Now Available, optional Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC11. Dazzle: We Hear You.

Today we are releasing a new Release Candidate, 1.20 RC11. If you have already been using the Release Candidate (RC10), you will be required to update to RC11 with the latest bug fixes. But the Release Candidate is always an optional series of viewers that you may choose not to use — or use side by side on your computer with the main viewer offered on our Downloads page.

This new, more robust Release Candidate (RC11) brings the total to some 39 fixes for crashes in the viewer since the start of this 1.20 cycle!

Many of you asked for the Dazzle theme to be optional, and we are glad to tell you we have rearranged our plans and resources to now work on just that. We had wanted to do theme switching originally, but had been focused on stability. We realize now we don’t want Residents to opt for the older viewer just to keep the classic look– where you would continue to suffer from bugs that have been fixed in the newer viewer. See the Update below!

This Release Candidate (RC11) has four new crash fixes and a solution to one major source of memory leaks. We also repaired the broken sounds on the Mac PowerPC. And we have fixed the UI layer from appearing in Snapshots on some systems. Thank you for your patience while we investigated these elusive bugs!

TIMELINE UPDATE: We are pleased at the progress from the Crash Hunters project so far… RC11 brings some firm gains in stability. Of course, we are always evaluating the best focus of our engineering for the viewer given your concerns about crashes, bug reports, and feature requests. Adding all the feedback to the mix, we have decided to extend the Release Candidate cycle FURTHER! We would now like to direct more development on the first stages of the Skinning project (this is the UI flexibility that brought a new Dazzle look to the viewer). To start, we are now developing a solution to VWR-5059 – “Ability to switch between the new/old theme” – and will ship that before finalizing the official Second Life Viewer 1.20.  [EDIT TO CLARIFY 18:09 PDT]:  VWR-5059 will be fixed in a future RC iteration, but it is not yet fixed in this RC11.

  • Therefore, in the coming weeks please look for a couple other iterations of this Release Candidate, but perhaps not as frequently. We will deliver an RC12 and RC13 before finishing this 1.20 Release Candidate cycle. [EDIT TO CLARIFY 18:09 PDT]: As with other late-stage iterations, we will focus on Critical bug fixes and maintaining the stability of this viewer.

In the meantime, please download and try the freshly minted RC11 viewer. Continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate”. Please visit the Test Viewers download page [NOTE: use the links at bottom of page, under Test Viewers/Release Candidate Viewers] to get started!


* Fixed: VWR-7730: Sound / UI Sound broken on Mac PPC RC 1.20.10
* Fixed: VWR-7614: Snapshots show user interface when “Show Interface In Snapshot” is un-checked
* Fixed: VWR-7679: Interface also shows in screen_last.bmp
* Fixed: VWR-2633: Some groups can’t be accessed from Communicate window and only show in profile
* Fixed: VWR-6889: Unable to leave group when role has no allowed abilities
* Fixed: VWR-5895: slowly rotating llTargetOmega child prims stop rotating when you move away
* Fixed: VWR-6828: Character > Show Look At / Show Point At don’t work
* Fixed: VWR-7682: Typo on Teleport Failure dialog
* Fixed: VWR-6800: Eliminate memory leaks in llcharacter/llmotioncontroller.cpp
* Fixed: VWR-2051: Regular viewer freezes since update to Voice viewer
* Fixed: VWR-5697: RC 1.19.1 crash on startup with Vista UAC enabled
* Fixed: VWR-7723: crash on LLImageGL::setSubImage line 780
* Fixed: crash on LLViewerImageList::removeImageFromList
* Fixed: crash on LLViewerImageList::updateImagesUpdateStats
* Fixed: crash when creating many default boxes
* Fixed: changing to and from Fullscreen view using Alt+Enter shortcut causes viewer to crash/hang
* Fixed: Load the initial avatar outfit earlier in the startup process to avoid Ruth effect at Orientation Island
* Fixed: Add the new TRANSPARENT_TEXTURE constant’s target texture to the inventory Library of 1.20
* Fixed: Search > Places tab results are displayed in white text
* Fixed: Media URL Set > Cancel button does not cancel
* Fixed: 1.20 viewer reports GeForce FX5200 card incorrectly
* Fixed: Viewer does not remember the last grid if last grid is AGNI
* Fixed: Cursor missing from search fields until after text has been manipulated
* Fixed: Fix the URL used by crash_logger for pre login crashes
* Fixed: The viewer’s crash logger needs to trim very long SecondLife.log files before sending.

Localization Fixes:

* Fixed: VWR-7731: Bad Japanese translation of “Select tool”

About Ramzi Linden

I am a Project Manager at Linden Lab; and also work on localizations in the Second Life viewer.
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150 Responses to Now Available, optional Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC11. Dazzle: We Hear You.

  1. Frank Northmead says:

    Thank you.

  2. Raven Primeau says:

    LOL announce this then take the website down for maintenance………………NICE PLANNING GUYS i DONT THINK!

  3. Dante tucker says:

    Truely awesome. Though I must say I am disapointed my UI patch will be of no use anymore 😛

  4. Rascal Ratelle says:

    The download URL you provided downloads the main viewer not the RC11.

    can you please fix it?

    thank you.

  5. Paddy Wright says:

    Oh boy!!!! * Fixed: VWR-2051: Regular viewer freezes since update to Voice viewer – are you serious????? Thanks!!

  6. Thank you for listening 🙂 That announcement goes a long way to restoring some people’s faith in the process.

  7. Hal says:

    Thank you for (planning to) making Dazzle optional, it’s truly awful…

  8. Ramzi Linden says:

    @4 Rascal- The download URL goes to the same/unified download page, but please use the links under “Test Viewers” and “Release Candidate Viewers”. I’ll make a clarification to the post.

  9. Vaalith Jinn says:

    * Fixed: VWR-6828: Character > Show Look At / Show Point At don’t work
    ^^ Thank you!

  10. Adec Alexandria says:

    thanks for fixing the snapshot bug! 🙂

  11. IYan Writer says:

    Still nothing on the iMac / 3Dconnexion / Mighty mouse front, I see.

    Great news about Dazzle optionality – and also about prolonging RC cycle 🙂

  12. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Why have logsins been restricted?

    I am unable to log in and enjoy RC11 and SL.

    would be nice if some one at LL could make a blog post explaining this.

    ‘Due To unusual heavy loads, logins have been restricted’

    whats going on here?

    info please.

  13. Hallelujah! Glad the feedback finally permeated the communications barrier. Thanks, guys 🙂

  14. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Woot! New RC! Until skin switching becomes an official part of the viewer, I encourage people to try out some of the skins you can select from (and hopefully create new ones for DAzzle so other residents will have more choices).

    The current list of viewer skins:

    Viewer skinning tutorials:

    I recommend starting with then moving on from there.

  15. Paddy Wright says:

    For the first time in months……I can zoom around in circles, no freeze yet!! Guys and Gals at Linden, you may just have taken one small step for virtual mankind:)

  16. Flaar Nemeth says:

    As annoying as the timing is, this line in the console log:

    2008-06-25T21:08:39Z WARNING: LLXMLRPCTransaction::Impl::process: LLXMLRPCTransaction XMLRPC fault 4: error executing RPC `login_to_simulator’.
    Died at /local/www/ line 1068.

    suggests the database wasnt “taken down” for maintenance, but *fell down*… sigh.

  17. Jessicka Graves says:

    Most people asked for Dazzle to be completely scrapped, first off. Second off, those same people knew for a fact that LL would refuse to scrap the project, so decided to at least beg for optional, or switching between new and old. I can say with little doubt that most players hate Dazzle, but here we are anyways, a compromise, optional. Nighttime is still too dark >_>

    The bugs that should be fixed, after going over 2 years of NOT being fixed, should be looked at after Dazzle is made optional. We’ve waited this long, what’s another several months?

    Anywho, Cloud-ruth avatar is still broken, and should be reversed back to the regular avatar-based ruth, rather then being completely invisible.

  18. Simon Kline says:

    I’m really glad you guys are taking your time with this one rather than try and ship it out asap! I’ve been using 1.20 since rc1 and the features and work gone into it are amazing!

    The residents of sl should be really exited about this when it comes out as when they use it for the first time they’ll be clicking on things going wow, wow, wow like i did! Great work guys 🙂

  19. Meade Paravane says:

    Rascal, you’re not clicking on the first link in the blog post, are you? That’s the one that Ramzi says is for the main (non-RC) viewer..

  20. Kraelen Redgrave says:

    @12 Rascal Ratelle will always automatically initiate a download of the main viewer and not the beta/rc viewer. It even says it is for the main viewer.

    “main viewer offered on our Downloads page or”

    To get the test viewer go to the download page and scroll down.

  21. Zi Ree says:

    Great set of fixes, and thank you for planning to bring back the classic UI as an option!

    @13 Rascal Ratelle: You might want to read the blog posting more carefully. It says, you can get the *main viewer* on and further down the posting you will see the location for the *test viewer*. No wonder Lindens get blamed for so many things … 😉

  22. Marianne McCann says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see s’more mac buggies cleaned out of the system, an thrilled dat we’ll get theme switching before this goes live. Me, I still want to be able to use a Mac aqua-like interface 🙂

  23. Rascal Ratelle says:

    @ 21 oh right oooops sorry I miss read that.

  24. DR Dahlgren says:

    Thank you for the updates and especially the change in attitude on Dazzle. It appears that someone is listening. This to me seems a much better approach than the love it or leave attitude so often found in the past.

    Good job. Now if I can just figure out why I get no image when under water. I can see the surface fine, but no landscape at all under the surface.


  25. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Thank you for your decision on Dazzle!


  26. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    THANK YOU!!!! for skinning.

    Indeed, the lack of that kept me from using the RC consistently (like I usually do).

    Not looking for a hair in the Dazzle-soup, but… gosh! why didn’t you say something to that effect sooner? Especially after all the complaints about the new look. Sometimes it’s the “little things” that keep customers happy, even when they’re not yet available.

  27. Cold Spitteler says:

    and classified adds now appear on group search??????

  28. Stephani Honi says:

    Are you now going to fix bug SVC-972 ” Viewer is logged out during failed teleport”? This bug is still plaguing many of us who use the 2WIRE DSL modem. Any ideas on when a fix or a workaround might be happening? It’s a critical bug that been open for a long time without a resolution. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  29. @18 — Jessicka I think you are confusing Windlight with Dazzle. The Dazzle revisions deal with the user interface skinning. The Windlight revisions are what affect the darkness of nighttime in-world.

    The new “ruth” avatar should work fine as long as particles are not turned off. At least that’s been my experience.

  30. I love the Dazzle UI skin. I’ve been using it ever since it became available. However, more choices are always at good thing. There is no reason for anyone’s skin preferences to be mandatory.

  31. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Did my PC break, or is this version rendering faster than the previous version?

  32. Kakurady says:

    Booyah! So we could use the classic Blue-capsule skin in the production client too? Awsome! Though I would most like to see Dazzle classified.

    I’m also all for getting the skinning project ahead – it will make translators’ (especially those languages that are officially supported but not actively updated) time a bit easier too.

  33. Crunch Underwood says:

    thank you for fixing the UI in the photo bug, that was really annoying me. good work

  34. Siobhan McCallen says:

    Thank you for these lovely viewer fixes, especially the snapshot bug!

  35. sirhc deSantis says:

    well by my count the lab is four for four on the last blog postings. good work and i’ll check out the new rc as soon as i finsh building my (virtual) deck as that has to be ready in 24 hours

  36. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @18: I can say with little doubt that most players hate Dazzle

    I’m curious about your sampling methodology and size. I didn’t know anyone had run an actual scientific poll.

    @26: Thank you for the updates and especially the change in attitude on Dazzle.

    There’s been no “change in attitude”. LL were always going to make the viewer skinnable and Dazzle, therefore, optional. All they’ve done is reorganize their priorities. This means, in practice, that some actual bugs will be slower to get fixed while the skinning code is written and tested, as Jessicka noted in #18. Still, I’ll be happy when a bright, Dazzle-like theme with slightly better contrast is released by somebody.

  37. Linda Brynner says:

    Sorry, but this is so… silly.
    Why spending so much time on Dazzle and themes while the majority is happy as things are.
    It’s like repeatgly asking: “Would you like more sugar in your tea?”, while the answer is repeatingly: “Ty I’m fine”.
    Sorry, but untill now I haven’t read any positive feeback about Dazzle. so why spending time on themes.

  38. Dael Ra says:

    @18 – Jessicka Graves

    “Most people asked for Dazzle to be completely scrapped, first off. Second off”

    Dazzle is an important step on the way to having a decent configurable User Interface. It’s only the colour scheme I really objected to. Now they’re going to fix that I’m very, very happy.

    One thing though Ramzi. Where does dual monitor support come in on the UI roadmap (

    I’m desperate to get all those dialog boxes off my main viewer window so I can see where I’m going and it would make scripting so much easier.

  39. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Three cheers and a tiger!

  40. Ron Crimson says:

    You haven’t read (almost) any positive feedback on Dazzle because you rarely read any positive feedback on *anything* in regard to Second Life. It’s human nature…. people are quick to complain and scream bloody murder, but when things go right, all is silent and thank-yous are few and far. *shrugs*

    For the record, I like Dazzle, though I agree that it needs better contrast. But haven’t had a real issue with it.

  41. Miyushu Babii says:





  42. Sierra Trafalgar says:


    Well, between the next release and whever LL got around to doing skinning .. three months .. three years .. never .. Dazzle would have been the only choice. I think that’s the normally accepted meaning of ‘compulsory’.

  43. Drwyndwn Tyne says:

    Well, for my two cents, I think Dazzle is fine, although I didn’t mind the older skin, either.

    @41 — There was a log-on poll a few days ago about Dazzle, so LL should have some better data than “everyone hates it”. I suspect that those that don’t hate it just aren’t saying anything.

    I love the new Ruthcloud, though. Much better than appearing to people as a half-naked, hairy chested, big breasted woman — and not knowing about it until someone says something!

    @18 — Turn on particles. You’re missing a lot of SL with them off — smoke out of chimneys, wakes behind boats, lighting effects, etc.

    Lastly: Good work, Lindens! I can see you’re really getting things fixed. W00T!

  44. Any idea when you’ll fix feature detection on ATI HD 3850’s? It’s very strange that the most powerful AGP card available reads as incapable of handling hardware skinning and cloth rendering. Both features were available in the far older X1600.

  45. Sierra Trafalgar says:

    Grrr .. @41 now equals @36. You wouldn’t think in the early part of the 21st century a technology to preserve numbering when posts are deleted would be so challenging.

  46. flopsiemcardle says:

    Thanks so much for removing dazzle. i really was hard to work in sl with that skin, and im in world 8-10 hours a day as a builder. the idea of having a choice of skins is a really great idea, its just the key word there is choice. thanks again for listening. it must be really hard to see the legitimate concerns when these pages are so burried in trolls.

  47. Jessicka Graves says:

    @ 36 I, of course, cannot provide evidence of my claim, but you cannot provide the contrary either, so at best, a stalemate, though I stick fully by my claim and believe it until someone has proof otherwise.

    There has been a GREAT change in attitude with changing UI. They were first bagging on the good UI like mad when they announced Dazzle. Claiming it was making people uncomfortable, claiming it was like eating a steak in a prison cell, and I quote:

    “looks awful, you’re likely going to feel uncomfortable and annoyed, even if you can’t describe exactly why.”

    “notably how scary the “old-style” UI looks”

    “When Dazzle is in the main viewer, then no, you won’t be able to revert easily.(In reference to reverting back to the good UI) If you’re so inclined, you can manually change the .XML files, but this isn’t user-friendly for the uninitiated.”

    They were heavily berating their own creation and trying to make people hate it. Which failed, because from what I’ve heard and seen (as well as many, many people), with little exception, people would say the same thing about Dazzle, that LL said about the good UI.

    They did edit it, I believe, or at least some-what mention:
    “But as a first step in that potential process, Dazzle paves the way for improvements to come.”
    They were, as you can tell, even curious if they were going to work on allowing the good UI to exist (provided by SL itself, that is).

    So…Here’s the link so you can check it:
    (Note that it’s also named ironically, “Dazzle is here to improve your interface”)

    @38 There has been only 2 or 3 schemes in total provided by SL, depending on when you started playing, so your claim makes it sound a lot larger then it actually is. I do hope you enjoy the fix, don’t let me rain on your parade, but realize also, that they had to break it in the first place, because there was nothing wrong with the pre-windlight UI.

  48. Kraelen Redgrave says:

    Personally I have no problem with dazzle. I suppose it would have been nice for them to make a simple tab in the preferences where we could change the hue of the ui, or choose from a few preset colours but it isn’t really that bad. I prefer dazzle to the old ui. Once people start making more skins then I don’t see why anyone can complain.

  49. Karlhockey Forte says:

    “Many of you asked for the Dazzle theme to be optional, and we are glad to tell you we have rearranged our plans and resources to now work on just that.”

    You have just made my day and restored my love for Linden Labs.

  50. Jessicka Graves says:

    @43 I run in a heavy-lag sim, my particles are off, and will remain off. There shouldn’t be a self-defeating feature like that. Yeah, I know, changing it for one person is ridiculous, but it appears they’re looking into it at least, so they find it a problem too, so we’ll see if they’ll take the bad cloud-ruth nothingness off the particle spectrum and put it onto one that is visible.

  51. Pol McLaglen says:

    I happen to like the new Dazzle scheme over the old one as it tend to match better with my Silver Win XP SP3 scheme.

    But what I want is a GUI that adopts the colour schemes of the windows / mac / linux desktops…

  52. Saiki Spirt says:

    Well, thank you for the optional bit coming. I hate dazzle! on another note.. the camera is still very messed up for Intel 945 GM (mobile) cards.

  53. mant says:

    after using dazzle for the first couple of weeks it didnt really bother now im totaly used it and to tell u the truth i wouldnt want to go back to the old style now.

    But now please work on the avatar collisions bug, thanks

  54. Blinders Off says:

    OK, honest, tried the new RC. Gave it a go. Lasted all of 10 minutes. Boy does it sux. Breaks more than it fixes. We have colored glitter bars by avatars, sound gestures don’t work, and where is that dazzle fix again?

    Back to 1.19 again. Works better than the RC. Does that tell you something?

  55. Ryu Darragh says:

    @38 Dael Ra Says: Creating such an interface is one of my goals. If the skinning API provides the ability to make the windows fully MDI compliant, we’ll be able to move them *off* the main client window, with the usual Windows/Leopard/ child window shell. This is actually not simple because the main program now needs to keep track of such child windows to be able to send “destruct” commands when the main program is told to shutdown and needs to become aware when the OS sends a child window a shutdown command (the X in the shell menu has to inform the client viewer via the OS GUI API now).

    It will be really nice to be able to see the world fully when I’m neck deep in IMs and trying in vain to build or test scripts 😛

  56. The release candidates have been rock solid on Linux lately. Thanks for all the hard work!

  57. Matt Newchurch says:

    See? They DO listen sometimes. Thanks!

  58. Ramzi Linden says:

    @38 Dael-, @55 Ryu – You’ve nailed an excellent point exactly to #37- “why spending time on themes?”

    The themes themselves are minor effects for sure; but getting to a place of having them means real hard work to get the User Interface abstracted will be under the hood. It’s something that Dazzle Project started and the Skinning Project would ultimately take much farther. Imagine that the UI code is general enough that you can replace the colors on the fly… Then imagine it is general enough that you can take out buttons that you don’t want (or put buttons where you want them.) Someday (still far away) the UI is abstracted enough to run windows outside the 3D view of the world. This is the intent of Skinning, and starts with a tiny step.

    We’re committed to improving the User Interface of Second Life– part of that is getting the code to catch up!

    @38 Dael- dual monitor support isnt explicitly on the Roadmap as you’ve seen. Is there a meta-issue in the Issue Tracker that reports current buggy behavior using dual monitors?

  59. Sindiesel Raine says:

    Make Dazzle go away, THEN I will be happy to go back to trying out the RC. Soon as it went Dazzle, I went back to the regular. Won’t be gone soon enough. Way to bright and hard on the eyes. Selectable or even a colorable UI would be awesome.

  60. Matto Destiny says:

    Welldone guys, no problems as yet but i have faith. Congrats on fixing the snapshop it was annoying having the UI visible.I’m using Vista and its working like a dream. The only glitch with the RC’s i had was the double logins so i’m a happy puppy and it only took a minute to download WooT WooT

  61. Suzan says:

    The RCs works indeed great on Linux, so also this does!

    And hey… as long as you don’t quit the Dazzle look, you can skin what you like… for me.. i don’t want the old look back.

    Great viewer, thanks.

  62. Lasher Oh says:

    Thanks for the upgrade guys and the bug fixes but can anyone tell me where my tools menu has gone and how to get it back?

  63. MaCelia Morane says:

    OMG – it works!!! No more crash on login – WOW!!! Thanks, Lindens 🙂

    Haven’t even had a chance to see how long I can stay in yet, just glad to be in SL with the Release Candidate, finally. (Still, glad you’re going to work on it some more, as well.)

  64. Charmaine McMahon says:

    Thanks so much! I *have* one of those Nvidia 5200FX graphics cards and the problems I was having seem to have stopped.

  65. Ramzi Linden says:

    @62 Lasher- Tools menu now appears when you are in Build mode. It’s a UI change made in RC1, but we’ll have to do a better job highlighting in the release notes when 1.20 becomes an Official viewer! To have it stick around, you can also detach that menu by clicking on the double line ============= at the top of the menu.

  66. Cecil Hirvi says:

    I would just like to say that you folks over at Linden Labs are doing a pretty darn good job building a virtual world. Working without a truly successful model in this area makes you all pioneers….and I am happy to see the progress. Good job and I hope you continue down the path in developing a “world” that God himself would be proud of.



  67. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    Thank you LL for another update with bug fixes..these RC viewers do progressively get better and better..

    But! can you please have a go at the bouncy camera effect when in close quarters to my avatar (is that a bug?)…it makes me literally feel sick at times..especially when i log in and have to find a point with my mouse to drag away from my avatar 🙂

  68. Kettu Keiko says:

    @44 Cheshyr

    That may be something to do with the entire HD series, i had filed a JIRA (can’t remember the number right now) when i had installed an AGP HD2600 Pro, same options were not available (and other weird things relating to Anti-Aliasing and transparent avatars while feet were touching ground/objects..). I since reinstalled my X1950 and all is good again.

    There must be something inherently different between the HD and X1k series that screws things up.. i agree this should be addressed as there are still a lot of AGP users out there (such as myself) who will migrate towards the HD series to get the most out of their current systems before investing in all new hardware to upgrade to PCIe.
    Especially the 3850 (i’m looking into that soon) since that may be the furthest AGP will be (perhaps *can* be) taken, it’s gotten rave reviews, and the price is slowly dropping. ^.^

  69. Lupercaleb Walcher says:

    wowww, YAYYY! thanks guys! 😀

  70. My FPS seems to have been reduced to a third or fourth of what it was previously. 4.5 FPS, not good at all. This is in one of the SL5B sims, with 39 people in it, but I’ve been in sims with a lot more avatars and had no FPS drop like this.

  71. Dael Ra says:

    There seems like a lot of people here equating the Dazzle to just the blue colour screen alone.

    I ask you to refer back to

    “Is Dazzle just a color change?
    No. Dazzle includes a new color scheme, and also has revised icon art (e.g., the build tools and Inventory window) and under-the-hood changes/cleanup which will make future customization easier.

    Dazzle for me never really was the color change. It was the promise of lots of good things to come. And “under-the-hood changes/cleanup” to me means amongst other things, bug fixing and performance gains.

    So even if the only thing you’re worried about is a stable environment then Dazzle is supposed to help there too.

    @58 Ramzi.
    I haven’t seen a meta-issue relating specifically to dual monitors but have been keeping track of the various issues relating dual screens. It would be really good to fix the ‘black avatar’ bug soon though, even if the rest has to wait.

  72. Ceera Murakami says:

    Add another voice to the Hallelujah Chorus at the announcement of Dazzle becoming optional. It’s going to be removed from my view as soon as that is a possibility. I love a lot of the new stuff and bug fixes in the new version, but hate the Dazzle interface’s too-bright colors.

    My eyes thank you!

  73. Vincent Nacon says:

    Finally.. then I can use beta viewer again without hurting my eyes.

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  75. Georgie says:

    Yay! My VWR-7779 issue fixed.

    No longer does the Mac GUI lockup (and require a Force Quit) when Mac owners are camera zooming/circling after a cache clean. So smooth now!!! Yay!!

  76. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    As far as the new interface, for me it barely registered so I have pretty much ignored all the debate about Dazzle. But someone here said we never hear from those who don’t have a problem with things and that is pretty much the truth. It took me a day or so to adjust to it but I like it just fine. I have had to go back to the main viewer a few times and that change back was less pleasant. It all seemed way too dark and generic. I have understood from the start that this is a move toward new options. That is always good but as Ramzi said, such improvements come with a cost of hard work and facing problems. I can live with that.

    I am also encouraged by what I am seeing lately here in the blog. There IS a new “we are listening” attitude coming out of Linden Labs that was BADLY needed. There has been an extreme lack of TWO WAY communication, with many subjects stuck in eternal monologue state. That seems to be changing now and I applaud the effort. Keep it up folks. Now I’m gonna go give this new viewer a hard test run and scream at you about it in the jira 😀

  77. Angsty Rossini says:

    Thank you! Thank you for listening to the feedback and making New-Dazzle UI optional and allowing users to retain Classic UI

    Off to download RC11 now with out fear of being Dazzled!

    Ang 🙂

  78. Erinyse Planer says:

    Ok for those that cant seem to grasp this DAZZLE isnt the color skeme. Its the coding that makes ti possible to switch the colors or the buttons. don’t like the color scheme? it takes TWO MINUTES to change. Really.

    and jessica, most people didn’t like about dazzle was the currant skin ad the crashiness of the original version. but with skins, and some bug fixes, dazzle is actually liked by more people then it is hated. And unlike you I ave the figures to back that up. There were the LL surveys there were also two magazines that did their own polls.

    for those that are crashing on the RC still, CHECK YOURE DRIVERS. Old drivers will crash it. I updated mine, it runs FAR better then the 1.19.1 or

  79. Elvis Orbit says:

    Wow, I am itching to get home from work to try this out. So far the RC have been ok for me except the photo issue that shows the UI. I am one who actually likes the blue interface, however I can understand why some people may not like it. The skin changing will be a nice option. Keep this momentum of fixes up. Great job!

  80. Buck says:

    * Fixed: VWR-7614: Snapshots show user interface when “Show Interface In Snapshot” is un-checked
    * Fixed: VWR-7679: Interface also shows in screen_last.bmp

    Hallelujah! I thought I was doing something wrong on that first, and I thought the second was just a feature.

    I’ve said this before, but I really, really like the new Dazzle icons. The color scheme could (and, according to this, soon will) be improved.

    It’s refreshing to see so much positive and constructive feedback here!

    Thanks, LL, for the fixes.

  81. Thank you for listening. Wonderful improvement and showing you listen to the real concerns of your residents.

  82. O_o says:

    a hint for further viewer themes: Black font on white background is the easiest for the eyes. Sure, doesn’t look “cool”, but you get less tired reading ;).

  83. Baldi McMillan says:

    This just freakin R-O-C-K-S!!! I didn’t like the look of Dazzle at first but now I find the older viewer harder to see! LOL Thanks so much for the continued efforts!

  84. Winter Ventura says:

    Thank you for prioritizing theme switching.

  85. Bekah says:

    I have to say, at first I didn’t like Dazzle much, back when it was in the First Look. It seemed a lot brighter then, for one thing. But I like the new Dazzle (is it really new, or did I just get used to it?), and plan to keep using it.

    However, I do understand why people would want to swap back, and I think it’s a great thing that you’re listening and working to do what you can to please everyone.

    Also, I’m glad to see that the RC line is running for a while. It’s better than the alternatives: ship a buggy product or scrap the changes and start over.

  86. Georgie says:

    Me2. It only took a day for me to like the new Dazzle look better than the old one.

    And now, RC11: it fixes Mac hangs and is a good deal faster than RC10.

    Fantastic update. Thanks boys and girls at LL.

    Now, if only those asset servers could be made more reliable.

  87. Ramzi Linden says:

    @77 Angsty- oops, to be clear about my post, this viewer RC11 does not have the ability to switch off a Dazzle look and feel. But a future RC iteration will.

    (Blog post edited.)

  88. Thank you SO SO SO much for fixing VWR-5895! My kinetic sculptures are happily rotating again after months of frozen silence…

  89. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I didn’t think I would be so happy to hear myself clap 🙂

  90. Vanessa Sakai says:

    Is the age verification bug fixed? I mean the one that keeps out people who have verified after they tp. You said it was fixed in an eairler version but it was not.

  91. Rex Cronon says:

    There is something very BAD going on with the RC. All the textures I upload, after I upload them, I am not able to drag and drop them in notecards. I have tried different file formats(png, bmp, tga), and I have same problem with all of them. Only some textures belonging to others can I drag and drop in notecards.
    I have both textures and sculpties and both types can be viewed in the viewer normally, but I still can’t drag and drop them in my own notecards.
    I tried this on both the main grid, and on beta, with same results. I also tried in different sims. NOTHING seems to work:(

  92. Chris Walken says:

    I love the dazzle look. And, I need more cowbell.

  93. Ree Indigo says:

    What they say:

    Now Available, optional Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC11. Dazzle: We Hear You.

    What they mean:
    Now forcing on you, mandatory Release Candidate Viewer 1.20 RC11. Dazzle: We don’t care what you think.

  94. Cherry Czervik says:

    Re people moaning about Dazzle as a viewer altogether, can one assume that your copy of Microsoft Office is also entirely out of date and that you don’t have a pretty pale blue shiny copy of Excel at work, etc.

    It integrates pretty much perfectly.

    I may try to see if this addresses that I crash each and every time I TP, the messages lost due to being frozen out (despite a new router and no problems on anything but SL). The crashing causes annoyance to anyone who is trying to talk to me, never mind being annoying to me personally.

  95. Cherry Czervik says:

    PS I think Dazzle looks lovely, personally.

  96. nina says:

    if dazzle included the option to revert to the oldschool ui sans the huge communicate thingo i would download it in an instant.

  97. Paulo Dielli says:

    The REGULAR viewer is still SO much smoother than RC11. I didn’t crash with the regular viewer for weeks. Now I’ve tried RC11 and I crashed this same evening!

    My specs:

    Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_gdr.071023-1545)
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz (2 CPUs), ~900MHz
    Memory: 2046MB RAM
    DirectX Version: DirectX 10
    DxDiag Version: 6.00.6000.16386 32bit Unicode
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
    Driver Version: 7.15.0011.6925 (English)

  98. Alvi Halderman says:


  99. Alvi Halderman says:

    @ To Paulo Dielli: I Crash one time per hour with the normal viewer…. For me the RC is better……..

  100. DR Dahlgren says:

    I don’t care how the colors in the RC integrate into windows. I always run full screen. What I care about is the ability to SEE. The glare and bright boxes of the Dazzle Skin are horrible. They completely ruin any sort of night effect.

    That said, replacing the skin, though a bit of a hassle (has to be done each upgrade) went a long ways to removing that issue. To find that LL is going to make two skins a part of the package so you can use either ( that is how I understand what was proposed) to me shows that LL has listened to the ppl who find the Dazzle Skin impossible to use, and is working to give them an alternative. I highly applaude that, and I do consider it a change in attitude.


  101. Xavier Felwitch says:

    i just want to add my voice to the thank yous, its good to see that LL are listening to the resedents conserns. With every iteration of this rc things seem to get better and better, cant wait to get home from work and test this one out.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  102. mcp Moriarty says:

    I totally stopped testing RC’s since the moment I seen dazzle. In fact I switched to the Cool Viewer port as my regular viewer.

  103. Winter Ventura says:

    Might want to check into this:

    seems to indicate that the default setting for “show animated textures” may have been changed.

  104. Roman McCullough says:

    Search results now printed in black! It’s about time! But the old white on black format was better still. And the same goes for the inventory box.

  105. Sharra says:

    Hey guys. Please STOP tinker around with the interface.
    Its fine like it is in stable client!
    If you want to change the basement of the UI to make user-defined UI´s possible so please work in the backyard and NOT in the stable client (as 1.20 will be soon).
    Its good to replace the old static system with an flexible one, but please do NOT include dazzle as the only theme in the final 1.20.
    Its not only i hate the look & feel of dazzle, i cant look at it because my eyes are unable to look longer than 2 minutes at it because the contrast is so poor. (yeah i HAVE problems with light text on light backgroundcolor).
    So please keep the old dark style for default (or as an option to change) an dont “dazzle” it away.
    And please implement such features not until its fully functional.
    (dont build in a new style with the future goal to make it user-changeable but its not changeable yet…)

  106. Flaran Riggles says:

    Well this RC now stops me using the Viewer as portable, ie not installed on my computer. With all previous viewers I’ve been able to instal them, copy them to a different location, and uninstal the viewer, leaving me with a portable uninstalled viewer. This RC is fine until I uninstal the original viewer, then it no longer connects to the Grid. I get a wireframe view of the log in screen.

  107. Skygirl Kline says:

    I actually prefer Dazzle over the old muddy blue..It all depends on your monitor I think. Still we have a choice now! But Yay for Dazzle all the same.

  108. richard says:

    i think 4 letters can say it all “crap”

  109. Blinders Off says:

    @78 Erinyse: Ok, if it takes 2 minutes to switch the color scheme on Dazzle… would you enlighten us? Because I can’t find anything in the menus, haven’t seen any instruction or knowledge base articles coming out on how to do that. And apparently most other people haven’t either, because the vast majority of posts I read just hate Dazzle… and none of us seem to be aware of how to spend 2 minutes to change it back. So if you know a way to do so that doesn’t require us going into the deep core SL ini files and risking messing up our system… I am all ears. ; )

  110. isadorafiddlesticks says:

    yay i can run this installation with no problem on my vista laptop. i missed dazzle when i wasnt able to install it and had to use the main viewer. liked the icons on dazzle, and the color can tend to be too bright depending on how much lighting you have in your room in rl. best to maintain the same color scheme but minus the brightness, but that’s just me cuz i love blue.

  111. Blinders Off says:

    BTW (and scuse please the double post) for those who love Dazzle…

    Great! Glad you do. That’s terrific. I have no problem with Dazzle. What I and others do have a problem with is Dazzle being forced on SL users. Glad to hear that’s going to be fixed in the future, but here’s a fact LL: a little pre-foist market research would have saved you a lot of time and trouble.

    Why don’t we like Dazzle? For very sensible reasons: It’s a glaring presentation, it is low-contrast (low contrast folks, causes eye strain due to the brain/optic system trying to interpret what it’s seeing… high contrast is better).

    I can use SL for hours with the current color scheme… and no eye strain whatsoever. After 30 minutes to an hour of using Dazzle, I’m rubbing my eyes and adding eyedrops.

    That’s what it all comes down to. I honestly wonder if LL did any market resesearch before spending (how many man hours) incorporating Dazzle into the system. It’s low contrast, glaring, a good percentage of your customers don’t like it. I would think before you would pay employee wages working on Dazzle instead of, as a thought, giving us MORE GROUPS… you’d do a little market research first.

  112. Carolina says:

    I have a free account and i was not able to play before because of my computer requierements can you please tell me what happend because I cannot reset my pass and I cant remember the info tht you required to do so .Thanks

  113. Pingback: SL news

  114. great! Finally VWR-7614 I can ditch RC7!

  115. Angsty Rossini says:


    Thanks for the clarification Ramzi… *sigh*

    back to my cave then 🙂


    I think that has been once of the confusing aspects of the Dazzle back-lash. Its not so much the fact that I personally don’t like the colour scheme that causes me to refuse to use it (stamps foot!), but the fact that it was going to be imposed on me without any options to alter it to the classic skin, or any other skin – *that* is why I howled and got angry.

    The back-end coding changes and re-design that were required to make skinning possible should have been done first and been totally transparent to us users. Then, and only then could they have introduced skinning options.

    Feeling positive about skinning now 🙂

  116. DoteDote Edison says:

    Thank You for announcing plans to provide a classic UI! 🙂

    As a scripter, it’s been difficult working without some of the cool new lsl constants in the RC. And as a helper, it’s been confusing at times when answering questions about new “advanced” options not yet available in the older client.

    But, as a night owl, Dazzle was just too much for my eyes to handle on a 57″ monitor for long periods of time.

    Again, thank you!

  117. Masuyo Aabye says:

    thanks for fixing both the snapshots and show look at. and ofcourse all of the other bug fixes, especially the memory leakage.
    thankyou for all your hard work.

  118. Zi Ree says:

    @109 Blinders Off: If you would spend half the time on reading the blog postings and doing a little research of what you spend on complaining you would have found the skin and the instructions a month ago, shortly after the Dazzle UI scheme came out.

    Download the zip file and unpack it inside your C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate folder, replace all files. There is a ReadMe.txt inside the zip archive explaining the procedure in more detail.

  119. Nathan Zetkin says:

    Thank you for the updates. Could we please get a fix for the Space Navigator problems reported in

    I love using the Space Navigator in Second Life and have been for over a year using RBC9 driver. But it does not work with vehicles using the native support in SL. Aimee Trescothick has made patches to fix the problems and they have been on the JIRA for a long time. Can we expect to see them included soon?

  120. Andrea Faulkner says:

    It’s ALMOST like they’re… listening?!? Wow. I can’t wait for the ability to turn Dazzle OFF in about 6 months after they figure out how. 😛

  121. Nibb Tardis says:

    Thank you for listening to the community! Maybe there is hope after all!

  122. Pepper Haas says:

    Will you please STOP “improving” the UI. Didn’t you people take computer science classes where you were told “NEVER change the UI, customers HATE that!”? Esp. the UI change that came with Voice, is a nightmare. The new Search, it sucks and it’s useless both. Dazzle was instant dislike for most people who tried it. Stop changing the UI, except to remove that useless key control button! STOP CHANGING THE UI STOP STOP STOP CHANGING THE UI WE HATE HAVING WINDOWS CHANGE ALL THE TIME NOW STOP IT!! And I want my old friends list back too without those stupid checkboxes!!

  123. Actingill Igaly says:

    Well done guys, it looks like a corner has been turned. This is the most positive i’ve seen peoples comments on the blog for about 4 months. I think people are starting to notice a big improvement in stability of the system. A big thankyou and keep it up !!

  124. Sean Heying says:

    Thanks Ramzi and the RC team… Dazzle has (weirdly) grown on me since I went to a huge monitor, originally having despised it, but I am still happy for everyone else.

    This RC is looking good.

    Source Code?

  125. hypatia says:

    “There is something very BAD going on with the RC. All the textures I upload, after I upload them, I am not able to drag and drop them in notecards.” > try making them full perms first. If they’re not full perms, they won’t go in a notecard.

  126. hypatia says:

    oh, and I love the RC now. I hardly ever use the old client anymore. Having choices of skin is good.

  127. Aeris says:

    For the record, I LIKE the Dazzle Look, and I LIKE being a cloud. Well, more than being ruthed.

  128. Ardic Danton says:

    1,000 times, thank you for choosing to make the use of the Dazzle UI a resident choice, rather than a Linden requirement.

  129. Tegg B says:

    Cool work guys, can’t wait for RC12 & 13, but guess I have too 🙂
    To the anti-dazzle brigade, wait till next viewer will you when it comes skinable, no reason why we can’t have a skinable viewer just because you think the current skin is perfect and want it to look the same for everyone for next 20 years.

  130. Well, well, well… spent a whole night including surround sound enabled in bed in my virtual home to wake up the next morning and see myself sleeping stable in bed without being crashed. Got up in both lives without trouble for once.. ^.^

    Err.. OMGWTH?!!BBQ!!!! This RC is actually an improvement to client-viewer experience ??? … O.o

    /me fights the urge to compliment..

    *.- .. difficult to fight it .. *raaargh* .. here.. have a handful of kudos for now.. lemme enjoy some more first….

    Oh.. and happy 5th ..

  131. Phantom Ninetails says:

    Wow! So many great bug fixes listed there!

    * Fixed: VWR-2051: Regular viewer freezes since update to Voice viewer

    No more camera panning freeze?! I’ve been suffering this one so much.. I’ll be testing that. That’s even more important than Dazzle. Speaking of which..

    THANK YOU for finally listening to us! I hope Dazzle’s not default, but being able to switch back even if it is is a huge plus!

  132. Phantom Ninetails says:

    Beacons are still iffy, showing up on each and every child prim in a physical linked set when physics beacons are on.. And they still flash when the camera is moved around.. And when there are hundreds of objects that should have beacons (shift-copy a scripted cube (until you get 256) and use script beacons), they don’t all get beacons..

  133. Moll Dean says:

    Thank you VERY MUCH to hear us (about SL Skin)….

  134. Volli Voom says:

    Going to try one of the next RCs, when I can have the old UI. It’s still far to complicated to get the old look and feel.

  135. Took me 15 mins to apply old skin and upload screenshot to . Instruction on webpage and accompanying *.zip could not be better.

    Second Life 1.20.11 (90229) Jun 19 2008 21:05:01 (Second Life Release Candidate) without Dazzle

  136. Kara Hawk says:

    Yay! Finally good news for those of us completely un-Dazzled by “Dazzle”.

  137. Bowfluv Curtiss says:

    I am flummouxed , , For the last three Candidates I have not been able to sign in .. I always get the same prompt…user name and password …check caps off ….I dont know what I am doing wrong , , , bc

  138. Ron Crimson says:


    Enough about Dazzle already! Dazzle this, Dazzle that! My GAWD! Don’t you people have anything BETTER to waste blog posts on!!!


  139. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Ramzi@65: “Tools menu now appears when you are in Build mode. It’s a UI change made in RC1, but we’ll have to do a better job highlighting in the release notes when 1.20 becomes an Official viewer! To have it stick around, you can also detach that menu by clicking on the double line ============= at the top of the menu.”

    That’s ridiculous. (1) We don’t want the tools menu to stick around as a floater, we need it to be available as a menu. And (2) the menu item to open the tools menu is *on the tools menu*. No, I haven’t memorized control-thingumy-3… I have the menu to remind me of such things… wait a second…

  140. Vanessa Sakai says:

    The verifacation bug is fixed.

  141. Zi Ree says:

    I’m with Argent here. Hiding the Tools menu is a bad decision. There are several options inside that I would lile to access without selecting an object first. Besides, it’s bad practice to hide UI items unless the user requests it. Usually they get greyed out when they are not useful but please don’t hide them.

  142. Gray Beam says:

    Not sure what happened – but the RC fixed recurring bug I had with a Memory Stack error – or had fixed it until this update. I reappeared last night – and I had already doubled my available memory!

    I thought that bug was dead, but I guess it came back as a zombie….

  143. Great news on Dazzle. Hopefully you might start to listen to us on everything else too…

  144. Sven Okonomi says:

    Dazzle, Hear this: WE DONT WANT YOU!!

    Frikkin eyestrain, I want my old dark one back D:< If its to dark for you, toss your wussy 200:1 contrast monitor in the bin already…

  145. Kugel says:

    SIGHS … you all realise if you rearrange the letters in the word “Dazzle” you get ” zldaze” ??? You did? ahh..ok then 😉

    What the hell… LL are making good progress with these RC’s, letting us test and test and test … kudos for involving us who want to be involved. SUKDO (kudos rearranged) to all those whiners who dont accept an RC as a test bed.

  146. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @ Ramzi: detaching the Tool-menu just adds to clutter and reduces the immersion. Why not just leave it where it was, with the functionality it had? It’s not just that now you can’t go into Edit-mode from th menu before pulling out a coalesced object from your inventory (the only practical way to manage coalesced objects), but Stop All Animations is not available either now (or it has gone to a very non-obvious place).

    Sure, there are work-arounds (I could edit something else, then pull out my coalesced object, I could always rezz one of those stop animation objects,… but that’s making it more complicated than necessary, and more complicated than before. Not an improvement).

  147. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @Ramzi: Here’s a suggestion., if you REALLY feel a need to get rid of the tools menu…

    Change the “build” button to “tools”, and then you don’t need to grey it out when you’re not in a build-enabled area.

    How about that? Can we compromise that far?

  148. Supa Shang says:


    * Fixed: VWR-2051: Regular viewer freezes since update to Voice viewer

    I’m still getting the freezing on my,

    PC Wizard 2008 Version 1.84
    User: Supa
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3
    Report Date: Thursday 26 June 2008 at 15:15
    > Manufacturer : Dell XPS M1730
    > Mainboard : Dell 0KX412
    > Chipset : Intel GM965
    > Processor : Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T9300 @ 2500 MHz
    > Physical Memory : 4096 MB (2 x 2048 DDR2-SDRAM )
    > Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 8800M GTX x2 SLI
    > Hard Disk : ARRAY (320 GB)
    > DVD-Rom Drive : TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H
    > Monitor Type : YU828171WU1 2AIl“¹ÿ – 17 inches
    > Network Card : Broadcom Corp NetXtreme BCM5754M Gigabit Ethernet PCIe
    > Network Card : Intel Corporation Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
    > Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3
    > DirectX : Version 9.0c (July 2007)
    > Space Navigator

    Is anyone else having the same freezing? I notice CPU spikes at 100% when this happens too and no input response.

  149. waterstar eilde says:

    Some of us really like Dazzle, despite all the criticism, and it’s particularly good for people with certain types of vision impairment. The ability to switch without loss of performance, however, will be an excellent move, and should keep most folk satisfied. I also look forward to continuing improvements in performance for Mac users.

  150. Stephani Honi says:

    @94 Cherry Czervik Says:
    I may try to see if this addresses that I crash each and every time I TP, the messages lost due to being frozen out (despite a new router and no problems on anything but SL).

    Cherry, it sounds like you have the same problem that many of us do with the bug SVC-972
    Would you do me and others a favor and add your name to the comments so that it can finally be fixed, or a workaround provided? (assuming that it’s the same problem). Linden Labs don’t believe that there are enough of us suffering from this bug to even provide a workaround.
    “Viewer is logged out during failed teleport”

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