If You Don’t Look Good, We Don’t Look Good

One of the new default female avatars

Today, we are pleased to announce that a brand new set of ‘default’ avatars are now available.

You’ll find them in two places, as part of the new Resident registration process and inworld, in your avatar’s Library inventory folder.

For some time now, we’ve had a very dated set of avatars available during the registration process, at Secondlife.com, for new Residents to choose from when creating an account. Now, thanks to the work of five top-notch Resident designers, we can offer new Residents a look they can be proud of from the minute they login.

Without further ado, we’d like to acknowledge the tremendous work of:

Adam n’ Eve
Wraith Unsung
Nylon Pinkney
Renegade Clothing
Grendel’s Children

who made this possible. If you have a chance, we highly recommend visiting their in-world locations to check out more of their creations. You can also see an image of the new Default Avatars, as well as information on their creators, in the Second Life Wiki.

Each of these avatars was specially made for this project, and includes the outfit and any gear shown. What you see now is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In the coming weeks, we hope to include even more new avatars to be swapped in and out of the avatar selection part of the registration process. Each of the new avatars represents a different style, to appeal to the widest possible number of new users. (A fixed number of avatars are available for selection during the registration process, so we’ll try to keep changing up which are available.) Watch for the new avatars!

And now, if you would like to try out one of the new avatars yourself, we have, hot off the presses, a special Torley video tutorial demonstrating how to swap avatars using your choice of these new avatars inworld! ENJOY!

View or download mp4 version of the tutorial.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=992937&dest=-1]

Smaller file (lower-quality and fuzzier):

How to Wear one of the new AvatarsTwo of the new default avatars available now
Simply login to Second Life, open your inventory, and go to:

Library > Clothing

There, you will see a folder for each of these featured avatars. Simply drag the folder on to your avatar to experience a new look. In each folder, you will also find a notecard from the designer with information about the avatar and a landmark to the designer’s Second Life store. Show them your support!

And, as a special bonus for all Residents, we’ve included 4 extra avatars that are only available inworld, in your avatar’s Library folder.

We feel strongly that by giving new Residents great looking avatars, we can provide a compelling and fun introduction to Second life for all.

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148 Responses to If You Don’t Look Good, We Don’t Look Good

  1. Garn Conover says:

    better a little late then never hehe, least we got pics now :). Hey Katt the last pic is bleedin int othe SL5B post when its minimized- least for me it is

  2. Thank you! I’ve been playing with these for about a week now and have found that many of the included clothes and accessories work well with my existing outfits and even some of the complete outfits are great. I especially love the Boxbot and the dragon from Grendel’s Children. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lance says:

    I like it.

  4. They look great, well done to the contributing designers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. lance says:

    May be my new look. Inventory deleting by Linden Labs means no more shopping for me. A very handsome set of noobs.

  6. Sling Trebuchet says:

    You can talk the talk

    But Lindens…


    Have you walked THAT walk??

    Oh dear oh dear!!

    And hey!
    Great noobs!!

  7. Marianne McCann says:

    I love the box-bot, and have had ’em in my inventory for some time. Glad to see others will get to see some of these great designers right in the8ir inventory and stuff. Viva Grendel’s!

  8. Tho Millgrove says:

    It’s “ado”, not “adieu”!!! The latter is French for goodbye, which would make no sense.

  9. Azzura Supplee says:

    Ruth needs a big statue or something permanent somewhere in the world for everyone to remember her by and so the new people know what we had to deal with back in the old days!

  10. Darth Juniper says:

    An great idea to stop newbies being put off the game because they can’t make their avatars look good. These are excellent characters and give new users a much better idea of how good one can look for free!

  11. Ann Otoole says:

    Did you put the avatars back the way the designers intended them to be or did you leave the altered shapes and mixed up outfits in place?

  12. Tho Millgrove says:

    Yes, Azzura, I agree. I’m going to kind of miss Ruth. Especially when big guys showed up as her. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Muzicole says:

    Thanks for showing us the pics LL. Now we can study them and learn how to detect them so we can avoid them.

  14. Dale Innis says:

    What fun! I hope the newborns still do the duck-walk, though, just to make it easy to identify the people that one may need to be a little extra-tolerant of. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  16. Wordfromthe Wise says:

    At least Grendels Blue and cute Dragon Avatar has an AO ..
    and the Dragan itself it is well done btw..

    Now how does Phil look ?

  17. Moll Dean says:

    @1 indeed
    Better late than never.

    Yesterday LL really desapointed me by deleting contents in-world and from inventory. And I have to deal with this or die (leave).
    The worst customer support service I have seen did not move a finger when dozenS of LL-Bots (robots) invaded my club.

    But today I want to cnngratulate LL for this release (skins could be better, lol.) So, CONGRATULATIONS to this equipe and all designers.
    We will be more gratefull if you could provide us better and more realistc DEFAULT ANIMATIONS as the next step for this project.

    Thank you.

    btw. new lindens plants are up to be released too?

  18. Katt Linden says:


    Marianne, I love the new box-bot avatar too, isn’t it cute?


    Tho, thank you, I corrected that!


    Yes, Azzura, we agree, we are not about to forget the Ruth who connects us all ๐Ÿ™‚


    Ann, yes.

    For any of you who have been checking out these new avatars before today, you should go back to the folder in the Library and wear those you like, to copy them into your own inventory folder — the avatars changed in small ways in the very latest release, to fix a few problems that we found with the previous test release. So, the ones in the Library Inventory folder now are the up-to-date avatars.

  19. anylyn hax says:

    SL is full of free avatars clothes hair and all the rest.
    This is just one more Thing SL doesnt need.
    Like the “nice sky”
    Like the Voice
    Like the blue gui
    and so on
    Lindens concentrate on the asset server. You must take the load down from the asset server or we soon cannot move any more.

  20. Dorie Bernstein says:

    These noob av’s look great! Definitely don’t look so noobish. And hopefully we can stop seeing those awful flip-flop sandals that have been around for years. Yes, years…I remember them when is started in ’05.


  21. Snaptick Laxness says:

    wow! all the males have great big booties! like IMMENSE! is this standard for new residents now? buns of steel? where’s R. Crumb when you need him?

    Funny avs. I like them. but still – does baby need so much back?

  22. aki says:

    anylyn people work in different departments

    thats like telling a secretary to program some software, not everyone in lindens deal with the asset server, use some common sense please

    its nice to have some defaults, so people who are new and dont know anyone or places can look fairly decent right from the beginning

  23. Storyof Oh says:

    I still wonder why??? a new personalised shape/skin is always the must for anyone after week 1 unless you are a …robot…and at least now its recognised with a bot av….
    Please say the robot wont become the new ruthie default??

  24. Mech Gears says:

    We are the Box bots, you will be assimilated, loging out is futile…

  25. Xavier Felwitch says:

    one thing i did note when i did the survey a few weeks ago was that there was no new furry avs, has this been fixed? i did notice the quad which was good, but i am talking about the “walk on 2 paws” kinda furry ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Xavier Felwitch says:

    ohh and i forget to add @25… great job on the new avs ๐Ÿ™‚

    it was not ment to sound like a neg post, just my observations while completing the survey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Hey nice move Lab ๐Ÿ™‚ Although i agree with the comments about Ruth – she really should be honoured. I will miss her

  28. Tabliopa Underwood says:

    kool =)

    and I will say a prayer for Ruth also.

  29. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    VERY VERY NICE!!! Way to go guys/ Hahaha I seen one of the box avies at my place today i thought he was cute lol This very cool now to see this because the old avies are just too bland and ugly lol this is awesome thanks you all!

    I Still think the Ruth Waddle Walk is cool ……..

  30. Elvis Orbit says:

    They look great! Sometimes little touches like these can make a big difference.

  31. Argent Stonecutter says:

    PLEASE, folks, right-click and select “replace outfit” or “add to outfit”. It’s too easy to drag things onto an invisible prim between your camera and your avatar if you use the old fashioned “drag” scheme. This is particularly problematic when the invisible prim is (say) the unfurled version of someone’s angel wings, because then insteda of changing your outfit you’re giving them a copy of the folder.

    This can lead to unintended product releases (someone else gets a free full-perm copy of your new bling hair), scary messages (what do you mean I’m going to lose my no-copy skirt?), and embarassment (you didn’t REALLY mean them to get the sex animations in your HUD).

  32. Blinders Off says:

    As I’ve said in the past, when LL messes up, I bop ’em on the head. When they do good, I pat ’em on the back.

    Adding new, viable content for newbs is a good move. Gives people something decent to start with, a better selection, and took minimal amount of LL staff since all the items were volunteered by the wonderful folks listed in the post. The merchants rock. I see no harm and lotsa good in this LL decision. Maximum good, minimal effort, the newbies are happy and the merchants get a nice kudo. Good all the way around.

  33. Jazzman says:

    No question it’s an improvement, BUT please tell me it ain’t so; Ruth gone?
    I proposed to that babe dozens of times and still live in hope she’ll say yes. Some of us are not shallow, callow cads and love an avatar for who they are not what they look like.
    Although as I look at the pictures, that Cardboard Bot is looking pretty hot.

    Looking forward to the new plants.

    Cheers LL

  34. Jayden Beresford says:

    You don’t look very good at all Katt.

    Maybe you should wear the cardboard box.

  35. Ron Crimson says:

    Do the male avatars come with Xcite! equipment built in?

    (Or should I say “tacked on?”)

    LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Hey I got a few of these at someplace a while back, I can’t remember where. Thanks for considering user submitted content though.

    To, Jazzman, the new Ruth is the Ruth-Cloud. It’s (Ruth) still there in spirit, cause technically and if you see someone in a state of permanent mist, it means they are still going to need to go into and out of appearance to fix it. I am glad to see it though, since the cloud hides you from being naked should your clothes get lost in Teleport. Ruth is still the mother of us all ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess someone at Linden is a fan of Final Fantasy with all the “Cloud” folks I see all over the place. (I know it’s a terrible groaner of a joke, but I never watched the Final Fantasy series either ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Ron Crimson says:

    @34: Aw, Jayden, don’t be so indelicate. Katt’s avi is the yummiest I’ve seen since my SL wife. I’m still dreaming of proposing to her.

    Am I saying too much here? ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Congrats on a much-needed upgrade to aid in retention of new residents and bravo to all the designers that helped it happen. The number-one complaint I hear from new friends is how to make their avatar look less noobish. Now if we can just talk about upgrading the actual mesh so our feet don’t behave like hunks of raw meat and our rear ends don’t look like Antarctica in a skirt…

  39. Solomon Devoix says:

    Those are indeed nice additions to the choices that newcomers have. I applaud LL for adding them as choices, and I cheer the creators who made them, and then made them available to LL.

  40. Christos Atlantis says:

    wow, sweet stuff here! good work to the designers and kudos to the staff.

  41. WynK3lly says:

    I wish there was a way to “tweek” the details on our avi to make it less symetrical? To add more “character” to the face, it would be nice to be able to edit each eye & each eye brow individually. Elvis had an asymetrical smile, and it was SO sexy!

  42. lance says:

    Argent Stonecutter at least if Linden labs deletes our MLP beds we have a back up copy for free.

  43. dusanwriter says:

    Great to see some thought put into avatar selection. And I’ve posted about this but I really think you’d pick up a lot more sign-ups if you went even further. Look at what Spore is doing….avatar creation and customization should be a mini app with training embedded, and should allow widgets and content for Facebook, mySpace and youTube.

    Having said that, nice work – and some of them even have pretty good hair, which is the number one newbie retention issue if you ask me. ๐Ÿ˜›

  44. Grey Marquette says:

    This is very cool for new folks. Hell I might even gank the pinkney boots because they’re cute.

    Now about those asset issues and those Saturdays of sporadic downtime for group-channels, teleporting & search…

  45. Tiny Mind says:

    Now I have a new Tiny-Bot to go with my… Tiny Mind!


  46. Calinacase Whiteberry says:

    @ 41 I wish there was a way to โ€œtweekโ€ the details on our avi to make it less symetrical?

    you can adjust some features like eyes and nose and mouth to be less symmetrical. the Nylon Pinkney ones look really neat and quirky that way.

  47. Kakurady says:

    @31 Argent:
    Right clicking wont’ work with folders in the Library (menu shows nothing). In fact you can’t even drag them into your inventory, but you can drag them onto yourself.

    And the mouse cursor is almost the same when dragging onto yourself and dragging to others. That reminds me of a Korean MMORPG I played where different actions will have different text labels on the cursor, and Windows Vista, where instead of on the cursor the action will be displayed in a tooltip-like box. Makes me want to fill out a JIRA for that.

    Anyway, kudos to LL and all those content creators who contributed to the new avatars, I’m in the process of trying them out, and they seem to look great and doesn’t make too much lag either.

  48. Alvi Halderman says:


  49. Joker Opus says:

    They all look super! And now newbies wont look so bad, and neither will SL!

    Suggestion though: Maybe allow users to customize their avatar upon registration? Like size, hair colour, ect…. Lots of games do that and maybe it would be convenient for the person to customize before they get in-world.

    Dunno, just sounded good to me ;P

  50. Ursa Henley says:

    now if there was only a fix for lag so they would rez properly an timely, then maybe there is still hope for a better SL, but im not holding my breath on that one, still have a memory leak that appears to online to becoming a new staple of sl life, like asset crashes, lag, grey people, and dropped sims weve all come to love in the sl world of break and lackluster performance.

  51. Ener Hax says:

    oh no! these means creating entire new (additional) wardrobes! lol, thank goodness i like to do that! lol, excellent Linden!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    this is fun and you are keeping it “fresh”. i applaud your work on improving the viewer and that is soooo important, but that lacks the glam that a purely visual thing like new avatars gives to new residents and the wider appeal that new avatars will have

    nice work all and thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Ann Otoole says:

    OK now you all have a suit, shined shoes, and a decent haircut.
    No more excuses. Now get a job!

  53. Edward Kyomoon says:

    wow thanks for the new threads LL! love my new ‘musician guy’ shirt! ๐Ÿ˜€

  54. Bau Ur says:

    The generous Flea Bussy, principle designer at Grendel’s Children ROCKS. Exceedingly. So does the whole Grendel’s team…or should I say menagerie?….coven….hoard?…ah, er, hmmmm.

  55. “If You Donโ€™t Look Good, We Donโ€™t Look Good”
    this is going to be my all time favorite linden quote.

  56. Angsty Rossini says:

    Oh no, Purple/Pink Shirt Girl With Long Hair and Guy in Jeans And T Shirt are gone??!! LOL!

    Well done to all invovled in these great new avatars.

    And I would like to add my vote for Ruth – please don’t remove her!! Ruth has served us well and deserves to be elevated to “SL Mother”

    We ALL came from Ruth ๐Ÿ™‚


  57. isadorafiddlesticks says:

    Wow, I’ve been out in RL for a day and 3 posts appeared all of a sudden!

    Anyway, neat new avatars! It’s always great to see Lindens and residents working together. I hope this tradition of engaging residents will get even better!

    The mist that replaced Ruth has made my sl snapshots look better, in fact, when on a Space Junky concert recently, the mists looked really good with their particles and effects!

    I agree with dusanwriter about getting some sort of HUD or widget for avatar customization.

  58. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    Yes lets quickly bury the post on DMCA… ‘enforcement’ and the birthday party’s past and present… though you say it was all a big misunderstanding.. and evidently robin linden was part of that misunderstanding..

    So um yeah new avatars are nice. the old ones were very bad… but we have more important things to talk about and it is your job as communicator to talk to us about them… but well… is it your job to communicate?

  59. PoisoneIvy Bailey says:

    It’s aboot Bloody Time!!! Goood Job ^^

  60. Aya Pelous says:

    Oh good, now these noobs can get a job instead of waiting 30 days to get hired like every other place does. Oh and stop camping…you are now able to get a job LOL

  61. Aya Pelous says:

    Although I gotta say…i am kinda jealous I didnt look good a year ago when I rezzed.

  62. Cherry Czervik says:

    @62 When I signed up it was random what you got. What I got looked like BERNARD MANNING (if you don’t know who that is, keep it that way) and made me scream. My avatar still looks like a monkey to me, no matter what improvements have been made!

    These are much better looking, that certainly makes SL easier and more accessible to the masses who are less gamer savvy than your customers of days gone by …

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  64. hahahaha ….is funny very2 funny i like the robot sound
    great job man…lol

  65. DanOfWA Flanagan says:

    this is absolutely great news!
    but drat. now I have to learn to recognize a whole new group of avatars as being new!

  66. Joe66 Vita says:

    Wow, thanks, they all look very good. Nice of you to keep adding fine work like that to everybody.

  67. Cherry Czervik says:

    BTW I saw a couple of these in a VERY insalubrious area of SL (VERY insalubrious), armed in a non-combat area a couple of weeks ago. I even thought that this might be the new uniform for those who in other times and places get banned from the likes of Habbo Hotel for making an avatar with an afro and a white suit …

    Which is kind of ironic, since there probably will be waves of griefers just loving that boxbot and going to very insalubrious areas of SL which are non-combat with weapons …

  68. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Haha to the comment about the big booties!

    These look great, and a wonderful thing for the new player to have.


  69. DR Dahlgren says:

    I think it is great that you have added to the line of avatars and given content creators a chance to show some of their creations.

    Would you mind sharing how these creators were chosen?? Seems a bit unfair to all the others who create clothing and avatars to just arbitrarily pick a few to highlight and plug in the library.

    Also, it seems some are not complete as shown in the pictures, and many of the perms change when pulled from your inventory. I thought all Library was supposed to be Full Perm. Could you clarify this for me please.


  70. Tegg B says:

    Nice additions, good work to the creators, good of LL to use resident content for these ๐Ÿ™‚
    NAMES!, they need names! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Only trouble is it’s going to be harder to spot the noob, but with decent looks now and bank transfer payments, they have no excuse for begging for money ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Skygirl Kline says:

    I agree but feet are very complex and can be hidden in prim boots etc, but we do need our bottoms reworked ie extra mesh detail around that whole area. Perhaps use some polygons from the ears and eyebrows

  72. Awesome I am a noob and hopefully a better looking noob from now on!

  73. Masuyo Aabye says:

    i’ve heard that LL changed around a few things on the avatars, namely adjusting shapes ( so prim parts no longer fit right), taking things from one creators avatar and using them on another.
    not cool.
    so very not cool.
    you asked the COMMUNITY for avatars to be used, they put a lot of work in and you go and change them to what you beleive is “better”

  74. Pepper Haas says:

    I really don’t see the point of giving EVERYONE some 300 more undeletable inventory items!! Put the new avatars on the signup page, not in the inventory of experienced players who all have their own custom look(s) already made!
    Also that these new avi’s come with the maker’s name is totally unfair competition. It seems certain merchants can have Lindens do their promo: they are on the newbie islands, they have sales space on Linden land, and now they are in everybody’s inventory.
    I like the new avatars. But they do not make up for the inventory losses I and everyone has suffered with the asset server problems of the past months, and are needless clutter for experienced players. Please give us the option to DELETE them. Thanks.

  75. Buck says:

    I like the new avies but will miss Ruth…NOT! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @13: “Thanks for showing us the pics LL. Now we can study them and learn how to detect them so we can avoid them.”
    Remember, you were a noob once too. How would you have felt if everyone had avoided you then? It’s your choice to avoid noobs, of course, but what if everyone did? Just something to think about… ๐Ÿ™‚

    @23: “Please say the robot wont become the new ruthie default??”
    At least the robot is gender-neutral… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. Wyald Woolley says:

    What great looking n00b avatars. You got some great SL designers on board for this. Kudos!!

    Now the camper bots are gonna be a whole lot easier on the eyes.

  77. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    Hats off.. looking nice.. wtg LL. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  79. Kira Paderborn says:

    Well, first I would like to say that although the new avs are better than the old ones, they are still going to be all over the place and people are going to get sick of looking like every other person that comes along. So, even though newbs have better choices, I think eventually, they will want their own look. That is why, as a content creator in SL, I am not extremely worried about the new additions to the inventory. HOWEVER, what I am concerned with is exactly what River Ely pointed out. How is it that these creators were chosen to give items and others were left out. I can tell you that I sell my shapes at 4 of the top 7 stores when you search the word “shape” and I was not asked if I wanted to contribute in any way. It is unfair that I work so hard and other people are just given things. There are plenty of content creators that would have given items if they had been asked, particularly if we had known that our names were going to be plastered all over LL’s websites. Seems to me that things are never done fairly at LL.

  80. Kira Paderborn says:

    BTW, I am not suggesting that the people who donated to the new avs are not hard workers and I would like to point out that I know some of them and they are great people. But, what I am saying is that if some people are going to be given the chance at TONS of free publicity, everyone should be given that same chance.

  81. Deeso Saeed says:

    Needs more furries! =D

  82. Monavie Voight says:

    I don’t know… I think that first one at the top looks like a child instead of an adult… which is deceptive to noobs coming in the game… as this is an adult site and children shouldn’t be playing on this one… I think more mature styled avetars would be better to have them start. But, overall…. for a noob these are definately better than what was originally provided… but no where near as good as you can get when you get into custom bodies and skins created by some of the best designers in SL… but those can come later for noobs! ~smiles~

  83. Thomas Page says:

    now if the asset servers allow them to attach the items it will be great!!

  84. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    A few questions:

    – How were the contributing businesses selected for this lifelong free advertising campaign? Was there an announcement that I’ve missed?

    – Assuming there was no announcement (I never saw any): What can I as an avatar creator do to also have my shop name and notecard with landmark forced into every resident’s inventory as undeletable spam?

    – Which leads to yet another question: How can I delete this spam from my inventory?

    PS: There is a thing called aspect ratio that is useful to know about when posting images.

  85. Captain Gemini says:

    All very well giving new avatars a makeover, but PLEASE log the noobs IP address and prevent them from having new account after account and causing grief. I am sick of them rezzing physical cubes that lag the sim I live and work in. Report abuse and they just create another account. IT IS EASY TO BAN THE IP ADDRESS IF THEY GET REPORTED FOR GRIEFING UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES. LOOK AFTER YOUR PAYING RESIDENTS.

  86. Zi Ree says:

    You can’t ban by IP when people use dynamic dialups, as it is perfectly normal in i.e. Germany.

  87. miaa says:

    oh yea one more thing added to my inventory thanks,
    and thanks for deleting the stuff i actually want in my inventory to add this stuff, thanks again. ugh. and yes the skins for the african americans could be a lot better, but no worries to me i already look great. Thanks ll

  88. #56) Actually that was an advertising slogan used by Vidal Sassoon back in the 70s.

  89. miaa says:

    @31 i agree i lost my wedding ring that way :(. and i kno im posting back to back , but i cant help but feel as this being an distraction. maybe maybe not. but hey.so now that we have the noobs not lookin like “noobs” (watever) whats next ? are we gonna fix some problems ? are our attachments gonna stay in the places we put them? in the past 2 months sl ate 4 kinetica ao’s no copy animations inc. and 2 chimeras and frankly im gettin sick of spendin my ls on them. its not fair. so instead of adding this whatever its supposed to be try adding the stuff that was lost due to the unstable asset probs.. idk just a thought. but congrats to all the creators that were chosen, now u have a special place in our inventorys ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Star Leiner says:

    YAY BOX BOT! :3 i cant wait to see the new stuff… too bad i haven o time to mess with it!

  91. Firebird Nightfire says:

    I love the Dragonet – it looks great and moves well.

    @49 – Joker Opus:

    You *can* edit your appearance at registration after choosing a starting look; at least when I signed up you could. I must have spent 30 minutes at Orientation Island experimenting with my appearance before I moved on to the next help station, lol.

    @63 – Cherry:
    Have you tried investing in a decent skin? My avie was ugly till a friend gave me a good skin and hair; then all of a sudden she was beautiful! You don’t even have to pay a lot; many places have discount products or even freebie samples of their merchandise.

  92. Ron Crimson says:

    A word to those who think their inventories are being “spammed” (ugh, that word alone makes me wanna hurl):

    The Library part of your Inventory is, in a way, “hardcoded.” Think of it as being one master copy, accessible by all residents. It doesn’t count toward your own personal inventory items (which are, after all, entirely located inside the – drum roll please – “Inventory” folder).

    How anyone can even say they’re being spammed when the new content is simply part of the static, permanent and unchangeable Library (which you can keep completely out of sight) is beyond me.

  93. /me gooit een knuppeltjuh in het hoenderhok.. >:)

    * “Less than a week before SL5B!”
    * “If You Donโ€™t Look Good, We Donโ€™t Look Good”

    Hmmmh… Katt Linden ? These posts should have been merged. Might have been rly interesting to read comments on as to why LL does not supply a genuine child avatar to the newcomers as a welcome into ‘our imagination’ …

  94. Oh thank you! I think its great! And so cute! Its a tough world world for the new to second life, this will help them blend !!

    OMGosh! This is so awesome!

    love ๐Ÿ™‚


  95. Ree Indigo says:

    @97 Yes, but they managed to use completely useless fluff to bump the serious topics of mainland supply and DMCA right off the top four topics in less than a day after they went up.

  96. The new newbies look amazing!

    They even look better than most oldbies ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Kugel says:

    Yes you can now look GOOD … grey..missing textures..laggy.. unable to TP…cant change your clothes… find your AO borked cos it contained a bad script or anim… but..look GOOD ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. Carmilla Mirabeau says:

    I LOVE the new avies! I wear the Gamer Girl constantly and Im not a noob. I think people should stop bickering and just enjoy them for petes sake. The designers have done a great job..they took time OUT OF THEIR own time to make these. They didnt have too. So perhaps in the future..depending on the peoples response that more creators will be involved.

    @41 under the Eyes section of appearance..use as Nylon did the POP EYE (I think thats it) option to do the eyebrows and eyes same time.

  99. Desira Flow says:

    Simply drag the folder on to your avatar?

    WARNING: dont do this if you are wearing any AO, HUD, dance chim or sphere, or you might wind up hit by the JIRA 6110 issue, and lose them.

    Otherwise, lovely designs and nice to see something different, great job by the creators!

  100. Toy LaFollette says:

    yay more crap while the basics in SL continue to slide further downhill, pathetic

  101. uh-oh says:

    They look great. Ruth, ” You have come a long way baby” lol
    A person almost doesn’t have to buy skins or clothing now.

    “89 Captain Gemini Says:

    June 19th, 2008 at 2:26 AM
    All very well giving new avatars a makeover, but PLEASE log the noobs IP address and prevent them from having new account after account and causing grief”
    IDV at log in would prevent this.

  102. Luce Imaginary says:

    “Toy LaFollette Says:
    June 19th, 2008 at 7:29 AM

    yay more crap while the basics in SL continue to slide further downhill, pathetic”

    Wow, toy, you’ve been posting this for, what, two years now. One would assume you’d have left by now.

  103. Toy LaFollette says:

    @106 if you actually kept up with me you would know its been a lot longer. You would also know I stay because of friends, not a love of SL, I dont need pom-poms ya know ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Mrc Homewood says:

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ no fare! can you give me a set of those new avatars! ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. s says:

    nice job (Y)

    but yeh



  106. Akiko Koba says:

    Whenever something is done to improve a visual aspect of SL, some people will moan about it and say, “FIX THE BUGS FIRST!”.

    I have noticed a bit of an upturn in some performance aspects recently – sadly marred by several days of bad lag for me – but I do feel some progress is being made, even though things had to get to a critical point before the problems we have been banging on about for over a year were finally addressed.

    But I strongly feel that these new avatars are a great addition – especially for new residents. My guess is that the people involved in this project were part of an artistic team and not taking away from the resource pool of people who specialise in the mechanics of the world or making it run properly.

    OK, so you guys still need to work on the way the new lighting system makes our avies look so ugly, and that’s the reason I clicked on this article in the first place, because right now we AREN’T looking so good due to windlight.

    The other thing is that a revision of the avatar system is long, long overdue. Obviously, when you guys designed the original avatar creation system, you could not have foreseen the imaginative ways that residents would use prims to create clothing. No dispect to the people over at LL, but our efforts in clothing creation has surpassed the avatar system and a big update is needed.

    First of all, the system clothes need some attention. I would like to see some extra clothing layers added, suck as lower skin and upper skin. Lower skin would be the base skin, upper skin would be for tattoos or skin effects such as bruises, scratches or body art. Then at least another layer to the lower body region, plus a ‘face mask’ layer. Finally, they system skirt needs an alternative version creating. The existing one is just horrible and was fine when it was created, but seeing as people make some amazing fashions, more control over that clothing part would be good.

    As far as shape changes, I would like to see the ability to move the face features about more. Right now we can change the poisition of the mouth. Why not the eyes, ears and nose too? I guess the whole body system could use a bit of an overhaul. These days there are a lot of people who want more realistic bigger avies and the current system doesn’t really do fatness without it looking cartoonish.

    When it somes to attachment points, it really has to be a bit of a compromise between our requirements and the logistics of prim counts, but for sure, we do need some more attachment points. The ones I would like to see added are: Neck, knees, ankles wrists and another head attachment point – say forehead.

    Already I can hear some people crying our “No way! That’s just asking for more lag!”. Sure it is, but I think that if some of the other problems in SL could be addressed we should be OK. For example, I use the Nicholaz viewer and I can be very primmy in a sim full of primmy avies and experience only minor lag. Only in places with lots of particle effects and flashing lights do I begin to suffer problems. This identifies one big problem in the official viewer. The problem of memory leaks has never been properly addressed. A more stable viewer is so important. ALmost everyone I know uses the Nicholaz viewer and we can all ‘prim it up’ and function very happily. In fact, the only time we are usually aware of a problem is if someone complains to us about us lagging them. Invariably, we explain about the Nicholaz, the person who complained downloads and installs it and instead of being angry with us, they say thanks for pointing them to the Nick. Obviously, in some areas, being covered in prims simply won’t do and in these cases, common sense says we drop the heavy prim attachments for everyone’s benefit.

    I really do welcome these new avatar shapes and outfits. It’s a good addition and a move in the right direction for SL as a whole. Certainly. performance and stability issues should be the priority for LL as a whole, but that doesn’t mean people with other areas of expertise shouldn’t be making SL a more interesting place for us, so my thanks and appreciation goes out to everyone involved in this project.

  107. uh-oh says:

    109 s Says: BRING RUTH BACK!!!

    Vote Ruth for President this election year. . LOL

  108. hmmmm @103 when I try to “drag” the folder(s) in the Library Clothing section to My avatar I get a big “NOT SIGN” (black circle with slash) and when I simply right click on the folder I get “no options”… Since I have nevr tried to use anything from the library before – is this how it normally acts or is this assets server overload again because 40,000 people are looking at those one set of folders?

  109. River Ely says:

    We are constantly reminded by the Lindens, to wear fewer prims when teleporting or crossing sim boundaries, yet the new avatar Dragonlet is mostly prims. Now, Do Linden prims not count when teleporting, or is there some magic juju that makes it ok to fly against the thread of convention propounded by lindens for the last two years I have been here?

  110. Dark Princess says:

    I think this is a great idea, back a little while ago I tried to get some friends into SL and they were turned off by the default looking AVs and how much time (and possibly money) was required to look good. Having some really nice AVs with gear and all ready for new users will greatly help in making them feel comfortable to go out and explore SL. It’s always fun to see a few new things pop up in my inventory to play with from time to time that I can also put on to show new residents what they could do with and how to mix and match to make their own look. This is probably the best thing for new residents that SL has done in awhile.

  111. Meghan Dench says:

    @ 113.
    Lindens didn’t make the new default avs honey pot.

  112. Rene Erlanger says:

    Like with “Showcase” where certain commercial creators were included (a mistake), how were the current crop of creators selected for this project.?

    With the current SL economy already down the pan, with excess land supply, removal of personal items in our inventories (poses & beds stc). lack of growth in new players and an unstable grid….the last thing we need is an act of favouritism which disadvantages all other AV related creators.

    How is it fair that a handful of creators have a lifetime advertisement (incl LM) through the default Library? Why should other competitors in that sector even bother spending 200- 400k L on a weekly advertisement?

  113. Pingback: New Default Avatars for Second Life Residents

  114. Rene Erlanger says:

    I’m not arguing that there should no be better clothes and Avatars for new players, I’m arguing about the commercial disavantages to so many hard working content creators who are struggling right now..due to a series of bad management and marketing strategies.

    IMO landmarks and notecards should not be included
    as lifelong free advertisements, it’s bad enough creator names can’t be commented out from these default products.

  115. Kyder Ling says:

    Looks good guys, finally we have actual decent looking newbies that don’t appear to be made out of clay! And just in time for the fall classes!

  116. Toy LaFollette says:

    the LM’s and notecards help in the way I know what to avoid.

  117. pantaiputih korobase says:

    the new avies certainly look better than the old default ones. may be lots of noobs are sp happy with them that they do not want to change them neither their clothes? Is this good for SL (LL) economy? may be yes, but only if the new looks attract enough new residentsw ith some percentage of them willing to go shopping. If this will happen, i.e. attracting lots of new residents, I truely hope that LL is proactive enough to be bale to deal with this additional amount of data. I notice during the last days taht the grid seems to become a little more stable and that fatal outages due to a or b or c or z are happening less. hope his will not deteriorate again due to this marketing activity.

  118. pantaiputih korobase says:

    aaah no one proof read my post, sorry for the typos

  119. Lilah Fairey says:

    That is a great move in my opinion. The new avies can see how they can change their look with clothing and skins from real designers and therefore want more! Fabulous Linden guys & gals!

  120. Rene Erlanger says:

    @121 – pantaiputih
    Peak login counts have been hovering around 60k+ for ages now. SL hasn’t grown significantly in a long while.
    It’s stagnant!

    For the amount of land that is now available at rock bottom prices, inorder to have a flourishing SL economy (land & content), we’d need nearer 100k peak logins!

  121. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    new avs are a nice addition for new players but I’d agree adding LM’s and names for the creators who contributed does represent a grossly unfair advantage for a select few ….does make you wonder how they were selected. In a grid awash with free items why did they feel the need to add yet more?

  122. Fulano De Tal says:

    Notice how comments are always open when LL expects praise, and always closed when they’ve screwed up. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  123. pantaiputih korobase says:

    I am aware of that rene and that may be a reason why LL does such kind of marketing activities. My only concern is that if these activities work and we should have 100k residents online, is LL prepared for that? That was my question and it is the same again and again: is LL proactive enough? And what about some information about the short term, mid term and long term plans….. Just to possibly give us some confidence that SL might be alive (and working) in the future, thereby giving us a basis to be able to decide if we wnat to stay or not.
    And yes, I also see the land prices going down everywhere, private SIM owners nearly throw it away for nothing just to get their tiers and the yellow colors increase steadily (if updated). In the long run, SL is simply too expensive if you own land for the joy/service it delivers. This especially becomes true if you see that more and more creative people, e.g. people that organize events, concerts,cultural things leave the game due to many reasons. If only partying, shopping, walking or flying through ugly land spoiled by ads, griefing, theft, harassment and sex is left in SL, it will become a bore for many more residents.
    Ok, I don’t want to sound too negative, I still love my parcels and my friends in world ๐Ÿ™‚ That sentence is for those that might say: if you are not happy, just leave ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. Dorie Bernstein says:

    Well, the boxbots invaded Dreams sandbox. And some started customizing them. Another pulled out a tinies dance ball, and it was party time! Here’s the evidence that noob might become cool. ๐Ÿ˜€ http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=29K7SGurkJM

  125. JZ Paine says:

    By the way. For folks who think they don’t have the avatar setups and the clothing from this topic are mistaken. It is not only in the new downloads but is available now from the Inventory section. Check some of them out!

  126. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @128, ROFL, may be some cloud boxbots could have been added ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. Good points:
    Great for designers to get their creations out there.
    More choice.
    Makes Second Life more attractive to some people.

    Bad points:
    May give an unfair advantage to some designers. Make it an open competition or something?
    Could take trade away from other designers, if there are enough decent free avatars and clothes it could disincentivise people from buying new stuff or worse – designing their own.

    Not sure about the issue around resources being spent on this rather than the asset servers etc because most of the work is being done by the avatar designers who are Second Life residents and wouldn’t normally be working on the other aspects so therefore there wouldn’t be any resource drain. As a priority though? Hmmm…

  128. coventina dalgleish says:

    sometimes to look good it is a requirement that sculpted items properly resolve to date I have noticed that you have yet to figure out how to make and keep these items in full resolution perhaps it is time to fix the core, oh where have I heard that before

  129. Regarding the comments about SL being stagnant:

    At the beginning of last year I think peak simulataneous logins are 51,000. Now it’s about 61,000 possibly more. That’s around 10,000 more people in a year. Don’t know what you can compare that too adequately enough but that seems to be growth to me and not stagnation at all. Good growth. Not unless there are more people running multiple instances but I don’t think technology has got that much better within a year for people to be able to do that so comfortably.

    If you don’t like it – stick with it and help make it better.

    Yes, I too have noticed the land crash.

    I bought my first 512 square metres of land around about March 2007. I paid about L$3500. I then bought up most of the land around me for varying prices but mostly around the L$4000 mark per 512 square metres. Fortunately I’m in the UK, I get lots of dollars for for my pounds but I think overall I’ve probably spent around ยฃ400 ($800) dollars on land (or prim allowance in reality). The reason I can afford this and the now ยฃ40 ($80) per month land tiers is directly related to my real life situation. I have 2 mortgages, I’m normally exceptionally good at managing my income, I have a full time job with a reasonable salary (not as good as it should be though for others in my job – business analyst) the price of oil is constantly breaking records and in turn the cost of fuel and because of that and the fact that we ship a lot of our food half way across the planet which uses fuels – the price of food is going up. The thing that I think saves me most is the fact that I don’t have a car and a walk to work/ Where this is going is that I’m pretty sure I’m amongst the very few people even in a relatively wealthy country where poverty for children no longer means hunger or holes in shoes so much, most people around me could not afford to spend the amount of money I spend on Second Life.

    So this brings in another interesting point:

    We know roughly how many people log into Second Life at one time, but how many of those people are premium accounts? I wonder what the churn rate is like in that respect. It could be that there are less and less people starting up their own Second Life businesses and buying land and more people just using the free accounts and not really creating content. If this is what is happening then the quality and diversity of Second Life is at risk. Second Life may be mirroring real life and what appears to be the end of our current way of living, as people’s real life disposable incomes decline then the natural response is to cut out luxuries, Second Life is a luxury but fortunately I think the internet has become a nessecity for many in which case I think that people might still indulge but not be prepared to pay for it. If the number of premium accounts declines then what? Can’t rely on advertising fees because as the economy weakens companies will also cut back on those kinds of things, it happened last time with the telecoms industry.

  130. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Hey, how about changing the names of the old resident-created avatars to match? For example “Furry Male” could be something like “Ringtail Cat Male by Luskwood”.

  131. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Delazuch@133: Back in 2006 during the first land bubble I was seeing prices like L$15,000 (yes, three zeroes) for 512 square meters, and I thought I’d seen everything.

    But more recently I watched a 512 square meter parcel go for auction for L$30,000, and that was during a period when there were never fewer than 20 sims concurrently for auction!

    The price of land in SL might as well be based on hemlines.

  132. Soul Fortas says:

    I love tutorails , more please ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. Markopolis Balhaus says:

    Great. Many residents don’t stay because they don’t like their look. Looking bad is great if its on purpose. Stuff like this will make beginners feel more welcome.

  134. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Sorry to take up two slots, but some have asked how these people got selected for promotion.

    As the time, I read that some people were getting letters from Linden Lab asking if they would like to contribute, saying selections would be made from the submissions received.

    So apparently it was the usual way – LL picks their favorites, and offers them perks, privileges, and opportunities others don’t get a shot at.


  135. If any newcomers are actually out there reading this: remember that you don’t have to take these new avatars as a fixed package. You can combine the outfit from one with the skin or shape from another (though some combinations will work better than others), or combine pieces from these new avatars with other items that you buy or create yourself. Be creative — don’t just take them out of the box, use them as tools to help create your own personal Second Life self.

  136. Umbra Lunardi says:

    This is a welcome change, thank you from a long time Mentor. And a special thanks to the creators who contributed this content. Kudos for having the community’s welfare in mind.

  137. Rene Erlanger says:

    @133 Delazouch -Good post, agree on most counts bar your opening point. You’re looking at logins over an 18 mth period 51k—>61k. Take a sloser look during the last 6-8 mths, where 60K for peak periods has hardly changed.
    It also coincides with real downturn in the RL economy, something that was not predicted in Jan 2007. Certainly Oil was no where near 132 USD per barrel back then.

    @134 Vertigo. My point exactly, its very unfair on all the other creators in those sectors, but LL has never been about being fair…..think about it!

    LL call it a “Economy”, it is that alright…..but a “Forced economy” and not a “Free economy” where you have LL controlling the exchange rate of the Linden, controlling the land supply and thus pricing, leaving huge numbers of Sim & Land plot owners shouldering all those losses in valuation. It certainly not a “Fair economy”, where LL choose a select few to be included in “Showcase” Search…..or the promotion of 5/6 creators to provide AV shapes, skins & clothes, thus allowing free advertising for the lifetime of that content vua notecards and Landmarks.

  138. While on the one side I’m happy that Linden Lab is raising the bar on the starting avatar, I would parallel the way this was implemented to a no-bid contract to Halliburton.

    One of my inworld businesses does avatar makeovers. I would certainly have loved to have the opportunity to contribute to this starter package. How did these creators earn their bid to be part of these new avatars? What opportunity do we have going forward on future advancements of starting avatars.

    Linden Lab has to be very careful about where it intercedes and where it interferes. This is one of those places where well intentioned as you may have been I feel Linden Lab, as others in this thread have pointed out, gave a benefit to a choice few without giving the community the opportunity to make its proposals, be considered, and be selected from the entire community sampling.

    A contest or even a fee would have been more fair than this no-bid situation. I applaud you for wanting to improve the starting avatar but there is in fact an entire economy going on inworld around getting rid of that nOOb look. If you were going to change that, it should have been something that sector of the economy were informed about, and creators should have had an equal shot at participating in a qualification process to submit their creations and be considered for inclusion.

    Linden Lab, please be more careful and mindful about the members of SL society that move the economy. Any RL leader will tell you, especially in a capitalist society, undermine the movers and shakers too many times and they go off-shore. In this case, off-world. You can not take for granted forever your flagship position as the only place virtual creators can hang their hats.

  139. Jesse Linden says:

    Hi all, apologies for not jumping in sooner. Let me briefly explain how the designers were chosen:

    We held an open bid process whereby we invited in-world designers to submit bids for contracts to design the new avatars. The call for bids was distributed widely in SL via notecards. We layed out a pretty extensive set of requirements for consideration. This included things like ‘must be PG only, all original work’ etc. Among the few designers who were able to meet all our requirements, we chose 5 to create the initial set you see above. In return for allowing us to use their work, we felt it was only fair to credit them appropriately and publicly acknowledge their efforts.

    I believe the end result worked quite well as evidenced by the quality of the work shown above. As mentioned, this is only the beginning. We plan to continue to work closely with designers in SL, rotate out the avatars, improve this process, and solicit more participation from the design community on more projects in the future.

    I’m not sure I buy the argument that this hurts the in-world economy somehow. It would seem to me that having more engaged, happy users at the outset of their experience in SL would encourage them to stick around, shop, experience more and become active members of the community.

  140. Ann Otoole says:

    I bet people complaining about the selection process would not be complaining if they had been selected.

    However, the entire manner in which LL deduces who is qualified to be considered for such things as the showcase is rather suspect. I’m not sure the showcase can survive very long unless there is a buy in option for people to compete for advertising space. Otherwise it is unfair advantage and is not Fair Trade if you get my drift. Might want the legal eagles to evaluate these things a bit more thoroughly.

    But as for the avatars that are now there for new residents I don’t see how anyone can complain about increasing the potential retention rate. It does mean I will be upgrading my free avatar upgrade kits to be more appealing in the mature sense. Still lots of room for helping people become frequent participants.

  141. Coon Surya says:

    I’m curious, since I heard LL deleted some of the old stuff.

    Will that be made available as an option to pick up as an in-world freebie perhaps? Some of the old things were still quite useful, as far as mixing and matching went.

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