SL5B: Opening Speech-Video Download Now Available

The opening speech is now available for video download.

[Torley adds…] yayzerama, distributed help from our Residents!

Streaming version I posted on YouTube:

Streaming version recorded by Metaverse TV:

[ ?posts_id=1023731&dest=-1]

Also, see Code Tracer‘s audio recordings + snapshots.

Further event recordings and such can be added to the SL5B wiki page.

I reckon there’ll be more to come in the comments too. 🙂


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  1. I am SO sorry if you left a comment here and it’s gone now; mine got nuked too after I updated this post. Not sure how that happened but if I find out I’ll bring ’em back ASAP!

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  3. Amiryu Hosoi says:

    I wonder, why does M sound so shy? I was expecting a firm voice…

  4. Anna Gulaev says:

    It’s a very pretty spinning cursor.

  5. Tiny Mind says:

    Oh, geeze. You mean I actually *have* to download and play something in Quick-grime outside of Second-Life?? The horror… the horror. 🙂

    Tiny View-Mind

  6. @Tiny: Nope, check out the streaming version. =o)

    And, if you’re adverse to QuickTime for various reasons, there’s also:

  7. Max Kleiber says:

    Text transcript?

  8. Patience Masala says:

    lol, avatar upgrades for LL employees anyone? Especially Philip.

  9. Hia Paine says:

    CONGRATZ SL and LL… u changed my life! keep IT up!

    … and to “M” i would just like to say: good luck!

  10. Perry Smith says:

    Truman Capote runs Second Life now?

    ….musta been audio problems at my end…
    good luck trying to watch in QuickTime, the plugin works fine embedded in a browser, but the d/l refuses to play in pretty much any stand-alone player

    ….so where’s Harper Lee…hmmmm

  11. Ann Otoole says:

    mp4 opened and played fine in quicktime here.

    sl is really hurting. could not possibly be related to sl5b right? can’t even move in the sl5b sims with less than 30 avis? maybe the post windlight sim max avi count is 15. seems like it. something needs fixing somewhere because this is not right.

  12. Sean Heying says:


  13. Chica Indigo says:

    It was very delightful to listen to Phillip words, he sounded very natural and kind of funny with the anecdote of tearing off the 1st disco he created lol. I agree with the comment saying M sounds so very shy hehe and very serious too. One thing for most linden is that they should improve their own apopereance, they should look for AO’s and a better skin/hair, clothes that reflects who they are or how they feel, or at least show more creativity, like Torley, that will show everybody all the possibilities we all have here at SL. Happy Birthday SL and tyvm for giving us this AWESOME experience.

  14. Tree Kyomoon says:

    happy birthday SL!!! sorry i missed the speech but Im so glad to see its more popular and successful than ever!!!!

  15. Meghan Dench says:

    Hey Torley, wanna Volunteer to type out the text transcript? rofl.

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  17. Tyrol Rimbaud says:

    Not a typical shareholder speech to be sure. I would have thought both Phillip and Mark would have expressed more of their vision of where Second Life will be in a year, or ten.

    I am still a little set back by the cultural ethic of the management of Second Life. What demographic is Second Life trying to appeal? There still seems to be a “laid-back” mind set. I have been telling dozens of educators and business people about Second Life, and inevitably the response is: “I went to their website, but it seems cartoonish”. If you want to draw in professional artists, designers, and educators, the management of Second Life must understand that it is tools and resources being offered that will draw in new influential patrons. The wacky characters, the beach parties, and shenanigans do not appeal to professional people, and, as I have experienced, does work to turn them away from investigating Second Life’s potential. I would hope in the coming year, through the website and in print, there will be more emphasis on showcasing the power of Second Life as a professional social network.


  18. Kulayle Antine says:

    ty that was nice

  19. isadorafiddlesticks says:

    #17-tyrol, there’s the second life grid website. it’s centered for businesses and such. the main website is catered for typical people.

    there’s a wealth of information about existing RL businesses in SL and companies who offer consulting and building services in SL in there.

  20. Herne Diker says:

    I was delighted to hear these two guys. Mark seemed shy but I was encouraged by the humaness of saying,”really, really” in his talks.

    Happy 5th Birthday to my new world.It’s an amazing place!

  21. RJ Kikuchiyo says:

    Welcome to the party, M! I know it will be fun for *most* of us! Retro is still kewl, Phil! stay tuned cuz the next 5 will be even more exciting! (Cue the lights!)

  22. Tiny Mind says:

    >> And, if you’re adverse to QuickTime for various reasons <<

    That, Torley, is an understatement. I make it my mission in life to avoid using or working with Quickcrime as much as I can help it. Thankfully you have taken the keynote and got it up and embedded with YouTube. Makes it easy and breezy that way, and the material transposed clean and clear. Thank you for allowing many more to share in this historic experience, and for giving more Players and Visitors alike to hear the CEOs as they share their memories and vision for the SL days ahead.

    Transcoded Mind.

  23. Tod69 Talamasca says:

    M needs to get more “oomph” in his voice. Seems like a nice guy tho. Only time will tell if he will make SL the biggest thing next to sliced bread.

    Here’s to 5 more years!!! 🙂

  24. Excel Rousellot says:

    Omg I was really pleased to find this , to be able to watch the opening speech, it made me smile so much. SL has changed life for me as a disabled person, I love it so much, Here’s to it being around always 🙂 with the free expression, diversity and creativity an amazing place.

  25. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Have to agree, P and M sounded nothing like I imagined. Maybe a little more human than they tend to get demonized as? Any way I repeat what I posted elsewhere – happy birthday and see you at SL10B. And Torley – you the melon, man

  26. Tiny Mind says:

    Oh, and the jeans, t-shirt and tie apparel approach is a nice touch for the avatar-image, too. Steve Jobs has nothing on Mister M when it comes to giving a public address. 😉

    Tiny Details.

  27. Rose Mackie says:

    I imagine these guys in the early days saying “Wouldn’t it be cool if ….. ” and then seeing this amazing world. We are the pioneers, guys …. not just customers …. we are the ones breaking the path toward what the virtual worlds of the future will be … how our children will experience the internet and the world … expect difficulties and challenges … remember the old blessing/curse “May you live in interesting time!” …. Thank you Linden Labs! Happy Birthday to the most interesting place in the world to live!

  28. Drusilla Galicia says:

    Wonderfull to see our past and present CEO’s chat. I’m glad to hear Philip’s still into our world and Mark sounds as though he has bought into the world view. He sounds like a good guy and I liked that he said”really,really” I hope his business hooks are good.
    But guys, can’t you all walk across a stage without running into each other and with the brain power in SL whats with no movements while talking(lip sync)(arms). Sell to the investors. Sell to us, I’m putting some of my own money in this world. More CPUs, more prims per sim, more memory, more speed, no lag, more, more, more, whaaaa.

    And Torley, I’m glad your running around with your melon headed friendly greetings. You help us fix everything. Thanks.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SECOND LIFE. See you all at 10.
    I love this world!! Bright Blessings!

  29. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Happy BD SL . That the problems will be something from the past and that the present will look good.

  30. Kitty Tandino says:

    Happy Birthday Second Life!

  31. Markopolis Balhaus says:

    Happy Birthday Second Life. All of this is very, very important.

  32. Hulk Ah says:

    It’s good to hear M linden says IP rights are important etc, but with the matter of IP rights we need CHANGES that will IMPROVE the large scale of ip right violations that are taking place in second life.

    Just saying things are important without any consequences will not be affective in any way. Thieves will not be like “Oh damn, the lindens don’t like me ripping skins, i’m gonna sit in the corner, and cry and be good now” (as far as they speak english lol).

    The future would look so much brigher for us if we knew that changes will come , and improvements are being made on this matter. Of course we do not expect that every try will be affective imidiately, but it would be a relief to see at least linden lab would TRY to do something about this, and not just stating ‘we are not changing our DMCA policy’ (which is not working good enough)

    If in politics negative progress is noticed, they try to come up with solutions and take measurements. THAT is the road we need to go into. If things don’t work, that means they should be CHANGED.

    Just like the progress in graphics as well as other things that make our second life experience what it is, we need improvement in IP policy too

    A good example that shows the ease of measurements that could be taken, are the ‘vanished’ sexbed parts that were deleted all over hte grid the other day, all made by 1 creator. This showed it is easily possible for Linden Lab to do so. Now creators have to DMCA every single location that sells the same stolen item. All of those items could and should be deleted in the database with just one DMCA. This would save the linden lab copyright/trademark department (one person? lol) alot of time

    Theft will be far less threatening if the long term effects will be reduced if items ALL stolen material in world would be deleted.

    All creators now have to compete with stolen material which has spread all over all over the grid. This is not just a matter that affects the number of creators that is stolen from, it matters to every creator that makes comparable products.

  33. say Moo says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I’m waiting for the gift that has been on hold for over a year now:
    The sim/region server code (precompiled or opensourced) so we can finally run the regions ourselves on our own connections and machines!
    (don’t tell you at LL forgot about this?!? A year after the announcement of opensourcing the server code, still nothing to be read about it, in concrete dates, or trails/alpha’s/beta’s etc.. come on, get on your programming horses, and release it :P)
    And yes, i checked the architectual workgroup wiki sites etc.. all OLD information that has been updated for weeks/months.

    Did i say, happy birthday? 🙂

  34. hd1080i says:

    HAPPY B’day .
    some amazing creative work here, intense. I have an nVidia 9800 maxed out into dual HD screens on a quadcore 3ghz with FIOS fiber optic to my doorstep, it rocks.

    On the HD ( 1920×1080 ) laptop thru comcast – impossible : like 2fps.

    Congrats to all these truely amazing people in SL, clearly some of the best and brightest minds on the world are here, I do so love how Linden Lab has created a decent enough level playing field for that to happen. This merge of code and art is way ahead.

    Also thanks to the SLB5 designers that dropped shadows and took the time to finesse the lighting bakes. Well worth the time spent in such added effort.

  35. None says:

    Hurrah, and now the entire grid is down.

    Or is it like adult swim. All you kids out of the pool it’s Lindens only!

  36. Lonny Miasma says:

    Hmmm seems SL5B was too much for the grid or was it the new serverdeploy?

  37. Analisa Mounier says:

    Happy Birthday, Second Life, despite everything…I love you 🙂

  38. Ric Mollor says:

    Five years, eh? Certainly a milestone.

    But watching the video I see.

    Avatars of the past and current CEOs standing by the mic with no custom animations. Wearing standard bland, 2rd rate texture, SL clothing.

    No lip syncing to their audio. No hint that they are even the ones that are speaking. No speech gestures at all.

    Sims severely limited in the number of users. Throttled back to 30 or so on each. Has performance become so poor that it has to be set that low?

    A horrible amateurish video. Interface on, interface off, nametags on, nametags off, wild alt-zooming around, seemingly all as an afterthought.

    And obvious single digit framerate perfomance. In the official video? Of the ‘once in a lifetime’ 5 year event?!?

    Audio (which easily could of been pre-recorded and *NOT* live) that says nothing. No talk of future plans, no optimistic projections for the upcoming year. No promises of fantastic features in the next release that will make SL irresistible.

    Just a lie about how stability has been improved. But how many days in the row have there been database ‘problems’?

    All delivered on a stunningly bland build that looks half unfinished.

    With not a single real life shot of the two proudly looking at the SL world from their viewpoint.

    Sadly, I realize that this, like everthing that LL does, was just completely winged. No preparation, no dry run. Just fake it and go.

    This is the best that they can do?

    Logins are closed once again.

  39. Beerandpizza says:

    You raise a very good point Hulk Ah #33
    From listening to that statement about IP rights are important but not delivering a statement at all about cracking down and coming up with a solution to Stop it.. Watermarking textures may be a good route to take for designers.. But I feel this will not stop the lame theft that has plagued the grid and every time you turn around someone is enhancing copy bot programs to make them to be able to clone any avatar

    And this is for Say Moo you might want to take a peek at OPEN SIMULATOR project wink wink (google) Someone is already working on it.. I haven’t heard of Linden labs even remotely trying to do the same thing.. If they are, I sure would like to see something about it my self.

  40. say Moo says:

    Yes i know about the opensim project, i do 🙂
    (i’ve tested it too0
    but that’s not the point, the point is, that Phil. Linden has announced in march last year, at a conference, that the server will be opensourced in the near future. (that means a timeframe of a year or so, normally)
    But, it seems, like this announcement was false, or rescheduled for some reason, by LL. I mean, it isn’t that hard to opensource the codebase, and deliver the precombiled libs along with them (havok etc)
    That is allowed to distribute precompiled binaries/libs, of third parties. (then during compiling of the codebase, one can link these libs into it. without the need for the source of the libs themselves.)

  41. Linda Brynner says:

    Happy Birthday to SL

  42. Georgette Whitfield says:

    I agree that M sounds really shy. Terrified, actually! LOL, don’t be scared M! WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU.

    @17 “The wacky characters, the beach parties, and shenanigans do not appeal to professional people, and, as I have experienced, does work to turn them away from investigating Second Life’s potential.”
    GOOD! We don’t want boring corporations in here anyway. They’ve ruined RL (check out so the last thing we want is them coming in and ruining SL too. Long live the little guys!!!

  43. Dark Princess says:

    @33 Hulk Ah:
    You seem to miss the point of how it would totally ruin the economy if LL did what you asked and went around deleting everything out of people’s inventory when someone filed some ‘IP’ rights complaint.
    Think of this, the computer you are using to type this is full of components that are subject to lawsuits back and forth with IP rights, if the local Gestapo came tearing your computer out each time some new lawsuit was filed from one chipset maker against the other, you would never have a computer nor would you feel like buying one. With REAL merchandise once it is sold properly it is yours and no IP infringment is NOT the same as theft (Despite what the music industry tells you) You are not deprived in any way of your use of your item or your abilitiy to sell it.. what is done is deprive you of your ability to MONOPOLIZE the initial sale of it and so there is the potential for lower income (because if you really blow away the lies and hype the better part of those that got either a free or cheap copy would not have paid the full price, they would have simply done without or bought something cheaper). That is why in the Real World which is filled with very smart lawyers who all want tons of money, if you buy something that was not physically stolen (again leave the stupid IP Infringment is theft garbage out of your reply), it’s your’s to keep and if there was IP infringment or theft of trade secrets (again IP property) then the owner of the IP can sue the one who copied and sold items containing their intellectual property for their income as well as damages.
    Unless this model is properly brought to SL, a few more rounds of this taking things from everyone’s inventory and breaking their items and you will find few people willing to buy anything of value.
    And like in the case of the beds issue, it was just a matter of revenge for the supposed “IP owners” and while I’m sure they enjoyed seeing lots of blameless parties get victimized by their actions, you can be pretty sure lots of people like me and my friends will never buy from them no matter how good their prices are.

  44. Terry Misfit says:

    Happy Birthday Sl. I wish us all many more years of fun, drama etc etc…… Good luck to Phillip and his wonderful crew. How about sending phillip skin a decent shape and possibly some hair lol.

  45. Pennie says:

    I am brand new, (1 week), to second life & think it it absolutely amazing! As a british woman in my latish 40’s, I would never have dreamed I could take part in something so clever & exciting! The experienced residents who i have met here, the mentors especiallally are fantastic in their patience with me and in their enthusiasm for this world. I love it & thank you, the creators for this.

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  47. @44, very well said. Content creators who demand that Linden take a scorched earth policy won’t be getting my business, and I was gratified that LL quickly realized they were on a fool’s errand and reversed course.

  48. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Nooooooo! Don’t make Philip change! He’s great just the way he always was, codpiece and all. It’s very comforting!


  49. Hulk Ah says:

    @44 dark princess.

    You compare things with real life, although alot is different in second life, as well as how things are stolen, as well as how the solutions could (or should) look like. In real life I can not copy endless amounts of armani suits within a matter of seconds, sell them without any (real) store (in a way that seems legit to a customer) and make lots of money from it …neither could i spread endless armani suits in the world, where they would lead their own unstoppable life in freebie malls (which do not excist in real life).If this endless spread is not stopped, it is simply nothing that will help the creator. In real life there is indeed theft, and armani suits ARE copied. The big difference is that in real life is these illegal copies are only sold in ‘underground’ places, not in ‘real stores’. (except from minor exceptions i am sure), but compared to the legal armani salespoints, this is on a very small scale in most regions.

    In second life no one can distinguish a ‘legit’ store, from a thief store. With the easy endless copies of the same items spread through second life, it is not possible to sue everyone, since there are hundreds if not thousands of people having your creation for sale.

    Also you should notice that in real life there are INDEED companies that check) if legal software is used on computers. If the software you have on your computer is pirated software, they DO take it from you and it will cost you money as well.

    Another thing that is very different is that in real life we all have to pay tax on transactions, we need to have valid administrations if we sell stuff, we need papers to be legally able to start stores…all that is different in second life. This different kind economy will need different measurements.

    On the other hand I do not want innocent people to be harmed either. I do not want people to loose their items they paid for. it WOULD , however, make them realise not every object in second life is a legit object, and not every store has legit stores either.

    It would be a better solution to make illegally stolen objects NO TRANSFER, so all people that were problably unaware of the item being stolen, will not loose their item, but would indeed stop people from selling these items and make the creatorrs legal salespoint the only salespoint in SL as it should be

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  51. Tiny Mind says:

    Take it easy, @39 Ric.

    What you saw was just the raw-footage of the ‘event.’ They’ll fix it all in Post. 😉

    Tiny, just Tiny.

  52. Happy Birthday Second Life and to all the people who put their heart, creativity, views into changing a world, kudos to us all. ❤

  53. uh-oh says:

    @44 Dark Princess
    what ever the case is, what is the point in buying something that you do not know if it is stolen or not only to have it deleted?
    I do like Hulk Ah’s idea of making the item no transfer if it is stolen. As it stands, i have stopped buying linden dollars and will not shop. i used to spend an average of 10-20k a week on items in world either for me or helping my friends out. Here we are on week two no lindens bought or anything bought for either my friends or myself.
    It is bad enough that people are out here stealing and copying other peoples work. now LL wants to basically steal our money by taking things we bought and have no clue if they are legit or not? To me everyone is now suspect and every purchase is subject to be deleted.
    Thank goodness summer is here, it is time to go out and play RL and enjoy the sunshine.

  54. al-kaon says:

    that was nice

  55. Georgette Whitfield says:

    @50 “In second life no one can distinguish a ‘legit’ store, from a thief store.” I beg to differ. It is so obvious the places that steal things. They look really tacky for a start. You wouldn’t expect that the ‘Vuitton’ handbags for sale at your local RL market are the real deal, so why assume that the wonderful skins being sold in a dodgy sex mall are legit? A professional SL seller will have professional looking adverts with decent photography, proper vendors, nice store decor and location etc. They will not set up shop next to an ad farm or strip club (unless maybe they are selling strap-ons etc lol).

    @Dark Princess. In SL like in RL you get what you pay for. If you want to buy cheap knock offs then you will get a cheap knock off. If that then breaks or makes you look cheap then you have no cause for complaint. Your product did what it was meant to do i.e. be a cheap knock off. Your comment seems to suggest that artists who expect to be paid for what they create and who expect that others will not steal their work are simply operating out of greed and deserve to have their work stolen because it’s too expensive! Have you ever tried creating something yourself? Put your whole heart and soul into it? Spent time photographing it to look good? Spent money on marketing? Put it out for sale at what you feel is a reasonable price, only to have someone steal it off you and sell it for MORE (oh yes, the thiefs–and that is what they are–usually sell these items for more than the original seller does)? If you have done this then you would understand how devastating it could be for someone to steal your work. You would understand that the thieves are the ones operating out of sheer greed, not the original creators.

    “And like in the case of the beds issue, it was just a matter of revenge for the supposed “IP owners” “. Um no! And supposed nothing. Anyone who’s been in SL any length of time knows that Stroker owns the rights to sexgen ‘cos HE INVENTED IT! It’s what he’s famous for. If you like sexgen then pay him for it. If you don’t then cyber on a plywood prim. Or buy a cheap copy and cry when the Lindens take it off you. That’s your choice to make. But don’t blame the guy who invented it for expecting to be paid for his work.

  56. javert sinatra says:

    M – Good luck and let’s make SL less laggy for my firends and more robust in future releases.

  57. Ron Crimson says:

    Happy birthday to you

    We love your grey goo

    We might crash or get ruthed

    But we have good times, too!

    *** Happy birthday, SL *** 🙂 (And this post is in good fun, SL is wonderful even with all its little quirks!)

  58. Hulk Ah says:

    @57 Georgette Whitfield

    . I do understand that most thieves stores look worse than other stores, but there have been quite some exceptions on this. Also, for ‘newer people’ this difference is more difficult to see. once you’ve been in second life for a while, you start to develop a better skill in seeing smaller differences (such as being able to see which skin someone is wearing). If people are new , they quite often do not even understand the difference between a skin and a shape. A good example of a pretty professional looking theft store would be a certain store that had a very expensive classified on the frontpage of the all search for a long time. I am pretty sure alot (newer) people thought this was a real ‘legit’ store. Also it is quite likely this store sold more rips of certain skins than some of the original creators sold originals at that time.

    About the ‘cheap knock offs’. I do only partly agree. The difference with real life is that cheap knock offs are actually DIFFERENT from the real ones, they are ‘weak’ imitations. This is very different in second life. Here ‘knock offs’ are 100% identical to the real product. There is absolutely no difference between the real and fake product. (although there are exceptions)

    As far as it comes to the ‘sex scripts, i would like to emphasize there is a big difference between “sexgen” (TM STROKER SERPENTINE) and “multipose sexbeds” (not sure if TM, but made by miffy fluffy). The stroker beds are only stolen once or twice by certain persons(as far as i know) and are using a script that is illegal to use for others. The multipose sexbed script by miffy fluffy is open source and legal to use (under certain conditions) for everyone.

    Stroker has his courtlaw have totally nothing to do with the dissapearing sexbeds /scripts animations etc.

    I also totally agree with Georgette Whitfield that darkprincess does not seem to realise what an impact theft can have on creators. For quite alot this is their real job. Would you just lean back and see how people steal your income, and nothing you can do?

  59. MortVent says:

    The problem with deleting many of the stolen animations is they were aquired with different permissions… but are still the same ID in the system.

    To remove them all instances would have to be deleted… and then you have to contact your customers and walk them through fixing the broken content.

    It’s not so simple, especially since i doubt any vendor has a spreadsheet that fully lists all the authorized customers… especially if they had transfer permissions allowing folks to give them away as gifts.

    It’s not so simple as clickity click

  60. Dark Princess says:

    57 @ Georgette Whitfield
    Interesting response, perhaps you miss the point however, what I said was that if your IP right are infringed, you should go after the ones that created the infringing work just like you would in RL and demand their profits and extra for damages. Going and taking things en-masse from everyone’s inventory (especially as it was proved in this case also things that were clearly open source and legitimate) will crash the very economy you are claiming to protect. People loose things once or twice and pretty soon nobody will be willing to pay money for things. Think about this.. your computer right now.. the CPU you use is subject to ongoing lawsuits about IP theft.. the memory you use has been the subject of ongoing lawsuits forever over IP infringement, your web brower is subject to IP misuse lawsuits.. Your video card has codes in it somebody claimed were stolen from them… Would you please pull apart your computer then & I’ll give you the 30 addresses to send bits and parts back to… or do you prefer it the way it currently is where the ones who made the parts are the ones who have to pay up against the claims of IP misuse or countersue and you are free to go on using your computer? Protecting your creations is simple you just have to be willing to go after the ones that actually are making thing with your IP rights that you did not license to them rather than being lazy and complaining about why someone doesn’t fix it all for you and why filing one DMCA claim doesn’t end things forever (you have to follow that up with demanding the information on the one infringing your work, then going after them properly for damages)
    I probably spend more buying legitimate goods from creators than most and my demands are pretty simple I want to be able to modify things as I want and then give them away if I don’t want them any more (and if I buy a Prada Purse and decide to re-decorate it and change it around a bit and then give it away or resell it I am perfectly within my rights under law to do so).. or on things I want it that way or that need updates and let me know ahead of purchase, then copy and mod with no transfer is fine, (because I am specifically trading my right to give something away for the right to make copies of it as I wish). My favourite creators are happy to have me as a customer because I support their work by buying most of their new creations.
    I also spend more than most helping to pay for some of the places that residents can use at no cost which in turn drives sales for content creators as people that visit want nicer clothes, hair, weapons and such.

  61. Alvi Halderman says:

    This is Just the 2nd SL birthday
    i love this part of Philips spech
    “what were doing here its outside the bounds of possibility …there is more going on and there is more meeting and more of the future and more imagination here that i think there is ever been on earth!”

    Specially this: “….and more imagination here that i think there is ever been on earth!”

  62. Alvi Halderman says:

    As Philip said…:
    So, in a way that I think is very inspiring, when you try to paint a picture of it at one time and in one place, you fail. You cannot do it and I think that is moving.

    I think the picture of SL is a SL Map Or just an avatar….

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  64. linnie says:

    #3 I agree, he almost sound like my younger brother lmao

    #8 Could not agree with you more lol… Contact me in world Philip and i will advice a propper makeover…. oohh better bring a lot of linden $ too 😀

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  66. Luke Termagant says:

    Both speeches were bad. There was no sign of real leadership and future vision for the SL. Rosedale is stepping back giving the steering wheel to M but we can instinctivelly feel that his intention is to keep the control. And that is bad news because under Rosedale Linden Lab made a lot of very bad decissions – they increased tiers, they banned casinos, they banned banks, they introduced VAT (GST) for European residents although it is not compulsory for entities out of EU, they flooded markets by thousands of new sims and virtually destroyed indipendent land businesses and finally they failed in strategically important objective to bring millions of new users who were supposed to boost collapsing economy.

    Second Life is over-regulated and shows all symptoms of deep recession. The rights of residents are shrinking, more regulations, restrictions and censorship is on the way. Is it the Second Life we want? I seriously doubt about it. Our accounts can be terminated by single-click without any explanation. Under TOS Linden Lab has all rights but no obligations. No refunds or discounts when the service is not delivered. Ridiculous.

    Yes, M will take care of technical problems and will bring more stability to the Grid but I believe his major task is to keep status quo and prepare LL for the change of ownership.

  67. Happy 5th Birthday SLag Life®. Wonder if anybody can actually get in with all the failed logins. Not that I see status reports anymore. Even though running Nicholaz 1.19.4, I get a Must Upgrade notice in place of status reports now. Upgrade to what? The Risible Content viewer which probably still doesn’t work on non-Intel Macs?

    @67 Well, they had to comply with RL laws. And yes, they did have to impose VAT on Europeans after they set up an office in Brighton, UK. Means they have assets there, along with the banking, and therefore the UK courts have authority over LL assets in EU territory.

    But yes, Philip has been responsible for yet more lag inducing, borky unwanted shinies (funny though, he promised in January the focus would shift from shinies to performance and stability, seen none of that yet), and of course upped the land area by 60% while active residents have stayed static for a year according to Key Metrics. Methinks all the references to SL “growth” are verging on big porky pies.

    SL is no longer a community, just a collection of islands people hang out in, cos they can’t tp, rez or go anywhere else, or see anything unless grey is their favourite colour.

    Still, got one last chance left I reckon, before dying. They have a couple of months before HiPiHi and the other two Chinese clones get really going.

  68. emoboy says:

    Hi, Check out the photos of my new emo hairstyle

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