Knowledge Base Article of the Week #30: Suggestion Box Sign

Happy Thursday, people, and welcome back to another edition of Knowledge Base Article of the Week. This week, we’re going to visit a topic near and dear to my heart: Submitting a Knowledge Base Suggestion.

The Documentation Team works every day to improve the Knowledge Base, adding new articles and cleaning up outdated information in existing articles, many of which were written long before any of us actually joined Linden Lab. We’re always happy to receive suggestions for articles that don’t exist, or ways to improve articles that are already in there. This week’s article should help you to help us by letting you know what is — and isn’t — a great idea for a Knowledge Base suggestion.

If you’ve got any questions or stories to share with us about your documentation-related experiences, feel free to stop by our weekly office hour at our couch dock in Beaumont!

Hot off the press: This week’s is slightly earlier on Friday at 1pm SLT at the usual time on Friday at 2pm SLT (as always, individual support requests are for the Support Portal).

Be well,

Jon Linden

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37 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #30: Suggestion Box Sign

  1. Christos Atlantis says:

    Hiya, I would like to suggest a indepth knowledge base for Island owners, that is all in one place and maybe add the TEXT to PDF file you where giving with the Island purchase becuase now, most of the new Island owner, have no idea on what to do.

    P.S. Keep up the good work, things are looking better.

  2. Stick says:

    Higher than usual load
    Whats that supposed to mean?

  3. Maybe you should also write your staff an article, ‘How to reply to suggestions in a non-flippant manner that doesn’t make it look like you’re blowing off whatever the user has taken the time to write.’

  4. TheDandy Schism says:

    With all the groups that exist and the advantages of being a member (discounts, access to parcels, etc.), it would seem to me that a review of the 25 group limit is in order. 25 is a very small number in comparison to what may actually be needed. In fact, if I were to have kept membership in all the groups to which I have subscribed, I would have over 40 group listings. Many of the groups that I left were some that I would have liked to remain a member.

  5. TheDandy Schism says:

    Another item that is going without attention is more documentation explaining the sculpties. Wikipedia is helpful as are many of the tutorials, however, with the need to conserve prims, sculpties are being used more and more. The classes given by the learning institutes are excellent, yet, even they don’t really explain the finite aspects of the sculpties…partly, due to time constraints.

    This suggestion, of course, is a much lesser priority than the stabilization of the overall system. BTW, RC 1.20.11 seems to be quite stable in comparison to many of the other releases. And, of course, that infamous “asset server” problem that constantly arises and crashes everything…including losing inventory items for days on end.

  6. Rascal Ratelle says:

    login issues, website nevigation issues
    and tp issues still having problems.

  7. Firebird Nightfire says:

    Dandy (#12):

    What part of sculpties do you need explained: how to make the UV map, or how to apply one to a prim?

    Applying to a prim is simple: just rez a prim; a cube or a sphere preferably. Go to the Object tab and change the prim type to Sculpted Prim. The texture box underneath will show a rainbow-y texture. On your screen, your prim will look like a wooden apple. Find your sculptie texture in your inventory, and drag it to the texture box. The prim will change shape to your chosen sculptie. Size and texture as needed.

    Now, as to creating the UV map, you will need to consult the manual and/or a tutorial for your rendering software.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  8. Firebird Nightfire says:

    Sorry, mean to address #11!

  9. I like to read comments to get more information about things that the residents know which Lindens may not. But it really is a hassle to see so many off-topic rants written by people who either don’t know the proper way to handle problems they are experiencing or they are simply insane.

  10. @#15

    Your comments and behaviour are unbecoming of a second life mentor.

  11. Resolved (TM) says:

    I’m not so sure that’s part of a knowledge base, but if we could have a complete and practical guide to LSL — or the next scripting language to come someday — that would be great.

    by *complete and practical* I mean each function being illustrated with two or three examples, not simply a defintion of functions and associated variables and types.

    As of now that is to me a big lack and the current LSL guide is not readable to the average resident.

    Well, just my 2 cts. 😉

  12. Resolved (TM) says:

    I meant useable, not readable…

  13. Irene Muni says:

    At 6/6/08 I sent this ticket (4051-4891905) as a “Knowledge Base Suggestions”:

    In the page of the Knowledge Base about “Second Life Last Names FAQ” (see: Knowledge Base > Second Life Info > Knowledge Base > Social Stuff > Second Life Last Names FAQ – the link “Tell Us About Your Business” (actually, is empty, “file not found”.

    Today, there is no response to that ticked the link remains broken.

    It is important that there be suggestions to the KB. But it is also important to address 😉

    Greetings from Spain.


    El 6-6-08 envié un tique (4051-4891905) como “Knowledge Base Suggestions”:

    [verlo arriba, se entiende bien]

    A día de hoy, no ha habido respuesta, y el enlace sigue roto.

    Es importante hacer sugerencias a la KB. Pero tambiéne s importante atenderlas 😉

    Saludos desde España.

  14. aSwede says:

    @18 Resolved (TM)

    The LSL wiki is a good place to go, even though some parts of it are not too well organized. You’ll find examples for most things you’d like to do and you can easily add to the information with your own.

    Writing good examples is hard so it takes some time for some of the subjects.

  15. Ron Crimson says:

    ZOMG Jon, what’d you do? Look in the mirror with your glowing eyes and turn yourself into a puddle of green jelly? Someone call 911 :-O

    …Wait, I’m confusing you with Jeremy, right? I always mix you two up somehow…. ack 😛

  16. Dooman says:

    tanck u

  17. #17 Katarina Malthus

    My comment for Jon Linden and the blog moderators comes from me personally. Not as a second life mentor who’s purpose is only to help residents, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

  18. Reliability Please says:

    SL does not have a future of ANY kind if you cannot easily interact with other people.

    Take a look at the research on this issue. People do not waste time on Internet sources that are slow loading or unreliable. It is pretty simple if you Lindens hope to cash in.

    Today is not a good day… one of many.

  19. Someone writes ‘How to reply to suggestions in a non-flippant manner that doesn’t make it look like you’re blowing off whatever the user has taken the time to write.’


    Any professional will ignore even a 50 page comment if he has no answer, hasn’t the time to respond, or simply has no desire to answer.

  20. Jonnyfx Pontchartrain says:

    Well, the support page seems to be down as well, so I’ll post this here and maybe some Linden will notice it. There’s nothing posted on the Grid Status page, but it seems like the database is “sad” again. Items are failing to rez, image uploads won’t work, and Group Invites fail due to Roles mot loading. I’m sure there’s more not working, but that’s what I’ve noticed so far.

  21. The Knowledge base is for resident as a reference and to learn about SL.

    It is totally unbecoming for a moderator of another forum to even begin to troll this blog with an absurd suggestion that the KB is a policy manual for LL employees.

  22. Wyald Woolley says:

    Just an FYI: The LL® team in charge of “borking things that function” must have been playing with the SecondLife® web site today because it was really flaky and wouldn’t load for an extended time.

    This team deserves some kudos for all the work done on the grid this week. It has went from annoying to nearly impossible to use.

    With regard to the KB® I have found the general knowledge to lack the depth to be worthwhile. It is, to me, more of an introduction to the topics in whichever area for which I have tried to use it. My suggestion is to make it more relevant to someone looking for a more complete understanding.

  23. Firebird Nightfire says:

    People, the Lindens *know* what’s wrong with the grid – you all keep pestering them about it. But there’s a big difference between knowing the problem and knowing how to fix it. Quit abusing them and let them do their jobs!!!!

    That said, I’d like to ask the Lindens a question. Is there an easier way to alert the repair teams when something’s borked? When the power’s out, you call the power company. How do we get ahold of y’all when, say, tps are down? Please let us know.

    I can’t submit tickets cos I’ve got a Basic account. The few issues I’m allowed to submit don’t help when it’s a technical problem.

  24. Sue Saintlouis says:

    I’m in contact with a lot of newer people. Many have no idea that there is a knowledge base or a wiki. So, my suggestion is to make additional efforts in-world to publicize their existence.

    I agree with the previous poster, more details to explain LSL, please. Particularly for people just starting with LSL. Maybe give some of the awesome scripters in-world some incentive (a contest might be fun) to contribute.

    Keep up the good work!

  25. MarkByron Falta says:

    Nice to have a suggestion box about the knowledge base but when do you actually plan to have a functional knowledge base? At this point in time, one has to sleuth through either the defunct F1 Help! application, Second Life Wiki pages, Torley’s Tuts,, forums, knowledge base, and so on. The emaciated knowledge base is about the last place that you’ll find the answer to any given question and frankly, the defunct F1 Help! is far more helpful and easier to use. First thing you should do is port everything that’s on the F1 Help! app to the knowledge base, and then port all the information from from the various Wiki’s, tutorials, and everywhere else. Only at that point will you have something that can honestly be called a knowledge base, but it will still need beefing up. For example, a full and comprehensive discussion of every single client menu option including the advanced menu options and all if the debug settings.

  26. MarkByron Falta says:

    By the way, the link on the knowledge base article for submitting a suggestion doesn’t work: ‘There was an unexpected error. An error has occurred with your request. You may navigate away or click here to go back.’ Having a non-functional link on the KB article that you’re promoting in the blog is rather revealing. As I stated above, when are you going to have a functional knowledge base?

  27. Dark Otsuzum says:

    Wouldn’t it help a bit to have an actual LINK to a KB Tutorial ??????

    “Submitting a Knowledge Base Suggestion” simply takes one to the er…opening page on Submitting a Knowledge Base Suggestion, as does the “This Week’s article”. Hardly a tutorial.

  28. Resolved (TM) says:

    @15 — (quote) “Writing good examples is hard so it takes some time for some of the subjects.”

    And so what is the point ? I prefer having a slower pace well documented and practically helpful than a one-shot quick and dirty stuff.

    As for the Wiki, you are right there are lots of info there, now it’s always the same with the web whatever are the techniques used (articles – videos – others), it ‘s all fragmented and you spend 10 more times searching than finding. So that if I want do build some scrpited stuff I need to spend 3 hours looking for what i wannna do and — say — 1 hour to do it actually. Not my cuppa tea.

    PS : It’s a bit concerning not to have any comment from Jon Linden, as he very likely opened this post for encouraging comments… or am i wrong ?

  29. omg – Jon Linden I had to chnge my AV 🙂
    Thankx for all the documentation to bad most people seem not auto didactic (hope it’s the right word) to use it but it’s still alway’s a great help to be able to answer reoccuring questions extremly fast by pointing them to the right knwledgebase article.
    P.S.: I need another attachment point on my Jelly for the spoon 🙂

  30. RJ Kikuchiyo says:

    I thought this thread was about how to make your own suggestion box and sign! could someone post a quickie tut on this topic as now I am amped up to take suggestions in a box, with a sign, but still have no idea how! Literal interpretation of the topic is a problem of mine, and maybe others?

  31. There were a load of suggestions in the Open Letter last year, none of which have been implemented. And instead more rubbish that has just slowed the grid down to a complete crawl – if you can actually ever login these days that is.

    Hardly any point for a suggestion box surely?

    Unless it’s to say see you all in

  32. Larkum Woodget says:

    Hi RJ

    Try playing around with this inventory drop script – you can drag a notecard onto the object ( maybe call it ” suggestion box) 🙂


    changed(integer mask)
    llWhisper(0, “Thank you for submitting your notecard.”);

  33. Larkum Woodget says:

    Oh btw- I didn’t write that script- I just found it somewhere I don’t remember where- I’m not so genius to actually write something like this from scratch…

  34. mhhh .. there tools to check links …
    well I guess nobody so far had a suggestion for a knowledge base article on (linked from this article) but clicking submit it I get the following error:
    There was an unexpected error.
    An error has occurred with your request.
    You may navigate away or click here to go back.

    I actually wanted to submit a non technical knowledge suggestion – how to prevent beeing griefed like only donate to people with Payment Info Used, having there RL names or webpages and if there is a webpage to check it to one of the whois if it is registred to the same persons.

    Well I cvouldn’t but maybe it’s not a good suggestion anyway because – who does read it?

    Please fix the link anyway as people may come up with ideas in case you wonder why there where no suggestions yet.
    Nancy Yohogania
    Hoppy Pay Operator

  35. Medhue Simoni says:

    I would like to point out just how ridiculous it is having 2 different info pages, the Blog and the Grid Status. The blog is listed on the Home page. The Grid Status is not. Today there is a problem registering new users. How would a truely new user ever find or know to look at the Grid Status page. Even if they did find it, its has no links to the support page, which would be nice for a new user. Old user have problems navigating cause of all the changes that happen. Pretty much pointless the even make that post on the Grid Status page. Its astounds me that i even have to point it out. On the brighter side, things are looking better and i truely appreciate the work going on.

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