SL5B: Community Enlightenment text transcript now up!

Community Enlightenment continues

As part of our festivities, I was just on a panel alongside Kate Linden (moderator), Jeremy Linden, and Dimitrio Lewis discussing with our appreciated audience.

What about? One of my fave focuses in Second Life… Community Enlightenment — sharing and spreading knowledge to make your SL better!

From the Knowledge Base to the Wiki to those Video Tutorials, it RULES when answers to your questions exist… but SUCKS when you can’t find them. That’s what we’re here for.

Read the transcript, check out the links, and if you’re Stateside or honorarily so, have an independent weekend!

Torley Linden
R to the E to the M! POWER TO YOUR CREATION!
     … and stay tuned for more KB Article and Video Tip awesomeness…

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4 Responses to SL5B: Community Enlightenment text transcript now up!

  1. I hope someone takes the time making us a Text Transcript when all the science people where in SL. I enjoyed there brightness and a text would make it easier to spread there wisdom or inspire others.
    Good Job Lindens!

  2. Cyberlog Chemistry says:

    Hello, Would you please let me know how I would be able to post the SL logo nest to mine?

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