Logins, Registrations, Land Store Offline Wednesday a.m.

To improve the Second Life experience, we’ll be upgrading database hardware this coming Wednesday, 2 July.

The upgrade is scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m. Pacific, and to take a maximum of an hour.  During that time, logins, new account registration, and the land store will be unavailable; however, residents who are in world will not be asked to log out.

We’ll report progress during the upgrade on the status page.

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127 Responses to Logins, Registrations, Land Store Offline Wednesday a.m.

  1. hugsalot says:

    I tend to think you need better software than hardware when it comes to the database failures we experience every day.

  2. SLWindbag says:

    Great to see Improvements being done..
    Does this mean Transactions will also be unavailable and rezzing objects? Or Just isolated to logins, new account registration, and the land store?
    Great to see progress rolling on

  3. Moll Dean says:

    I guess you (LL) are already updating databases. right?
    Sometimes I have a feeling that before any scheduled update the LL is already working the cods of servers, because things start to not work lol… It happen when Voice was up to be released too…

    Btw, what about that Big Announcement that was suppose to happen on the SL5B? I am curious :))

    Have all a great and productive week

  4. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Good to see that there is work on the database as that has behaved rather badly lately…

    Also good to see that it is scheduled at (for you) early time.

    good luck with the upgrade!

  5. currious says:

    Will this help with the amount of ram sl is using now even with all settings turned down to the minimum

  6. Ric Mollor says:

    Database problems again? Perhaps Linden Lab should consider a little head hunting over at the IMVU server farm.

    Seems that IMVU now has 20 million ‘residents’ vs. Second Life’s 14 million.

    And a catalog of 1.5 million items available for purchase.

    And daily concurrency higher than SL has ever reached.

    Not only are they billing themselves as the “largest 3D community” but also claim “the world’s most expressive and beautiful avatars”.

    Has SL really slipped to #2?

  7. Cherry Czervik says:

    Does the upgrade mean the likely return of items lost/floating unattached in the ether back to our inventories?

  8. Disturbed Petion says:

    Yay sum work being done maybe i wont crash 30 times on minimum setting in 4 hours 🙂 ya LL gotta love ya btw u gunna need alot of updates to fix sl:P

  9. Kraelen Redgrave says:

    @5 currious

    Why would it? It is a server side hardware improvement not client side software update. Even so, resources need to be loaded and kept in memory, there isn’t much anyone can do unless it is a memory leak.

    Perhaps buying more ram will solve your problem. Ram is dirt cheap these days. 4GB of DDR2 for £70 (~$130) will last you many years and is hardly bank breaking.

    *Awaits the inevitable mob to tell me that they shouldn’t have to upgrade their 4 year old computer*

  10. coventina dalgleish says:

    @6 Checked out imvu they may have 20 million subscribers but it is just another limited experience as far as the lag on the opening screens it was not that impressive with clumsy controls. I suppose if broad shoulders are a requirement for the best looking toons they win but I do not think even with our limited poser 2 model that they looked anything more than anime with over sized eyes and typical toon body’s. Even with all the faults in second life it is hands down far superior to any competition that I have observed. Also their method of sales seems to be through web page catalogs. Also I do not think there well be any sex gen beds there )) too similar to “there” lots of kids, well 18 year olds at least.

    Well lets hope they finally replace all the Altair’s )) with this upgrade

  11. Kamachi says:

    It looks like it’s common now for LL to make upgrades during peak usage hours in Japan/Australia… Just a few hours later and that would be near harmless to make updates while peak hour is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…

  12. Jillian Callahan says:

    On a vaguely related note: Why are the google calendars for LL events/office hours and downtime now blank?

  13. Musha says:

    Friends offline again 😦

  14. Paulo Dielli says:

    Thank you LL. Finally a sort of ‘technical’ entry in this blog again. I missed that. Yes of course we will complain. But rather here in the appropriate topic than scattered all over other non relevant topics. Thanks and warm greetings.

  15. opensimuser says:

    Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to check out OpenSim 🙂


  16. Resolved (TM) says:

    @11 The only tiny lil’ point is that LL has to choose a window-frame for this job, see? Had LL scheduled it for — say — 10am Pacific, it would have occurred at Europan peak start. Had they scheduled it for 4pm Pacific, it would have been eastern US and South-AM peak usage time… etc.

    And no, that is not always performed during Japan/Australia peak usage hours.

  17. Tealc Boyau says:

    I still cant log…10 days now,I hope this update fixes my problem

  18. Xavier Felwitch says:

    @11 being another user from that timezone i have got used to the outages in our peek times, not just with SL but with other online games too. This way if something goes wrong they have the max amount of time to fix before the larger usage areas pop on.

  19. Isadora Fiddlesticks says:

    #6, by far, SL is still the best when it comes to customization and use of scripts, IMVU is very cartoonish, not something you sometimes.

    and why do this in the middle of SL5B? well, doesn’t matter, perhaps the new fixes will enhance our experience with SL5B in the last days.

    looking forward to that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

  20. Datapanic says:

    The big announcement – they are upgrading the asset server from MS-Access to FoxPro!

    Seriously, consider Oracle and TimesTen….

  21. PrettyFlower says:

    Sorry for the OT post, but can someone please tell me why lately I’ve been getting so many darn SPAM group invites, those stupid blue boxes waiting for me when I sign on, from groups and people I have never heard of and have no interest in? Worse than junk mail, because for junk mail I have spam filters. How do I filter the spam group invites? Thanks for any info on this from anyone!

  22. Reg Mannonen says:

    Database problems again? Perhaps Linden Lab should consider a little head hunting over at the IMVU server farm.

    Seems that IMVU now has 20 million ‘residents’ vs. Second Life’s 14 million.

    And a catalog of 1.5 million items available for purchase.

    And daily concurrency higher than SL has ever reached.

    Not only are they billing themselves as the “largest 3D community” but also claim “the world’s most expressive and beautiful avatars”.

    Has SL really slipped to #2?


    It’s like SL for six year olds!

  23. Isadora Fiddlesticks says:

    #6, by far, SL is still the best when it comes to customization and use of scripts, IMVU is very cartoonish, not something you would like sometimes. with sl, the ability to tweak your identity is endless. if you want to turn yourself into a watermelon, you can!

    and why do this in the middle of SL5B? well, doesn’t matter, perhaps the new fixes will enhance our experience with SL5B in the last days.

    looking forward to that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

  24. coventina dalgleish says:

    “The upgrade is scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m. Pacific, and to take a maximum of an hour.”

    This cracks me up people whining about an hour when you cant log in but if are in game you may continue. There have been more unscheduled downtimes than this Live with the hour or log in early….

  25. Musha says:

    20@ currently from what I have been told it’s mysql not ms-access. yes and I can agree oracle please

  26. Datapanic says:

    @25 I know, the joke was earlier versions of ms-access had no db indexing….

    But seriously, (and without knowing how many transactions/sec are going on), a real upgrade would be to something like a Sun Enterprise class server cluster running Oracle Enterprise with a master replication ring and redundant snapshot Sun Servers hosting Oracle as well with TimesTen for realtime transaction handling. An EMC disc farm would be smart as well.

    I can’t imagine the overhead an Intel based server running Linux and Mysql must have just to keep up. I am sure it’s expandable and no offense against intel based servers, linux or Mysql, they’re all good, but there comes a point where a current solution no longer meets the requirements and throwing more hardware at it doesn’t help future growth.

  27. James Benedek says:

    Keep up the good work guys 🙂

  28. Ryou says:

    hmmm database hardware upgrading ?? Maybe group limit upgrade too ?

  29. Tegg B says:

    Kamachi Says:”It looks like it’s common now for LL to make upgrades during peak usage hours in Japan/Australia… Just a few hours later and that would be near harmless to make updates while peak hour is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…”
    Umm, 7am SLT isn’t peak Australian time at all unless you think most of us Australians are on SL at 12:30am local time.

  30. isla says:

    Fingers crossed this update will help with my invisible skirt issue, i still have that stupid bug despite trying everything suggested!!! Only started after last viewer version (im over a year old) and means i cant wear half my inv 😦 I want my gowns back!!!!

  31. Hulloooh, what time will this take place? I need to make sure I’m already in world.

  32. Demelza Beaumont says:

    @26 – what I read from an earlier blog post is that LL subcontract the database service to a third party, so have no substantive control over the infrastructure.

    But you are right, the performance and availability of an enterprise class database on enterprise class servers using enterprise class storage would put an end to the continuous problems. Both Sun and IBM have significant presence in SL, and LL ought to be able to get favourable terms from either. But then LL would have to carry skills in enterprise class infrastructure rather than the current Intel-GNU/Linux-MySQL stack. It all depends on whether LL is an enterprise class organisation …

  33. I look forward to seeing the improvements you (LL) have been working on for us.

    SL is #1 that cannot be disputed… if you think it’s #2 go and join #1, have a nice time, don’t settle for 2nd best!!

    The big annoucement (at the closing speech of SL5B) is obvious since it involves Mitch… though I’m undecided about if it will be a good thing or a bad one :/

    Ride the wave, don’t worry about getting wet because you’ll soon dry out with the miracle of windlight 😀

  34. @ #30 isla, the skirt issue has been resolved a while back in the RC viewer…. 3 cheers for LL

    Hip hippp Horrrrayyy
    Hip Hip Horrrayyyyy
    Hip Hip Horrrrraaayyyyyyyy!

  35. Roy Blanchard says:

    What is “avatar rendering cost information”?

  36. DR Dahlgren says:

    @8 Disturbed Petion – Crashes you can repeat with a particular set of steps maybe the SL client. Often you can find out about those in the JIRA. But if you are crashing all the time, it is your computer or your connection. Make sure all your drivers are up to date, and maybe try a bandwidth test IMMEDIATELY after crashing, http://www.speedtest.net is a good one. You can also take the search bar off the top of your screen and watch the performance meter there.

    As to the database upgrade, while admittadly the DB is the weak link in SL and the source of most of our losses and bad experiences, I can not see a migration to Oracle or any other platform in our near future, so to me, any sort of help such as new hardware is a good thing. High time too. I have been seeing some truly strange behavior lately, like changing an item in world, only to have the item in my inventory change as well. And whats with textures, with different names (though the same texture) having the same UUID? I thought any change like that created a neww UUID, or are textures handled that differently?

    To those that are sniveling about a 1 hour window (though will probably be 2 if history is correct) where you can not login, did you read the entry???

    “During that time, logins, new account registration, and the land store will be unavailable; however, residents who are in world will not be asked to log out.”

    Login before the upgrade starts, and don’t log out during it… Duh!


  37. Marianne McCann says:

    Offline Wednesdays. I feel nostalgic. 😉

  38. Qie says:

    Not that I think LL Engineering would be foolish enough to consider them, but suggestions about shifting RDBMSs at this point are painfully uninformed. Anyone who’s implemented a seriously complex distributed database application that runs on different engines knows two things: They’re all broken somewhere different (the more expensive ones are just broken in more intricate ways); and there’s much more effort involved in fitting around a particular engine’s brokenness than in implementing the application in the first place.

    So porting from one RDBMS to another is only sensible if the result sheds significant licensing costs. For such a move to be a valid business decision at this late date, Larry would have to sweeten the pot a lot more than just giving away Oracle for free; same with DB2 or any of the others. (Although, come to think of it, if IBM were willing to donate enough time of their very best DB2 experts, they could just make it worthwhile. It would be an awfully expensive proposition for them, though.)

    Anyway, LL, good luck with the new H/W; hope it buys enough time for the re-architecture work.

  39. adrian says:

    salve poso entrare anche io?

  40. Curtis Dresler says:

    Qie, you may have valid points, but unless LL is running the best solution now, waiting serves little purpose. The data base is a source of recurring problems that have major impact on what happens in SL, whether making being a merchant a less viable role, whether a person that was trying to squeeze in a few minutes of shopping can’t, or whether there are problems in a newbie’s first week and they stop coming back, it has an direct and often irreversible impact on individual experiences in SL. They can bandaid a bad or overworked solution and stunt or kill growth, or they can make a decision on where they have to be and execute that decision. Tomorrow will be no easier than today and it is one more day of users unhappy with the basic experience in SL.

    They could also permit renaming avatars. There is no data base that does not permit rekeying a prime and/or using redirects. I would get rid of one of my three avatars tomorrow if that were possible, along with the redundant inventory, because another av holds non-transferrable inventory that might be useful in the future in a group setting. I’d consider a ten or twenty dollar fee reasonable.

    The two biggest problems in SL right now IMO are the inventory issues in general and the fact that you can’t have a real crowd. You can’t fill a classroom, you can’t fill a bowling alley, you can have only so many at a concert. RL, you need 100 people at a live venue to even be close to what you want. Here, that breaks down the system. They need to find out how to solve those two issues, no matter the outlay. Solve them, you can lay out the business plan where SL will be next year to support the cost. Leave them unsolved and people don’t drift off to another sim, they drift off to more of RL. Once gone, few IMO will return.

    All that said, I don’t expect them to do any of the above. They make money directly and indirectly from locking you into an avatar name. My extra avatar made them more than that $ 20 in initial inventory alone. And I don’t think they are able to fund the changes necessary internally or get an external source, short of selling out.

  41. It is good to be able to comment here. On the ‘Grid’ website it tells you to register to comment of that your login is invalid.

    ..and yes. I posted a support ticket about it months ago.

  42. Ryu Darragh says:

    #17 Tealc, if you can’t log in and it’s been 10 days, the problem may not be at *either* end of the pipeline. You need some way to find out if there’s a blockage at an ISP somewhere between you and LL.

    It can also happen when a new(ish) firewall or a change in one in your local network or on your PC is blocking a needed port for SL. This is by far the most common problem. Try turning *off* your firewall altogether when you try and login next time (and only just long enough to log in and test SL). If SL works then, find a friend or advisor who can walk you through enabling the proper ports.

  43. Mortus Allen says:

    @6 and 22. I do not see how you can compare IMVU which to my knowledge is just a 3D chat room, and SL has billions of separate objects to keep track of, not to mention Avies and their objects moving between sims either on foot, in the air, under water or teleporting. Can IMVU say the same? Can you literally walk from one chat room to another? How many users of IMVU have 6000 to 10000+ unique items in there inventories? How much of that content is created by the users?

    Don’t know maybe my friends were wrong to describe IMVU as “a 3D IRC”? Just my thoughts.

    Back on topic I am glad LL is doing upgrade work, even if its at a time I usually see my SL family, give them hugs and kisses before going of to RL work.

  44. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Qie, Curtis: Obviously LL needs to switch to PostgreSQL and FreeBSD. 🙂

  45. Vivienne says:


    *Awaits the inevitable mob to tell me that they shouldn’t have to upgrade their 4 year old computer*

    The average PC user does not care about WHY something does not work, the average user only notices THAT something does not work. The average user does not run SL on a high end computer but on laptops and 3-5 years old hardware. The average PC user is not willing to pay ANY amount for another hardware upgrade only for something like a Second Life – especially NOT if some ppl at Linden Lab call a 2 years old graphic card “obsolete” in public.

    The average user needs enough FPS to move fluently, a reliable database and standardised midrange visuals as well as fast downloads of textures and objects.

    This -among some minor reasons- is why only a maximum 15 percent of the average users who ever tried it stick to Second Life, because Second Life simply does not provide the average PC user with any of the above necessities.

    This is too less for steady growth, it is enough for steady decline. So if Linden Lab will not improve the experience of the average PC user, and will not turn from a developers playground into a serious customer related IT unity, other VR worlds lke IMVU (with simplicist but WORKING environment) will grow while Second Life will soon vanish as another “nice try of the tech geeks”.

    LL cannot compete in high end gaming -with superior comanies like blizzard or EA- because 80 percent of the average SL users are average PC users and not gamers who think it is great to spend hundreds of dollars each year oon hardware alone – only to be able to spend even more hundreds on LL fees and SL trade.

  46. rai says:

    eai eu quero jogar

  47. AnacondaCarter says:

    when did the invisible skirt issue get fixed? cuz i still have some favorite skirts that are now belts. they show up in edit appearance but disappear as soon as i exit edit

  48. Curtis Dresler says:

    Say what you want about IMVU, it is, in fact, a competitor to SL and it has more visitors, in an environment that does not appear to encourage bots. IOW, they aren’t kicking SL 60,000 to 50,000 (about that right now), but by even more if you discount for bots.

    Sure, I’m not about to trade SL for the other, but just maybe consistency of experience, ability to run on more computers, uptime, log-in consistency and other metrics directly tied to every avatars experience, rather that whether or not people like the latest color of water, has more to do with the final decision of many users.

    Now let me go see if I fall through the next pier I land on – my latest pet peeve with SL. Fall through only to find it is now a hard surface when I try to get back up… Consistency…

  49. shockwave yareach says:


    I have a high end machine about a year old. Spared few expenses, as it has Raid0 and a third drive for video input and swap, 4Gig of PC6400 Ram, a E6600 processor overclocked to 3GHz, and a Midscale 3d graphix card. Even so, with Windlight turned down sorta low, I get 14fps on average. So please, don’t bust my chops – we aren’t asking for much to expect the client to actually, I dunno, work. I’d be tickled if they’d seperate the graphics from IO into its own thread so our multicores would be useful. All those new QuadCore computers you seem to be promoting only run 25% under SL, so new computers aren’t the glorious one-size-fits-all answer.

    And if it would get this horrid mess fixed, I’d give them a WEEK offline to fix it! Take everything down, repair everything needing repair (see: Everything), then bring it back up again. Anything is better than this offramp into Hades we have now.

  50. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Curtis@49: IMVU is a “competitor” to SL the way Bart is a “competitor” to Disney World. Just because IMVU lets you do some of the things you can do in SL that doesn’t make it the same kind of product, any more than the fact that Bart trains are similar to the Disney monorail makes it the same kind of product as the whole theme park.

    Once you broaden the definition of the product far enough to include IMVU then you might as well include Puzzle Pirates and Everquest.

  51. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Shockwave@50: Taking SL offline for a week wouldn’t help them improve the client.

  52. Kenny Devoix says:

    Shockwave@50: I run a AMD 5200×2, 2gig ram with a nvidia 7600 card on a average dsl connection. Windlight graphics set on high but not ultra and consistantly get 30+fps,on a exceptional laggy sim it may drop to 18 to 20fps. I might crash maybe twice a month. So for me anyways the client is more stable then it has ever been.

  53. Tcko Cazalet says:

    I remember the anouncement a while back about leaving other viewers available like they have 1.19…….but to me the 1.18 was the best they ever had……I never crashed ….no black flashes…..could bring 3 avs on at once….now im lucky yo get myself on even with an upgrade to a 512 geforce v/card.
    Bring back 1.18 LL….make a lot of people happy again….even some of your workers cant run 1.20…that should tell you something isnt right……it’s a runaway train…..and i may hop off soon…one year of spending a lot of money and time trying to repair things has made my experience here miserable…wake up LL….bring back 1.18

  54. Jed Gregg says:

    @46 Comment

    You Know Its Not That We Dont Want To Update You Tool Its Bucuse Most Of Us Dont Have The $ To Update And Are Just Lucky Anuff To Have A Comp In The First Place!!!!!! So Are You Or SL Going To Pay To UpDate All Of Are Crap. Im Geting Sooo Sick Of Hereing UpDate Update All The Time You Know When Ya Update All The Dam Time Thats When Stiuff Gets Broke Ever Here Of The Saying ** If Its Not Broke Dont Fix It** Well Sl Has Been Brokeing For 3 or 4 Years And From There Look At All Thay Want Is The PPL That Have The $ The Lindens Dont Care About The Lil Guys That Have Stayed In Sl With Are Crapy 3 to 4 Year Comps As You Said.Soo Coming To A Close If Lindens Cared MORE ABOUT HOW PPL FELT!!!! YOU WOULD GET PPL TO COME BACK AND SPEND YES SPEND $ OMG THATS A SHOCK

    ***Gets Off Soapbox And Bows ***



  55. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Tkco@54: have you tried Nicholaz’ client?

  56. Alyx Sands says:

    Those with invisiskirts:You need the Release Candidate viewer, it’s been fixed there a while ago!

  57. Dajobu Ling says:

    Glad to hear of upgrades and improvements. I’ve got my fingers crossed that you won’t have too many snafoos during the upgrade. : )

  58. Farrah Foss says:

    I would have my skirt as a belt, then have it hanging out my rear end. At least that hasn’t happen in a bit. 🙂

  59. Just take it down. You will be asking people to risk their L while you make an upgrade, creating headaches for customers and store owners alike.

  60. TheTree says:


    A hint concerning your current trouble with registrations:
    People who want to register their *first* account in SL are not likely to read the Second Life Grid (TM) Status Report – and therefore less likely to do what you want them to do: submit a support ticket!!?!? Seriously, WHO wrote that? Can you even log into the support system without an account?? (and besides of that, a newbie will just leave “duh, can’t register, let’s go somewhere else”).

    “Incomplete registration for some new accounts
    Posted by Status Desk on June 30th, 2008 at 11:09 am PDT

    One of our web servers is affecting registration, producing the error message “Your Second Life account could not be created at this time”. If you are receiving this message, please go to the support page of our website, and submit a support ticket under the heading of “I cannot create an account”.” (Posted by Status Desk on June 30th, 2008 at 11:09 am PDT on Second Life Grid TM Status Report, http://status.secondlifegrid.net/)

  61. Felix Oxide says:

    Glad to hear you guys are trying to make things better. Once people understand the nature of SL, they will understand how complaining about upgrades and updates is foolish. SL will never be a finished product and for that I am thankful.

    To the complainers – If you all are so smart with how things should be run, why are you not offering your spectacular talents to LL? Surely you care enough to complain and put them down every chance you get. Why not become part of the solution?

  62. Chelsea Bade says:

    I can’t log in 😦 5 days now. says “we’re having trouble connecting” Hope this upgrade will really help.

  63. Ric Mollor says:

    Hopefully the updated database hardware will be able to handle the mad rush to skins with painted on clothing that will become hugely popular after existence of the “NakedLife” viewer becomes well known.


    Predictions for the popularity of this item? My .02 is that it will be cracked, shared, and used by the majority of male SL users within a month.

    The larger question is, can SL survive when a viewer is available that renders everyone naked?

  64. Farrah Foss says:

    OMG, Naked toons.. whats next. Reminds me of the those glasses with the feathers in them called X-Ray specs. Who cares. Anyone who buy something like that to see the make believe me naked, couldn’t begin to handle the real me. RFLMAO

  65. Ron Crimson says:

    Gee, Ric, well you just helped thousands of SL residents learn about this NakedLife viewer. Congratulations. 😛

    The larger question is: will people even care? I’d like to think that enough of us active SL users are mature enough not to buy into something stupid like that. Those who do had better ask themselves if they don’t have anything better to do than be virtual voyeurs.

  66. Vivienne says:

    @ 62

    “SL will never be a finished product and for that I am thankful.”

    Ahhhh….well, this is what i call generous. So, hey, you must be thankful when you buy an unfinished PC, then, too.

    Does it run Windlight?

  67. Sabine Geiger says:

    and when are you gonna do something about that terrible lag what you caused with last rolling restart?
    and the trouble with cams zooming in when something or one is behind you?

  68. Marianne McCann says:

    @64 – While my skin already has “baked on” underwear,” I’m sure that all those uses will dearly love having a naked child on their screen when I walk by.

  69. uh-oh says:

    @ Ric “The larger question is, can SL survive when a viewer is available that renders everyone naked?”
    Well like everyone tells me ” it’s just a game.” So who cares if people can see you naked. As if a naked cartoon is anything to get excited about.

    I am looking forward to some new fixes. i have a high end computer and I am having serious lag and crashing issues.
    I don’t care if SL is down for a whole week, just fix it already.

  70. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    @55 Jed…

    Did you copy all that off of a bottle of Castile Soap?

    Because you left out “All One World Clean Clean Yes”.

    Any step forward is a step forward, even small steps. Good luck LL.

  71. Deanna Wilson says:

    @55: Your post is hardly something worth bowing for. Perhaps some remedial English courses might be of some help to you. And a newer computer — after all, there is no SL client for a VIC-20.

  72. JayR Cela says:

    @25 MySql is now owned by Sun Micro Systems, many enhancements are underway, I suspect this new upgrade to the LL server farms will show the results. Sit tight & be Kool, these folks are busting their butts to get things right :_)

  73. Destiny says:

    Upgrades, when they work are good things. But a database update – is this update designed to help the landbots some more? I mean you have now given in-world users up to 10 minute old cached results in land search while each one of the landbots hammers the database 17280 times a day. Seems every time LL does an update, whether it be hardware, or code that someone else gets screwed.

    For those whining about not having the money to upgrade their hardware to stay current with software, it amazes me that people never bother to think how much they are spending on their crappy computers in electricity and broadband fees – of just about anything in the current world market, computers and their hardware are one of the very few things that have actually kept getting cheaper – quit spending money on computers with garbage graphics – buy a cheaper box (you really don’t need the upper end processors) and spend the money on decent graphics. I have a four year old Dell that has an X800 graphics card in it and it runs SL great with very decent frame rates (because I opted to spend the money on the graphics)

  74. TyrisFlare nielsen says:


  75. Aya Pelous says:

    Personally I think LL should kick everyone off. Be a good time to check out the beta grid. Also be nice to give The servers a break while they do maintenance.

  76. uh-oh says:

    @41 Curtis Dresler “They could also permit renaming avatars.”
    They must be thinking about that already since the survey’s have asked me that more than once on login. I think that is a great idea.
    I hope they do it.

  77. Vivienne says:


    You and the ones who repeat the “upgrade your hardware” prayer miss the point. The point is, that even if you and the ones who repeat the “upgrade your hardware” prayer will do so and spend a hundreds of dollars on hardware upgrades, neither LL nor SL would survive. Obviously 85 percent of all ppl who ever tried SL refuse to listen to your prayers. They log in, get stuck in client lag, log out and never return. Which is a shame, cause the advertisement department of LL is simply unbelievably good in targeting the most promising mainstream market.

    Worse, even the ones who joined in a year ago (using up-todate hardware) start to flock out for less hardware demanding VR stuff or anything else, just because there is no obvious sense in “upgrade your hardware”, when so called high end features like atmospheriic shaders – which are not really high end in comparison to the real high end features other games offer – not only demand way too much hardware resources for the delivered quality but do not add at all to the experience. SL experience is social networking, creativity, user created content, mercantilism, and this is why PPl are in it (as long as the absurd hardware demands allow them to be in it at all). Not ugly lighting without any shading at all.

    As a result premium numbers decline dramatically, while the worn out hype does not deliver enough new premiums to guarantee any further growth.

    The “upgrade your hardware” prayer is completely useless and off topic. The only ones who should really upgrade their hardware are residing at LL. And obviously they do so.

  78. Andromeda Quonset says:

    To #26, who said “…something like a Sun Enterprise class server cluster running Oracle Enterprise…” and “…I can’t imagine the overhead an Intel based server running Linux and Mysql …”

    SUN is the current owner of MySQL. And, starting with the Solaris 10 OS, Solaris is a Linux distribution, with the earlier Solaris OS’s having been scrapped. I had to listen to endless guest lecturers from SUN at university. For my databases
    class, trying to use Oracle for anything was a nightmare, it was soooo buggy. I’m not saying that MySQL is the best choice, but Oracle sure isn’t. And switching from the current LInux distribution to the SUN distribution, what would THAT accomplish? I commend LL for not jumping on every possible database trying to find one that will scale for them. I shudder to think of the headaches involved in migrating ther asset server to any other database, given the size, downtime, and potential for bugs it is likely to cause.

  79. Farrah Foss says:

    IMHO,, people are leaving SL for three main reasons. Issues with crashes etc are one, issues with content protection is a biggie for many excellent creators… but the biggie to me is…

    SL has gotten really REALLY UGLY!! Shave its butt and make it walk backwards UGLY!! Why does everyone feel the need to build a POS monstrosity on a little parcel before they learn the basics of building? Why do they put up big ugly walls to hide behind, and not have the decency to at least make them clear from the outside? And why oh WHY is LL still allowing those damned ad parcels to blight the landscape. Maybe it is just becoming run down RL neighborhoods do when the porn houses and the billboards take over. The general land owner doesn’t seem to care about their land at all, as long as they can put up some ugly shop and try to rape noobs by reselling freebies to them. Nobody cares about the effect they have on their neighbors, “It’s mine and I will build whatever I please…”

    Thats why I don’t go in much anymore, and why I went from Prm to Basic. That’s why I don’t own land anymore. Because SL has gotten generally ugly. Sad, really really sad.

  80. Curtis Dresler says:

    Felix, I wouldn’t go work at Linden Labs because I prefer to take my chances self-employed. Yours is a hackneyed response and irrelevant. Successful businesses listen to the complaints – that’s where the company and clients are parting ways. And, yes, I’ve been a CFO and Controller for at least the last 20 years when I wasn’t self-employed, so I not just blowing smoke. For what its worth, nothing readable in the blogs approaches what I have had to handle in real life from customers on the phone, sometimes completely justified. So stop worrying about LL – either they can run the business AND listen to complaints, or they won’t make it.

    BTW, meeting expectations is not something that needs compliments.

    As to the person that doesn’t think IMVU is a competitor, you simply are not thinking like a marketing person and understanding what a competitor means when trying to grow a business. A major portion of those people on IMVU could be on SL – and if SL isn’t at least wondering why, they will not last. If not IMVU, then the next or the next. LL may decide their approach is the best after review, but they need to be checking that against ALL competition. And that includes IMVU.

  81. Wyald Woolley says:

    @ AnacondaCarter Says:
    July 1st, 2008 at 9:34 AM
    when did the invisible skirt issue get fixed? cuz i still have some favorite skirts that are now belts. they show up in edit appearance but disappear as soon as i exit edit.

    I know this problem, and I’ve experienced this exact thing. I run on a laptop Macbook Pro and somehow have transcended this. As far as I can tell I run the stock settings in preferences, I hardly ever clear the cache, but the problem has went away.

    If you’d like to contact me in-world I’d like to help you (or anyone else plagued with this issue) get free of this annoying bug and enjoy SL® as much as anyone can, given the other database and stability issues.

    Maybe I’m wrong when I say this, but in the 18 months I’ve been in SL the experience has gone downhill. I saw a terrible drop as soon as Voice was implemented, another one as soon as windlight was added, and I suppose a gradual decline as concurrency increased.

    Perhaps the fault was in adding to the load without first improving the understructure. The current problem, as I see it, requires the users to have higher performing hardware than the bulk of the enterprise and educational base has in use. This closes the door to the very crowd LL® want’s to attract.

    SL needs to be stabilized and the databases need to be beefed up, and it all has to work on lesser robust computers on the user end or the roadmap to LL’s success is much like many roads on the mainland…going nowhere.

  82. isadorafiddlesticks says:

    Vivienne, you have a point in saying that average PC users are not gamers who often feel the need to upgrade their hardware every so often, but to think that LL is on the same page as EA or Blizzard is not exactly accurate. I’m not sure if LL is a “gaming” company. If SL were a game, why would they allow big companies conduct meetings using voice? Why would they let political parties have a presence in SL? Why would they have support groups and charity organizations in SL?

    What LL offers is a technology to replace 2d internet. SL doesn’t meet the criteria of gaming software. Even with the hiring of M Linden as CEO, speak volumes on the kind of company they want to be and what kind of a product SL is and what they want it to be in the years to come.

    Which also relates to Curtis’ statement, SL used to be a place for certain people with lots of creativity. They run perfectly fine because most SL users before have the capacity and the tendency to upgrade more often. Those groups understand and WANT shinies, Windlight, sculpties, etc. They will try their best to have a system that runs perfectly with SL.

    Nowadays it’s different. There are many mindsets involved here, there are those that come here for the adult features that SL offers like sex and others, there are those that only want to socialize, there are those that want to network, there are those who are in business, there are those who purely RP, etc.

    For example, in the wave I was in (late 2006-2007), most of those rezzed then are now into SL media and press, ever noticed most rezzdays in the year 2007 either have a blog, magazine or news site about SL? That year we saw a LOT MORE blogs and media about SL by residents.

    So many kinds of people are now entering SL, and LL just now recognized the need to accommodate them. SL now has a new market that is not necessarily creative, but social, and there’s a need to supplement the grid with more consumers (since a lot have already established their place in SL already and need the additional consumers).

    Whereas with IMVU or other VWs, their limited capabilities assured them that they can guarantee a pleasant experience and a low learning curve, but the downside meanwhile is obviously the ability to create really great stuff ALMOST ad infinitum.

    IMVU and other VWs just adopted a different business model than LL’s. LL woke up and realized that they should go the way of the rest…or have they?

    I think they have when Philip decided to get Mark Kingdon as CEO of LL.

    What is most perplexing is that we keep on reading conflicting info about SL’s stability in different computers. One post will say that SL works great, while another user with almost the same specs will complain that it doesn’t. I used to use 2 pcs: one for work the other for office, they have different specs, and different internet providers. So you can imagine how different SL can be with thousands, or millions of different machine, users and settings.

    In the end, with these scenarios at hand, it is still LL’s call, but I’m confident they are taking the steps and regrouping already. Question is; would we like the change?

  83. Baxton says:

    I still cannot login.. is there any problems in the server? I’m from Rome, Italy…
    I could log till last week… now everytime I try I receive the message that there are problems with my internet connection (there are not, I know) or with SL servers.
    Please let me know something, as I tryed also to uninstall SL and install it again, without success.

  84. Vivienne says:

    @ 83

    “..to think that LL is on the same page as EA or Blizzard is not exactly accurate.“

    You are right, this is another league, by far superior by experience and resources. What I suspect is that some developers at LL try to play in the same league but without the same resources. There is no better example for this than the Windlight viewers, which are – mildly spoken – not only extremely buggy and CPU/GPU toasters, but give the impression that someone desperately wanted to beat WoW by environment rendering and failed miserably.

    “What LL offers is a technology to replace 2d internet.”

    This is wishful thinking. The web succeeded because of it´s lowest end character, this is why everybody could and can afford to access it in very first place. You do not need – and never needed – even midrange hardware for participating in the 2d web, But even if LL would like to offer a replacement technology, it is a paradox. LL raises the hardware specs for SL year by year, Doing this, they exclude 95 percent of the web population from SL. This is proven by their own stats, which document that only a very, very small percentage of all potential SL users stay in Sl for more than a few tries after initial log-in. If LL proceeds like this, it always will be not accessable or hardly accessible for the mainstream hardware users out there, just like any other high end PC game. And this is not the way the internet was won.

    “SL used to be a place for certain people with lots of creativity”

    And time and money. To be honest, i love the fact that the SL population has changed from pure elitist group dynamics to – within the limits of hardware specs – a broader reflection of the international middle class. This is exactly what are the basics for any really working 3D metaverse, as it is wished and dreamed of by Phillip and the original creators of the idea. And this is the necessary basement for any commercial and educational usage of SL. It are not the few “upgrade your hardware” elitist protagonists who always run the greatest and latest which are of interest for any commerce or educational institution. Gamers are only of interest for the gaming industry, this is why you won´t find a single advertisement spot in WoW.

  85. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Vivienne@85: You write: “You do not need – and never needed – even midrange hardware for participating in the 2d web”.

    The first web browser was written on a NeXT, which was a decidedly high end computer in 1990. For many years the best you could do on an affordable computer was a line mode browser like lynx, and I still have a “Lynx Friendly” logo on my own website to indicate my support for people who couldn’t afford a graphical browser.

    Mosaic, the browser that inspired Mozilla and that most versions of Internet Explorer was based on, was released in 1993. To use it effectively you needed a graphical UNIX workstation. It was ported to the Macintosh by the end of the year, but I’ve used it on the Macs that were available at the time… and even on a high end system it was sluggish. It could take half a minute to scroll a page that contained many graphics… horrible frame rate.

    It wasn’t until the mid-90s that you could get decent performance from a browser on “midrange hardware”, and even then you’re talking about “frame rates” measured in seconds… I’m no touch-typist and I was often typing 20 characters ahead of what was displayed on a text input box. I didn’t own a computer that could run a graphical browser without bogging down until almost the turn of the century.

    And the hardware specs for the web increase year by year. My three year old Mac mini struggles if I have more than a couple of windows containing flash open… in fact, it handles SL better than it does many websites.

    World wide Web. Opened, 1990. Available for consumer hardware, 1993. Usable on mid-range hardware, 1997 or so. Still laggy on 3 year old computers today.

    Second life. Opened, 2003. Available for consumer hardware, 2003. Usable on mid-range hardware, 2003. Still laggy on 3 year old computers today.

  86. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Andromeda@79: Solaris 10 is NOT a Linux distribution. It’s an open source release of the same code base as the earlier versions of Solaris.

  87. Vivienne says:

    @ Argent

    Well, add the connectivity speed to your summary, and you are there, How many households worldwide use broadband TODAY? I doubt it are much more than 20 – 30 percent. And the web was still slow in 1997 because almost every connection was only crawling.

    You are right, the web WAS high end, but it started off when the PC market was not really existant and without any comparable infrastructure – when ANY compter system was high end, So the comparison of 1990s technology with 2010 technology does not really work here. What works is the comparison of accessibilty and reliability, and accessibility and reliability are the only keys to success in open commercial networks, and the web only took off when this accessibility and reliabilty was guaranteed for almost everyone.

    Either you want cult or you want broad media attention, a commercial and educational information platform and mass participation.

    Don´t get me wrong, i adore the idea of the metaverse and LL initially was and basically still is on the right track. I only hate what they are doing to the idea by useless competition with superior companies and networks which are not related to the metaverse idea AT ALL and which target a completely different audience with completely different motivations. Increasing hardware demands like any other 3D gaming company does is poison for SL and will lead to nowhere in the end.

  88. Zi Ree says:

    Second Life really has very moderate hardware requirements compared to many normal 3D games. Switching off some of the eye candy can go a long way. You can run SL on any cheap off-the-shelf machine – the only thing to watch out for is to stay away from onboard graphics and (personal opinion) try to get an NVidia card (a cheap 7600 does the trick, smaller ones work, too). It’s not like you need to have 70 frames per second in an environment that doesn’t require you to react in a split second.

    An internet connection with decend bandwidth is of course a requirement. There’s nothing that can be done about it. But the same applies here: Where I live you can get connected at 5 or 6 times the necessary speed at very low cost. It might be a bit harder in remote areas, but it’s only a matter of time until it gets better there.

  89. Curtis Dresler says:

    A side issue:

    Yesterday I was among those that could not use their Paypal account. I tried it once and it gave an error message which I followed up to the blog and found that it was more than just me having problems.

    This morning I get this email, generated yesterday at 7:18 pm:

    “It appears we have had a problem while billing your Paypal account. As this appears to not be a problem on the Linden Lab’s side, we encourage you to contact Paypal to see what the problem may be.”

    I called LL billing to make sure it wasn’t an early billing of my (final) monthly land charges and explained to the person there that the email was misleading at two points. First, it implies that they checked it out and made a determination: not true, it was autogenerated and what it really means is – we had a problem and we are dumping it on you to resolve. Have a nice day.

    Second, of course, it further implies that the determination has found that the problem was most likely with my side/account, when, as the blog says, LL was having the problem on their side.

    When I explained to the billing person that an autogenerated email should be clearly designated autogenerated, and the there should no review implied when there is none, her response was: YOU should file a support ticket.

    LL, you have a problem. When an employee is shown a clear problem in communication (from LL) and dumps it back on the client, this is like ignoring basic Customer Relations 101 and shows a remarkable lack of interest in the system by the employee.

    My response was, fine, the next billing is my last anyway, it really isn’t my problem lady. Have a nice day…

    Man, I’m trying to come up with reasons to spend ten-fifteen minutes in SL each day and the staff keeps giving me reasons to walk away. Well, when the weekly 300 L$ end, its walk away.

  90. Anonymous says:

    I hope this “update” does not ruin SL again and cause my friends, and myself to load everything slower and lag like theres no tomorrow.

  91. G3 says:

    Any exact time on when we will be able to log in?

  92. Dark Otsuzum says:

    Vivienne @89

    ‘How many households worldwide use broadband TODAY? I doubt it are much more than 20 – 30 percent.’

    I doubt that more than 10% of the world’s housholds even have access to a computer, never mind broadband.

  93. Vivienne says:

    @ ZI

    “Second Life really has very moderate hardware requirements compared to many normal 3D games.”

    This is simply not true. IMVU runs fluently on almost every lower midrange system. So does WoW and almost every other 3D game, while you need at least a two years young graphic card for an acceptable SL performance.

    SL 1.19 not only overheats the CPU/GPU like no other comparable application, it simply sucks on low settings. It does not make any sense for anyone to enter a VR with no shaders, no lights and nothing but a maximum of 10 fps while moving an avatar around – praying not to crash.

    This was much better in early 2006, and even the 1.18 client, which was not the fastest perfomer, outperforms 1.19 and 1.20 on lowest settings, with 1.18 set to mid to high.

    And there is not the shadow of a doubt that the horrible overall performance of 1.19.4 on midrange systems is one of the major reasons for the dramatic decline of new premium numbers as well as for the decline of existing premium accounts. And all this for some fuzzy skies, water reflections and an awful overall lighting. Ridiculous.

  94. Ursa Henley says:

    wonderful yet again, is there not a day that goes by that you aren’t applying a bandaid to the multitude of issues you have, here a thought, maybe just maybe try doing a complete fix and then maybe just maybe that issue will go away but then again i seem to believe that goes against LL work ethics, plus i thing there would be a global outbreak of heart attacks is and when you ever do ACTUALLY fix something. we’ll be celebrating birthday 8 with the same issues we have now that is if this sinking ship floats that long.

  95. Curtis Dresler says:

    Actually, broadband penetration is around 20% worldwide, with the U.S. well down in the OECD countries at 25th place with 50% – these include most of the countries other than China and India that you see on SL, and some approach 90%. OTOH, keep in mind that the OECD stats use 256 KB as the lower limit of broadband and that isn’t much when you are talking about SL. For the U.S, users though, keep in mind, we lag much of the developed world very, very badly in high speed Internet and phone service. So for most cases applicable to SL, the U.S. is the worst case, not the best…

  96. Ursa Henley says:

    to 84,

    must be new, to answer your question there is ALWAYS something wrong with SL servers big or small but always there. and any kind of help from LL is nonexistant, they hide under the desks when the phone rings and emails have a scary way of disappearing, oops wrong button oh well. but hey you get to actually pay for this kind of service isnt the modern world grand?

  97. Zi Ree says:

    @95 Vivienne: I think we covered this before. SL does not overheat your GPU. It only overheats due to insufficient cooling.

    IMVU has no user-generated content (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong). SL with its totally dynamic nature naturally can’t keep up with a pre-rendered environment. A fact that gets overlooked very often.

    I don’t know what you do to your systems, but I don’t see a performance drop compared to 1.18 or earlier viewers, even though I do use windlight with all settings maxed out and 192 meter drawing distance. None of my testing machines (reiterating here, none of them are top gaming systems, they are all either old or simple office boxes) suffers overheating, none o them crashes due to overloading. If it crashes then it does because of a bug in the viewer or driver.

  98. Vivienne says:

    @ Zi

    “IMVU has no user-generated content”

    Wrong. Ask Anshe, hehe.

    “I don’t see a performance drop compared to 1.18 or earlier viewers”

    Oh? Then you experience a technical wonder. Please tell me how you persuaded the gods of bad coding to show mercy. Even LL reacted on the 1.19.4 performance desaster by offering a non-windlight version, remember? Even Phillip admitted in one of his latest interviews that LL misinterpreted the actual hardware renewal cycle.

    I only hope they will fix this mess, tho 1.20 is not really what i would call progress in performance. It only adds more unnecessary, not essential stuff

  99. River Ely says:

    I would like to see an option:
    Download a) Trimmed, few options, simple, fast as fun. ( Perfect for may RP and social Interactions)
    Download b) Adjustable, shiney, blingy, pretty, where performance is given away to looks,
    Download c) Builders and designers tool box, able to save more work to hard drive, a semi on world / off world(nee standalone) version for creativity to the max. Not pretty, but capable of supporting multiple screens, editors, building tools and the like…

    Just an Idea…


  100. Kenny Devoix says:

    River@101 That is a excellent sugestion and one that would sastify many needs across a wide range of users. When it comes down to it it could be very easily done also except maybe for the standalone part of it,not sure on that but it would be great.

  101. Resolved (TM) says:

    @87 Argent — Well documented comment the way a junior teacher could do 🙂

    Just one thing, the main problem is not the browser or whatsoever, it’s:

    – 1 — the bandwidth of the network (and the reliability of the ISP of course)
    – 2 — the capability of the video card upon receiving net packets
    – 3 — and to a lower extent the cpu

    And SL works perfectly fine with 3 years old computers by the way, at least for me 🙂 (2 GHz cpu – 128 MB graphical device – 8Mbits dsl network link)

  102. Resolved (TM) says:

    oops forgot the memory (1GB)

  103. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Vivienne@89: “[the web] started off when the PC market was not really existant and without any comparable infrastructure – when ANY compter system was high end”

    Don’t be silly.The PC market started in the ’70s, it really took off with the Apple II and TRS-80 and Commodore-64 and Atari 800. By the mid-80s a high end PC was a Macintosh or Amiga or a 286-based IBM clone. By 1990 the high end was a Deskpro 386, Amiga 3000, or a Macintosh SE/30… all capable of running a modern multitasking operating system like OS/2, AmigaOS, or A/UX. If anything the PC market was richer, with a greater variety of computers available, than it is today.

  104. Zi Ree says:

    @100 Vivienne: I can’t have a look at this thing myself, since it’s only available for Windows. But judging by what I see on the website and in WIkipedia it’s a very limited environment, hardly comparable to the real time changing Second Life at all.

    I’d love to have a citation to back up your claim that Linden Lab “admitted” anything like you said. And another thing: How can you judge if windlight was “badly coded”? Did you read and understand the source code?

    And again, I for myself don’t see any performance problems comparing the windlight version to the normal version. Early windlight releases even showed a massive increase in FPS. Sadly, this didn’t carry over to the final release, but I can switch on pretty skies and off, I hardly lose any FPS. I see much more impact by switching the terrain detail to “low” or reduce “drawing distance”, but I get decent frame rates of max settings, so I don’t bother.

  105. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Zi@106: Whether Windlight improved or degraded performance was very dependent on your video card. The biggest problems I have with Windlight are that it significantly changed the look of avatars, and that it seriously degraded the appearance of water if you don’t have a card good enough to run atmospheric shaders… and even if you do, I think the Windlight water is still terribly simplistic compared to the final pre-Windlight version of Runitai’s water.

  106. Zi Ree says:

    @107 Argent Stonecutter: Mh … Then I was really lucky on my NVidia, Intel and ATi systems 😉

    The avatars look more realistic in my opinion. Shadows create dark spots on your skin / fur, it’s just the way it is. And bright sunlight tends to wash out light surfaces, just like in real life. But I understand this is a personal preference, and you can change it in the environment editor anyway.

    Seriously, the water we have now is fabulous (again, personal taste). It’s sparkling like diamonds 🙂

  107. Ron Crimson says:

    I wanna see this Runitai water now…. can’t imagine it to be that much better than what Windlight does now. I’m with Zi Ree here. 😀

  108. Vivienne says:

    @ Zi

    First read the Rosdal Reuters interview.

    Second. I do not know what you do in SL (did you ever build or texture something seriously?) or to what kind of “realism” you compare windlight lighting to. It is absolutely LESS realistic than any kind of real lighting, because there are absolutely no shadows and prims do not reflect any light but let it pass. That for the “realism” of windlight. Moreover edges of perfectly aligned prims still reflect this lighting, which is absurd. Then the coloring and brightness are totally absurd , which results in trashing almost every texture (either way too dark or way too bright or wahed out or colored as kitsch only can produce kitsch). It is by far more away from any realistic lighting -or the impression the human eye gets by natural lighting – than the old GL shaders were. All in all windlight renders SL even more ugly and extremely artificial than it already is. And it KILLS performance, of course, in spite of your prayers. Maybe less or more dependant on the kind of computer and GPU, but there is a loss of fps under all circumstances, compared to pre-windlight viewers.

  109. rhuff rhode says:

    why does it say resolved when its not? i cant log in due to some overload. this is getting ridiculous. if it’s not resolved, why lie? how about this, kick out the non paying people and let those of us that pay to crash and lag on a daily basis get in and have fun with sl not working. I’m glad i dont run my business like sl does, i actually care about my customers. ty linden labs for not letting a day go by without you sucking.

  110. Bigmommabird says:

    It says logins restricted because of overload, but the number online is not particularly high. I agree that SL shouldn’t keep saying things are resolved when they’re not… it happens all too frequently.

    Why do performance and reliability on the SL end always get worse after upgrades?

  111. Jesslynn Wycliffe says:

    what a wonderful way to run a business.. do what you want when you want, so what if customers can’t use your services. you want it that way. oh wait, i’m making an assumption. maybe i just don’t want to log in or use what i pay for when i have time… sorry

  112. rhuff rhode says:

    resolved my ass, was 43000 online, now 37000 online. how about this LL, i know youver heard it many times before. stop the upgrades and fix the problems. im gonna organize a weeklong boycott of sl, whos with me? i bet this post lasts about 10 minutes before its deleted.

  113. rhuff rhode says:

    now logins are intermittent. is that why the number online keeps going down? logins are intermittent, crashes are up it seems. i wonder if the high ups at LL let people they pay for services take advantage of them like they do us? i personally would like some of my money back. hey LL, how about a free month for everybody in SL. nah, aint gonna happen cuz they dont care. I’ve put in about 20 tickets for issues in the past year and have had not one response. guess the words customer service mean nothing anymore.

  114. Aiku Yokosuka says:

    OHHHHH- here we go again- have a huge party, and SL is doing thier best to ruin it. TYTY for rolling this whole thing out at PRIME TIME!!! you very well know that problems that incur with this stuff. Geez- come on guys!! I am sick to death of your new versions, when Ive had minimal trouble with the old one.

  115. Happy Camper says:

    Sings ” oops they did it again…….”

  116. Awesomesauce says:

    Maybe they should just make announcement of when they WILL be on. It would save on space.

  117. Baxton says:

    Still cannot log in… all the week like this…
    Ok, I’m new, but… Is it normal?

  118. Zi Ree says:

    @110 Vivienne: I did some research and read several interviews Philip gave to Reuters. I couldn’t find any trace of him saying that they underestimated the hardware needs for windlight. I did, however, find a passage where he says, that a new generation of PCs will spark more interest in Second Life. Which probably is true, because a new generation of PCs can put up with more features SL will most likely obtain over time.

    And yes, I do build. A lot. And I absolutely miss support for real shadows. That would be a blast. The preview videos we saw from the experimental viewers look promising, but the technology is not ready yet.

    You say prim edges reflect lighting … This is a problem I’ve seen even before windlight was rolled out. I am not sure what causes this, but it is definitely no windlight issue. Sometimes you aligh prims and when you edit them, you see that they have moved or rotated a tiny bit. This often leads to visible seams. But yes, even when they are perfectly oriented, sometimes you see the reflection on the edges. But again, I saw that before windlight was rolled out.

    Speak for yourself when you say, that windlight looks less realistic or uglier than the old shaders. I think it looks much much better than before.

    And, again and again: Windlight shaders do not impact performance on my machines. In no way.

  119. Vivienne says:

    Zi, it is hopeless to argue against your spin. Unfortunately the metrics and the decline in premium accounts prove you wrong. If this here would be as great as you spin it, well, SL would still be grwing the way as it die before LL came up with it. But it does not.

  120. Zi Ree says:

    I never said anything about growth or successes. I simply and plainly tell facts I can prove and check on for myself. If Second Life succeeds or not is not dependant on any of this.

    Second Life is something a lot of people do no understand. They think it’s a 3D game, a place to get laid easily or a place to make money fast (spend some time with newbies on the Orientation Islands, and you will agree with me). Those people probably will not stay long. Any other reasons for staying o leaving are completely out of my scope of experience, so I can’t comment on that. I don’t see where it proves me right or wrong, it has nothing to do with the facts I mentioned.

  121. Vivienne says:

    Yes, Zi, dream on.

  122. Baxton says:

    Still cannot log in… again and again and again….
    Don’t know what to wait for…

  123. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Those prim seams in Windlight absolutely are a real issue, Zi.

    Sometimes you even have to MISalign walls slightly just to get rid of it, so that the upper prim will overlap the lower prim oh so slightly. Plus a whole lot of other tricks I’ve learned and I’m not going to list here.

    And the colors on prims at sunrise and sunset – well, hey. Things becoming glaring, startling, and – some wildly different color than they actually are – just does NOT happen in the real world. And I could go on.

    Having said all that, pictures of items look better on boxes, in terms of sky, ground, etc.

    And in any case, I’ve worked hard to make my things look good in Windlight, and I know longer pay attention to the aspects no one can change now anyway, and that’s just the end of that. Adjust, do your best, and move on with whatever we have, is sort of my philosophy.

    I just don’t want to hear, after at least two months now of working on this, and gaining intimate knowledge of these Windlight issues and how to minimize them, that they do not exist. A person who doesn’t know what Windlight can do to seams is a person who just hasn’t built much, is my belief.


  124. Zi Ree says:

    @125 Cocoanut Koala: I didn’t say the seams don’t exist, I said, it’s not a windlight issue. It happened to me before windlight even existed.

  125. Dex says:

    july17th and i have been waiting over 12 hours for my registration email. Any advice? I can find no help through support

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