SL5B: Text transcripts of M Linden’s Q&A on TSL now up!

In the spirit of Second Life, M Linden was on hand to answer questions in text chat on Teen Second Life!

warmer still

Our Teen Residents’ enthusiasm is irrepressible. Upon our gathering at the TSL BIRTHDAY region, we were swamped in excited IMs, friendship offers, and bear requests! Numerous teens simply could not help but express their enthusiasm out loud.

If you missed it or are simply curious, here’s the chat transcript. M and moderators Blue and Mia have been colored for ease-of-reading. Enjoy!

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9 Responses to SL5B: Text transcripts of M Linden’s Q&A on TSL now up!

  1. Daniel Voyager says:

    Awesome!, I really enjoyed the M Linden Q&A event. Thanks sooooo much for coming to Teen Second Life, M Linden, you rock!!!!.

    TSL Rocks!!!!!

  2. Ohhhh Yay my BIG M linden is totally visible lol

  3. Doug Falta says:

    It was good. =D

  4. Jon Daikon says:

    Hopefully we get another Q&A with M in the near future.

  5. sure do wish i could have been there to share my thoughts.

  6. I was surprised to read that land prices are 1/10 as high on the teen grid as on the adult grid… because they are very low on the regular grid. That means the kids must be paying about a buck in real money to buy a basic 512 lot.

    How does the economy work there anyway? Do they have their own Linden or so they use our Linden? Do they have networked vendor systems like OnRex, over there.

  7. It was laggy,but very well worth it!Can’t wait till he comes back for somemore Q&A!
    (Oh,and in response to Timothy,Our economy is dominated by big chain stores & Alex Harbinger,who is a big business name similar to the MG’s Anshe Chung.We shortly had somthing like Onrez for a while,but died out)

  8. Let me enlighten you a bit better.
    The TG is dominated by Land Baron, Island Owners,and Large Store Owners, including, Emporer Spitteler, Sparkles Runo, Alex Harbinger, Puck Rinkitink, Organized Republic, Sylver Bu(LARGE Store Owner), Zombie Pye(LARGE Store Owner), Sin Kovacs, Furry Plateau(Large Group – Rents Leviathan from Puck Rinkitink, also sells commercial/residential land), FurNation(TG)[Large Group), Multiple Land Barons, and other large store owners (ones listed above are considered the “largest” on the TG)
    It’s rude IMO to mention one name, whenever a LOT of people dominate the TG, im not sure of the MG if someone dominates it, but we have multiple people, so I mentioned as many as i could think of.
    No, we do not pay a buck, it’s more around 3 bucks 😉 and People still complain (People complained paying 2.0-3.0L$/sq,m, for Bay City was too high.) And yes, we do use your L$, LL to my knowledge spread the L$ all across the grid, as in, we buy from them too, we sell to them too, however the L$ in our grid as a whole is much smaller than the MG.

    (And were not kids >:P were teenagers!)
    ❤ Malifico Bade

  9. Vint Falken says:

    The TG is dominated by Land Baron, Island Owners,and Large Store Owners => So is the main grid? 😉

    Anyway, glad to see the Teen Grid gets some attention too, let’s hope it continuous this way in the future.

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