Play your own radio station with MediaMaster

I love followup. As Resident Enlightenment Manager, one of my prime responsibilities is to share useful + fun (usefun!) info that helps solve your problems and makes your Second Life® smoother… and overall moar awesome.

Recently, I conducted a Q&A session where I had an opportunity to directly answer many of your questions — the best part of this may’ve been that a number of enthusiastic Second Lifers were ALL TOO HAPPY to share their expertise.

I openly wondered how to play your own radio station inworld without doing a live stream, and topmate suggested MediaMaster. Thanx to that suggestion, I was able to spread the info forward, and since I’ve been asked it an awful lot over the ages, it deserves its own blog post.

Even better, after recommending MediaMaster to Irish gent Hotspur O’Toole, he’s created his own well-illustrated tutorial, titled “How to Stream your Own Radio Station into a Second Life Parcel using Media Master”. Basically, you upload music from your hard drive, organize it, then use a stream URL on your land parcel. Click on through and follow the steps, and get your groove on!

Do keep in mind that while this is a great tool, it’s a 3rd-party service so Linden Lab doesn’t support it. Nevertheless, continuing to integrate external proggies to work with Second Life kicks prim buttocks.

Done an exceptional tutorial of your own? Have favorites you want to highlight? Share it in the comments! Knowing may be half the battle (as GI Joe sez), but nothing gets known without being shared.

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52 Responses to Play your own radio station with MediaMaster

  1. Great, another post to obscure a very important blog post and matter and push it off the top…

    We want to be enlightened about THAT Mr Resident Enlightenment Manager.

    Sheesh, between you and Katt, no end to incommunications…

  2. ^ Hey! Great timing. I noticed that and I *already* pinged Katt and Laura about it… I would’ve bumped their post up myself but it was still in active-edit mode (and still is right now), so I didn’t want to interfere. Promise we’ll get that one up, and I hope this helps fill in what was happening behind-the-scenes.

  3. Oh, well I did some time travel and moved this post’s date further back.

  4. Tanya Spinotti says:

    Hey Torley – Can I borrow your time machine? I’d like to go back in time and re-live some of my first life to make up for the time I spend in Second Life 😉

  5. Marianne McCann says:

    Between this and learning how to use shoutcast stream playlist URLs within Second Life, I now feel I have a wealth of music to pull from!

  6. Azzura Supplee says:

    *Hands out Scroll Wheels to everyone that reads this blog*

    I will check this out – kind of a neat idea. Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. Moll Dean says:

    hi everyone

    Mr. Torley. I know you have some secrets and maybe there is one way to offer more than one radio station for the same parcel.
    Like to use video player to streaming a second audio stream…

  8. Wagahai Oddfellow says:

    Oddly, at Media Master they don’t mention anything on their FAQ or sharing pages about how licensing works for the “share” function… and nowhere in Torley’s article was there a reminder about licensing for re-broadcast (not that even 1/100th of the stations in SL are probably legit, but that’s for the RIAA to decide to investigate someday) …anyway, just something to think about.

  9. This is great, Torley, no matter what the “legal status” behind might eventually be.

    BTW, here goes the equivalent service for video: Just upload a video, and it gets streamed (real streaming; no progressive downloading!) via RTSP. Videos can also be streamed “live”. Cool and easy to use, and with some magic (available on a Mac near you!) you can even broadcast what you see in SL — great for mixed-media events when you don’t have any further software but a web browser!

    Veodia are very Second Life-friendly, and the minute I registered, their CEO wrote me a short email asking me about my potential uses of their services — and he was quite aware of Second Life!

  10. I should have added the following reference:

  11. uh-oh says:

    I have noticed a few pop up options in Preferences that would be handy. I have tried to use them but I do not see them working. Can you something to show us how to usethem? I have looked this up in the knowlage base and get everything but what I am looking for.
    One of the pop ups can really keep a person from getting in legal trouble RL wise.
    Thank you, keep up the good work

  12. Thanks for the hat tip, Torley, but YOU suggested it, and Sougent Harrop pointed the way.. I just made purty pictures. 🙂


  13. Waghai sez: Oddly, at Media Master they don’t mention anything on their FAQ or sharing pages about how licensing works for the “share” function…

    MM is defintely NOT set up to be a music sharing service as in the old Napster model. You CAN see what other people have in their libraries (if you are friends), but you can’t cherry pick anything for downloading, and you can only play a snippet of it directly from the library itself. Of course, you can get the stream information and put that in a player of some sort– WMA or your parcel.


  14. Do realize that there may be some copyright issues with this. How about a post on copyright royalties to go with it?

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  16. I did set up a MM account a week ago for starcomber Vig’s showcase at SL5B and I definitely recommend the service.

    Like Hotspur properly said Sharing is not part of MM’s offer and DL of other’s playlists is not an option.

    While we are streaming full-bitrate MM offers to down-sample your stream via their n91 server.

  17. Cherry Czervik says:

    Thanks Torley hun x

  18. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Been using Veodia and Media Master for quite some time now and I gotta say I like ’em.

    Vedoia gave me a strange feeling of confused self-realization when I was streaming myself live from RL into SL while watching myself in RL talk to my AV in SL and other AVs through RL in SL and AV. For a while there I wasn’t sure which was the real me.

  19. Wagahai Oddfellow says:

    So, just to clarify about “sharing”.. The issue isn’t that anyone can download all of your mp3s, that’s not what that service is about or what I was referring to..

    @13 & 16.. to clarify, “sharing” your music with people on your land is like running an Internet radio station.. it should be licensed as such.. needs 1) actual owned music (not illegal downloads) and 2) re-broadcast licensing. I didn’t sign up for MM, however nowhere on their FAQ did they mention how many listener hours are permitted or how licensing works for the streaming part of their service.

    Playing music to multiple people online is more than just the technical part of “making it work”.. As an example, I pay for up to 500 listener hours of music on my land and have to track the number of listeners and which songs are played by which artists.. I’d love to know how MM is getting around this “little issue”.

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  21. Wow! It is totally awesome to see a friend of mine, and fellow Caledonian, Hotspur Otoole, mentioned in an official LL blog! Thank you for commending my friend, and thanks for the tip, Torley! And congrats, Colonel Hotspur!

  22. Poddy Collins says:

    LOL This is funny. My dad sed its no big deal and he’s not gonna pursue it, but he owns the name Media Master. It’s the trademarked name of a media business he started in the 1980s.

    Love Poddy

  23. Lina Pussycat says:

    On a side note this is a thing in R&D at the moment and is free at the moment while they are still developing it. It says directly on their site…

    ” How can you provide this service for free?

    While we’re in the early phases of developing this service, we’re going to allow people to use it for free. We’re more interested in getting it right and making it the best it can be than getting paid. This will change at some point, but for now we look at this as “Research and Development”.

    We also appreciate your contribution to helping us get the service right, and we’ll make sure that our early adopters always get the best deal possible. So please sign up and send us feedback!”

    So there will be a fee at some point for this service…. It looks good but at the same time shoutcast isnt near as hard as people think it is and you can rent streams in SL for quite cheap (a fraction of the cost it costs to get on from many other places) Either way cool service for some people but once it starts costing who knows… It is definitely cool either way…

  24. Canoro says:

    maybe a way to override the land music stream with your own, independently if you are a visitor or are in your own land. like if you want to listen to piano music while you play Second Life, teleporting to other places won’t stop the stream.

  25. Pol McLaglen says:

    @24 I just turn media off and play CDs on an old fashioned CD player…..

    Now if someone can point me to how to stream LIVE material into SL, I might start doing performances of my poetry on my parcel on Wednesday nights…

  26. uh-oh says:

    Canoro look up I use this. You select an artist and through voting on wether or not the music fits your taste, this place will customize a radio station for you. It is free.

  27. uh-oh says:

    “nowhere in Torley’s article was there a reminder about licensing for re-broadcast (not that even 1/100th of the stations in SL are probably legit, but that’s for the RIAA to decide to investigate someday) …anyway, just something to think about.”

    wow now talk about music pirating. now it isn’t safe to shop because if the content ends up being stolen you can lose it, now I can see clubs being closed down for streaming music that isn’t legal.

    * shakes my head sadly* there is only so much to see in SL sounds like soon there won’t be much to do any more. Might as well sell my land and go basic, no use paying for a boring service that there is nothing to do anymore is there/

  28. A thank you shout out to Torley! Okay we all have our love and pain with Second Life, but a bright spot has always been the helpful info shared so generously with us by Torley. Good on ya! Not just for the information, but the sunny attitude and genuine feeling of helpfulness your posts and videos transmit so wonderfully. Thank you Torley!

    This sounds neat, I’ll go check it out soonest. 😀

    Bliss Crimson

  29. felicity rang says:

    interesting and fun but don’t get hooked on it unless you’re willing and able to PAY in the FUTURE. free now while in beta and i’m sure the company is thrilled at any free publicity while they are “testing” the service.

  30. Belle Shepherd says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Torley! I have been trying to figure out a way to do this for months now.
    Now my estate and gallery in Caledon Downs can have my choice of music.

  31. Ahalfa Carling says:

    This product brings up a whole raft of legal & licensing problems for us in the UK, where we have to deal with the Performing Rights Society.

    It`s nothing to do with the sharing of music at all, but the public performance or broadcast of recorded/copyrighted music. Would SL be deemed as being a public place?

    Lets hear from some Lindens about this.

  32. Sounds pretty neat. Might have to give this a shot.

  33. Ree Indigo says:

    Torley now types like a dood? What next, he’ll start abbreviating three letter words, get facial piercings and wear his pants crotch between his knees?

  34. Thanks for that Torley – I signed up for MediaMaster aaages ago (when it appeared on BBC’s Click Webscape programme. I must admit though – I never thought of using it in SL – I suppose I’d best have another look at it!.

    And to Ahalfa – I suppose the real question is how many people count as public for a public performance? Can you play your music on your parcel for a few friends, just as you would at home? If not does that mean the PRS are going to come around to everyone’s house to stop them playing music at a party?

    If you can then again, how many people make it public? I can easily invite 75-100 friends around to my house for a party (whether they’d all fit in or not is another matter!) So, would that count as personal use?

    I think that, as long as you’re not using the stream to make money, and you’re using legal music (from you’re own CD’s or Downloads) then you’d be able to make a pretty eloquent argument. And if we all stood together then even the PRS would be a bit buggered!

    Up the revolution brothers, sisters and any one who’s in between!

    OK, maybe I got a bit carried away there! But I think they’re good questions.


  35. I actually did a little digging about the ASCAP/RIAA thing, just to be a little smarter on that issue. Results are here:

    My take: I legally obtain music in RL to play on my Ipod, sometimes through speakers on my RL stereo. Sometimes, people are over. That’s my personal use, and I don’t think the RIAA has a problem with it from what i’ve read on their Guidelines for Internet Piracy page.

    I don’t own a club in SL, don’t intend to either. I DO sometimes throw a party– and do provide music for said parties. Between 30 and 70 people show up to these things. In this case, the SL client is an extension of my Ipod player, playing files I obtained legally. The fact that I use an outside service to stream them to me isn’t much different from people that use Shoutcast/Live365, etc.

    It boils down to money, as always. If there’s enough money at risk, no matter what self-serving justifications we make, the RIAA will be after us like hobos at a free pancake breakfast. Personally, I think SL is, and likely always will be, too small potatoes for them to ever bother with.

    Drop by, if ye like, I’m collecting opinions on the subject..


  36. RL Firebrand says:

    So why would it be illegal to have a cd / ipod / record player / etc playing in my house at home with neighbors listening in from the steet. Unless of course I am charging them, then the Music MukMuk’s would have something to say about it.

    But in a virtual world it shouldn’t be any different. If I am playing MY music in MY house and other can hear it cool enough for them. I am certainly not charging anything for the that pleasure who would care?

    And as far as I know there isn’t a way to record that music that is coming out of my house so there is no “real” distribution….

    Amazing that RL rules intrude upon VL, but they get applied differently….

    Wakeup and Smell the Coffee…

  37. The Great Sandwich Debate says:

    Nice 1 Torely and Hotspur always good to have new tools.

    Concerning playing media on your land there would be no issue, however if you advertised it as a public event then it would come under public performance and RIAA would see $ signs but playing music on your own estate even if other casually drop around would not be considered a public performance.

    This is my understanding however as with anything legal don’t take my word as law.

  38. Shadoe Landman says:

    @36 If you owned a store, it would be illegal to play the music without having bought some rights to do so unless you own the rights to the music. So if you have an SL business, it’s probably illegal to to broadcast any media without some kind of licensing, ownership, etc. Funeral parlers have been sued for playing music without owning the rights to broadcast it. Of course, without any clear line between what is residential and what is business (if residential is even possible in a virtual world), it could be possible to get sued on a lot you consider to be for your own use if other people are allowed on it. It’s kind of scary.

  39. eku says:

    So what about SL DJ’s who charge to play music at venues and events?
    Even though some of these events may be private.

  40. Kyal Jonesford says:

    I see the goody goody music rights activists are out in force again.

    The thing here is if your streaming music the onus is on you to figure out and pay for the rights to use the music, not Torley and not MediaMaster.

    Thanks for a helpful and insightful article Torley. Shame the the rules police had to read us the riot act and spoil it, especially since what there telling us is common knowledge.

  41. >>The thing here is if your streaming music the onus is on you to figure out and pay for the rights to use the music, not Torley and not MediaMaster.<<

    A VERY cogent summary, thank you very much.

  42. @Hotspur O’Toole: Thanks, thanks!

    And thanx to each and all who let me know you found this handy.

    Re: legal issues, I’m not a lawyer. I can’t advise you on the things legal eagles can. I’m waiting to hear back myself, as I know some Residents have already gone ahead and emailed (and Cc:ed me in).

    Some of you have VERY brilliantly asked the question: “Since Second Life has spaces where many avatars can congregate and listen to music, does it fall under the same restrictions as public performances, or can we still consider it under the same usage rules as simply playing an URL via iTunes/Winamp/media player… ?” and I don’t know if any precedent for that has been established.

    Nor do I know how much MediaMaster knows about Second Life — but this is exactly why they should be aware, because their service is very appealing for a variety of inworld usages. I love it when inventions get used for something they weren’t originally anticipated for, but become ultimately more useful because of that.

    I also tried to post to the MediaMaster forums the other day (I noticed some Second Lifers were there and I wanted to say “Friendly greetings!”) but repeated attempts led to a blank screen. Will try again.

    I’ve personally only been streaming music that I composed on my station ( ), and this is also a great opportunity for me to mention Creative Commons-licensed music, including that by Second Life live musicians (rock on) and sites like which allows for more flexible licensing/airplay/etc. than traditional intellectual property rights (which Ryuichi Sakamoto argues are antiquated). Besides the philosophy/semantics though, I know how confusing lawyer/techspeak can be, which is why it’s rewarding to have simple explanations @ if you want to learn more about Creative Commons.

    And to put this out there: someone(s) should start a resource, like a wiki page, with links to Creative Commons-licensed MP3s by Second Life musicians (again, rock on!) which can be played freely in Second Life without complicated legalistics. That’d result in both promo for the artists and support within our communities. And the inevitable followup to come… 🙂

  43. Torley, careful with this one buddy. There are special rights to clear for broadcasting or repackaging music to be heard by others. For example, I pay the rights organizations and their registered artists for every single song I play on our MaxMarchRadio station. To take copyrighted music recordings and play them for others is limited to personal use. Playing it for others inworld requires special licensing. And that is as it should be. It respects the creators of those works and makes sure those artists get paid for their hard work.

  44. SusanC says:

    Thanks, Torley.

    As other posters have pointed out, there might be legal problems with using this service for music you don’t own the rights to.

    I seem to remember that some other (paid for) streaming audio services buy the user the necessary performance licenses as part of the package. It looks like Media Master doesn’t do that.

    But this will be great for people who want to play music they’ve created themselves. I’ll give this service a try with some pieces I’ve been working on.

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  46. Adrian Sloane says:

    It looks like it’s history now. The website is offline.

  47. To Mielziner says:

    No MM since 3 days ago!!!
    No url, no stream, nothing at all!!!
    Any idea????

  48. MJH says:

    I know! No warning! Nothing! Just gone! I’m ticked!

  49. Some guy says:

    The site is back up. It was some issue with the power at their data center. Not very reliable, but you get what you pay for…

  50. Bunny says:

    The website is down and has not been working for over a week. I guess this was a short lived thing. Seems like I wasted alot of time uploading music on there, but it was fun while it lasted.

  51. To Mielziner says:

    If u enter or u can open the url’s,
    And have acces to all your content there,but the stream is always closed out.
    Any idea for replace this mediamaster whith another similar site?

  52. Some guy says:

    The radio is working again. Looks like we don’t have to replace this server after all.

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