SL5B: Trying to find cool events during the SL Birthday?

..and not able to find what you want in search?

We’ve added a new live calendar that’s being updated by the exhibitors themselves. You can find it on the SL5B wiki under General Exhibitor Events

Enjoy the amazing density and diversity of what your fellow Residents have created. Wow.

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51 Responses to SL5B: Trying to find cool events during the SL Birthday?

  1. Amilie Anatine says:

    Did you know you have two seperate calendars in operation? The exhibitors were instructed to send an email to google (news at bottom of wiki) and the one you link to is Zoho.

  2. Amilie Anatine says:

    correction: exhibitors were also instructed to add events to Zoho

  3. jaliscomexicosl says:

    ther’re some awsome events on SL5B

  4. Budd Raymaker says:


  5. Meghan Dench says:

    @ 1.
    People can use both or either.

  6. Amilie Anatine says:

    here is a link to the other google calendar 🙂

  7. Meghan Dench says:

    Wow thanks for doing that Amilie! : D That’s a great help : P

  8. Pepper Haas says:

    Wanted to visit SL5B yesterday — arrived to find, it’s a no-script zone, so that my HUD won’t run. Tiny Empires players, be warned!

  9. Meghan Dench says:

    @ 8, River.
    Fantastic, they’ll be able to help you. What are you doing? SL5B Is not a code word for a SL Bug Fix or Developer Event it is Second Life’s 5th Birthday Celebration, and your above post really has no relevance here. Sorry to be so brutally honest, Event info can be found at

  10. Tammy Teebrook says:

    Congrats on 5 yr b-day.. The complaint i have is the download pg that has been given does not work and has tried for 3 weeks and should be removed because it doesnt work for nothing. I was given 1 other choice and thats the New Release and if thats all there is then that should be the main download.

  11. Linda Brynner says:

    #8 Couldn’t agree more River. Good points !

  12. Simeon Beresford says:

    now if I could tpwithout being logged out . i might be able to go

  13. Tegg B says:

    Linda Brynner Says: “#8 Couldn’t agree more River. Good points !”
    I suspect you are both looking in the wrong place, I didn’t see have any luck getting the pothole fixed in my street when I mentioned it at my brothers birthday party last week either.
    Level playing field? Cool idea when is the World dollar coming into effect anyway? If you’re not happy with your countries taxation, run for parliment or move.
    Though if you really run a legit business you could claim back your VAT as we do our GST, but then if you are doing it under the table badluck.

  14. Ann Otoole says:

    @16 – Concur. I tried to visit SL5B twice and gave up. First time on RC10 which crashed constantly. Second time on the production version and got bored with the sea of mainland quality looking greyness. (Can’t tell how fantastic a build is when it is all gray) And the sidewalks up in the air blocking movement all over is real amateur.

    Seems there is a problem with more than 10 avatars in a region now even when all the avatars have a low render cost. Something has changed recently and it is not good. I have completely sworn off mainland visits now. Just takes too long to rez even at draw distance 64. Apparently LL is not visiting the grid to see how things are. Or if they are they are and think nothing is wrong then they are not getting a good sample.

    Hope they address these issues soon.

  15. Marianne McCann says:

    Let’s not forget this handy list, too.

    I’ve been getting fair movement in SL5B, with only the area around the stage being difficult. the Kids5B moves a bit nicer, as the organizers spent some time makin’ sure they weren’t lagging the sims.

  16. Ric Mollor says:

    I too have noticed the low performance of the SL5B sims. Extremely slow texture loading, endlessly gray avatars, and long handoff times when crossing from sim to sim.

    Also have recieved ‘region full’ messages when the map is indicating under 40 users in the sim. Is the map data wrong or has SL performance bacame so bad that the limit needs to set that low?

    More and more SL appears to be dying a slow death. Thank God for the alterna-grids and the new P2P grid project that’s coming along.

  17. @ 17 Exactly, how do you “Enjoy the amazing density and diversity of what your fellow Residents have created. Wow.” when it’s all grey, lagging like crazy, or you can’t get in? Still, at least you have fluffy clouds and shadows I suppose.

  18. @8, Most of your proposed events are not needed. For example, the solution to Euro VAT is to demand that your governments lift the imposition of VAT on virtual games like SL vice suggesting that the residents from US, Japan, Brazil, and other non-European countries assume your tax burden via ‘leveling’. Legitimate issues such as grid stability and performance need to be addressed everyday as priority #1 (not merely an event at the SL5B), and while M Linden’s keynote was uninspiring and tepid at best, at least he’s cognizant of the problem. Hopefully he’s up to the task of pulling SL through some difficult times ahead.

  19. Dekka Raymaker says:

    dependents on the time of day I log in, sometimes I crash, but usually I get to see what I need to. Yes textures take a time to load, but if just stand for a while, it eventually load. I try and organise it a bit, get the SLurl to the places you want ot see, and TP there, if you find you can move about freely with little lag, look around. Just don’t expect to cover 20 SIMs in one hour.

  20. Alexandra Rucker says:

    ## “..and not able to find what you want in search?”

    *** search!

    How about, oh, I dunno… Less lag? The ability to enjoy displays without framerates dropping to “clay-mation” levels of 3 or less? The ability to have high concurrency without the grid going to h-e-doublehockysticks in a handbasket?

    You know, the sort of thing that lets people log in AND actually DO something?

    That would help a lot. Because until then? All the place I can find in search are just pretty words on a screen.

  21. pantaiputih korobase says:

    sorry to post OT, but the blog aobut new RC was closed for non US residents (due to its release time….). Good that you fixed some bugs, thanks, but the performance goes down withe each RC viewer, i.e. rezzing takes longer with each release fps go down…..
    Hope this will be considered inone of the future releases because I enjoy to move to different places more than just to sit on my land 🙂
    pls make that game usuable again, thanks LL

    p.s. to add a comment to ‘restricted log ins’. yes, pls prefer premium members when these situations occur, thanks LL

  22. pantaiputih korobase says:

    sometimes I recieve notecards per e mail and not in world
    sometimes I don’t receive notecards per e mail when I am not in world
    sometimes I feel traffic is not update regularily
    sometimes I feel land sale not update regularily
    sometimes I feel map loads slow
    sometimes I feel current visitor numbers on map are not right

    thank you LL that this will improve in the near future
    thank you Katt my favorite Linden who is on holiday again 🙂
    hugs to all

  23. Taff Nouvelle says:

    And the sidewalks up in the air blocking movement all over is real amateur

    What sidewalks Anne ? there are no sidewalks in the air anywhere on the birthday sims.

    the time and effort spent by the lime trees on the whole SL5B stuff

    the whole event was planned and organised by volunteer, unpaid RESIDENTS.

    The only involvement by LL was to set rules that we had to abide by.

  24. Kimo Junot says:

    Just so you know… all the exhibitors that are at SL5B were not “well choson exhibitors” that you calme we are. We all had to submit applications that had to be reviewed and some of us had to submitt them more than once. Alot of people that submitted applications for the event and were accepted didnt even bother to show up.. and everything you see at SL5B was created and built by residents of SL and NON of us wrere paid and never will be…this is all about what the residents of SL do…not what we get “paid for”

  25. Shaman says:

    That’s right Taff.
    @28 “the whole event was planned and organised by volunteer, unpaid RESIDENTS.

    The only involvement by LL was to set rules that we had to abide by.”

    We were approved by LL for a build for SL5B, but the ‘comittee’ of volunteers got so hung up on ‘offending’ someone, that we never got placed. Went through 5 different volunteers, asking the same questions, and got no response, other than passed on to the next volunteer.
    A clear map of where exhibits are located would be nice too. I have wandered through all the grey waiting for things to rez, and have better things to do in SL than trying to use ‘search’ and having to sort out all the vendors that put the tag “SL5B” in their profiles or classifieds and don’t have an exhibit.
    I’ve tried 3 times to visit SL5B and consider it a total flop and failure by both LL and the ‘volunteers’.

  26. On one of the calendars, in the sorted list view, it appears that you can sort by date, or you can sort by time of day, but not by date PLUS time of day.

    It would make a lot more sense to sort by date PLUS time of day rather than each field separately.

  27. Tegg B says:

    Making VAT”inclusive” means those business owners in Europe claiming back their VAT on their business tax returns would be at an unfair advantage to the rest of the world, effectively getting a 19% discount.

  28. I went to the Birthday party location without checking the schedule at all. Was happy to find a party going on and Live Music too.

  29. And it was nice to see NO POLICE or TAXMEN at the party. o.O

  30. Sandor Balczo says:

    My suggestion to all those who are so prone to criticize: instead of hiding first and come out to the open later to bash people’s hard work, try to volunteer next year and see if you can make it better.

    I will wait to see your work done and bash you for no reason, so we will be even.

    Sandor Balczo
    Linguist Coordinator of SL5B until June 22, 2008
    and current exhibitor

  31. S(econd)L(ife)5(th)B(irthday) …. yeah … a real enigma to decrypt … 😐

    As far as the builds and viewing them goes.. setting view-distance to minimum sure helps.. many nice builds..

    .. just a shame some folks insisted on littering white boxes with 2 silly lines on them… 😛

  32. Marianne McCann says:

    @29 – sounds like your computer or connection needs an upgrade. :-/

  33. Dooman says:

    dependents on the time of day I log in, sometimes I crash, but usually I get to see what I need to. Yes textures take a time to load, but if just stand for a while, it eventually load. I try and organise it a bit, get the SLurl to the places you want ot see, and TP there, if you find you can move about freely with little lag, look around. Just don’t expect to cover 20 SIMs in one hour.

  34. Vivienne says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I love Sl and i wish that it will not only prevail, but grow again. But…this years metrics are more than bad, they are a desaster, in fact.

    Who wonders?

    Windlight ruined the remaining rest of acceptable client performance and added the worst artificial lighting of the known VR universe. Grid stability and database reliability are still as worse as they ever were. The clients are full of unbearable bugs. Lag is tremendous as never before right now.

    I honestly doubt that – if LL does not finally improve the BASICS of ANY user experience – we can only wish to witness a sixth birthday, and if we do, there will be another half of paying customers gone until then.

    I only hope that these developers at LL finally get under the control of a user orientated managament, which teaches them that the AVERAGE USER and the average user demand comes first, and developers dreams and high end features last.

    Nevertheless, keep on rocking, Second Life, as long as possible, before we all get stuck in the final lag wave.

  35. Dusty Linden says:

    @32 Sue– you’re right! I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed that now. Should sort by time within each day now. Also, there are some handy filters in the drop down menu at top, so you can quickly see what’s “happening today” or “happening tomorrow”. Thanks for the QA!

  36. DISGUSTED IN LINDEN LABS™® *!@$!! says:

    @40 LOL no it does not need an upgrade it has 4 gigs of ram my PC is less than 2 months old all drivers are updated and i have a 8800 geforce graphics card.
    it is not operator error,, it is Linden error thanks for the advice tho

  37. Meghan Dench says:

    Don’t forget

    There’s 2 events calendars that are listed on the wiki, the google calendar has all of the keynotes in so take a look there if you cannot figure out how to use the zoho listings.

    Enjoy the event! : D

  38. Lias Leandros says:

    @43 Sandor
    WRONG – I applied under my main account and was one of the first ones accepted. I took my group tag when it was offered and came over to the island the day I was permitted to. Your just making things up without checking FACTS. And I never rezzed any mega prims. Again your just saying anything that pops in your head. One of the organizers did send me a notecard threatening to delete my exhibit if I did not decrease prims by the 17th (and everyone else had to the 20th to finalize their builds). But that never happened. No one ever removed any prims from my exhibit (do you really think I would not have mentioned something like that?) I am not sure where your getting all of this nonsense.

    I quickly found out that we were not going to be able to un-deed our radios once we deeded them (for some silly reason). I was promised a radio that would work under these conditions. Taff tried but could not make such an item. I commissioned one and distributed it.

    I have a classified with my events at the SL5B in it – and I have had over 100 teleports to my exhibit because of it. I do not make anything to sell so I am not selling anything. The rest of the exhibitors should have classifieds also – instead of relying on that ‘too little – too late’ wiki nonsense.

    More made-up stuff about unofficial laggy scripts on parcels. Someone came along and said that this script was to be on each parcel. I said “ok”. Meghan told me it was something Dusty Linden was going to try to network but time ran out. You really should check with your own group before you make such wild accusations.

    Greifed on opening day: I said stop yelling about spinning cubes in the exhibitors group. Make a security group and have volunteers in that group take care of the items. You kept telling us to just return the items – knowing full well we did not have the ability to do so. Finally you took my advice and made a separate group for security. It’s just common sense.

    I still do not know why the Dwell Sim Coordinator decided to come along on Monday night and re-parcel my land (destroying my DJ server set-up). So now we sit without the ability to do what we planned to do on week one. Week two we will be using the parcel as a classroom and teaching DJing in 5 languages. Hopefully. I participated in last year’s event and I will participate in the event in 2009.

    So there are the real facts Sandor. And yes, you would run around kicking people out of a community event. That is quite obvious. That is why this year’s crew needs to be looked at carefully and people who can handle these responsibilities need to be hand-picked for next year.

  39. Confused by posts says:

    What does VAT have to do with SL5B cool events???

  40. Foxxe Wilder says:

    #32 – Batting you sarcasm aside, not EVERYONE in SL is a kid and speaks teenager or geek, MOST of us are actually ADULTS on the ADULT grid and DON’T speak in Alphanumeric coding.

    One would NEED a point of reference to decode the string, and having NOT been one of the 30 or so people LEFT in SL FROM 5 years ago, I have NO REFERENCE POINT at all until the actual term BIRTHDAY was even mentioned!!

    Such childish codes are reminiscent of AOL (does anyone ACTUALLY USE that dead brick anymore?)

  41. I was not being sarcastic, but displayed apathy to your ignorance with my failed attempt to lower your misplaced annoyance.

    The actual sarcasm in my post obviously went unnoticed by you.

  42. Charlotte Bartlett says:

    Well, I have enjoyed what I have found (did it the old fashioned way – walked around the sim). No crashes or grey stuff – but I am using Nicolaz viewer or dependent on my mood.

    If you are crashing on RC’s why not try Nicholaz if you want to enjoy something, use the RC for your own testing….


  43. Lias Leandros says:

    Dear Mystery moderator. If your actually moderating this fairly – please take a good look at post:
    17 is a criticism, 18, 21, 22 and 37 are waaay off-topic, 41 and 42 are personal conversations.
    Ithink after you moderate you may be left with 7 posts.

    The SL5B heads into its second week Monday. I will be setting up a classroom to stay in line with the celebrating virtual education theme. Now the trick is to get the parcel info changed in time for this.

  44. jael deerhunter says:

    to linden labs, and all the volunteers, many thanx… let’s keep learning, and growing, and enjoy. i appreciate your efforts. tc…

  45. Meghan Dench says:

    ALL locations on SL5B Estate will be listed there, and completed by tomorrow.

  46. Alf Lednev says:

    I’ve been enjoying wandering around SL5B. I am puzzled by what a PG rating actually is, no nudity allowed (thats fine) but weapons are? Seems odd, human body = bad, killing = good, message being sent out?

    Mostly I look at the Exhibitions and think maybe one day I will reach those levels. The Exhibitors and Volunteeers are to be rightly congratulated for their skills, time and effort.

    Lag, rezzing slowly doesnt detract from some amazing things.

  47. @30 Might be nice if we could get in to look with all the login failures and inability to move, rez, or see anything other than grey if we do. And that was on the publications sim, just 3 avatars on that one. No hope for the rest lol.

  48. Elsa Iwish says:

    Are there any SL5B exhibits for the general public?
    I used SL Search and a good internet search engine but only find a handful of exhibits.
    IMHO, the creativity of thousands of people who worked on SL5B exhibits is underappreciated because their work cannot be easily located.

  49. Elsa Iwish says:

    The list available at
    tells me nothing without a brief explanation of each.

  50. Meghan Dench says:

    @ Elsa, there’s lots in Second Life Land Search, people have made classifieds ads of their exhibits, there’s forums threads of interesting exhibits, there’s link on the SL5B Wiki to a short list of Exhibits and there’s that long list of EVERY exhibit. Listing on wiki is a manual process, if we were to put a description for every one of the hundreds of plots, we’d be there till next year.


  51. I am NOT interested in the SL5B ! I was doing very well since 1 1/2 year in SL, with all my businesses, but since a month or 2 it seems that SL has had its best time ((. So there really is nothing to celebrate. From my 300 parcels all the time 99 % or more was sold ! I sold them for 15 to 25K ! 2 months later noone wants to have them for free? We all know the reason…. My shops were running fine, untill Linden decided to change the search, from that day it is a waste of money to advertise since all people use search/all…you know what I mean, there is really nothing to celebrate….I am so saddd :-((

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