175,26)
In-World Expo Area: I-World Island (177,185,23)
International Area: I-World Island (185,74,29)
Kiosk Area: I-World Island (72,53,23)
Science Laboratory & Museum Area: I-World Island (82,172,22)


I-World Village Meiji WestΒ  (157,225,46)

Special thanks to VTeam, I-World Team, GTeam and Concierge for these team bears. You will also find bears scattered about from Gail Linden, Teeple Linden and Matthew Linden along with bears from other I-World Team Lindens.

Today our Documentation Team is celebrating Independence Day and our normal office hour held on Friday at 2 p.m. PDT will resume next week. We are leaving you a treat in our absence found near our pier-shaped office in Beaumont: Knowledge Bear 1.0!

Kate Linden

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56 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #31 World Navigation

  1. Noisey Lane says:

    Did someone say beer?

  2. Kathleen Auer says:

    And what shall i do with all these bears?

    I will burden the Assets πŸ˜‰

  3. Firebird Nightfire says:

    Hey Kate! Whacha doin workin on a holiday?

  4. TyrisFlare nielsen says:


  5. Hunting season is on, Yay!
    I always wanted a bear skin in front of my fireplace.

    Hey, guys, get your guns and let’s do some serious bear hunting…

  6. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Bears ?? hmmm lets see you want adults to play with bears ? And then you are complaining about ageplay ?? πŸ˜› hmmm a what the heck, Happy Independence Day πŸ˜€

  7. Firebird Nightfire says:

    How many bears are there?

  8. sylvie matova says:

    Are these bears playing hide and seek?

    Or have they gone off to the 4th July picnic because I can’t find some of them.

  9. sylvie matova says:

    … and Prospero’s bear isn’t set for sale πŸ™‚

  10. uh-oh says:

    Great job you guys.
    An off topic great job on the new Route 1 road in Miata. Esp. great job on placement of trees blocking the ad farms. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  11. Milo Bellow says:


  12. Bikey says:

    I found 12…but 2 were not set for sale. Nice looking place.

  13. I have noticed significant improvement in the maps of late. I like the shadow effect before the regions appear and focus, and there are fewer days with gray squares in place of regions. It also seems faster.

    As for the roads, pure love. And blocking ads? Better yet!

    Appreciated all around!

  14. SJ says:

    Off-Topic I know, but when you have bugs that have been around for a year what else do you do?
    Can someone please take a look at VWR-492/SVC-2498?
    The issue has been around since April, 2007.

  15. Fulano de Tal says:

    How to use the world map: click on “Map” and wait and wait for a REALLY long time. Then wait some more. Then give up and close it.

  16. Sundbuns Camel says:

    12 bears? I found one for each set of coords. Now what?

  17. Firebird Nightfire says:

    I’m gonna have to go look again… preferably at a time when there’s less lag – like say 3am. πŸ˜›

  18. sirhc deSantis says:

    Well this is wonderful – except the lm for my own house (and there should be three) does not show up. Or is lm copyrighted now too? And no “status” post haha what a joke

  19. sirhc deSantis says:

    no its not a joke – i have two land sales lined up where i have to be in the neighborhood. more fool me – i’m cashing out. trusted ll too damn long

  20. votslav hax says: bears.. lol what are you talking about .. i dont live under a rock.. but lool i missed the release candidate about team bears..

  21. Xavier Felwitch says:

    ohh i really wanted a prospero bear 😦

    fun hunt though πŸ™‚

  22. dekka raymaker says:

    damn I thought it said naked avatars, bare Lindens.

  23. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Beaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrssss!!!!!!!! Woot!

  24. Shadoe Landman says:

    Can’t find any in International :I

  25. sirhc deSantis says:

    another (east coast) perfect saturday morning – tp are borked and logins are down anyway. communicate that Katt. and simple l transfers time out. and the map is useful for…

  26. sirhc deSantis says:

    you are such a useless bunch of dorks. you really are. i try to tp and i get logged out? I pay and frankly i am going to run a sim on a new pc. osgrid any one? and the map – such a wonderfully behind the times tool. i’ve had two parcels for sale for the last week that still do not show. this world is over

  27. Demeter Slade says:

    Wake up, router failures….
    As well as assets system is down or partial non responsive

  28. Blackbee says:

    I am so sick of all you moaning People..hahhaa. Why dont just go home and whine at your Grandma? Esp to Comment #26..the best is you log out and play Super Mario? Lol..sorry but i dont like whiners. Click the X-button and you will be happy.
    SL can live without you.
    SL is great and LL is working on the Issues everyday. If you expect everything is solved in one week, just donΒ΄t play it. Period!!

  29. tinypwince says:

    Thanks for all the luvely bears. It would have been even better if the asset server didn’t swallow my Grant Linden bear; teddy theft is a serious crime!!
    *goes into his playroom (not mentioning the other 1600 items not showing up after clearing the cache) and cries*

  30. Ron Crimson says:

    I’ll never understand why people clear their cache in response to every little hiccup… this only forces your entire inventory to have to reload from zero. That 1. takes forever and 2. puts additional strain on the very asset servers that are blamed in the first place. I just don’t get it. I rarely ever clear my cache (in fact I like to avoid doing so) and I’ve never lost anything. o_O
    Before anyone misunderstands: I’m not trying to rub in the fact that I have so little trouble (not with inventory, anyway), I know others have it worse – I just wonder why…

  31. Ron Crimson says:

    Back on topic: What would really be cool is if one could directly convert a map location (SLURL) into a landmark… without the limitation of having to TP there “in avatar” and then create the landmark. Sure, SLURLs can be copied and pasted, but I’m not aware of a way to keep them in your inventory. ^_^

  32. Dakota Schwade says:

    The Philip Linden bear is not for sale either.

  33. Cherry Czervik says:

    Anyone else not understand the world we “live” in anymore?

    Not that the bears are anything new. If we’re bringing back blasts from the past how about traffic bonus once the bots issue has been sorted, and getting some of the massively devalued land out there at 512L$ for 512 sqm to new users – with the ability ONLY to sell it to on for the same amount of money no matter WHO has it in the chain so that it always is First Land.

  34. Argent Stonecutter says:

    You can’t effectively limit sale price that way. People will just make the trade in two stages… “pay me L$3488 and I’ll set the parcel for sale to you for the other L$512”.

  35. Cherry Czervik says:

    Argent yes I agree with you there – I meant develop some form of perm price cap though. You’re right in that whatever is done someone will find a way round it.

  36. Georgette Whitfield says:

    @32 LOL yeah I got super excited when I saw that one! Should’ve known it was too good to be true.
    P.S. Anyone found the Concierge bear yet?

  37. Paula Langset says:

    Link to SLURL page at the end of the entry is broken Kate. It kind of baffles me I am the first to notice after one day…

  38. tinypwince says:

    @30 Dear Ron Crimson,

    may I point you to the knowledgebase article regarding lost inventory (and to rule out perceived loss) ?
    You will find it here ->

    In case you do not know how to open a link or where the knowledgebase is located, let me quote it for you here:
    “Inventory: Complete recovery steps and information about perceived loss

    This article contains a list of steps you can take in order to retrieve lost inventory. While some of the steps presented may not appear to be relevant to your type of inventory loss, you should read through the entire article and follow all applicable steps. None of the procedures here can damage your inventory, so when in doubt, try them all!
    Second Life uses hard drive space on your computer to store data, including a list of items in your inventory. If this cache becomes corrupted or your Viewer did not completely fetch your inventory, items in your inventory may erroneously appear to be missing. In many cases, your items are not lost and will reappear after you clear Second Life’s cache:
    Go to Edit > Preferences on the menu bar
    Click the Network tab
    Click the Clear Cache button
    Exit Second Life
    Log back into Second Life
    Wait in place for 5 minutes; Second Life needs to reload much of your previously cached information. ”

    In the future, before posting silly and worthless comments, please check !

    Thank you inadvance.

  39. Maps might be better, but tps and rezzing isn’t. Instead of roll out after roll out of useless new borked up shinies we don’t want, how about fixing the core functionality and not wasting time creating useless bears?

    Aside from all the old complaints you haven’t fixed yet in over two years, like stability, tp failures, transaction failures, delivery failures, slow rezzing, inv loss, money not loading, login failures, prim drift, chat log lag, Group IM messaging failures and false error messages since 1.15, alpha transparency borks introduced with 1.14, we have the new recent borks you haven’t yet addressed:

    Invisible mesh skirts (which makes useless about a third of my clothing) and now floor prims turning phantom, which makes living in a skybox useless. And about one in 4 of the SL5B exhibits were useless because you ended up under the floor not on it.

    Honestly, you guys drop the ball more and more with each passing day.

    Aside from that we were promised the stupid and useless update viewer messages would go. Now I have a constant reminder to upgrade covering the status report spot so I can’t see what grid problems there are any more on login, when there in fact isn’t anything to upgrade to. I’m running the 1.19.4 Nicholaz viewer (Eye Candy EC-f). The only option is the optional RC candidate, which has had a bad history on non-Intel Macs. So why do I get this message?

    Do you never listen?

  40. Reisuki Kitsune says:

    I found the bears for Phillip and Prospero Linden were not for sale, and Kate confirmed that those two were permenant display there, and not intended to be there for easy collecting. But I found no less than ELEVEN other bears on I-World Island that I COULD collect! Some are hidden really well, an ya gotta look all over. That was a fun treasure hunt! I roller-skated all over the place, an had ta fly ta get one of ’em!

  41. Ron Crimson says:

    @38: Silly and worthless, huh? Seems you didn’t even understand my post. In the future, before posting silly and worthless replies, read more closely. Thanks in advance.

  42. sylvie matova says:

    /me sniffs.. I could only find 3 bears plus the two that aren’t for sale.

    I think I need to get a third life. (c) Sylvie Matova 2008. All rights resvd.

  43. Sundbuns Camel says:

    So someone found 12 bears. Another found 11. Just how many are there? When can I finish my search and get on with SL? I DID find out the bears only appear when your avatar is close so zooming/camming around doesn’t work.

  44. Firebird Nightfire says:

    LOL at sylvie!

    You just need to look around. They’re not all in the immediate vicinity of the tp point; and some of them are somewhat hidden.

  45. Firebird Nightfire says:

    Are you guys counting the Knowledge Bear in your tally of finds?

  46. RoseLinUK London says:

    @30 Ron Crimson

    Yes, Couldnt agree more πŸ™‚ People yelling ‘Clear cache!’ as the solution to every hiccup in Sl is daft and such a pointless waste of time and server resources! It IS the solution to SOME problems, namely, missing inventory due to a corrupted cache, but it is not a panacea that will cure all other problems.

    Breaking news! Cache has a purpose! Its not a recycle bin to be emptied regularly LOL

    I have been in for sl over a year and a half now and have only ever needed to clear cache twice in all that time. I rarely crash, tp usually works fine, I rez REALLY fast when I arrive at new locations, and cannot recall when I last had a Missing Image problem!

    And its not a super computer here.. its 5 years old with only 512Mb ram πŸ™‚ I must be doing something right…

    @38 tinypwince
    Please learn to read at some stage before you leave school πŸ™‚

  47. Esther Merryman says:

    The map is my preferred way of moving around SL.
    I use it to find a nearby sim when a LM fails to work.
    The usual cause of this is not SL overall as many people suggest but normally isolated to the sim in question, possibly some problem due to avatar numbers etc.
    I bring up the map search the sim i want to visit then click on a nextdoor sim and hit TP 9 out of 10 times this works and I can fly to my original location:-)
    I agree the map is often showing out of date information but on the whole it is a very usefull tool.

  48. Ron Crimson says:

    Thank you, Rose @ 46! I feel vindicated… lol πŸ™‚

  49. tinypwince says:

    @41 & 46 OK, let me see what YOU would do?

    You start SL, look for a tool that you use on a daily basis but that is NOT in your inventory. You wait roughly about two hours, during which you find that other items are not showing in the inventory (about 1.600 to be more specific) even though you do a name search on them.
    Relogging did NOT cure the problem NOR is there any entry in the blog, the grid status or inworld regarding “asset server issues”.
    Are you just sitting ther and pray to the mighty gods of assets that they come back or do you follow the steps outlined in the knowledge base regarding inventory loss and perceived loss?
    I don’t clear cache on a regular basis and my inventory is kept nicely clean and as compact as my building allows BUT I cleared the cache AFTER having waited and relogged…what was wrong with that…and Mr. Crimsons comment was worthless as it didn’t apply and WAS directly targeted at my post and how he got the idea that I dump the cache regularly is beyond my understanding.
    I am amazed that you hardly ever crash RoseLinUK (even the Lindens I spoke to during my visits to office hours do so occasionally – exactly as I do) and before you try to give me a lecture; my drivers are kept up to date!
    Denying existing issues with the LL database is ridicolous and when they occur that is when I normally run into problems like the rest of the users do – except you probably.

    I refrain from further commenting as I don’t need to raise a flame war.

  50. Athanasius Skytower says:

    Now it’s almost time, once it’s over, will you be blogging a list of which and where? I’m curious as to which bear (I *think* not bears) I missed.

  51. Curtis Dresler says:

    Yeah, Ron Crinsom’s follow-on reply was disingenuous at best. If you split hairs, you could make a bad argument that he didn’t actually accuse tinypwince of clearing his/her cache for no good reason, but the juxtaposition of his comments would make it a poor argument, poorer still when tinypwince came back with a very good reason for having done so, chapter and verse.

    For what its worth, after supporting networks and systems for the best part of the last 20 or so years (back to installing Novell from floppies), one of the early thing that is done for practically any problem that doesn’t quickly resolve itself is to clear caches – the next step up from the reboot and try again. Clearing a support cache is extremely typical. I would say that if something hasn’t resolved itself within the normal correction steps, by all means, clear caches. Not just SL, but browsers and anything else that looks to a cache. No harm and may very well fix the problem and better than sitting around with a problem and doing nothing.

    Of course, some people never see problems, but those people generally never get problems fixed either. Nothing makes a support person more irritable than to find out they had a problem out there and all the end users sat around without calling. No one, not even LL, can fix a problem they are unaware of.

  52. Kate Linden says:

    Thank you for participating in this mini-bear hunt. The bears hidden were those mentioned in the post, four team bears (Concierge, GTeam, I-World Team and VTeam) plus bears from Gail Linden, Teeple Linden and Matthew Linden.

    Of course our very own Knowledge Bear 1.0 is located in Beaumont.

    The remaining bears were either part of our permanent exhibits on I-World Island or those placed on the island to be available each day by I-World Team Lindens.

    Many thanks to the Teams and Lindens for providing bears for this KBAotW! I hope you all enjoyed I-World Island as well.

  53. Ron Crimson says:

    Curtis is spot-on with his comments… and I don’t remember denying anything, in fact I pointed out that I’m well aware inventory problems exist. Simply presenting my view of things in regard to clearing the cache was not, nor was it meant to be, a personal attack on anybody. Yes, if after relogging and (insert every other possible remedy here) my items were still missing, of course I’d clear my cache too. I was just saying I almost never *have* to because any items that ever go missing are right back after a relog for me. That’s all, no more and no less. o_O

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  55. Shadoe Landman says:

    Finally found a bear in International. It took half my hunting time : ) Man, I looked in eaves, under floors, underwater, underground . . . and it turned out I needed to be somewhere even more useless. I searched part of Linden Village that I didn’t even know was there, and ended up with a total of about 15. (Did find one in Linden Village underwater.)

  56. Linda Brynner says:

    HEY !!!!
    About communications !
    could you not communicate that the name of the Cache file was
    to change from “Cache” to “Textures”… !
    All of the sudden textures didn’t renders anymore, or stayed grey for an hour or so !!!
    I just found out by clearing the cache relocated it to another drive.

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