SL5B: Roundtables Education in Germany, Health Care, Data Visualization

The first panel, Picking up on Second Life – Educational Projects in Germany will begin at 9am SLT. The second panel, The Future of Healthcare in Virtual Worlds will begin at 11am SLT. The third panel, Visualizing Real Data in a Virtual World, will start at 12:30pm SLT and the final panel, Have Fun learning in the German adult education centre, will begin at 1:30pm SLT.

The first panel will be about the rapid expansion of German educational activities in SL. Jean Linden from Linden Lab will open with a keynote on international projects in SL and offer first hand insights. Bernd Schmitz (Bernd Celt) of the University of Applied Science Cologne has been the first German educator to start a 3D presence and orientation activities in SL. Michael Lange of Metaversa (Ziggy Moonflower) is one of the few Germans with projects on the teen grid. Matthias RΓΌckel (Dia Diqui) of time4you focuses on SL as a an e-learning platform and a learning space for companies. Torsten Reiners (Tyke McMillan) manages the SL activities of University of Hamburg, first in Germany to start their own sim. Hanno Tietgens of Buero X Media Lab will give an update on the collaborative Campus Hamburg initiative and long distance learning projects with TUEV NORD. The presentations and discussion will be held in English.

The third panel will discuss the next obvious step, visualization of data, in the evolution of virtual worlds. They feel it is using them as the front-end display for data applications, making them alive with information, streaming in data and representing it visually. This session features several innovative data visualization applications from enterprise and academia. The virtual worlds data visualization community is organized though a wiki and the Data Visualization group in Second Life which collaborates and displays tools at the open source data viz island located in the SciLands

The final panel will be in both German and English. From the moderator
Unterricht, der Spass macht und die 3D-Moeglichkeiten von SL voll ausschoepft. Das ist unsere Spezialitaet, wofuer wir auch den europaeischen e-learning Award eurelea ( in 2008 bekommen haben. Heute demonstrieren wir unseren Unterrichtsstil (in SLVoice). Hoeren reicht. Mikro ist nicht erforderlich

Classes that bring fun in your SL Life and where all 3D- possibilities that SL offers, are used to create an interesting learning unit.This is our speciality. We won the European e-learning Award eurelea 2008 ( with our SL-concept and would like to show you why. Please activate your SLVoice. No micro necessary. Being able to listen is enough.”

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24 Responses to SL5B: Roundtables Education in Germany, Health Care, Data Visualization

  1. pantaiputih korobase says:

    Wow, how many responses to this blog immediately after release…..
    Seriously, it is frightening to see how the blog post frequency dramatically declines, especially on topics when residents could learn something for their first or second lifes. Indicates to me that enthusiasm for SL and its chances/possibilities decline steadily.
    Lets hope that this tendency can be ‘rolled back’ and residents become more interested again in social, educational, cultural events and discussions, in mutual teaching and learning. Otherwise what is left? Ugly sims, empty malls (ugly too) disorientated noobs, ads, camping, discos with sploders, sex of course and griefers not to forget. I am concerned about this development as the mentioned left attractions do not bind people to such a game, there must be more than …. ugly sims, empty malls …………………….

    And of course, pls forgive my typos

  2. uh-oh says:

    I agree with you on that it is nice to see more things like this come to SL. So far it seems that SL has turned into one giant porn site, a few clubs and lots of minors.
    I to am happy for the change.

  3. Kathleen Auer says:

    I notice the time this is rolled out … too late to get the first panel, isn’t it?

    But even if … it is a thing we all should think about, that SL is more than “Ugly sims, empty malls (ugly too) disorientated noobs, ads, camping, discos with sploders, sex of course and griefers not to forget”

    Yes, i agree with you both.

  4. Deanna Wilson says:

    So all the resident events during SL5B got little play except for a “go to the wiki” post a couple days into the event, but all of this week’s are goign to be posted here for full visibility?

    How can the rest of us residents get this sort of visibility for our events?

  5. Darien Caldwell says:

    Most people come to SL to escape all the pseduo-social, pseudo-educational malarky being forced down their throats in Real Life. They come to leave behind all the stresses and pressures that modern society forces upon them. They want an escape, a way to find some fun and frivolity in a world that is slowly putting a stranglehold on anything outside it’s ridgid interpretation of what is right and proper.

    I frankly find it saddening to see so much of Real Life being imported into a world that’s supposed to be a springboard for imagination.

    But At least I’m reasonable enough to think there is room enough for both. πŸ™‚

  6. Cinco Pizzicato says:

    For future reference: Include locations with event announcements. πŸ™‚

  7. Linda Brynner says:

    Me as a CCO in RL I do find it very exiting to see that more RL is coming into SL as well.
    The SL players who want to escape RL in SL can have it their way of play and people who are searching extension from RL into SL can have it their way too.
    The two interests can happily live parallel in SL to my vision πŸ™‚

  8. Taff Nouvelle says:

    I am afraid this once again shows the distain that LL has for the people who pay their wages.Who worked 14 hour days to build this display sims, who worked for months desinging the exhibits, who did ALL of the work in getting this echibition open. Who roganised and ran the whole event
    Who had the thanks for all of this and had their events advertised by LL
    Ummmmm NOBODY.

    Who made the sims and all the work that went into them a launch point for there own ends without even a thank you?? LL.

    I am glad the event went well, and glad to see education come into SL, An acknowlegrment of the hard work that the residents put into this however is WELL overdue.

  9. Hulk Ah says:

    I would be interested if there were classes ‘ How to stop people from stealing your second life creations”. But other than that?

    No, please!

    Healthcare in sl? I totally agree with Darien Caldwell about all those pseudo stuff that is indeed being forced down our throat. We like second life because it’s different from real life. We don’t want this kind of stuff we already get too much in real life. Assume someone has a decease. Would this person want to be reminded of this in second life too? I don’t think so. That’s not the road we need to go

  10. Hulk Ah says:

    Yes please, give us more real life!

    We want macdonalds here too! And dont forget daily messages about p**** and B***** enlargements. I really feel we’re missing out in second life!

    Also we dont have enough virusses here, because macafee has no reason to get a sim here now:( I’m so sure i’d visit their sim every day! Especially if they had a top classified, so i’d be sure not to forget mcafee. Where would I be without them??!?!

    And my first live job! YEAH! I would like them to get an office in second life too!! So when i come home after a long day of work, I dont have to spend my time on relaxing stuff, but can talk just that extra little bit more with my boss about my work! That is just so great!

    Man, second life is gonna ROCK !!

  11. Tegg B says:

    Many of you fail to realise SL is infinite in capacity so thre’s no reason RL stuff can’t happen here too, RL and SL here support each other, they bring in new residents and nnw challenges, everyone in here has some RL component it’s only the percentage varies.

  12. sirhc deSantis says:

    Have to agree with Tegg – yes education is good and this sounds like an excellent thing. Room for all here just let me have my little gardens in the sky and i will float above all the ‘RL’ stuff

  13. Unmitigated Gall says:

    Someone holds and event and posts about it, and some simple minded dude calls it “shoved down his throat!” … This is some funny world….

  14. Alf Lednev says:

    The “Future of Health Care in Virtual worlds?” Does that mean Lindens have found another way to try and squeeze blood from a stone? Avies will have to pay for Health Care? πŸ˜‰

    Health clinics for hypochrondiac avies?

    Most of the western world has Universal Health Care, the one notable exception being the US. Since the game is US based, will we be forced to follow their rules again?

  15. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @14: “Most of the western world has Universal Health Care, the one notable exception being the US. Since the game is US based, will we be forced to follow their rules again?”

    Yep, and it’s already happening.
    It’s called “Ruthing”.

    You kinda see that in RL in the US at almost every street corner, if you bother to look. Not kidding you. Some countries have Universal Healthcare, others have Mandatory Healthproblems.

  16. Michael Timeless says:

    Personally, I liked the last line. “Please activate your SLVoice. No micro necessary. Being able to listen is enough.”

    After all that’s all we can do anymore is listen.

    By the way, the grid status doesn’t show we are down, but the website and logins are. We’re listening for why this is.

  17. Selkit Diller says:


    Login DB is dead again. Still no posting, though Concierge has been phoned and notified. Mind you, that was several minutes ago, and I see the Grid Status is still a cheerful green “Online” despite the obvious. At least while planning a blog post, someone could change that much.

  18. Happy Camper says:

    I agree that the introduction of health care in Second Life is a smart idea to brainstorm the treatment of health and psychological problems.
    Second Life is a pervect medium to create and study the different psychological profiles of people while they role play their different fantasy’s of the type of person that they dream of becoming in their real lives..All this while being anonymous and more open to expressing their true thoughts and feelings on a predatory playground provided to them.

  19. Kutjara Ashbourne says:

    yes this is all well and good..but SL has to become far more stable and co-operative .. to much lag, to many TP probs, way to much login probs and transaction problems …. these are the issues that need to be resolved before any more in world developments can be utilised properly and satisfactorily by developers, entrepenures and the SL public (excuse my spelling ha)….I love SL but I love stability….give us stability and access first

  20. Kiwi Buckler says:

    Well I’m scared that only premium users will be able to get the universal SL health care 😦

  21. venkat rao says:

    Yes You Are Written Very

  22. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    For a serious account of how health care in SL works and its specific benefits for RL health care read this:,1518,562493,00.html (maybe you even know someone you’d want to show this).

  23. Medhue Simoni says:

    Hi every1!! Here’s my 2 cents. Really worth about 1/10 of a cents now with the decline of the dollar. All of these projects are great but somewhat insignificant considering the platform instabilities. I must admit this is getting marginally better. SL can be an amazing place for many kinda of activities, as many sl’er know. Real world businesses coming into sl and failing is a common topic and real world education has consistantly been plugged by LL. Once again tho, all these things hinge on stability. It is only because of the decline in total sl population that LL has even started to address the problems. Business is really what drives sl, in my opinion. All the problems tho make business a difficult endeavor.

    A few people have addressed the blogs and lack of comments. To me, this is an evolving thing. It seems that many have just stopped commenting. I understand that for the Blog Posters, it can be a downer to see all the negativity of the comments on blogs. Its the nature of the beast tho. I myself find the blogs pointless now as an interactive environment. Comments seem now to be more deleted and then just totally cut off. I wanted to comment on the HIPPo 1 but it was cut off at 13. Why would people now want to even comments anymore. Why not just shut down the whole commenting thing then. I have wrote many comments in the past and never got a responce to any of my comments.

  24. Chaz Longstaff says:

    Hello, will there be transcripts / recordings of the health care session?

    I ask because many of my RL clients are health care, and have been eyeing SL to see if it might be useful.

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