Make seamless textures with Wood Workshop – Video Tip of the Week #40

We’ve hit the big 4-0!

Seamless textures are easier than you think with the right tools! And one of those utilities of choice is the free Wood Workshop, alas Windows-only, but oh-so-easy for crafting realistic-to-wild wood and bringing it into the wonderful world of Second Life.

“W” alliteration aside, I show you exactly how to do this, so you can start crafting a collection of terrific textures. Experiment, indulge, remix, and be relentless about your creative power. If you keep at it, you may even have 100s like me!

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00:32 – Get started in Wood Workshop
04:23 – Render your texture
07:52 – Apply your textures in Second Life

For more texturetastic awesomeness, did you know we have a Texture Tools page on the Second Life Wiki? You do now! Check it out for more choices, amplify your awesome, and add your formerly-missing favorites.

(Hey, it’s what I do.)

Torley Linden
     Resident Enlightenment Managerologist
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57 Responses to Make seamless textures with Wood Workshop – Video Tip of the Week #40

  1. Garn Conover says:

    1 point you missed Torley 🙂 If you drag the texture onto the prim it will add it to the one side you dropped it on 🙂 Great vid tut tho that program might be very useful for some of the ppl w/ little photoshop/ gimp understanding

  2. Thanks Torley;
    More good stuff to keep the masses busy!

    Have a GREAT Second Life all!

  3. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Torley Dude – you bring such enthusiasm to everything 🙂 Great Vtut – I know all this stuff but sometimes get lost in the details. Nice to see it all brought together and get my creative juices flowing again. And you even pronounce it “aluminium” lol You rock. Also echo #1s point abot dragging directly to a prim side.

  4. shirlee iuga says:

    To create a simple seamless Texture in PhotoShop or such:

    Make an Image, e.g. 512×512 with the desired Texture.

    Shift image vertical 256 pixel right and horizontal 256 pixel up, so that the pixel that had been shifted are copied to the left side and to the bottom.

    Many image editing programs have special filters, in PS it is located in “other Filters” and called “offset” (“Verschiebungseffekt” in German Photoshop).

    Just replace the empty parts with the shifted parts, that would have been shifted out of the image borders.

    Now you should see the 4 former corners shifted to the middle of the image.

    And all you need to do: eliminate the hard transition between the 4 sections in the Image with a blurry/unsharp clone stamp (“Kopierstempel”) and you can use blur and smudge (“Weichzeichner”, “wischfinger”), dodge and burn on the image to create a homogeneous image.

    After you are done, shift back the image to see if you accidently did too much to it, maybe you will need a little redo in the middle of the image.

    And there you are: you can use that image as a seamless texture.

  5. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    [quote]And one of those utilities of choice is the free Wood Workshop, alas Windows-only, but oh-so-easy for crafting realistic-to-wild wood and bringing it into the wonderful world of Second Life.[/quote]

    Free = very good, but Windows® only?
    Give us a break! What about all us on Mac’s and *nix systems? Aren’t we worthy some thoughts as well? It’s more than time to think cross platform for SL by now. And that’s for the “extras” as well.

    And this goody even require Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed… *sighs loudly*

    OK, enough of the whining. Good work anyway, as alwas Torley.

  6. Ron Crimson says:

    Torley, my man… Managerologist? LOL, you have a way with words that I just get a kick out of. 🙂 Not to mention there you go again with that R.E.M. thing… is there a subtle message here? 😀

    You ROCK! And, uh, yayzerama!

  7. Ann Otoole says:

    yay some legal textures in sl at last! wtg!

  8. Tegg B says:

    You can also create textures in MSPaint, only simple ones, but good for basic signs etc.

  9. Praetor Janus says:

    Congrats Torley, but what about soft for Mac?

    Most Graphical Artists are on Macintosh, did you know 🙂

  10. william Fish says:

    good for you…. one of the top tips you can provide. now if more people will listen and only use 512×512 we would be good to go 🙂

  11. william Fish says:

    Torley Linden, are you using onrez? i like the shade of blue used for your edit and pie and inventory windows. smooth and nice to look at.

  12. Dark Otsuzum says:



    C’mon, you’re having a go at Torley because software he recommends is Windows only?

    So he should not tell Windows users about it in case it upsets Mac Users? So it’s his fault it’s not available for Macs?

  13. Jamma Newt says:

    Like Torley mentioned, Wood Workshop’s bigger brother Genetica lets you create a much broader range of texture types using the same procedural method with seeds, sliders and combination filters, which is mind-bogglingly tempting for anybody into textures in a serious way. It will do all sorts of things like brick, stone, electronics, water – pretty much anything.

    They are currently in a closed beta for version 3.0 which will feature some powerful new tools. While it may be a little expensive, the basic version 2.5 is currently on sale for 99USD instead of the regular 149USD, and buying now gets you a free upgrade to the new version once it’s released, scheduled sometime late this summer.

    If you don’t want to pay anything at all, you can also try the free Genetica Viewer, which lets you open and render anybody else’s .gtx files at resolutions of up to 1024x, as well as making very minor adjustments like hue or scale. There are also freebie texture packs on their website that are compatible with the Viewer.

    While this may be Windows-only and thus offensive to many Mac users, I’m still glad Torley highlighted this because it’s a great tool for very easily creating seamlessly (the toughest part in my opinion) tiling textures. This and a number of other high quality Win-only free apps are why I will always have at least one Winbox next to my Mac.

  14. NullEnigma Javelin says:

    You guys should have the same tools to set texture repeats as you do to edit prim position. Dragable arrows on the UV coords for offset with ctrl-shift bringing up the scale tool.

  15. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Nice advertisement.

    Can’t say the same for the product.

    There’s plenty of seamless tile texture software out – why do these guys get LL’s “blessing”?

    For some decent options try here;

  16. Darth Juniper says:

    Praetor – most graphical artists may be using Macs but most SL users are using PCs. 😉

  17. Umbra Lunardi says:

    Praetor @ 9:

    I think most Mac users are well aware of the supremely capable and free Gimp for graphic manipulation. Well, at least you are now!:

  18. I will never forget the day you gave us wood.


  19. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    #18 Dirk.
    That has got to be the funniest thing i have ever seen posted here .

    Lol thanks Torley for the great Vtuts you rock . I have used this program before and completely forgot about it.. Thanks for the reminder!

  20. Kulayle Antine says:

    if you want a real SL texture to look good get the only thing that maters Ps plug in from hell if new to Ps just go to help then install
    latest plug in

  21. LUCHA OBRERA says:

    Hola compañero, estoy intentando conectar todas las webs de tipo social,trabajo,reivindicativo, te pediria que colaborasemos juntos, visitame y mira como puedes anunciarte en mi sitio de una forma totalmente desinteresada. un saludo y animo con la informacion en internet.


  22. Damen Hax says:

    Great tip Torley, I’ve been telling people to use this great program for months now, I even uploaded a few hundred free to the public domain.

    Don’t forget us seasoned players like a tip every now n then 2 😉 Perhaps a neat trick that we may have forgotten or never even realized was there etc.

  23. Tegg B says:

    Jessica Hultcrantz Says:

    June 28th, 2008 at 9:20 AM
    [quote]And one of those utilities of choice is the free Wood Workshop, alas Windows-only, but oh-so-easy for crafting realistic-to-wild wood and bringing it into the wonderful world of Second Life.[/quote]

    Free = very good, but Windows® only?
    Give us a break! What about all us on Mac’s and *nix systems? Aren’t we worthy some thoughts as well? It’s more than time to think cross platform for SL by now. And that’s for the “extras” as well.

    And this goody even require Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed… *sighs loudly*

    OK, enough of the whining. Good work anyway, as alwas Torley.

    Perhaps you should be channelling your queries to Genetica instead of Linden Labs.
    Yoou chose to buy a Fiat, so enjoy your exquisite performance and don’t complain when you can’t buy accessories for it at the Autobarn 🙂

  24. TheTree says:

    @(9) Praetor Janus:

    I guess a graphical artist would know already (also considering most already have this little program called PS CS3 or so ;)).

  25. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ok, one more time I paid for some items I did not receive as SL is down for maintenance but did not give us an in world warning, thank you LL for loosing ou rmoney 🙂

  26. TheTree says:

    Any… blogpost… about… what’s…. going…. on???? maybe??

  27. coventina dalgleish says:

    Interesting tool Torley thanks for the data )) On another topic is anyone ever going to fix the default hand animation so that it does not over ride other animations I only mention this to you since you have the inside track to the creative people. Since we have no control over the finger joints sl just takes over with the default making hand poses very difficult. You showed us how to kill typing please find out how to kill the fist )) Perhaps they can remove it from the defaults still allowing it to be called in the animation upload parameter. Thanks

  28. Moll Dean says:

    HI PC and Mac users

    If you are using Photoshop you should try the plugin EYE CANDY that allow you to create Seamless tiles too.
    Thank you Torley, again 🙂

    Hugs all

  29. JackJack Oh says:

    Am i missing something or there are no more youtube versions of video tutorial?

  30. Kathleen Auer says:

    Hey, is it only me, that cannot open the wood workshop-website?

  31. Jonathan Snow says:

    I think hushing the residents is finally succeeding. First taking the wrong-goings off the Blog pages. Then not opening comments on the statuspage. Then overfill the Blog with subjects that the original visitors of the Blog (The searchers for what is going on with the grid) do not care about.
    I am sure the next step will be, Linden announcing that the number of distsatisfied customers has dropped. It is absolutely impossible that there were no comments on the grid being down and the almost no information about it. I guess lots of comments were deleted to hide the not happy population.
    I Have to say one positive thing about the status page report though. At least they did not wrote: “RESOLVED” this time. And luckely also not the most irritating sentence: “….Thankyou for your continued patience” 🙂

  32. May Wright says:

    Re: #30 Nope , I can’t open the wood workshop site either 😦
    and I was sooooooo excited about it too , darn!

  33. May Wright says:

    Woohooooo!!!! I found it here ….

    and YES it is free download, thanks Torley for the vidtut. Now to get busy 🙂

  34. Libbi Timeless says:

    A side note on downloads that “seam” to be a referral website from a primary source – in this case, Torley Linden’s tutorial – there are many similarly named downloads. On the side of caution, you may want to verify your source for downloads – and, check the warnings that are often, as in this case, supplied by your scanners that keep updated, regularly.

    It’s just another reminder to keep your computer safe from hackers, computer bugs and so many other problems that can spoil your fun and wreak havoc on your computer.

    Here’s the warning message I received on a search (I haven’t checked the wiki provided, but I do know that there are many compatibility issues with very good programs that are helpful. There are also inworld classes on creating textures that are helpful, as well.

    Just a word of caution – and, this came from a beta scanner powered by McAffee:

    “In our tests, we found downloads on this site that some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs.”

    Referenced Source:

  35. Libbi Timeless says:

    Yes, that looks like the website, May (post 33) – I subscribed to the newsletter and want to use more of the resources for texture artists – W00T!

  36. Norma Desmond Junior says:

    Thank you Torley!! I’m mac but appreciate it. To Linden Power Team: yes there are inworld office hours and they are appreciated but I feel what is needed is
    1) a Town Square blog–a rolling 150 items where residents –and **online Lindens** can keep in touch–24/7–for posting of weird things encountered -questions that come up etc. A place to vent good and bad is needed where we can get feedback or answers–it would keep us on topic on these postings (Like now 🙂 )

    2) maybe this is coming at end of the great SL5B but I don’t think I’m alone in wondering where are we going? Will mac users lose support? Will system requirements be used as a way to cull the herd? How many users can this platform support? Will a larger one show up SOON (lag so bad at 60k in world) What’s the LONG term land plan –is there one? Please share Linden plans for us–you have 250+ super people (Lindens) doing amazing things on this cruise liner called Second Life–we’d like to sit at the Captain’s Table and know where our ship is headed…in the mean time back on deck …..

  37. Pie Psaltery says:

    Also easy, also free, ooo, and open source:)

    Texture Studio 1.10 – Seamless Texture Generator

  38. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Pie@37: where do you actually get it? I don’t see a download for that program.

  39. Time to be businesslike SL! says:

    So logins are restricted right at this moment. One wonders, with some justification, why non-paying members are not booted so that paying members can log on. Let’s have a loud and clear policy statement on this from M asap. If we pay, then we should not be hindered in any way by someone who does not. Pretty simple.

  40. Renee Faulds says:

    Also Katt – like 4 weeks ago you said that comments were going to be enabled on the status blog.

    Ahhhh, when?????

    or is that like this asset server issue, just you guys comment and then never say any more?

  41. Kenny Devoix says:

    What more needs said other then they are aware,working on it and its up or down? If comments were open they would just be filled by complaints and nothing that could help solve the problem or resolve it any faster.

    And good article on the seamless texture making.That program works great.

  42. Praetor Janus says:

    Hi @24 🙂 I was being … me, … humble 🙂

    I use CS3 Master Collection and Maya, I’m just worried with the … “simpler” Mac user 😉

    Keep the stones in your pocket, please 🙂

  43. Rana Harrop says:

    Ping==>Argent, the d/l for Texture Studio is about halfway down the page Pie cited, for Full version, and right below is a d/l for the source.

    May Wright, tnx for the link to Spiral Graphics, I d/l the Genetica [trial version] that comes w/texture packs that go way beyond wood 🙂

    tnx Torley, totally awesome post, doesn’t even brush any CopyRight topics 😛 [the Genetica texture packs are explicitly royalty free (see the site)] don’t wanna go,,,how did you put it Scanner Darkly on ya.. tnx for the tips

    btw folks, lemme correctly cite the Royalty free nature of the texture packs with a pointer to ==>
    You really should give credit where due if you use these textures in SL

    ‘Nuff Said I hope,
    have fun and color Your World, Your Way [?]

  44. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Ah, I was looking for the source, not the executable. But it seems that the source is in a proprietary version of Basic, so it doesn’t make a great deal of difference whether it’s open source if you’re looking for portable code.

  45. Vex Streeter says:

    …Or you could do seamless textures in GIMP, available at no charge for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Solaris and just about anything else you are likely to want to use.

    Here’s the main GIMP link:
    And a nice seamless texture tutorial:

  46. Lina Pussycat says:

    The other application Spiral Graphics Makes is called Genetica 2 Pro this is an awesome little seamless texture generator that has the wood lab , tile lab amongst other things, it can export normal maps as well of the images and there has been a sculptie thing developed for it somewhere on the net that i recall…while not the best way you can make your flooring etc look slightly raised and te like… Genetica is good fun if you need to make seamless textures and the like (I only wish i knew how to add new patterns…)

    I have used it in the past both from a professional standpoint and for SL and used similar tools as well 🙂 . I do reccomend some of these procedural texture creators as some of them give great results :).

  47. Lina Pussycat says:

    On a side note it doesnt work with Wine 😦 I have tried in the past =/

  48. You really should list photoshop on the wiki. It is the most powerful tool for tesselating image creation outside of maya.

    It’s not free, but neither are filter forge, art rage, photoseam, or even gimp if you’re using it as a business.

  49. Vex Streeter says:

    @49 Katarina: Uh, GIMP is both free and Free – it is licensed under GPL 2 or later, and is downloadable at no charge for any *use* in source and binary forms from many locations. The license doesn’t restrict your use of the program at all, it restricts the ways you are allowed to incorporate the GIMP *program* into other programs.

    The bottom line is that if you want to use GIMP to edit or create images *for any purpose at all*, GIMP is free and unrestricted.

  50. Tiny Mind says:

    Wow, an embedded Flash Player instead of the usual cheat-link to YouTube. And it’s cleaner without over-loud compression on the audio, and the typical YT pixelation. Better and better!

    Tiny Sight

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  52. RaddDadd says:

    Another weird, wacky, wordy tutorial! However, the wizened English Teacher Within complains: One of your superimposed texts says, “Each prim face can be… effected differently.” That should be “affected.” Now, don’t you wish videos were as easy to correct as a text doc!

  53. Unmitigated Gall says:

    Jessica # 5… Why would Torley and Linden Labs be responsible for the Wood Workshops people supporting alternate platforms for their software? Besides, Torley mentioned the alternatives for all the operating systems. I agree, enough whinning.

  54. @44: The license means that you will need to credit Spiral Graphics if you distribute textures that you make with Wood Workshop or Genetica Viewer as textures. No attribution is required if you use them in your own creations and distribute those, though it certainly couldn’t hurt.

  55. katykiwi moonflower says:

    Just in time for my current project! Thanks Torley!

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  57. Timo Gufler says:

    It seems to be possible to run Wood Workship in Linux. First you need to install it using Wine (without .Net) and then make a small script that activates a file system compatibility feature:

    export MONO_IOMAP=drive:case
    mono Wood\ Workshop.exe

    You naturally have to install Mono runtime and WinForms implementation (packages libmono-winforms1.0-cil and libmono-winforms2.0-cil in Ubuntu). The software runs but not perfectly.

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